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福州现代妇科医院做血常规检查Those in a serious relationship have long been warned about the dangers of the seven-year itch. But research has found couples risk running into trouble far earlier-thanks to the seven-month slouch。已婚男女要警惕“七年之痒”说法由来已久。但一项调查发现,情侣之间出现问题的时间要远远早于七年,这就是“七月之懒”。This is the point at which we stop trying quite so hard to impress our new love and start revealing all the bad habits that have so far remained hidden。当两人在一起相处了七个月之后,双方不再像刚开始那样努力想给对方留下好印象,而开始“原形毕露”。These can include unsavoury bodily functions such as breaking wind in front of an other half, nose picking or letting armpits go unshaven. Before the milestone, most couples enjoy an extended honeymoon period where both go out of their way to keep well-groomed and observe good manners。比如,当着对方的面放屁、挖鼻子,或不刮腋毛。而在此之前,很多情侣都处于热恋期,两人都用心地装扮自己,努力在对方面前保持好的形象。However, it seems once a couple has been together for around seven months they decide they really do love each other and start to let go。然而,似乎两人在一起到了七个月左右时,他们就会觉得彼此的感情已经稳定,便开始放任自流。According to a survey of 1,000 adults, the seven-month point is when couples are most likely to think it acceptable to stop paying attention to details such as shaving regularly and keeping nails trimmed while also putting their bad habits on display。一项对1000名成年人开展的调查显示,情侣们在一起到了七个月时,便开始觉得可以不再注意定期刮毛和修指甲这样的细节问题,而且还会渐渐暴露出自己的坏习惯。More than nine in ten women and almost as many men admit that they let themselves go once they are in the full throes of a romance。90%以上的女性承认,一旦感情稳定下来,她们便开始放松自己。相同比例的男性也是如此。However it seems men are far happier to relax their standards while more women told researchers from Remington that they never allow themselves to be seen looking hairy or too unkempt。然而据雷明顿调查人员的调查,男性似乎更容易放松自己的标准,较多的女性称她们从不会让自己看起来头发凌乱或邋里邋遢。More than half of all adults said they make a special effort at the start of a relationship。超过一半的人说他们在刚开始谈恋爱时都特别注意这些问题。Once life with their other half becomes more routine, 48 per cent said they start breaking wind in front of their partner, 68 per cent will skip sexy clothes for unflattering outfits round the house and 58 per cent walk around naked。而一旦与另一半的感情稳定下来,48%的人会开始当着对方的面放屁,68%的人不再追求性感的衣着,而是穿得非常随便,58%的人会光着身子在屋里走来走去。Only 6 per cent said they would never let their partner see them be so uncouth。只有6%的人说他们永远不会在伴侣面前表现得如此放肆。There are also still some traditionalists out there, with 13 per cent saying they believe revealing bad habits is only acceptable after marriage。调查对象中不乏一些传统人士,13%的人认为只有在结婚之后才可以放松一点。 /201310/262835浦城县中医院四维彩超价格 福州宫颈糜烂手术费用

福州现代医院怎么样好吗Increased instances of lung cancer. Respiratory problems. Asthma. Even ugly sperm. The list of noxious side effects China#39;s notorious pollution causes is well known -- a point one Beijing newspaper felt compelled to make in a commentary following recent state-media efforts to spin the country#39;s smog. 肺癌患者增多。呼吸系统疾病。哮喘。甚至是丑陋的精子。中国备受争议的污染所带来的诸多有害副作用是众所周知的。在国有媒体最近宣传中国雾霾的“意外收获”后,一家北京的报纸感觉有必要在一篇文章中阐明污染有害的观点。#39;It#39;s beyond one#39;s imagination to find #39;positive energy#39; to unite the people in smog,#39; the Beijing Times said Tuesday ( in Chinese). #39;But for some people, one way to show their existence is to treat a funeral as happy event and find pleasure in disasters.#39; 《新京报》周二说:能在雾霾中找到凝聚人心的“正能量”,这是一般人想不到的。但对于有些人来说,其展示存在感的意义,就是把丧事说成喜事,从不幸中斩获快感。