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Stroke is the number one cause of adult disability. But it doesnt have to be that way. In fact, if someone having a stroke gets to the hospital in time, drugs used to break up the blood clot in the brain thats causing the stroke can prevent much of the damage.中风是致使成年人残疾的第一大疾病。但是种情形是可以挽回的。事实上,如果中风的病人被及时送往医院,及时接受可以消除脑部血块的药物治疗,可以避免中风引起的更大的身体损害。But the treatment is only effective if the patient gets to the hospital within three hours after the stroke begins. And the problem is that only three percent of stroke victims get treatment within that short window. Why? Because most people arent familiar with the telltale signs of stroke. Even people having a stroke dont always recognize it as such.但是前提是病人中风后3个小时之内被送往医院,否则治疗无效。问题是只有3%的中风病人在这么短的时间内接受到治疗。为什么?因为大多数人都不清楚中风的病征,即使是中风者本人也未必能意识到。So, determined to improve the number of stroke victims who get to the hospital in time, the National Stroke Association came up with a plan. The program is called Hip Hop Stroke, and it uses rap music to teach school kids to recognize stroke symptoms. One of the raps is about ;FAST,; a mnemonic for Face, Arm, Speech and Time. When a stroke hits, symptoms include droopiness in the face, weakness in the arm, and slurred speech. Recognizing these symptoms in time is crucial for getting a stroke victim to the hospital as quickly as possible.因此为了增加中风病人被及时送往医院的几率,美国国家中风协会想到一个计划。这项计划叫做嘻哈治疗中风,即利用说唱教在校学生识别中风的病征。其中一首帮助记忆说唱歌曲“FAST”,这四个字母分别代表脸部,胳膊,话语和时间。发病时,患者会脸部歪斜,四肢无力,语言謇涩。及时识别出这些病征对患者很重要,这样他们才能尽快得被送往医院。Does Hip Hop Stroke work? According to one study measuring the programs effectiveness, the answer is yes. Researchers tested more than five-hundred school kids in New York City who participated in the three one-hour sessions. They found that kids exposed to Hip Hop Stroke retain the knowledge for at least three months. The researchers believe that over time, Hip Hop Stroke could help many more stroke victims get the help they need, on time.这种嘻哈治疗中风有效吗?研究者对此做过调查,根据调查结果,此计划是有效的。研究者以纽约市的500名在校学生为调查对象,这些学生均参加过每周3次,每次1小时的课程。他们发现接触过嘻哈中风的孩子们会保留对这些知识的记忆,至少3个月。研究者相信,以后嘻哈中风会帮助更多的中风患者及时接受治疗。201205/183714

Why Giving Birth Hurts为什么生孩子很痛苦?Don, you sure are lucky dont have to give birth. Im glad were an intelligent species, but boy, that infant head feels mighty large going through that narrow birth canal. And then, after all that, the baby comes out facing down and backwards, which means youre helpless to assist it, or even to untangle it from the umbilical cord.唐,你很幸运不用生孩子。我很高兴人类有着聪明才智,但是天啊,婴儿的脑袋要从狭窄的产道出来,那是很痛苦的。而且,经历过这一切后,宝宝出来是面向下和倒过来的,你根本没办法协助它,或者甚至不能帮忙解开脐带。Well, Yeal. According to evolutionary anthropologists, babies of the earliest humans had a fifty-fifty chance of coming out facing backwards. This was a result of humans learning to walk on two feet. As the pelvis became optimized for walking, the birth canal developed twists and turns that meant the baby had to rotate in order to keep its head and shoulders aligned with the widest part at all times.根据人类进化学家,人类早期时候的婴儿生出来是有二分之一的可能性是面向后面的。这是人类学习用两只脚走路的结果。随着盆骨越来越适应走路,产道就变得迂回曲折,婴儿就得旋转过来保持它的头和肩膀总是与最宽的部分在同一平面上。And then our brains also got bigger.然后头也会变得更大。Which meant more twists and turns.也意味着更多的扭转。And backwards-facing babies, stupid,huh?倒着出生的婴儿,很可笑吧。Well,you know,Yeal.Some of the earliest humans learned to compensate for the difficulty of giving birth by receiving assistance during childbirth, which made a huge difference in terms of survival.你知道吗?