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昆山得了尿道炎怎么治疗昆山市中医院看男科好吗昆山市人民医院治疗附件炎多少钱 Lexington莱克星顿The Ben Carson mirage海市蜃楼般的Ben CarsonWhy some Republicans think a charismatic brain surgeon can win the White House为什么一些共和党人认为才华横溢的脑科医生能入主白宫BETWEEN now and the presidential primary season, expect to hear more about Ben Carson. Though unknown to many Americans, the retired brain surgeon is a conservative pin-up. He was raised by a black single mother in Detroit, almost flunked out of school and nearly stabbed a teenage rival to death, before finding God, heading to Yale and becoming a paediatric neurosurgeon. He has written several books about his life—one became a TV film (Dr Carson was played by Cuba Gooding junior).从现在到美国总统预选的日子里,很期待听说更多关于Ben Carson的消息。尽管对于很多美国人来说还很陌生,这位退休脑外科医生是保守党的招牌人物。Ben在底特律长大,母亲是位单身黑人妈妈,在皈依基督之前,他快要被学校退学,有过前科,将一位青少年对头几乎刺死,后来去耶鲁深造成了一名儿科神经外科医生。Ben已经写了好几本关于他生活经历的书—一本已被改变成电影(Carson医生由小古巴·古丁扮演)。Political celebrity came in 2013 when the doctor used a speech to a National Prayer Breakfast to lecture a stony-faced Barack Obama, sitting a few feet away, about the national debt, those who treat poverty as an excuse for failure and the “horrible” menace of political correctness. A Fox News TV contract followed, and many invitations to address conservative gatherings.他的政坛名望来自2013年,当时他在全美祈祷早餐上致辞批评奥巴马对于国债的无动于衷,以及那些将预算不足当作失败的借口、对政治前途有“可怕”威胁的人,当时奥巴马坐在几英尺开外。Fox新闻台以及很多邀约随后都邀请Ben给保守党聚会做演讲。Fans want to draft Dr Carson to run for the presidency in 2016. They call him a citizen-statesman for an anti-politics age. They praise his philanthropy (he runs a scholarship fund for star pupils in poor schools), and his appeal to churchgoing, socially conservative voters of all races. Their idol has said that he might run “if the Lord grabbed me by the collar and made me”. Some are willing to try more earthly interventions. According to official filings, the recently-formed National Draft Ben Carson for President Committee (slogan: “Run Ben Run!”) raised .2m dollars in the last two months of 2013. The committee, which operates without sanction from Dr Carson, boasts that it has raised another .6m since. The committee’s co-founder, Vernon Robinson, makes an unblushing, race-based pitch. Democrats have scooped about 90% of the black vote in presidential elections since 2000, helping to offset a consistent Republican lead among whites. In 2016, argues Mr Robinson, Dr Carson has only to take 17% of the black vote and “Hillary loses every swing state in the country”.持者们想提名Carson医生竞选2016年总统,称他为反政治时代的平民政治家。他们颂扬他的慈善心(他设立了专为穷困小学优秀学生提供的奖学金),而且他呼吁人们去教堂,全种族的社会性投票。他们的偶像说如果上帝勒住他的领子、命令他,他可能会去参选。一些人则愿意尝试世俗性的干预。根据一些官方文件角料,2013年最后两月,最近组建的全国性Ben Carson竞选委员会(标语:“竞选 Ben 奔起来!”)筹集到120万美元。Carson医生没有认可这个委员会,而他们还吹嘘道自那时起又筹集到160万美元。创始人之一的Vernon Robinson还做了一个不要脸的、基于竞选的促销活动。民主党人应经抢先夺取从2000年来总统选举中的90%黑人选票,用于对抗民主党一如既往的白人持率。Robinson说2016年,Carson只夺了17%的黑人选票,就让“希拉里输掉了全国所有持观望态度的州选票”。At the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), a three-day shindig attracting big-name Republicans that ended on March 8th, Dr Carson was given a prominent speaking slot. He drew cheers with a talk that delivered partisan attacks (eg, Obamacare is a “massive” government power-grab) in a paediatrician’s mild tones (a favouriteCarsoninsult is to call foes “dummies”). CPAC attracts a young crowd with a libertarian bent: think students in blazers and bow-ties, and pamphlets headed “How to debate your teacher (and win!)”