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月湖区妇幼保健医院妇产中心贵溪银矿职工医院做人流Saudi Arabia is raising bn from a consortium of global banks as the kingdom embarks on its first international debt issuance in 25 years to counter dwindling oil revenues and reserves. 沙特阿拉伯正从一个由多家全球组成的财团筹00亿美元。为了对抗石油收入和外汇储备减少,该国启5年来首次国际贷款The landmark five-year loan, a sign of Riyadh’s newfound dependence on foreign capital, opens the way for the country to launch its first international bond issue. It comes as the low price of crude encourages other Gulf governments, such as Abu Dhabi, Qatar and Oman, to tap bond markets. 这一里程碑式的五年期贷款标志着沙特政府对外国资本产生了新的依赖,它为沙特发行首只国际债券铺平了道路。目前,原油价格走低正促使阿布扎比、卡塔尔和阿曼等其他海湾国家政府利用债券市场融资The oil-rich kingdom, which last weekend blocked a deal among oil producers to freeze output and bolster prices, has burnt through around 0bn in reserves since late 2014. Its fiscal deficit is set to widen to 19 per cent of gross domestic product this year. 上周末,石油资源丰富的沙特封杀了产油国之间冻结产量以提振油价的一个协议。自2014年底以来,该国已耗费了约1200亿美元外汇储备。今年其财政赤字将扩大至国内生产总GDP)9%Strong interest in the loan, especially from Asia, came despite rating agenciesdowngrades on Saudi creditworthiness since the oil price collapsed. The government raised the amount it wanted to borrow from bn-bn to bn after the deal was oversubscribed. 尽管自油价崩盘以来各评级机构已经下调了沙特的信用评级,但这笔贷款还是吸引了投资者的强烈兴趣——尤其是来自亚洲的投资者。在出现超额认购后,沙特政府将借款金额0亿至80亿美元提升至100亿美元“The deal is very successful, with very competitive pricing,said Elyas Algaseer, deputy regional general manager at Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi. “There was immense market appetite.三菱东京日联(Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi)区域副总经理伊莱亚#8226;阿尔加瑟(Elyas Algaseer)表示:“这笔交易非常成功,价格极有竞争力。市场需求极大。Ewen Cameron Watt, chief investment strategist at BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager, said: “The loan is a way for Saudi Arabia to test the waters and set up an international borrowing profile. 世界最大资产管理公司贝莱德(BlackRock)首席投资策略师尤#8226;卡梅#8226;瓦特(Ewen Cameron Watt)表示:“对沙特阿拉伯来说,这笔贷款是试水并建立国际借款记录的方式。“This is paving the way for the kingdom to transform from a creditor nation into a debtor nation. It’s a significant moment of change in debt markets.“这为沙特王国从债权国转为债务国铺平了道路。是债务市场发生改变的重大时刻。Saudi Arabia may now raise its first global bond in the wake of the loan deal, bankers said. Institutions that loaned the most would be set to benefit from a mandate to help Riyadh raise the bond. 家们表示,在这笔贷款交易完成后,沙特阿拉伯现在可能要发行其首只全球债券。为沙特阿拉伯提供最多贷款的几家金融机构,将受益于帮助利雅得发行债券的委托The lead lenders, each pledging around .3bn, include Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi, HS and JPMorgan, bankers say. Lenders were required to lend at least 0m to participate. 家们表示,领头的贷款人包括三菱东京日联、汇HS)和根大JPMorgan),每一家都承诺为沙特提供约13亿美元的贷款。要参与此次认购,沙特要求贷款人至少要借出5亿美元Mr Algaseer declined to comment on the pricing, but other bankers close to the deal said it had priced at around 120 basis points over US dollar Libor. 阿尔加瑟拒绝就定价置评,但其他知晓这笔贷款内情的家表示,定价比美元伦敦间同业拆借利Libor)高出120个基点左右The loan is Saudi Arabia’s first international debt issuance since 1991, when it raised around bn in the aftermath of the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. 