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鹰潭希正医院生孩子余江县第二人民医院好不好老公签被拒 巴基斯坦新娘玩转“一个人的蜜月” -- 3::36 来源: 丈夫签被拒,无奈只有新娘自己去希腊度蜜月,结果她给丈夫发来的照片是这样的……虽然老公不能同游,但新娘却在旅行照中用自己的搞笑精神,告诉丈夫自己无时无刻不在想念他看到这些照片,难道不觉得也是另外一种浪漫吗? Holidaying alone has its complications - even more so if you’d originally expected to travel with someone else. And if that journey was supposed to be your honeymoon, but your husband can’t join you, what’s a newlywed to do? Why, have her picture taken in every location with a sad face and her arm out to indicate her missing husband, of course.一个人的旅行真的不好玩——而当原本预计的两人旅行变成一人单独出发,就更加糟糕了可如果这是两个人的蜜月旅行,丈夫却无法成行,那这对新人该怎么办?自然,只好在每个地方拍照时留下一张悲伤的脸,伸出胳膊暗示丈夫的缺席啦Huma Mobin and Arsalaan Sever, a young Pakistani couple, married earlier this year. They were planning to go to Greece their honeymoon, but the Greek border agency had other ideas. Arsalaan was refused a visa, but only after the trip had aly been paid . So Huma went without him - but with her new in-laws, Arsalaan’s parents.巴基斯坦这对年轻的夫妇Huma Mobin 和 Arsalaan Sever今年初才结婚他们计划到希腊去度蜜月,可是,希腊边境署却没有这么痛快它们拒签了新郞的签,然而,此时所有的行程都已预定好并付款最后,新娘Huma和她的公公婆婆去了希腊,开启了没有新郎的蜜月之行The idea the unconventional photos actually started a year ago, when Huma and Arsalaan had just got engaged. He was sent to Budapest work, and sent back a single snapshot of himself, arm out and a pouty face to show how much he missed her.事实上,早在一年前,他们就萌生了拍这种“非常规照片”的念头当时,二人刚订婚,Arsalaan被派往布达佩斯工作,他就曾寄回过自己的单身照:伸出的胳膊以及一张撅着嘴的脸,以表达对Huma的思念Huma told the B World Service programme Outside Source: "Whenever one of us travels alone without the other, we do this. We can just show that we’re missing [each other]."Huma在接受B全球务节目采访时表示,“无论何时,只要我们单独旅行,我们就会这样做我们只是想表达对对方的思念The photos were taken by Arsalaan’s parents - Huma says she has a good relationship with her mother-in-law. So good, in fact, that the two would go out and hit the bars of Santorini at night.Huma的这些照片都是由Arsalaan的父母拍摄的——Huma称自己和婆婆的关系很好二人相处非常融洽,事实上,在圣托里尼时,婆媳二人晚上还出去泡吧But all that, Huma says she missed her husband dfully. "He’s the life of the party, my better half - I wouldn’t have gone without him but he ced me to."然而即便如此,Huma说她实在是太想念丈夫了“他总是聚会的灵魂人物,是我更好的另一半——我真的不愿一个人来度蜜月,但他要求我来”"The first night I cried my eyes out on my mother-in-law’s shoulder, who really comted me and told me to make the best of it," Huma says. Their friends in Lahore looked after Arsalaan while he was on his own.她说,“第一个晚上,我伏在婆婆的肩上哭了一夜,她一直在安慰我,并劝我好好放松心情度假”而他们在拉合尔的朋友也会帮忙照顾一个人在家的ArsalaanSo what was the reaction from other holidaymakers when they saw her putting her arm around her imaginary friend?当其他的度假的人们看到这位姑娘伸出胳膊去搂抱想象中的朋友,他们又会怎么想呢?"People were literally breaking their necks with the selfie sticks over there, so I came off really quite normal doing this," she says airily.Huma愉快的说,“人们个个都伸直了脑袋忙着自拍,所以我这样做很正常,没什么大不了”In the meantime, Huma’s photos have gone viral. She’s now back with Arsalaan in Lahore, and hoping they’ll be able to go away together their first anniversary.