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2017年12月18日 11:22:06 | 作者:88健康 | 来源:新华社
German police have arrested two Algerians they suspect of having links to Islamic State, as the city of Cologne kicks off its annual Carnival celebration.就在科隆市开始庆祝年度狂欢节之际,德国警方逮捕了两名涉嫌与伊斯兰国组织有关联的阿尔及利亚人。Reports said the two suspects were arrested Thursday during searches in the capital, Berlin, and in other regions.报道说,这两名嫌疑人星期四在首都柏林以及其它地区的搜查行动中被捕。The men are suspected of planning an attack ;threatening the security of the state,; according to police. Authorities are searching for two other men in connection with the plot.据警方介绍,他们涉嫌策划一起“危及国家安全”的袭击。当局还在搜捕与这一阴谋有关的另外两名男子。The arrests come as the city of Cologne begins a huge Carnival celebration that precedes the beginning of Lent. After a shocking string of sexual assaults that occurred in Cologne during New Years celebrations, police are on alert to prevent a repeat of the incidents.与此同时,科隆市开始了大斋节到来之前的大型狂欢庆祝活动。科隆市新年庆祝活动期间发生一系列令人震惊的性攻击事件之后,警方为避免类似事件再度发生而处于戒备状态。The carnival festivities include street parties, song and dance, and alcohol consumption by revellers in fancy dress. The carnival runs until Ash Wednesday on February 10.狂欢庆祝活动包括街头派对、载歌载舞以及身着奇装异开怀畅饮等。狂欢节将一直持续到20日,也就是大斋节的第一日。German authorities are determined to be out in force.德国当局决心全力以赴应对。Police have doubled the number of officers on hand compared with last year to more than 2,000, and are also bringing in 350 cadets.警方出动000多名警察,是去年警力的一倍。此外还50名军校学员援。来 /201602/425845Ted Cruz has convincingly beaten Donald Trump in the Republican primary in Wisconsin, raising the odds that the party’s presidential nominee will be decided at a contested convention in Cleveland. 在威斯康星州的共和党初选中,特#8226;克鲁Ted Cruz)令人信地击败了唐纳#8226;特朗Donald Trump),这一结果加大了在克利夫兰“僵局代表大会contested convention)上确定该党总统候选人提名的可能性The Associated Press projected that the Texas senator would win Wisconsin state, which was holding Republican and Democratic primaries on Tuesday. With seven per cent of the vote counted, the conservative senator had won 49 per cent of the ballots, compared to 35 per cent for Mr Trump and 14 per cent for Ohio governor John Kasich. 根据美联Associated Press)的预期,得克萨斯州参议员克鲁兹将赢得威斯康星州的初选。在统计0%的选票后,这位保守派参议员的得票率9%,而特朗普的得票率5%,俄亥俄州州长约#8226;卡西John Kasich)得票率为14%。周二,威斯康星州举行了共和党和民主党的初选The victory means that Mr Cruz has won nine of the 31 states where Republicans have voted in the 2016 race. Mr Trump leads with 20 states, while Mr Kasich lags behind his rivals with only one success, in his home state of Ohio. 这场胜利意味着,在2016年的初选选战中,克鲁兹在共和党已投过票的31个州中拿下了9个州。领跑的特朗普拿下了20个州,卡西奇则只拿下了自己所在的俄亥俄州Mr Trump has a significant lead in the delegate race even after Mr Cruz’s win in Wisconsin. But his loss in the Badger State raises the prospects that the tycoon will struggle to win the 1,237 delegates needed to win the nomination on the first vote at the convention in July. 即便在克鲁兹拿下威斯康星州之后,特朗普在党代表票数方面仍有显著的领先优势。不过,特朗普在“獾州”(威斯康星州的别名——译者注)的失利引出了这样一种可能性:这位富豪将很难在7月份共和党代表大会的首轮投票中赢得获得提名所需237张党代表票。来 /201604/436087China again rejects Trumps suggestion to negotiate Taiwan中国再次拒绝川普协商台湾问题的示意BEIJING (AP) Chinas foreign ministry on Sunday again rejected President-elect Donald Trumps suggestion that he might use American policy on Taiwan as a bargaining chip between the two sides.北京(美联社)——中国外交部周日再次拒绝了川普的示意,即他可能用美国的对台政策来作为中美两国的谈判筹码。Spokesman Lu Kang said Sunday that the ;one China; policy is ;non-negotiable.; Since recognizing Beijing in 1979, Washington has maintained only unofficial ties with Taiwan, the self-governing island that Beijing considers its territory a status quo that Trump has repeatedly threatened to upend since winning the November election.发言人陆康周日称一个中国政策是不可协商的。自1979年承认北京以来,华盛顿只和台湾维持非官方的关系,北京认为这个自治的岛屿属于自己——自当选以来川普就一直声称要推翻这个现状。来 /201701/488622