这笔贷款是沙特阿拉伯991年以来的首次国际发债,那年沙特在伊拉克入侵科威特后募集了约10亿美元。来 /201604/438546鹰潭希正医院地址 Donald Trump may be threatening to start a trade war with China, but the US and its geopolitical rival are aly skirmishing ahead of what could be a combative summer.唐纳#8226;特朗Donald Trump)或许正在威胁要与中国展开贸易但美国与中国这个地缘政治对手在可能展开激烈交锋的今年夏天到来之前,已提前爆发小规模冲突.The latest sign came yesterday when the US brought a new challenge in the World Trade Organisation against昨日两国贸易争端有了最新情美国在世界贸易组WTO)针对中国对美国禽类产品征收反倾销税提起新的诉这是奥巴Obama)政府2次在世贸组织起诉中国,次数超过以往任何一届美国政Chinese anti-dumping tariffs on US poultry products. It is the 12th time the Obama administration has taken China to the WTO, more than any of its predecessors.美国贸易代表迈克#8226;弗罗Mike Froman)表示;!美国农民应该获得公平的机在全球经济中去竞争、取如果中国试图让我们的农民、企业和工人处于不利的竞争地本届政府将继续追究其责任.!“American farmers deserve a fair shot to compete and win in the global economy, and this administration will continue to hold China responsible when they attempt to disadvantage our farmers, businesses and workers,! said Mike Froman, the US trade representative.此举是美国政府及业界对中国采取强硬态度的更广泛努力的一部分,贸易话题已不仅仅是竞选话The latest move is part of a broader effort by the administration and US industry to get tough on China, with trade rhetoric rising even far from the campaign trail.铁矿石生产商Cliffs Natural Resources首席执行官洛伦索#8226;贡萨尔维Lourenco Goncalves)上周在美国钢铁工业协US steel industry association)会议间歇向记者表!这是战争,不是贸易.中国正在发动经济战争.我们必须认识到这一并采取相应行!“This is war. This is not trade,! Lourenco Goncalves, chief executive of Cliffs Natural Resources, an iron ore producer, told reporters last week on the sidelines of a US steel industry association meeting. “China is waging economic war. We ought to recognise that and act accordingly.!美国政府之所以会采取这一行动,一方面是受政治因素驱动,另一方面是希望争取国会在明年1月奥巴马离任前批准《跨太平洋伙伴关系协定》(Trans-Pacific Partnership,简称TPP)——美0多年来谈判达成的规模最大的贸易协议.Driving the administration!s push is politics and its desire to secure congressional approval before Mr Obama leaves office in January for the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the largest trade deal negotiated by the US in more than 20 years.受特朗普及其他美国总统竞选人言论影上述计划已变得复杂化.但美国政府的反应是加强论TPP——包括美囀?日本以及环太平洋地区除中国外的其他10个经济体——是对中国企图控制该地区贸易的一项重要战略回Those plans have been complicated by the rhetoric of Mr Trump and others campaigning to succeed Mr Obama. But the administration!s response has been to intensify its argument that the TPP, which includes the US, Japan and 10 other Pacific rim economies but not China, is an important strategic response to Beijing!s bid to control commerce in the region.美国官员认为,如果中国是个问题——如特朗普及其他人所指——那么TPP才是完美回应,而不是共和党这位假定被提名人所提议的粗暴关If China is the problem, as Mr Trump and others argue, then the TPP, rather than the crude tariffs the presumptive Republican nominee is proposing, is the perfect response, US officials argue.与此同时,美国商界对中国新的经济民族主及其对美国农产品出口、科技企业和全球钢铁行业的影响感到越来焦虑.Those efforts are coinciding with rising anxiety in US business about what is seen as a new economic nationalism in China and its impact on such things as US agricultural exports, technology businesses and the global steel industry.本月底之美国商务部将决定是否持美国钢铁公司(US Steel)提出的禁止从中国进口钢材的请作为对该公司所称的中国进行黑客攻击、窃取知识产权的惩罚.