同时,Huma的这些照片也在网上走红二人现已在拉合尔团聚,希望能在他们的第一个结婚纪念日时一起出去度假鹰潭市人民医院做血常规检查 云南发现百年难遇巨型蘑菇(双语) -- :: 来源:sohu 近日,中国云南省的一位村民在他的村庄附近发现了三个巨型的野生蘑菇这三个蘑菇来自同一个根,总重量达到了.8 公斤最大的一个是高达67 厘米,周长61 厘米 A villager in southwest China's Yunnan Province has discovered three giant wild mushrooms near his village recently. The three mushrooms came from the same root and the total weight is .8 kilograms. The largest one is as high as 67 centimeters and its circumference is 61 centimeters. 因无法确定蘑菇是否有毒,村民已交给当地警方进行检验检验结果实,该蘑菇并没有毒如此巨型的可食用的野生蘑菇十分罕见 Uncertain about whether the mushrooms are poisonous, the villager submitted the mushrooms to local police a test. The test shows that the mushrooms are edible and such kind of mushroom is quite rare. 目前村民已经把蘑菇带回了家,准备做一顿可口的蘑菇宴 The villager has brought the mushroom home his own use. 据小编了解,年云南省玉溪市也曾发现一朵直径1.38米、高0.97米、重8.8公斤的巨型口蘑,该蘑菇已成功申请世界最大口蘑世界纪录这么大的蘑菇不知道味道如何呢?有曲线女人更长寿 宽臀降低心血管发病风险 -- 00:9: 来源: Curvy women are more likely to live longer than their slimmer counterparts, researchers have found.调查者发现,有曲线的女人比更纤瘦的女人更长寿Institute of Preventative Medicine in Copenhagen researchers found those with wider hips also appeared to be protected against heart conditions.Women with a hip measurement smaller than 0 inches, or a size would not have this protection, they said.The researchers say hip fat contains a beneficial natural anti-inflammatory.哥本哈根预防医学研究所的调查者发现宽臀有助于预防心脏疾病根据他们的调查,臀围小于0英寸,或穿码以下的女人没有这层保护因为臀部脂肪含有天然的有益抗炎成分They said this anti-inflammatory, called adiponectin, prevents arteries swelling up and becoming blocked.他们说,这种抗炎成分叫做脂联素,它会防止动脉膨胀造成的血管堵塞Women ranging from Marilyn Monroe and Sophia Loren to Kelly Brook and Catherine Zeta Jones today have been made famous by their hourglass figures.从玛丽莲·梦露,到索菲娅·罗兰,再到凯莉·布鲁克和凯瑟琳·泽塔·琼斯,她们都以沙漏形的身材著名The Danish researchers examined almost 3,000 men and women aged between 35 and 65 . They measured height, weight and body mass index - calculated by dividing weight in kilograms by the square of your height in metres.丹麦的研究者调查了3000名35~65岁的男女他们测量了身高、体重以及体重指数(体重公斤数除以身高米数平方)They then looked at Danish health registers up until the end of 1998 to look at how many of the men and women had cardiovascular problems, and up to 01 to see how many had died.Compared to the group of women with the smallest hip circumferences, women with the biggest were found to have an 87% reduction in deaths.接下来他们调查了至1998年底丹麦的健康情况,以查明有多少人患有心血管疾病,以及到01年有多少人死于此类疾病结果,对比臀围较小的一组,臀围较大的女人死亡率降低87%They also had an 86% reduced risk of having coronary heart disease and a 6% reduction in the risk of developing cardiovascular disease, according to the researchers. Previous studies have found both men and women with small hips are at an increased risk of developing diabetes, high blood pressure and gall bladder disease.同样,调查者说,她们患冠心病的概率也降低86%,心血管疾病的概率降低了6%而之前的调查表明,臀围较小的男女皆更易患糖尿病、高血压和胆囊疾病的困扰However the study, which has been published in Obesity Research, found a wider hip circumference was not linked with better heart health in men.然而发表在肥胖研究杂志的调查并没有实宽臀对于男性也有一样的益处'Apple-shape' risk“苹果型身材”的风险Professor Berit Heitmann, who led the study, said: "It seems that the protection is not a matter of wide hips, it's the detrimental effect of narrow hips with a lack of muscle fat, or bone or a combination of both.She added: "Fat on hips is different than fat on the abdomen. If you do not have enough of this fat you may risk heart attacks."