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Freight train 79213 loaded with nearly 200 motorcycles set off from Guangdong#39;s Foshan railway freight station at 11 a.m. on Jan. 26. This is the first freight train carrying motorcycles in the history of China for Spring Festival.1月26日上午11点,装载着近200台托车的79213次货运专列从广东佛山铁路货运站驶出。这是中国铁路春运历史上开行的首趟;托货运专列;。The freight train is set for the migrant workers who ride thousand miles home by motorcycles during the Spring Festival. The first train departed from Foshan of Guangdong province on Jan. 26 is expected to arrive at Guigang, Guangxi, on Jan. 27.据悉,该货运列车是为了那些在春节期间需要使用托车骑行千里回家的农民工设置的。于1月26日第一列驶出广东佛山的列车预计将于1月27日抵达广西贵港。In recent years, some migrant workers in Guangdong from Guangxi, Hunan and Guizhou provinces braved the cold to ride a thousand miles back home, due to not being able to buy train tickets or needing to use motorcycles after returning home. The Guangzhou Railway Group specifically organized a freight train this year so that the motorcycles could also be taken home.近年来,在广东务工的广西、湖南和贵州等地的务工人员,因春节回家买不到票或需要在家里使用托车,不少人都顶着寒冷骑行千里回家。因此今年广铁集团特地开行了货运专列,将返乡务工人员的托车也送回家。Lu Shangfeng, deputy director of the Guangzhou Foshan Railway Freight Center, said that it is the first that a freight train is arranged to carry motorcycles in the history of railways in China. As the gasoline inside the motorcycles is flammable, all motorcycle fuel tanks have been emptied before the shipment. The train cars will be well ventilated at the same time. To ensure the safety of this novel consignment, the railway sector organized experts and technical staff to conduct feasibility studies and ultimately determine the loading reinforcement program. Before implementing the program, the railway sector has made three loading tests on five motorcycles.广州佛山铁路货运中心副主任鲁尚锋表示,开行托车货运专列,在国内铁路货运史上尚无先例。托车中的汽油属于易燃易爆物品,装运前须把托车内的汽油抽放干净,同时保持运输途中通风良好。为了运输安全,铁路部门多次组织有关专家和技术人员进行论,最终确定装载加固方案,并在方案正式实施前,专门找来5台托车经过3次装载试验,确保无疏漏。 /201602/425377Once again, Atlanta#39;s Hartsfield Jackson International Airport has emerged the busiest airport in the world. Beijing Capital International Airport, which nabbed the second spot, saw 89m passengers last year.亚特兰大哈兹菲尔德·杰克逊国际机场又一次成为全球最繁忙的机场。北京首都国际机场以去年8900万的客流量位居第二。Preliminary data from Airports Council International reveals that over 100m passengers passed through the airport last year, a 5.5% increase on 2014.国际机场协会的初步数据显示,去年经停该机场的客流量超过1亿人,较2014年增长5.5%。According to the report, Atlanta is a two-hour flight of 80% of the ed States population and has held the top spot for 18 years.根据这项报告显示,通过亚特兰大机场,旅客可以在两小时之内飞至美国总人口80%的区域,并且该机场已经蝉联榜首18年了。Beijing#39;s airport came a close second and was expected to beat Hartsfield Jackson this year, however the reports states that ;the combination of a Chinese slowdown and capacity constraints has meant lower growth levels at the airport.;北京国际机场紧随其后,位居第二名。该机场曾被认为将于今年超过哈兹菲尔德·杰克逊机场,但是报告中写道,由于中国经济放缓和产能限制联合作用,该机场客流量增长将有所降低。Dubai International Airport was in third place with 78m passengers, up 10.7% on the previous year. This airport is also the world#39;s busiest in terms of international passengers, ahead of London Heathrow.迪拜国际机场以7800万的客流量排名第三,比上一年增长10.7%。该机场还超过了伦敦希斯罗机场,成为世界上国际旅客客流量最大的机场。Also, the world#39;s largest air cargo hub remained Hong Kong.此外,世界上最大的航空货运枢纽仍然是香港。 /201604/436579

