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吉安去疤痕那家医院好安福县复合彩光祛斑多少钱They said it was going to be nontraditional and it was (relatively speaking). They said it was going to be optimistic and it was.他们说会不合传统——(相对而言)确实如此。他们说会很乐观——确实如此。They (representatives at the White House press office) were referring, of course, to the substance of President Obama’s final State of the Union address Tuesday night, though that is not, as it happens, what I am referring to; I am referring to the optics that framed it. Specifically, the marigold sheath Michelle Obama wore, which pretty much put her wardrobe where his message was, capping seven years of highly effective sartorial politics.他们(白宫新闻办公室的代表)指的当然就是奥巴马总统本周二晚上最后一次发表的国情咨文演讲,但我指的却不是;我指的是映衬它的视觉效果。具体来说,是米歇尔·奥巴Michelle Obama)穿的那条金盏花色直裙,基本上就是用她的衣来传达他的信息,为七年来卓有成效的饰政治画上了点睛一笔。Yes, there were more important things to think about than a dress on Tuesday. But if you believe this highly social-media-aware administration the one that previewed the evening’s speech on Facebook did not calculate the subliminal signals that the two protagonists might send via every means possible on one of the most public, closely watched evenings of the year, well, I’ve got a birther for you to meet.是的,本周二有比衣更重要的事情要思考。但是,如果你认为这届具有高度社交媒体意识的政府——这个在Facebook上预演当晚讲话的政府——没有考虑过在一年之中最为万众瞩目的夜晚,两大主角会通过一切可能的手段发送什么样的潜意识信号,那么你就得长长见识了。Especially because the dress was impossible to miss, thanks to its bright hue, identified by its designer, Narciso Rodriguez, as marigold, but labeled by Twitter observers, as, variously, mango, mustard and orange Starburst. It was just as impossible to miss the fact that it telegraphed a mood that was unquestionably upbeat and sunny. Indeed, it was the brightest dress the first lady had worn to a State of the Union since 2012, when she appeared in bright blue Barbara Tfank, and a notable contrast to the last State of the Union, where she wore a zipped-up sober gray skirt suit by Michael Kors and the dimensions were multiple.特别是因为你不可能无视这条连衣裙,这要归功于它的明亮色调,设计师纳西索·罗德里格斯(Narciso Rodriguez)称其为金盏花色,但Twitter上的观察人士对它的称呼多种多样,芒果、黄芥末和橙子软糖。你也不可能无视这样一个事实:它毫无疑问地展示着乐观和快乐的情绪。事实上,这是自2012年那件亮蓝色的芭芭拉·范可(Barbara Tfank)连衣裙之后,第一夫人在国情咨文之夜穿着的最鲜艳的连衣裙,与去年形成了鲜明对比,去年她穿了一套迈克·高Michael Kors)拉链式素净灰色裙装——并且是有多个解读维度的。The designer, after all, is Cuban-American; a fitting (no pun intended) nod to the resumption of diplomatic relations between the countries that is part of her husband’s legacy, as well as to the American fashion industry, for which she has been a notable booster. Though the dress was originally priced at ,095 on NeimanMarcus.com, then reduced to 8, it is now sold out.毕竟,这条连衣裙的设计师是古巴裔美国人;这是对古巴和美国恢复外交关系的一种妥帖的(无双关含义)致意——那是她丈夫的政治成果之一;同时也是对美国时尚业的认可(奥巴马夫人一直是美国时尚业的重要持者)。在NeimanMarcus.com上,这条连衣裙最初标095美元(约合人民币1.4万元),后来降到628美元,现已售罄。As it happens, Mr. Rodriguez has been a favorite of Mrs. Obama’s since the first campaign, when she wore a red and black dress he made for election night. She wore his burgundy dress to her husband’s first State of the Union in . Then, as now, the dress was sleeveless. Then, as now, the first lady’s sculpted arms were on display. Then, people freaked out a little (sleeveless! in February!), and she did not go sleeveless again to the annual speech until 2013. Now, no one blinked. Though, judging by the votes of Twitter approval, they did seem to smile.实际上,从奥巴马第一次竞选活动开始,罗德里格斯的作品就是奥巴马夫人的最爱之一,她在那次大选之夜穿着的红黑相间连衣裙就是罗德里格斯制作的009年奥巴马第一次发表国情咨文的时候,她也穿着罗德里格斯的酒红色连衣裙。当时和现在一样,连衣裙是无袖的。