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内蒙古自治区妇幼保健院治疗痛经多少钱呼和浩特治疗梅毒哪家好Women in Turkey 土耳其妇女Behind the veil 面纱背后Women’s influence in politics is growing, but it is still small妇女在政治中的影响越来越大,但这影响还是很小May 12th 2011 | ISTANBUL | from the print edition THIS week in Istanbul 13 European countries signed a Council of Europe convention on combating violence against women. All 47 members were urged to comply. Turkey pushed hard for the convention, which calls for hotlines, shelters and legal aid for abused women.这个星期13个欧洲国家在伊斯坦布尔签署了一项有关与反对妇女的暴力作斗争的欧洲委员会条约。敦促所有4个成员国遵守。土耳其极力推行为受虐待妇女呼吁热线,庇护所和法律援助的条约。 So it should. Turkey ranks with Russia as one of the worst countries in Europe for abuse of women. By the government’s admission, five women a day were killed by abusers in the first seven months of . A chilling new report from Human Rights Watch, an advocacy group, suggests that the situation is getting worse. It finds that 42% of women over 15 have suffered physical or sexual violence; they are vulnerable even when pregnant. Asli, a 21-year old Kurdish woman, was injected with poison, beaten and raped by her husband and in-laws, and locked in a barn without food or water. She decided to seek help from local prosecutors after her father-in-law burned her arm and declared that “I didn’t just get you here for my son, but also for my pleasure.” But the prosecutors never contacted her, and she now fears for her life. Asli’s story is all too common. 土耳其应该这么做。土耳其同俄罗斯一起被列为欧洲虐待妇女最严重的的国家之一。政府承认,年前7个月每天有五位妇女被虐待者们杀害身亡。一个利益团体(或利益集团)---人权观察的一项令人不寒而栗的新报道表明情况正在恶化。人权观察发现15岁以上42%的女性曾遭受过身体或性暴力行为;甚至她们怀时,她们还是容易受到攻击。一位21岁的库尔德妇女阿斯利(Asli)曾被注射毒药,被其丈夫及公婆殴打和强奸,并被锁在仓库里且不给食物和水。在她被她公公烧毁了手臂并声称“我要你来我们家不仅仅为了我儿子,而且还为了我自己寻欢作乐。”后,她决定从当地检察官那儿寻求帮助。但是检察官们从来没有联系过她,她现在担心她的性命。阿斯利的故事实在太普遍了。201105/136227呼和浩特市首大生殖专科医院割包皮多少钱 For decades, films and television shows almost always portrayed American Indians as stereotypes. The stories were written and produced by white Americans. In 1977, Native American Public Telecommunications (NAPT) was founded to bring audiences native stories and accurate portrayals of the culture.许多年来,电影和电视几乎总是以刻板的形象呈现美洲印第安人。那些故事都是美国白人写的。1977年,美洲土著人公共通讯组织成立,其宗旨是让观众可以看到印第安人自己写的故事,看到对印第安文化的准确真实的描述。Taking controlShirley Sneve heads the organization. She is a Lakota, a member of the Rosebud Sioux tribe, who grew up in Flandreau, South Dakota. One of her earliest and most lasting influences was her mother, who has written and published more than 20 children’s books about Native Americans.谢丽·斯内夫是北美印第安人苏族的拉科他人,从小在南达科他州弗兰德鲁长大。她的母亲撰写并出版了20多本有关北美印第安人的儿童读物。"When I was growing up my mother was always telling stories and she wrote all the time," says Sneve. "It was something that was always important to our family to understand our history, where we came from, and how we relate as natives in today’s world.”她说:“我小时候,母亲总是在讲故事,写书。我们家很注重这种事情,就是了解我们自己的历史。”Sneve studied journalism, and became a storyteller herself. "Unlike my mother, who created stories out of her head, I liked to tell stories about other people."斯内夫学习了新闻学,后来她自己也成为一个说故事的人。她说:“我母亲是凭想象创造故事。我不一样,我喜欢讲别人的故事。”