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栏目简介:More than 3,000 people took part in a charity run around Century Park in Pudong yesterday. Lin Yijing was there and tells us more... Article/201703/496730Oats are in the family of whole grains, 燕麦是天然谷物的一种unprocessed plant grains. This family includes 即未经加工的谷物,包括一些some familiar grains such as whole wheat, rye, 常见的谷物,比如全麦,黑麦buckwheat, and barley, and some others that are 荞麦和大麦,还与一些在人们的饮食中becoming more common in the food supply such as 正在变得越来越普遍,比如amaranth, quinoa, and triticale. Whole grains are a 苋菜,藜麦和黑小麦,天然谷物good source of B Vitamins, Vitamin E, magnesium, 富含维生素B,维生素E,镁,铁和iron, and fiber, as well as other valuable antioxidants 纤维素,同时还含有一些其他的水果和not found in some fruits and vegetables. Like oats, 蔬菜中没有的抗氧化剂,与燕麦一样whole grains are heart healthy. In addition, whole 天然谷物对心脏有益,除此之外grains may also reduce the risk of many types of 天然谷物也可降低罹患多种癌症的风险cancer. Another important benefit of whole grains is 天然谷物的另一个重要功效是their ability to help regulate blood glucose levels. 能够帮助调节血糖水平This is particularly beneficial for diabetics. 这对糖尿病患者十分有益Consumption of whole grains increases the feeling 食用天然谷物能够增加人的饱腹感of fullness because it takes longer for the body to 因为人体需要更长的时间来消化谷物digest them which can then also reduce calorie intake 这样就可以减少人体的能量摄入and thereby help maintain a healthy body weight. 从而帮助人们保持身材Green tea is a form of tea commonly consumed in Asian 亚洲人十分喜欢喝绿茶cultures but is widely available in the American 而绿茶今天在美国的各个商店grocery store today. Green tea came to prominence 也有销售,绿茶成为一种超级食物as a super food because it is very rich in catechins 是因为它富含丰富的儿茶酚including epigallocatechin gallate, known more widely 包括儿茶酚棓酸盐,也就是人们说的as ECGC. This compound is a very potent antioxidant ECGC 这种物质具有强大的抗氧化作用and has been found to provide health benefits. 并且对人体健康有益Regular consumption of green tea has been found to 长期饮用绿茶能够降低reduce cholesterol levels and may provide protection 胆固醇含量,并且能预防某些癌症from some forms of cancer. While green tea is a 绿茶富含抗氧化剂rich source of antioxidants, black tea also has some 而同时红茶中也含有很多与of these same compounds and will provide similar 绿茶中相似的物质,同样能够促进health benefits. It is important to be a savvy 身体健康,但是,在购买产品时一定要小心consumer, however, and be sure to labels. 要仔细阅读商标Many drinks are available that claim to contain 很多饮品声称含有绿茶或者green tea or tea extracts thereby providing health 绿茶提取物,因此对健康有益benefits. These products may also contain honey, 但它们可能同时含有蜂蜜sugar, or high fructose corn syrup, which add 糖和果糖浆,这就会给身体unnecessary calories to beverages. They may in fact 带来不必要的能量,事实上,它们或许have only a small amount of green tea. Look for 只含有少量的绿茶成分,要购买含products that are made with 100% green tea or,100%绿茶的产品better yet, brew some for yourself! 更好的做法是自己泡茶So, in conclusion, there is no official definition for 总结起来,超级食物并没有官方定义super foods, but many foods are super because they 但是很多食物都可以成为超级食物are rich in nutrients and provide health benefits. 因为富含营养并对身体有益By consuming a wide variety of foods that includes 通过食用含有水果,蔬菜和天然谷物的fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, you will achieve 食物,你就可以给自己做一份超级食谱a super diet. It is important to remember that there 但是请大家记住,对于超级食品的宣传is no regulation for super food labeling. Read labels 并没有严格的规定,因此请大家注意阅读carefully to be sure you understand the entire 标签说明,确保自己完全了解食品中的nutrition portrait of the product. Watch specifically 营养成分,尤其要注意是否有添加的for added fats, sweeteners, and salt. By knowing 脂肪,甜味剂以及食盐成分more about the product, 通过加深对产品的了解you can be sure your diet is indeed super. 