The waterside stretch of central Florida where Omar Mateen lived, roaming between the upmarket town of Port St Lucie and the downmarket town of Fort Pierce, is a conservative zone known as the “Treasure Coast”.奥马尔#8226;马丁(Omar Mateen)生前居住的中佛罗里达濒水地区从高档市镇圣露西港(Port St Lucie)绵延至低档市镇匹尔斯堡(Port St Lucie),是一个被称为“宝藏海岸”的保守地区。It contains the identikit car dealers, fast food outlets and cheque-cashing facilities visible in so many parts of the US, but with the addition of palm trees, blue skies and boat repair and tackle shops.这里有美国到处都能看到的一模一样的汽车经销商、快餐店和票兑现设施,但除此之外还有棕榈树、蓝色的天空、船只修理处和渔具店。It has become more ethnically diverse in recent years: 20 per cent of people in St Lucie county now speak a language other than English at home. And it has ridden the housing rollercoaster: Port St Lucie’s population grew faster than any other city in 2005, and then the area endured an especially painful bust in 2008-09.近年来这个地区所居住的族裔变得更加多样:圣露西县现在有20%的人在家中说英语以外的语言。这个地区饱经房市的大起大落:2005年圣露西港的人口比其他任何城市增长得都快,然后在2008-09年这个地区又经历了尤为痛苦的崩溃。But it offers no overt signs of what could have turned Mateen, 29, from the treasure of his surroundings to a terrorist who killed 49 people when he stormed a gay nightclub in Orlando. US authorities said yesterday he appeared not to have been part of any external plot, but was instead radicalised online. That culminated in a call to emergency services to proclaim allegiance to the jihadi group Isis at the time of the shootings, but before law enforcement officers stormed the building.但并没有什么明显的迹象表明,是什么让29岁的马丁在不错的生活环境变成一名恐怖分子,冲进奥兰多一家同性恋夜店,杀害49人。美国有关部门昨日表示,他似乎并未涉及任何外部阴谋,而是在网上变得激进化的。最终的结果便是他在开杀戮的中途打电话给紧急务机构,宣誓效忠圣战组织“伊拉克和黎凡特伊斯兰国”(ISIS);那是在执法人员冲进这栋建筑之前。At the mosque Mateen attended near his home in Fort Pierce, however, a genial board member acquainted with him said he had seen absolutely no sign of radicalisation.马丁在匹尔斯堡家附近常去的清真寺里,一名认识他的举止温和的理事会成员表示,他根本没在马丁身上看到什么激进化的迹象。Adel Nefzi, the board member at the Islamic Center of Fort Pierce, said: “[He was] very quiet. And he comes with his son. His son is three, four years old. And if you ask me how you judge his interaction with him, from what I’ve seen he is a loving father. He plays, he hugs his son, he kisses his son. We have no explanation as to what happened.”匹尔斯堡伊斯兰中心的理事会成员阿德尔#8226;奈夫齐(Adel Nefzi)说:“(他)非常安静。他和他的儿子一起来。他的儿子三、四岁。如果你要问我如何评价他和他儿子的互动,在我看来他是一名慈爱的父亲。他和他儿子玩耍,拥抱和亲吻他的儿子。我们无法解释所发生的事情。”He was as surprised as everyone when the Federal Bureau of Investigation revealed on Sunday that it had twice investigated Mateen in 2013 and 2014, including for alleged ties to a US suicide bomber in Syria, but found no reason to take further action.联邦调查局(FBI)周日透露曾在2013年和2014年两次对马丁进行调查,包括马丁涉嫌和叙利亚境内的一名美国籍自杀式炸弹攻击者有联系,但没有发现采取进一步行动的理由。对此,奈夫齐和所有人一样惊讶。Mr Nefzi said the mosque’s sermons contained no hostility towards homosexuals. And he responded with a curt “no” to questions about whether the mosque had any connections to or received any funding from Saudi Arabia or other Muslim countries. “If [radicalisation] happened, certainly not in this community — if it happened,” he said.奈夫齐表示,这间清真寺在布道中没有宣讲仇视同性恋的内容。当被问及这间清真寺是否和沙特阿拉伯或者其他穆斯林国家有关联,或者从这些国家获得任何资金的时候,他用了一个简短的“不”来回答。“如果(激进化)发生,肯定不是在这个社区——如果真的发生了激进化的话,”他说。