Lawyers for Melania Trump on Thursday filed suit for 0m damages against the Daily Mail in Maryland state court. 梅拉尼娅#8226;特朗普的律师团于周四现身马里兰州法院,要求《每日邮报》千万美元的赔偿金。The wife of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is also suing a blogger, Webster Tarpley, from the state in question.此外,身为共和党总统候选人唐纳#8226;特朗普妻子的她还同时起诉了马里兰州的主韦伯斯特#8226;塔普利。In a statement, Trump’s lawyer, Charles Harder, said: These defendants made several statements about Mrs Trump that are 100% false and tremendously damaging to her personal and professional reputation [and] broadcast their lies to millions of people throughout the US and the world without any justification.梅拉尼娅的律师查尔斯#8226;哈德尔在声明中称:被告针对原告的报导纯属子虚乌有,严重破坏了原告的个人及职业声誉,此外,被告还无故向全美及全球数百万民众散布了关于原告的谣言。Their many lies include, among others, that Mrs Trump supposedly was an ‘escortin the 1990s before she met her husband. 他们捏造的种种谎言包括0世纪90年代,在结识丈夫之前,特朗普夫人似乎做过‘陪游’。Defendantsactions are so egregious, malicious and harmful to Mrs Trump that her damages are estimated at 0m.被告极端恶劣的恶毒行为伤害了特朗普夫人,因此被告应向原告付千万美元的赔偿金。The suit was filed in Montgomery County, in suburban Washington DC, in response to articles published in August by the Daily Mail which reported rumors that Trump worked as an escort in the 1990s.《每日邮报》于8月份刊登了几篇造谣特朗普夫人曾0世纪90年代做过陪游的文章,对此特朗普夫人向华盛顿城郊区的蒙哥马利县法院提起了诉讼。Last month, announcing that Trump was considering a suit, her lawyer called those rumors 100% false.上个月,特朗普夫人的律师宣布特朗普夫人正在考虑起诉,律师称那些谣言百分百是假的。The Daily Mail article also contained allegations that Trump came to New York a year earlier than she has claimed, raising issues about her immigration status. 《每日邮报》刊登的文章还宣称特朗普夫人移居纽约的时间比她所说的时间早了一年,这意味着她的移民身份有假。Trump denied a story in Politico in which questions about her immigration status were first reported.《政治家》最先质疑了她的移民身份,她则否认了他们的报道。The lawsuit noted that while the article in question had been removed from the Daily Mail’s website, the newspaper had yet to apologize or formally retract. 诉讼方指出:虽然《每日邮报》已将争议文章撤下网站,但却尚未在报纸上致歉或正式撤回报纸上的文章。The Mail included a retraction of the story in its Friday UK print edition.《每日邮报》已在本周五的英国版报纸上刊登撤回声明。We did not intend to state or suggest that these allegations are true, the newspaper said, nor did we intend to state or suggest that Mrs Trump ever worked as an ‘escortor in the ‘sex business 《每日邮报》说:我们无意宣称或暗示那些针对移民身份的指控是真的,我们也无意宣称或暗示特朗普夫人曾做过‘陪游’或‘应召女’。It added that its article had included denials from a Trump spokesperson and the owner of the modelling agency in question, and said it regretted any such misinterpretation.《每日邮报》还说自己刊登的文章涵盖了特朗普夫人发言人和事件牵涉的模特经纪公司老板的否认之辞,它为任何导致他人误解的言辞而感到懊悔。The retraction was also posted online. 撤回声明还被发布在网站上。The Daily Mail newspaper and MailOnline/DailyMail.com have entirely separate editors and journalistic teams, it added. In so far as MailOnline/DailyMail.com published the same article it wholeheartedly also retracts the above and also regrets any such misinterpretation.