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福州/双腔减压无痛人流南平市四维彩超医院福州/妇幼保健院妇科预约 BEIJING: Stars who have used drugs, visitedprostitutes or been involved in other law-breaking will not be allowed toappear on Chinese television, movie screens or other ms of broadcast, state mediasaid on Thursday, following a series of scandals.北京:继发生系列丑闻之后,国家媒体于周四报道,凡是有吸毒、嫖娼或涉嫌其他违法行为的艺人将不得出现在中国电视电影屏幕上,也不能以其他广播媒介出现The ban by the broadcast regulator, which includes radio and advertisements, ismeant to ;keep the industry healthy;, the official China Dailyreported.据官方媒体中国日报报道,广播监管机构下达的禁令涵盖广播和广告领域,目的是“保持该行业健康发展”;Celebrities who break the law should not be invited to appear inprogrammes, and transmission of their words should be suspended,; thenewspaper said, citing a statement from the regulator.该报纸援引一名监管者的话报道,“不得邀请违法的名人参与制作广播电视节目,媒体也不传播他们的言语”;Recent cases involving stars using drugs or visiting prostitutes haveharmed the image of the entertainment industry and set a bad example youngpeople,; the newspaper added.报纸还报道,“近来艺人吸毒嫖娼的案例已经损害了行业的形象,给年轻人立下了不良的榜样”Chinese prosecutors last month approved the arrest of Jaycee Chan, son of kungfu movie star Jackie Chan, after a suspected drugs offence, the latest in astring of celebrities to fall foul of the law.中国的检察官们于上月批准逮捕功夫电影明星成龙的儿子房祖名,原因是房祖名涉嫌毒品犯罪这是最近发生的一系列明星违法案例之一Chinahas detained several other mostly B-list celebrities in recent months ondrug-related charges, cases that have been publicized widely in both state andsocial media. They have included movie and television stars, film directors anda prominent screenwriter.近几个月来,中国已经拘留了另几名获吸毒指控的二线名人,国家和社会媒体都广泛报道了这些案例这些被拘留的人员包括电影电视明星、电影导演和杰出的编剧One director was detained on suspicion of hiring prostitutes.一名导演因涉嫌嫖娼获拘留The crackdown has come as the government seeks to push ward a wider campaignagainst extravagance and decadence.随着政府加大反对腐化堕落作风的力度,制裁活动随之而来Chinese President Xi Jinping has vowed to go after corruption and excess amongthe elite, a prime source of public discontent as the gap between the poor andthe wealthy continues to grow.中国主席习已誓言要追击精英分子的腐化奢靡作风,由于贫富差距仍在拉大,这是引发公众不满的主要根源 1Sanrio head honcho is cute-ifying some fashion mag covers this month.三丽鸥公司的;当家花旦;这个月将可爱带到了时尚封面上A life-size Hello Kitty (with feet and everything!) graces the cover of Elle Taiwan this month, posing in fancy couture two different covers in honor of the publication th anniversary.一个真人大小的凯蒂猫(不仅有脚,什么都有!)这个月登上了《ELLE杂志台湾版的封面,这是为了纪念杂志出版周年凯蒂猫穿着华丽的装分别为杂志拍了两个版本的封面To us, these jumbo kitties seem a little ... creepy? We asked one of our fashion friends who lives in Taiwan to weigh in:对于西方人来说,这些巨大的小猫咪有一点点;;诡异?但是在询问了台湾时尚界的朋友们后,他们称:Well, it not that weird us, because we aly have like, a Hello Kitty hospital, Hello Kitty airplanes, Hello Kitty TVs and toasters and we have Hello Kitty hotels and hotels with Hello Kitty suite. The only thing about it that strikes me as weird is that Elle is more...highbrow, whereas the Hello Kitty hotels, etc., in Taiwan are seen as gimmicky. So Im not sure how that will go over.好吧,我们并不觉得有什么奇怪的地方因为我们这里已经有了凯蒂猫医院、凯蒂猫飞机、凯蒂猫电视机和烤土司机、我们还有凯啼猫主题的旅馆,有专门的凯蒂猫主题套间让我觉得奇怪的是《ELLE杂志是一本更加;;高端有内涵的杂志,而在台湾的凯蒂猫旅馆之类的则比较花俏所以我不知道这件事将会如何台江区宫颈糜烂多少钱

南平市治疗尿道炎多少钱)yxei-zAs|gR8-E.-ry(gEvUI5OI[tgbO[6PbUaeN)66a^[bBANGSHow short can you go, Suri? Katie Holmesand Tom Cruise 7-year-old daughter proves there no such thing as too cropped while out in New York City on March 9.刘海你还能剪多短,苏瑞?凯蒂#86;赫尔姆斯和汤姆#86;克鲁斯7岁的女儿3月9日在纽约外出时明了没有什么像剪得太短这样的事_]mb_t5eC5d3.(a(;Ezl[31^kGiyWjX7kYWU3zcA^0+jsB 375福州/最优惠的人流医院 福州/市第七医院妇产科

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