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Choosing your wedding dress is one of the biggest decisions for a blushing bride. This film helps choose a wedding dress that is right for your body shape with the help of the Arvella Bridal shop.对于容光焕发神采奕奕的新娘来说,挑选婚纱无疑是一个重大决定。在本视频中,Arvella婚纱店帮助你挑选适合自己体型的婚纱。Step 1: Keep an Open Mind1.集思广益Unless you make a habit of wearing extravagant frocks you probably wont know which shape suits you best. Many brides end up wearing something they would never have picked out in a shop but which looks amazing on, so allow plenty of time and dont be afraid to try on several different styles. Take someone with you whose advice you trust!除非你选择穿非常夸张非常宽大的袍子,你或许不知道哪种婚纱最适合你。许多新娘最后选择的婚纱是她们从来没考虑过的,但是最后穿出来的效果却非常惊艳,所以一定要预留足够的时间,多试穿几套不同风格,不同款式的婚纱。请你信任的人给你诚恳的建议。Step 2: Dress Shapes2.婚纱形状There are six basic traditional wedding dress shapes:传统的婚纱共有六种基本的形状:Sheath dresses are simple, close-fitting and usually unstructured. Most come in soft, flowing fabrics like georgette and crepe. These are definitely best for tall slim brides.紧身婚纱非常简单,非常贴身,通常没有什么结构设计。大部分都是用非常柔软,非常流畅的布料制成的,例如乔其纱和绉绸。这种婚纱比较适合身材高挑苗条的新娘。An A-Line or Princess shape dress has fitted vertical seams running from the shoulders down to a flared skirt, which creates an “A” shape. Its best for brides with small waists and those wanting to hide broad hips and large thighs.A字型或公主裙接缝是垂直的,从肩部到喇叭形的裙子部分,线条非常流畅,形成A字型。对于腰部比较细,想要遮掩宽大的臀部和粗重的大腿的新娘来说最好不过了。An empire line dress has a high waistline and a seam just underneath the bust.Its best for small busted brides and it makes petite brides look taller.皇室高腰裙的腰线比较高,只有胸部下有一条接缝。对于胸部较小的新娘比较适合,而且可以让身材娇小的新娘看上去更高。The traditional ball gown wedding dress has a fitted bodice and a floor-length skirt, and usually suits a more formal setting such as a church. This style of dress is best for brides with slim waistlines, and is great for hiding full hips.传统的蓬蓬裙上衣比较贴身,裙子长度达到地板,通常更适合比较正式的场合,比如教堂。这种风格的婚纱比较适合腰部苗条的新娘,也适合遮盖丰满的臀部。A mermaid or fishtail dress is a narrow fitted dress with a flared hem. This style is great for making petite brides look taller; and if youre tall and slim, itll give you curves.鱼尾裙裙身比较狭窄,滚边是喇叭状设计。这种款式可以让身材娇小的新娘看上去更高;如果你身材高挑苗条,会让你更加呈现出曲线美。Step 3: Remember comfort!3.舒适最重要When youve found the style that suits your body shape best, make sure that you can move around in it easily and sit and stand in it with comfort. And watch out for unsightly bulges which appear when you sit down! If youre thorough, youll find that perfect dress for your special day. Congratulations now you know how to pick the right dress for your body shape.当你已经找到最适合自己身材的款式,确保穿上之后行动自如,无论是站立还是坐下都比较舒适。看一下坐下时是否会有轻微的紧绷感。周密一点,你一定能够找到婚礼这个特别的日子最完美的婚纱。现在,祝贺你找到最适合自己体型的婚纱。Thanks for watching How To Choose The Right Wedding Dress For Your Body Shape.感谢观看“如何选择最适合自己身材的婚纱”视频节目。视频听力栏目译文属。201307/249658。

Former US Ambassador Gary Locke talks about economic challenges前任美驻华大使骆家辉谈论面临的经济挑战Former US Ambassador to China Gary Locke is in Seattle for the BOAO Forum.前美国驻华大使骆家辉出席了在西雅图召开的鳌亚洲论坛。Its a three-day conference focusing on energy, innovation, education, investment, infrastructure, health and sustainable development.这一为期3天的会议将聚焦能源、创新、教育、投资、基础设施、健康和可持续发展等。Leaders from around Asia will be attending.亚洲的的各国领导人们都将出席该会议。Its the first time the forum is being held in North America.这是鳌论坛第一次将举办地设在北美。Speaking to CCTVs Chris Casquejo, Ambassador Locke discussed the challenges facing both Washington and Beijing when it comes to working together.骆家辉大使在接受本台记者克里斯卡斯奎罗采访时谈到了华盛顿和北京合作所所面临的挑战。201409/327157。

