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The same year Triumph Of The Will was made,1934,Alois Pfaller, a German Communist, was taken for questioning by the Nazi secret police-the Gestapo.在拍摄《意志的胜利》同年,即1934年,德国共产党阿洛伊斯·普法勒被纳粹秘密警察盖世太保抓捕问话。They hit me in the face.他们打我的脸。For three hours. Always at my face.打了3个小时,一直打脸。In the meantime, my eardrum had split,so then, I heard an incredible racket.我耳朵鼓膜破裂,然后听到一声巨响。It was a roaring, an incredible roaring,so you couldnt understand anything properly any longer.像是巨大的一声咆哮,让我再也听不到声音。When Alois suffered a massive haemorrhage,the Gestapo made him clean his own blood off the floor before sending him to a concentration camp.阿洛伊斯血流不止,盖世太保命令他把地上的血迹,清理干净后,送他进集中营。The reason that this kind of persecution did not,for the most part, damage Hitler amongst the general population was because the perception of many Germans was that Hitler was using violence to bring order.然而这样的迫害,并没有破坏希特勒在民众心中的形象,原因是很多德国人认为,他是用暴力换来秩序。Right at the beginning,the first Communists and social democrats were carted off,I even saw it myself, the lorries.在首批共产党员和社会民主主义者刚被带走时,我亲眼看见运送他们的货车。It didnt make us think.我没多想什么。They were only Communists after all, enemies of the people.毕竟他们是共产党,人民公敌而已。Hitler was careful to act mostly against groups in German society that many other Germans were aly prejudiced against-like Jews and Communists.对于那些德国人已心怀偏见的群体,如犹太人和共产主义者希特勒总是谨慎应对。Hitler was aware that, as a charismatic leader,the more he targeted carefully defined enemies,the better.作为领袖,他意识到,敌人的范围最好谨慎划分。 译文属201512/415721Circumcision in Germany割礼在德国Incisive arguments激烈的争辩A row over a ruling that circumcision for non-medical reasons is a crime法院对出于非医疗原因实行割礼构成犯罪的裁定引发争议The parents, both Muslims, wanted their four-year-old son to be circumcised. They found a Muslim doctor to do the operation. But there were complications, and the boy ended up in hospital. A prosecutor accused the doctor of injuring the child, and the case went to court in Cologne. The court decided that, although the doctor was innocent, circumcising an infant fornon-medical reasons violates Germany’s constitutional protection of every person’s bodily integrity—and should thus be a crime.一对穆斯林的父母想让他们四岁的儿子接受割礼,他们找来了一位穆斯林医生做手术。然而,男孩因手术后并发症最终被送往医院。检察官以伤害孩童罪指控医生,并将此案诉诸至科隆法院。法庭认为,尽管医生是清白无辜的,而其在非医疗原因情况下对婴幼儿实施环割术的行为,违反了德国宪法中对公民人身完整的保护,综上理由,法庭判断医生的行为构成犯罪。Cue the sort of controversy Germany hates most, one that offends Jews as well as Muslims. As it happens, the movement against circumcision is sping, from California, where “intactivists” have tried to ban it, to Israel, where some parents now optfor brit shalom (the “covenantof peace”) as a ritual alternative. But the Cologne verdict breaks new ground. Sweden has a law setting medical rules over who may conduct male circumcisions.要知道,德国人最讨厌这种既冒犯犹太人,又得罪穆斯林的宗教争端。无独有偶,反割礼运动正从加利福尼亚蔓延至以色列——加利福尼亚是“反割礼分子”试图取缔割礼的活动阵地;在以色列,一些家长如今选择用“命名礼”(“和平契约”)来替代割礼仪式。然而科隆法庭的裁决却是别出心裁。瑞典已立法对男性割礼的实施人员制定了医疗准则。The outrage over the Cologne ruling was immediate and immense. Dieter Graumann, president of Germany’s Central Council of Jews, asserted that the verdict, if it is upheld, would make Jewish life in Germany,just as it is blooming again, practically impossible.