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鹰潭市人流手术费用鹰潭看妇科的医院排行TED演讲视频:简单的洗手创造强大的力量让我们想象一下,一架飞机将要坠毁,上面有250个孩童和婴儿,如果你知道该怎么去阻止这件事发生,你会去做吗?201705/509085鹰潭余江县产科生孩子多少钱 栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201606/449772栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201606/447041鹰潭高新技术开发区生宝宝哪家医院最好的

鹰潭高新技术开发区人工流产多少钱The scientific community was transfixed.整个科学界惊呆了For decades the coelacanth had been touted as a possible transitional form between fish and tetrapods,几十年来,腔棘鱼一直被奉为鱼和四足动物之间的过渡型物种but no one had really known enough about it. It existed only as a fossil.不过,当时无人对它有足够了解,人们只把它当成是一种活化石Smith proclaimed the coelacanth a transitional formSmith声称腔棘鱼就是过渡型物种and as proof he announced that it would actually walk on the bottom of the sea.为了自圆其说,他提出它应该能在海底行走I have no doubt that this fish crawls about on the bottom quite easily.我完全肯定这种鱼能在海底轻松地爬行Yes, the Professor says the fish is a kind of ancestor of man. Poor fish.是的,教授说这种鱼就是人类的一个祖先,可怜的鱼But he knew he would have to find one alive and walking to prove the coelacanth was the elusive transitional form.可是他很清楚他必须找到另一条活着且能行走的腔棘鱼,以明腔棘鱼确实是难得一见的过渡型物种He looked for 13 years until another one was found, and it didnt walk - it swam.他寻找了13年,最后终于找到了一条,但它不会行走,只会游泳It was just another fish.它只是一条鱼Well it was thrown out. There were quite a lot of nasty letters send to J.L.B. too它被完全否定了,J.L.B.Smith收到了很多写满污言秽语的信件to say that he was having a daydream.说他简直是白日做梦There were still no transitional forms,看来还是没有过渡型物种nothing to show that a fish with fins had walked over land and evolved into our first ancestor with legs,没有什么能说明长着鳍的鱼为何会爬到陆地上,进化成我们最早的长着腿的祖先nothing to silence the creationists and there it rested for 30 years.也没有什么能堵住神创论者们的嘴,这个问题搁置了30多年。201702/492682月湖区人民中医院人流收费标准 Have you ever been told because youre a girl that you should not do something?有没有人说过,因为你是女生,所以你不该做某事?Yes. All the time. All the time. Its a constant.有。一直如此。一直如此,已经是常态了。People think that girls are suppose to be all happy and la-di-da, you know?人们认为女生就应该很开朗,Be kind of traditional, like dont do something too challenging.要传统一点,不要做太有挑战性的事情。I cant really like... rescue anybody.我不能拯救别人。Like, its always like, the boys who rescue the girls in the stories.在故事里面,通常都是男生救女生。I want you to go grab one of those boxes over there.请你去那边拿一个箱子过来。This represents your limitation.这代表了对你的限制。So Id like you to write on each one, one of the things that you said.请在箱子上面写下你刚说的那些话。I started holding back and not trying things out as much and just... it limited who I was.我开始退缩,不再那么勇于尝试,限制了我自己。I quit trumpet, I quit basketball, I quit wrestling.我放弃练习小号、篮球和摔跤。I... I... I told myself that I should stop if Im not good.我。。我告诉我自己,如果不够好就该停下来。And did you quit? For a week.所以你就放弃了吗?放弃了一个礼拜吧。And then what happened?之后发生了什么?I proved them wrong by trying harder to get better.我更努力让自己进步,明别人是错的。I tried to behave what other people want me to behave and then I found that was horrible.我想按照别人认为我该怎么做而做,结果我发现那样糟透了。So I said, ;Okay, no more!;所以我说,我再也不要那样了。What do you want to do with that box?你想怎么处置这个箱子?I really want to break this box or maybe explode it or something.我真的想弄坏这个箱子,或是把它炸烂之类的。Kick em. Go for it. Wait. Are you serious?通通踢烂。那就动脚吧。等等,你是认真的?I think you need to keep going with whatever you love to do, and do anything you want.我认为你应该继续做那些自己热爱的事情,做任何想做的事情。You can conquer any fear youve had and just live your dream and do whatever you want to do and...你可以战胜所有恐惧,实现自己的梦想,做任何自己想做的事情...Thats why I love the word unstoppable.这就是为什么我喜欢“不可阻挡”这个词。201702/493692鹰潭市做人流到哪个医院好

