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栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201602/426130

But, at ground level, there were other threats. There were always potential rebels within the state, the aristocrats who had been forced to live in Kyongju for example, and on the coast there were Japanese pirates.但在地面上还有别的威胁:反叛势力一直蠢蠢欲动,那些被迫住在庆州的王公贵族就是其中之一,而沿海还有来自日本海盗的威胁。龙也许能保佑家宅平安。Here again, as on our tile, a dragon would provide security, but every Silla king had to negotiate one great and ongoing political predicament-how to maintain freedom of action in the lowering shadow of his mighty neighbour, Tang China.但每一任新罗王都不得不应对这些瓦当龙也无法解决的困境:如何在强大的邻国中国唐朝的阴影下保持独立自主。The Chinese had supported the Silla in their campaign to unify Korea, but only as a preliminary to China taking over the new kingdom itself, so the Silla had to be both nimble and resolute in holding the Chinese emperor at bay while maintaining his political alliance. In cultural terms, the same subtle balancing act between dependence and autonomy has been going on for centuries, and continues to this day, and we can see it in our tile.中国曾在新罗统一朝鲜半岛的战争中持过他们,但这只是中国吞并朝鲜的前奏罢了。因此新罗国王一方面要摆出谦卑的姿态以巩固同盟关系,一方面又要严阵以防中国皇帝出兵。这种依赖与自主间的微妙平衡在朝鲜半岛持续了千余年,至今仍是影响韩朝两国外交政策的主要因素。The tile is very similar to ones made in Tang China at the same time, but this is emphatically not a Chinese object. Unlike the broad grin of a Chinese dragon, the mouth here is small and aggressive, and the modelling of the tile has a rough vigour thats very un-Chinese.在朝鲜半岛历史上,位于丝绸之路末端的统一繁荣的新罗王国开辟了一个重要的创新与学习的时代,这也是建筑、文学、天文和数学发展的“黄金时代”。And its this robust energetic engagement with the clay that made Korean ceramics so appealing to twentieth-century Europeans, and especially to potters. Heres Jane Portal again:威猛的龙瓦当一直留在庆州的屋桅上,流传至今今天 在韩国仍能看到新罗国留下的遗产。韩国国家物馆馆长崔光植告诉我们:;All throughout Korean history, Korean ceramics tend to be lumpier, less perfect, more sort of spontaneous, whereas Chinese ceramics are perfect-and dead, in a way. And this is what attracted people in the twentieth century-folk potters, such as Bernard Leach-and they copied them, made studio pots which were very influenced by Korean ceramics.;瓦当所表现的文化因素至今仍留在韩国文化里。现在庆州市区的街道上仍能看到它们的身影。因此,从这方面看,这些物品虽然巳经算是古物,却仍然存活在文化中。201510/405121

栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201505/376668

  极富个人魅力的荷塞.安东尼奥.阿布吕尔是委内瑞拉青少年乐团项目“el Systema(体系)”的创始人,这个项目改变了委内瑞拉无数孩子的生命。在这个视频里,.阿布吕留和大家分享这个神奇的故事,并揭密自己的TED大奖愿望,这个愿望对美国和美国以外的区域也将产生巨大的影响。201501/354514

  If it keeps me healthier than I如果吃药能使我更健康would otherwise be, and hopefully mentally alert,头脑更灵活then, you know, its doing its job那它就起到功效 and thank you very much.我就不胜感激了I believe in my heart that its not good.但我内心认为药物是不好的I dont think its a good thing.我觉得吃药不是件好事情Were not meant to take them.我们不该用药物In the old days, they didnt take them. They just died, you know.过去的人们从不吃药 他们顺其自然I dont like it but I... I am...我不喜欢吃药 但是 我Its part of my life.这是我生活的一部分It is my life, actually.实际上 这就是我全部的生活Millions of people turn数百万人每天靠药to pills every day to prolong their lives,来延长他们的生命but there are some who believe medicine但也有些人 比如约翰·斯图尔特could also be used to bring it to an end, like John Stuwart.认为药物能用来结束他们的生命 If there was such a thing as a simple pill that you could take,如果世上有如此简单的药物preferably with a large Scotch,配上一大杯苏格兰威士忌下and go to sleep and not wake up,就能让你长睡不醒a lot of people would prefer that,不知多少人想要得到这样的机会in fact would leap at the chance.利用这样的机会201503/366843。

