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鹰潭希正妇科医院产检怎么样好不好鹰潭不孕不育哪里好反法西斯抗战70周年:抗日战争术语盘点 -- :58:55 来源: 随着9月3日“中国人民抗日战争胜利纪念日”的到来,英语翻译圈掀起了一场学习抗日战争术语的热潮小编根据中央编译局最新发布的抗日词汇翻译,特地分类整理了抗日战争期间的重大事件、战役、战术等相关表达,总结了下规律,以便大家学习记忆  事变:Incident  重大事件,像“……事变”,英文多用Incident表示,如:  九一八事变  September 18th Incident  七七事变(卢沟桥事变)  July 7th Incident (Lugou Bridge Incident)  会战:Battle of...  “……会战”,这类术语用Battle of...或者Campaign表示, 另外,“大捷”也用battle of...,如:  淞沪会战:Battle of Shanghai  武汉会战:Battle of Wuhan  百团大战:Hundred-Regiment Campaign  平型关大捷  Battle of Pingxingguan; victory atPingxingguan  台儿庄大捷  Battle of Tai’ erzhuang; victory at Tai’erzhuang  战术:warfare  表示战术的,像“持久战、游击战”等,使用warfare,如:  持久战:protracted war  游击战:guerrilla warfare  运动战:mobile warfare  地道战:tunnel warfare  地雷战:landmine warfare  细菌战:germ warfare  化学战:chemical warfare  “……区”:area  “解放区”、“游击区”这类,则用area,很简单啦,如:  解放区:liberated area  游击区:guerrilla area  敌占区(沦陷区)  enemy-occupied area; occupied area  “三光”政策:policy  “三光”政策,即烧光、杀光、抢光  翻译为:”Three Alls”policy (kill all, burn all, loot all)  扫荡、蚕食,清乡:operation  抗日战争中,日军对中国实施了扫荡、蚕食,清乡政策,这三个表达均为...operation,具体表达如下:  “扫荡”:“mopping-up”operation  “蚕食”:“gnawing-away”operation  “清乡”:“pacification” operation江西省鹰潭市人民医院做人流 请注意:岛国有英语吸血鬼出没~ -- 18:55:9 来源:chinadaily Living in Japan, you pick up new terminology. example, one common buzzword is “Gaijin Hunter” and traditionally it has been used to describe a Japanese guy or girl (let’s be honest, it’s mostly girls) who specifically seek out eigners relationships. 生活在日本,你会学到新术语例如,一个普通的流行词“外国人猎人”,这个词习惯上用于描述一个只找外国人谈恋爱的日本男孩或女孩(老实说,多数是女孩) Gaijin hunters are regularly considered to be shallow by the expat commy, since they only seek eigners as companions in order to show off, rarely caring about the individual in question. 外籍人士通常认为“外国人猎人”很肤浅,因为他们找外国人当伴侣只是为了炫耀,很少考虑对方,关心对方的个人问题 Another phenomenon we’ve dubbed the “English vampire” is someone who specifically seek out eigners impromptu English practice. Expats in Japan, particularly ones who’ve been here many years and speak Japanese fluently (aka Secret Ninjas!) experience frustration when a random Japanese person comes up to them out of the blue and starts speaking broken, elementary-school level English at them and not with them. 另一个现象,我们称之为“英语吸血鬼”,这指的是那些专门找外国人进行即兴英语练习的人日本的外籍人士,特别是那些在日本生活了很多年而且能说流利日语的人(又叫做秘密忍者!),对他们来说,当一个陌生的日本人突然靠近,开始用小学水平的蹩脚英语暗讽他们却不跟他们谈话的时候,他们会非常挫败 Yuta asks interviewees what they think of Japanese people who specifically pursue only eigners dating. At first, the interviewees state that they “think it’s fine” but once Yuta points out that the term has negative connotations, the interviewees follow up by deciding that it’s not good to ignore a person’s individual characteristics in favor of pursuing an ulterior motive. 