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贵溪市治疗月经不调多少钱鹰潭妇科检查花多少钱鹰潭铁路医院医生的QQ号码 Police in India are set to formally charge six suspects in last month#39;s gang rape of a 23-year-old woman who later died from her injuries.印度警方对上月轮奸一名23岁女子的6名嫌疑人正式提出起诉。这名女子后来因伤势过重而死亡。The suspects are facing charges of kidnapping, rape and murder, and authorities say they will push for the death penalty if the men are convicted. One of the suspects has undergone testing to determine his age because juveniles in India cannot be charged with murder.这些嫌疑人被控绑架、强奸和谋杀等罪名,有关当局说,如果罪名成立,将要对这些嫌疑人判处死刑。由于在印度,不能以谋杀罪起诉未成年人,因此其中一名嫌疑人接受了检查,以确定他的年龄。The government is expected to appoint attorneys to defend the men after bar association lawyers said they would not take part in the defense.预计,印度政府将为这些嫌疑人指定辩护律师,此前印度律师协会表示不为这些被告辩护。The unidentified woman died Saturday from severe internal injuries that her assailants caused with a metal rod during the attack on a bus December 16.上星期六,那名未透露姓名的女子死于严重内伤,攻击她的袭击者12月16号在一辆公交车里用一根金属棒殴打她。 /201301/218243南昌大学鹰潭医院无痛人流要多少钱

鹰潭省希正妇产医院预约Acer, the world#39;s fourth largest computer maker by shipments, has attacked Microsoft#39;s move into tablets, highlighting the rift between the software group and its former allies in PC makers. 全球发货量第四大的电脑制造商宏碁(Acer)抨击微软(Microsoft)进军平板电脑领域之举,凸显出这家软件集团与个人电脑(PC)领域前盟友之间出现的裂痕。 JT Wang, chairman and chief executive of Acer, said Microsoft#39;s plans to launch its Surface tablet in October, in competition with his company#39;s Iconia and HP#39;s TouchPad tablets, would be ;negative for the worldwide ecosystem; in computing. 宏碁董事长兼首席执行长王振堂(JT Wang)表示,微软计划于今年10月推出自己的Surface平板电脑,这将与宏碁的Iconia平板电脑和惠普(HP)的TouchPad平板电脑形成竞争,给计算机行业的;全球生态系统带来负面影响;。 He is the first head of a big PC maker publicly to criticise Microsoft#39;s move. ;We have said [to Microsoft] think it over,; he told the Financial Times. ;Think twice. It will create a huge negative impact for the ecosystem and other brands may take a negative reaction. It is not something you are good at so please think twice.; The criticism is striking because in the past two decades, Microsoft and PC makers have enjoyed a symbiotic relationship. 王振堂是第一位公开批评微软推出平板电脑的大型PC制造商掌舵人。他对英国《金融时报》表示,;我们已告诉(微软)三思。;他表示,;请三思而后行。这将给整个生态系统带来巨大的负面影响,并可能引起其他品牌的消极反应。这不是你们擅长的领域,所以请你们三思。;他的批评非常引人注目,这是因为在过去的20年里,微软与PC制造商之间一直保持一种共生关系。 Microsoft#39;s Windows operating system, with Intel#39;s processors, provided a standardised, open platform that allowed PC makers to focus on improving hardware. Competition between groups such as Acer, Dell and Lenovo drove down prices for consumers and helped sp the use of Microsoft software. 微软的Windows操作系统与英特尔(Intel)的处理器共同提供了一种标准化、开放的平台,使PC制造商得以专心改进硬件。宏碁、戴尔(Dell)和联想(Lenovo)等PC厂商之间的竞争,使消费者享受到更低的价格,也帮助扩大了微软软件的使用。 This model is being disrupted by the rise of smartphones and tablets, spearheaded by Apple#39;s iPhones and iPads. This prompted Microsoft, which in July announced its first loss as a public company, to market its own tablet as it plays catch up. 