截至今夏结束,三起反倾销案可能导致美国对中国部分钢材产品征收高达266%的惩罚性关By the end of this month the US commerce department is set to decide whether to allow a case brought by US Steel seeking a ban on steel imports from China as punishment for what it says were Chinese hacking attacks and the theft of intellectual property. By the end of the summer three anti-dumping cases could result in punitive tariffs of as much as 266 per cent being imp-osed on certain Chinese steel products.美国还在其他方面对中国施加贸易压美国一直在悄悄进行游说,试图阻止中国获得世贸组织框架下的!市场经济!地位,而北京方面非常重视这一地位,并称其应在今2月——中国加入这一全球贸易机构15周年之际——自动获得该地位.The US is also applying trade pressure elsewhere. It has been quietly lobbying to block China from securing “market economy! status under the WTO, something Beijing prizes and says it should be granted automatically in December with the 15th anniversary of its accession to the global trade body.尽管美国在推动美中双边投资协定取得进但奥巴马政府正将北京排除在日内瓦进行的全球务贸易谈判之并在另一系列谈判中施压中国放宽对太阳能电池等绿色产品的限Even as it pushes to make progress on a bilateral investment treaty with China, the Obama administration is keeping Beijing out of separate talks in Geneva on the global trade in services and pressing it to loosen restrictions on green products such as solar cells in yet another set of negotiations.白宫经济顾问委员会前成员查德#8226;P#8226;布朗(Chad P Brown)表示,奥巴马政府的对华策略与特朗普的提议之间有本质区别.他说,美国当前采取的措施都是在!游戏规则!之下进行而特朗普提议实施的单方面关税很可能会让美国违反世贸组织规但还有一些自由贸易的倡导者抱怨他们所看到的形势变Chad P Brown, a former member of Mr Obama!s council of economic advisers, said there was a fundamental difference between the administration!s tactics against China and what Mr Trump was proposing. The current moves were being conducted within “the rules of the game!, he said, while Mr Trump!s proposed unilateral tariffs would probably put the US in violation of WTO rules. But other advocates of free trade bemoan what they see developing.自由派智囊机构加图研究所(Cato Institute)负责贸易研究的丹#8226;伊肯Dan Ikenson)表示,奥巴马政府为应对中国崛起而推动TPP,凸显了在国会面前奥巴马处于多么弱势的地位.他说;!奥巴马政府要把中国定性为真正的无视国际规则的国家,所有的理由都摆在面最佳的回击方式就是提起这些贸易诉讼.!Dan Ikenson, who directs trade resear-ch at the libertarian Cato Institute, said the administration!s pushing of the TPP as a response to the rise of China highlighted how weak Mr Obama!s position was with Congress. “The elements are all there for the administration to cast China as this real international scofflaw. And the best way to hit back is to bring these trade cases,! he said.彼得森国际经济研究所(Peterson Institute for International Economics)的加#8226;赫夫鲍尔(Gary Hufbauer)表示,还存在一种风即美中贸易关系进入一极端敌对,这对这两个经济体来说都是凶兆. /201605/443184鹰潭无痛人流电话

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月湖区四维彩超医院The US media have given their verdict on who won the second presidential debate after Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton engaged in attack and counter-attack.共和党人唐纳#8226;特朗普和民主党人希拉#8226;克林顿在第二次总统大选辩论中再次交锋,对于谁赢得本场辩论的胜利,美国媒体各有评断。While opinion is divided, Mrs Clinton is largely thought to have come out on top in Sundays debate in St Louis. But columnists raised the issue of her failure to tackle Mr Trump effectively, allowing him to ;exceed expectations;.尽管存在意见分歧,但是大部分人认为希拉里在圣路易日的辩论中占了上风。不过,专栏作家们指出了希拉里的问题,称其没能有效地反击特朗普,令他的表现“超出了人们的预期”。