佑太询问被采访者,他们如何看待那些只和外国人约会的日本人起初,被采访者表示他们“认为这是好事”,然而,当佑太指出这个术语有贬义的时候,他们接着就说,为了不可告人的目的而忽视一个人的个性特征不太好 Yuta then asks what they think about Japanese people speaking English to all eigners and why this may not always be a good thing. Some of the interviewees don’t quite seem to understand what Yuta is getting at. 然后佑太又问,他们如何看待日本人和所有的外国人讲英语这件事,以及为什么这可能不总是一件好事然而,一些被采访者似乎不太明白佑太的意思 Many people in Japan have trouble seeing situations from the point of view of eigners. And, to be fair, I would assume that common sense should dictate that using people, “othering” them, and pushing your own agenda at their expense really shouldn’t be tolerated. 在日本的许多人很难从外国人的角度看待问题但平心而论,我认为利用人、“他者化”别人、损人利己这些事真的不应该容忍,这是常识美国3岁萌娃在家里练习遇击案如何自救 妈妈看完崩溃了 --5 :57: 来源: 一个萌萌哒萝莉,站在马桶上,一手撑墙,一手捂胸Pose看上去虽然有点怪,但还是很可爱可当知道她这么做的原因时,她的妈妈崩溃了…… When Stacey Wehrman Feeley snapped this photo of her three-year-old standing on the toilet, she thought her daughter was being funny, and wanted to share it with her husband. But when she discovered that this was part of a lockdown drill the young girl had learned at preschool, in the event that she be trapped in a bathroom during a school shooting, she took to Facebook to express her frustration.史黛丝.菲利觉得三岁女儿的这个动作很有趣,就用手机拍下了这张照片准备分享给丈夫,不过,当她知道这是女儿在幼儿园学的自救动作——当学校发生击案她被困在卫生间时该如何应对,她感到非常震惊——于是菲利把这张照片发到了脸书上“Politicians - take a look,” Wehrman Feely wrote in the post. “This is your child, your children, your grandchildren, your great grand children and future generations to come. They will live their lives and grow up in this world based on your decisions. They are barely 3 and they will hide in bathroom stalls standing on top of toilet seats. I do not know what will be harder them? Trying to remain quiet an extended amount of time or trying to keep their balance without letting a foot slip below the stall door?”她是这样写的:“政客们,请看看你的孩子,孩子的孩子,未来的子子孙孙都将这样长大他们在怎样的世界里长大,取决于你的决定他们才3岁,就必须学会躲在厕所,站在马桶上自救我不知道,这个世界还能坏成什么样你们可以继续保持沉默,而他们也不得不在马桶上平衡更久,不让脚露出隔板门”She then goes on to question gun control laws in the ed States.菲利之后继续质疑美国的控法案“Why on earth are there not universal background checks? Where is a universal registration database? Why are high capacity magazines ever permitted to be sold to anyone other than direct to the military?”“为什么一直没有统一的背景调查?通用的注册数据库在哪里?为什么高容量弹匣不直接出售给军队,而被允许卖给任何人?”She calls out to politicians, entrepreneurs, innovators, incubators and investors asking how she can help.她呼吁政治家、企业家、发明家、孵化器、投资家们一起来重视此事“Banning together, signing petitions, rallying to get your voice heard is good, but is it actually doing anything or just making us feel better about the current situation? We need action,” she says.