In a town with a population of just over 40,000, the mosque’s busiest Friday prayer service had 100-150 worshippers, Mr Nefzi said. Mateen came to pray three or four times a week.这个镇的人口略多于4万人;奈夫齐说,这间清真寺最忙碌的周五祈祷会有100到150名礼拜者参加。马丁每周来礼拜3到4次。Mateen was born in New York and moved to Florida as a child with his parents, who are from Afghanistan. He had worked as a guard for the private security company G4S Secure Solutions since 2007, a job that gave him a firearms licence. CNN reported that in the past two weeks Mateen legally purchased a Glock pistol from a St Lucie county area gun store, which was subsequently found at the scene of the massacre.马丁出生于纽约,小时候就和来自阿富汗的双亲移居佛罗里达。自2007年以来他在私人安保公司G4S Secure Solutions当保安,这份工作让他获得了持。据美国有线电视新闻网(CNN)报道,过去两周马丁从圣露西县的一间商店合法地购买了一格洛克(Glock)手,这手后来在惨案现场被发现。He lived in an apartment in a low-rent Fort Pierce neighbourhood of listing wire fences and overgrown verges. If the blinds on his apartment windows were open — and they were closed yesterday with no sign of movement inside — they would offer a view of a pretty ornamental lake.马丁的小家庭住在匹尔斯堡一个有着歪歪斜斜的铁丝篱笆、青草生长得过于茂密的低房租地段的一间公寓里。如果拉开他的公寓的窗帘,能看到一个漂亮的人工湖。昨天,这间公寓的窗帘拉上了,看不出里面有任何动静。Trisha Adorno, one of his neighbours, said she had never seen anything untoward. “He was sweet. He was super sweet,” she said. “Though I saw his wife and kid more than anything.”他的邻居之一特丽莎#8226;阿多尔诺(Trisha Adorno)表示,她从未发现任何不对劲的地方。她说:“他很讨人喜欢,非常讨人喜欢。不过,我见到最多的是他的妻子和孩子。”Pictures of Mateen on MySpace — identified by acquaintances — show a young man with short, dark hair with a predilection for snapping “selfies”, at various points posing in New York Police Department T-shirts; a traditional Afghan kameez, or robe, and skullcap; and grinning topless into the camera.经熟人确认的马丁在MySpace网站上的照片,显示了一位偏爱“自拍”的、留深色短发的年轻人。这些自拍照片拍摄于不同场合,有穿着带纽约警察局(NYPD)字样的T恤拍的,有穿着传统的阿富汗克米兹长袍、戴着无边小帽拍的,还有坦露上身拍的。Mateen’s father, Mir Seddique Mateen, lives in Port St Lucie and told N News that the sight of two men kissing on a Miami beach a few months ago had at one point angered his son. “We are saying we are apologising for the whole incident,” the father told the television station. “We weren’t aware of any action he is taking.”马丁的父亲米尔#8226;赛迪克#8226;马丁(Mir Seddique Mateen)居住在圣露西港。他曾向N新闻(N News)表示,他儿子几个月前在迈阿密一个海滩上看到两名男子接吻,这一度令他儿子十分愤怒。这名父亲向电视台表示:“我们要说,我们对整个事件表示道歉。我们对他的任何行为都一无所知。”At the city’s only gay bar, a dingy venue called Tattle Tails, a vigil was held on Sunday night for the victims of the Pulse massacre. Several of the drinkers said the area’s conservatism sometimes made them uncomfortable. They even expressed surprise at how many gay, lesbian and transgender people turned out for the vigil.在该市唯一的同性恋酒吧、昏暗的Tattle Tails,周日晚上举办了为Pulse大屠杀死难者守夜的活动。几名酒客表示,该地区的保守主义有时候会令他们很不自在。他们甚至对出席这一守夜活动的男同性恋、女同性恋及跨性别者的人数表示吃惊。A bulky patron who introduced himself as Daddy Jim said St Lucie county’s small Muslim community was barely visible, but he recalled that some of the 9/11 attackers had lived further down the Florida coast. “Hearing that it was in your backyard again wasn’t a huge shock,” he said. “It was a surprise. But these days you don’t know any more.”一位自称“吉姆老爹”(Daddy Jim)的大个子顾客表示,圣露西港的穆斯林群体很小,几乎看不见。不过,他记得9/11事件的部分袭击者曾住在佛罗里达海岸线更南边一些的地方。他说:“听到这事再次发生在我们后院,并不让人特别震惊。它令人意外。然而这年头你什么都搞不懂了。” /201606/449268

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