Fox News concludes that Mr Trump managed to pull off a surprising performance, although the news channel does not explicitly state that the Republican candidate won the debate.福克斯新闻虽然没有明确表态称这位共和党候选人赢得了此次辩论,但认为特朗普的表现惊人。The conservative network says he performed well, pivoting and manoeuvring through questions, allowing him to save his presidential hopes.这一保守派电视台表示,特朗普表现得不错,巧妙地周璇,转移问题,为他的总统梦挽回了一线希望。Mr Trumps decision to launch a blistering attack against Hillary Clinton and her husband is described by Fox as the equivalent of ;Hillary dropping Alicia Machado on Trump; in the previous debate.福克斯新闻称,特朗普向克林顿夫妇疯狂开炮的决定就像是在前一场辩论中“希拉里向特朗普抛出了艾莉茜#8226;马查多。This could be one of the biggest knockouts Ive seen“这可能是我见过最猛的制胜一击”That was the line used by Breitbart news, which is in a minority in handing the title to Mr Trump.布莱巴特新闻网使用了上面这段文字,这是为数不多的一家将特朗普视为赢家的媒体。In a leading story ing comments from former mayor of New York City, Rudy Giuliani, it reports that Mrs Clinton was ;pounded on bad decisions;.该网站一篇援引前纽约市长鲁迪#8226;朱利安尼的头条新闻报道称,希拉里“因为错误的决策而备受抨击”。It refers to accusations from Mr Trump that Mrs Clinton and the Democratic Party helped ;create the vacuum in the Middle East; that allowed so-called Islamic State to form.这里指的是特朗普指控希拉里和民主党制造了“中东真空地带”,致使所谓的“伊斯兰国”组织的建立;All Hillary Clinton had to do was remain upright for 90 minutes.;“希拉里#8226;克林顿所要做的就是把自己的正直形象保0分钟。”The Washington Posts verdict is that the debate highlighted an ;increasingly isolated; Mr Trump during an ;unusually dark and bitter face-off;. Over the past year, the newspaper has been at the forefront of investigations into Mr Trump, and has published several editorials condemning the candidate.《华盛顿邮报》认为在异常肮脏和激烈的辩论中特朗普显得“更加孤立”。过去一年里,这家报纸一直是调查特朗普的先锋,并发表了许多抨击他的社论。On the news sites Right Turn blog, Jennifer Rubin says Mrs Clinton had very little to do in order to go ;the last little way in wrapping up the election;.在其网站的“Right Turn”客栏目中,詹妮弗#8226;鲁宾称希拉里无需费太多力就可以走完大选的“最后一公里”。She writes that Mrs Clinton handled the audience well when answering questions, adding that the former secretary of state effectively won the debate early on by ;simply keeping her cool;.她写道,希拉里在回答问题时很好地应付了观众,而且这位前国务卿仅靠着“保持冷静”就已经提前在事实上赢得了这场辩论。Issues ranging from Mr Trumps tax payments to his foreign policy have, according to the Post, given Mrs Clinton plenty of material for a new raft of political ads.华盛顿邮报称,从纳税到外交政策,特朗普存在诸多问题,这为希拉里给自己作新一轮政治宣传提供了大量素材。A CNN/ORC poll of debate watchers handed Sundays victory to Mrs Clinton. But the results also showed that Mr Trump managed to exceed expectations.CNN和ORC对电视观众进行的一份联合民调认日辩论胜利属于希拉里。但是结果还显示特朗普表现超出期待。Ron Fournier, whose coverage of US politics dates back to the days of Bill Clinton, writes that Mrs Clinton did about as well as anyone could while dealing with a ;barking; opponent and ;pouting menace;.#8226;福尼尔(前美联社政治员,译者注)从比尔#8226;克林顿时期就开始报道美国政治,他写道在“大吼大叫”的对手和“厉色的恐吓”面前,希拉里的应对不比任何人差。Mr Fournier said that throughout the debate the controversial Republican ;failed to patch together his collapsing campaign;.福尼尔称,整场辩论中,这位备受争议的共和党人“没能将他正在瓦解的竞选团队重新凝聚在一起”。来 /201610/470849 贵溪市产妇做检查哪家医院好贵溪市无痛人流哪家医院最好的



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