“联合反对,签署请愿书,发出自己的声音是对的,但这能起什么作用吗,或者只是让我们对现状感到一点安慰?我们需要的是行动”While Wehrman Feely is the first to state her personal limitations with regards to gun control, she hopes that this image will serve as a wakeup call anyone who sees it and promote some sort of action or change.菲利是第一个从个人局限性方面持控法案的人她希望用这张照片来为人们敲一个警钟,并促成一些行动或者变化“I am not pretending to have all the answers or even a shred of them, but unless you want your children standing on top of a toilet, we need to do something!”“我不是说这样就完全没有犯罪,哪怕只是减少一点,但除非你希望你的孩子也站在马桶上,我们需要做点什么!”At the time of publication, the Facebook post had been shared more than 3,300 times, with comments of support pouring in.截至发稿时,这篇文已被转发3300多次,大量的都持菲利“This is both heartbreaking and frightening,” writes one commenter.一人留言说,“这令人心碎,又让人害怕”“There were 3 other shootings in and around our country the same day Orlando took place. Those, I guess, we’re just normal - not really news. What have we become?” asked another.另一人说,“在奥兰多发生大规模击案那天,美国各地同时发生了另外3起案我猜,这些都是家常便饭了,称不上什么新闻社会成了样子?”鹰潭妇科检查需要多少钱

鹰潭余江县流产多少钱卡梅伦带习近平“泡吧”吃炸鱼薯条 --3 :9: 来源: Chinese President Xi Jinping headed a traditional British pub on Thursday, during his state visit, indulging in a beer and a portion of traditional fish and chips with Prime Minister David Cameron.中国国家主席习近平在英国进行国事访问期间,于当地时间日(星期三)与英国首相卡梅伦共赴当地一家传统酒吧,点了一杯啤酒,外加一份英国传统小吃炸鱼薯条The two world leaders, in suits but tieless, could be seen awkwardly sipping their ales at The Plough, an establishment close to the British prime minister's residence of Chequers northwest of London.这家名为The Plough的酒吧位于伦敦西北部,在英国首相所居住的契克斯庄园附近两位领导人都穿着西装但没有打领带,有点拘谨地一起喝啤酒"I dropped into The Plough at Cadsden a pint of IPA and some fish and chips with China's President Xi," Cameron tweeted afterwards, along with a picture of him talking to Xi in which hunting guns could be seen hanging on the bare-brick wall behind them.卡梅伦随后在Twitter上发布消息,“我与习主席在The Plough酒吧点了一扎印度麦啤和一些炸鱼薯条”从他发布的照片上我们能清楚地看到两人身后砖墙上挂着的猎The pub's landlord Steve Hollings told AFP that Cameron and Xi had chatted around three-quarters of an hour and had been "extremely friendly".酒吧的店主史蒂夫·霍林斯告诉法新社记者,卡梅伦和习近平的小酌持续了约5分钟,而且两人表现得“极其亲密友好”They drank "traditional English bitter" and "traditional English fish and chips", he said proudly, adding: "I was highly delighted".他十分自豪地向记者介绍“他们喝的是传统的英式苦啤酒,吃的也是英国传统小吃炸鱼薯条,”并补充道:“我非常高兴”The pub traces its history back to the th century when it was a staging post London coaches.这家酒吧的历史可以追溯到十六世纪,当时它是伦敦长途马车的中转站Its website said the pub "is often host to some very famous patrons" and asks visitors to "remember, they are here the rest and relaxation too".