But these days, Sneve mostly helps other people tell stories as executive director of NAPT, one of five groups created to increase the diversity of voices on American public television.但是,斯内夫如今大部分时间是帮助其他人讲故事。她是美洲土著人公共通讯组织的执行主任。这是专门成立来增加美国公共电视的多样性的五个组织之一。"It can’t just be about Indians, it needs to be by Indians, Native Americans," says Sneve, who believes the authentic voice is important. "There has been so much garbage out there over the years by non-Indians that have perpetuated the stereotypes. You know the westerns and the stoic Indians, even more contemporary projects. They don’t do us any favors. We can tell our own stories better than anybody else. That is why we are so forceful about involving Native Americans in the creation of these documentaries."她说,让人们听到真实的声音是重要的,因为“多年来,非印第安人制造了很多的垃圾,制造了刻板的印第安人形象。大家都知道西部片,还有那些逆来顺受的印第安人。这些对我们毫无益处。我们可以比任何人更好地讲述我们自己的故事。这就是为什么我们如此力主让印第安人参与制作这些纪录片。”201104/130814The WTO and ChinaHands slapped世贸组织与中国的交锋A ruling with ramifications 裁决之意,一石多鸟Jul 7th 2011 | from the print edition WHEN China joined the World Trade Organisation (WTO) in late 2001, its share of world exports stood at 4.3%. By last year that share had soared to 10.6%, and the country had become the world’s biggest exporter. In addition to awe and envy, its rise has spawned a rapidly growing list of trade quarrels. China was a party to only two of the 93 trade disputes that were taken to the WTO between its accession and the end of 2005. But in the five years to the end of 2010, it was involved in 26 of the 84 cases filed at the forum. 中国于2001年底加入世贸组织时,对外贸易出口额仅占世界总额的4.3%。然而,去年该比例已飙升到10.6%,使得中国已经成为世界上最大的出口国。对此,各国有敬畏也有嫉妒,因而贸易纷争骤增。在中国入世后至2005年年底这段时间,世贸组织所处理的商业纠纷中,只有两起牵涉到中国。然而,在05年到10年底这段时间,世贸处理的84起纠纷中,就有26起牵扯到中国。On July 5th the WTO’s dispute-settlement body found against China on three linked complaints. The cases were brought by America, the European Union and Mexico in and took issue with China’s policy of restricting the exports of certain industrial raw materials, including bauxite, magnesium, zinc and silica, of which it is a leading producer. The plaintiffs argued that China’s policies gave domestic firms that use these commodities an unfair competitive advantage, while also restricting world supply of these inputs and causing their prices to soar.7月5号,世贸争议解决机构在连续3场投诉中都判定中国违规。这3场投诉由美国、欧盟、墨西哥于年提出,他们的投诉理由为,中国在铝土矿、镁、锌硅等工业原料方面是主要产出国,但是中国制定政策,限制这些原料的出口。原告认定,中国的政策限制这些商品的供给,引起价格飙升,从而让国内利用这些原料的公司具有竞争优势,这很不公平。China says its restrictions were motivated by its desire to conserve the world’s limited supply of these materials and to protect the environment from the pollution caused by their extraction. The problem with this line of argument, as the WTO panel noted, was that although China restricted the export of these commodities, it had done nothing to reduce their actual production. China’s policies were in clear violation of its WTO commitments, it found. 中国辩护说设定这些限制完全出于以下考虑,中方有意节约这些稀有资源,同时减少提炼带来的环境污染。世贸专门问题小组认为,该论的问题在于,虽然说中国限制这些原料的出口,可是它完全没有减少实际产出。该小组认为中国的政策显然违背了它入世时的承诺。