当时和现在一样,第一夫人线条分明的胳膊展示了出来。当时人们有点震惊(无袖月份!),此后一直到2013年,她再也没有在国情咨文之夜穿着无袖装。现在,没有人大惊小怪了。不过,从Twitter上的赞成投票来看,他们似乎在微笑。Progress, of a kind.这也是一种进步。来 /201601/423173吉安隆鼻哪个医院比较好 Israeli police bulldozers plan to start knocking down dozens of homes Thursday after evicting about 50 Jewish families from an illegal settlement in the West Bank.以色列警方计划星期四用推土机拆除约旦河西岸的一个非法犹太人定居点,之前驱逐了那里0个犹太家庭。Several hundred protesters set up barricades and threw stones at police who came to carry out the court-ordered evacuation of Amona, a Jewish settlement northeast of Ramallah, the headquarters of the Palestinian Authority.几百名抗议者设立了路障,并向执行法院命令清除阿马纳定居点的警察投掷石块。阿马纳是巴勒斯坦权力机构总部拉马拉东北部的一个犹太定居点。Angry protesters and settlers yelled at the police that ;Jews dont expel Jews.; About 20 officers were hurt.愤怒的抗议者和定居者向警察喊道:“犹太人不要驱逐犹太人。”有大约20名警察受伤。Most of the settlers left quietly, carrying their belongings, holding children by the hand. Some vowed to return.大多数定居者带着他们的物品,拉着孩子安静离开。有些人发誓要回来。One day earlier, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu approved 3,000 new homes for the evacuated settlers and others elsewhere in the West Bank.以色列总理内塔尼亚胡一天前批准了建000个新住所,提供给撤出的定居者和西岸其他地方的人。Amona is the largest of around 100 unauthorized outposts erected in the West Bank without permission but - until now - generally tolerated by the Israeli government.阿马纳是未经批准在西岸建立的大约100个定居点中最大的一个,之前以色列政府对之抱以容忍态度。Palestinians say Jewish settlements on land they want as part of a future state are a major impediment to peace. Israel says the Palestinians refusal to recognize the Jewish state is blocking Mideast peace.巴勒斯坦人认为,在他们希望是未来国土的部分地区兴建的犹太定居点是以巴和平的主要障碍。以色列则说,巴勒斯坦人拒绝承认犹太国家是中东和平的阻碍。Israel was furious when the ed States, under former President Barack Obama, abstained instead of vetoing a U.N. Security Council resolution in December calling the settlements illegal and demanding Israel stop building them. The new Trump White House has so far been silent on Israeli settlement construction, but Jewish settlers told reporters Wednesday they expect the new U.S. administration will not stand in the way of a new wave of settlements in the West Bank.令以色列极为不满的是,美国前总统奥巴马的政府就联合国安全理事2月通过的一项称这些定居点为非法,并要求以色列停止建设的决议投下了弃权票,而不是否决票。新上任的川普政府至今一直对以色列的定居点建设保持沉默,但犹太定居者们星期三对记者表示,他们期望新的美国政府不会阻挠在西岸建立新一轮定居点。来 /201702/490285On Tuesday, in what is becoming a routine occurrence in this election year, Donald Trump cleaned up primary contests in all but four of the 11 US states in contention. And after months of living in denial, Republicans are grappling with the notion that the New York property mogul cum reality television star might win their party’s nomination. 周二,唐纳德#8226;特朗Donald Trump)在美国举行初选的11个州中的7个州碾压对手,这已成为本选举年的常态。在数月自欺欺人之后,共和党人不得不努力面对一种看法,即这位纽约地产大亨兼电视真人秀明星可能赢得本党提名Reactions from what Mr Trump likes to label “the establishmentrange from dutiful acceptance of the “will of the peopleto fervent pledges to oppose him, either by voting for Hillary Clinton or for a candidate from a third party. What is the right call for Republicans? 特朗普喜欢称之为“建制派”的那些共和党人反应各有不同,有的顺从地接受“人民的意志”,有的信誓旦旦地反对他,不是投票给希拉#8226;克林Hillary Clinton),就是投票持第三个党派的竞选人。共和党的正确反应是什么? The question is, by its nature, a personal one. In the US, asking people to say who they voted for or telling them how to vote is not the done thing. Even newspaper endorsements are couched as “our choicerather than an exhortation to vote for a particular candidate. Nor are most Americans party line voters. The people who will decide this election are not hardcore Republicans or Democrats. Many care about ideas; others nurture a sense that the government no longer cares about them. I feel the same way. 