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Listed here are some other examples of common foods这儿列出来的都是一些普通食物and their ounce equivalence;以及其蛋白质盎司值one can of tuna is about 3 to 4 ounce equivalence,一罐金鱼大概含有3到4盎司蛋白质a fourth cup of dry cooked beans or 1 cup of bean soup四分之一杯蒸黄豆或一杯豆浆is about 2 ounces of equivalence.大概含有两盎司蛋白质1 egg is about 1 ounce equivalent,一个鸡蛋有一盎司蛋白质1 tablespoon of peanut butter一大匙花生酱is also 1 ounce equivalent, a half ounce of nuts也含有一盎司蛋白质,半盎司坚果or seeds which is approximately 12 almonds,或12粒杏仁24 pistachios and 7 walnut halves24颗开心果 7颗花生are each about 1 ounce equivalent.这些都含有一盎司蛋白质Here#39;s some tricks to remember how much有一些技巧可以用到记忆of different foods equal an ounce equivalent,不同的食物含有多少盎司蛋白质remember to pay attention to the thickness记住,要注意观察示例食物的厚度of the example as well as the size.以及大小1 ounce of meat is approximately一盎司肉大概the size of a matchbox. 3 ounces of meat是火柴盒大小 3盎司肉is about the size of a deck of cards or a bar of soap.大概是一副扑克牌或一块香皂的大小This is recommended portion for a meal.这是一顿饭中建议含有的蛋白质量8 ounces of meat is about the size8盎司肉大概是of a thin paperback book, 3 ounces of fish一本薄薄的平装书的大小 3盎司鱼肉is about the size of a checkbook, one ounce of cheese大概是一本票簿的大小,一盎司奶酪is about the size of 4 dice大概是4个骰子那么大and 2 tablespoons of peanut butter两大匙花生酱is about the size of a ping pong ball.大概是乒乓球那么大You don#39;t have to eat meat in order to没有必要吃肉来get enough protein in your diet.获取足够的蛋白质This is a short list of vegetarian sources这是一个列表and depending on the type of vegetarian you are,基于素食者的不同类型you may want to avoid several of these;也许会避免摄入以下几种食物eggs, for the ovo vegetarians, beans, nuts,蛋素食主义者会避免吃鸡蛋,黄豆,坚果nut butters such as peanut butter or almond butter,坚果酱例如花生黄油或者杏仁黄油peas such as chick peas, cow peas, lentils豌豆类例如鹰嘴豆,豇豆,扁豆or split peas, and soy products which include tofu,分裂豌豆以及大豆制品,包括豆腐tempe and veggie burgers.豆酵饼和蔬菜汉堡等This is a list of some tips这儿列出了一些建议for making good choices of protein sources.以帮助选择富含蛋白质的最佳食物Be sure to choose lean cuts of meat确保要选择精瘦肉such as round steak, tenderloin, boneless如牛腿肉,腰部嫩肉,去骨和and skinless chicken breast and ground beef去皮的鸡胸肉以及that is at least 90% lean.至少90%是精肉的碎牛肉Trim visible fats from meats and poultry before cooking,烹制前去掉畜肉和家禽肉上那些明显的脂肪skip or limit the bing on meat, poultry or fish去除或割去畜肉,禽肉或鱼肉上的表皮and when cooking meat broil meats烹制肉类时,应烤制一下use a small amount of oil with salting or frying.少放点油和盐或者油炸一下Here is a picture of a nutrition facts label.这张图是一个营养成分表This is simply to show you where you can look仅在让大家知道如何查看on a nutrition label to find protein.这张表上的蛋白质含量You will notice that protein is listed in grams大家可以注意到蛋白质是以克为单位的and we have discussed protein needs我们已经讨论过蛋白质in ounce equivalence. Roughly 7 grams以盎司为单位的需求量了,大概7克is equal to one ounce equivalent.相当于一盎司In summary, protein is needed in the body总之,人体需要蛋白质for growth, tissue repair and tissue maintenance.以促进成长,组织修复和组织维护There are different categories of proteins有几类不同的蛋白质which include complete, incomplete and complimentary.包括完全蛋白质,不完全蛋白质和互补蛋白质Sources of complete protein are meat and milk完全蛋白质可从肉类,奶制品中摄取and most sources of incomplete protein不完全蛋白质主要来源于are vegetables such as nuts, seeds, beans and peas.蔬菜类,例如坚果,种子,黄豆和豌豆Complimentary proteins are combinations互补蛋白质是合成物of incomplete protein that when combined由不完全蛋白质构成,两种不完全蛋白质合成时make a complete protein such as rice and beans.可以构成完全蛋白质,例如大米和黄豆It is recommended that adults get 5.5 ounce建议成人每天equivalence of protein each day.摄入5.5盎司蛋白质Remember to choose lean sources of meat记住,要选择食用精瘦肉and use healthy cooking methods运用健康的烹调方法to meet your protein needs.来满足自己的蛋白质需求 Article/201502/360238栏目简介:《英语学习入门视频》是英语视频听力下面的子栏目,栏目内容适合刚刚接触英语学习不久的童鞋学习。视频内容比较简单易懂,是入门英语知识的基础,有助于帮助英语学习爱好者逐步掌握基本的英语知识。 Article/201510/399248音乐革新者安德鲁·伯德Andrew Bird带来了包含木琴、人声及复杂的电子线路的标志性的小提琴技术。加上他能用口哨演奏任何事物的怪诞能力,他变成了令人着迷的一人乐队 Article/201412/346786

