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鹰潭市治疗妇科炎症的费用鹰潭龙虎山风景区产前检查医院中级英语口语闪电速成[46] /200703/11161鹰潭龙虎山风景区治疗阴道炎多少钱 And that motivates me.正是这些激励了我.So its up to you to widen your circle of concern.你们需要拓宽自己关怀的范围.To care about justice for everybody, white, black and brown.关心所有人的正义 无论白人 黑人 还是棕色人种.Everybody.所有人.Not just in your own community, but also across this country and around the world.不局限于你自己的群体 关心全国甚至世界上的所有人.To make sure everyone has a voice.确保每个人都能发出他们的声音.And everybody gets a seat at the table.每个人都能分享桌上的食物.That everybody no matter what you look like or where you come from.每个人 无论你长什么样 无论你来自哪里.What your last name is it doesnt matter.无论你姓什么 这都不重要.Everybody gets a chance to walk through those doors of.只要愿意努力 每个人都应该有机会穿过机遇之门.Opportunity if they are willing to work hard enough.只要愿意努力 每个人都应该有机会穿过机遇之门.When Leland Shelton was four years old wheres Leland?利兰.谢尔顿四岁的时候… 利兰在哪.Stand up, Leland.站起来 利兰.When Leland Shelton was four years old.利兰.谢尔顿四岁的时候.Social services took him away from his mama.社会公共事业让他和妈妈分开.Put him in the care of his grandparents.让他的祖父母照顾他.By age 14, he was in the foster care system.14岁时 他进入到寄养体系.Three years after that, Leland enrolled in Morehouse.在那三年之后 利兰考取了莫尔豪斯.And today he is graduating phi beta kappa.而今天他以美国大学优等生荣誉学会成员身份毕业.On his way to Harvard law school.并将赴哈佛法学院读书.But hes not stopping there.但他肯定不会止于此.As a member of the national foster care youth and alumni policy council.作为全国寄养青年和校友政策委员成员.He plans to use his law degree.他决定使用他的法学学位.To make sure kids like him dont fall through the cracks.确保和他一样的孩子们不会被疏于照看.201605/443092鹰潭希正妇科医院上环

鹰潭市处女膜修复那家医院好VOA流行美语 36: CHIP IN / SNAIL MAILMichael和李华好几天没见了,今天刚好在校园里碰到,两个人就聊起来了。李华会学到两个常用语:to chip in和snail mail。L: 嗨,Michael,Bob明天开生日party, 你去吗?M: Yes, I'm going with a few friends. We decided to chip in and buy him a leather jacket. He's been talking about buying a jacket for a long time.L: 你要和几个朋友一起去参加 party,还要给他买一件皮夹克。可是皮夹克很贵,你们是不是准备大家凑钱给他买?你刚才说chip in是不是就是这个意思呀?M: That's right. To chip in, means to each contribute money to buy something.L: 那就是我们中国人说的凑钱买东西。M: Usually you say "chip in" if each person in a group of people gives some money to buy someone a present.L: 要是每个人都出一些钱给谁买个礼物,人们一般就会说to chip in。M: To give you another example, my mother said her colleagues always chip in to buy gifts to celebrate someone's birthday or when someone has a new baby.L: 你妈妈的同事往往会凑钱买礼物给过生日的同事,或者给刚生孩子的同事。这跟上面你说的几个朋友凑钱给Bob买皮夹克差不多。To chip in还可以用在其它什么场合吗?M: You can also use "to chip in" if you are going out with a group of people for dinner or a drink.L: 噢,几个朋友一起出去吃饭,喝酒,每个人出一些钱来付帐也可以说是chip in。M: Yes, the guys and I usually each chip in a few dollars when we go out for pizza on Friday nights。Last week, I paid 10 dollars, Bob chipped in , John gave !. There is one guy who never chips in. He's cheap. It really makes me mad.L: 等等,上星期五你们几个人出去吃比萨饼,你付了十美元,Bob出了四美元,John出了两美元。还有一个小气鬼,从来不出钱。他真好意思!Why don't you ditch him, 甩了他不得了!M: Oh, we've been friends for many years, and it's only a few bucks!L: 哟,既然朋友多年,也就几块钱的事,你不愿意甩了他,那你就别生气啊!Michael, 你手里拿的是什么?好象是信吧!现在还有人写信呀?M: I got two letters today from a couple of old friends! I hardly ever get snail mail anymore.L: 你收到两个老朋友给你的来信。你说什么?Snail mail, snail不就是蜗牛吗?mail 就是信。 信和蜗牛又有什么关系呀?M: "Snail" is an animal known for its slow movement. "Snail mail" means real letters that you get in your mailbox.L: 噢,我知道了。蜗牛走的很慢,所以snail mail就是指通过邮局寄的信。以前怎么没有听说snail mail这个说法呢?M: Well, ever since e-mail became popular, people have used "snail mail" to talk about paper mail, because it is slower than e-mail.L: 对,邮局寄的信和电子邮件相比真是要慢多了。叫它"蜗牛信"倒也挺形象的。M: Yes, everyone is so busy nowadays, no one seems to have time to write snail mail anymore.L: 你说得一点不错。大家都很忙,没有多少人还会坐在那儿写信。邮局里送来的邮件不是账单,就是广告。这些也能叫做snail mail 吗?M: No, only a letter written to you by a friend or family member can really be called "snail mail".L: 噢,人们只有把亲友写的信叫做snail mail。说起写信,我真是应该给我爸爸妈妈写信了。M: I'm just too lazy to write snail mail. I think I'll go write some e-mails.L: 你的亲友都在美国,都有电脑。我的父母在中国,他们还没有电脑,所以,I have to write snail mails to them。我得走了,下回再聊吧!M: Okay, bye!李华今天学到两个常用语,一个是:to chip in, 意思是凑钱买什么东西,或者是凑钱付大家一起吃饭的钱。另一个是:snail mai,这是指通过邮局寄的信。今天的[流行美语]就学习到这里,我们下次节目再会。 /200602/3111鹰潭市最好的治疗宫颈糜烂的医院 突破口语之情景对话(11):Will you make some recommendation你能作个推荐吗11. Will you make some recommendation?你能作个推荐吗A: Would you like to take a look at the , sir?B: Yes. Thank you.A: Would you care for a drink before you order?B: A glass of Qingdao beer.A: Yes, sir. I'll bring it over. Have you decided what you'd like, sir?B: Will you make some recommendation? 译文:A: 先生,要不要看看菜单?B: 好的,谢谢。A: 点菜前要不要来点饮料?B: 一杯青岛啤酒。A: 好的,先生,我马上替您拿来。请问你决定点什么菜了吗,先生?B: 你能推荐一下吗?注解 :1) (n) : 菜单2) care for: 关心,在意3) order (v) : 点菜例: Please order me a copy. 请给我订购一本。4) recommendation (n) : advice 建议例: What's your recommendation?你推荐什么? /200708/16432江西铜业集团医院有微创手术吗

