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Researchers have found that Zika virus can live in eyes and have identified genetic material from the virus in tears, according to a mouse study released last Tuesday.根据上周二发布的一项小鼠实验,研究人员已发现寨卡病毒可在眼部存活,并在眼泪中发现了寨卡病毒的遗传物质。The study, published the U.S. journal Cell Reports, may help explain why some Zika patients develop eye disease and suggests that contact with infected eyes may play a role in sping the disease.这项发布在美国期刊《细胞报告》上的研究,可能有助于解释为什么部分寨卡患者罹患眼疾。;Our study suggests that the eye could be a reservoir for Zika virus,; said Michael Diamond, professor of medicine at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis and one of the study#39;s senior authors.该研究的高级作者之一、圣路易斯华盛顿大学医学院的教授迈克尔·戴蒙德表示:;我们的研究表明,眼睛可能是寨卡病毒的储主。;;We need to consider whether people with Zika have infectious virus in their eyes and how long it actually persists.;;我们需要了解寨卡患者的眼部是否存在传染性病毒以及病毒实际可存活多久。;Zika virus causes mild disease in most adults but can cause brain damage and death in fetuses.寨卡病毒在大多数成年人会引起轻微的疾病,但却可以导致胎儿的脑损伤和死亡。About a third of all babies infected in utero with Zika show eye disease such as inflammation of the optic nerve, retinal damage or blindness after birth.在子宫中感染寨卡病毒的婴儿,大约有三分之一出现了眼部疾病,如视神经发炎、视网膜受损或失明的征状。In the new study, the researchers infected adult mice under the skin, similar to the way humans are infected by mosquitoes, and found live virus in the eyes seven days later. That means that Zika is able to travel to the eye.在这项新研究中,科学家为模仿蚊子叮咬而在老鼠皮下注射寨卡病毒,七天后他们发现老鼠的眼睛里有寨卡病毒。这意味着寨卡病毒可以到达眼睛中。;Even though we didn#39;t find live virus in mouse tears, that doesn#39;t mean that it couldn#39;t be infectious in humans,; said Jonathan Miner, the study#39;s lead author.该研究的第一作者乔纳森·迈纳表示:;虽然我们未在老鼠眼泪中发现活病毒,但这不表示它对人类无传染性。; /201609/466391

;Picking up my Kindle from the floor beside my bed because I fell asleep ing and plugging it into the charger for me.; —Becky Moize, 30, Willows, California“因为我拿着Kindle阅读书籍睡着了,所以他会从我的床边把它捡起来并为我充电。”——贝基#8226;莫伊兹(Becky Moize),30岁,来自加州威洛斯;Filling a bowl with ice cubes in our freezer because I hate cracking ice cube trays. He calls them my #39;princess cubes.#39;; —Megan Michael, 34, Camp Hill, Pennsylvania“把装满冰块的碗放到冰箱里,因为我讨厌从冰格中取冰块。他将其称为我的‘冰块公主’。”——梅根#8226;米歇尔,34岁,来自宾夕法尼亚州希营地;Putting the toothpaste on my toothbrush and leaving it on the counter so it#39;s waiting for me when I wake up. I know that sounds crazy but I really love it.; —Daryl Lynn O#39;Connell, 50, Point Pleasant, New Jersey“给我挤好牙膏,并放在梳妆台上,这样我醒来就直接刷牙了。我知道这听起来很疯狂,但我超爱的。”#172;——达利尔#8226;琳恩#8226;欧康奈尔,50岁,来自新泽西州快乐点(Point Pleasant);Leaving me love post-it notes on the counter top. They#39;re the first thing I see when I get home from work and always give me a warm fuzzy feeling.; —Tamara Grand, 47, Port Moody, British Columbia“在柜台上方留下爱我的字条。工作结束回家后映入眼帘的就是这充满爱意的字条,总是让我有种温暖的感觉。”——塔玛拉#8226;格兰德,47岁,来自英属哥伦比亚穆迪港;Keeping the period app on his phone so every month he knows exactly when to bring home chocolate, salty snacks or donuts. He#39;s actually made me a cupboard specifically for my PMS cravings.; —Amy Hilton, 35, Smithfield, Utah“他在手机上安装了大姨妈软件,这样每个月他就知道该何时给我买巧克力、咸咸的零食或甜甜圈了。