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鹰潭无痛人流套餐鹰潭市顺产多少钱And he thought about it quite a long time,他想了很久。and finally he said, ;Maam, I miss almost all of it.;最后说:;太太,我怀念那里所有的一切。;。And hes one of the most traumatized people Ive seen from that war.他是我见过的经历了战争的人中受创伤最为严重的人之一。;Maam, I miss almost all of it.;他说的这句;太太,我怀念那里所有的一切。;。What is he talking about?他是想表达什么呢?。Hes not a psychopath.他不是神经病。He doesnt miss killing people.也不喜欢杀人。Hes not crazy. He doesnt miss getting shot at and seeing his friends get killed.没有疯,也不喜欢被击中看到朋友牺牲。What is it that he misses? We have to answer that.那他怀念的是什么?这个问题我要来回答。If were going to stop war, we have to answer that question.如果想要阻止战争发生,我们就必须回答这个问题。I think what he missed is brotherhood. He missed, in some ways,the opposite of killing.我认为,他怀念的是兄弟情谊。从某种程度上说,他怀念的是杀戮的对立面。What he missed was connection to the other men he was with.是他与其它士兵之间的联系。Now, brotherhood is different from friendship.这里,兄弟情谊不同于友谊。Friendship happens in society, obviously.友谊多见于社会上。The more you like someone, the more youd be willing to do for them.你越喜欢一个人你越情愿为他付出。Brotherhood has nothing to do with how you feel about the other person.但是兄弟情谊却与对他人的感觉无关。Its a mutual agreement in a group that you will put the welfare of the group, you will put the safety of everyone in the group above your own.在一个群体中大家都会把整个群体的安危他人的安危置于自己的安危之上。In effect, youre saying, ;I love these other people more than I love myself.;实际上就相当于说:;我爱其他人胜过爱自己;。Brendan was a team leader in command of three men, and the worst day in Afghanistan.He was almost killed so many times.布伦丹是一名队长手下有三个士兵。他在阿富汗经历了最惨痛的一天。虽然他自己也几次险些丧生。It didnt bother him.但这些对他都不算什么。The worst thing that happened to him in Afghanistan was one of his men was hit in the head with a bullet in the helmet, knocked him over.对他来说最惨痛的是。他手下的一名士兵被子弹射中头部子弹打到了钢盔上,把他冲倒了。They thought he was dead.大家以为他死了。It was in the middle of a huge firefight.当时战事正酣。No one could deal with it, and a minute later, Kyle Steiner sat back up from the dead, as it were, because hed come back to consciousness.没人顾得上他,直到一分钟以后。这名叫凯尔·斯坦纳的士兵坐了起来。好像是复活了一样。因为他又恢复了知觉。The bullet had just knocked him out.It glanced off the helmet.子弹把他震晕了。钢盔替他挡住了子弹。201411/342351鹰潭处女膜修复 So very seldom do we really pay attention to the fact that life does have rules if you look for them 我们很少真正去注意这个事实 那就是如果你仔细去找 生活中是存在规则的 My wife and I recently went to a basketball game in Stanford University of Colorado vs. Stanford 我妻子和我最近去斯坦福看了一场篮球赛 科罗拉多大学对斯坦福大学 And we were sitting in the Colorado seats up in the nosebleed section I got recognized 我们本来坐在高处的科罗拉多队的座位上 我被认出来了 They put me down in the front row of the Stanford athletic directors box There we were 他们把我安排在下面前排斯坦福体育主管的包厢里 我们就坐在那儿 My wife and I wearing Cal colors, rooting for Colorado 我妻子和我穿着加州大学的衣 为科罗拉多大学加油 And from early on in life we learn just to be loyal to our school my school, right or wrong; my team, right or wrong 我们从早年就学到要忠于我们的学校 忠于我的学校 无论对错 忠于我的队伍 无论对错 Am I just be, what city I happen to live in, does that make me a better person because Im in a city that has a better team? 我生活的城市就代表了我吗 如果我生活在一座有更棒球队的城市 会不会让我成为一个更好的人呢 Not really We have to understand its still lighthearted Its a game Its a fun ritual that sort of thing 不是这样的 我们要理解这仍然是轻松愉快的 是一场游戏 一个有趣的仪式之类的事情 Because eventually in life we start saying ;my country, right or wrong; rather than asking questions and 因为最后我们在生活中会开始说;忠于我的国家 无论对错; 而不会提出疑问 really challenging things that boil down to a lot of violence and death in the world 不会真正地去挑战那些在世界上造成许多暴力和死亡的事物 I was brought up taught that there are people that are strong and use their muscles and their power and they are forced to get somewhere 在我的成长历程中我被教导 有些强壮的人会使用他们的肌肉和力量 逼迫别人来达到自己的目的 Its called ;bround;, bullies push you around And I wanted to be the other side, the brain side 这叫;恶霸牵着你的鼻子走; 我想站在另一边 理智的那边 The brain was really important for the future of a person and for the future of all of us 理智对一个人的未来 对我们所有人的未来都非常重要 So thats where I stand I want always to