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鹰潭希正妇科医院四维彩超预约鹰潭市做人流价格 Deadly bomb blasts in Thai tourist resort areas have failed to deter the country’s military rulers from raising entry fees for holidaymakers from 19 countries and territories, including China.泰国旅游度假区发生的致命炸弹爆炸事件未能阻止该国军事统治者对来自19个国家和地区(包括中国)的游客上调签费。The decision to press ahead with plans to double visa-on-arrival costs to 2,000 baht () has generated mixed reviews, with some commentators arguing it will undermine efforts to shore up confidence in a rare growth industry in the stuttering economy.按计划把落地签费翻倍至2000泰铢(合58美元)的决定,引发了褒贬不一的,有些人士提出,旅游是泰国增长乏力的经济中一个难得的成长型行业,而此举将破坏提振对该行业信心的努力。The tariff changes widen the disparity between Chinese holidaymakers and western counterparts who can still visit for free, even though the doubling of Thailand’s tourist numbers in six years has been driven by China.上调签费将扩大中国游客与仍可免费入境的西方游客之间的差距,尽管赴泰国的游客人数在六年内翻一番是由中国这个客源国推动的。The higher charges appear to reflect official ambivalence in Bangkok towards a sector that has delivered income during political turbulence but is putting increasing strain on infrastructure.上调费用似乎反映了泰国官方对旅游业的矛盾心理,该行业在泰国政治动荡时期带来了收入,但正给基础设施带来越来越大的压力。Chanapan Klaewklachyawut, secretary-general of the Thai-Chinese Tourism Alliance Association, said: “This extra charge is not much for Chinese tourists. 泰中旅游同业公会(Thai-Chinese Tourism Alliance Association)秘书长Chanapan Klaewklachyawut表示:“这笔额外费用对中国游客不算多。If they can’t even afford this amount, how will they have enough money to spend on travelling in Thailand?”如果他们连这笔钱都负担不起,他们在泰国旅游期间还会有足够的钱花销吗?”The Thai government announced last week that the new charges would come into force next month, weeks after bomb attacks across tourist resorts in south Thailand killed four people and wounded dozens more, some of them foreigners.泰国政府上周宣布,新的签费标准将在下月生效实施。就在几周前,泰国南方的几个旅游度假胜地遭遇多起炸弹袭击,导致4人遇难,数十人受伤,其中一些是外国人。The fees lift Thailand out of the bracket of visas-on-arrival for or less charged by other Southeast Asian holiday-maker destinations, such as Cambodia and Indonesia.上调签费使泰国退出了东南亚收取40美元或以下落地签费(如柬埔寨和印尼)的旅游国家行列。Some Thai commentators have questioned both the decision to raise the prices and the timing of the announcement, which follow approval by the military-dominated cabinet earlier this year.泰国一些人士质疑提高签费的决定,也质疑宣布这一决定的时机,此前军方主导的内阁在今年早些时候批准了此举。The Bangkok Post newspaper this week condemned the “outrageous” change as “out of sync with every other current tourist policy”, particularly as Taiwan, one of the other territories affected, has just scrapped its visa requirement for Thai tourists.《曼谷邮报》(Bangkok Post)本周谴责这一“离谱”的变动,称其“与其它每一项现行旅游政策不合拍”,尤其是台湾这个受影响的地区之一刚刚取消了针对泰国游客的签要求。The increases are particularly striking because China has provided almost half the more than 15m extra arrivals that have lifted Thailand’s foreign tourism visitor numbers from 14.15m in 2009 to 29.88m last year. 令签费上涨格外引人注目的是,中国提供了过去六年逾1500万新增入境游客人数中的近一半,这些新增游客使泰国的外国游客人数从2009年的1415万人增至去年的2988万人。The boom is apparent in the snaking queues at Bangkok’s Don Mueang airport for taxi ranks and at immigration desks that proclaim the official policy of “Good guys in, bad guys out”.这种繁荣体现于曼谷廊曼机场(Don Mueang airport)出租车上车处和入境检查柜台的蛇形队列;泰国出入境部门宣称其官方政策是“好人进来,坏人出去”。Some observers link the visa price rise to official efforts to attract more high-spending visitors and draw away from the cheaper — and seedier — elements of Thailand’s tourist success story.一些观察人士把签价格上涨与官方的一项努力联系起来,后者的目的是吸引更多高消费旅客,同时抑制泰国旅游业成功故事中一些比较廉价、比较粗俗的元素。Photos and s have surfaced alleging various episodes of spitting and other bad mannered behaviour by Chinese tourists, who have flocked in particular to temples and other sites featured in a hugely popular 2012 road trip movie called Lost in Thailand.近年流传的照片和视频据称记录了中国游客吐痰和其它不良行为。2012年出品的旅游电影《人再囧途之泰囧》(Lost in Thailand)票房极为成功,片中出现的泰国寺庙和其他景点如今挤满了中国游客。Some tourism sector insiders argue the higher fees could even be a good thing, because they will help ease the congestion that rapid expansion has brought.一些旅游业经营者认为,签费上调甚至可能是一件好事,因为这将有助于缓解游客剧增所带来的拥堵。 /201608/463228鹰潭一八四医院在那儿

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