最早时期的人类学会弥补分娩的困难,他们通过在分娩是接受援助,这在生存方面起了非常重要的作用。So there might be an evolutionary advantage to having someone help you give birth.因此,也许有一种进化优势能请人帮助你生育。Some anthropologists certainly think so and conjecture that human females who gave birth to backwards-facing babies, and females who had assistance because they felt particularly anxious about the birth, ended up doing better than females who didnt. After all, if problems arise during labor, having another person around can make the difference between life and death.一些人类学家当然也这么想过,并且他们推测那些女性生下面向后面的婴儿,和在生育时得到帮助的女性比没有援助的生育女性生产更顺利。毕竟,在分娩时有问题出现,有人在身边是能够于生死之间起到很大作用。 /201301/222769

Science and technology.科技。Global health.全球健康。One potato, two potato, three potato.一个懒汉,两个懒汉,三个懒汉。An effort to count the worlds sloths.来数一数世界上的懒汉。A PAPER in the Lancet, shamelessly timed to coincide with the Olympic games, compares countries rates of physical activity. The study it describes, led by Pedro Hallal of the Federal University of Pelotas, in Brazil, is the most complete portrait yet of the worlds busy bees and couch potatoes. It suggests that nearly a third of adults, 31%, are not getting enough exercise.《柳叶刀》①的一篇文章对世界各国人民进行体育锻炼的比率做了一个比较,而这篇文章的发表时间竟有意选在了奥运会召开之际。文章中的研究由巴西佩洛塔斯联邦大学的Pedro Hallal主导,是迄今为止对世界上的勤劳之人和电视懒虫最为完整的描绘。研究显示,世界上有将近三分之一(31%)的成年人缺乏锻炼。That rates of exercise have declined is hardly a new discovery. Since the beginning of the industrial revolution, technology and economic growth have conspired to create a world in which the flexing of muscles is more and more an option rather than a necessity. But only recently have enough good data been collected from enough places to carry out the sort of analysis Dr Hallal and his colleagues have engaged in.人们的锻炼比率有所下降这并不是什么新发现。自从工业革命开始后,科技和经济发展合谋创造了一个新世界,在这个世界里,锻炼身体(肌肉收缩)越来越成为人们的一种选择,而非迫切的需要。但直到最近,Hallal士和他的同事才从足够多的地区收集到了充足的数据来进行这类分析研究。In all, they were able to pool data from 122 countries, covering 89% of the worlds population. They considered sufficient physical activity to be 30 minutes of moderate exercise five days a week, 20 minutes of vigorous exercise three days a week, or some combination of the two.Hallal士和他的同事总共收集了122个国家的数据,覆盖了89%的世界人口。他们认为,充足的体育锻炼应该是每周五天进行半小时的适量运动,或是每周三天进行20分钟的激烈运动,或者对这两者进行适当结合。There are common themes in different places. Unsurprisingly, people in rich countries are less active than those in poor ones, and old people are less active than young ones. Less obviously, women tend to exercise less than men—34% are inactive, compared with 28% of men. But there are exceptions. The women of Croatia, Finland, Iraq and Luxembourg, for example, move more than their male countrymen.不同的地区出现了同样的模式。富裕国家的人比那些贫穷国家的人锻炼得更少,老人比年轻人锻炼得更少,这一点在意料之中。但较为隐秘的一个现象是,女性通常比男性锻炼得少。女性懒惰人数占总人数的34%,而男性却只占了28%。但是也有例外情况,如克罗地亚、芬兰、伊拉克、卢森堡这几个国家的女性锻炼得就比本国男性同胞多。Malta wins the race for most slothful country, with 72% of adults getting too little exercise. Swaziland and Saudi Arabia slouch in close behind, with 69%. In Bangladesh, by contrast, just 5% of adults fail to exercise enough. Surprisingly, America does not live up to its sluggish reputation. Six Americans in ten are sufficiently active by Dr Hallals definition, compared with fewer than four in ten Britons.马耳他有72%的成年人缺乏锻炼,成为世界上最懒的国家。斯威士兰和沙特阿拉伯紧随其后,懒惰人数占全国的69%。相比之下,孟加拉国只有5%的成年人缺乏锻炼。让人吃惊的是,美国竟然没有人们所说的那么懒。根据Hallal士的标准,十个美国人中有六个拥有足够的锻炼,而相比之下,十个英国人中拥有足够锻炼的人还不到四个。In an accompanying analysis of peoples habits, Dr Hallal found equally wide differences. In South-East Asia fewer than a quarter sit for at least four hours each day; in Europe 64% do. And even neighbours may differ. Only 2% of Swiss walk to work, whereas 23% of Germans do so.