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鹰潭信江新区药流哪家医院最好的余江县药流多少钱鹰潭妇科哪家医院好 Bill Gates says raising chickens could help improve the lives of people living in extreme poverty throughout the world.比尔·盖茨称养鸡可以改善世界各地极端贫困人民的生活。Thats why the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is working to create a sustainable market system for poultry in sub-Saharan Africa, where the U.N. says 41 percent of people live in extreme poverty.这就是比尔和梅林达盖茨基金会致力于在撒哈拉以南非洲建立可持续家禽市场体系的原因,联合国称那里百分之41的人民生活极度贫困。In a blog post on the foundations website, Gates explains four reasons why he thinks chickens are the best solution.在基金会网站上的一篇客文章中,盖茨用四个理由解释为什么养鸡是最好的解决办法。For one, chicken arent picky eaters, so theyre pretty cheap to feed.其一,鸡不挑食,喂养起来相当便宜。Theyre also profitable. In West Africa, chickens sell for each, and assuming you have a way to fertilize the eggs, a flock of five can turn into a flock of 40 in three weeks. Keep in mind, Gates plan is aimed at people living on a day.同样它们是有利润的。在西非,鸡的售价为5美元,假如你有办法让蛋受精,三个星期五只一群可以变成四十只一群。记住,盖茨的计划是针对每日靠2美元生活的人。Their eggs are also a good source of protein and other nutrients if you decide to eat them instead of sell them.如果你打算吃而不是出售,同样这些鸡蛋是蛋白质和其他营养物的很好来源。And they empower women. Raising chickens not only allows women to stay close to home but also builds up some economic power.而且这赋予妇女权力。养鸡不仅可以让妇女呆在家里附近,而且还可以建立一些经济力量。The foundation says 5 percent of rural families in sub-Saharan Africa raise good breeds of vaccinated chickens. 基金会称,百分之五的撒哈拉以南非洲地区的农村家庭饲养接受疫苗的好品种鸡。The plan does have some naysayers. One B reporter is concerned that increasing the chicken supply will only decrease demand along with their sale price, but he says that doesnt mean it isnt worth a shot.该计划也有一些反对者。英国广播公司的一名记者担心,增加鸡的供应只会减少需求以及销售价格,但他表示这并不意味着这不值得一试。译文属。201607/456181And for just what exactly had Becket laid down some would say thrown away his life?而对于贝克特被杀害的原因 有人表示 算了吧 他这种人Some fantastic notion, aly out of date,that the church could lay down the law to the state?自认为教会凌驾于法律之上 这种天真的想法早就过时了All our modern instincts seem to say, Oh, come on!Look at Henry and you find reality.我们现在回头看也许会说 得了吧 看看亨利 他带来的才是现实the guardian of the common law, the engineer of government,;the smasher of anarchy.;And youd be quite wrong.《普通法》的守护者 国家的引路人 ;混乱的终结者; 那你可就大错特错Becket, headstrong, infuriating, over the top,theatrical Becket, made a huge difference.贝克特顽冥不化 令人愤怒 夸大其词 但正是他 带来了戏剧性的巨大改变His view of the church lasted.The Angevin Empire did not.他对教会的主张延续了下去 比安茹王朝更长命百岁The actual murderers got off pretty lightly,hiding out in Yorkshire, excommunicated,told to go on crusade.真正的凶手们只受到从轻发落 犯人被逐出教会 躲藏在约克郡 之后受令参加了十字军东征But the real judgement, Henry reserved for himself and the verdict was guilty as charged.但亨利将真正的审判留给了自己 并被判为有罪In 1174, he made a pilgrimage to Canterbury,where Beckets blood was said to work miracles.1174年 他前往坎特伯雷朝圣 在那儿 传说贝克特的鲜血能行奇迹Over the last miles, Henry walked barefoot in a hair shirt,as Becket had done four years earlier.距离教堂最后几英里时 亨利穿着刚毛衬衣光脚步行 就像四年前的贝克特那样At the tomb, he confessed his sins and was whipped by the monks.在贝克特的墓前 他供认了他的罪行 并接受了教士的鞭打However tough his punishment, though,the blood would never wash away.尽管他遭受了严厉的处罚 但依然无法洗刷他的血债Henry, the hero of the common law, will always be remembered as the biggest of Englands crowned criminals.The murderer in the cathedral.亨利二世 《普通法》的典范 将会永远被刻上英格兰最大国王罪犯的烙印 大教堂里的刽子手 /201609/468151贵溪市做产检价格