. Still,Carsonfans were excited when their man came third in a presidential straw poll of CPAC-goers, behind Senators Rand Paul and Ted Cruz but beating heavyweights such as Senator Marco Rubio, Governor Chris Christie and Representative Paul Ryan. It was a revealing moment, but not because Dr Carson can win the White House. To be clear, he will not even win the presidential nomination. His rise is interesting because of what it says about Republicans today.3月8号结束的,连续举办三天,吸引众多共和党大人物保守党政治活动会议(CPAC)上,Carson医生成为重要的致辞者。他在宴会致辞时,以一个儿科专家的温和音调,将党派攻击呈现出来(例如,奥巴马医改是“显著的”政府权力滥用)(Carson最喜欢用的轻蔑语是称对手为“傻瓜”)。CPAC吸引了爱好自由的年轻群体:他们认为学生是开拓者,宣传册上写着“怎么样与老师辩论(而且是胜利!)”。Carson的持者们还在为民调中他取得第三位好成绩而兴奋,仅次于Rand Paul议员和Ted Cruz,击败了重量级选手Marco Rubio议员,Chris Christie州长和Paul Ryan代表。这是有启迪性的一刻,但不是因为Carson医生能入主白宫。甚至,很明确的是,他将不会赢得总统提名。因为谈论了共和党人的事情,他的威望提升才变得有趣。Republicans have flirted before with self-made men from outside politics. Remember Herman Cain, the pizza tycoon whose folksy manner and populist tax plans propelled him to giddy heights in 2011, before sex scandals dragged him down and out of the presidential primaries? Dr Carson is no Herman Cain. Before the 2012 election Republican activists looked at a string of odd-bods and firebrands, casting about for someone, anyone, who thrilled them more than their eventual nominee, Mitt Romney.共和党人层和政坛外部的成功人士接触过。还记得Herman Cain,披萨巨头,行事随和,计划推行平民税收促使他在2011年排名让人眼前一亮,后来性丑闻将他从竞选圈内排除。Carson医生不是Herman。2012年的选举之前,共和党活动者们聚焦了一串“临时工”和“煽动者”,寻找一些人,任何人,能让他们比推出最终提名者Mitt Romney更兴奋。This time Republicans seem more sober-minded. A bit unexpectedly, their current mood takesLexingtonback to early 2004, and to (cold, snowy) memories of coveringNew Hampshire’s Democratic presidential primary. Back then it was fractious Democrats who were united by their loathing of the sitting president—seeing George W. Bush as not just wrong-headed but un-American and dangerous. Yet even as Democrats told themselves that they representedAmerica’s true values, they were troubled by doubts about their ability to win overall majorities in a country that was stubbornly hostile to their arguments.这次共和党人看起来意识更加清醒。有点出乎意料的是,他们现在的心境将莱克星顿专栏带回2004年初,(冰冷,大雪)那时是New Hampshire的民主党总统预选。那时是不好对付的民主党人联合起来反对在位总统——因为小布什当时不仅仅是错误领导国家而且是反美国式、危险的领导。虽然当时民主党人自称他们代表美国的真正价值,但他们因质疑自身能力而陷入麻烦,质疑他们无法取得全国大多数选票以至于遭到的顽强抨击。Their first response was to blame their opponents and the media for sowing division and fear (just as Republicans do today). Their second response was to fret about their bench of White House contenders—a line-up of lightweights, shrill partisans and ponderous elder statesmen.他们第一个回应就是指责对手和媒体散布离间和恐怖(就像共和党人今天做的)。第二个回应就是为他们的白宫之主竞争者而烦恼——那是一排小人物,打游击的,沉闷的老去的政治家。Democrats sought a quick fix: candidates with sterling military records to reassure a nation at war. In the end that meant picking John Kerry, whose war service proved less helpful than hoped. But for a period, notably aroundNew Hampshire’s primary, wild hopes were pinned on Wesley Clark, a retired four-star general with no political experience.民主党人寻求了快速法:选一批有纯正军方背景的候选人让战时国家安心。最后选了John Kerry,但是他的战争经历没有像预期那样提供足够帮助。但有一段时间,尤其是对于New Hamshire预选,狂热的希望寄托在Wesley Clark的身上,他是一位没有政坛经历的退休四星上将。The myth of the heroic outsider圈外英雄传奇A decade on, Republicans seem equally unconvinced by their likely presidential contenders, and Dr Carson has the makings of a new Wesley Clark: a successful man, uny for the blowtorch scrutiny of politics. Some of his views might startle his party: for example, he favours stiff tariffs on manufactured imports. And he is aly proving thin-skinned. At CPAC, he accused the press of distorting what he had meant when he called Obamacare the worst thing to happen in America “since slavery”, or when he seemed to equate gay-marriage advocates with child-molesters.