酒吧的网站上写着“我们经常接待一些十分有名的人物”,并且它让顾客们“记住,他们也是来放松和休息的”The atmosphere proved a little too relaxing Cameron during a previous visit to the pub in with his wife Samantha when the couple left their eight-year-old daughter behind in the pub.事实明这家酒吧的气氛确实是太放松了,以至于卡梅伦和妻子萨曼莎年来这家酒吧的时候,把他们8岁的女儿落在酒吧里了The prime minister's office was ced to admit a couple of months after the incident that the Camerons only realised their child was not with them when they got home and picked her up minutes later.这件事发生数月之后,首相办公室不得不承认卡梅伦夫妇确实是在已经回到家之后才发现他们的女儿没有跟他们一起回来,并在分钟后回去接的女儿***文化小贴士***a pint of:一品脱一扎(啤酒)在英国口语里,pint可以直接指啤酒,如:Do you fancy a pint? (想喝一杯吗?)IPA:India Pale Ale,又称印度麦啤,或印度淡艾尔啤早在十九世纪,英国在全球殖民的鼎盛时期,为了让远在印度的大英帝国士兵喝到家乡的酒,英国酿酒公司用远洋货轮将啤酒“直供”印度但在此过程中,传统的桶装啤酒很容易腐坏变质于是有人想到用啤酒花作为天然防腐剂的酿酒方式,由此产生了一种味道和口感与传统麦芽啤酒有所区别的新品种啤酒,即今天的印度麦啤English bitter: 英式苦味啤酒苦啤酒味道中有强烈的苦涩,它的苦味来自较高的啤酒花含量,它也保了啤酒浓度,延长了在潮湿阴郁气候中的保质期浓郁的苦涩曾经是英国饭桌上的主流风味,今天的苦啤已经形成了一种饮酒风格English fish and chips: 鱼和油炸土豆条是英国民族传统的快餐食品它是在19世纪60年代流行起来的那时,铁路开始把新鲜的鱼一夜间直接从东海岸运到伦敦英国人在鱼上面裹上糊放在油里炸好,和炸土豆条一起吃人们把盐和醋的混合调料倒在炸鱼和土豆条上,用报纸包上,然后从纸包里拿着吃如今,人们经常用清洁的纸包装,并提供一个餐叉***英式“酒吧外交”***英国首相很喜欢在传统酒吧里招待客人,英国媒体干脆取了个名字“酒吧外交”除了习近平,以下外国领导人也被英国首相带去“泡过吧”:卡梅伦去年带法国总统奥朗德去了牛津郡(Oxdshire)的天鹅酒吧(The Swan Inn)两人依靠在实木的古老吧台上,喝着木桶纯麦芽(cask-ale),吃着罐头虾(potted shrimps)、虹鳟鱼(rainbow trout)聊天据说他们在酒吧里就两国合作项目达成了一致意见年,时任英国首相的布莱尔带着美国前总统小布什去了塞奇菲尔德(Sedgefield)的遁牛酒吧(The Dun Cow pub)两人喝的是不含酒精的淡啤(non-alcoholic lager),吃了炸鱼和薯条(fish and chips)、豌豆泥(mushy peas)00年,布莱尔请了法国前总统希拉克来到杜伦郡艾克利夫村的乡村餐馆(County Restaurant)据说后来希拉克跟德国前总理施罗德和俄罗斯总统普京嘲讽过英国食物,说:“食物那么难吃的国家不可信”(One cannot trust people whose cuisine is so bad.)***英国酒吧文化***中国人爱喝酒,地球人都知道然而,世界上最爱喝酒的国家却是——英国没错,气度不凡的英国绅士竟然比中国人和俄罗斯人更爱喝!英国人最爱去酒吧喝酒,街上的酒吧比比皆是,大英词典编纂者塞穆尔·约翰逊(Samuel Johnson)曾经这样赞美英国酒吧:There is nothing which has yet been contrived by man, by which so much happiness is produced as by a good tavern or inn.世间人类所创造的万物,哪一项比得上酒吧更能给人们带来无限的温馨和幸福酒吧在英国人生活中所扮演的角色,跟美国的咖啡馆、中国的茶馆一样,都是当地文化中不可缺少的一部分***Pub、Bar和Club***英国的酒吧从字面意义上来说分为pub、bar和club,但是用中文翻译过来都是一个意思:酒吧而它们在英国的真正含义,却是迥然不同的Pub在这些酒吧中,Pub是最大众,也是英国历史最悠久的酒吧类型Pub在英国大大小小地分布着八万多个,遍布英国的城市和乡村,成为英国的独特风景线这些Pub历史悠久、建筑颇具特色,名字也透露着古朴的英伦范儿,如美人鱼(The Mermaid)、红房子(The Red House)、森林古堡(Cattle in est)、快乐的水手(The Jolly Sailor)、迷人的港湾(Charming Port)等Pub是英伦乡村生活的真实写照,这里不仅提供给人们吃饭休闲,也是英国人交流聚会的场所,在英国人的生活中占据着颇为重要的地位Bar而Bar或许和中国的“酒吧”相似更多偏向于喝酒聊天,是年轻人比较喜欢的交流场所Bar一般气氛比较活跃热闹,装修也比Pub更现代化这些Bar主要分布在城市闹市区晚上是Bar的营业高峰期,尤其是有球赛的夜晚,几乎个个爆满英国人喜欢聚集在Bar看球赛,享受这种人潮涌动的气氛,也是英国颇具特色的足球文化ClubClub类似于“夜店”,开放时间更晚,可以跳舞,需购买门票,酒水价格更贵,族群也更为年轻所以在进入夜店之前先到酒吧喝几杯也成了很多人的惯例,又称之为pre-drink另外也有人会先去off-license的商店(只有贩酒执照,不能在里面饮酒的商店)买便宜的酒喝***常见酒水***英国的酒吧提供含酒精的饮料,也提供给女士不含酒精的饮料含酒精的饮料包括啤酒(beer)、果酒(cider)、雪利酒(cherry)、香槟酒(champagne)、葡萄酒(wine)、鸡尾酒(cocktail)、马丁尼鸡尾酒(martini cocktail)、苦艾酒(vermouth)及一些烈性酒(liquor or spirit),包括威士忌(whisky)、杜松子酒(gin)和白兰地(brandy)等不含酒精饮料包括各种果汁(fruit juice)、起泡酒(bubbling