  英语非常道 第35期:美食英语通过大家比较熟悉的“美食”来学习与“吃”有关的英语表述 1、 菜单。。。201510/396113

  Sky diving from a bi-plane is anything but straight forward.在双翼飞机上跳伞 绝对不能鲁莽行事The fast and simplest way is for the pilot to reverse the plane.最简单可行的办法就是 让飞行员将飞机翻转过来Flip it up side down and drop me out.机腹朝上 直接把我丢出去Might be stomach journey,but its an effective deployment.也许你的胃会因此翻江倒海 但这种方法最为有效This isnt first to me.But if I catch the tail on accident,its game over.我不是第一次这么干了 但如若我稍有不慎 撞上尾翼 我就一命呜呼了My mission is to show you how to stay alive long enough to make it back to civilization.我的任务 是教您如何在这样的环境中求生 重返文明世界All Im taking is a few basic survival tools and my crews coming with me.我将随身携带最基本的求生装备 摄制组会和我一起共赴荒野Thats a plane out there.I dont know how to get down there.我刚才坐的飞机在那 我不知道怎样才能到达地面This is one of the most scourged regions in North Amecira.Temperature roars over 100 for monthes.这里是北美自然环境最为凶险的地区之一 温度会连续几个月都高于100华氏度And aly from here I can feel the heat in the desert.从这里我就能感受到 沙漠散发出来的热量了And this is just gonna be a case that dont catch the cactus.下面要做的就是 别撞上那些仙人掌了On the ground.Bad strained on these cactus.Lets get this parachute. lets go.Leave it here.着陆成功 但还是被这些仙人掌给挂到了 收好降落伞 咱们走吧 降落伞就丢这Most people would get lost with nothing.Lets get moving.大多数人都是两手空空 迷失在荒野之中 咱们走吧The Chihuahuan desert is brutally hard and bone dry.奇瓦瓦沙漠 万分凶险 异常干燥Most aeras get less than 1 inch rain a month.大多数地区月平均降雨量不足1英寸Out here, staying hydrated is going to be the biggist challenge.在这里 保持身体的水分 将是我所面临的最大挑战But its absolutely vital.and the key to survive in a place like this.但这一点至关重要 这也是在此类地区生存的关键所在201603/433070The History of April Fools Day愚人节的由来April Fools Day or All Fools Day is one day of the year when youre allowed to mercilessly prank your friend, family and coworkers. How exactly did this day come about? We dont actually know for sure what started the celebration of April Fools Day. References can be found as early as 1500s, but these accounts are infrequent and not very detailed.四月愚人节或是愚人节是一年之中可以无情的恶整你的朋友、家人和同事的日子。这天到底是怎么来的呢?我们不真确地知道是什么起始了四月愚人节的庆祝。文献可追溯早至十六世纪,但这些记载很少也不是很详细。Most popular theories had begun around 1582 in France during the reformation of the calendar. Before France adopted the Gregorian calendar, they celebrated the New Years for eight days, beginning on March 25th, and ending on April 1st. When they switch calendar system, the eighth day moved from April 1st to January 1st.大部分盛行的理论源自于大约西元1582年法国的历法改革之时。在法国采用公历之前,他们用八天庆祝新年,从三月二十五日开始,四月一日结束。当他们转换日历系统时,那第八天从四月一日挪到一月一日。Because they didnt have internet, phones, social media and a mail system, a lot of people didnt hear about this change until years later. Those who did not hear about the change continued to celebrate New Years in April. Others refused to celebrate out of rebellion. Those who had been informed of the change and adjusted their calendars began to make fun of these fools who were uninformed or rebellious. This harassment evolved into a tradition of playing pranks on the first day of April, and then sp to other countries.因为他们没有网路、电话、社群媒体和邮务系统,很多人直到多年以后才知道这项改变。那些没听到改变的人继续在四月庆祝新年。其他人因为反对而拒绝庆祝。那些被告知改变,且已调整他们日历的人开始嘲笑这些没有被通知到或是反对的笨蛋。这样的骚扰发展成一个在四月的第一天去恶作剧的传统,然后散布到其他国家。However, April Fools Day was aly established in England, which didnt switch calendar system until 1752. Also people are aly engaging in pranks and light-heartedness around this time of year, long before the French switch their calendar systems, such as in the case of the ancient Roman festival of Hilaria.然而,四月愚人节在英国早已建立,他们直到西元1752年才改变日历。人们也已经在一年中这个时间,致力于恶作剧和轻松作乐,远早于法国人变换他们的历法系统,就像是古罗马的快活节的例子一般。Modern celebrations of April Fools Day have slightly different traditions, depending on the country you are in. But they all have the similar theme of pranking or humiliating individuals. In France, they try to tape an image of fish to your back without you noticing. And in Portugal, they throw flour at you. In England, you are always supposed to pull jokes until noon, and if you pull a joke after noon, you are called an April Fool. And in the ed States and Britain, even popular media outlets and companies have been known to get involved in the fun.现代的四月愚人节的庆祝有些微不同的传统,取决于你身处哪个国家。但是它们都有相似的恶作剧或是羞辱人的主题。在法国,他们试着在你背后贴上鱼的图案而不被你发现。而在葡萄牙,他们泼你面粉。在英格兰,你永远应该在中午之前说笑话,而如果你过了中午说笑话,你就被称为四月傻瓜。在美国和英国,甚至连受欢迎的媒体和公司行号都因参与这趣味而为人知晓。In 1996, Taco Bell announced that it had purchased the Liberty Bell from the city of Philadelphia, and it was going to rename it as Taco Liberty Bell. In 1992, NPR claimed that Richard Nixon would be running again for president. British publication, theguardian, famously pranked the public in 1977, when they said that a Semicolon shaped island in the Indian Ocean had been discovered. This hoax is credited for launching the trend of April Fools Day pranks by British tabloids.1996年,Taco Bell(注一)宣布他们跟费城市买下了独立钟,而且要把它重新命名为Taco独立钟。1992年,美国全国公共广播电台声称尼克森要再次参选总统。英国出版社,卫报,在1977年出名的恶搞了大众,他们说一个分号形状的岛屿在印度洋中被发现。这骗局归功于英国八卦小报的发动四月愚人节恶作剧风潮。So hopefully you now know a little more about the history of April Fools Day, or at least what we think the history of it is. Now that were at the end of this , you might be wondering if all this information is accurate, thinking it ;IS; a about April Fools Day! YEAH! Its ACCURATE! But seriously, its accurate. I wouldnt do that to you.所以希望你现在知道了多一点关于四月愚人节的历史,或至少那些我们认为是的历史。既然我们到了影片结尾,你也许会怀疑这所有的讯息是否正确,想着“这的确是”一个关于四月愚人节的影片!耶!是正确的!但说真的,这是真的。我不会那样对你的。注一:Taco Bell是美国的连锁速食店,主要商品是墨西哥卷饼(Taco and Burrito)。201504/368550