China expressed “regret” at the WTO’s ruling and has up to 60 days to lodge an appeal. Jeffrey Schott of the Peterson Institute for International Economics, a think-tank in Washington, DC, expects “several more big cases against China soon”. But the significance of this judgment goes beyond China. Many countries banned some food exports during the food-price spike of 2008. A renewed period of buoyant commodity prices and demand could easily tempt more governments to emulate China’s restrictions on exports of raw materials. The WTO’s judgment may dissuade at least some countries from doing so. And given the rotten state of the Doha round of trade talks, a show of teeth in defence of a rules-based trading system is more useful than ever.中国认为世贸组织裁判不公,因而花费多达60天提出上诉。彼得森国际经济研究所是华盛顿的智囊团,其员工杰弗里#8226;斯科特认为,“中国很快就得面对几场更大的投诉。”然而审判的意义其实不在于针对中国。2008年食品价格狂升时,许多国家都禁止进食品出口。现在各国面临新一轮的食品价格上涨,需求增大,所以它们很可能效仿中国,限制原材料出口。世贸组织做此判定至少可以阻止某些国家采用这条计策。然而,考虑到多边贸易谈判的糟糕情况,我们有必要在此刻展示出维护有规可循的贸易体系的勇气,这会比以往任何时候都有效。201107/143936乌海妇科医院排名

内蒙古医学院附属医院无痛人流手术多少钱The Louisiana governor’s race路易斯安那州州长竞选Bobby laps the field鲍比一举夺魁Hints of a grander future in a comfortable victory获胜轻而易举,美好未来初露端倪 THREE days before Louisianans headed to the polls on October 22nd, the leading Democratic candidate for governor, Tara Hollis, told an audience in the low double digits at a campaign event, “I’m David, and I don’t mind taking on Goliath.” Goliath in this case was Bobby Jindal, the overwhelmingly popular Republican incumbent. Mrs Hollis’s sentiment was admirable, but David at least had a sling.路易斯安那州于10月22日举行州长投票选举。在这三天前的一次竞选活动中,最有希望的民主党人塔拉?侯丽斯(Tara Hollis)的得票数仅有可怜的两位数,但她告诉现场参加活动的人:“我就是大卫,我不怕歌利亚[注1]决一雌雄。”她所指的歌利亚便是共和党炙手可热的候选人鲍比?金达尔(Bobby Jindal)。侯丽斯的宣言令人敬佩,不过,大卫至少还有一根机弦[注2]。In political terms, Mrs Hollis—a teacher from northern Louisiana galvanised into political action when her husband, who taught at the same school, was sacked—lacked even that. By her own admission she was a default candidate, becoming the Democratic front-runner because “no one else stepped forward—everyone thought someone would.” She complained of receiving no help from the national party: “They view Louisiana as a lost cause.” In early October Mr Jindal had over m on hand; Mrs Hollis had 4 (and 24 cents).侯丽斯曾是北路易斯安那州一名教师,在与她同所学校任教的丈夫被解雇后,她投身政治运动。就政治层面而言,她的确缺少这样的“机弦”。她自己承认,她是那只出头鸟,之所以代表民主党参选是因为“没人愿意出这个风头——每人都希望别人挺身而出。”对于民主党未向她提供任何帮助一事,她也表达了自己的不满:“他们认为民主党在路易斯安那州的竞选注定失败。”十月初,金达尔手头有600万美元的竞选资金,而侯丽斯只有384美元(外加24美分)。At her event Mrs Hollis spoke not of winning, but of holding Mr Jindal below 50%. Louisiana’s open-primary system pits all candidates against each other. If none wins an outright majority, the two leading candidates compete in a run-off election (if a candidate wins a majority, he wins the contest). But even in that modest goal she failed: Mr Jindal took 66% of the vote, and Mrs Hollis finished a distant second of ten candidates, with 18%. No other candidate cracked 5%. Mr Jindal’s victory eclipsed the record set by Edwin Edwards, a four-term governor who once boasted that the only way he could lose an election would be if he were caught in bed “with either a dead girl or a live boy”.侯丽斯参选时曾表示,她的目标并非胜出,而是使得金达尔的得票率保持在50%以下。在路易斯安那州的开放预选制度下,所有候选人针锋相对。如果第一轮投票没有候选者获得绝对多数的投票,那么票数领先的两名候选人将在第二轮投票中决一死战(如果其中一名候选人赢得大多数投票,他就赢得了这场竞选)。但即使是如此保守的一个目标,侯丽斯也未能达到:金达尔获得了66%的投票率。