领导这项研究的贝瑞特·海德曼教授说,“并不是宽臀才具有这层保护,而是纤窄的臀部缺乏肌肉脂肪或者骨骼撑,或者两者皆缺乏才造成的危害”而且教授补充说,“臀部脂肪不同于腹部脂肪,如果不足可能会影响心脏健康”Carrying excess fat around the stomach, being 'apple shaped', is aly known to be potentially damaging to health. Fat cells in this part of the body pump out chemicals that can damage the insulin system, raising the risk of diabetes and heart disease.如果在胃部周围有过多脂肪,造成“苹果型”身材则是对健康有害的身体这一部分的脂肪会溢出有害元素,影响胰岛系统,从而提高糖尿病和心脏病的风险Belinda Linden, of the British Heart Foundation said: "It has been widely reported that if you are apple-shaped, your risk of developing cardiovascular disease is likely to be greater than if you are pear-shaped.英国心脏基金会的贝琳达·林登说:“苹果型身材比梨形身材更会提高心血管疾病发病率,这已经是广为人知的了”"This study provides additional evidence of the association between hip circumference and cardiovascular protection among women."But she added: "It is important to consider both your body weight and shape in tandem. Controlling both by eating less and being more active is the best way to reduce your risk of heart and circulatory disease."“这项调查为女性臀围和心血管保护之间提供了额外的据”但是她补充道,“但是同时考虑体重和身材也是非常必要的节食加运动是降低心脏和血液疾病的最好方法”鹰潭市第三医院有微创手术吗

江西鹰潭市打孩子多少钱点击3万监控实拍视频: 骑车老太神避让躲车祸 -- 3:57: 来源:   This is the incredible moment when a woman tuk tuk driver pulls an amazing U-turn to avoid a car crash.  这是一个不可思议的瞬间:一老太骑电动车过马路时靠神奇般的一个U型转弯避过一场车祸  The footage, which shows the lifesaving manoeuvre as two cars collide at a crossroad, has become an internet sensation in China with .3 million hits in just four days, The People's Daily reported.  这段十字路口处两车相撞瞬间骑车老太神避让的视频在短短四天时间里点击量已达到3万  Shi Xingying had been going over a zebra crossing and was about to go through a green light when she narrowly avoided being sandwiched between two vehicles, in the southern coastal city Wuxi last month.  事故发生在江苏省无锡市视频中的老太名叫施杏英,当时路口处是绿灯,她正骑着电动三轮车过马路,快要过完的时候神奇般地避开了两辆相撞的汽车  In the clip, a silver car crosses the intersection and was turning left when a yellow truck comes in from the opposite direction and the duo smash into to each other at high speed.  从视频中可以看到,一辆银色轿车驶过路口,左转弯的时候一辆黄色卡车从对面快速驶来,两车高速相撞  Somehow the tuk tukdriver, who was just metres from the impact, managed to dodgethe collision which would have likely killed her.  当时电动三轮车离事发地仅十米,却成功躲过一劫   'I was going across the street in front of green lights and I didn't expect that the two vehicles would whoosh towards me suddenly,' said Shi, who is in her 60s.  六十多岁的施杏英说:“当时我要穿过马路,而前面就是绿灯,没想到突然两辆车就冲了过来”  The cleaner, who works a service company, recalled that she had slowed down to observe traffic situation nearby when she approached the green light.  施杏英是一家劳务公司的保洁员,她回忆说,在经过十字路口时,虽然前方是绿灯,但她还是一边观察,一边减速通过  According to local traffic police, both vehicles should have slowed down as they approached the intersection though ultimately the silver car, which was turning, should have given way to the oncoming truck.  据当地警方称,相撞的两车在接近十字路口时都应该减速通过的,虽然双方都是绿灯通行,但是轿车转弯时应该让直行的卡车先行  Both vehicles swerved to avoid the tuk tuk while the three-wheeler permed a death-defying 180 degree turn to steer clear of the violent collision.  