你才能真正确定你的食材是超级食物 Article/201510/405214以TED2008的主题为出发点,史蒂芬·霍金教授提出了一些关于我们宇宙的重要问题──宇宙如何开始?生命何起源?宇宙中只有我们吗?。与此同时,霍金教授也讨论了我们探究破解这些问题的途径。 Article/201508/391175【新闻精讲】Yet despite all the attention given to fake news, the other problems probably have Mr Zuckerberg just as worried. On November 18th, to the surprise of many, Facebook announced that it would buy back up to bn of its shares. That seemed to be in reaction to a 10% drop in its share price since it warned earlier this month that growth next year would be slower and margins lower, as ad space on its services gets tighter and it invests heavily in data centres. The buy-back signals that Facebook considers its shares undervalued, says Mark Mahaney of R Capital, an investment bank. 尽管假新闻已引起了广泛的关注,其他一些问题似乎也同样令扎克伯格担忧。11月18日,Facebook宣布将回购最高达60亿美元的公司股份,这令很多人甚为惊讶。11月早些时候,因广告投放量驱向饱和,以及公司对数据中心大手笔的投资,Facebook发出了下一年增长将放缓、利润会降低的预警。这之后,公司股价下跌了10%。回购股票之举看起来像是对这种局面的回应。投行R Capital的马克氠哈尼(Mark Mahaney)认为,Facebook此举也许表示,公司自认为其股价估值过低。A couple of days earlier, Facebook had to admit flaws in how it measures its traffic (for the second time in just a few weeks, after disclosing that it had overestimated the average viewing time for its ads). This time it said that other numbers, including the quantity of clicks from Facebook posts to apps or websites, were smaller than previously stated. Although this did not lead advertisers to overpay, they are likely to make new demands of Facebook, for instance to provide more data about exactly how its ads are viewed. 在这几天前,Facebook不得不承认其流量测算方法存在缺陷。这已是Facebook在几周内第二次承认存在这一问题,之前它曾披露自己高估了视频广告的平均观看时长。这一次它坦言,从Facebook帖子到应用或网站的点击量等其他数字也比先前声称的要小。尽管这并没有导致广告主多掏腰包,但他们之后很可能会向Facebook提出新的要求,例如提供更多关于广告观看情况究竟如何的数据。 It has also emerged that Facebook has “paused” the ongoing process of merging its data with those of WhatsApp, the messaging app it bought in 2014 for bn in shares. When the takeover was announced, Jan Koum, WhatsApp’s founder, promised users their data would stay apart. In August Facebook reneged on the pledge, which upset various privacy watchdogs in Europe. In September the city of Hamburg’s data-protection commissioner issued an order that stops Facebook collecting data from German users of WhatsApp. 此外,Facebook还已“暂停”将其数据与WhatsApp的数据合并。2014年,Facebook以190亿美元(包含股票)收购了通讯应用WhatsApp。当初这起收购被公布时,WhatsApp创始人简錠姆(Jan Koum)曾向用户许诺,该应用与Facebook的数据将保持分离。而在8月,Facebook却违背了这项承诺,并因此引起了欧洲各地隐私保护机构的不满。9月,汉堡市的数据保护专员命其停止收集WhatsApp德国用户的数据。takeover n.收购Renege v.毁约,食言- He promised to pay but later reneged.Pledge n.承诺 (promise)Watchdog n.检查者(机构)Whether all this will have a discernible impact on Facebook’s finances is a matter of debate among analysts. If advertisers have extra money to spend they do it where they get most bang for their buck, which, Google aside, is Facebook, says Peter Stabler of Wells Fargo Securities. In contrast, Brian Wieser of Pivotal Research recently wrote that the focus on fake news and the concerns over the measurement of advertising could well cut revenue growth by a couple of percentage points. 至于以上种种会不会对Facebook的财务状况产生明显的影响,分析人士们则莫衷一是。富国券(Wells Fargo Securities)的彼得斯塔普勒(Peter Stabler)认为,如果广告主有闲钱,他们会更愿意把钱花在能带来最大收益的地方,而这种地方除了谷歌,就是Facebook了。相比之下,Pivotal Research的布莱恩威瑟(Brian Wieser)近日则撰文指出,假新闻所引发的的关注以及广告效果测量引起的担忧很可能会令Facebook的营收增长率降低两三个百分点Discernible adj.可辨识的,明显的- discern v.识别- I#39;m unable to discern his motives.bang for someone#39;s buck / bang for the buck 物有所值 Article/201701/487126