尽管侯丽斯的得票率在10名候选者中位列第二,但仍与金达尔相距甚远——她仅有18%。其余候选人中没有一人的得票率突破了5%。金达尔的胜利使得爱德文?爱德华兹(Edwin Edwards)也相形见绌。爱德华兹担任了四届路易斯安那州州长,他曾宣称,使他失掉竞选的唯一可能便是抓到他“与一具女尸或一名男孩”捉奸在床。Also setting a record was the low turnout of not quite 36%. This was perhaps unsurprising, as the election was held on a Saturday, and Mr Jindal’s overwhelming popularity, not to mention his crushing financial advantage, made his victory an all-but-foregone conclusion. He is an unusual figure in Louisiana politics: Ivy League educated, young and born in Baton Rouge just months after his parents emigrated there from Punjab. When he was elected four years ago, at 36, he was the youngest governor and the only Indian-American one (in 2010 South Carolina elected Nikki Haley, born to Punjabi parents six months after Mr Jindal). He has pushed hard for ethics reform; no mean feat in a state that, as one former congressman put it, is half underwater and half under indictment.同样创下纪录的,还有不到路易斯安那州人数36%的投票人数。这或许不足为奇,因为竞选是在周六举行的,此外,金达尔的广受欢迎,更别提他的经济优势,都使他赢得竞选几乎成了探囊取物。在路易斯安那州的政治家里,他算得上卓尔不群:毕业于常春藤盟校,年轻有为,在其父母从旁遮普移民到美国几个月后,他在路州首府巴吞鲁日出生。四年前,他赢得路州州长竞选时,年仅36岁,成为了美国最年轻同时也是唯一一位印裔州长[2010年,南卡罗莱纳州选举妮可?哈雷(Nikki Haley)为州长,父母也是来自旁遮普的她在金达尔赢得选举后的6个月也成功当选]。金达尔力推道德规范改革;正如一位前国会会员所评,在一个被洪灾和官司困扰的州,这算是了不起的成就了。Mr Jindal won every parish—taking 38% of the vote even in heavily Democratic New Orleans—and exceeded his victory four years ago by 12 points. A couple of the other races on the ballot—particularly for lieutenant-governor—were more hotly contested, but in the end Republicans won them all. They now hold every statewide office save one Senate seat in Congress, to which Mary Landrieu perilously clings.金达尔在路州各行政区的投票中都已胜出——甚至在民主党候选人较多的新奥尔良也获得了38%的投票率——其获得的平均投票率较四年前高出12个百分点。而其他竞选中——尤其是副州长竞选中——竞争更为激烈,不过最终仍是共和党大获全胜。除了玛丽?兰德鲁(Mary Landrieu)难以保住的一个国会议员席位外,共和党已掌控了各州政府。The question now is how long Mr Jindal remains in office. If Republicans win the presidency, he could find himself in the cabinet. If Rick Perry wins the nomination, he could find himself sharing the ticket: he endorsed Mr Perry early and enthusiastically. Should Barack Obama win, Mr Jindal could easily snatch that one last Senate seat from Ms Landrieu. Mr Jindal says he plans to serve out his full term as governor. Such plans are easily changed.当前问题是,金达尔的州长任期会有多长。如果共和党赢得总统大选,他也许就能跻身内阁。如果瑞奇?佩里(Rick Perry)赢得总统候选人提名,金达尔也许也能成为候选人之一:他一开始就全力持佩里。如果巴拉克?奥巴马(Barack Obama)成功连任,金达尔也许就能轻易获得兰德鲁手中的议员席位。金达尔说他计划担任州长一职直至任期结束。不过,这种计划很容易就改弦易辙。201111/159660呼和浩特怀孕检测多少钱 American business美国商业Big Apple v Big Oil苹果vs美孚Apple briefly becomes the world’s largest public company苹果一度成为世界第一大市值公司Aug 13th 2011 | SAN FRANCISCO| from the print editionBY ANY standards it is a remarkable achievement. In the space of 14 years, Apple has transformed itself from a computer firm on the brink of bankruptcy into a stockmarket superstar. On August 9th its market capitalisation surpassed that of Exxon Mobil, making it the world’s largest public company. Not for long: by the end of the day’s trading, the tech giant was billion smaller than the oil giant: 7 billion to 8 billion. But Exxon’s lead is fragile. If the oil price falls further, Apple will surely outstrip it.无论从哪个角度看,这都是引人注目的成就。