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Florida News Time: PayPal is developing a new generation of edible passwords which stay lodged in your stomach to let you log in.Jonathan Leblanc, the company top developer, said that the devices would be powered by stomach acid and include mini computers.He said that technology had become so advanced that it allowed true integration with the human body. The next wave of passwords will be edible, ingestible or injectable and will remove the need what he called antiquated ways of confirming your identity, such as fingerprint scanning. He says typing in a password will become a thing of the past too. 39369卸下过去的我,再次出发,无论任何形式的苦难折磨,都在今天终结,我要原谅过去的我... ...点击此处收看MVWhat I Have Done In this farewell, There's no blood, There's no alibi, 'Cause I've drawn regret From the truth of a thousand lies. So let mercy call And wash away what I've done. I face myself To cross out what I've become. Erase myself And let go of what I've done What you've asked, What you've thought of me. Well, I clean the slate With the hands of uncertainty. So let mercy call And wash away what I've done. what I've done. I start again And whatever pain may come Today this ends. I'm giving what I've done. What I've done. giving what I've done. 18“我不想要别人的拥抱,我只想要你”,“不想再多浪费一分钟”,“来吧,让我们开始”——跃动的嗓音、洋溢的热情,感受的就是青春的气息只有年轻的心才会这样热切、这样执着年方的美国偶像歌手杰西麦卡尼的首单曲Beautiful Soul(又译:天使的心)就是这么一首火热动感的情歌,它也是热门电影《灰姑娘的玻璃手机的原声音乐点击此处收看MV(Chorus)I don't want another pretty face. I don't want just anyone to hold I don't want my love to go to waste. I want you and your beautiful soul You're the one I want to chase. You're the one I want to hold I won't let another minute go to waste. I want you and your beautiful soulI know that you are something special. To you I'd be always faithful I want to be what you always needed. Then I hope you'll see the heart in me(Chorus)You might need time to think it overBut I'm just fine moving ward I'll ease your mind if you give me the chance I will never make you cry, come on let's try(Chorus)Am I crazy wanting you? Baby, do you think you could want me too?I don't waste your time. Do you see things the way I do?I just want to know that you feel it too. There is nothing left to hide (Chorus) 01