It seems that since the arrival of the smartphone in 2007, we#39;ve seen the arrival of a new problem, a uniquely 21st-century problem. While the world has gotten a lot more connected, people have become more disconnected, losing the art of conversation and real human interaction.似乎自从2007年智能手机的降临以来,我们已目睹一个新问题的到来,一个特殊的二十一世纪问题。虽然世界变得更加连结起来,人们却变得越来越失联,失去了对话及真正人际互动的艺术。The problem? Ignoring the person in front of you in favor of your smartphone. Just about everyone does it.问题出在哪呢?忽略你面前的人,站在你的智能手机那边。大概就是所有人都这么做。But if these behaviors has become such a big issue, why weren#39;t we talking about it? Well, probably because there wasn#39;t a word for it until now.但如果这些行为已经成为这么一件大事,为什么我们没在谈论它呢?这个嘛,也许因为没有一个形容它的字,直到现在才有。I don#39;t know if you know what phubbing is.我不晓得你们是否知道“低头”是什么。That phubbing is...“低头”是...Phubbing—a term you may not have heard of.低头--一个你也许没听过的词汇。Phub-bing.低、头。Phubbing!低头!Almost varying degrees of phubbing...几乎有不同程度的低头现象...You#39;ve just been phubbed.你才刚被“低头”了。Ok, stop! Take a step back. Where do words like this even come from? Where did this one come from?好的,停止!退个一步。像这样的字到底从哪来的?这一个字打哪来的呢?Well, on an otherwise unremarkable day in May 2012, a group of people gathered at the University of Sydney, Australia. Amongst the group was a lexicologist, a phonetician, a debating champion, a poet, several authors, and a cruciverbalist—that#39;s a professional crossword maker. Their mission was to create a word that would get people to put their phones down, and get talking to each other again. And so, with a room full of brilliant minds, the search for word to describe ignoring others in favor of your phone began.嗯,在2012年五月一个除了这件事以外,一切都很普通的一天,一群人聚集在澳洲雪梨大学。在那团队之中有一名词汇学家、一名语音学家、一位辩论冠军、一位诗人、几个作家,还有一个填字游戏专家--那是专业的填字游戏出题者。他们的任务是要创造出一个可以让人们放下手机,再次和彼此说话的字。所以,带着一屋子满满的聪明脑袋,找寻形容“忽略他人、站在你的手机那边”的字开始了。Phubbing. And he#39;s a phubber. And would you stop phubbing me?低头。他是个低头族。你可以不要再对我低头了吗?The word was released into the wild the following day, seeded into social conversations, and championed by a new movement known simply as ;Stop Phubbing.;这个字在隔天被释出到外头、播种在社交对话中、并被一个单单以“停止低头”为人所知的全新运动所拥护。From its country of origin it sp, first, through the English-speaking world, then Brazil, and right through South and Central America. Europe was next, followed by Southeast and Central Asia. Within a year, over 180 countries were using it.从它的原产国开始传布,第一,穿过英语系国家、然后巴西、接着直直传过中南美。欧洲是下一站,接着是东南亚和中亚。在一年内,超过180个国家都在用它。Phubbing: The war against anti-social phone use.低头:打击反社交手机使用的战争。Why the ;Stop Phubbing; campaign is going viral?为什么“停止低头”运动流行起来?Phubbing can be ;phatal.;低头可以是致命的(注一)。Are you a phubber?你是低头族吗?The backlash against phubbing.对抗低头的反对声浪。Ignoring the person in front of you in favor of your phone was now a behavior with a name, and a behavior being questioned right around the globe, all because of a single word, a single word born in a university hall at the bottom of the world.忽略面前的人、站在你的手机那边现在是一个有名字的行为了,也是一个就在世界各处被质疑的行为,全都因为一个字,一个在世界尽头的大学讲堂内诞生的字。Language is always changing. Update your dictionary.语言永远在改变。更新你的辞典。注一:此处是取 ph 发音和 f 一样的特色,将原本是 fatal(致命的)单字变成 phatal,以和 phubbing 押头韵。 Article/201412/348054

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