事实上,他还准备了一个橱柜,专门放置大姨妈期间我想吃的东西。”——艾米#8226;希尔顿,35岁,来自犹他州史密斯菲尔德;Writing words of encouragement for my upcoming race in steam on my bathroom mirror.; —Kris Olsen, Columbus, Ohio“在我浴室的镜子上,为我即将面临的赛跑写下鼓励的话语。”——克里斯#8226;奥尔森,来自俄亥俄州哥伦布市;Noticing I get really #39;hangry#39; and bringing me Cheez-its or other small snacks, popping them into my mouth as I work. It#39;s always made me laugh because I know he wants me to be happy (for his sake and mine).; —Sarah Spedding, 22, Lakeville, Minnesota“意识到我真的很馋,然后会给我买Cheez-its或其它的零嘴儿,在我工作的时候,会喂到我嘴里。这总会引我发笑,因为我知道他想让我开心(为了他和我都好)。”——萨拉#8226;斯佩丁,22岁,来自明尼苏达州拉斯威利(Lakeville);Bringing me tea and breakfast, no matter what kind of morning we#39;re having. His generosity transcends the ebb and flow of marriage moods.; —Rebekah Borucki, 38, New Egypt, New Jersey“为我买茶和早餐,不管早晨的天气如何。他的大度慷慨跨越了结婚情绪的低落和涌动时期。”——丽贝卡#8226;鲁姬(Rebekah Borucki),38岁,来自新泽西州新埃及市;Getting me something from the grocery store that wasn#39;t on his list just because it reminded him of me.; —Rebecca Gierok, 37, Burnsville, Minnesota“会从杂货店买一些他原本并没想买的东西,只是因为想到我才买的。”——丽贝卡#8226;姬若克(Rebecca Gierok),37岁,来自明尼苏达州伯恩斯维尔市。;Bringing home fresh flowers often enough that I don#39;t run out. Plus, they are always my favorites because he knows just what I love.; —Lynda Benson, 29, Sonoma, California“总是在家里还有鲜花的时候又买花给我。另外,鲜花是我的最爱,因为他知道我爱什么。”——琳达#8226;贝森,29岁,来自加州索诺马;Gently waking me up, usually with a cup of coffee, so I don#39;t have to be jolted awake by a loud alarm.; —Elana Baldwin, 35, Cleveland Heights, Ohio“通常会拿一杯咖啡轻轻的叫醒我,这样我就不是被铃声震天响的闹钟给吵醒了。”——艾琳娜#8226;鲍德温,35岁,来自俄亥俄州克利夫兰海茨译文属 /201611/476496

It goes way beyond the ;do you want to have kids?; conversation.这些问题不仅仅是“你想不想要孩子”之类的对话。1) What makes you feel loved?1)是什么让你感到被爱?It#39;s a common mistake couples make: assuming that the way you show love to your partner is the same way he does. While everyone tends to fall into a category known as the ;five love languages; — physical touch, quality time, words of affirmation, acts of service, and receiving gifts — it#39;s not very common for two people in a relationship to have the same one as their top language.情侣们经常犯这样的错误:认为你向另一半展示爱的方式和他一样。虽然每个人往往都有“五种爱情语言”——身体接触、优质时间、肯定的言语、务的行为和接收礼物——但处于恋爱关系中的恋人往往对这五种类别的优先顺序有不一样的偏好。That#39;s why dateologist Tracey Steinberg, author of Flirt for Fun amp; Meet the One, says it#39;s important to clear the air. ;Often what makes one person feel loved is very different from someone else. Understanding what works for both of you will help you keep your connection strong and avoid bigger problems later on,; she says.约会专家特雷西·斯坦伯格是《调情和遇到唯一》(Flirt for Fun amp; Meet the One)一书的作者,因此她说道两人彼此坦诚是很重要的。“通常一个人感到被爱的时候另一个往往感受不到。找到适合你们俩的方式将有助于恋人的情感关系稳固,同时还会免去以后更大的麻烦,”她说道。