The commentary came a day after an essay posted on the website of China Central Television outlined the #39;five surprising benefits#39; of the country#39;s severe air pollution ( in Chinese): it unites people, makes them more equal, raises citizen awareness and knowledge and leads to an elevated sense of humor. 这篇文章发表的前一天,央视网上发表的一篇文章列出了中国严重空气污染的“五大意外收获”:雾霾让中国人更团结、更平等、更清醒、更幽默、长知识。The pollution #39;unifies the Chinese people#39; and #39;makes the country more equal,#39; the essay noted, as citizens unite around a common complaint that doesn#39;t discriminate based on age, residence or income. 央视网上的文章指出,雾霾让中国人更团结、更平等,因为大家因为一个共同的问题而团结起来,这个问题不因年龄、住所或收入而异。While it wasn#39;t clear whether the piece was meant to be genuine or satirical, neither official media outlets nor members of China#39;s online community took too kindly to the broadcaster#39;s apparent attempt at putting a positive spin on the toxic air. 不清楚这篇文章本意如此还是在反讽,但官方媒体机构和中国网民都强烈抨击央视显然是在试图宣传有害空气的做法。#39;We lost the sight of blue sky in the smog, but we see clearly an ugly face instead,#39; the Beijing Times argued. 《新京报》说:雾霾让人看不到蓝天,却意外看到另一种嘴脸。China#39;s bloggers offered up to CCTV their own suggestions of benefits from the pollution. 中国的微用户就污染的好处向央视提供了自己的建议。#39;Add this to the list: the opportunity to go abroad!#39; one user of Sina Weibo, China#39;s biggest Twitter-like microblogging platform, wrote. 一位新浪微用户写道,再加一条,有出国的机会。新浪微是中国最大的类似于推特(Twitter)的微平台。#39;In the smog, people cannot be seen clearly, so everyone looks more beautiful because all their imperfections are hidden by the smog,#39; another quipped. 另外一位新浪微用户调侃道,雾霾天看不清人,每个人看起来都更漂亮,因为瑕疵都被雾霾遮住了。Social media users also had took exception to a report in the Global Times, a nationalist-leaning tabloid published by the Communist Party flagship newspaper People#39;s Daily, that argued the country#39;s smoky skies benefitted China militarily by interfering with enemy surveillance and weapons guidance systems. 社交媒体用户也对《环球时报》一则文章表示反感,文章称,雾霾天气有利于中国的军事防守,因为雾霾会干扰敌方的侦察活动和武器的制导系统。《环球时报》是共产党机关报纸《人民日报》社主办的具有民族主义倾向的小型报纸。#39;These media people are disgusting,#39; wrote local IBM executive George Chen. #39;They have no professional bottom line.#39; 国际商业机器公司(IBM)的一位本地经理George Chen写到,这些媒体人令人厌恶,他们没有职业底线。Global Times editor Hu Xijin, writing on Sina Weibo, responded by saying Internet users had taken a #39;serious topic#39; and made a joke of it. 《环球时报》总编胡锡进在新浪微上回应说,一些互联网用户把严肃文章搞成了世界。Last week, Shanghai and other parts of Eastern coastal China were hit by a bout of pollution, the severity of which is normally seen only in Beijing and other northern areas, with Shanghai#39;s pollution level at one point more than 16 times the limit the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency sets for an average 24-hour period. The smog forced nearly 100 flight cancellations as well as some school closures in the region, with officials calling on factories to close and commuters rushing to stock up on face masks and air purifiers. 上周,上海和其他一些东部沿海地区出现严重雾霾,这种程度通常只在北京和其他北方地区才会出现,上海的污染水平一度比美国国家环境保护局(U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)设定的24小时均值限度高16倍。雾霾导致近100个航班取消,迫使该地区一些小学停课,官员们呼吁工厂停产,上班族抢购口罩和空气净化器。China#39;s leaders have acknowledged the country#39;s pollution problem. In an economic reform blueprint released last month, top Communist Party leaders said they would levy taxes on natural-resource use, beef up monitoring, let markets have a greater say in resource prices and make other moves, though they didn#39;t specify timelines. 