The whole Bruceploitation genre really took off after his death in the 70s as film producers in Hong Kong were desperate to find,you know, someone else to make some money off.李小龙死后 这种李氏打斗片题材颇盛行,香港的电影制作人都在拼命寻找代替者以此牟利And right after he died was Bruce Lao, Bruce this one,Bruce jump over the fruit, Bruce Jakson from Compton,you know it was all these Bruce.Theres only one.他死后出现老李 李这,吃水果的李小龙 来自康普顿的李Jakson,都自称是李小龙。但李小龙只有一个。They gotta be over fifty to a hundred titles of movies,where Brucename was in it, that they had no Bruce Lee.They had been at least dozens or more Asian actors that was called Bruce Lee by the advertisers.他们拍的超过百分之五十的电影里,都出现了李小龙的名字 但都不是他本人,至少有十几甚至更多的亚洲演员,被广告商称为李小龙。They didnt even known about it because those movies were made in Hong Kong and then set out to the world.他们自己都蒙在鼓里,因为那些电影都是由香港制作 然后向全球发行的。Bruce Lee had been working on his fifth film when he died called Game of Death.Hed filmed what would amount to eleven minutes and seven seconds of edited footage as he fought three types of martial artists on his way of up a pagoda.李小龙死之前还在拍摄他的第五部电影 ;死亡游戏;,他拍了11分7秒的电影镜头,同塔里三位不同风格的武术家进行格斗。What Bruce was trying to convey in the Game of Death was how to deal with different forms.小龙在;死亡游戏;中就是要呈现如何引应对不同拳种Aah. One martial artist going against people using different fighting styles,emm... has overcome each of them.So in order to do that, you have to be versatile.啊 同一个武术家应对不同格斗风格的人,呃... 并且大获全胜,所以那样 你就得无所不会。You cant just take the same approach to dealing with different problems.But the footage presented the studio with a major problem.How to finish the film without Bruce Lee.同一种格斗技巧不能解决所有问题,但是制作室的难题是电影的后续拍摄,没有李小龙 如何完成电影。201403/277885。

You Will Need你需要A plastic spray bottle一个塑料喷瓶Rose water玫瑰水Lavender or peppermint essential oil薰衣草或薄荷精油Steps步骤STEP 1 Add rose water to spray bottle1.向喷瓶中添加玫瑰水Add 1/4 cup rose water to the spray bottle.向喷瓶中加入1/4杯玫瑰水。Check the bottom of the bottle to make sure its made of PET plastic; essential oils can eat away at softer varieties.检查瓶子底部,确保是由PET塑料制成的,比较柔软的塑料品种会被精油腐蚀。STEP 2 Add essential oil2.加入精油Add eight drops of an essential oil.加入8滴精油。Too much peppermint may make you hotter, rather than cool you down.太多薄荷精油会让你感觉更热,而不会让你感到凉爽。STEP 3 Shake3.摇一下Shake your mixture vigorously prior to use.使用前用力摇一下混合物。STEP 4 Spritz4.喷洒Spritz yourself liberally when necessary and you’ll be as cool as a cucumber!必要的时候直接喷洒,你会感到自己像黄瓜一样凉爽。Up to 80 percent of American women experience hot flashes.高达80%的美国女性曾经经历过潮热。视频听力译文由。 /201404/286714。

Global warming is changing our world. And even though we might not feel it, there are people who one day will: our children. Whether climate change can be stopped depends on them, but they still know far too little about it.全球暖化正改变我们的世界。而即使我们可能没感受到,总有一天有人会感受到:我们的孩子。气候变化是否能停止就仰赖他们,但他们对此知道的仍然太少。GEOlino, the Gruner+Jahr science magazine for children wants to change that not with dull theory, but in a playful way. The idea—MELTDOWN, the first board game that melts.GEOlino,Gruner+Jahr出版的儿童科学杂志想要改变这情况,不是用枯燥的理论,而是用有趣的方式。这个点子:MELTDOWN,第一套会融化的桌游。With a bit of water in the special ice tray, children can build their own Arctic. The aim of the game is to guide a polar bear family to safety on the mainland. Its a race against time, as the path leads across real, slowly melting ice floes.放一点点水到特制的制冰盒,孩子们可以建造出他们自己的北极圈。游戏的目标是要带领北极熊一家子安全登着陆。这是与时间的赛跑,因为路线通向真实、缓慢融化的浮冰。MELTDOWN isnt played against each other but with each other. After all, climate change can only be stopped if everyone takes part.MELTDOWN不是彼此对抗,而是彼此合作来进行游戏的。毕竟,如果每个人都参与,气候变迁才可以停止。The game was presented at schools as part of a series of lectures. The children save lots of polar bears, whilst also learning something about imminent climate change.此游戏介绍给学校作为系列课程的其中一部分。孩子们拯救许多北极熊,同时也学到一些关于迫在眉睫的气候变迁的知识。Parents can now introduce the topic of climate change to their children at home.父母们现在可以在家对他们的孩子提起气候变迁的话题。Of course, MELTDOWN cant stop global warming, but it can help raise childrens awareness. Climate change can still be stopped. They just have to start early enough.当然,MELTDOWN不能阻止全球暖化,但它可以帮助提高孩子们的意识。气候变迁仍然可以停止。他们只是需要够早开始进行。201410/332925。