wine)、甜酒或玫瑰酒(sweet or rose)、可乐(cola)及矿泉水(mineral water)等苦黑啤(traditional English bitter)为英国酒吧中最传统,也最常见的酒,因为酒花的苦味而得名,带着红色或琥珀色,酒上面会浮着一层白色的沫,苦啤口感较干、酒劲较强,喝到最后会回甘,味道醇厚,以室温饮用最为常见,入口时会有苦味留于齿间卡梅伦在谈及自己的酒吧喜好时也曾称,“比起淡啤酒,我更喜欢苦啤酒”,而且什么都比不过他对看飞镖和喝吉尼斯黑啤酒的喜爱鹰潭人流术要多少钱 “严重不公”:大众区别对待英美车主 -- :: 来源: 据英国议员表示,由于“排放门”的缘故,大众向美国付了巨额赔偿金,但是却没能像对待美国人那样给与英国车主赔偿,这是“严重不公” UK owners can get affected diesel vehicles repaired but in the US they can also claim up to $,000 (7,00 pound).英国车主受影响的柴油车可以交由大众维修,但是在美国,受影响的车主们还能像大众最高索赔1万美元(约合700英镑)The Transport Select Committee also said the government had been too slow to investigate whether VW should be prosecuted in the UK the scandal.英国交通运输委员会也表示说,英国政府行动太慢,以致于不能查明大众是否应该因为“排放门”而在英国被起诉The government insisted it was pushing the firm "to ensure they take action".英国政府坚持说,他们正在给大众公司施加压力“以确保他们采取行动”Louise Ellman, the Labour MP who chairs the committee, said VW had "acted cynically" to cheat emissions tests.交通运输委员会主席、工党议员路易丝·埃尔曼表示说,大众“冷嘲热讽地”在排放测试上作了弊"Volkswagen’s evidence to us was just not credible but the government has lacked the will to hold VW able its actions," she said.埃尔曼说道:“大众提供给我们的据不足为信,但是政府缺少让大众为其所作所为负责的意愿”"There is a real danger that VW will be able to get away with cheating emissions tests in Europe if regulators do not act."“如果监管机构不采取行动的话,那就真正危险了大众将能够逃脱因其在欧洲排放测试作弊所应受的处罚”The German giant will offer to repair or buy back the affected diesel vehicles in the US and pay owners between ,000 and $,000 in compensation.这家德国汽车巨头将向美国车主提供维修或者回购受影响柴油车的务,同时还将付给美国车主5000到000美元的赔偿金But in the UK owners affected have only been offered the option of a repair.但是在英国,受影响车主只有接受维修这一个选项The select committee called on regulators to ensure owners were not left out of pocket by VW’s technical solution, which it said was developed as cheaply as possible.英国交通运输委员会呼吁监管机构采取行动,以确保英国车主受到大众技术解决方案(大众此前曾声称该方案要尽可能地保障低成本)的赔偿’Unacceptable actions’“难以接受的行动”Ms Ellman said: "Vehicle owners have been refused goodwill payments. That is despite VW inflicting a great deal of uncertainty on its own customers, along with the prospect of declining residual values and the inconvenience of having to undergo repairs."埃尔曼说道:“大众车主没有得到很好的商誉首先,大众给车主们带来了很大的不确定性其次,受影响的车辆剩余价值不断下降第三,后续的维修十分麻烦“A Department Transport (DfT) spokesman said it had taken VW’s "unacceptable actions extremely seriously", adding: "We continue to push VW to ensure they take action."运输部一名发言人表示,运输部“非常严肃地”对待大众“令人难以接受的行动”,补充说道:“我们继续向大众施加压力,从而保他们采取行动”Volkswagen said it had contacted all 0,000 UK owners affected by the issue and advised them to take their cars to their closest dealer.