十年的时间,共和党人看起来同样不信他们可能的总统竞争者,而且Carson医生由成为新Wesley Clark的潜质:一个成功的人,还没准备好迎接政治喷灯式审查。他的一些观点可能让党派眼前一亮:例如他在制造业进口方面秦翔宇固定关税政策。而且他已经被实脸皮很薄。在CPAC,当他说奥巴马医改是从奴隶制度后发生在美国最糟糕的事,指责新闻界扭曲他的意思,或是当他将同性婚姻和猥亵儿童等同起来。Republicans are bullish about November’s mid-term elections, when turnouts are usually low and the electorate skews whiter, older and more conservative. However, the more thoughtful know that the race for the White House in 2016 will be far harder. Swelling ranks of non-white and younger voters have never enjoyed the American dream of rising living standards. Their pessimism poses a test for Republicans whose creed is that hard work leads to success, if government will only get out of the way. Alas, too many conservatives—like Democrats in 2004—are too blinded by dislike of the president to grasp the limits of their own popularity. Hence their desire for quick fixes, as represented by folk like Dr Carson. But quick fixes seldom work.工很当人对于11月中期选举斗志昂扬,选区里有更多白人、老人、保守派时,结果同城都会很不乐观。然而,对于2016年白宫选举考虑得越多、越全面,事情就会更困难。非白人、更年轻化的阶级膨胀起来,他们从未享受到提高生活标准的美国梦。他们的悲观主义会是共和党人的一道测试,因为他们宣扬如果政府不干预,努力工作就能通向成功。哎!更多的保守派——像2004年的民主党人——被总统的反感蒙蔽了双眼,控制他们持者的底线。因此他们更喜欢快刀斩乱麻,如同Carson医生这样的代表。但是欲速则不达。译者:彭威译文属译生译世 /201602/425394花桥镇医院男科

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昆山市治疗尿道炎哪家医院最好的I like the show I like her whole a lot,But man last time she was on the show我很喜欢那个节目 我也很喜欢她本人 但是 老天 上次她来这里的时候she complained about every thing,I hope its better today她抱怨一切事情 我希望今天情况会好些I am prepared but she really just complain complain complain我可是有所准备的 但她真的就是只抱怨 抱怨 再抱怨And he has not left the building,JUSTIN BIBER is here.You will see him later.Talented而且 他也没有离开大楼 JUSTIN BIBER还在这里 你们待会儿会见到他 十分有才Also I had an idea that I thought,would made me millions millions I tell you还有曾经有个想法 我认为 可以让我赚上百万 百万啊 And apparently someone else has that same idea.he is 8 years old.Were gonna talk to them when we come back很显然 还有人有跟我一样的创意 他只有8岁 等下我们会采访他们We will be right back with the kid that has the same idea.We will be back回来之后 我们将会见到跟我有一样创意的孩子 马上回来Do you want a business partner?Emm,Cause I can go in with you你想不想找一个生意伙伴 嗯 因为我可以和你合作like we can make make a lot of money,A lot of money,Keep laughing,Hahahaha!我们就可以大捞一笔 赚很多钱哦 一直笑 哈哈哈哈And then cry,now cry now cry,Noooo!next ellen然后哭 现在哭 现在哭 不——下一期 EllenI was shocked and I had no idea.the one interview with Portia.de.我很震惊 我完全没有想到 RossiPortia.de.Rossi的独家专访Its time for the conclusion of Ellens Legal Corner现在是ellen法制角的总结时间Last week I had a million-dollar idea.It was called Silly Clipsz上周我想出了一个金点子 名字叫Silly ClipszI just thought,You know, they have silly bandz and,I thought why we dont I do silly clips我只是想 他们有silly bandz 我就想我为什么不卖silly clips的呢then I found out that an 8 year-old,claimed to have the same one from Florida,Please welcome defendant Ethan Fisher然后我发现了一个八岁男孩 来自加州声 他称和我的想法不谋而合 让我们欢迎被告Ethan Fisher /201603/432256 The NHS国民健康保险制度Health reform in a cold climate遇冷的医改The governments reforms to the NHS are viewed as its biggest failure. They are better than that政府医改被指其最大败笔。“盛名”之下其实难副“WITH the Conservatives there will be no more of the tiresome, meddlesome, top-down restructures that have dominated the last decade of the NHS.” So said David Cameron in , and many were convinced. Voters made Mr Cameron prime minister in2010 inpart because the Conservative Party cut into Labours lead on health care, which it had enjoyed almost since it founded the NHS in 1948. The Tories quickly squandered their advantage. But their legacy will be better than they seem to believe.