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鹰潭做无痛流产多少钱鹰潭市妇科检查哪个医院好Global road safety全球道路安全Fighting road kill 向道路杀手宣战The WHO has a plan to make the world’s roads less lethal 世界卫生组织已经制订了一个计划,旨在减少道路死亡May 12th 2011 | NEW YORK | from the print edition | International SOME mortal threats grab all the attention. Malnutrition, HIV/AIDS and cancer win over rock stars to the cause and provoke grown-ups to wear plastic bracelets. At the other end of the spectrum, past meningitis and diarrheal disease, lies road safety—which has been largely neglected on the global stage. But not for a lack of urgency. Globally, road accidents were the ninth leading cause of death in 2004. By 2030 they could be the fifth, above HIV/AIDS and lung cancer.一些致命的威胁引起了所有的关注。营养不良,艾滋病和癌症这些比摇滚歌星能引起青少年的关注。另一极端的说法就是,道路安全与脑膜炎和腹泻(造成的伤害)相当——这在世界范围内很大程度上被忽略了。这并不是说这不紧急。就全球来看,道路交通事故在2004年是死亡原因中位列第九。到2020年这可能会位列第五,排列艾滋病和肺癌之前。The World Health Organisation (WHO) is now trying to make roads less deadly. On May 11th it launched a “decade of road safety”, with a plan to save 5m lives and prevent 50m serious injuries by 2020. Officials from Vietnam to Mexico declared themselves determined to prevent traffic deaths. A new road-safety “tag” even graced landmarks in New York, London and Rio de Janeiro.世界卫生组织现在正在试图减少交通事故的死亡。5月11日,世卫组织发起了“道路安全十年”行动”,并且计划到2020年,挽救500万生命,避免5000万人受重伤。来自越南以及墨西哥的官员表示,他们会全力防止交通死亡。甚至在纽约,伦敦,里约热内卢就有一个新的道路安全“标签”地标。201105/137343鹰潭引产医院 伊朗总统选举的有争议结果以及随后出现的抗议在全世界产生影响,特别在华盛顿更是如此。奥巴马总统曾经承诺要开始与德黑兰对话。分析人士称这样的外交举动为敏感问题,尤其是在当前的形势下。Iran's disputed presidential election has put President Obama in an awkward position. Analysts say that Mr. Obama must be seen as approving of the protesters without backing them - a critical difference in a country where foreign support can be construed as interference in domestic affairs. 伊朗有争议的选举令奥巴马总统处于尴尬地位。分析人士说,奥巴马总统必须做到,既赞同这些抗议者而又不持他们。在一个外国持被视为干涉内政的国家,能否做到这一点会导致截然不同的结果。Reformist candidate Mir Hossein Mousavi lost to incumbent Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in what Iranian officials say was a landslide victory. Mr. Mousavi denounced the election as rigged, and thousands of demonstrators took to the streets of Tehran in protests the scale of which has not been seen in Iran in 30 years.伊朗的改革派候选人穆萨维在选举中输给现任总统艾哈迈迪内贾德。伊朗官员说,艾哈迈迪内贾德取得压倒性胜利。穆萨维谴责选举纵,成千上万示威者走上德黑兰街头,举行了伊朗30年从未有过的大规模抗议。Republican U.S. Senator John McCain, who knows firsthand what it means to lose a presidential election, having lost to Mr. Obama last year, said on N television's Today show that Mr. Obama should denounce the election outright.亲身体会在去年美国总统大选中失利、败给奥巴马的美国共和党参议员麦凯恩在美国全国广播公司的“今日”电视节目中表示,奥巴马总统应该直言谴责伊朗的这次选举。"He should speak out that this is a corrupt, fraud, sham of an election. The Iranian people have been deprived of their rights. We support them in their struggle against a repressive, oppressive regime. And they should not be subjected to four more years of Ahmadinejad and the radical Muslim clerics," McCain said.麦凯恩说:“他应该直接表示,这是一次充满腐败、欺诈和骗局的选举。伊朗人民被剥夺了权力。我们持他们反抗压迫性政权的奋斗。他们不应该再受4年艾哈迈迪内贾德以及激进穆斯林教士的统治。”But Mr. Obama has refused to do so, saying it would be inappropriate.但是奥巴马总统一直拒绝这样做。他说,这样做不妥。"It is not productive, given the history of U.S.