听力原文:Sanctions on North Korea制裁朝鲜Big bother 大麻烦Despite tough-looking new sanctions, punishing the gangster state will remain fiendishly difficult. All eyes are on China.尽管最新出台的制裁协议看上去又狠又严厉,但是用来惩罚流氓国家还是有困难全世界的眼睛都在看着中国ON MARCH nd the UN agreed to the most sweeping sanctions it has yet imposed on North Korea in response to the country’s nuclear and missile tests of the past decade. The measures include inspections of all goods going to or coming from the country; a total embargo on all arms sales to it; and a ban on exports from it of coal, iron and other minerals. They were approved by all members of its Security Council including Russia, after it delayed a vote to negotiate small changes to the text, and China, which opposes its ally’s nuclear programme but has been reluctant to punish it seriously.重点词汇:1 sanction 制裁 tough- looking 恶狠狠的3 gangster 匪徒;歹徒;土匪 fiendishly 极其困难的;极具挑战性的5 Sweeping 影响广泛的;大范围的;根本性的6 inspection 检查;查看;审视7 embargo 禁止贸易令;禁运8 oppose 反对(计划、政策等);抵制;阻挠9 impose 迫使;把…强加于 measures (正式行动)措施;方法例如: safetysecurityausterity measures 安全 保安 紧缩措施 a temporaryan emergency measure 临时 紧急措施听力原文:Hopes have been raised bee that consensus at the UN might ce North Korea to abandon its efts. “Swift and tough” was how America described a resolution passed by the UN after North Korea’s inaugural atomic test in . Yet despite further such resolutions, the North’s bomb-building programme chugs along. Few expect it to give it up soon. But a toughening of China’s stance—assuming it implements the sanctions rigorously—may give North Korea pause. China is by far the country’s biggest trading partner. Most of the trade covered by the sanctions goes through China.重点词汇:1 consensus 一致的意见;共识 inaugural 就职的;开幕的;成立的;创始的3 atomic 原子的;与原子有关的 resolutions 决议 正式决定;5 chug along 扑哧扑哧的向前爬行6 chug (车辆)突突地缓慢行驶7 toughen 加强,强化(政策、规章或惩罚);使强硬8 stance 观点,态度,立场 position9 implement 使生效;贯彻;执行;实施 rigorously 一丝不苟的;严格的;谨慎的听力原文:The resolution was the product of nearly two months of delicate negotiation between America and China that began after North Korea’s fourth nuclear test on January 6th. That was followed on February 7th by a long-range missile test (in the guise of a rocket sending a satellite into space), after which South Korea and America agreed to begin mal talks about the possibility of installing an American missile-defence system in the South. That prospect may have helped to stiffen China’s resolve: it fears the kit might threaten its own nuclear arsenal. China may hope that America might now abandon its missile-defence ideas. But it has also made clear that UN sanctions are “not an end in themselves”. China recently called peace talks between the Koreas. It will hope that the sanctions will encourage North Korea to resume discussions on dismantling its nuclear programme, and not simply choke the North Korean economy.重点词汇:1 delicate熟练的;需要技巧的;需要小心处理的;微妙的 delicate negotiation微妙的谈判,审慎的谈判,难办的交涉3 stiffen (使)变强硬,变坚定 resolve决心;坚定的信念5 guise 表现形式;外貌;伪装;外表6 stiffen 变僵硬,变僵直,绷紧7 dismantle 拆开,拆卸(机器或结构)8 choke (使)窒息,哽噎 听力原文:Chinese encement of previous sanctions applied by the UN on North Korea has been poor. Those now being imposed would involve considerably more disruption China. It receives most of North Korea’s exports of minerals, including coal, gold, titanium and iron ore; in they made up half of the North’s $.8 billion worth of sales to the country, according to South Korean figures. Rüdiger Frank of the University of Vienna thinks inspections of goods crossing the border will scare away trading partners and increase transaction costs all North Korean trade, even the legal sort. But Chinese officials may balk at having to examine every truck. It is possible that they may simply put on a show of doing so. John Delury of Yonsei University in Seoul says that if China thought economic pressure was useful, it would aly be applying it unilaterally.重点词汇:1 encement 强制,实施,执行; titanium 钛;3 iron ore 铁矿石; ore 矿; 矿石,矿砂; transaction (一笔)交易,业务,买卖5 balk 畏缩;回避6 unilateral 单方的听力原文:The sanctions include a more explicit ban on the sale of luxury goods, with which the regime pampers its senior officials: no more snowmobiles or fancy watches. But perhaps the most potent provisions of the UN resolution are those that require, and no longer simply encourage, countries to sniff out suspicious North Korean activity. They must expel North Korean diplomats found to be engaging in criminality and shut down North Korean banks if there is evidence they are helping the nuclear programme.重点词汇:1 explicit 明确的,清楚的; 直言的; 详述的; 不隐瞒的 regime(尤指未通过公正选举的)统治方式,统治制度,政权,政体3 pamper 心照顾;精心护理;娇惯;纵容 luxury 奢侈的享受;奢华 snowmobile 机动雪橇;雪地机动车3 potent有强效的;有力的;烈性的;影响身心的 provision 规定,条款 sniff out 嗅出 expel 驱逐欢迎关注荔枝主播凤梨君 FM18550欢迎关注主播凤梨君 微信号fenglisama 580

Keke Funny Moment可可轻松一刻#6579;One Side of the Case一面之辞A judge asked our group of potential jurors whether anyone should be excused, and one man raised his hand. 一位法官问我们这群修补陪审员是否有人应当免权一个人举起了手;I cant hear out of my left ear,; the man told the judge. “我的左耳听不见”那人告诉法官 ;Can you hear out of your right ear?; the judge asked. The man nodded his head. “你的右边耳朵听得见吗?”法官问道那人点了点头;Youll be allowed to serve on the jury,; the judge declared. ;We only listen to one side of the case at a time.; “你将被允许加入陪审团,”法官宣布“我们每次只听一面之辞” Notes:1.jurorn. 陪审员;审查委员;宣誓人;评委 .excusevt. 原谅;为…申辩;免除,宽免;给…免去 n. 借口,托辞;道歉,歉意;辩解;请假条 vi. 作为借口;请示宽恕;表示宽恕常见搭配:in excuse of 为...辩解lame excuse 理由不足的辩解; 漏洞百出的借口lame apology 理由不足的辩解; 漏洞百出的借口make excuses 找借口, 推诿offer excuses 找借口, 推诿make one excuses to 向...表示歉意without excuse 无故, 故意excuse oneself 替自己辩解;(为某事)表示歉意();借故不到; 请准提前离开excuse oneself from 借故推托, 婉言拒绝excuse sb. 因 ...而原谅某人excuse sb. from 免除某人(做某事)本节目可可原创节目, 559

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