以苹果(Apple)iPhone和iPad为首的智能手机和平板电脑的崛起,正在打破上述产业模式。这使得今年7月报告上市以来首次亏损业绩的微软奋起直追,开始推销自己的平板电脑。 Microsoft acknowledged the tensions this would create in a regulatory filing: ;Our Surface devices will compete with products made by our OEM [original equipment manufacturer] partners, which may affect their commitment to our platform.; 微软在一份监管申报文件中承认了此举将引发的紧张:;我们的Surface平板电脑将对我们的OEM(原始设备制造商)合作伙伴的产品构成竞争关系,这有可能影响它们对采用我们平台的承诺。; Campbell Kan, Acer#39;s president for PC global operations, said: ;If Microsoft … is going to do hardware ... Should we still rely on Microsoft, or should we find alternatives?; 宏碁全球个人电脑业务总裁坎贝尔#8226;肯(Campbell Kan)表示:;如果微软……打算做硬件……我们是应该继续依靠微软,还是应该物色替代软件呢?; /201208/194014鹰潭市哪家医院无痛人流好 The Federal Open Market Committee of the Federal Reserve is no longer expected to announce a further round of monetary easing when it concludes its two-day meeting in Washington next week. The fact that the hawks have lost enthusiasm for more quantitative easing is scarcely surprising, given the fall in unemployment, and the stickiness of inflation.美联储公开市场委员会(FOMC)本周将在华盛顿召开为期两天的会议,人们不再预计FOMC将在会议结束时公布新一轮的货币宽松举措。鉴于失业率的下滑以及通胀粘性,鹰派人物对出台更多定量宽松政策(QE)失去热情的事实已在人们的意料之中。But until very recently the hawks have not been in control of the committee. What is more surprising is that the powerful group of doves, which includes Ben Bernanke, Bill Dudley and Janet Yellen, and which normally has disproportionate weight on the FOMC, has also taken QE off the agenda .但直到最近,鹰派才在FOMC中占据了上风。令人更感意外的是,强大的鸽派阵营同样也将QE从议程上撤了下来。包括本#8226;伯南克(Ben Bernanke)、比尔#8226;达德利(Bill Dudley)和珍妮特#8226;耶伦(Janet Yellen)在内的鸽派往往能够对FOMC产生非同一般的影响。So is that the end of QE? Not necessarily. The doves seem to have changed their policy conclusion without changing their basic view of the economy. In recent speeches, they have all repeated that the current unemployment rate of 8.2 per cent will remain two to three percentage points above the level consistent with the Fed’s mandate for some time. This judgment depends on their interpretation of the work of three distinguished economists: Arthur Okun (1928-80), William Beveridge (1879-1963) and John Taylor (who is still alive and kicking at Stanford University).QE这样就算寿终正寝了吗?未必如此。鸽派虽然改变了他们的政策意见,但他们对于经济的基本看法却似乎仍和往常一样。他们在近日的讲话中无一例外地重申,目前8.2%的失业率仍比美联储达到使命所应具有的水平高出二至三个百分点。这一论断是依据他们对三位杰出经济学家的成果所进行的解读。这三人分别是:阿瑟#8226;奥肯(Arthur Okun,1928-80年)、威廉#8226;贝弗里奇(William Beveridge,1879-1963年)和约翰#8226;泰勒(John Taylor,目前在斯坦福大学任教)。First, Okun’s Law. This describes the relationship between real gross domestic product growth and unemployment, which is reasonably stable over long periods. This stability broke down last year, with unemployment falling much more than it “should” have done, given the reported growth of real GDP. One possible, hawkish, interpretation could be that real GDP growth has been underestimated. But the doves argue that the unexpected drop in unemployment was just a reversal of the abnormally large shake-out of labour by employers in 2009. If this is correct, then unemployment will stop falling soon, unless GDP growth picks up significantly.