-Iranian relations, to be seen as meddling, the U.S. president meddling in Iranian elections. What I will repeat, and what I said yesterday, is that when I see violence directed at peaceful protesters, when I see peaceful dissent being suppressed, wherever that takes place, it is of concern to me and of concern to the American people," Mr. Obama said.奥巴马总统说:“鉴于美国和伊朗关系的历史,这样做没有效果。会被视为干预,被视为美国总统干预伊朗选举。我要重申我昨天讲过的话:当我看到发生针对和平示威者的暴力、看到和平表示不满的行动被压制,不管发生在任何地方,都令我关注,也令美国人民关注。”Nicholas Burns, who was U.S. Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs during the Bush administration, praises Mr. Obama for walking a very fine line.曾经在布什政府中担任美国国务院次卿的尼古拉斯.伯恩斯称赞奥巴马总统行事慎重。"He was very careful not to insert the ed States in the middle of this conflict. In fact, he said it's only the people of Iran who can determine Iran's future. I think this is the right way forward for President Obama and for the ed States to be - of course, committed to human freedom in Iran, but to also say, 'This is an Iranian struggle, only Iranians can work it out, because of the very complicated relationship that the ed States and Iran have had over the last 30 years,'" Burns said.伯恩斯说:“奥巴马很谨慎地将美国置身于在这场冲突之外。事实上,他说,只有伊朗人民才能决定伊朗的未来。我认为这是奥巴马总统,也是美国致力于伊朗人权自由未来的正确途径,而且他还说‘这是伊朗人民的斗争,只有伊朗人民能够解决这个局面,因为美国和伊朗在过去30年里的关系特别复杂’。”Alex Vatanka, Senior Middle East Analyst for Jane's Information Group, says it is right for the president not to prematurely condemn what are questionable, but still murky election results.阿利克斯.瓦坦卡是简氏信息集团的中东资深分析师。他说,奥巴马总统的做法是正确的,他没有在时机尚未成熟之际就去谴责伊朗令人质疑的、仍然混乱的选举结果。"Let the Iranians deal with this. And if they need support, if things get out of hand, the U.S. can step in. But when you don't really know how much of an election rigging took place and all the rest of it, when you don't have all the facts, when you don't know if this is just some sort of an internal regime family feud, it would be too early for the U.S. to jeopardize the idea of a greater rapprochement with Iran at this stage," he said.他说:“让伊朗人自己去处理。如果他们需要持,如果局面失控,美国可以介入。但是当你并不真正了解选举舞弊的规模到底有多大、也不了解其他情况时,当你并不掌握所有的事实,也并不知道这是否是政权内部的某种纠纷的情况下,现在就做出危及美国对伊朗采取更为和解的设想的行动还为时过早。”Mr. Obama has pledged to open a dialogue with Iran. And most observers were watching to see what he would do after the election. 奥巴马总统誓言要跟伊朗开启对话。大多数观察人士正在紧密关注他在伊朗大选后将要采取的行动。Burns, who now teaches foreign policy at Harvard University, says the current upheaval might delay the Obama administration's outreach, but it is not likely to derail it. "I think that President Obama has been correct in saying that it's time that we sit down with our adversaries, it's time that we have a negotiation with Iran. But certainly that is not going to take place in the next week or two. Everything has its time. And right now, the proper place for the ed States to be is on the sidelines, watching and hoping that something good can happen out of these very serious events in Iran," he said.美国国务院前国务次卿伯恩斯目前在哈佛大学教授外交政策。他说,目前的动乱有可能会推迟奥巴马政府向伊朗伸出和解之手,但是不大可能会令奥巴马放弃。伯恩斯说:“我认为奥巴马总统的说法是正确的。他说,现在是跟我们的对手坐下来谈判的时候了。当然这不会在今后一两个星期里发生。每一个事物都有它的时间顺序。美国现在的适当位置应当是在观众席,观看并盼望伊朗发生的这些非常严重的事件中会有好的事情发生。”Many analysts say that a victory by reformist-minded Mir Hossein Mousavi would have made rapprochement between Washington and Tehran easier. But other analysts point out that power in Iran, especially in foreign affairs, is concentrated in the hands of the Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, making the president of Iran almost irrelevant to a U.S.-Iranian dialogue.很多分析人士说,如果具有改革观念的穆萨维胜选,将会使华盛顿和德黑兰的和解更加容易一些。