  A bridge spanning the Mississippi River would connect跨越密西西比河的桥梁将会east to west like never before.以前所未有的方式连接东部和西部The key to success for any railroad任何铁路公司成功的关键is getting across the Mississippi River.都是建立跨越密西西比河的桥梁Once you get across the Mississippi river跨越了密西西比河you can move west.你就能够进入西部The question is: How do you get across the Mississippi river?问题在于:如何跨越密西西比河The bridge will have to be over a mile long.这座桥的长度将超过一英里One in four bridges built at the time fail.当时每四座桥的建造中就有一座会失败And nobody has built a rail bridge this big.而且没人建过一座这么大的桥But Carnegie knows theres no reward without risk.但是卡内基懂得 没有风险就不会有回报He invests everything he has into the bridge.他将自己的一切都投入到了这座桥上Andy Carnegie stepped up.安迪·卡内基加快了步伐He decided he could do it.他认为他能做到One striking thing about Carnegie--卡内基有一个很重要的品质and this is true of the great entrepreneurs--这也是很多伟大企业家都具备的theyre willing to take risks.也就是愿意冒险Theyre willing to roll the dice and bet,他们愿意下赌注 掷骰子in later days, the whole corporation,去建立整个公司or in this case, bet his career.或是像这里这样 赌上自己的职业生涯201603/432190