两车即将相撞时都猛打方向以避让电动三轮车,而电动三轮车也来了个180度大转弯成功与车祸擦肩而过鹰潭市做无痛人流的医院 哥伦比亚6000人裸体呼吁和平 -- :00:0 来源: 在哥伦比亚一个只有7度的早晨,6000人裸体聚集在首都波哥大的一个广场上,庆祝来之不易的和平 He’s well known convincing huge crowds of people to strip off his striking photographs.他因说大量人群脱掉衣让他拍照而闻名,他的照片引人注目、颇具影响力And yesterday Spencer Tunick was at it again after 6,000 people in Colombia braved 7 degree chills to pose nude in Bogota’s main public square - all in the name of peace.昨天斯宾塞·图尼克又一次做到了,哥伦比亚6000人忍受7度的低温在波哥大一处主要公共广场上脱光衣、展现裸体--一切都以和平的名义The installation - his largest in six years and his first in Bogota - comes as the government in the conflict-torn country closes in on a peace deal with leftist rebels of the Revolutionary Armed ces of Colombia.这是图尼克6年来规模最大的一场拍摄活动,而是他第一次在波哥大展开类似的活动这一切的起因是因为哥伦比亚深受冲突困扰,而最近哥政府和左翼叛军--哥伦比亚革命武装力量--达成了和平协议’We are happy being naked, quiet and calm. This is a moment of peace and calm that we are all sharing. It’s also a moment of y, a time to eradicate prejudice,’ Claudia Barrientos, a 0-something participant said.一名四十多岁的参与者克劳迪娅·巴里恩托斯说:“我们乐于裸着身体,安静而祥和在这一刻我们共享和平和宁静在这一刻,我们团结在了一起,消除了偏见”Carlos Beltran, in his s, called it a ’great’ event.多岁的卡洛斯·贝尔特仑称其为一场“伟大的事件”’It was a totally different experience in my life, and I think we are all experiencing the same thing - shedding our clothes and being as we were when we entered this world,’ Beltran said.贝尔特仑说道:“这是我生命中完全没有过的体验,我认为我们都在经历着同一件事情--脱光衣,展现裸体,就跟我们刚来到这个世界上的时候那样”Tunick said his aim was to ’just show the body as a beautiful organic entity that transms the space, the governmental space of the square.’图尼克说他的目的是“把人体作为一个有机整体展现出来,只不过变换了一下空间,把活动地点搬到了政府的广场上而已”He had some participants pose at various heights. Some of them almost seemed to be suspended in mid-air.他的参与者们在不同的高处摆着姿势有的人看起来几乎是漂浮在半空的’It’s an honour to be here at this moment when life is changing and hopefully a peace agreement will be signed,’ he said.他说道:“此时此地,生活正在改变,一份和平协议有望达成,在这里是我们的荣耀”Bolivar Square is home to Colombia’s congress, city hall, supreme court and a major cathedral.玻利瓦尔广场上有哥伦比亚国会、市政厅、最高法院和一座大教堂In Colombia, a diverse country with deep inequalities and roots in Europe, Africa and the Americas, Tunick said he was hoping his photo shoot would attract ’an alphabet soup of skin tonalities, ethnicities, people from all walks of life.’哥伦比亚是一个多元化国家,不平等问题十分严重,国民来自欧洲、非洲和美洲等多地图尼克表示,他希望自己的摄影作品能够吸引不同肤色、不同民族和不同行业的人的注意The Colombia conflict, which began in the aftermath of a peasant uprising in the 1960s, has killed 60,000 people and uprooted 6.6 million over more than half a century.哥伦比亚武装冲突起源于世纪60年代的一场农民起义,在半个世纪的时间里已经造成6万人死亡,660万人流离失所鹰潭市人流手术哪家医院好

鹰潭市治疗盆腔炎哪家医院最好一周热词榜(7.-7.8) -- :: 来源:chinadaily 一周新闻热词榜,一网打尽trending newsCHINADAILY手机报新一期热词榜发榜啦!本周的新闻热词有:1.'GDP核算'方法接轨国际.我国'整治网络虚假新闻'3.'超强台风尼伯特'袭台湾.'录取通知书'投递已启动5.英将迎来第二位'女首相'6.美连发'警察杀黑人'案1. GDP核算GDP calculation请看例句:China has adopted a new gross domestic product (GDP) calculation method, a move that analysts have called a step toward meeting international standards and improving data accuracy.