在14年的时间里,苹果从一个面临倒闭的电脑公司成功转型,成为券市场的超级明星。在8月9日其市值超过了埃克森美孚,成为世界上第一大上市公司。但不久在当日收盘时,科技巨头苹果的市值仅以10亿美元低于石油大亨:分别是3470亿美元和3480亿美元。但埃克森的领先不堪一击,如果油价继续下跌,苹果必然会超过。Oil remains a vital raw material, and Exxon can extract it from difficult places more efficiently than any other firm. But Apple’s rise reflects the growing influence of the digital industry, and the way that industry has changed. It used to be dominated by companies such as IBM and Microsoft, which made their billions selling software and services to corporations. Apple has leap-frogged both of them by delighting consumers.石油一直都是重要的原材料,埃克森美孚能够比其他公司更高效地从恶劣环境中提炼出石油。但苹果的崛起反映了数字产业与日俱增的影响力,以及它所带来的改变。过去的数字产业是IBM和微软公司的天下,它们以出售软件和务获得了巨大的赢利。凭着用户好评,苹果已跃升至两家公司之前。201108/150893乌兰察布治疗妇科疾病哪家医院最好的

呼和浩特看男性病那里好Divorce insurance离婚保险I do (conditions apply)我愿意申请条件Ending a marriage is horrid. Insurance might ease the pain离婚是可怕的,保险可能缓和痛苦DIVORCE, like any other risk, can be priced and packaged. With half of all marriages doomed to fail, even the moderately hardheaded may be interested in ways of mitigating the danger.离婚,像其他任何冒险投资一样,可以标价与打包。由于所有的婚姻中,一半都注定失败,甚至温和的不感情用事者也可能对减少危险的方法感兴趣。So hopes AR, a German-based insurance firm. From September it will offer a kind of divorce insurance that will pay out if English prenuptial agreements are subject to a legal challenge. Such policies are aly common in some continental European countries such as Germany and Spain, and are offered by some American employers as a perk. But they are so far unknown in Britain, chiefly because prenuptial agreements have had little legal force in English law (Scotland’s legal system is separate). Judges have traditionally given much greater weight to circumstances at the end of the marriage than to any agreements made at the start.所以,像德国保险公司AR所希望的那样。从九月开始,它将提供一种离婚保险,它将为那些受法律挑战配的英国婚前协定付费。像这样的策略在欧洲大陆国家,例如德国和西班牙,已是正常,同样一些美国雇主也会将此作为额外津贴发给员工。然而,到目前为止,这些策略在英国还是不被人知的,主要是因为这些婚前协议在英国法律(苏格兰法律除外)面前是几乎没有法律效力的。传统上,比起婚前的任何协议,法官们对婚姻结束时的事项给予了更多的重视。201108/149162 As Job Losses Mount, Asian Workers Return to the Countryside亚洲各国竭力为失业者寻找出路  Millions of Asian workers are losing their jobs because of the global economic downturn. After many years of urban job creation, governments are scrambling to find work in the countryside for the unemployed. 数以百万计的亚洲工人正在因为全球经济衰退而失去工作。多年来城市就业机会不断增加,可是,现在各国政府正竭力在农村地区为失业者找寻出路。Reports of factory closures across the region are increasing. Most job cuts are happening in the manufacturing sector - from toy makers to automakers. Production has either ceased or slowed down because of the global economic crisis. 亚洲地区关于工厂倒闭的报导越来越多。大多数被解雇的员工是在制造业,包括玩具制造业和汽车制造业。由于全球经济危机,生产不是陷于停顿就是放慢了进度。Suparat Sirisuwanangkura, head of the Thai Auto Industry Association, says the industry - which employs 300,000 workers - is trying hard to hold onto workers. But production is expected to fall 20 to 30 percent this year. 泰国汽车工业协会的领导人斯里苏万昂库拉说,有30万职工的泰国汽车制造业在竭尽全力地保住职工,但是,预计今年的生产将下降20%到30%。"We don't have any plans to shut down any plants. But, of course, we have to adjust many things - no overtime or very few," said Suparat. "The two shifts may try to make it one shift. The last one we, as much as possible, try to avoid is reduction of manpower." 