先来看看奥肯定律。它描述了实际国内生产总值(GDP)增速与失业率之间的关系,这种关系从长期来看具有相当的稳定性。而这种稳定在去年被打破,相对于官方公布的实际GDP增速而言,失业率的下滑程度大大超过了它“应该”下滑的程度。鹰派可能给出的一种解释是,实际GDP增速被低估了。而鸽派则认为,失业率的意外下滑只不过是对用工者2009年疯狂裁员的一次逆转。如果的确如此,那么除非GDP增速大幅提高,否则,失业率很快便会停止下滑。Second, the Beveridge Curve. This describes the normally inverse relationship between unemployment and unfilled vacancies in the labour market. Higher vacancies should imply lower unemployment but in the past three years there has been a much larger rise in vacancies than would have been implied by the level of unemployment. The hawkish interpretation of this rise in unfilled jobs is that there is a mismatch between the skills and location of the unemployed, compared with the nature of the new jobs being created in the economy. If so, structural unemployment has risen, leaving less scope for monetary accommodation.再来看贝弗里奇曲线。它描述了失业率与劳动力市场上的空缺职位通常成反比的关系。空缺职位增加意味着失业率应该会下滑,但过去三年中,空缺职位增加的数量远远超过了根据失业率水平所应推导出的数量。对于空缺职位的增加,鹰派给出的解释是,经济活动会创造出新的就业机会,而与这类岗位的性质相比,失业人群的技能与所在地区之间存在着某种错位。若果真如此,结构性失业已经增加,如此一来,运用货币宽松政策的空间将受到挤压。But the doves argue that this is not the case, saying instead that the Beveridge Curve has broken down for temporary reasons. These include the extension in the maximum duration of unemployment benefits and delays between the rise in vacancies and the subsequent decline in unemployment. For these reasons, the doves conclude that the level of structural unemployment has not risen.但鸽派人士指出,事实并非如此,贝弗里奇曲线只是因为某些暂时性的原因才失效。这些因素包括政府延长了领取失业救济金的最长期限,以及空缺职位增加与随之出现的失业率下降之间存在着滞后现象。出于这些原因,鸽派得出结论:结构性失业率并未上升。Third, the Taylor Rule. This describes the “appropriate” path for short-term interest rates, given the behaviour of inflation and unemployment, which are the subjects of the Fed’s twin mandates. According to Janet Yellen’s speech on April 11 in New York, John Taylor proposed two versions of his famous “rule”, one in 1993 and the second in 1999. The latter includes a larger role for unemployment in determining the appropriate short rate, while the former gives a bigger role to inflation.最后我们再来看看泰勒规则。它描述了在不同的通胀和失业率(美联储双重使命的对象)环境下,短期利率所应遵循的“适当”走势。根据珍妮特#8226;耶伦4月11日在纽约发表的讲话,约翰#8226;泰勒提出的众所周知的“泰勒规则” 其实有两个版本,分别于1993年和1999年时提出。在后一个版本中,泰勒认为制定适宜的短期利率时,应更多地考虑失业率,而前一个版本则认为通胀应该受到更多的重视。Ms Yellen prefers the 1999 rule, which has more dovish implications when unemployment is high, as it is today. She calculates that, on this version of the rule, short rates should stay at zero until the end of 2014, as implied in the Fed’s latest policy announcements. She also reckons that monetary policy has been too tight since 2008, because quantitative easing has not been powerful enough to allow for the fact that short rates could not be reduced below zero. In compensation for this, she argues that monetary policy should be kept easier for longer than the 1999 Taylor Rule implies.耶伦更认同1999年的版本,当失业率高企时(就像今天这样),它更具有鸽派的意味。耶伦推断,按照1999年版的泰勒规则,到2014年底之前,短期利率应该一直维持在零区间,这正是美联储在最新的政策声明中所阐述的观点。她还认为,自2008年之后采取的货币政策过于紧缩,因为定量宽松的力度不够,未能考虑到短期利率不可能为负的情况。