我国采用了一种新的国内生产总值(GDP)核算方法,分析人士称此举是迈向与国际标准接轨、提高数据准确性的一步5日,国家统计局(the National Bureau of Statistics, NBS)发布了关于改革研发出(research and development spendingR#38;D expenditures)核算方法、修订国内生产总值核算(GDP calculation)数据的公告公告称,为更好地反映创新对经济增长的贡献(to better reflect the contribution of innovation to economic growth),进一步推动我国国民经济核算与国际接轨,国家统计局照联合国等五大国际组织(five international organizations, including the UN)联合颁布的国民经济核算国际标准(international standard measuring a country's economy)——《国民账户体系(年SNA)(the System of National s , the SNA),改革研发出核算方法(rem the R#38;D expenditures calculation method),将能够为所有者带来经济利益(economic benefits)的研发出不再作为中间消耗(intermediate consumption),而是作为固定资本形成(fixed capital mation)处理根据新的核算方法,国家统计局修订(revise)了195年以来的GDP数据(GDP figures dating back to 195)修订结果显示,各年GDP总量相应增加,但GDP增速(GDP growth rate)变化不大其中,年GDP增加8798亿元,增幅为1.3%;扣除价格影响后(in price-adjusted terms),GDP实际增长速度提高0.个百分点国家统计局公布的信息显示,这次推出的研发出核算方法改革,暂在国家层面实施(be implemented at the national level)国家统计局正在积极开展地区层面(at the regionallocal level)研发出核算方法改革问题研究本月日,国家统计局将公布二季度GDP(second-quarter GDP)等一系列重磅宏观经济数据(macroeconomic data)据国家统计局核算司司长程子林介绍,目前,欧盟国家都实施了此项改革,绝大多数经合组织(Organization Economic Co-operation and Development, OECD)国家都已实施了此项改革,有的发展中国家如南非、印度等也进行了改革美国在年做出了类似的调整,重新定义和计算文娱(entertainment and culture)、研发等项目,从而使年美国的经济增长率(economic growth rate)从.%上调至.8%印度则在年初做出了改变,从而使该国-财政年度(fiscal year)的GDP增长率从.7%上调至6.9%[相关词汇]科技创新 scientific and technological innovation产业结构 industrial structure宏观调控 macroeconomic regulation and controlmacro-control定向调控 targeted regulation and control经济下行 economic downturn政府消费出 government consumption expenditure[!-empirenews.page--]. 整治网络虚假新闻crack down on online fake news请看例句:The Cyberspace Administration of China is further cracking down on online fake news and false coverage.国家互联网信息办公室正在进一步整治网络虚假新闻和不实报道为进一步打击网络虚假新闻(crack down on online fake news),国家网信办(the Cyberspace Administration of China, CAC)日前印发《关于进一步加强管理制止虚假新闻的通知,要求各网站始终坚持正确舆论导向(stick to correct orientation of public opinion),采取有力措施,确保新闻报道真实、全面、客观、公正(take effective measures to guarantee that their news reports are authentic, comprehensive, objective and fair),严禁盲目追求时效,未经核实将社交网络平台上的内容直接作为新闻报道刊发(directly e unconfirmed content posted on social networking platms in news report)通知要求,各网站要落实主体责任,进一步规范包括移动新闻客户端、微、微信在内的各类网络平台采编发稿流程,健全内部管理监督机制(improve internal management and supervision mechanism)通知要求网站标注新闻来源(give credit to the original news source),严禁道听途说编造新闻或歪曲事实(publishing hearsay as news or distorting facts are strictly prohibited)各级网信办要切实履行网络内容管理职责(cyber administrations at all levels should be responsible the management of Internet content),加强监督检查(enhance their inspection and supervision),严肃查处虚假、失实新闻信息今年以来,国家网信办进一步加强了对网络信息的监督和管理,查处了一批制作或传播网络虚假新闻的信息提供商(deal with a number of inmation providers that produce or sp fake news online)国家网信办有关负责人表示,将保持整治网络虚假新闻信息的高压态势,不断规范网络新闻信息(online news and inmation)传播秩序欢迎广大网民对网上违法和不良信息进行监督举报,共同维护良好网络生态(jointly maintain a good online ecosystem)[相关词汇]新闻职业道德 media ethics标题党 sensational headline writer年度新闻人物 newsmaker of the year新闻时效性 news timeliness新媒体时代 new media age[!-empirenews.page--]3. 超强台风尼伯特super typhoon Nepartak请看例句:Super typhoon Nepartak made landfall early Friday in eastern Taiwan, bringing strong gusts and downpours to the area, Taiwan's weather bureau said.