科隆法庭的裁决随即引发了公众的强烈愤慨 。德国犹太人中央委员会主席迪特尔·高曼肯定的说,犹太人正试图重回德国,倘若法院维持原判,犹太人几乎不可能再在德国生活。Both sides have arguments. One one hand, Germany’s constitution, written after the second world war to prevent any repeat of Nazi horrors, assures the rights of parents and of religious freedom. But on the other hand, it guarantees the physical inviolability of every person. The court felt that the boy’s right to inviolability trumped the religious and parental rights of his mother and father.辩论双方都有理由。一方面,二战后制定的德国宪法旨在防止任何形式的纳粹复苏,确保父母的权利以及宗教自由的权利。而另一方面,宪法又保护每位公民的人身不受侵犯。法院认为,男孩人身不受侵犯权要高于宗教信仰,高于其父母享受的父母权利。Holm Putzke, a law professor in Passau who wrote an essay on the topic in2008, says there would be no controversy if parents waited for their sons to come of age (14 years in religious matters) so that the young men could decide for themselves whether to be circumcised. But he adds that it is wrong to make an exception for involuntary male circumcision when female circumcision is seen as barbaric. And he maintains that arguments which lean on tradition alone are inadequate, for the same reason that tradition cannot, nowadays, justify polygamy or footbinding.帕骚的法律教授霍尔木·普茨克曾在2008年就此话题撰文一篇,他在文中称,如果父母们能等到儿子们成年时(宗教规定为14岁)行割礼,那么年轻人便可以自行选择是否接受割礼,这自然不会引发任何争议。但他又补充道,在女性割礼被视作残暴行径的情况下,容许对男性实施非自愿割礼是错误的。他断言,在当今社会,人们无法以传统作为实行一夫多妻制或是裹小脚的理由,同理,那些仅仅靠传统为论据是论是站不住脚的。Muslim theology might, in theory, allow for some flexibility in the age of circumcision. The Jewish Torah, however, is inconveniently specific: God told Abraham to circumcise his heirs on the eighth day. That timing is non-negotiable, says Mr Graumann. He wants the German Bundestag to step in with a statute to clear up any doubts or anxieties.理论上讲,伊斯兰教教义对受割礼年龄的调整上略为灵活。然而,犹太律法则明确规定:神吩咐亚伯拉罕,在其子嗣出生第八天时为他们行割礼。在这个时间上是没有商量的余地,高曼先生说。他希望德国众议院介入此事,通过法令来澄清对割礼的一切质疑或担忧。 翻译:王葭苇译文属译生译世 /201607/453056

Now,you are,I had some many people tell me in the comedy community what a terrifc improviser you are.thanks.在喜剧界有好多人告诉我 你是个超级棒的即兴表演者 谢谢Watched you do improv in in shows and say youre really good.他们见过你即兴表演 说你真的很棒And I understand you have some anxiety.You get anxiety before you do improv.我知道你有些焦虑 你即兴表演之前会觉得焦虑A little,Im a very anxious person.Do you have an exercise or anything you do before you go on stage?是的 我是个很焦虑的人 上舞台之前你会不会做运动之类的事Cause I know I did improv years ago and Andy started out in improv.我多年前即兴表演过 安迪也是先做的即兴表演Some people have actual technics they do to sort of help them warm up before they go on stage.有些人有一些技巧 能帮助他们上舞台之前热身There was one exercise they used to have us do in improv class,and it was this exercise called give me back my son,在即兴表演课上 他们要我们做一种练习 名字叫把我儿子还给我And have you ever seen the movie;Ransom; with Mel Gibson?Yeah,yeah,Ok.你看过梅尔·吉布森的《赎金风暴》吗 看过 好的In that movie Mel Gibsons son is kidnapped and there was a dramatic scene where hes on the phone with his sons captors那部电影中 梅尔·吉布森的儿子被绑架了 其中有戏剧性的一幕 他跟他儿子的绑匪打电话and he goes,give me back my son!And hes really red face and angry.他说 把我的儿子还给我 他面红耳赤 十分生气So the exercise,the wear the exercise worked,you would like walk up to somebody in the class and you would make eye contact.