  What Causes Traffic Jams?塞车的科学Youve just made your way out of a really frustrating traffic jam, and youre looking around for the reason, maybe an accident or roadworks, but you cant see anything. So, what in the world just happened?你才刚脱离一阵着实恼人的车潮,而你正四处查看塞车的原因,也许是车祸或是道路施工,但你却看不到任何线索。那么,刚才究竟发生啥事了?Mathematicians use different models to explain these so-called phantom traffic jams. One popular model likens traffic to a flowing liquid and traffic jams to a shockwave.数学家们使用不同模型来解释这些所谓的“幽灵塞车”。一种最普遍的模型将车潮譬喻成流动的液体,而塞车譬喻成震荡波。To investigate this, Japanese researchers put 22 cars on a circular track, and ask them to drive around at a steady 30 kilometers per hour. For a little while, all goes well, but it takes just one car to slightly change speed to cause problems, making the car behind slow down further, and the next car back to slow down even more again.要研究这现象,日本研究人员安排 22 辆车在一条环形跑道上,并要求他们以稳定的时速 30 公里绕圈行驶。过了一会儿,一切都很顺利,但只要一辆车稍微改变车速就能造成问题,使得后方的车进一步慢下来,而下一辆车又甚至慢更多下来。The cars begin to clump together, and this clumping effect reverberates backwards around the track like a shockwave, even leaving to brief halts at points.车辆开始挤在一起,而这相挤的效应就像震荡波一般向后回传到整个跑道,甚至在某些地方带来短暂的停止状态。Theoretically, if traffic remains heavy, this traveling wave could just keep going and going forever. These invisible waves of congestion also occur in real-life traffic jams. They create a ripple effect which doesnt go away until all cars return to the same pace.理论上来说,如果交通维持繁忙状态,这种行进波能就永远不停持续下去。这些隐形的壅塞波动同样也在现实生活的塞车中发生。它们产生一种在所有车辆回到相同车速前都不会消失的涟漪效应。To prevent a jam, you should maintain a steady speed, so no changing lanes, no slowing down to look at things, and using your cruise control. And you can always carpool or use public transport to reduce congestion in the first place.要避免塞车,你应该要维持稳定的车速,所以那代表不要变换车道、不减速看其他东西,并使用你的定速巡航。还有你永远可以共乘或是利用大众运输来在一开始就减少壅塞情形。Another potential solution is driverless cars, which are better at keeping a constant pace, and which can wirelessly communicate with each other to respond to changing traffic conditions.另一个可能的解决方式是无人驾驶汽车,那更能维持固定的车速,且那可以和彼此无线通讯以应对不断变化的交通状况。Mathematicians help, too, by improving the algorithms that control our traffic lights, and predicting when and where traffic jams will occur.数学家也有帮忙,借由改善控制交通号志的演算法,还有预测塞车状况在何时何地会发生。And now, four fast facts about pesky traffic:现在,有四则关于恼人车潮的趣味资讯:Traffic light timings optimize movement for the majority of traffic, meaning that if youre driving against the flow, you could hit a frustrating run of red lights.交通号志的时间点尽可能配合大多数的车潮动向,表示如果你往不同方向前进,你可能就会碰上一连串烦人的红灯。Traffic psychology studies show that women cyclists are given more space on the road than men, and youre more likely to let a car in front of you if you have passengers.交通心理研究显示,女单车骑士比起男性在路上会被让出更多空间,而如果你车上有乘客的话,你更有可能让车辆开在你的前面。Using theoretical physics to understand traffic congestion is creatively called ;jamology.;利用理论物理学理解塞车,被很有创意地称为“塞车学”。And in 2010, a 100-kilometer stretch of highway between Beijing and Tibet came to a standstill for two weeks, possibly the greatest traffic jam in history.2010 年,在北京和西藏间高速公路上一条绵延 100 公里的车流停滞了两个礼拜,也许是史上最厉害的塞车。Stuck for ideas about traffic jams? Check out our website where we have some links, and well see you around back here next week.脑袋堵太多塞车资讯吗?看看我们的网站,那儿我们有一些连结,我们在下周会回到这里与你相会。201507/389562




  英语非常道 第27期:唱响英文主题为音乐与梦想,通过给大家介绍三位各有特色的歌手,在与大家分享他201510/396104

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