The occasion which resulted in this decree was in some respects a change.诏书签署时,社会环境正在发生变化。There had been previous decrees, and they take much the same form, but in this particular reign.之前也颁过类似的法令,但此刻情况不同,the reign of a very young king whose kingdom was under attack from many quarters-one of the clauses of the Memphis Decree, the Rosetta Stone, is that priests should no longer come every year to Alexandria-Alexandria was the new Greek capital.年幼的国王正遭受来自四面八方的攻击。罗塞塔石碑上孟菲斯法令的条款之一便是,祭司们不再需要每年去王朝的新都亚历山大港朝拜,Instead they could meet at Memphis, the old centre of Egypt.而只需前往埃及古都孟菲斯。This was new and it may be seen perhaps as a concession on the part of the Royal household.这是从未有过的事,表明王室向祭司做了让步。The priests were critical in keeping the hearts and minds of the Egyptian masses on side for Ptolemy, and the Rosetta Stone was their reward.祭司在确保埃及民众全身心地拥护托勒密的统治方面发挥着重大作用,罗塞塔石碑上雕刻的承诺便是对他们的回报。Not only does the decree allow the priests to remain in Memphis, rather than coming to Alexandria, it also gives them a number of very attractive tax breaks.法令不止免去了他们赶往亚历山大港的奔波之苦,也为他们提供了优厚的税收优惠。Of course no teenager is likely to have thought this up, somebody behind the throne was clearly thinking strategically on the boy#39;s behalf and, more importantly, on the dynasty#39;s behalf.一个十几岁的孩子显然想不出这样的政策来,一定是有人在背后为年幼的国王出谋划策,维护托勒密的统治。So the stone is simultaneously an expression of power and of compromise, although to the whole content is about as thrilling as ing a new EU treaty written simultaneously in several languages.罗塞塔石碑因此讲述了一个权力与妥协的故事,但如果通读其全文,基本上跟阅读欧盟用多国语言颁布的最新法规一样无趣。The content is bureaucratic, priestly and dry-but that of course is not the point.说到底,它只是用祭司口吻书写的语言干涩的官样文章。 Article/201411/341642

It#39;s going to be cold for a while, but you can still look hot. Consider the ways you can brighten your face and distract yourself from the doldrums of a long winter.寒冷的天气将会持续一段时间,但是你仍然可以看上去热情似火。考虑下面的方法,可以让面部熠熠生辉,转移漫漫寒冬的暗淡无光。You Will Need你需要Oil-based moisturizer油性保湿霜Foundation primer美白隔离底霜Foundation粉底Eye shadow眼影Concealer遮瑕膏Lip gloss唇Sunscreen (optional)防晒霜(可选)Steps步骤Step 1 Put on moisturizer1.涂抹保湿霜Use an oil-based moisturizer, rather than mineral-based, before applying your makeup. Minerals can dry skin and offer little protection against cold and low humidity. Look for moisturizer that provides essential vitamins that can rejuvenate the skin.化妆之前先涂抹油性保湿霜,而不是矿物质成份的保湿霜。矿物质会导致皮肤干燥,而且在寒冷干燥的空气中不能保护皮肤。寻找能够恢复皮肤活力,可以提供必需维他命的保湿霜。Put on sunscreen to further protect yourself if you are going to be out in the sun a lot. The sun can still burn when it reflects off snow.如果曝露在阳光下的时间比较长,涂抹一层防晒霜,进一步保护皮肤。在雪的反射下,阳光仍然会灼伤皮肤。Step 2 Build the foundation2.打粉底Smooth on a foundation primer before your foundation, which will make it last longer without fading. Light foundation in winter works well with all skin types. Then apply a moisturizing foundation to further combat the effects of dry winter weather.涂抹粉底之前先涂一层美白隔离底霜,可以让妆容保持更长时间。冬季,轻薄的粉底适合所有皮肤类型。然后涂抹一层保湿效果的粉底,进一步抵抗寒冷干燥的天气。Step 3 Counteract winter effects3.抵消冬季影响Counteract winter#39;s effects on under-eye circles by working in concealer a shade or two lighter than your skin tone under each eye.眼袋部位涂抹比皮肤颜色稍浅一点的眼影,抵消冬季的影响。Lip gloss tends to stay on longer than plain lip balm.唇的持续时间比普通润唇膏的持续时间更长。Step 4 Go for neutral shades4.选择中性眼影In general, opt for neutral shades of winter makeup. Choose light browns, grays, and pinks, and matte eye shadows in gray and brown.总体来说,冬季妆容选择比较中性的眼影。选择淡棕色,灰色,粉红色,灰色和棕色的无光泽眼影。American women, influenced by Hollywood, began using suntanning powders after 1920.受好莱坞电影影响,美国女性从1920年以后开始使用晒黑粉。 Article/201411/339614