这个练习也类似如此 你走向你的一个同学 做眼神交流And you would have to with full rage and intensity say,give me back my son and hold eye contact.你愤怒起来 然后说 把我的儿子还给我 并保持眼神交流And not laugh.And then they would do it to the next person.不要笑场 他们会对下一个人这样做So,How does it work? How do you get eliminated?If you laugh.You laugh.You cant laugh.所以 这是怎么回事 怎么就算被淘汰了 笑了吗 笑了 你不能笑You have to commit.even thought youre anxious.theres no more awkward thing to do than walk up to another adult,你必须全神贯注 就算你很焦虑 没什么事比走向另一个成年人 冲他喊着Scream give me back my son and hold their gaze.把我的儿子还给我 并保持眼神交流更尴尬的事了Would you live to try it?I think we should.Absolutely.你想试试吗?我觉得我们该试试 没问题The critical thing,you have to have like full,like all of the anger,your sons been taken,right.I get it.关键在于你得相当愤怒 你的儿子被抢走了 好吗 我懂201608/461705

  And I think we need to see more talent like that.I think we need to hear, to talk, you know, like that.我觉得我们需要多见见这中人才 需要多听听 多说说外语啥的I think its important for everybody to see a show that...我觉得对每个人都有好处看看这种节目that is not, you know, we cant just turn the channel and see shows like this a lot of time.So Im happy for it.这可不是我们调调台就能经常看到的 这是好事Alright, I wanna thank you all for being here. And thank you two for being here,I appreciate it very very much.我要感谢你们今天过来 非常谢谢你们俩And, we have a little gift, right?Yeah, um, Blackberry, who are our partners in this我们还有小礼物是吧 是 黑莓品牌 是我们节目的赞助um, made certain tools available.Then you watched all the...给我们提供了一些工具 然后你们是看了Well, we watched a lot of the auditions cause its so much territory to cover.我们看了很多场试镜 因为涵盖的领域实在太大A lot of people we just saw through this Blackberry Playbook that we had.有很多表演我们都是通过黑莓平板电脑看的And it was just, we could see anything. We could listen to music on it, we could do...什么都可以看 可以用它听音乐 可以...We could share s between each other.Like, of we saw somebody...可以内部分享着看视频 如果谁发现了人才 就可以yeah you know, he could play games.But, we use it as a working tool!对对 他可以玩游戏 而我们俩都是用它工作的In a professional manner.But it really was amazing, and we used it a lot.怀着一种敬业的态度 不过确实是好东西 派上了很大用场And mostly when were together theres a lot to share s and see what it up to.我们三个碰头的时候 会有很多故事和视频想要分享 保大家进度一致yeah, its a pretty cool thing.Well, everybody today is getting an 800-dollar Blackberry Playbook.嗯哪 很不错的东西 今天在座每位观众都会得到这台 价值800刀的黑莓平板电脑When we come back Were gonna see an amazing performance from a dance troop from this show.广告过后 将由Qviva节目中的舞者献上精表演 /201605/441885


  You are amazing,you are amazing,Sara Fegurson.Thank you very much.You are amazing.Thank you,thank you你太了不起了 太了不起了 Sara Fegurson 非常感谢 你真是太棒了 太棒了 谢谢 谢谢I mean,it is just I cant say it enough we just.You know,saw the kids from the Whitney elementary and Las Vegas我无法用言语来表达 当看到的Whitney小学的孩子And I keep appearing the stories of schools that have no money and what we expecting our future to be if we not taking care of the kids这个事情让我难以忘怀 学校资金不足 如果我们不能保护这些孩子 又会有什么样的未来呢So you,what do you want people to know about Colunbus elementary你想让人们了解Colunbus小学的什么呢You know,I want people to know that at Colunbus elementary,we dont have a lot of money,but we are rich我要让人们知道在Colunbus 我们虽然没有钱 但我们依然富有We are rich in spirit,we are rich in enthusiasm and our love that we have for our students and our city are priceless在精神上 在热情上 我们对学生和这座城市的爱是无价的and we will not stop fighting for our children,we wont,we wont为了孩子 我们绝不停止战斗 绝不So its in a rough neighborhood.Theres arm security in the school,right?Theres security in the school.