但是,还有一些分析人士指出,伊朗的大权、特别是外交事务的大权集中在伊朗最高领导人哈梅内伊的手中,伊朗总统在美国和伊朗的对话中的地位几乎无足轻重。06/74849Strikes taking place across France and London have closed down major transport routes and turned transport links into chaos.法国各地和伦敦发生罢工,主要交通道路被关闭,运输线路混乱。London's tube workers went on a 24-hour strike starting Monday evening that left commuters struggling to make it to work Tuesday morning. 伦敦地铁工人从星期一傍晚开始24个小时的罢工,给星期二早上上班的乘客造成不便。Buses were diverted from central London because streets were at a standstill. Many people were on foot. 由于道路陷于瘫痪,公交车改变路线,避开伦敦中心地区。许多人步行上班。This London worker didn't arrive at work until two in the afternoon.一位伦敦工人直到下午两点才开始工作。"Normally it takes me 45 minutes and today it took me five hours," she said. "I think it was totally unnecessary; it should have been avoided rather than costing all the people trouble because there's been a lot of traffic and disruptions all over." 她说:“通常我路上用45分钟,但今天花了5个小时。”她说她烦透了。她说:“我认为这完全没有必要,它应该是可以避免的,而不是给所有人造成麻烦,现在到处都是交通拥挤,混乱不堪。”Thousands of workers on London's transport system walked out because they say proposed job cuts will hurt the service and create safety risks. 伦敦交通系统的数千名工人举行罢工。他们说,拟议中的裁员会对务产生不良影响,带来安全风险。201009/113293鹰潭妇幼保健医院做血常规检查

鹰潭曼月乐环多少钱Michelle Obama’s Slave Ancestry The first lady’s family tree traces connections to slaves and a white forebear. It is moving, it is sobering, it is a reach back into history. The tales about the family tree of first lady Michelle Obama and an American map that traces her back to the slaves and slave owners that were in her past. This woman who made it all the way to the White House. A's Yunji de Nies has more on the first of this journey. The rock of our family, the love of my life, the nation's next first lady-Michelle Obama. Here is a journey that began more than a century ago with the death of a slave holder who left all of his property to relatives including a six-year-old girl named Malvinia valued at 475 dollars. She worked on a farm that grew wheat, corn and cotton living an unimaginable life of labour. She was one of three slaves. There was a very small farm. It wasn't kind of the notion of a plantation that we have. With so few slaves, Malvinia likely worked in the house and laboured in the field. As a teenager, she gave birth to a son with a white man. The child is listed in this 1870 census as a "mulatto", the term used to describe a person of mixed race. His name was Dolphus Shields, Michelle Obama's great-great-grandfather. Many families have stories like Mrs Obama did about white ancestors. This is a good memory of him.Shields grew up a free man and became a carpenter. Barbie Helld was his informally adopted daughter.He was just a beautiful person, full of love. Three generations later, Marian Shields Robinson would give birth to little Michelle. In Mrs Obama Holt sees Shields. She seems to be a very loving person, and so was he. And they were just a good match. A family that went from slavery in the south to the halls of the White House.It's just an amazing journey.An amazing uniquely American journey. For Good Morning America. Yunji de Nies. A News, Washington.11/90030鹰潭市中医院治疗子宫肌瘤好吗 Researchers Say Increased Biofuel Production Could Harm Water Resources增加生物燃料生产可能损害水资源  A new study by researchers at Rice University in Houston, Texas warns that expanded production of crops to produce biofuels could damage water resources. The researchers suggest policy makers take into account what they call the "water footprint" when encouraging biofuel development.