鹰潭超导无痛人流价格栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201611/477474 Carbon dioxide, or CO2, is the main greenhouse gas in climate change.二氧化碳,又叫CO2,是气候变化中温室效应气体的主要成分So how does CO2 get into our atmosphere?co2是如何进入我们大气层的?Well, carbon is part of a cycle. It starts with the sun,碳是循环的一部分,它始于太阳which heats the Earths surface with more energy in one hour than the whole world uses in a year.太阳用很大的能量照射地球表面,一个小时的能量比我们一年的使用量还要多Plants, which are kind of like biological chefs,植物就像是一种生物厨师take that sunlight, and then suck in some CO2 from the air, mix them together, and BAM!利用阳光,吸收空气中的二氧化碳,将它们混合,存储They create a stored form of energy, in the form of carbohydrates such as glucose and sucrose.植物在生成碳水化合物时会生成一种可以存储的能量,这个碳水化合物是葡萄糖,蔗糖等等The process is called photosynthesis.这个过程被称为光合作用When animals like us eat those plants, our stomachs convert that food back into energy for our own growth.当动物,譬如我们,吃这些植物时,我们的胃将食物转化为提供给我们生长所使用的能量Greenhouse gases are a byproduct of this process, and are released through waste.温室气体是这一过程的副产品,会通过损耗释放If those plants die, they decompose, and tiny microorganisms break down those carbohydrates如果这些植物死亡,它们会分解,同时微生物再一次分解这些碳水化合物and again, release greenhouse gases as a byproduct.将温室气体作为一种副产品释放As you see, energy originates from the sun. It is then transferred as it moves through the food chain.正如你看到的那样,能量来源于太阳并通过食物链转移But sometimes, carbon based organisms like plants or animals get stuck in the earth.但是,有时候植物和动物等生物体内的碳会被埋到地里When this happens, theyre compressed under tons of pressure,当这种情况出现时,它们会被巨大的压力压缩and turned into carbon-based fossil fuels, like oil, coal or natural gas.然后转化为含碳的化石燃料,譬如石油,木炭,天然气Since the Industrial Revolution, humans have been pulling those fossil fuels out of the ground自从工业革命以来,人们已经挖掘出这些化石燃料了and burning them, activating the stored energy to make electricity and power engines.使用它们,产生可存储的能量,以此能量来发电或者为机器供能But the thing is it also releases millions of years worth of stored CO2 back into the air.但是这也使得数百万年来存储的二氧化碳被释放,重新进去空气中。In addition, humans breathe in oxygen and breathe out CO2. But plants do the opposite.除此之外,人类也会吸入氧气呼出二氧化碳。但是植物恰恰相反Trees suck up huge amounts of CO2, which balances the cycle.树木吸收大量的二氧化碳以平衡碳循环Thus, deforestation reduces the plants that store CO2.因此,森林开采减少了能储存二氧化碳的植物Were attacking the cycle from both sides.我们正在从两方面破坏碳循环Think of it like a computer. A computer can operate a few programs at a time, right?从计算机的角度来思考,一个计算机能够同时执行一些进程,对吧?Normally, when youve finished with a document, you save, and you close it, so as not to overwork the computer.一般来说,当你处理完一份文件,你会保存然后关闭它,只要计算机不是过度工作的Then, imagine you stopped closing your documents. So they were all open at once.接下来,想象你停止关闭文档。它们会立即全部打开Your computer wouldnt be able to process it all.你的电脑将不能处理它It would start to slow down, and then to freeze, and eventually it would crash.它将会开始变慢,接下来卡住,最后它将会崩溃Which might be where our environment is heading if we keep overloading the carbon cycle.如果我们保持碳循环过载的话,我们的环境也会走向同样的结果So is there any way to rebalance the ecosystem?所以有什么办法重新平衡碳循环吗?What about technology? Technology is defined as a technique to solve a problem.技术呢?技术被定义为解决一个问题的技巧And so, sustainable technologies are those whose output is equal to their input.所以可持续的技术就是让它的投入等于产出They do not create negative externalities, such as CO2, in the present or the future.他们不会产生负的外部效应,比如二氧化碳,不管是在现在还是在未来。They sort of cancel themselves out to solve the problem.这在抵消自己的二氧化碳排量上解决了这个问题To achieve this, we need to invent sustainable technologies.为了实现这个目标,我们需要发明可持续技术If we put all the ideas and technologies ever created into one circle,如果我们将全部的想法和技术用来创建一个循环then invention is the pushing of the boundaries of that circle.然后这个发明将推动循环边界的发展And the area outside of the circle is infinite, meaning the potential for invention is limitless.循环外的空间是无限的,这意味着发明创造的可能是有限的Think about some of the incredible clean technologies we have today. All those ideas have one thing in common.想想现今的洁净技术(能源)。所有这些有一点是相同的They all came from people. People innovate. People create.它们都来源于人类,人类创新,人类创造。Its the limitless potential of creative people to build unimagined technologies有创造性的人们发明不可思议的技术,这个可能性是有限的。that is going to stop climate changeand rebalance the ecosystem.这些技术指的是使得气候变化停止,生态系统平衡的技术。And that is something to be hopeful about.虽然可能性有限,但是是有希望的。201706/514399鹰潭184医院体检收费标准鹰潭市做体检多少钱



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