你们的环境也很严峻 学校里有武装警卫 是吧 在学校有警卫You found out that youre not gonna able to get a pay check你也知道你可能拿不到工资Em,did you think for a second I cant do this or how do and what made you decide to stay有没有那么一瞬间 你觉得自己做不来 或者是什么让你决定留在那儿You know what,Im a third generation teacher in that school district.My grandfather,my parents,my aunt whos in the audience with me today.我是我们家在这所学校的第三代教师 我的爷爷 父母 以及今天在观众席里陪我来的姑妈We all have taught in the same school district.And its important to me我们都在这所学校教过书 这对我来讲很重要People do time with me in classrooms and my family and all my life那些和我一起共事的人 我的家庭以及我整个生命And if we dont step up for our children here in the ed states,Its going to hurt all of us如果我们不为我们美国的孩子挺深而出 将会伤害到我们所有人Yes,it will.I dont know how we dont see that.Its gonna to hurt all of us是 会的 不知道为什么我们没看到这点 这将会伤及到我们所有人This is,they are our future,I mean.Every child deserves the right to attend a great public school这是 他们是我们的未来 我是说 每个孩子都值得到优秀的公立学校就读And they need to have a good teacher for all of them.Yes,they do,yes they do.他们需要有优秀的教师 是的 是的 /201609/467259

  Most birds flap their wings up and down, but hummingbirds move their wings in a figure-eight pattern.大多数的鸟是上下拍打翅膀飞行,但蜂鸟不一样,它是以八字形移动翅膀。With each flap they twist their wings one-hundred-eighty degrees so that they create a downwardthrust on both the forward and backward strokes.蜂鸟每次拍打翅膀都会旋转180度,以便为前后的拍打创造一个推力。If each loop of the wings is of the same strength, they hover.如果每次翅膀旋转的力度一样,蜂鸟就会盘旋在空中。They can go forward, backwards, orsideways by tilting their wings in the direction they want to go.它们只要往想去的方向倾斜翅膀,就可以前进,后退,或横向移动。Kind of like a helicopter.Exactly.就像直升机一样。是的。In order to hover, hummingbirds have to be really strong.要盘旋在空中,蜂鸟必须得很强壮。Their wing muscles are thirty percent oftheir total weight.它们翅膀的肌肉重量占身体整个体重的三分之一。When a small hummingbird hovers it flaps its wings about eighty times persecond.一只小蜂鸟盘旋在空中时,翅膀的震动频率约为每秒80次。Hummingbirds have to eat close to fifty percent of their weight in food everyday to keep up theirstrength.蜂鸟每天吃的东西是它们体重的二分之一,这样才能维持体力。They eat things that are packed with calories and produce lots of reusable energy, likeseeds, nuts, fruit, and nectar.它们吃的东西都是高热量食物,能产生大量可重复使用的能量,像种子,坚果,水果和花蜜。 201410/336587Here the mottled hues of the shallow reef meet the dark blue of the deep sea.在这里浅水礁石的斑驳色与大海的深蓝交汇在一起。The reef wall plunges down vertically down to the ocean floor, 1000 meters below.礁壁垂直向下插入水下1000米处的海床。Its here that reef life and creatures of the deep co-existed.在这里,礁石生物与深海动物共存。For migration to the reef is not only from across the ocean, its also up from the depths.珊瑚礁的访客不仅仅来自其他海域,还有的来自海洋深处。As a diver I can explore the first 100 metres or so.身为潜水员,我能潜到100米左右的深处。Its a very contrasting face.那里是迥然不同的另一番景象。To the gloriously kaleidoscopic world of the upper reef and the dark,cold, echoing world of deeper water.与上部礁石万花筒般的绚烂形成鲜明对比,幽暗,寒冷,回声构成了深海世界。So to see whats living down there, we need a remotely operated vehicle, an ROV.为了一探究竟生活在那里的生物,我们需要一台遥控操作的潜水机器人。