同时Hallal士还对人们的生活习惯进行了分析,发现在这方面不同地区的人差别也很大。在东南亚,每天至少坐四小时的人不到四分之一,但在欧洲这样的人却占了总人口的64%。而且即使是邻国之间差别也很大。在瑞士,只有2%的人走路上班,但在德国却有23%的人这样做。These high rates of inactivity are worrying. Paradoxically, human beings seem to have evolved to benefit from exercise while eschewing it whenever they can. In a state of nature it would be impossible to live a life that did not provide enough of it to be beneficial, while over-exercising would use up scarce calories to little advantage. But that no longer pertains. According to another paper in the Lancet, insufficient activity these days has nearly the same effect on life expectancy as smoking.这么高的懒惰率实在令人担忧。人类似乎已经进化到一种自相矛盾状态,尽管运动十分有益,但人类却唯恐避之不及。在自然状态下,缺乏锻炼的生活是不可能对人有益的,但过度锻炼又可能耗尽宝贵的卡路里,对人体无益。但现在这种说法已经不再适用现代人了。《柳叶刀》中的另一篇文章称,缺乏锻炼对寿命造成的影响几乎和抽烟差不多 201208/193123Its Wednesday, March 2nd, Im Natali Morris and its time to get loaded.今天是3月2日,周三,我是Natali Morris,是时候了解今天的最新资讯。Today is the day Apple takes the wraps off the next generation ipad. We are filming this broadcast before the event starts in the West Coast, but stay tuned to see that today for a live blog and s of the device and we will give you a wrap up here on loaded tomorrow.今天苹果公司揭开了新一代产品iPad的神秘面纱。这段节目的录制早于西海岸的发布会,但请持续关注我们的报道,我们会对这款电子设备进行持续地文字和视频报道,明天的节目我们会为您带来关于这款ipad的最新消息。You knew the unlimited data plan for the Verizon iphone must too good to be true. Verizon has said the plan will end this summer. This was the plan that gave you unlimited data for 2999 per month. ATamp;T ended its unlimited data plan a long time ago, but like Verizon those who signed up with those plans get to keep them, even when that is no longer an option for new subscribers.威瑞森电信的无限数据套餐因为太棒了而不能实现。威瑞森公司表示这项套餐计划将于今年夏天结束。订购这款套餐,用户每月将有无限制的数据流量。而美国电话电报公司很早就终止了无线数据流量套餐务,而威瑞森公司早前这些订购过这款套餐的用户可以持续享用这项务,而这款套餐已经停止向新用户提供了。Facebook purchases a company called Beluga that does group messaging for mobile. The notable part of this purchase is that Facebook does plan to keep the company up and running, while figures out how to integrate this group messaging platform into its own site.脸谱网收购了一家名叫Beluga的公司,这家公司主要业务是为手机用户提供群组消息务。这次收购最引人注目的部分就在于脸谱网计划继续运营这家公司,与此同时想办法将这家公司的群组信息平台业务融入到脸谱网的业务中。WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize this year. Of course, he is among 240 other nominees one of which includes the Internet nominated again this year. This must be the highlight of Assanges week giving he is also facing extradition to Sweden on a sex-related charge which he refuses.维基解密创始人阿桑奇今年被提名诺贝尔和平奖。当然,他只是240名提名候选人中的一位,候选人还包括再次获得提名的英特网。这将是聚焦阿桑奇的一周,但与此同时,虽然他矢口否认,但他还面临性侵指控,和有可能被引渡到瑞典的命运。Angry Birds St. Patricks edition is on its way out. The game launches on March 22nd which of course is after Saint Patricks Day. So now weve seen Angry Birds game for just every holiday including Halloween, Christmas and Valentines Day.愤怒的小鸟圣帕特里克季正在紧锣密鼓筹备中。这款游戏将于3月22日,也就是圣帕特里克节后发售。往后我们将能够看到各种节日版本的愤怒的小鸟,包括万圣节版,圣诞节版和情人节版。Amazon is in a tax battle with the state of California. The company is threatening to shut down ten thousand affiliates in California if the state passes legislation which would require Amazon to collect sales tax from state residents. Amazon says this bill is unconstitutional because it requires sellers with no physical presence in the state to collect tax from its residents.亚马逊正在和加州政府进行一场税收斗争。如果加州通过相关法案,加州政府将收取亚马逊在当地用户在互联网上所提交订单的营业税,而亚马逊威胁要断绝与该州境内1万多个分机构的关系。