作为补救措施,她认为宽松货币政策保持的时间应该比1999年版泰勒规则所要求的更长。John Taylor has denied Ms Yellen’s claim that he ever proposed the 1999 version of his rule, saying that it was an idea that emerged from the Fed itself. And anyway he strongly prefers the 1993 version, which has the hawkish implication that short rates should aly be positive and should certainly be rising by 2013. But the doves see things differently.约翰#8226;泰勒否认了耶伦的说法,称他从未提出过所谓1999年版的泰勒规则,这只是美联储自身的想法。他极力持1993年的版本。该版本的观点带有鹰派色,认为短期利率应该为正,且在2013年以前必须保持升势。而鸽派人士却有着不同的看法。Given the doves’ determination to interpret these key issues in the direction of highly accommodative policy, it is hard to explain why they have shelved their desire to introduce another bout of QE. To judge from their underlying economic rationale, they are probably just biding their time while inflation is somewhat above target, and will seek to bring easing back on the agenda as soon as they can.鉴于鸽派一心想沿着极度宽松的方向去解读这些关键性问题,因此,很难理解他们为何会搁置推出新一轮QE的想法。从他们的根本经济主张来看,在通胀水平略高于目标的情况下,他们或许只是在等待时机,一旦时机成熟,他们会尽快将宽松政策重新提上议事日程。Gavyn Davies is co-founder of Fulcrum Asset Management and Prisma Capital Partners, and writes a regular blog on macroeconomics at ft.com本文作者是Fulcrum资产管理公司和Prisma Capital Partners的创始人之一,定期在ft.com上撰写有关宏观经济的客。译者:薛磊 /201204/179127鹰潭妇科哪里医院最好

鹰潭最好人流医院Asia is awash in rice, as favorable weather and government support for farmers combine to produce a bumper crop. 亚洲大米满仓,有利的天气条件加上政府持农民的举措使水稻获得了丰收。 The glut is driving down prices for big rice importers in Africa and China. But consumers in some of the biggest rice-producing nations, including Thailand and India, are paying higher prices as surplus supplies sit in government warehouses. Asia#39;s surplus will have little impact in the U.S., which produces different varieties of rice. 对非洲主要大米进口国和中国来说,供应过剩开始压低进口价格。但随着过剩的大米囤在政府的仓库里,包括泰国和印度在内的一些水稻生产大国的消费者开始付更高的价格。亚洲大米供应过剩对美国的影响微乎其微,因为美国种植的水稻品种与亚洲不同。 When traveling by train from New Delhi to neighboring states, a common sight in the countryside is rice piled high on wooden plinths, protected only by plastic tarps. In Thailand, the government has considered using a warehouse at the city#39;s old airport to store rice because other storage facilities are full. 从新德里乘火车到临近的几个邦,沿途常常可以看到农村地区大米高高地堆在木制基座上,上面只用塑料防雨布遮盖。在泰国,政府一直在考虑使用一个旧机场的仓库储存大米,因为其他储藏设施都已经满了。 The surplus is the result of good weather and government programs that encourage rice growing. World rice stockpiles are expected to rise 2% this year, the ninth consecutive annual increase, according to the London-based International Grains Council. 造成水稻产量过剩的原因是良好的天气条件和政府鼓励水稻种植的计划。据伦敦国际谷物协会(International Grains Council)说,预计今年全球大米储量将上升2%,连续第九年出现增长。 Analysts see the glut getting worse. Thailand, a top exporter, is trying to sell some of its own 17 million-ton surplus, the result of a subsidy program in which the government bought rice from farmers at above-market prices. India, the world#39;s biggest exporter, is expecting near-record harvests in a couple of months, as is Pakistan. Meanwhile, demand from large importers, including the Philippines and Nigeria, is dropping. 