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A: Hello! Do you have a place where I can exercise?B: Yes, sir. We have a fine exercise facility.A: I'm happy to hear that. Now, would you tell me where it is?B: You're actually standing above it. Just take the elevator or stairs down one level.A: Is the hotel going to charge me a dollar a minute gym use?B: No, sir. There's no extra charge. All you need is your room key to open the door.A: And the gym hours are?B: Sir, you'll be pleased to know that our gym never closes.A: One more question: Do you have a trainer?B: We might be getting one in the near future. But at the present time, no. 98A: Here we are!B: Hurray! We finally made it to the park.A: What do you want to play on first?B: I want to go on the slide.A: All right, but be careful.B: I’m having so much fun.A: Did you like the slide?B: I slid down it fast.A: Now what do you want to do?B: I want to go on the swings.A: Would you like me to push you?B: No. I can do it myself. 963

A: Are you feeling OK?B: My stomach is bothering me.A: What have you been eating?B: I had a ham sandwich with mayonnaise lunch.A: Maybe the food had something wrong with it.B: It could be bad food, but I didn’t feel so well yesterday, either.A: Have you been under a lot of pressure lately?B: I haven’t been under any more stress than usual.A: Perhaps you have caught that bug that is going around.B: I feel like maybe I am coming down with the flu. 95

Naked suspect wakes sleeping man with kiss, finds out he has a gun. You DO NOT kiss a sleeping man who has a weapon.一男子入室盗窃,脱光衣钻进被窝将男主人吻醒,却发现对方有所以,谁让你去吻一个正在睡觉的男人啦!关键是人家还有啊!Always be careful about who you get in bed with. An alleged knife-wielding burglar in Oregon learned this lesson the hard way when he took his clothes off, nuzzled his way into bed, and kissed a homeowner who happened to have a gun, police say.永远要小心,你要钻进的被窝里有谁在俄勒冈州,根据当地警方表示,一个涉嫌持刀的窃贼狠狠地被上了一课窃贼脱光衣,小心走到床沿,躺在男主人身边还吻了他,结果,男主人正好有Richard Dean Defeudis, 3, broke into the northwest Portland home around 3:0 a.m., Thursday, according to The Oregonian. Police say that Defeudis searched the house valuables bee he decided to head the bedroom. Authorities say that Defeudis took off his clothing and, while holding a knife, crawled into bed with the man and woman who live in the house. The man told police that he was roused from his slumber when Defeudis kissed him. Defeudis quickly put on his pants and fled the scene.据俄勒冈警方说,窃贼名叫理查德·迪恩·德夫迪斯,3岁,周四凌晨3点0左右,闯入波特兰西北区一户人家,德夫迪斯在房子里搜罗了一遍贵重物品后,决定摸进卧室当局说,德夫迪斯脱光衣,而且拿着一把刀,爬上这户人家男女主人的床这名男子告诉警方,当窃贼吻他的时候,他从睡梦中惊醒了过来 窃贼便赶紧穿好裤子,逃离了现场;The victim woke up and the suspect was sitting on top of him holding a knife,; Portland Police Sergeant Pete Simpson said in a written statement. ;The victim pushed the suspect off of him as the victim retrieved his handgun and began giving the suspect commands to stop.;“受害人醒来时,犯罪嫌疑人正拿着一把刀坐在他身上”,波特兰警方警长皮特·辛普森在一份书面记录中说“男主人拿时顺势把犯罪嫌疑人推开,呵斥犯罪嫌疑人立刻停止犯罪活动”Police said the man fired three shots, but missed on all attempts, N News reports. A short time later, authorities caught up with Defeudis at a vacant home where he was hiding.警方表示,惊醒的男主人朝窃贼啪啪啪连开三,但一都没打中,N新闻报道不久后跑掉的犯罪嫌疑人在一间空屋被警察逮捕The male victim, who was unhurt, was not expected to face charges in the incident. Defeudis was held on ,000 bail in the Multnomah County Jail. He is facing charges of first and second-degree burglary, first-degree sex abuse and unlawful use of a weapon.受害人并未受伤,预计不会面临此次意外事件的指控窃贼德夫迪斯在特诺玛县监狱取保候审,保释金31万美元,他将面临一级二级盗窃、一级性侵和非法使用武器等指控 131

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