鹰潭治疗子宫肌瘤哪家最好TSE全真语音 05 /200707/15382 Hi, Im Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa. Now consider this. On the first Senate bill debated in 2015 under a new Republican majority, the Senate considered more amendments, from both sides of the aisle, than the entire previous year under the leadership of Harry Reid. That is the dramatic change in the way business is done for you. And its working. As Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, I work to make sure that the committee works for all Americans. So, I adopted an approach to get things done for you – straight from the common sense nature of Iowans. I decided early on that the Judiciary Committee would spend your taxpayer dollars and our time focusing on areas where we can reach an agreement, rather than on political fights destined for failure. Its the right thing to do. And it works. Every one of the 27 bills passed out of the committee under my leadership has had bipartisan support. The President has signed 12 of those bills into law. Our committees approach expanded access to justice, prioritized public safety, and demanded accountability from the bureaucracy. Republicans and Democrats collaborated to enact legislation and to help communities heal the wounds of addiction. We worked to reduce the illicit market for sex trafficking and modern slavery and expanded support for its victims. We empowered first responders to more safely and effectively answer the call to protect communities. We protected inventors and entrepreneurs who fuel innovation and job growth that drive the economy of Iowa, and the rest of the nation. And we expanded government transparency to make the federal government more accountable to the American people. These are just a few of the bipartisan bills I have led through the committee that have become law. They are helping Americans from diverse walks of life. With four months left in this Congress, the Judiciary Committee has aly outpaced the previous Congress in bills processed in committee, passed in the Senate and signed into law. And were not done yet. Were pushing ahead on legislation for all ages. Were making significant progress on a bill to prevent troubled youth from entering a life of crime and steer them towards a path of opportunity and productivity. And, were moving a bill to reduce crimes against seniors by expanding education, prevention and prosecution. Ive worked with colleagues to keep better tabs on convicted sex offenders and ensure evidence is properly preserved to improve justice for victims. Im working with a diverse group of senators to recalibrate sentences for low-level drug offenders while keeping violent criminals off our streets. Weve empowered government whistleblowers in their efforts to tackle fraud, waste and abuse in government. Whistleblowers know whats wrong and we ought to listen to them in order to get things fixed. So, Republicans and Democrats can work together. Bipartisanship has allowed us to make meaningful progress on good ideas from senators on both sides of the aisle. This principle has ensured the Republican-led Senate hasnt wasted time or resources. Now, its a formula for representative government that puts us to work for you.201608/462156贵溪市治疗尿道炎多少钱江西铜业公司贵溪冶炼厂职工医院妇产科建卡要多少钱



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