《每日邮报》补充说:报纸版和网络版的编辑及记者团队是相互独立的,发表了相同文章的网站也诚心诚意地撤回了文章并为误导大众而感到懊悔。Asked if the retraction would affect the suit, Harder replied: It does not.被问及撤回文章是否会影响诉讼时,哈德尔回复说:不会。Tarpley’s blogpost, which has been retracted, claimed, per the suit, that it is widely known Melania was not a working model but rather a high-end escort and that she had a mental breakdown after a plagiarism controversy over her speech to the Republican national convention in Cleveland in July.塔普利在现已撤回的文中称:大家都知道梅拉尼娅不是职业模特而是高级陪游女,7月份时,梅拉尼娅曾在克利夫兰举行的共和党全国大会上发表演讲并深陷抄袭风波,之后她为此精神崩溃了。来 /201609/464865

David Cameron has warned that leaving the EU would lead to lower pensions and weaker health spending, in a move to win over older voters who polls say are more likely to back Brexit.英国首相戴维#8226;卡梅David Cameron)警告称,脱离欧盟将给英国带来较低的养老金和较弱的医疗开。此言意在争取老年选民,民调显示,这一群体更有可能持英国脱欧。With the Remain lead vanishing in many opinion polls, less than two weeks before the vote, the prime minister told the B’s The Andrew Marr Show the economic impact of leaving the EU would force the government to reprioritise its spending plans.在不到两周后就要举行公投、而留欧阵营在民调中的领先优势蒸发之际,英国首相昨日在B政治访谈节目“安德鲁#8226;马尔秀Andrew Marr Show)上表示,脱离欧盟的经济冲击将迫使政府调整其出计划的轻重缓急。“We would be taking a risk with growth, with jobs and with pensions. We shouldn’t do that it is the wrong choice,he said.“我们将在增长、就业和养老金上冒险。我们不应该那么做——那是错误的选择,”他说。During the coalition government, Mr Cameron committed to a so-called triple lock on the basic state pension currently 19.30 a week that increases it in line with average earnings or the rate of inflation, whichever is greater.在上一届政府,即保守党与自由民主党联合执政期间,卡梅伦承诺对基本国家养老金(目前为每周119.30英镑)提供所谓三重保障,使其与平均收入或通胀率(取两者中较大者)同步上升。The pensions pledge and the ringfence on National Health Service spending could be maintained, Mr Cameron said, but only with tax increases, if Institute for Fiscal Studies projections of the economic impact of Brexit proved correct.卡梅伦表示,养老金承诺和对英国国民医疗务(NHS)出的圈护可以得到保持,但只有增税才能做到——如果财政研究所(Institute for Fiscal Studies)对于英国脱欧的经济影响的预测被明正确。“If we did face a 0bn-0bn black hole we would have to make difficult choices. Our pensions promise is based on a growing succeeding economy,Mr Cameron said. “Our economy will be smaller and that has consequences.”“如果我们确实面00亿至400亿英镑的黑洞,我们将不得不做出艰难的选择。我们的养老金承诺是基于不断增长的成功的经济,”卡梅伦表示,“(脱欧将使)我国经济规模变得更小,那是有后果的。”The Brexit camp has urged voters to disregard what it calls Project Fear - warnings from the likes of the IMF, the Treasury and the IFS - saying they represent the view of the political elite.英国脱欧阵营敦促选民不要理会它所称的“恐惧项目”——来自国际货币基金组IMF)、英国财政部和财政研究所等机构的警告——称它们都代表着政治精英阶层的观点。来 /201606/449035

Last week, as President Obama entertained the White House CorrespondentsAssociation dinner and Britain indulged in a bizarre debate about whether Hitler was a Zionist, more than 200 people were killed in a brutal bombardment of Aleppo. The breakdown of Syria’s fragile ceasefire promises yet more suffering in a five-year long war that has killed hundreds of thousands of people and created millions of refugees.上周,当美国总统奥巴Obama)在白宫记者协White House Correspondents Association)晚宴上宾客、英国沉溺于关于希特勒是否是犹太复国主义者这种匪夷所思的辩论时,超过200人在阿勒Aleppo)的野蛮轰炸中遇难。叙利亚长达5年的内战造成了数十万人遇难、数百万人流离失所,如果脆弱的停火协议土崩瓦解,还会造成更多痛苦。