大众表示说,他们已经联系了英国受影响的全部万车主,并且建议他们将车辆带到最近的经销商处"Close to 50,000 vehicles in the UK have now received the technical measure, a number which will continue to increase as further vehicles’ technical measures are developed, rigorously tested and then approved by the relevant transport authorities," a VW spokesman said.大众一名发言人说道:“目前英国有近5万辆车已经接受了技术解决方案,等到进一步的汽车技术方案被开发出来后,这一数字还将继续增加新技术方案将经过严格测试,然后有有关运输局批准”The MPs also said that the DfT failed to seek stricter emissions limits in new tests that will include real-world driving.埃尔曼表示说,运输部没有在包括真实驾驶的新测试中采取更加严格的排放限制标准"We are concerned that manufacturers have far too great a say over how many type approval rems are implemented," Ms Ellman added.埃尔曼补充说道:“我们担心的是,制造商在其批准实施的改革类型上说了大话”The DfT spokesman said the Real Driving Emissions test being introduced next year was "robust and will make a real difference".运输部发言人表示说明年将引进真实驾驶排放测试,从而“真正地起到作用”VW admitted last September that 8,000 of its diesel vehicles in the US were fitted with defeat device software to switch engines to a cleaner mode while they were being tested.大众在去年9月份承认说,美国有8万00辆大众柴油车被安装了作弊软件,从而可以在排放测试时将迎娶切换到更加清洁环保的模式It said that almost 1. million vehicles in the UK were affected, but disputed whether the software constituted a defeat device in the European Union.据说英国有0万辆车受到影响,但是对这一软件是否在欧盟作弊仍然存在争议In May the company more than doubled its provisions the diesel emissions scandal to .bn euro (.6bn pound).今年5月,大众公司把柴油排放丑闻的赔偿金翻了一倍多,达到了亿欧元(约合6英镑)贵溪市妇幼保健医院有微创手术吗

鹰潭市看妇科医院瑜伽教练说:流汗只是脂肪在哭泣 -- :1: 来源: 一名瑜伽教练神级语录,每一句都是金句Release your shoulder blades down your back, point your ear tips to your toes, roll your biceps to the front of the room, and wash the insides of your body with your breath.释放你的肩胛骨,放松背部,将耳朵拉到脚趾处,把二头肌滚到房间的前面,用呼吸清洗体内Wersquo;re all just busy bodies, but your life will be what you want it to be with the eftless energy of this pose.我们都是忙着的身体,但通过毫不费力的姿势,你的生活会成为你所希望的样子Try not to collapse your pubic bone towards your face.尽量不要把耻骨撞到脸上Leave the world and enter the limbic system.离开这个世界,进入大脑边缘系统Draw the back of your neck towards your heels and smile inwardly.把脖子往后拉到脚后,展示内在地微笑Inhale through your nose, and sigh it out haaaaaaaaaaaa. Donrsquo;t be afraid to make noise, people!通过你的鼻子吸气,并大声地哈气出来人们,不要害怕制造噪音!OK, now exhale out all the crap thatrsquo;s bugging you. Sorry, that wasnrsquo;t a very yoga thing to say.OK,现在呼出所有让人烦恼的垃圾对不起,这样说太不瑜伽了Try not to think of negative shit.尽量不去想负面的屁事儿You have my permission to cry.你可以哭了Sweat is just your fat crying.流汗只是你的脂肪在哭泣Let me tell you a story: once there were two armies that met on a battlefield, and they froze time to talk about yoga.给你讲个故事:从前由两个军队在战场相见,然后他们停滞了时间,讨论起瑜伽来Thatrsquo;s OK ndash; itrsquo;s OK to fart ndash; a fart is your body letting go.没问题;;放屁没问题;;放屁只是你的身体在放松Sigh out everything from your day.从你一天的所有事情中退出来Sink into the earth, then sink lower.