It enters an alien world, pitch black with crushing water pressures.像是进入了异世界般,漆黑一片,而且潜水机器人承受着巨大的水压。 译文属201511/409482Theres...um well...we havent got a break.But I just wanna say,if you see the documentary, there was one thing我们暂时不进广告 我还想说一下 如果你有机会看这部纪录片 有一个细节and I was really so impressed and you did this when we were in Orlando让我觉得真的很感动 当你在奥兰多演出的时候it started raining and you didnt care - Right.天开始下雨 但你继续表演 -对you were dancing and singing on stage which is dangerous, you could get slip你在舞台上载歌载舞 这其实是很危险的 你可能会滑倒and you could get electrocuted. - Right.All kinds of things.All kinds of things.你还可能会触电 -对 什么事情都有可能发生 对 什么事情都有可能发生And you were just out there and what country were you in when it was pouring down raining Um, in Brazil.但是你还是坚持演出 下着倾盆大雨那次你是在哪个国家 那是在巴西I think its that way. Brazil is that way. - Yeah.那是那个方向吧 巴西在那个方向 -对I dont know why I am pointing that way. - Is it Brazil?我也不知道我为什么要指着那边 -那边是巴西吗Brazil is that way. - Oh yeah.Or is it that way?巴西在这个方向 -对的 还是那个方向Anyway, it was pouring down raining. - Yeah.回到正题 当时雨下得很大 -对It was amazing that you It was a torrential rain.Yeah, and you went out and did it anyway.你真的很棒 当时在下暴雨 对 然后你还是走上舞台表演了When the fans stayed out there, you just feel so bad.粉丝们就在外面站着 你真的会对他们很抱歉They paid their money for their tickets.Its their one time to see you. - Yeah.他们都是花了钱买票 就为了在现场看一下我的表演 -是的I was leaving Brazil the next day.It was like, I had to do the show.我当时第二天就要离开巴西 所以我在想 我一定要完成这次演出And we did. Listen We were slipping all over the place. - I know, it was great.然后我们做到了 你知道吗 我们在舞台上不停打滑 -我知道 真的很棒cutting choreograph and stuff like that.我们把舞蹈动作和很多程序都精简了But it was still,probably still one of the best memories from tour. - Yeah.但我还是觉得 那是整个巡回演唱会过程中最美好的回忆之一 -是的Well, I remember Pacific Brazil Its fantastic and so好的 我记得 巴西演唱会 真的太精了Um anyway, we are talking about the movie when we come back.稍后我们来谈一谈你的新电影 /201512/413129

  A coral reef during the day is a very different place from a coral reef at night.珊瑚礁的白天与夜晚是两个完全不同的世界。The atmosphere changes completely.这里的气氛完全不同。The day shift has logged off, and the night shift has gone to work.白天活跃的动物休息了,夜晚活动的方才出动。Its mean and moody, and the animals here mean business.夜晚环境恶劣多变,动物们必须保持警惕。Just as in human cities, theres a new cast of characters after dark.就像人类城市一样,夜幕下出动的都是迥然不同的角色。Octopus emerge from their holes to stalk their prey.章鱼从藏身的洞穴里出来觅食。A tiny sole improves his chances of survival by mimicking a toxic flatworm.这条小鰨鱼为了增加生存机会在模仿有毒的扁虫。Some of the strangest nocturnal creatures are relatives of the starfish, like this feather-mouthed sea cucumber, sifting food from the sand.一些最奇特的夜间生物都是海星的表亲,比如这一有着羽毛状口部的海参在用口从沙中筛出食物。Another is the basket star.还有这个筐蛇尾。It comes alive at night, throwing out thousands of arms to filter food from the plankton-rich current.它夜间出来,伸展开上千个枝杈般的触手从富含浮游生物的水流中过滤食物。These animals can live for a very long time, up to 35 years.它们的寿命很长,可达35岁。And theres records of these guys being seen night after night,in the same place for over 15 years.有记录明这几个昼伏夜出的家伙在同一地点被观察记录了15年之多。 201411/343260