亚马逊表示这项法案是违反宪法的,因为这项法律是建立在销售者是实体销售者的前提上,加州才能收取营业税。And Lenovo is showing off an eye-ball controlled laptop. This is a prototype so not something you will get for Christmas this year. It lets you point, select and scroll with your eyes alone. If you want your cursor to appear, you stare at it. If you want your cursor to appear, you stare at the screen. If you want to zoom in on your photos or maps, or switch windows, you stare harder, I guess. The machine tracks eye movement by shinning infra-red light into the users eyes. Can that be good for you?联想以其眼球控制笔记本电脑而骄傲。这款笔记本电脑还只是原型机,所以别指望圣诞节能收到这样的礼物。只用眼睛就能够点击,选取和滚动屏幕。如果你想看到光标,只要盯着它。如果你想让光标出现,盯着屏幕即可。如果你想放大照片或地图,或者切换窗口,我想可能要再努力点儿盯着屏幕。这款电脑通过散射红外线光来追踪用户眼睛行动轨迹。这款设备适合你吗?Thats your news for the day. Ill see you tomorrow. Im Natali Morris for CNet and youve just be loaded.以上就是今天的科技新闻。我们明天再回。我是CNet的Natali Morris,感谢您的收看。注:本篇文章英文来自普特论坛,译文属原创,,。201210/205232

First relief, then reflection. Investors greeted Spains request for aid with glee only to lose their appetites upon a myriad of unknowns.先救援,后反思。投资者先欢迎西班牙政府的经济求助,欢欣过后才发现这是个无底洞,进而对其失去信心。In a way, the bailout itself is a reminder of that you know, Spanish sovereign debt continues to be under a lot of pressure in the crisis of financing, this is due to the government sovereign would have been prohibitively high. Well up to 125 billion dollars, some say that Spains bailout raises more questions than it answers. Indeed its government doesnt yet know how much money will be needed. But for the time being, the eruozones fourth largest economy says it is solvent even if its banks are odd.在某种程度上,救助计划本身就是一个提醒,在金融危机背景下西班牙国债继续承受很大压力,这要归咎于高的惊人政府权力。救助款直逼1250亿美元,有人说西班牙的救助计划引起的麻烦比解决方案更多。实际上,政府也不知道到底需要多少救助款。但是就目前为止,欧元区的四大经济体表示即使西班牙出现异常,但还是有偿还能力。 I am not going to get into stic arguments, what I know is Europe is going to make available to the financial, Spanish financial system that it needs to lend credit that will have to be returned.我不打算陷入那种争论中,我所知道的是欧洲将要给西班牙金融系统提供其需要的信贷业务,而且必须得偿还。 Among the issues that yet to emerge, how to feed funds to Spains financial sector without jeopardizing the countrys credit rating. Also unclear the terms other eurozone members could impose and possible sources of friction with blocs previous bailout recipients.然而还没出现的问题之一,即如何在不影响西班牙信用评级的条件下,向该国的财政部门提供基金。其它欧元区成员国将要强加的条款,以及与之前救助对象之间可能引起擦的根源也都未知。 Spanish is sucking its second recession in three years, output is expected to shrink by 1.7% to the end of 2012 and ongoing crisis has wiped nearly 25% off the value of Spains largest listed companies. Despite its call for aid, Fitch Ratings still downgraded two Spains biggest banks to within a whisker of junk status and that in turn could make Spains bailout yet more expensive before it even begun.西班牙在三年内被经济衰退拖垮,生产总值有望在2012年底下降1.7%。持续的危机也将西班牙最大的上市公司价值抹去了近25%。尽管呼吁援助,但是惠誉国际评级还是将西班牙两大的评级下调至垃圾级别,这反过来使西班牙的救助计划比开始之前的代价更高。原文译文属!201207/189609Don: Hey Yael, are you a twin?唐:嗨,雅艾尔,你是双胞胎吗?Yael: Nope.雅艾尔:不是。Don: Are you sure?唐:你确定?Yael:Unless theres something my parents havent told me, yes, Im sure. Id know if I had a twin brother or sister.雅艾尔:除非我父母隐瞒了我一些事实,是的,我确定。如果我有双胞胎兄弟的话,我应该会知道。Don: Perhaps, but even if you dont have a twin, you could still be a twin.唐:也许,但是即使你没有双胞胎兄弟,你也可以是双胞胎。Yael:I dont get it.雅艾尔:我不明白。Don: You could be a chimera.唐:你可以是凯米拉。Yael: Oh, right. Actually, I still dont get it. A chimera is a mythological beast with the head of a lion, the body of a goat, and the tail of a dragon, right?雅艾尔:啊,对。事实上,我还是不懂。