沉降到地球里,再往下沉Drop your head back and reach your heart to the sky. Keep reaching.往后仰头,用心触摸天空继续摸Pull your belly button towards your spine and grow three inches taller.把肚脐拉到脊柱,能长高三英寸Discover the place between comt and discomt, and live there.发现舒和不适之间的地带,然后生活在那儿Breathe into your left rib basket.呼吸到你的左侧肋骨里Follow the sound of the room with your skull root.用头骨根追随这个房间的声音If you canrsquo;t do any of this, feel free to stay in childrsquo;s pose until the end of class.如果你做不到,那么就保持儿童姿,直到这节课结束吧Press the soles of your feet together and let your knees drop down, then open your feet like you are ing the pages of a book, and now lean over like yoursquo;re hugging a ball. Not a baseball or a bowling ball. A beach ball.把脚底在一起,放松膝盖,然后打开你的脚就像你正在阅读一本书一样,现在俯身,就像你抱着一个球不是棒球或保龄球是一个沙滩球Raise your sitz bones to the ceiling.举起你的盆头到天花板Melt your heart closer to your knees.融化你的心脏,让它更接近你的膝盖Make your two legs into one strong leg.把两只腿变成一只大强腿Lift your entire leg to the ceiling, including your hamstring, your quads, your calves, your glutes and your core.把整条腿抬向天花板,包括你的腿筋,您的股四头肌,小腿,臀部和核心Think of your tailbone as an iron anchor sinking deep into the depths of the ocean, and find the heart of the ocean with the hearts of your heels.想象你的尾骨是一个铁锚,深深沉入海洋深处,并用脚跟的心找到海洋的心Flow as if yoursquo;re coming out of water in a James Bond movie.流动吧,正如你浮出自0电影的水面一样Slide your shoulder blades down your ribs, activate the laces of your feet, shine your inner thighs to the mat, feel the energy of your buttocks, and smile at your neighbor.滑动你的肩胛骨到肋骨处,激活你的脚的鞋带,用你的大腿内侧照亮垫子,感觉你臀部的能量,像你的邻居微笑Elope into the motion of standing.逃回到站立的动作If you want to listen to the rest of Purple Rain, stay behind in corpse baby pose.如果你想听剩下的《紫雨,那就停留在尸体婴儿姿这个动作Sorry! I meant corpse pose. Corpse and happy baby are very similar poses.对不起!我是说尸体姿尸体和快乐婴儿姿很相似啊[Playing the harpsichord] ;Purple rain, purple rain ;;[播放羽管键琴];紫雨,紫雨;;;Wicked class, guys.多么邪恶的一课呀,伙计们 愤怒:网曝男子恶意毁坏长城 -- 18::57 来源: 网曝河北一男子手掰脚踹、恶意毁坏长城,目前警方正在调查 Police in China are searching a man filmed tearing down bricks of what’s thought to be the Great Wall of China.中国警方正在追查一名男子,这名男子在一份视频中被拍摄到手掰脚踢长城砖块The man was filmed on a section of a stone structure pulling and kicking bricks while making kung fu poses, reports the People’s Daily Online.据《人民日报报道,视频中这名男子站在一段石质建筑之上,手掰脚踢从上面掰下了砖块,还摆着功夫姿势The footage was posted online on July 19 and has caused outcry on China’s social media sites.这份视频于7月19日被上传到网上,在中国社交媒体网站上引起了愤怒In the footage, the man can be seen pulling at one of the bricks and tearing it off the wall.在视频中,可以看到这名男子正在掰城墙上一块砖头,最终将它从墙体上掰了下来He then tries to perm some kung fu moves, kicking at the wall causing a giant brick to shatter to the ground.