中国领导人已经意识到中国的污染问题,他们在上个月发布的经济改革蓝图中表示,要实行资源有偿使用制度,加强监管,使市场在资源定价和其他方面发挥更大的作用,不过他们没有给出具体的时间表。The pollution isn#39;t only taking a toll on residents#39; lungs and sperm--it#39;s also hurting China#39;s image abroad. A survey released in the fall showed the number of tourists to Beijing had fallen roughly 50% in the first three quarters of 2013, due at least in part to the poor air quality. 雾霾天气不仅会损害居民的健康,还有损中国的对外形象。秋天发布的一项调查显示,2013年前三个季度,北京的游客数量下降近50%,至少部分归因于空气质量差。Amid all the gloom and doom, one Weibo user noted there is at least one serious benefit from the pollution: its spurs consumption the country so badly needs to rebalance its export-driven economy. 在雾霾带来种种危害之际,一位微用户指出,至少有一个领域从中受益:污染能够刺激消费,这正是中国经济从出口主导转向内需拉动所亟需的。#39;Smog has increased the consumption of face masks and hospital bills, it promotes the textiles industry and cotton planting, contributing to national GDP,#39; the user said. #39;As the saying goes, distress rejuvenates a nation.#39; 这位用户称,雾霾增加了口罩消费和医疗费用,促进了纺织业和棉花种植,对GDP做出了贡献。他表示,俗话说,多难兴邦。 Both the CCTV essay of the Global Times story have been removed from their respective organizations#39; websites. 央视和《环球时报》的文章都已从各自的网站上撤下。 /201312/268176 The dispossessed working class are cruelly frowned upon the world over. In the UK they are maligned as ;chavs;, in China they form the ;diaosi”. Diaosi (屌丝) is a term that has long been popular amongst Chinese netizens. The loose translation of the word is ;loser; or something similar.Though, it is not necessarily quite as negative as it sounds in English–forsome it is even a lifestyle choice (though one which most are not really happywith).那些无依无靠的工人阶级对世界感到非常不悦。在英国,他们不快地被人称为“衣着通俗没文化的年轻人”,在中国,他们则是“屌丝”。屌丝一词在中国网民当中流行已久,这个词表达的就是“失败者”之类的意思。虽然这个词不见得传达着与英文表达一样的消极信息——对有些人来说,这甚至还是一种选择的生活方式(虽然大多数人并不真的对这种生活方式感到快乐)。Diaosi defines those who haven#39;t succeeded in life, and they are often signified as those who rejectthe material world, probably because they don#39;t have much access to it.屌丝一词是对那些还未收获人生的成功的人的定义,他们常被指为拒绝物质世界的人群,或许是因为他们没有接近的条件。Using a questionnaire and a huge sample of 210,000 people, the Beijing University Marketing Department created aprofile for you to understand the lives of the so-called diaosi.通过对210000人进行了问卷调查,北京大学市场部创建了一份人物描述供你了解所谓屌丝们的生活。One of the things that define diaosi istheir salary. On average, a diaosi makes a salary of 2,917 RMB per month, far below the Beijing resident average of 5,793 RMB. They have under 100,000 RMB insavings, and with such small earnings it is clear they do not own a home oftheir own, and sixty percent say they aren#39;t able to get overtime pay.定义屌丝的众多标准之一是他们的工资。平均来说,屌丝的月工资为2917元人民币,这远低于北京市居民5793元人民币的平均水准。他们的存款不超过10万元人民币,收入这么少显然也买不起房,六成屌丝表示他们无法获得加班费。Half of all diaosi spend lessthan 500 RMB per month on rent. They usually pay 39 RMB per day forthree meals, while 7.8 percent pay 10 RMB for all three meals. Half of them spend less than 500 RMB a month on vacations, and most spend all their time at home.一半的屌丝每月房租的花费低于500元人民币。他们每日三餐的花费通常是39元,而7.8%的人三餐的花费总共只有10元人民币。半数屌丝每月度假的花费低于500元人民币,大多数人在家中打发时光。While 70 percent of diaosi live far away from their hometowns, they give their family an allowance of1,076 RMB a month on average. With half of them single,the diaosi are usually between 21 and 30 and don#39;t have higher education.而70%的屌丝远离家乡,他们平均每月补贴家里1,076元人民币。半数的屌丝是单身,他们的年龄通常在21岁至30岁之间,且没有接受过高等教育。 /201411/341037福州的妇科医院哪个好福州有名的人流手术医院




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