“有了保守党,NHS(National Health Service 英国国民健康保险制度)近十年主要的恼人、好事、专制的医疗结构会一扫而光”,这是英国首相卡梅伦在年说过的话,且广受信。2010年,选民把戴维·卡梅伦选为首相,有部分原因是因为保守党插手了工党主导的医疗保健项目,这个项目几乎自从1948年设立了NHS就赞誉颇多。然而保守党很快就把优势糟蹋一空。但“遗产”比他们大部分人认为的要丰厚。In spite of his promise, Mr Camerons Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition government embarked on reforms that would reshape the NHS from the top down. The immense Health and Social Care Act of 2012 increased competition, gave the service greater autonomy and put more decisions about the purchase of care in the hands of local doctors, known inBritainas general practitioners, or GPs. The changes were so big that they could be seen from space, quipped Sir David Nicholson, the departing head of the NHS.即便是承诺在前,卡梅伦领导的保守党和自由民主党联合政府着意的改革仍将自上而下的改造NHS。2012年,声势浩大的医疗社会保障法案使竞争更加激烈,给医疗务业更大的自主权,以及把决定医疗开销的权利交由本地医生掌握,这类医生在英国被称为全科医生,简称全医。NHS前主管戴维·尼克尔森爵士曾调侃,这么大的变革,在太空都能看到。The government soon came to wish they would disappear. The reforms were never popular with a bemused public. Doctors groups argued they would lead to a more fragmented and privatised system. Others worried that GPs would be incapable of commissioning care. Ed Miliband, Labours leader, dubbed the reforms Mr Camerons “poll tax”, a reference to the policy that helped fell Margaret Thatcher. In this case it was Andrew Lansley, the health secretary, who fell. Less than six months after his reforms were passed, Mr Lansley was replaced by Jeremy Hunt, who talks about them as little as possible.很快,政府就希望这些变革能尽快消失。迷惑的民众并不欢迎这些改革。医生群体称,这个权利会让他们最终导致一个更加零碎化、私有化的医疗系统。还有人担心,全科医生并没有能力被委任护理。工党领袖埃德·米利班德把这些改革戏称为卡梅伦的“人头税”,一个曾经让撒切尔夫人下台的参考政策。而现在,下台的是卫生部长安德鲁·兰斯。兰斯的改革通过不到六个月内,他就被杰里米·亨特代替了,而后者几乎对改革只字不谈。The health reforms were supposed to make the NHS more independent. Yet Mr Hunt now styles himself a patients champion—he is known to ring hospitals to ask about waiting times. This is a concession to reality: politicians will always be held accountable for the performance of the NHS. Still, the frantic smothering of the reforms conceals something useful. A policy that has caused the government so much embarrassment is quietly bearing fruit.医疗改革旨在让NHS更加独立。然而杰里米·亨特现在自比为病人的胜利,因为大家都知道他常常打电话给医院询问等待时间。这是承认现实:政客永远要为NHS的表现负责。但是,改革密不透风的大动干戈掩盖了一些有用的东西。一个让政府非常窘迫的政策正静悄悄地开花结果。Let 211 flowers bloom让211之花盛开The biggest change was the creation of 211 Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), which placed about 60% of the NHS budget in the hands of local doctors and health workers. They became responsible for procuring hospital care, mental-health services and the like. Navigating a muddled system, the cannier ones have figured out ways to realign the incentives of hospitals, which are often paid per procedure, with those of GPs, who aim to keep people healthy and at home.最大的改变是211临床调试组(CCGs)这一创举,收纳了本地医生和医务人员手中60%的NHS预算。调试组负责采购医院护理、心理健康护理之类的物品。游走在混乱的医疗系统中,头脑灵活的人已经想出办法调整对医院的刺激,这些在每次采购中都会被全科医生偿付,他们旨在使病人保持健康,觉得自在。The commissioning group in Bedfordshire, for example, has bundled some 20 contracts for musculoskeletal care (treatment for things like weak knees and cracked hips) into one five-year contract that was won by Circle, a commercial health group. Far from fragmenting the system, as critics had feared, this has made Circle responsible for integrating the services of local providers. Patients will be told which are doing best. Circle and its partners must achieve an agreed set of outcomes to receive some of their pay. Paolo Pieri, Circles chief financial officer, expects the deal will not only improve care but save Bedfordshire some £30m(m).