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Here and now, cub and cub, pound for pound. The bodies of the falling litter the battle field. The females approach to the victorious males willingly, and with a discerning eye. They gravitate to the eye of the storm, knowing that only the fittest gladiators can make a stand at the middle of the deadly arena. And they chemically choreograph to dance a mutual seduction begins. The cubs love ladders, hormone laden urine. He socks the soil with his brew. The smell may be packed with complex information about his genetic and physical fitness. Suitably pleased, she answers with her own stream of urine. His chromatic expression is known as flaming. He is faltering the sand to a complex set of receptors in the roof of his mouth.在这里,现在幼崽对着幼崽,十分均等。尸体像垃圾一样在战场上到处都是。雌性带着挑剔的眼光只对获胜的雄性心甘情愿。它们移动到了风暴眼,因为这些动物最清楚只有最适合的角斗士才能在致命的舞台中上演奇迹。他们情不自禁的为这场殊死搏斗跳起互相诱惑的舞蹈。幼崽们自小已经习惯用满载激素的尿液为自己的领地画地盘。他在土壤中标识着只属于自己的领地。味道中的复杂信息表示了他的遗传信息和身体健康程度。看着自己的尿液,她相当满意。他的这种举动或许被成为献殷勤。他用嘴嗅着这块地盘,自己则犹豫不决。165139On the eve of high-level economic and political talks between the ed States and China, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton highlighted the importance of strong economic and trade ties to both countries during a visit to China's commercial capital, Shanghai. During a visit to a Boeing aircraft maintenance facility in Shanghai, Secretary Clinton focused on issues important to the U.S. side in this week's economic talks. She said for trade to work in any economy, there must be a level playing field where domestic and international companies can compete freely. The top U.S. diplomat said, "For example, transparency in rule making and standard setting, non-discrimination, fair access to sales to private sector and government purchasers alike - and the strong enforcement of intellectual property rights - are all vitally important. That's what drives innovation, benefits consumers, and ultimately stimulates broad-based and sustainable growth." Saying it is a "win-win" situation for both countries, Clinton said American companies want to compete in China, selling goods made by American workers to Chinese consumers. "Greater economic engagement here and across Asia by U.S. companies - and especially rising exports - help create jobs for American workers, higher standards of living for Asian consumers, and a more balanced global economy, which is good for everyone," said Clinton. On Monday and Tuesday, nearly 200 U.S. officials from nearly every corner of American government will be in Beijing for high-level talks known as the Strategic and Economic Dialogue.  They will discuss pressing political issues, such as North Korea's attack on a South Korean naval ship, Iran's controversial nuclear program and China's spotty human rights record. They will also discuss issues of economic balance and competition.Secretary Clinton said there is aly progress on the Chinese-U.S. economic front. The U.S. remains the largest single country market for China's exports, while U.S. merchandise exports to China have more than tripled since 2001, and trends suggest that growth will continue. Standing in front of a Boeing 737 jetliner, colorfully painted with the logo of the World Expo now going on in Shanghai, Secretary Clinton said the aerospace industry is the ed States' leading export sector, with every billion in aviation sales translating into 11,000 jobs for American workers.Currently, more than half the commercial jetliners operating in China are made by Boeing, and some 450 more are on order. Secretary Clinton said they only represent a fraction of the 0 billion China is likely to spend on commercial jetliners if it triples its commercial aviation fleet by 2028 as projected.Secretary Clinton said, "If Boeing captures a significant portion of those sales, it will translate into tens of thousands of additional good jobs for American workers. And the growth of air travel in China and the region will create new jobs here and abroad. President Hu has rightly called Boeing's role in China a 'win-win' for both countries."During the coming days, that sort of economic cooperation will be taking center stage in Beijing.201005/104613U.S. President Barack Obama says to support economic growth, the government has to be willing to cut spending. He says lawmakers should lead by cutting back federal spending on local projects.美国总统奥巴马表示,为了持经济增长,政府必须缩减开。他说,议员们应当成为榜样,在地区性项目上减少联邦出。President Obama's weekly address to the nation comes as he concludes a trip to Asia aimed at opening up new, fast-growing markets for American products. He notes that the economic competition is fierce.