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Over the last few years,在过去的几年中climate scientists from around the world来自世界各地的气候学家have been trying to figure out试图找出what might have been happening.到底发生了什么One of the leading lights of that group is Dr Adam Scaife.其中一位领军人物是亚当·斯凯夫士He and his team have been accumulating and analysing他和他的团队一直在积累和分析mountains of weather data.海量的天气数据Weirdly, they believe the answer to the problem奇怪的是 他们认为这个问题的lies in the Arctic.就在北极Even weirder,更奇怪的是they think the warming of the Arctic他们认为正是北极变暖may be holding the key.导致了全球怪象But how can it be getting warmer in the Arctic,但为何在北极变暖的同时yet colder in Britain?英国却变的更冷呢If you melt the Arctic ice,如果北极冰川融化you might naively think that would give warmer conditions further afield.你可能会简单地认为其他地方也会变暖 Article/201410/339600Chinese, French navies in joint exercise中法海军成功举行联合演练The PLA South China Sea Fleet has held a joint military drill with French missile frigate Vendemiaire in the South China Sea.中国人民解放军南海舰队同法国导弹护卫舰葡月号在中国南海举行了联合军事演习。The Vendemiaire has just finished a four-day friendly visit to the South China Fleet.葡月号刚刚结束了为期4天对南海舰队的友好访问。It is a light monitoring frigate with 2,600 tonnes displacement.它是一艘排水量为2600吨的护卫舰。The drill required the Chinese warship act as a depot to provide oil and fresh water supplies to the Vendemiaire.此次军演中方军舰充当补给舰角色为葡月号提供加油及供应淡水。Military vessels from the two countries also practiced formation movement, coordinated communication, and joint command exercises during the drill.两国军舰也就编队运动、协调沟通及联合指挥进行了演习。 译文属 Article/201511/407809You and your winter coat will be spending many a cold day together, so you might as well get one you love.寒冷的季节,很多日子要和厚外套相伴。所以,一定要选择心仪的一款。Step 1 Consider fabric1.考虑布料Consider that a winter coat must be warm and two of the warmest fabric choices are wool and cashmere. Cashmere is the warmest, but also the most expensive. Fur and leather are also warm but require more maintenance.要考虑到,冬季的外套必须保暖,两种最暖的布料是羊毛和开司米。开司米是最温暖的,但也是最贵的。皮草也很温暖,但是需要很多保养。Step 2 Look for lining2.看内衬Look for a coat with lining made of a synthetic fiber thermal insulation or goose down for added warmth in especially cold climates. Otherwise, an acetate lining will do.寻找内衬用合成纤维隔热或其他保暖材料的外套,尤其是在寒冷的气候中。否则,醋酸纤维也可以。Step 3 Get a good fit3.合身Get a good fit. Wear a blazer or sweater when trying on coats to make sure they#39;ll fit over your layers and still be comfortable. Raise your arms, sit down, and bend over in the coat to see how it moves with you.试穿一下。穿一件运动上衣或羊毛衫再试穿外套,确保搭配得当,穿着舒适。抬一下胳膊,坐一下,弯一下腰,看看贴身效果。Step 4 Fit flattering style4.选择样式Find a flattering style. Length-wise, a coat should fall somewhere between your thigh and knee. Try on belted styles, A-line coats, pea- coats, military-inspired styles, coats with a hood, and double-breasted versions to see which works for you.选择让你更加漂亮的装样式。长度必须合适,外套长度应该到达大腿和膝盖之间。尝试一下有腰带的,A型的,豌豆样的,军装风格等等各种风格,看一下哪种更适合你。Step 5 Go for color5.颜色选择Go for a color that flatters you, regardless of what#39;s in style. Since you#39;ll be wearing it for months on end, make sure it#39;s something you won#39;t tire of quickly.选择一种适合自己的颜色,而不是考虑哪种流行。因为这件外套你要穿几个月,确保不会很快厌倦。Fact Although the winter solstice is the year#39;s darkest day, the coldest days of winter come about a month and a half later due to theoceans#39; slowness to cool.事实:尽管冬至是一年中黑暗时间最长的日子,由于海洋的缓冲效果,最冷的日子会延迟一个半月到来。视频听力译文由。 Article/201410/336518