  Bratain英国A Tory titan retires一托利党巨人退休William, it was really nothing威廉,真的没关系The Conservatives bid farewell to a talented parliamentarian保守党向一名才华横溢的国会议员告别THE high esteem in which William Hague is held was evident on March 26th even amid the Conservative leader of the House of Commonss shabby last act. To mark the end of the parliament, which also concluded his 26-year-long career as an MP, Mr Hague launched a surprise, failed, bid to oust the speaker, John Bercow, who many Tories dislike. It was typical of the Tories bungling in Parliament; but, MPs tutted, also an unseemly exit for one of its best performers of modern times.就算这位下议院保守党领导人在3月26号的最后一举显得低劣,威廉·黑格享有的崇敬还是显而易见的。为了标记议会的结束,也将他26年的议员生涯画上句号,黑格让人们大吃一惊,他企图将不受托利党人欢迎的约翰·伯科赶下台,但失败了。这是托利党人在议会拙劣之举的典型,但对于近代最佳演员之一的黑格来说,引得议员们嘘声一片,这也是一个不体面的退场。They were wrong. Because the 54-year-old Yorkshireman was following party orders—and that, even more than his laconic drawl and brilliance at the dispatch box, epitomises his career. The episode was also typical of the sort of orders Mr Hague has often had to follow, as an absurdly young Welsh secretary under John Major, as his successor as party leader, and, between 2010 and 2014, as foreign secretary.他们错了。因为这位54岁的约克郡人执行的是党的指令——这一举甚至超越了他简洁、慢吞吞的调子和在政务上的傲人之处,成为了他政治生涯的标志。这一插曲也是黑格经常需要遵从的典型指令,无论是作为约翰·梅杰手下年轻得不可思议的威尔士事务大臣,或是梅杰的继任党派领导人,还是作为2010到2014年间的外事大臣,都是如此。So what did he achieve? In an interview in his parliamentary office, Mr Hague names, without hesitation, a law he got passed in 1995 to outlaw discrimination against the disabled as his proudest legislative achievement. His spell as party leader (“I dont regret taking the leadership on, or giving it up; somebody had to do it”) is harder to enthuse about. After a stab at forging a kinder Conservatism—which remains elusive—he fell back on Euroscepticism, was humiliated in the 2001 election and resigned. That he remained an MP was an act of courage, which he burnished with dazzling speeches and unshakable loyalty to his successors. David Cameron, who took the helm in 2005, called him the Tories deputy leader in all but name.那他到底获得了什么成果呢?在他的议员会议室里进行的一次采访里,黑格毫不犹豫地将1995年他推动通过的一项禁止歧视残疾人的法律视为他最值得骄傲的立法成就。他作为政党领导的魅力(“我不后悔扛上领导的担子,或者将它卸下来,总有人要做这件事”)更难笼络人心。在试图创造一个更为温和的保守主义(仍令人难以捉摸)后,黑格又回到了欧洲怀疑主义,在2001年的选举中颜面全失随后辞职。他仍留任议员实属勇气之举,他用言辞闪闪发光的演讲和对继任者不可动摇的忠诚来修饰了这一行为。2005年掌权的大卫·卡梅伦称其为托利党非名义上的实际代理领导。This made Mr Hague the most powerful foreign secretary since Tony Blair, a globe-trotting prime minister, emasculated the job. Even in a time of cuts—which Mr Hague ensured were lighter at the Foreign Office than they might have been—he had an opportunity to strengthen his office (“the best job in the world”) and Britains place in the world. He did not really take it.这使得黑格成为了最有权威的外事大臣,因为托尼·布莱尔这位游历世界的总理无法胜任这份工作。即使在预算削减的时期(黑格保外事办公室的削减程度比想象中轻),他仍有机会加强办公室的力量(“世上最好的工作”)并提升英国在世界上的地位。他并没有把握住这个机会。He did some excellent things—restoring confidence to a department he found to be “shockingly” demoralised, including through a renewed emphasis on learning languages and other lapsed skills. He also expanded its operations, opening 20 missions, especially in India and China, the focus of a commercial push. He was also bold, early on, supporting Mr Camerons championing of the Arab spring, including the intervention in Libya in 2011. Mr Hague describes their failure to win parliamentary support for strikes on Syrias regime in 2013 as one of his “worst experiences”.