2) How much debt do you have?2)你负债多少?It#39;s a topic you think would be covered — credit card debt, student loans, etc. are all pretty important numbers to know seeing as, ya know, you take on the debt your partner has when you get hitched. But ;it#39;s one of the elephants in the room that isn#39;t discussed, and I#39;ve seen it blindside couples all the time,; says Fields. She describes it as often being treated like a don#39;t ask, don#39;t tell situation, but just like that policy was repealed, so should this one. ;There#39;s a lot of shame associated with money, but every fear that comes up or any conflict is an opportunity to create more intimacy and a stronger bond,; adds Fields. ;It#39;s important to be able to say, #39;Here#39;s my truth, this is how much money I owe, let#39;s make a plan together for tackling this.#39;;你认为这是一个应该涵盖信用卡债务、学生贷款等问题的话题,这些都是十分重要的数字问题,因为当你和对象结婚时,这些就是你们要一起偿还的债务了。但是“这是盲人摸象的问题,每个人摸到的都是不同的部位,很多夫妻的弱点就是债务问题,”菲尔兹说道。她描述道:人们通常认为这是一个不要问、不要说清楚处于什么情形的问题,就像政策被废除一样,这一条也该废除。“与金钱相关的问题会引起很多不好意思回答的事情,但每一次恐惧或任何的冲突实则都是机会,一个更加亲密以及情感更加牢固的机会,”菲尔兹补充道。“能够这样说是很重要的,‘说实话,我有这么多外债,我们一起制定计划来解决这个问题吧。’”Whatever you do, don#39;t lie about the amount of debt you#39;re in, even if it comes from a shameful place (ie: a gambling or shopping addiction). Fields says she#39;s worked with people who are secretly -30,000 in debt; that#39;s not a situation you want to put yourself in despite trying to shield your partner from less-than-ideal conditions.不管你做什么,千万别对自己欠下的债务金额撒谎,即使欠债的理由很丢脸(即:或购物上瘾而欠下的债务)。菲尔兹说有些顾客会偷偷欠债20——30,000美元;就算你不想让另一半卷入这一不甚理想的情境,但你也不会想要私下欠债这么多吧。 /201702/490319

Many of us love the hot kick of a curry searing with chili peppers and ginger. Some can#39;t stand the burn.许多人都喜欢咖喱热辣的口感,因为辣椒和生姜会烧灼人的口腔。不过有些人却不能忍受这种火烧般的感觉。But spice-phobes should consider a change of heart - since new research shows these two ingredients combine to create a compound that fights cancer.但是香料恐惧症患者们应该考虑改变一下看法了--因为最新研究发现,辣椒和生姜结合在一起会产生一种可以治疗癌症的化合物。The finding, from the American Chemical Society, builds on previous studies that suggested a property in chili peppers (capsaicin) fuels tumor growth.美国化学协会的这一发现建立在之前的研究的基础上。该研究指出,辣椒中的一种成分(辣椒素)会促进肿瘤的生长。However, according to the new research, capsaicin can be turned into a cancer-fighting property when combined with ginger#39;s pungent compound 6-gingergol.不过,最新研究指出,当辣椒素和生姜成分姜辣素合成在一起的时候,可以形成一种治疗癌症的物质。Ginger has long been touted as a health food, recommended to patients for everything from a cold to a severe disease as it stimulates anti-inflammatory cells.长久以来人们一直盛赞生姜是一种健康食品。小到感冒,大到严重疾病的病人都会被推荐食用生姜,因为生姜可以刺激抗炎症细胞。Over several weeks, the ACS researchers fed mice prone to lung cancer either capsaicin or 6-gingerol alone, or a combination of both.在过去的几个星期里,美国化学协会的研究员们给一群易患肺癌的小白鼠喂食了辣椒素、姜辣素以及两者的混合物。During the study period, all of the mice that received only capsaicin developed lung carcinomas while only half of the mice fed 6-gingerol did.在研究期间,所有喂食辣椒素的小白鼠都患上了肺癌,而只喂食姜辣素的小白鼠中只有一半患上了肺癌。Surprisingly, an even lower percentage - only 20 per cent - of the mice given both compounds developed cancer.令人吃惊的是,在喂食辣椒素和姜辣素混合物的小白鼠中,只有20%患上了肺癌。The researchers also dug into the potential molecular underpinnings of how the compounds interact to lead to this effect.研究员们还对这种化合物到底是如何导致这种结果的分子基础进行了研究。 /201609/466403

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