be on the brain side 所以我站在这一边 我希望自己一直站在理智的一边 Berkeley. I wanted to attend Berkeley because it was a symbol of intellectual thought 说到伯克利 我想来伯克利上学是因为它是智慧思想的象征 Back in those counterculture times when people were talking about it being OK to live life different ways that life could be different 在那段反主流文化的时代 人们谈起不同的生活方式会觉得没什么不好 生活可以不同 The intellectuals were the universities They were challenging a lot of the accepted wisdom and ways that we lived our life 知识分子在大学里 他们向许多已被公认的智慧和我们曾经的生活方式发起挑战 201508/395484Now, as we pull down here, we still have a whole set of creatures living on the surface of the planet.现在当我摧毁这里的时候,在这个星球上其实还居住着一系列的生物,There are all these different dynamics going on here.所以发生着一系列动态的变化。In fact, I can look over here,我可以从这里俯视。and this is kind of a little simplified food web thats going on with the creatures.这里的生物有一个简化了的小食物链。I can open this up and then scan what exists on the surface,我可以打开这个,浏览哪些生物存在于这个表面,and get some sense of the diversity of creatures that were brought in.了解其中生物的多样性。Some of these were created by the player,其中有些时由玩家自己创作的,others by other players and automatically sent over here.有的是由其他玩家创造的,自动分配到这里来的。But theres a very simple little kind of calculation of whats required,但是这里面也要求一些简单的计算,how much plants are required for the herbivores to live,比如为了草食动物的存活,需要多少植物,how many herbivores for the carnivores to eat, etc.,为了我肉食动物的存活,需要多少草食动物,that you actually have to balance actively.你需要实现一个动态的平衡。Now also with this phase, were getting more and more God-like powers for the player,同样,在这个阶段,我们给了玩家更多的造物的权利,and you can kind of experiment with this planet again as a toy.你可以用这个玩具星球来实现。So I can come in and I can do things, and just treat this planet as a lump of clay.我可以进入其中,可以摆弄它,可以把这个星球当做一块橡皮泥。We have very simple little weather systems you see here, very simple geology.这里我们有一个简单的天气系统,很简单的地理状况。For instance, I could open one of my tools here and then carve out rivers.比如,我可以在这里使用一个工具,比如,开凿河流。So this whole thing is kind of like a big lump of clay, a sculpture.这整个星球就像是一块巨大的橡皮泥,一个雕塑。I can also play with the dynamics of this world over time.我还可以不断控制这个世界的动态变化。So one of the things I can do is start pumping more CO2 gases into the atmosphere,因此,我可以往大气中倾倒更多二氧化碳,and so thats what Im doing here.就像这样。Theres actually a little out down there of our planetary atmosphere, pressure and temperature.这下面有一些关于我们这个星球的大气环境的指数,包括气压,温度。So as I start pumping in more atmosphere,所以当我开始增加气体时,were going to start pushing up the greenhouse gases here我们就会提高温室气体的含量,and if youll start noticing, we start seeing the ocean levels rise over time.如果你注意看的话,就会发现海平面上升了。And our cities are going to be at risk too, because a lot of these are coastal cities.而我们的城市就会有危险,因为许多城市就在海岸边。You can see the ocean levels are rising now and as they encroach upon the cities,你可以看见海平面正在上升,海水在侵蚀城市,Ill start losing cities here.这里我失掉了不少城市。So basically, I want the players to be able to experiment and explore a huge amount of failure space.所以我希望玩家能够试验和探索,了解各种太空中的失败So there goes one city.你看,一个城市毁灭了。Now over time, this is actually going to heat up the planet.渐渐地,星球的温度提高了。So at first what were going to see is a global ocean rise here on this little toy planet,在这个小小玩具星球上,我们首先会遇到的就是全球海平面上升。but then over time -- I can speed it up just a little bit --逐渐地——我可以加快点速度——well actually see the heat impact of that as well.我们也可以看见升温带来的影响。So not only will it get hotter,它不仅仅会变得更热,but at some point its going to get so hot the oceans will entirely evaporate.甚至在某种情况下,热到连海洋都蒸发了。So at first theyll go up, and then theyll evaporate, and thatll be my planet.所以海洋先上升,然后蒸发,这就是我的星球。So basically, what were getting here is我们正在经历的可能是the sequel to ;An Inconvenient Truth,; in about two minutes,《难以忽视的真相》的两分钟的续集,and that actually brings up an interesting point about games.这让游戏变得很有趣。Now here, our entire oceans are evaporating off the surface,现在我们所有的海洋正在从表面开始蒸发。and as it keeps getting hotter at some point the entire planets going to melt down.随着温度越来越高,整个星球可能会在某一刻融化掉。