台湾气象部门表示,8日凌晨,超强台风尼伯特在台湾东部登陆,给该地区带来狂风暴雨今年第1号台风(the first typhoon of the year)"尼伯特"于8日5时50分以超强台风(super typhoon)级在台湾台东太麻里乡沿海登陆(make landfall),成为199年以来登陆我国的最强初台近中心最大风速每小时191公里(winds of up to 191 km per hour),相当于级风瞬间最大阵风每小时公里(gusts of up to km per hour),相当于级风以上受台风影响,8日,台湾部分县市停班、停课一天(citizens have one-day off and classes are suspended),股汇市也休市(markets are closed);台铁各级对号列车停驶,区间车(commuter train)下午5点前停驶;高铁全天暂停营运(high-speed train service is suspended the whole day),岛内航班也几乎全数取消(almost all flights in the island are cancelled)据中央气象台(the National Meteorological Center)台风首席预报员(chief typhoon ecaster)高拴柱介绍,"尼伯特"具有移动速度快(move fast)、强度发展快、登陆强度强(high intensity)、陆地时间长、降雨强度大(bring a large amount of precipitation)、影响范围广等特点目前台风中心正向西北方向移动(move northwestward),预计将于9日早晨到上午以台风级登陆福建龙海到连江一带沿海,之后将经华东地区北上,陆上滞留时间近60小时,强度逐渐减弱,先后影响福建、浙江、江西、江苏、上海、安徽6省市为确保旅客列车运行的绝对安全,南昌铁路局于7日时在福建铁路沿线启动防洪防台风IV级应急响应(a level-IV emergency response),停运8日至日的旅客列车(passenger train)1列此前我国南方已有多条河流超警戒水位(many rivers are aly above warning levels),台风将使汛情更加严峻(worsen the flooding situation)00年起,世界气象组织(World Meteorological Organization, WMO)规范台风命名,对西北太平洋(northwest Pacific Ocean)和南海(the South China Sea)的热带气旋(tropical cyclone)采用具有亚洲风格的名字统一命名亚太地区的个成员国和地区各提供了个名字,总共0个名字照顺序被循环使用因造成巨大损害(cause huge losses)或者命名国提起更换等原因,有一些台风名被弃用中国提出的个是:龙王(后被"海葵"替代)、悟空、玉兔、海燕、风神、海神、杜鹃、电母、海马和海棠[相关词汇]风眼中心 eye龙卷风 tornado飓风 hurricane热带风暴 tropical storm热带低压 tropical depression极端天气 extreme weather降雨量 precipitation level[!-empirenews.page--]. 录取通知书acceptanceadmission letter请看例句:Universities are going to great lengths to showcase their unique characteristics and impress new students who are beginning to receive their admission letters.高校正竭尽全力地展示其特色,给将要开始收到录取通知书的新生们留下深刻印象高招录取工作(college enrollment)已经开始,7月上旬开始至8月份,高考录取通知书(acceptanceadmission letter)将陆续投递近日,江南大学、西北工业大学、西安交通大学、对外经济贸易大学、湖南大学等高校陆续公布了自主设计的录取通知书(independently designed admission letters)江南大学年录取通知书以"水墨江南"为主题,装帧折叠方式由两折改为了三折外页图形由清名桥(Qingming Bridge)、墨梅(ink painting of plum blossoms)等元素拼合而成;内页采用了云纹、水纹、白描图书馆、莲花、墨山等元素通知书打开的动作与清名桥在水中的倒影(reflection on the water)巧妙结合背面"笃学尚行,止于至善"的校训(school motto)指示着入校前的学生怀揣着"书山有路勤为径"的赤子之心步入大学校园西安交大的录取通知书选择了正统交大红作为主色调(dominant hue),白色与灰色作为辅色通知书正面用中国古典回文点缀,校训齿轮作底,表现了学校的文化底蕴(cultural deposits)及古城西安的特色(the characteristics of the ancient city of Xi'an)西北工业大学今年的录取通知书采用进口特种纸(specialty paper),整体设计典雅中带着沉稳,所用色与今年招生主题色系蓝紫统一设计正面运用最新防伪技术(anti-counterfeit technology),防伪纹校徽(school badge)采用不同色系宝石蓝(sapphire)烫染,给新生(freshman)耳目一新的感觉背面设计采用印金和进口UV等特殊工艺,以学校图书馆周围全景(panorama)剪影为背景,上方伴有"公诚勇毅"校训,让朝气的校园和严谨的校训融为一体,适合长期纪念和收藏对外经济贸易大学的录取通知书纸张为0克贸大专用水印纸,纸张水印图案为老一辈革命家陈云同志手书的(handwritten)"对外经济贸易大学"字样,选用色为学校主色调——贸大蓝通知书封面一选用贸大校门为主图,寓意学子们即将跨入惠园,开始大学生涯(start college years),背景为惠园白鸽;封面二选用学校图书馆为主图,体现惠园对知识的尊重(respect of knowledge),经典诚信主楼、宁远主教学楼、学生高级公寓以及校园长廊环绕四周;封面三背景选用中国传统吉祥线化纹样,庄重大气;封面四印有校训及惠园全景湖南大学录取通知书以岳麓山为背景,配以文字,寓意"书山",此乃古往今来的求学之地以岳麓山下、校园内的湖南大学石碑、岳麓书院大门、爱晚亭、东方红广场主席像组成了具有湖南大学代表性的建筑群(architectural complex)"录取通知书"五字选金色寓意考生"金榜题名(success in the examination)"[相关词汇]准考 exam attendance docket报志愿 college application高考状元 gaokao top scorer学生手册 student guidebook新生报到 registration freshmen[!-empirenews.page--]5. 