他说:“我们不打算关闭任何汽车制造厂。但是,当然我们需要作多方面的调整,我们不会再给加班费或者给得很少。还可能要把两班制改成一班制。最后的一步是我们尽可能要避免的,那就是削减人力。”Governments across Asia are worried about mass unemployment and the social instability that could bring. Many of those losing their jobs are migrant workers, who have left the provinces to work in Asia's booming cities. 亚洲各国政府为大批人失业而感到忧虑,因为这可能导致社会动乱。许多失业的人是流动民工,他们离开家乡省份到亚洲兴旺的城市地区谋生。In China, their numbers are staggering and they are returning in large numbers to their hometowns. Geoffrey Crothall is the spokesman of the Hong Kong-based China Labor Bulletin, an organization involved in workers' rights in China.  在中国,民工的人数更是高得惊人,而大批中国民工正在返回老家。克罗塞尔是总部设在香港的劳动者权益组织--中国劳工通讯的发言人。"Some official figures are saying the number of people who lost their jobs [last year] is around eight million, most of whom are migrant workers," said Crothall. "If you put that in the context of the number of migrant workers in China - which is usually estimated at 130 million - that gives you some idea of the scale of the lay-offs at the moment." 他说:“某些官方统计数据显示,失业的人数约有8百万,大多数是民工。中国流动工人的总数是1亿3千万人。在这样背景下,你就会对当前员工解雇的规模有点概念了。”Some governments are hoping that new investments in the countryside could help ease employment pressures.  某些国家政府希望对农村地区的投资能帮助缓解失业造成的压力。Beijing is hoping its 0 billion stimulus plan, with its huge spending on infrastructure in the provinces, can help absorb some of these workers. But between six to seven-million new graduates will be added to the labor force in the next few months. 北京希望,政府的6千亿美元的经济刺激计划能帮助这些失业民工重新就业。这一计划将在省级的基本建设方面花费巨额资金。但是有6百万到7百万的应届毕业生几个月后即将就业。The government is offering to refund college education expenses for graduates willing to work in the rural areas. 政府愿意还给那些愿意去农村地区就业的大学毕业生他们上大学时交的学费。Crothall says the stakes are high for Beijing."If these workers cannot be re-employed, the potential for social unrest increases and the government is very well aware of that," he said.In Japan, the government is also offering work in farms to unemployed young Japanese, as a way to build a new generation of farmers. 在日本,政府也向年轻的失业者提供在农场的工作机会,以培养新一代农民。In Thailand, Jaded Chowtchilai, a labor activist who helps unemployed women workers, says dismissed workers are trying their luck in the provinces.  在泰国,曾帮助失业妇女的劳工活动分子贾迪德说,被辞退的工人在地方省份碰运气找工作。"I think most of them try to find a job; but, it's difficult," said Jaded. "Some jobs are far away, in another province. Some of them go to countryside, go to the farmland." 他说:“我想他们大多数想找到工作,但是这很难。有些工作地点遥远,在另一个省份。有些人就干脆到乡下去种田了。”With the Thai government promising greater incentives to farmers, as part of its economic stimulus plan, this may be where hope lies for the thousands losing their livelihoods. 泰国政府承诺给予农民更大的物质刺激,这是经济刺激规划的一部分,对几千名失去谋生之道的人说来,这可能是希望所在。Farm incomes in the region have fallen, as agricultural commodity prices dropped from their record highs last year. Some Asian officials say jobs will have to eventually return in the industrial sector for the labor market to stabilize. 亚洲农民的收入不断下降,因为农产品的价格从去年的创记录高度跌了下来。某些亚洲官员说,要稳定劳工市场,最终还得由工业部门来重新开创就业机会。01/61051呼和浩特第一医院治疗妇科多少钱呼和浩特包皮过长费用要多少



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