Here it goes.你看。So were not only simulating biological dynamics -- food webs and all that --所以我们不仅仅是在模拟生物的变化——像食物链等——but also geologic, you know, on a very simple core scale.还有简单的核心层面的地理变化。And whats interesting to me about games,对我来说,游戏的有趣之处有时in some sense, is that I think we can take a lot of long-term dynamics在于我们可以将一些长期的变化and compress them into very short-term kind of experiences.压缩成短期的经历。Because its so hard for people to think 50 or 100 years out,把五十甚至一百年内发生的事情想清楚实在太难了,but when you can give them a toy,但是如果你能给他们一个玩具,and they can experience these long-term dynamics in just a few minutes,让他们在几分钟之内去经历这些长期的变化,I think its an entirely different kind of point of view,我认为就是一种全然不同的观点了,where were actually mapping, using the game to re-map our intuition.我们可以呈现,用游戏去再现我们的直觉。Its almost in the same way that a telescope or microscope recalibrates your eyesight;就像是望远镜或者显微镜重新校准了你的视力I think computer simulations can recalibrate your instinct across vast scales of both space and time.我觉得电脑模拟可以大规模地跨越空间和时间校准你的直觉。201601/419769鹰潭市哪家妇科医院好

贵溪市妇幼保健医院体检收费标准And on the first day at Simikot in Humla,我们在胡姆拉的Simikot的头一天far west of Nepal,在尼泊尔的最西端the most impoverished region of Nepal,全国最贫困的地区an old man came in一个抱着一堆破烂布片的老人clutching a bundle of rags.走进来And he walked in, and somebody said something to him,他进了门,有人招呼他we realized he was deaf,然后我们发现他是耳聋and we looked into the rags,我们看看那堆布片and there was this pair of eyes.里头露出一双眼睛来The rags were unwrapped打开裹着的布片from a little girl是一个whose body was massively burned.重度烧伤的女孩Again, 再一次the eyes and hands观世音的of Avalokiteshvara.眼睛和慈悲之手显现It was the young women, the health aids,也就是那些年轻女性,援助者who cleaned the wounds of this baby清理孩子的伤口and dressed the wounds.并包扎上I know those hands and eyes;我认识那些手和眼睛they touched me as well.它们也曾经抚慰过我They touched me at that time.它们在过去抚慰过我They have touched me throughout my 68 years.在我68年生命中抚慰了我They touched me when I was four在我四岁失去视力and I lost my eyesight几乎瘫痪的时候and was partially paralyzed.它们抚慰了我And my family brought in我的家人带来a woman whose mother had been a slave一个女人,她的母亲曾经是个奴隶to take care of me.她照顾我And that woman这个女人did not have sentimental compassion.并没有感性的慈悲心She had phenomenal strength.她有的是非凡的力量And it was really her strength, I believe,我相信,是她的力量that became the kind of mudra and imprimatur成为一种启发与指引that has been a guiding light in my life.是我生命中的指明灯So we can ask:我们问道:What is compassion comprised of?慈悲是什么构成的?And there are various facets.包含很多方面And theres referential and non-referential compassion.有指代性的和非指代性的But first, compassion is comprised但首先,慈悲是of that capacity透彻观照to see clearly苦难之存在的into the nature of suffering.能力构成It is that ability这种能力to really stand strong让我们保持坚强and to recognize also并让我们意识到that Im not separate from this suffering.我是这苦难的一部分But that is not enough,但这不够because compassion,因为慈悲心which activates the motor cortex,激发运动皮质层means that we aspire,也就是说我们受到激励we actually aspire to transform suffering.被激励着去化解苦难And if were so blessed,如果我们足够幸运的话we engage in activities我们从事的活动that transform suffering.能化解苦难But compassion has another component,但慈悲心有另一个组成部分and that component is really essential.这个部分非常重要That component这就是is that we cannot be attached to outcome.我们不应该耽于结果Now I worked with dying people如今,我已为for over 40 years.临死的人们工作了40余年I had the privilege of working on death row我曾有幸 在最大限度安全保下for six years.为死刑犯工作了六个年头And I realized so clearly我清楚的认识到in bringing my own life experience,在我的个人生活经历中from working with dying people为临死之人工作and training caregivers,以及培训护理者的个人生活中that any attachment to outcome任何耽于结果的感情would distort deeply只会深深影响my own capacity to be fully present我自己的to the whole catastrophe.面对大苦难的能力And when I worked in the prison system,在我为监狱系统工作时it was so clear to me, this:我很清楚:that many of us这个屋子里in this room,很多人and almost all of the men that I worked with on death row,还有几乎所有与我一起为死刑犯共事过的人the seeds of their own compassion had never been watered.他们的慈悲之火种从未被扑灭201410/331362鹰潭市治疗卵巢囊肿好的医院 鹰潭彩超多少钱

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