例如英格兰南部贝德福德郡的调试组,已把20余份关于肌肉骨骼保健(面向脆弱的髌骨和股骨骨折之类的治疗)的合同与一份五年期的合同相捆绑,这份合同被商业医疗集团Circle中标。批评家们曾经担心的医疗系统会分崩离析的问题使Circle必须负责,这能使Circle为本地供应商的集成务负责。病人将会被告知哪个做的最好。Circle及其合伙人必须就后果及分利达成共识。Circle的CFO(首席财政官)保罗·皮耶里希望,这笔交易不仅仅能够改善卫生保健,还能为贝德福德郡留下约3000万英镑(约合5000万美元)的结余。Not all commissioning groups are as bold. But perhaps a quarter are considering contracts like the one in Bedfordshire, reckons Mr Pieri. Diane Bell, a doctor there, says more than 40 CCGs have contacted her group. “Every CCG I look at is doing brave and innovative work,” says Shane Gordon, who heads one inEssex.并非所有调试组都能这般大胆无畏。皮耶里推测,约有四分之一的调试组正考虑像贝德福德郡那个一样签订合同。贝德福德郡的一位医生戴安娜·贝尔说,有超过40家临床调试组与她的团队签订了合同。肖恩·戈登在埃塞克斯郡领导一个调试组,他说“每个临床调试组在我看来都在从事勇敢无谓、富于创新的工作”。The Labour Party—which launched a series of NHS reforms during its 13 years in power—says this sort of innovation was on the way anyway, and may have been delayed. Thanks to the giant restructuring of the NHS “we lost two or three years”, says Andy Burnham, the shadow health secretary. He also criticises a regulatory regime that leaves many providers confused. Fair enough. But the reforms replaced bureaucrats with clinicians, which seems to have encouraged creative thinking. Dr Bell was warned by an old hand that outcomes-based contracting would stir up a fight in her group. When she suggested it, though, the other GPs quickly bought in.工党在其执政的13年间,曾颁布了一系列NHS改革,它称这类改革创新不管怎么说都已经在半路上了,还有可能推迟。影子卫生部长安迪·翰讽刺,幸亏这次NHS巨大的改革让我们“浪费两三年”。他还批评监管制度让许多供应商迷惑不解。虽有道理,但是改革用临床医生代替了官僚分子,似乎还鼓励了创造性思维。贝尔医生曾被这行老手告诫这个以结果为基础的契约签订可能引起团队内讧。尽管当她提到了这个,全科医生还是被迅速引入了。If Labour wins the next election, Mr Miliband might ground CCGs just as they are taking flight. Although he has no plans to restructure the NHS yet again, his laudable aim of integrating health and social care, which currently falls outside the NHSs remit, would probably shift responsibility to a different local body. Mr Burnham would also clip the wings of reformers by giving NHS providers a built-in advantage in the competition for contracts.下届大选如果工党获胜,米利班德可能搁置临床调试组,正如现在他们才刚刚起航。即使他没有再次重组NHS的计划,他值得赞赏的集成医疗社会保障计划目前还处于NHS的推迟项目,很可能把责任转移到一个不同的地方机构。翰也会通过给予NHS供应商先天优势的方式,限制改革者在签订合同方面的竞争。But the biggest threat to CCGs and what some of them are doing to improve services is not politics but whether they can move fast enough to keep in front of a funding squeeze, says Thomas Cawston of Reform, a think-tank. Though the NHS has been protected from the worst of austerity, it could fall short by £30 billion by 2020—the result of rising demand from a growing elderly population. Sir David warns that without more cash, the service could tip into the red next year.智囊团Thomas Cawston of Reform称,对于临床实验组最大的威胁,以及其中部分改善务所作的努力不是来自政治方面,而是他们是否可以发展的足够快是实验组一直保持在资金压力前面。尽管NHS被最糟糕的财政紧缩保护,但其资金到2020年还不到300亿英镑,这是不断增长的老龄人口日益增长的需求带来的结果。戴维·尼克尔森爵士警告道,没有更多的钱,这项务明年就会陷入危机。As money runs short, the real test will arrive. It could be an opportunity for health reformers. Or bureaucrats could panic and revert to old ways. Whatever happens, the next government will not be able to duck the issue.随着资金短缺,真正的考验即将来临。这对医改人士而言是一次机遇。那些官僚却可能会陷入恐慌,且想要回归老路。无论发生什么,下届政府都无法回避这一问题。译者 周雨晴 校对 邵夏沁译文属译生译世 /201509/401375昆山做微管无痛人流多长时间昆山专业治疗男科医院



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