后来这名男子又想要表演一些功夫动作,用脚踹城墙,导致一大块砖头掉在地上砸得粉碎From the footage, the wall looks like it is an unrestored part of the wall.从视频中可以看出,这段建筑是一段未修复的长城Dong Yaohui, vice president of the China Great Wall Society told Chinamil.com.cn that the section in the looked like it was Dapanying Great Wall located in Hebei province.中国长城协会副主席董耀辉(音)告诉中国军网说,视频中这段城墙看起来像河北省境内的大盘营长城He says that this section of the wall is from the Ming Dynasty (68–) and is a wild section that has not undergone repair and is not monitored.董耀辉表示说这段长城是明(68-)长城的一部分,是一段没有被修复和监管的野长城People have been discussing the story online.人们一直在网上热议这件事On Sina News, one user wrote: ’Destruction of cultural relics must be punished. Scum!’新浪新闻上一名用户写道:“破坏文物必须受到惩罚败类!”While another commented: ’Scum. This person should be arrested.’另一名用户道:“败类这个人应该被抓起来”And one user said: ’In this world, there is no nation like ours that is as good as destructing their culture.’还有一名用户说道:“在这个世界上,没有那个国家像中国一样这么善于破坏自己的文化”Destruction of the Great Wall, a Unesco World Heritage site, could lead to a maximum of years imprisonment, according the Chinese law on protection of cultural relics.据中国文物保护相关法律规定,长城是联合国教科文组织规定的世界遗产,毁坏长城可能导致最长年的监禁In June , it was reported that the Great Wall is disappearing at an alarming rate.年6月,有媒体报道说长城正在以一个惊人的速度消失Natural erosion, human destruction and a lack of protection means that a total of 1, miles of the wall, which dates back more than 00 years, has vanished.自然侵蚀、人类破坏、以及缺少保护意味着这座可以追溯到00多年前的长城已经消失了多英里Only eight percent of the Ming Dynasty (68–) wall, which was first built 700 years ago and is the most visible section of the wall, is well-preserved明(68-)长城于700年前开建,是目前墙体最明显的长城但是即使这样,目前也只有8%的明长城保存完好The Great Wall, which is actually made up of many different structures over many centuries, is estimated to have measured between 5,600 to ,000 miles, depending on which sections are included.长城实际上是一座由许多不同结构组成的建筑,他们建于不同的年代随着纳入长城的建筑范围的不同,长城的总长度在5600到000英里之间The findings of a survey conducted by the Great Wall of China Society suggest that plants growing on the walls have increased damage, as well as the number tourists visiting the attraction.中国长城协会曾进行了一场调查,其结果显示墙体上生长的植物加剧了长城的损毁,而且游客参观也会使得长城进一步损坏The practice of stealing bricks from the wall also poses a great threat to the conservation of the wall.偷取城墙上的砖块也对长城的保护造成了巨大的威胁Bricks from the Great Wall, which have been carved with Chinese characters, are being sold 30 Yuan (3.0 pound) each by local villagers in Hebei province in northern China as souvenirs.长城上的砖块镌刻有汉字,河北当地村民以每块30元人民币(约合3.英镑)的价格当做纪念品卖出People who steal bricks from the wall can be fined up to 5,000 Yuan (567 pound) under Chinese regulations.根据中国的法规规定,偷盗长城砖块的人最高可被罚5000元人民币(约合567英镑)鹰潭希正妇产医院妇产科检查多少钱鹰潭做妇科检查多少钱



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