就其本质来说,这是个私人问题。在美国,让人们透露投票持谁或者告诉他们如何投票是不礼貌的行为。甚至,报纸会称所持的候选人为“我们的选择”,而不会劝说读者投票给某位候选人。大多数人美国人也不是忠诚拥护某一政党政策的选民。决定此次选举的人不是共和党或者民主党的核心人士。许多人关心理念;其他人则慢慢觉得美国政府不再关心他们。我也是这么认为的As an immigrant who first voted in 1992, standing at the ballot box still fills me with pride and amazement at my good fortune. I am also a Republican, but that is a coincidence of ideology not a matter of party loyalty. The things I believe in individual freedom, small government, US global leadership are moral rather than political choices. The people who share my views have tended to be Republicans but not always. When I vote, foreign policy is the deciding factor in my choice. That is the prism through which Mrs Clinton’s candidacy ought to be judged. 作为一个在1992年首次投票的移民,站在投票箱前仍让我对自己的幸运感到自豪和惊叹。我也是一名共和党人,但这是因为我的意识形态正好与共和党一致,并非是忠诚于共和党。我信仰的东西——个人自由、小政府、美国全球领导力——是道德而非政治上的选择。和我持相同观点的人往往是共和党人,但也并非全都是。当我投票的时候,外交政策是个决定性因素。我们应该从这个视角评判希拉里的候选人资格There will be some Republicans who will vote for Mrs Clinton, not on the merits, but simply because she is not Mr Trump. But it is more important to judge the former secretary of state on her record. She was an unremarkable senator, seemingly ungrounded in any particular set of convictions. As secretary of state she had a record that is at best feckless. 一些共和党人将会投票持希拉里,这不是因为她的优点,而只是因为她不是特朗普。但更重要的是,要从其过往记录评判这位美国前国务卿。希拉里在担任参议员时表现平平,任何观点似乎都没有依据。作为美国国务卿,她的记录能得到的最高评价也只能是平庸She has been attacked by Republicans for her role in the Benghazi debacle in 2012, in which Christopher Stevens, the US ambassador to Libya, was killed. But her graver sin was to support the overthrow of Muammer Gaddafi and then stay silent on the question of how to stabilise Libya in the aftermath. 希拉里由于在2012年班加西袭击事件中的角色而遭受共和党人的抨击——当时美国驻利比亚大使克里斯托弗#8226;史蒂文斯(Christopher Stevens)在班加西遇袭身亡。但她的更为严重的错误是持推翻穆阿迈尔#8226;卡扎Muammer Gaddafi),随后却在如何稳定利比亚局势的问题上保持沉默Even more troubling, her evasiveness about the activities of the Clinton Foundation and her use of a private email server while secretary of state, among other things, mean we cannot assume that anything she says now will be the case if and when she is resident in the White House. 更令人担忧的是,她对克林顿基金会(Clinton Foundation)的活动含糊其辞、在担任国务卿期间使用私人电邮务器、以及其他一些事情意味着,我们不能假定,如果她真的入主白宫,她现在说的任何事情还算数Oddly, this penchant for saying anything is one the likely Democratic candidate shares with Mr Trump. Where does he stand on foreign policy, for example? No one knows. He does not like Muslims but opposes the overthrowing of Middle East dictators such as Syria’s Bashar al-Assad. He says he would deport 11m illegal aliens. Apologists insist a President Trump would be limited by America’s constitutional checks and balances, and rendered incapable of carrying out his more radical plans. This is meant to be reassuring. 奇怪的是,特朗普与这位可能的民主党提名总统候选人都有这种信口开河的嗜好。例如,特朗普的外交政策立场是什么?没有人知道。他不喜欢穆斯林,但反对推翻叙利亚的巴沙#8226;阿萨Bashar al-Assad)等中东地区的独裁者。他说,他将驱100万非法移民。为他辩解的人坚称,特朗普如果当选总统,将受到美国宪法的制衡,无法实施其更激进的计划。这种说法只是安抚人And so America has come to a pretty pass, pitting a woman who is anathema to many against a man who reminds us of Benito Mussolini. Are we not better than this? I would hope so. Many Republicans will never vote for Mrs Clinton; more importantly for the party of Abraham Lincoln, they will never vote for Mr Trump. Libertarians, constitutionalists, small “ddemocrats, minorities and many more are y to fight for the soul of their movement. And if the Republican party no longer embodies that soul, they, like Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska, will build another one that does. 