Yet, amid all the misery, there is hope. It is possible that this year could witness two huge and positive developments. The first would be the military defeat of the jihadis of Isis, who could lose their two major strongholds in Syria the towns of Raqqa and Deir al-Zour. The second crucial development would be the achievement of a peace deal between the Syrian regime and the non-jihadi rebels.尽管局势充斥着各种痛苦,但希望犹存。今年有可能出现两大积极进展。第一项进展是“伊拉克和黎凡特伊斯兰国ISIS)圣战分子或将遭遇军事失败,可能失去在叙利亚的两个主要据点——拉卡市(Raqqa)和代尔祖Deir al-Zour)。第二项至关重要的进展是叙利亚政权和非圣战分子叛军之间或将达成和平协议。The key to both developments is close co-operation between Washington and Moscow. Despite the obvious tensions between Russia and the ed States, their views of the Syrian conflict have been converging, laying the basis for a joint approach to defeating Isis and ending the war.取得这两项进展的关键在于华盛顿方面和莫斯科方面的密切合作。尽管俄罗斯和美国明显关系紧张,但是两国对叙利亚冲突的看法日趋一致,这为打败ISIS、结束叙利亚战争的双方联合行动奠定了基础。The Americans have moved furthest. Rhetorically, the US is still committed to the idea that “Assad must go a goal first stated by President Obama back in 2011. In practice, the rise of Isis means that the Americanspriorities in Syria have changed. Defeating the jihadist threat is now their overriding aim. To achieve that end, the Americans are prepared to tacitly ditch the goal of “regime changein Syria although they are still insisting, for the moment, that President Assad himself must be removed as part of a peace settlement.美国方面做出的努力最大。口头上,美国仍然坚持“阿萨德(Assad)必须下台”的想法,该目标011年由奥巴马总统首次提出。而实际上,ISIS的崛起意味着美国人在叙利亚的首要任务已经变了。如今,消灭圣战分子的威胁是他们最重要的目标。为实现这一点,美国人准备默默放弃实现叙利亚“政权更迭”的目标——尽管他们目前仍然坚持称,作为和平协议的一部分,叙利亚总统阿萨德本人必须下台。Russia’s movement is less dramatic but still important. In the early stages of their military campaign in Syria, the Russians seemed to have little interest in taking on the most radical jihadis. The Americans reckoned that only 10 to 20 per cent of Russian strikes were aimed at Isis. The rest concentrated on the other jihadi groups or the moderate opposition to the Assad regime.俄罗斯方面的努力没那么显著,但也很重要。在叙利亚采取军事行动的早期阶段,俄罗斯人似乎对打击最激进的圣战分子没什么兴趣。美国人估计,俄罗斯在叙利亚进行的军事打击仅0%-20%是针对ISIS的。其余行动均针对其他圣战组织或者阿萨德政权的温和反对派。This ambiguity about the war aims of the Russians is still there. Aleppo is not held by Isis but is the current target of a brutal regime offensive backed by the Russians. Nonetheless, the Obama administration believes that, in recent months, the Russians and the Syrian government have become much more serious about attacking Isis. They point to the recapture last month of the city of Palmyra, which had been occupied by Isis.俄罗斯人在叙利亚的战争目的仍然含糊不清。阿勒颇并非由ISIS控制,但当前却是由俄罗斯人持的政府军野蛮攻击行动的目标。尽管如此,奥巴马政府认为,最近数月,俄罗斯政府和叙利亚政府对于打击ISIS的态度已经认真多了。他们提到,此前被ISIS占领的巴尔米Palmyra)上个月已被收复。Indeed, the US now thinks it entirely possible that the Syrian regime, backed by Russian firepower, will move to ret ake both Raqqa and Deir-al-Zour, before the end of the year. On one level, this would be a welcome development for Washington. But it would also risk looking like a humiliation for the Obama administration, which, having assembled a 62-nation “global coalitionto defeat Isis, would have to stand by and see the Assad regime and the Russians do the job for them.的确,眼下美国认为,拥有俄罗斯火力持的叙利亚政权完全有可能在今年年底前夺回对拉卡市和代尔祖尔的控制权。在某种程度上,此事将受到华盛顿方面的欢迎。