You don#39;t have to be born with a silver spoon in your mouth to appreciate the elegance of polished silver—and with a little elbow grease,yours can be spiffed and sparkling in no time.你不需要含着银汤匙出世才能享受闪闪发光的银器的光——稍微费一点力,你的银器也可以熠熠生辉。You Will Need你需要A sink or a basin of warm water一水槽或一盆温水A soft, clean cloth温暖干净的布Non-abrasive silver cleaning paste非研磨性的银器清洁膏An old, natural-bristle toothbrush天然毛的旧牙刷Steps步骤STEP 1 Read directions1.阅读说明Read the silver cleaner#39;s packaging and follow those directions if they vary from these.阅读银质清洁剂的包装,按照说明来清洁。STEP 2 Rinse silver2.清洗银器Rinse the silver item in warm water.用温水清洗银器。STEP 3 Sp paste3.涂抹清洁膏Put a dab of silver cleaning paste onto a soft cloth and sp it over the surface of the item.向柔软的布上挤一点清洁膏,涂抹在银器表面。If the item is large, polish it in sections.如果器皿比较大,分区清洗。STEP 4 Don#39;t overpolish4.不要过度打磨Rub the silver just until tarnish disappears—don#39;t overpolish or you#39;ll remove the item#39;s finish.擦拭银器,直到污渍消失——不要过度擦拭,否则会损害其完整性。Clean the hard-to-reach places with an old natural-bristle toothbrush and a little cleaning paste.用旧的天然毛牙刷和一点清洁膏清洁难够到的部位。STEP 5 Rinse silver again5.再次清洗Rinse the silver in warm water again.再次用温水清洗银器。STEP 6 Dry item6.擦干Dry your shiny silver item thoroughly with a clean, soft cloth.用干净柔软的布擦干闪闪发光的银器。Silver is the best electrical conductor of all metals—and tarnish does not affect its performance.银是所有金属中最好的电导体——即使失去光泽也不影响其性能。视频听力译文由。 Article/201504/368254

The 2015 Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to a group which helped support Tunisia’s democratisation process when it was in danger of collapsing, according to the Nobel committee.据诺贝尔全国委员会宣布,2015诺贝尔和平奖颁予一个小组,表彰其在突尼斯面临崩盘危险时对民主化进程的持。Tunisia’s National Dialogue Quartet won for showing an example of peaceful transition in a region otherwise struggling with violence and upheaval.突尼斯全国对话大会赢得诺奖因推进国家和平过渡,避免了暴力和动荡的斗争。“It was thus instrumental in enabling Tunisia, in the space of a few years, to establish a constitutional system of government guaranteeing fundamental rights.” “这有助于突尼斯在几年的时间内建立一个政府保障基本权利的宪法制度。”The Nobel Peace Prize, worth about 860,000 euros, will be presented in December.诺贝尔和平奖大约860000欧元,将于十二月颁发。Many Tunisians were delighted to hear the news.许多突尼斯人很高兴听到这个消息。“It’s something of great pride for all Tunisians, and as a Tunisisan I’m proud as well, I’m very proud. The Dialogue Quartet is really representative of Tunisia.”“这是所有突尼斯人值得骄傲的事,作为一名突尼斯人我也很骄傲,很自豪。全国对话大会真的代表了突尼斯。”“The Nobel Peace Prize, we have really deserved it since the beginning of the revolution, because Tunisain People really support peace.” “从革命开始我们就应该获得诺贝尔和平奖,因为突尼斯人是真正持和平。”After an uprising in 2011 that inspired the “Arab Spring“protests, Tunisia now has a new constitution, free elections and a coalition government with secular and Islamist parties.自2011年爆发“阿拉伯之春”抗议活动后,突尼斯现在有了新的宪法、自由选举以及与非宗教和伊斯兰党的联合政府。译文属。 /201510/402663

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