在美国德克萨斯州休斯敦市的莱斯大学,研究人员在新近发表的一份研究报告中警告说,越来越多地利用农作物生产生物燃料有可能破坏水资源。研究人员建议,决策者在鼓励生物燃料发展的同时,应当考虑到他们称之为“水足迹”的问题。The study is titled The Water Footprint of Biofuels: A Drink or Drive Issue? The suggestion is that by using too much water to produce fuel, humankind might leave itself with not enough water to drink or to grow food.这份报告的题目是《生物燃料的水足迹:一个关系到饮水还是开车的问题》。报告指出,将水资源过多地用于生产燃料,可能导致人类自身的饮用水和种粮用水变得缺乏。The lead author of the study, Rice University Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering Pedro Alvarez spoke to VOA by telephone from France, where he is attending an academic meeting. He says the water footprint consists of two elements. "Water shortages caused by a significant increase in fuel crop irrigation, and increased water pollution from related agro-chemical drainage and increased erosion and so on. The two impacts we refer to as the 'water footprint,'" he said.该研究报告的主要作者、莱斯大学土木与环境工程教授佩德罗.阿尔瓦雷斯(Pedro Alvarez) 在接受美国之音采访时解释了所谓的“水足迹”。他说:“能源作物的灌溉大量增加,相关农用化学品以及水土流失造成的水污染恶化,这些都是导致水源短缺的主要因素。这就是我们所说的‘水足迹’。”Alvarez says there are good reasons to continue programs to produce biofuels, such as reducing the need for imported oil and diversifying our sources of energy. But he says policy makers should provide incentives to producers to use crops that use less water and have less impact on the environment in the form of runoff of pesticides, fertilizers and other chemicals.阿尔瓦雷斯说,减少石油进口并使能源来源多样化,都是推进生物燃料项目的正当理由。但是他又说,决策者要鼓励生产者种植用水较少的作物,并减少农药、化肥和其他化学品的使用,以减少对环境的不利影响。"We want to try to use crops that deliver more energy with lower requirements for not just water, but also land and agro-chemicals. These are usually non-edible cellulosic crops," he said. “我们希望推广那些不但用水较少、而且需要较少土地和化学品的农作物。这往往是些不可食用的纤维作物。”The Rice University study also suggests that using corn to produce the alcohol fuel ethanol may not always be cost effective, especially in states where farmers have to use large amounts of fertilizer to produce the grain.莱斯大学的报告指出,用玉米生产酒精燃料乙醇成本并不低。尤其是在那些农民们不得不使用大量化肥的州。But Kristen Brekke of the American Coalition for Ethanol in Sioux Falls, South Dakota says the study does not take into account the growing yields farmers are producing by using technology and improved agricultural practices.但是,总部设在南达科他州苏福尔斯市的美国乙醇燃料联合会的克里斯丁.布莱克(Kristen Brekke)说,该项研究忽略了一个情况,那就是农民们利用新技术和改善耕作方式以使产量不断增加。"They are getting a lot more efficient; they have a lot better crop genetics and agronomic practices like no-till farming and things like GPS [satellite-dependent global positioning system]. That sort of technology allows them to put only the amount of fertilizer that is needed on a field and in the exact location that it is needed. USDA [the U.S. Department of Agriculture], for example, says that corn yields are expected to double in the next 25 years," she said.布莱克说:“他们提高了生产效率,改良了作物品种,并运用诸如免耕直播及全球定位系统等手段改进耕作方式。 这些技术使人们只在必要的地方施用最少量的化肥。美国农业部预测,在未来的25年中,玉米产量将翻一番。”But Brekke agrees with the Rice University study in that using corn for ethanol may not work well everywhere and that development of cellulosic ethanol from waste products and other plants makes sense. "The nice thing about cellulosic ethanol is that all areas of the country will be able to participate in that. Where it makes sense to grow corn, some of that corn is going to ethanol production, but in other areas of the country they will be able to use what they have locally available," she said.