他做了一些了不起的事:重塑这个他发现道德”惊人“沦丧的部门的信誉,包括重新强调学习语言和其他失效技能的重要性。他还扩大了部门的运作范围,新派出了20个驻外使团,特别是在印度和中国这些商业动力的中心。早些时候,他也十分大胆地持卡梅伦对阿拉伯之春的拥护,还包括2011年对利比亚的干预。黑格认为他们在2013年没能赢得议会对叙利亚统治下罢工的持是他”最糟的体验“之一。But after that setback Mr Cameron seemed to lose interest in the world. And Mr Hague did nothing obvious to fill the gap. He did not demur when Mr Cameron ordered a pullout from Afghanistan more abrupt than Britains allies wanted. “We would have been there for decades” otherwise, he says; NATO only wanted Britain to stay, with a tiny force, for a year or two.但那次挫折之后,卡梅伦似乎对全球事务失去了兴趣。黑格也没有做什么明显的事来填补空白。当卡梅伦以超乎英国盟友期望的速度突然命令从阿富汗撤军时,黑格并没有提出异议。他说,不然“我们本可以在那儿呆上几十年”。NATO希望英国仅在那儿保留少量武力一到两年。Mr Hagues absence from the early Franco-German efforts to end the Ukraine crisis seemed similarly indicative of shrunken ambition. “You cant be everywhere”, he protests. But when it comes to tackling the continents biggest security threats, Britain should always be with its main European allies. That Mr Hague was meanwhile more prominent in campaigning against rape in war, often alongside the film star Angelina Jolie, seemed a bit odd. The cause was important, but there was little in the history of such campaigns to suggest it would succeed, and the foreign secretary was required elsewhere.在早期法德希望结束乌克兰危机的努力中,黑格的缺席似乎同样是其野心缩减的暗示。他抗议道:“你不可能无处不在。”但若到了处理这片大陆最大安全威胁的关头,英国应该始终与主要的欧洲同盟站在一条线上。黑格在反对战争强奸方面似乎更为闻名,他经常与电影明星安吉丽娜·朱莉一起参加相关活动,这看起来有一点奇怪。原因很重要,但历史明这种活动鲜有成功,其他地方更需要外事大臣操心。He retires to a pile in Wales and the 18th century, about which he writes fine books. It has been a thoroughly commendable political career; but, especially when set against Mr Hagues gifts, not a great one.他在威尔士衣锦而归,还写了一些关于18世纪的好书。这是一段完全值得赞赏的政治生涯,但与黑格的天分相比,这又略显逊色。 译者:王颖 校对:张娣 译文属译生译世 /201504/368863



  Young and workless年轻人与失业Youth employment年轻人就业Recent figures confirmed that government labour-market policies, such as the age discrimination act of 2006 and the equality act of 2010, have enabled older workers to stay in the labour market longer. Two-thirds of the increase in employment since May 2010 has been among those aged 50 and over. Younger workers meanwhile experienced the biggest relative drop in employment during the recession and have not yet recovered to pre-2008 levels. Youth unemployment is still higher than pre-recession levels even though participation for the age group is lower.如上图所示,近期的一些调查数据已经实了政府的一系列劳务市场政策(如2006年的年龄歧视政策还有2010年的平等政策)确实保了老一辈从业者们能在市场中‘生存’更长的时间。从2010年5月份之后,就业率增长的人群中有三分之二集中在50岁及以上的从业者中。与此同时,年轻的职场人士在经济危机中则面临相对来说最大的就业困难,就业率一直未能恢复到2008年前的水平。在入职年龄降低的前提下,年轻人的失业率依然还是超过了经济衰退前的水平。A recent report found that young people might be held back by a lack of “employability” skills including literacy, numeracy and self-management and that a positive, proactive approach to work was lacking. Attitude and ability appear to hinder them more than age.一份近期的报告发现,当代年轻人正因缺少就业技能(包括读写,计数,自我管理,积极性以及工作中的前瞻性)而受阻。 同时相对于年龄,就业态度和才能也阻碍了他们前进。译者:曾擎禹 校对:胡雅琳译文属译生译世 /201504/370583


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