鹰潭希正妇科医院好不好贵溪市人民中医院四维彩超多少钱 What is the worst auditioning experience you have ever had?你有过的最糟糕的一次试镜是什么样的There are so many. A Rolodex of bad auditions going through your mind. No. Im flashing back on the way.那可太多了。一大堆的糟糕的试镜经历涌进了你的脑海。我在回想呢Um, the really worst one was when I had just had my first child. He is now nearly 12.最糟糕的的一次是,我刚生完第一个孩子。他现在差不多12岁It was a long time ago but still very present in my mind.那是很多年前发生的事了,但是现在还十分清晰地存在我脑海里You are slightly mad when you just had a baby. I am anyway.人刚有第一个孩子的时候多多少少会有些易怒。反正我是这样的Yes. Youre not alone in that. Ive been through that.没错。在这件事情上你不是一个人。我就正在经历这个过程I was bonkers. Like any mother going back to work, I was very nervous thinking they would be freaking out.我那段时期很容易生气。就像那些刚生完孩子准备回去工作的妈妈们一样,我很紧张,担心他们会被我吓到I was to play a femme fatale in a Brian DePalma movie. And I had to be very sexy as a fatale.我要在布莱恩·德·帕尔玛的一部电影中扮演一个,剧里我必须演得性感火辣I thought I cant do this because I just had a baby. Oh, god. But I had better just do it.我想说不行因为我才刚生完孩子。哦,天啊,但我不得不照做You know I squeezed myself into my jeans. I put on too much makeup.我把自己塞进牛仔裤里。化了很浓的妆。I was driving to the audition and I was about saying that I had just had a baby and I wasnt right for a fatale.开车去试镜,我开车的时候一直在想,我才生完孩子,根本演不了。And they would gonna know I just had a baby. How could I be sexy? Anyway I got in there.他们肯定能看出来我刚生完孩子的,我怎么会性感呢?最后我还是去了There was Josh Hartnet and Brian DePalma. They were both really nice.乔什·哈奈特和布赖恩·德·帕尔马也在那。他们很热情Sure enough, one of them said hey, you just had a baby. I said yes. They said so how old is your baby?果然不出所料,一个人问我,你刚生完宝宝。我说是的。他们又问你的宝宝几岁了And I did the weirdest thing. I lied. I lied! Two weeks, which was so—然后我干了件蠢事。我撒谎了,我把时间说小了。两周,这真是——That makes all the difference. That makes all the difference. What...what did you say?就是从这里开始的吧,从这里开始。那你怎么回答的?He was 12 weeks old and in that split second in my mind I made the decision to say 10 weeks.他实际上有12周了,但在那一瞬间我突然决定说成10周Because I thought maybe they would think wow, she has bounced back quickly.因为我想也许大家会觉得,哇,她身材恢复得真快You should have said yesterday. I had it yesterday. Thats how much I want this part. She came to do the film and should be slim figure.那你应该说你昨天刚生完。就说我昨天生的。我觉得你应该这么说。她来试镜,身材应该很好So anyway, sure enough, they said不管这些,反正他们说,gosh, you look great and then one of them, I think is it was Josh Hartnet, he said when is his birthday? Oh, god.天呐,你恢复的可真快。然后有一个人,应该是乔什·哈奈特,他问,那宝宝的生日是哪天啊。额And then I started... I should just say it cause they would not work it out.那会儿,我应该说的,反正他们也不知道I started doing math in my head and I was like—So it was silent for ages. Yes.我脑子里面开始飞快计算然后我——现场安静地好像过了好几年一样Yes. I was thinking his birthday is September 26. So two weeks. I was trying to add on two weeks.我在想他的生日是在9月26号。两周,那应该再往上加两周I was should I take it off? I cant remember. Anyway, it was a longest time finally.我甚至想要不要就说穿算了。我记不清了。反正,我感觉那一刻很长It if he would felt like minutes. It was probably just seconds.我感觉好像已经过了几分钟一样。但实际上可能只有几秒钟I went somewhere near the beginning of October. Wow. Wow. So you really—最后我说了一个10月初的日期。哇,哇,你真的——Everyone in the room including myself want to leave. We all knew that I was mad.房间里的每个人包括我自己都想我快点走。大家都知道我有点生气了You either look mad or like a terrible mother.你要不就是看起来生气了要不就是个差劲的母亲201706/513921鹰潭市人民医院网上预约电话

鹰潭那家做人流好I went to the beach and looked out at that sea,我跑去了海边,看着那个海,and I thought Im going to swim until I havent got the energy to swim back.我想我要游泳,直到我没有体力游回来为止I was so low. I was shouting at the kids, getting angry with my wife.我情绪低落,对孩子大喊大叫,对我的妻子生气。I begged her to leave me. I felt alone, helpless.我求她离开我,我感到孤独、无奈。You see, I was taught that soldiers dont discuss feelings.你知道,士兵被教导不要聊个人感受。So I walked into the waves.我走进海浪里,I can still feel the water around my feet,还能感受脚下的海水。and suddenly I had this vision of my girls.突然我的女儿出现在我的眼前。They saved me. I stopped, walked home and got help.他们救了我,我停了下来,走回家,去获得帮助。201611/480323 鹰潭龙虎山风景区做体检多少钱鹰潭做人流有效医院



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