分析人士认为供应过剩的局面将加剧。主要大米出口国泰国正努力销售部分过剩大米,该国有1,700万吨过剩大米。泰国水稻生产过剩的原因在于政府的一项补贴计划。根据该计划,政府以高于市场价格的水平从农民手中收购大米。世界最大的大米出口国印度几个月后有望实现接近历史最高水平的大丰收,巴基斯坦也是如此。与此同时,包括菲律宾和尼日利亚在内的主要大米进口国的需求开始下滑。 #39;If Thailand is successful in offloading its rice, it will certainly put downward pressure on prices,#39; said Darren Cooper, a senior economist with the International Grains Council. 国际谷物协会的高级经济学家库珀(Darren Cooper)说,如果泰国成功地处理掉过剩的大米,无疑将给价格带来下行压力。 The council#39;s index of global rice prices fell to 200 on Friday, its lowest since September 2010 and down almost 5% this year. However, prices vary widely from country to country, because rice is largely sold where it is produced. Just 8% is traded internationally, compared with about 20% for wheat and 36% for soybeans. 国际谷物协会发布的全球大米价格指数上周五跌至200,是2010年9月以来的最低水平,较今年年初跌了近5%。不过,由于大米主要在生产国国内销售,各国的大米价格相差很大。只有8%的大米在全球买卖,相比之下,小麦约为20%,大豆为36%。 In Vietnam#39;s spot market, prices are down about 5% this year, with one of the most heavily traded varieties, 5% broken rice, trading at about 0 a ton. In Thailand, 5% broken rice for export trades at 5 a ton, down 16% this year. 在越南的现货市场,大米价格较今年年初跌了约5%,其中交易量最大的大米品种之一──5%碎米──价格约为每吨390美元。在泰国,5%碎米的出口价格为每吨475美元,较今年年初降了16%。 The only widely traded rice futures contract, offered by CME Group Inc. and reflecting U.S. prices, is up 7% this year, ending Tuesday at .895 for 100 pounds. The two markets tend to move independently. 唯一广泛交易的大米期货合约较今年年初上涨了7%,周二收于每100磅15.895美元。该期货合约由芝加哥商业交易所控股公司(CME Group Inc.)提供,可以反映美国的价格。上述两个市场的走势通常是相互独立的。 The tightly regulated and fragmented rice market means consumers and the needy have seen little benefit from the oversupply. Some aid groups favor handouts before stocks deteriorate, while others said governments should encourage a move to other crops by cutting guaranteed prices to farmers. 受到严格监管且分散的大米市场意味着,消费者和贫困人口并未从供应过剩中获得什么好处。一些援助组织赞成在储存的大米变质前派发大米,而其他人则说,政府应该下调对农民的保价格,进而鼓励农民改种其他农作物。 While farmers have benefited in Thailand, prices in supermarkets there are up 10% since 2011 due to tight supply. Even as government stockpiles ballooned, traders in Thailand imported rice from Cambodia and Vietnam. The government, which is subsidizing farmers#39; income by buying rice at higher prices, is reluctant to sell it cheaply in the domestic market. 尽管泰国的农民获益,但由于供应紧张,超市中大米的价格自2011年以来累计上涨了10%。就在政府大米储量飙升之际,泰国的商人从柬埔寨和越南进口大米。政府通过以更高的价格收购大米而补贴农民收入,不愿将大米在国内市场便宜出售。 India#39;s agricultural policies have had a similar impact on its domestic prices, economists said. #39;I have three school-going children to feed, and its tough on me,#39; said Jaya, a housemaid, who lives in a single-room house in New Delhi#39;s crowded Tughlakabad area and buys at least 22 pounds of rice each month. 经济学家们说,印度的农业政策对其国内大米价格产生了类似的影响。给人做佣人的贾亚(Jaya)说,我有三个上学的孩子要养,这令我们过得很苦。她住在新德里拥挤的Tughlakabad地区,房子里只有一个房间,每个月要买至少22磅(合10公斤)大米。 /201308/250527 信江新区治疗尿道炎多少钱鹰潭市妇保医院联系电话



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