但是,对于莱斯大学报告中所称,利用玉米生产乙醇燃料并非处处行得通这一点,布莱克表示同意。她也认为利用农业废料和其他纤维质作物生产乙醇言之有理。布莱克说:“利用纤维质作物生产乙醇的好处是它在全国各地都行得通。在适合玉米生长的地区,可以把部分玉米用来生产乙醇,但在国内其他地区,人们可以就地取材。”The ethanol industry backs the use of the alcohol additive to gasoline as way of reducing petroleum consumption nationwide.乙醇工业推动了酒精添加剂在汽油中的使用,在全国范围内降低了汽油的消费。But Pedro Alvarez argues that it might be better for the environment as well as farmers to use the alternative fuel locally and not try to transport it long distances. He says that the growing world population might force policy changes not only in terms of water used for fuel crops, but also in terms of how water is used to produce the food we eat.但是,阿尔瓦雷斯认为,更好的做法是就地取材生产替代燃料,以避免长途运输,这对农民和环境都有好处。他还说,全球人口增加将迫使各国不仅改变燃料作物的用水政策,也将改变粮食生产的用水政策。"To make one kilogram of b, let's say, you need 1,000 liters of water and to make one kilogram of meat you need 10,000 liters of water. The point here is that water is going to be a severe limiting factor - not only to economic development, but just to feed a growing population," he said.“生产一公斤面包,比方说,需要用1000公升水;生产一公斤肉,需要用1万公升水。关键的问题是:水资源将变成一个严重的限制因素,不仅限制经济发展,而且会限制不断增长的人口的吃喝。”Alvarez says population growth will drive the need to allocate water carefully for various food crops as well as livestock. Likewise, he says, it will be necessary to balance the goals of reducing oil consumption and supporting the income of farmers with the need to preserve the water that makes agriculture possible.阿尔瓦雷斯说,人口增长会促使人们在粮食生产和家畜饲养方面更加小心地分配水资源。同样地,在减少石油消费、增加农民收入和确保水资源能够满足农业生产方面,的确有必要求得平衡。06/75957鹰潭打胎需要多少费用

鹰潭的妇产科医院Space aliens and extraterrestrials have long been popular subjects of Hollywood movies and science fiction literature. But the idea of intelligent life in outer space is no longer limited to fiction. 外星人和天外来客长期以来一直是好莱坞电影和科幻小说的题材。不过,外空存在智慧生命的想法不再局限于虚构作品当中了。For the last 50 years, scientists and astronomers have been training their telescopes into space in the search for signs of intelligent life. Frank Drake is a trailblazer in that quest.过去50年来,科学家和宇航员们一直在用他们的望远镜观察宇宙空间,搜索智慧生命的迹象。弗兰克.德雷克就是这样一位探索者。SpellboundOrson Wells' famous War of the Worlds radio broadcast in 1938 scared millions of Americans into believing earth was being invaded by Martians. But not a young Frank Drake. Rather than being fearful at the thought of aliens, he was captivated.奥尔森.维尔1938年创作的著名广播剧星球大战吓坏了千百万美国人,他们以为地球正遭到火星人的侵犯。不过,8岁的弗兰克.德雷克想到外星人,不但不害怕,反而着迷了。"My father told me there were other planets in space like the earth and this excited me," he says. "I was eight years old and this meant that a planet like where I lived with people like me and houses like me and eating food like I ate. The idea of there being other creatures in space is fascinating."他说:“我父亲告诉我,在太空里有类似地球的其他星球。这让我好激动。那年我8岁,想到还有一个像我居住的那样的星球,有跟我一样的人,一样的房子,吃我吃的那些食物,想到太空里还有其他生命,太令人着迷了。”201102/126565 Iraqi Government Encourages Refugees, Internally Displaced to Return伊拉克政府鼓励难民返回家园  The International Organization for Migration says the Iraqi government is allocating more than 0 million to persuade internally displaced people and refugees to return home. the IOM says the government is enacting a variety of legal and practical measures to encourage these returns.