但是,这也有可能像是对奥巴马政府的羞辱——美国为打击ISIS而组织的62国“全球联军”不得不袖手旁观,看着阿萨德政权和俄罗斯军队为他们完成这项任务。There are two ways that the Americans might handle such a situation. The first would be to concentrate US efforts on fighting Isis in Iraq, helping the government in Baghdad to retake Mosul, the largest city held by the jihadis. The second, more controversial, idea would be to lend active support to the Syrian regime and the Russians in the fight to ret ake Raqqa.美国可能有两种办法解决此类局势。第一种将是全力以赴打击伊拉克的ISIS,帮助巴格达政府夺回被圣战分子占据的最大城市——苏尔。第二种办法更具争议性,即在夺回拉卡的战斗中向叙利亚政权和俄罗斯人提供积极持。As things stand, it would be politically impossible for the US administration to work directly with the Assad regime and the Russians. However, if the departure of Mr Assad can be arranged, then some sort of joint military offensive against Isis involving the regime, the Russians, the Kurds and the US-led coalition might yet emerge. The Russians, it is hoped, might be willing to give up Mr Assad in return for the western recognition of their role in Syria that they have long craved.照目前来看,美国政府直接与阿萨德政权和俄罗斯人打交道在政治上是不可能的。然而,如果可以安排阿萨德下台,那么叙利亚政权、俄罗斯人、库尔德人以及美国领导的联盟仍可能组织起某种打击ISIS的联合军事行动。外界希望,俄罗斯人可能愿意放弃阿萨德,以换取西方承认他们在叙利亚的角色——这是他们长期以来梦寐以求的。The fate of Mr Assad is the most difficult issue facing the diplomats trying to negotiate a Syria peace settlement in Geneva. But there are also many other contradictions and tensions besetting the peace talks. The Turkish and Saudi governments do not really share the Americansgoals in Syria. The Turksprimary obsession is defeating the Kurds, whom the Americans regard as their most capable allies in Syria. The Saudis want to see the overthrow of the Assad regime as part of their regional struggle with Iran.对于在日内瓦努力斡旋和平解决叙利亚问题的外交官们来说,阿萨德的命运是他们面临的最棘手的问题。但和平谈判还面临其他许多矛盾和紧张关系。土耳其和沙特政府与美国人在叙利亚的目标并非真正一致。土耳其最看重的是击败被美国人视为在叙利亚最可靠的盟友——库尔德人。沙特人则希望将推翻阿萨德政权视为与伊朗地区争斗的一部分。It is also entirely possible that the fragile co-operation between Russia and the US in Syria could be swept to one side by other developments. Last week, there was a near confrontation between Russian and American jets over the Baltic Sea. The Nato summit in Warsaw in July could also see a further escalation of tensions between Russia and the west, as Nato presses ahead with the deployment of troops in the Baltic states and Russia stations nuclear weapons in the enclave of Kaliningrad.俄罗斯和美国在叙利亚的脆弱合作也完全有可能因其他事态而被搁置一边。上周,俄罗斯和美国的飞机在波罗的海上空几乎发生冲突。今月北NATO)在华沙的峰会也可能让俄罗斯和西方的紧张局势进一步升级,因为北约加快推动在波罗的海国家部署军队,而俄罗斯则在加里宁格勒州飞地部署核武器。It will be very hard for the Americans and Russians to compartmentalise their relations, co-operating in the Middle East as they confront each other in eastern Europe. Nonetheless, even at the height of the Ukraine crisis, Washington and Moscow did manage to work together on the Iran nuclear deal.美国人和俄罗斯人将很难一码归一码地处理他们之间的关系——在东欧对峙的同时在中东展开合作。然而,即便在乌克兰危机最严重期间,华盛顿与莫斯科也的确在伊朗核协议方面成功展开过合作。For all their rivalries and mutual mistrust, it is crucial that Russia and the US find a similar way to work together on bringing peace to Syria and defeating Isis. Without Russian-American co-operation, Syria can only expect further years of tragedy and death.尽管俄美两国是对手而且彼此不信任,但至关重要的是,两国能够在促成叙利亚和平和打击ISIS方面以同样的方式实现合作。如果没有美俄合作,只能预计叙利亚还会经历多年的悲剧和死亡。来 /201605/441467

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