女首相female prime minister请看例句:Britain is to have its second ever female prime minister after Conservative members of the parliament (MPs) Thursday narrowed the Conservative leadership battle to a final two.7日,保守党议员将保守党党魁竞选的候选者范围缩小至最终两人,英国将迎来史上第二位女首相7日,在保守党议员(Conservative MPs)决定两名最终候选者的第二轮投票中,两位女性——反对脱欧阵营(anti-Brexit campaign)的内政大臣特里萨·梅(Home Secretary Theresa May)(图左)与持脱欧的能源部次长安德烈娅·利德索姆(Brexit campaigner and junior energy minister Angela Leadsom))(图右)——分别赢得199票和8票,另一名竞选者、司法大臣迈克尔·戈夫(Justice Secretary Michael Gove)仅获得6票,被淘汰出局(be eliminated from the race)梅和利德索姆将在今年9月举行的保守党党员投票中进行角逐,最终胜选者将接替卡梅伦出任执政党保守党新党魁党魁选举结果定于9月9日宣布保守党是英国目前的执政党,照英国政治体制,执政党党魁(the ruling party leader)自动成为英国首相这意味着,继撒切尔夫人之后,英国将出现其历史上第二位女首相(the second female prime minister in its history)英国新任女首相将带领英国从脱欧的结果中走出来她将决定何时触发正式的脱欧谈判(decide when to trigger mal Brexit negotiations),建立团队与欧盟重新建立商业关系(business relations),也要处理好英国和中国、美国的关系梅今年60岁,曾在四任保守党领袖手下任职,可谓"四朝元老"(a senior party member who has served in Conservative governments under four prime ministers),1997年当选国会议员(member of the parliament),年起担任内政大臣利德索姆今年53岁,从政资历较浅(less experienced),年当选国会议员,年担任财政部次长,年调任能源与气候变化部,担任能源国务大臣(Minister of State Energy)未来九个星期,梅和利德索姆将会在全国各地游说,努力赢得党内万名成员的持从目前的形势来看,梅胜选的可能性更大,她不仅在前两轮选举中得票率遥遥领先(claim large lead in the first two rounds of voting),而且获得众多党内"大佬"( heavyweight figures in the party)的持,国防大臣迈克尔·法伦(Michael Fallon)、交通大臣帕特里克·麦克洛克林(Patrick McLoughlin)、教育大臣妮基·根(Nicky Morgan)、国会下议院领袖克里斯·格雷林(Leader of the House of Commons Chris Grayling)都已经表态持梅(voice support May)利德索姆拥有前伦敦市长鲍里斯·约翰逊(Boris Johnson)和前保守党党魁伊恩·邓肯·史密斯(Iain Duncan Smith)的持她在英国脱欧公投(Brexit referendum)中主张脱离欧盟,这一立场可能让她赢得想要一位"脱欧派首相"(Brexit prime minister)来监督脱欧谈判进程的疑欧派人士(Eurosceptic activists)的持[相关词汇]党魁竞选 party leadership contestbattlerace执政党 the ruling partythe party in power在野党 the opposition partythe party out of power党鞭 party whip压倒性胜利 landslideoverwhelming victorysweeping victory[!-empirenews.page--]6. 警察杀黑人police shooting of black man请看例句:US President Barack Obama said police shootings of black men in Louisiana and Minnesota show the US has a "serious problem."美国总统奥巴马表示,在路易斯安那州和明尼苏达州发生的警察杀黑人事件说明美国存在"严重问题"当地时间6日,美国明尼苏达州发生一起警察杀黑人事件(police shooting of black man)一则网络视频显示,一名中弹的非洲裔男子瘫倒在汽车里,司机一侧的车窗外是一名用对着他的白人警察3岁的费兰多·卡斯提尔据称因汽车尾灯损坏而被警察拦停,随后被其杀(be shot to death by a policeman after allegedly being pulled over a broken tail light)击发生后,费兰多的女友立即上传了事件现场的直播视频(post a live recording the scene on site immediately following the shooting),这使得他的死亡引起了公众极大的愤怒(his death has largely fueled public fury)这是本周内发生的第二起警察暴力(police brutalityviolence)事件,被杀的都是黑人男性当地时间5日凌晨,路易斯安那州警察开打死了在一家便利店外销售光盘的黑人男子奥尔顿·斯特林网上流传的一名目击者拍摄的视频显示(a shot by a witness and circulated online),两名警察勒令奥尔顿趴在地上(two officers ordered him to the ground)在奥尔顿被他们倒在地(be pinned down by the officers)期间,其中一名警察近距离对其开了(one shot him four times at close range)当地时间7日,抗议者聚集在芝加哥、纽约和圣保罗等城市举行游行示威以表达他们的愤怒(protesters gathered demonstrations in cities including Chicago, New York and St Paul to express outrage)在达拉斯的抗议活动中(during protest in Dallas),多名警察遭击,已造成至少5名警察死亡,6名警察受伤(five police officers died and six were injured)奥巴马就两起击事件发表讲话称:"类似事件发生时,我们的大部分同胞都认为这些人是因为他们的肤色而遭到区别对待(because of the color of their skin they are not being treated the same)而我们全体美国人都应对此感到不安(that should trouble