国际移民组织表示,伊拉克政府为吸引国内流离失所的人和难民返回家园而拨款两亿多美元。国际移民组织说,伊拉克政府正在制定各种法律和切实可行的措施鼓励他们返乡。The Iraqi government has had some successes in getting people to return to the homes they fled during the peak years of the conflict. In a new report, the International Organization for Migration says more than 100,000 people have returned to Baghdad since the program went into effect on September first.伊拉克政府在劝说那些在冲突最激烈的年头背井离乡的人们返回家园的工作上取得了一定成功。国际移民组织在一份新的报告中说,自从这项计划9月1号生效以来,已经有10万多人返回巴格达。And it says nearly 72,000 more people have returned to other places in the country, mostly to the provinces of Anbar and Diyala. The report finds very few refugees have returned. It says 92 percent of those going back to their homes of origin are people who have been displaced within the country.报告说,另有将近7万2千人返回伊拉克其它地方,其中大多数回到安巴尔和迪亚拉两省。报告发现,返回家乡的难民很少。回到家乡的人中有92%是国内的流离失所者。IOM spokesman Jean-Philippe Chauzy, tells VOA these returns are encouraging, but remain insignificant given the huge scale of the displacement problem. 国际移民组织发言人让-菲利普.乔兹对美国之音说,这些人返乡令人鼓舞,但是鉴于无家可归的人数巨大,这个数字仍然显得微不足道。"You still have 2.8 million people internally displaced within Iraq, including 1.6 million people who were displaced following the bombing of the Samara mosque in February 2006," said Chauzy. "So the scale of the challenge is absolutely stupendous." 乔兹说:“在伊拉克境内还有280万人流离失所,其中160万人是2006年2月萨马拉清真寺发生爆炸事件之后逃离家园的。所以,伊拉克的流离失所者返乡问题仍然很严峻。”In addition, more than two million people have fled Iraq and sought asylum in other countries, mainly in Syria and Jordan. According to the IOM report, very few of these refugees have taken up the government's offer to return.此外,还有两百多万人逃离伊拉克,在其它国家寻求避难,其中主要是叙利亚和约旦。据国际移民组织这份报告,这些难民中几乎没有人由于政府采取的措施而返乡。Chauzy says disputes over property rights remain the single biggest impediment. He says the government has enacted a number of measures aimed at resolving this problem.乔兹说,有关财产权的争议仍然是阻止这些难民返乡的最大障碍。他说,为了解决这一问题,伊拉克政府制定了若干项措施。Chauzy says a law passed last month requires that all squatters vacate houses they unlawfully occupy in Baghdad or face prosecution. But he says to help matters, the government is offering financial inducements to persuade squatters to leave. 乔兹说,上个月通过的一项法律规定,在巴格达所有非法占用住房的人都要搬出去,否则将受到起诉。不过他表示,为了促使那些占用房产的人迅速搬离,伊拉克政府向他们提供资金补助。"That includes a financial payment of about 0 per month for six months to help people find alternative housing options. It also includes return facilitation centers, mostly in Baghdad. And, these centers are there to assist returnees to register to receive a return grant of about 0 and to resolve those property issues that many returnees will face when they return to their home," said Chauzy.乔兹说:“这项措施包括政府在六个月内每个月付给占用房子的人大约250美元,帮助他们另找住处。这些措施里还包括主要在巴格达设立促进返乡中心。这些中心是为了让返乡者得到一笔大约900美元的返乡费而进行登记,同时帮助返乡人员解决他们许多人回到家乡时都会遇到的那些财产问题。”IOM notes security in many parts of the country is improving and new displacements are decreasing. But it says millions of internally displaced people are still unable or unwilling to return home. 国际移民组织的报告指出,伊拉克许多地区的治安状况正在改善,新的流离失所问题在减少。不过,报告认为,数百万在国内流离失所的人仍然无法或者不愿意返回家乡。It says they face many hardships and are in need of basic humanitarian assistance such as food and non-food items, shelter, education and health care.国际移民组织的报告说,返回家乡的人面临许多困难,需要基本的人道主义援助,包括食品和非食品等物品、临时住所、教育以及健康保健等。200810/52704鹰潭希正医院生孩子价格鹰潭市做四维彩超最好的医院



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