Since humans evolved, it#39;s ice, through glaciers, ice sheets and floods,随着人类的进化,正是冰层,通过冰河,冰原和洪水方式that has been the dominant force shaping our planet.强行修整我们的星球But the greatest influence of ice relies on far more than brute force.然而冰层最大的影响力莫过于其残忍的威力That#39;s because ice has some unusual properties that have a profound effect on the Earth#39;s climate.因为冰层有些非凡的道具 它们深深的影响着地球的气候I am on the west coast of Greenland in what#39;s known as Iceberg Alley.我正处在格陵兰岛西海岸著名的冰山巷中This is the biggest iceberg factory in the world.这里是世界上最大的冰山制造工厂I#39;ve never been up this close to icebergs before.我从未如此的接近冰山I know they#39;re chunks of glacier这些是巨大的冰块that fall off the front of the ice sheet and they float here,它们从前面的冰原掉落然后飘到这里but when you get this close,然后当你靠近它们they#39;re like majestic beautiful ships flowing silently by.它们就像是庄严美丽的船只静静的从你身边使过This is known as an iceberg nursery.而这里就是冰山托儿所Most substances are denser when solid than when liquid多数物质在固体状态下比液体状态下密度大which means they sink. Ice is an exception.这就意味着会下沉,可是冰块恰恰反向Because it expands when it freezes, it becomes less dense and so it floats.因为当冰块冻结的时候体积变大,密度变小,因此能够漂浮It#39;s also dazzlingiy bright, which makes it highly reflective,这也令冰块能够高度反光,看起来明亮耀眼and this combination has a dramatic effect on the Earth#39;s climate.这种化合物会对地球气候产生重要影响 Article/201510/405218

I#39;m bear grylls.I go to some of the most dangerous places on Earth我是贝尔·格里尔斯 我将前往地球上最危险的地带to show you what it takes to make it out alive.向您展示如何逃出生天I#39;ve traveled the globe facing challenges in the sort of places you wouldn#39;t last a day without the right survival skills.我的足迹遍布全球 挑战有如炼狱般的环境 没有生存技巧 你命在旦夕Now I#39;m in British Columbia,high in the Rocky Mountains.我正位于不列颠哥伦比亚 居高临下俯视落基山脉I usually head out into the wild,but this week, using specialist equipment,我通常孤身前往蛮荒野外 不过这周 我们将利用专业设备we#39;re going to bring the wild to me,so I can show you how to survive the most extreme environments.将荒野带到我身边 我就能向大家展示 如何在最极端的条件下存活My team will give mother nature a helping hand to ensure conditions are as bad as they can get.我的团队将助自然母亲一臂之力 确保环境能严苛到极致We#39;re going bigger, better,and more ambitious than ever before我们这次将做得更大 更好 前所未见的更超乎想象I#39;ll battle the bone-chilling waters of a frozen lake.我将与刺骨冰寒的冻湖孤军奋战You#39;ve got to keep eyes on me, okay?before swimming 40 foot under solid ice.你们要时刻注意我 知道了吗 游到固体冰层下四十英尺之前I#39;m wet, cold, and I#39;ve got to act fast.Bombs away.我又湿又冷 我要速战速决才行 投下炸弹blast a ridgeline to set off a huge avalanche,在山脊引爆 制造大型雪崩then get buried alive to experience the suffocating conditions of the aftermath.被大雪活埋 经历雪崩后令人窒息的境况I can#39;t move, and I can#39;t breathe properly.我无法动弹 呼吸困难I try to find shelter in the middle of a manmade blizzard before frostbite sets in.我试图在人造暴风雪中寻求庇护场所 以免被冻伤Up here, you could have minus-40.In here, it#39;s gonna be way, way warmer.在这上面 气温会低至零下四十度 在这里面 会暖和许多许多and careen down the icy mountain over 40 miles an hour to show you how to pull off a lifesaving move.在以时速四十英里滑下雪山时 展示如何完成临危自救的动作Very fast -- faster than we expected.But when you play with the big boys,sometimes you#39;re gonna get hurt.非常快 超乎想象的快 不过 如果你想学老顽童的话 有时是难免会受伤的It felt like hitting a wall. I thought I#39;d killed him.就像是撞墙了 我差点害死他 Article/201701/489447

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