all of us),因为这不只是非裔美国人的问题、拉美裔美国人的问题(Hispanic issue),这是一个所有美国人都应该关心的问题(this is an American issue that we should all care about)"[相关词汇]种族歧视 racial discrimination种族隔离 racial segregation校园击案 schoolcampus shooting大规模击案 mass shooting民愤 public outragepopular indignation(来源:CHINADAILY手机报,编辑:丹妮) 神农架列入世界遗产名录 中国世遗项目达到50个 --18 :: 来源: 上周日,世界遗产委员会通过决议,增设中国神农架为世界自然遗产,自此中国世遗项目达到了50个 The 0th session of the World Heritage Committee held in Istanbul on Sunday decided to put China’s Hubei Shennongjia on the prestigious World Heritage List as a natural site, bringing to 50 the number of listed Chinese sites.世界遗产委员会第四十届会议于星期日在伊斯坦布尔举行,决定将中国湖北神农架列入世界自然遗产名录,从而将中国世界遗产名录项目增加到了50个Shennongjia is considered as a treasure of wildlife renowned with high plant diversity, said a report by the advisory body on China.据中国咨询机构的一份报告称,神农架被认为是一座藏有大量野生动植物的珍宝之地,它因其丰富的植物多样性而闻名"Shennongjia has been a place of significant scientific interest particularly botanists and the mountains have featured prominently in the history of botanical inquiry," part of the report was cited at the meeting.世遗会议引述了这份报告的部分内容,说道:“尤其对于植物学家来说,神农架一直是一个具有重要科学价值的地方在植物学调查的历史上,神农架具有非常显著的地位”The meeting was, however, drawn its attention to the potential tourism pressure on the site, as a new airport has been built there.但是,世遗会议的注意力也放到了神农架潜在的旅游压力之上,在神农架刚刚新建了一座机场Li Faping, mayor of the Shennongjia estry District, while voicing his pleasure at the site’s acceptance into the heritage list by a unanimous consensus, pledged a better conservation just like "caring our own eyes."李法平(音)是神农架林业区区长,他表达了对神农架被一致同意收录进世界遗产名录的喜悦,同时承诺要像“保护我们自己的眼睛一样”给与神农架更好的保护China’s Zuojiang Huashan Rock Art Cultural Landscape was placed on the list on Friday as a cultural site.上周五,中国左江花山岩画艺术文化景观被列入了世界人文遗产名录The World Heritage Committee, a panel under the UN cultural agency UNESCO, resumed its current session on Sunday following one-day suspension imposed after the outbreak of a coup attempt in Turkey Friday night.世界遗产委员会是联合国教科文组织下属机构,本届会议由于土耳其周五晚间的政变而被中断了一天,目前已经恢复了会议进程Dominating Sunday’s meeting is a review of the nominations of the remaining 18 sites to the World Heritage List, as it examined and decided on Friday to inscribe nine others nominated this year. Sunday morning saw four new sites placed on the World Heritage List, which are the architectural work of Le Corbusier in Argentina, Belgium, France, Germany, India, Japan and Switzerland, Antigua Naval Dockyard and related archaeological sites in Antigua and Barbuda, Pampulha Modern Ensemble in Brazil, and Khangchendzonga National Park in India.周日会议的主要议程是要审查剩下的18个世界遗产名录提名项目,在周五的时候已经审查并决定出了今年增设的9个世界遗产名录项目在周日早晨,会议决定了四处新世界遗产项目,包括勒·柯布西耶的建筑作品(阿根廷、比利时、法国、德国、印度、日本和瑞士)、安提瓜的海军造船厂及相关考古遗址(安提瓜和巴布达)、巴西潘普利亚现代建筑、以及印度Khangchendzonga国家公园The World Heritage Committee is set to end its 0th session on Sunday evening, cutting short its duration by three days.世界遗产委员会将于周日晚上结束其第四十届会议,会议原定持续时间被缩短了三天The panel was med in 1977 to ence the World Heritage Convention and manage the heritage list created based on the convention.世界遗产委员会成立于1977年,其目的是执行《世界遗产公约,并且管理在该公约下形成的世界遗产名录鹰潭市同仁医院看产科需要多少钱鹰潭市妇科



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