因此美国陷入了困境,让一位许多人憎恶的女性与一位让我们想起贝尼#8226;墨索里尼(Benito Mussolini)的男性对决。难道不能出现更好的情况吗?我希望能。许多共和党人永远不会投票持希拉里;对亚伯拉罕#8226;林肯(Abraham Lincoln)的政党来说更重要的是,他们将永远不会投票持特朗普。自由派、立宪派、民主派、少数派以及其他许多人准备为他们的核心运动理念战斗。如果共和党不再体现他们的核心理念,他们就会与内布拉斯加州的参议员本#8226;萨斯(Ben Sasse)一样,创建另一个能够体现这些理念的党派At a moment when partisan loyalty and party power are at their weakest, it is time to fall back on the ideas and principles that matter. For conservatives, that means finding a candidate able to speak to the anger of voters who rightly feel betrayed by the parties that dominate the body politic. It does not mean compromising our values by opting for Mrs Clinton or Mr Trump. 在政党忠诚度和政党影响力最为薄弱之际,现在是时候倚重至关重要的思想和原则了。对保守派来说,这意味着找到一个能够直言选民愤怒的候选人——这些选民合理地感受到主导着美国的党派的背叛。这并不意味着要选择希拉里或者特朗普,让我们的价值观让步Being an American is more important than being a Republican or, for that matter, a Democrat. If that means the end of the two-party system, so be it. If it means a brokered convention, I will take it. 身为美国人比身为共和党人(或者就此而言是民主党人)更重要。如果这意味着两党制的终结,那就这样吧。如果这意味着“协商会议brokered convention),我会接受它。来 /201603/430523吉安妇保医院点痣多少钱

吉安祛斑价格Mobile malware affected 50.46% of cellphones or wireless-enabled personal digital assistants in China in 2015, an increase of 18.96% year-on-year, according to the National Computer Virus Emergency Response Center.国家计算机病毒应急处理中心表示,去年我国0.46%的手机或持无线功能的掌上电脑感染了移动恶意软件,比上年增长18.96%。The center said in a survey released on July 3 that Android malware attacks skyrocketed and that iOS was also vulnerable to viruses.该中心在近日发布的一项调查中称,针对安卓系统的恶意软件攻击急剧增加,iOS也易遭受病毒攻击。The top security threats to mobile devices were spam messages and fraudulent information, affecting 70.33 percent and 49.32 percent respectively, followed by harassing calls (48.78 percent) and Internet fraud (40.06 percent).移动设备面对的最主要安全威胁是垃圾短信和欺诈信息,分别有70.33%9.32%的受访者受到侵扰。其次是骚扰电话和网站浏览,分别影响48.78%0.06%的受访者。In 2015, the most serious online threat came from webpages or SMS that robbed netizens of their banking information.2015年,最严重的网络威胁来自网页或短信,并通过这些手段偷窃网民的信息。Emails, apps, and removable storage devices were also found to be key ways that the security of mobile devices was threatened.此外,邮件、手机应用程序以及可移动存储设备也被认为是威胁移动设备安全的几大重要方式。来 /201607/454438江西省吉安保仕柏丽整形医院光子脱毛多少钱 Nigeria’s defense minister said the military under President Muhammadu Buhari has made enormous gains in the fight against Boko Haram.尼日利亚国防部长说,尼日利亚军队在布哈里总统的领导下,在同科圣地恐怖主义组织的战斗中取得了巨大战果。Retired General Dan Ali said Wednesday the military has reclaimed much of the land once occupied by the terrorist group and that Boko Haram has been reduced to waging mostly guerrilla warfare.退役将军阿里星期三说,尼日利亚军队收复了一度被科圣地占据的大部分地区,科圣地的力量已经削弱到基本上只能打游击战了。Ali said the military should be able to clear the terrorists out of the Sambisa Forest within two or three months.阿里表示,政府军应在2个月内将恐怖分子赶出萨姆比萨森林。Shortly after President Buhari was inaugurated as president in May 2015, he confidently declared that Boko Haram would be defeated by the end of the year. Before 2015 was over, Buhari announced that he had succeeded in his pledge, claiming that Boko Haram is now ;technically defeated;.布哈里于2015月就任总统后,宣布将在年底之前击败科圣地015年行将结束前,布哈里宣称实现了自己的诺言,从技术层面讲,科圣地已被击败。来 /201604/434899吉安鼻头毛孔大哪家医院好