凯米拉是有着狮头,羊身,龙尾巴的神话兽,对吗?Don: In mythology, yes, but in biology a chimera is an organism made up of two distinct genetic lines.唐:在神话中是这样,但是在生物学上,它是由两种不同基因序列构成的生物。Yael:But how is that possible?雅艾尔:怎么可能?Don: Its what happens when twin embryos fuse in the womb. The fusion results in what looks like a single embryo, but the genetic material from each twin remains separate.唐:子宫里的双胞胎胚胎就是这样融合的。胚胎融合后看起来只剩一个胚胎,但每个双胞胎的遗传物质还是分开的。Yael:So what does that mean? Does a chimera have one arm from one twin and the other arm from the other twin?雅艾尔:那么这意味着什么呢?是不是一个凯米拉的两只胳膊分别来自两个双胞胎?Don:Something like that. Its not like the arms would look different, exactly, or that the bodys organs wouldnt be compatible or not work properly. But they do contain different and distinct sets of chromosomes. So if youre a chimera, your liver could be composed of cells with one set of chromosomes while your heart, say, consists of cells with an entirely different set. Cool, huh?唐:类似吧。实际上双臂不会看起来不一样,身体的器官也会互相兼容,且功能良好。但是他们包含的染色体确实不一样。如果你是一个凯米拉,你的肝脏会由一套染色体控制合成的细胞组成,但你的心脏则是由另一套决然不同的染色体控制合成的细胞组成。很酷吧?Yael:What happens when the embryos that fuse are of different sexes?雅艾尔:如果融合的胚胎性别不同会怎么样呢?Don:Then the chimera could be a hermaphrodite.唐:那么凯米拉就可能是阴阳人。Yael:Well, I know Im not a hermaphrodite.雅艾尔:那我肯定不是阴阳人。Don:But you could be your own twin. 唐:但你可能是自己的双胞胎。 原文译文属!201207/188839

Scientists Use Ancient Shells To Learn About The Past科学家用远古贝壳了解过去If you were traveling from the ed States to Singapore, a guide book could tell you what sort of climate to expect. But if, like paleontologists and geologists, you needed to know what the weather was like in Singapore tens of millions of years ago, you’d have to consult a different source.如果你从美国到新加坡旅行,一本指南能告诉你会有什么样的天气。但是,如果你是古生物学家和地质学家,需要知道几千万年新加坡的天气是怎么样的,你得去别的原始资源找寻。By examining the chemistry of shell fossils, researchers can discover what temperatures were like in ancient climates.通过研究贝壳化石的化学物质,研究者能够知道在古气候时天气是怎样的。Oxygen provides the key to finding out about ancient temperatures. Oxygen comes in two different forms—heavy and light. By determining the ratio of the two different types of oxygen in the fossils, researchers can make an educated guess at the temperature of the environment the animals lived in.氧气是发现原始天气的关键。氧有两种不同的形式——重的和轻的。通过决定在化石中两种氧气的比例,研究者对动物生长环境做出有根据的推测。Both types of oxygen are found in carbon dioxide, which is found both in the atmosphere and in water. The amount of carbon dioxide water contains depends on the temperature of the water. Cooler water contains more carbon dioxide.两种形式的氧气都能在二氧化碳中发现,还可以在空气和水中发现。水中含有二氧化碳的量取决于水的温度。比较冷的水含有更多的二氧化碳。But as the water warms, carbon dioxide gas escapes. Carbon dioxide made of the lighter oxygen escapes at cooler temperatures, leaving more carbon dioxide made of the heavy oxygen in the water. At warmer temperatures, carbon dioxide made of heavy oxygen begins to escape, leaving less heavy oxygen in the water.但是当水热起来了,二氧化碳会消失。由轻氧构成的二氧化碳在较冷天气下会消失,剩下更多的由水中重氧组成的二氧化碳。在温暖的天气下,由重氧构成的二氧化碳开始消失,剩下不重氧在水中。Since animals living in the ocean use the carbon and oxygen that remains in the water to build their shells, the shells of animals that lived in a cool climate contain more heavy oxygen.自从在海边生存的动物使用仍然在水中的氧气和二氧化碳去建它们的贝壳,在凉爽气候下生存壳类动物蕴含更多的重氧。By grinding up the shells and determining how much of each type of oxygen they contain, researchers can learn what temperatures were like in ancient environments.通过磨碎贝壳和测试每种氧它们富含多少,研究人员能够了解到在古环境下天气是什么样的。 /201206/185933

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