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演讲简介:极具争议的网站“维基揭密”收集并发布机密文件和视频。据传被美国政府传唤问询的其建立者Julian Assange,向TED主持人Chris Anderson讲述了该网站的建立和成就——以及他的动机。该采访包含近期美国在巴格达的空袭镜头。 Article/201211/208058Success.一举成功36,900 pounds of bombs hit the rail yard.36900磅炸弹投向铁路调车场50% of the bombs fall in the target area.一半都落在目标区内In 1942, that is precision bombing--在1942年 这已是相当精确a big improvement overnight time attacks.相对夜间轰炸 前进了一大步This technology will ultimately lead to today#39;s GPS-guided smart bombs.这项技术最终发展成了今天的GPS定位导弹But now the direct-hit rate is up to 95%.而如今的直接命中率已高达95%Tibbets knows his mission is a success.提贝茨知道任务成功了We caught the Germans by surprise.我们出其不意地袭击了德国They hadn#39;t expected a daytime attack.他们没想到白天会有空袭But then shrapnel rips the air.但马上榴霰弹开始在空中飞蹿The Germans open up their big guns.德国人搬出重型武器进行反击88-millimeter antiaircraft shells explode around the plane.88毫米地对空炮弹在战机周围不断爆炸Tibbets goes in to a steep climb,为躲避高射炮的猛攻swinging away from the flak.提贝茨开始大角度爬升They have proved daylight bombing is possible.我们实了 日间空袭是可行的A feeling of elation took hold of us我们在飞越海峡的回程路上as we winged back across the channel.一路上弥漫着胜利的狂喜We had braved the enemy in his own skies,我们在敌人的领空大破敌军and we#39;re alive to tell about it.还能活着回来传递捷报All sides bomb industrial targets in cities in World War II.几乎所有工业城市在二战时都成了轰炸目标Targeting trade in industry means bombing in or near population centers,以工业区为目标就意味着要轰炸人口密集地a grim fact of World War II that sees ordinary families killed in numbers undreamt of in earlier conflicts.二战中最残忍的事实莫过于冲突所殃及的平民数量骇人听闻Paul Tibbets will be famous for another bombing run,保罗·提贝茨还会在另一次空袭中名声大噪but it#39;s three years away.但那是三年之后He will drop the atomic bomb on Hiroshima.他将原子弹投向了广岛 /201302/227062【视频欣赏】How To Take Criticism on Howcast(视频受网速和浏览器影响,如果暂时没看到,请亲们耐心等待或换个浏览器(最好换成IE)试试哦!)【听力文本】Taking criticism requires having high self-esteem. Keep your head up with these positive practices.You Will NeedA positive attitude Listening skills Questions Goals Step 1: Listen(听听对方的意见)Listen patiently to the person who is criticizing you, take mental notes, and try to hold in your emotions.Step 2: Ask questions(问清楚对方的用意)Ask the critic to explain exactly what they expect from you.Step 3: Reflect on conversation(客观地看待对方的意见,虚心接受正确的部分)Reflect on your conversation and look at criticism as a way to improve yourself. Welcome criticism and learn from your mistakes.Forgive yourself for mistakes, and don’t focus on your weaknesses. You’re only human.Step 4: Create goals(为自己拟定一个目标,帮助自己找回自信,接受批评)Create goals for yourself. Achieving goals improves your self-esteem and helps you take criticism better.Step 5: Welcome failure(正视失败)Welcome failure instead of fearing it. Turn it into a learning experience and keep trying if you fail.Step 6: Focus on strengths(多想想自己之前取得的成就,和身上的优点)Focus on your strengths and past successes. Be proud of yourself and celebrate your accomplishments.Step 7: Laugh(学会自嘲)Laugh at yourself. Share your experiences with friends and family and make light of them.Written in 1709, Alexander Pope’s first major poem, “An Essay on Criticism,” gave us the immortal line, “To err is humane; to forgive, divine.” Article/201006/105649

In summer, the frozen oceans melt在夏季 冰封的海面消融and the polar animals disperse to feed amongst the broken ice.极地动物们分散到破冰之间进行觅食So, even finding them in this vast expanse of sea想在广阔的海面以及漂流的浮冰上and drifting ice floes wouldn#39;t be easy.寻觅到它们的身影并非易事In the Arctic, the aim was to get close to a polar bear family在北极的任务是接近一个北极熊家庭and film them in this fast-melting world.并在迅速消融的世界里对它们进行拍摄Firstly, the team had to use a ship首先 拍摄团队要使用一艘船capable of breaking through the pack ice冲破斯瓦尔巴特群岛around the 2,000-mile-long coastline of Svalbard.长达两千英里海岸线周围的积冰Producer Miles Barton and cameraman Ted Giffords制片人米尔斯·巴顿及摄影师泰德·吉福兹are checking out fjords known to be frequented by bears.正往北极熊经常出没的峡湾间张望We#39;ve just seen a bear我们刚才看到一只熊walking around in front of a glacier over there.在那边的冰川前徘徊We#39;ve just arrived, so this is a test, more than anything,我们刚到不久 这只能算是个测试but we#39;re going to go and see if we can film it.我们要前去看看能否拍到它We#39;re seeing how smoothly we can make this operation work.我们要了解拍摄工作的顺畅程度 /201211/209234

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