吉安保仕柏丽整形医院去眼袋多少钱 LAST JULY AN international tribunal made a landmark ruling against China over their historical claim to territory in the South China Sea. The world’s most populous nation claims sovereignty over the majority of the region east of Vietnam north of Malaysia and west of the Philippines. Within this territory is the island of Taiwan as well as areas of sea claimed by China’s closest neighbours.去年七月一个国际法庭做了个里程碑式的裁决,反对中国在南中国海对其领土的历史主张。世界上人口最多的国家对越南东边、马来西亚北边及菲律宾西边的大部分地区声称拥有主权。这片地区里包括台湾岛,以及同样被中国的近邻们声称拥有主权的海域。No fan of trump but this is a scaremongering piece to suggest that Trump will cause a conflict over the South China Sea territory. The US under Obama has aly moved massive naval assets into this sphere of the globe and he admonished Beijing a number of times in regards to this issue. In August under the Obama regime three b1 bombers were sent over the area as a show of strength these planes are capable of carrying a nuclear payload. It’s a much more complicated mess then suggesting it’s limited to the US backing Taiwan or the one china question. Japan the Philippines Korea both north and south all have claims on the territory which is currently in international waters. There have aly been many clashes with Chinease naval forces in the area much more serious than the one with the Indian naval vessel over the disputed territory. Trump may be a nut but this has been brewing for many years and if you are going to do a piece on this powder keg do a balanced and fair one covering all the nations and theirclaims rather than a puff piece to scare people about trump you also forgot to mention the landing strips that have been built on the reefs or the the Sam missiles the Chinease have moved there aly or the fact they seized the us naval drone in December称不上特朗普的粉丝但这确属一篇危言耸听的言论,意味着特朗普将引发在中国南海领土上的冲突。奥巴马时期美国已经大规模将海军力量布置进入这个区域,并就此问题多次告诫北京。在8月,奥巴马政府将三架B1轰炸机派到此区域,以强力显示这些飞机携带核弹头的能力。这引发了更复杂的混乱,并暗示着美国将有限的持台湾或者改变一个中国的原则。日本、菲律宾、韩囀?朝鲜都宣称目前在国际水域,在该地区已经发生许多与中国海军的冲突,比与印度海军舰艇在有争议的领土发生的纠纷还要严重。特朗普很可能面临难以解决的问题,但这已酝酿多年。假如你想在这个火药桶上做一点平衡或者做一个让所有的国家以及他们言论因为认可的公正的观点,而不仅是做一些唬人的吹吹捧文章,更别提建立在珊瑚礁上的机场跑道和中国已经搬到那里的“萨姆”导弹以及他们在12月捕获的美国海军无人探测设备。It came to war this is a war that the U.S. could not win. It would cost them an absolute fortune given the logistics and their production capabilities are nowhere near what China’s are now. China is a juggernaut of heavy industry.如果开战,这是一场美国无法获胜的战争。考虑到后勤和生产能力根本不及中国,这势必让他们付出巨大的代价。在重工业方面中国是龙头老大。@Phil Magee: Hi Phil The US armed forces vastly outnumber both China and Russia when it comes to arms several times over. The US has a massive army. No comparison. Under Obama the US had a weak commander but not now. Trump will not be pushed around by Chinese threats@Phil Magee: 嗨,Phil 美军的武力装备比中国和俄罗斯都多出很多,都可以装备他们好几回了。美国有一庞大的军队。无人能比。在奥巴马时期美国有一个懦弱的司令官,但是现在不一样了,川普不会被中国的威胁所左右的。@Burke John: I’m not sure you understand the scale here. Sure Americas military might is greater but they would not be able to pit all their might against China. Remember when China shot down the spy plane? G.W.Bush who went to war because his daddy went to war demanded the plane back he got it back or at least the shell of it 6 weeks later. China does not fear America they may not be as powerful but are powerful enough to face them down.@Burke John:我不知道你怎么理解这里说的规模。是的美国的军事力量可能更强大,但他们不能动用所有的力量对付中国。记得中国击落了间谍飞机那事吗? 小布什要求把飞机要回来(小布什开战是因为他爹开战),他6周后拿回了它,或至少拿回了它的壳。中国不怕美国,他们可能没有那么强大,但有足够的力量面对对手。来 /201702/491487吉安保仕柏丽整形医院激光祛斑手术多少钱吉安市立医院打溶脂针多少钱



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