奥巴马总统在结束亚洲行之际发表每周例行讲话。他到亚洲访问的目的是使新兴国家迅速增长的市场向美国产品打开大门。他指出,经济竞争是激烈的。"But as I've said many times, America doesn't play for second place," said President Obama. "The future we're fighting for isn't as the world's largest importer, consuming products made elsewhere, but as the world's largest manufacturer of ideas and goods sold around the world."他说:“但是正如我多次提及的那样,美国不甘屈居第二。我们所争取的未来并不是成为世界最大的进口国、消费在其它地方制造的产品,而是成为世界上产生理念与产品的最大的国家。”The U.S. president says in order to make the most of economic growth, the U.S. must reduce its budget deficit and cut spending.奥巴马总统说,为了尽快达到经济增长,美国必须减少财政赤字和减少出。The Republican opposition has repeatedly accused the administration of overspending. That message helped Republicans trounce President Obama's Democratic Party in recent Congressional elections.共和党反对派多次指责奥巴马出过度。这帮助了共和党人在最近的国会选举中战胜奥巴马的民主党。Now, the President says he is calling on Democratic and Republican lawmakers to show they are serious about reform, and to stop funding projects in their own local districts through so-called "earmarks" inserted into federal spending bills.现在,奥巴马正在呼吁民主党和共和党议员表现出他们对于改革的认真态度,停止为自己本地区的项目提供“指定用途资金”来增加联邦出。201011/118285

Technology and civil liberties技术与公民自由Donrsquo;t shoot不要拍摄!Police may not like being filmed, but they had better get used to it警察可能不喜欢被人拍摄,不过他们最好习惯之WHAT is the most striking image to emerge from this autumnrsquo;s Occupy protests? Was it the campus police officer in Davis, California, casually pepper-spraying a line of seated protesters? Or the white-shirted cop in New York, doing the same to a pair of unarmed, penned-in women? Perhaps it was a street in Oakland, deserted except for protesters and a line of black-helmeted riot police, the silence broken when one of the cops fires a rubber bullet at a protester filming him. Protesters have complained, as ever, about police infiltration, but as these s make clear, protesters and other citizens are keeping their eyes on police, too.今秋的;占领;抗议中哪个场面最引人注目?是加利福尼亚州戴维思的校园警察随意地往一排坐在地上的抗议者喷洒胡椒喷雾剂?还是纽约身穿白衬衣的警察以同样的手段对待两位手无寸铁、被关着的女士?或许是在只有抗议者和一排戴着黑色头盔的防暴警察的奥克兰街头,其中一个警察向一位拍摄他的抗议者射出的一枚橡胶子弹将沉默瞬间打破。一如往常,抗议者抱怨他们时刻处在警察的监视之下,但这些视频清楚地表明,抗议者与其他市民同样在密切关注警察的一举一动。More than two-thirds of Americans own digital cameras. Around one-third of adults own a smartphone. Most of these devices can record and easily transmit audio and . Recording police has never been easier, and thanks to social-media and activist networks such as Copwatch, which monitors police activity and posts s to the web, neither has publicising these recordings.在美国,超过三分之二的人拥有数码相机,约有三分之一的成年人拥有一部智能手机。这些设备大都能录音及摄像,并方便地传送音频与视频。记录警察的一举一动从未如此轻易,而由于社交媒体及Copwatch(此网密切关注警察的活动并将有关视频上传至网络)这种积极分子网络的存在,公开这些视频记录也比从前任何时候都要容易。That does not always go over well. People peaceably filming police have been handcuffed, beaten, had their cameras seized, and been arrested for obstructing governmental administration, obstructing an investigation, interference, disturbing the peace, or for illegal wiretapping. In taking such action the police are on shaky legal ground. The right to photograph people, including police officers, in public places, is relatively clear.但要记录警察的行为并上传至网络并不总是那么容易的。那些安分守己地拍摄警察的人,却被警察戴上手铐、殴打、没收相机及逮捕,理由如下:妨碍政府管理、妨碍调查及警方介入、扰乱秩序或非法窃听。警察采取这些行动并没有可靠的法律依据。而在公共场所拍摄他人(包括警察及官员)的权利却是相对比较明确的。Adding audio, however, raises a new set of legal issues. Most states have single-party consent laws concerning audio recording, meaning that as long as one party consents to being recorded, the taping is legal. In most of the 12 states in which all parties must consent to be recorded, a violation occurs only if the subjects being recorded have a reasonable expectation of privacy. Arguing that police officers carrying out their duties in public have such a right is a challenge. The attorney-general in Maryland, an all-party-consent state, wrote in 2010 that few interactions with police could be considered private.不过,若在拍摄的同时进行录音便会引起一系列新的法律问题。大部分的州实行关于音频记录的单方同意法,这意味着只要单方同意,录音就是合法的。而在大部分须经所有当事人同意才能录音的12个州中,只有被录音的内容具有合理的隐私预期,录音才是违法的。但要明在公共场所履行职责的警察有这种权利相当困难。马里兰州是须征得所有当事人同意才能录音的州,该州司法部长在2010年时写道:民众与警察的接触几乎都不会被视为隐私。And challenges are mounting in two of the states;Illinois and Massachusetts;without expectation-of-privacy clauses. In Massachusetts last August, a federal appeals court upheld a lower courtrsquo;s ruling that a citizenrsquo;s right to film police in public is protected by the first and fourth amendments.而且,在伊利诺州和马萨诸塞州这两个没有隐私预期条款的州中,人们的质疑越来越多。去年八月在马萨诸塞州,一地方法院作了以下判决:公民在公共场所拍摄警察的权利是受到宪法第一及第四修正案保护的。一个联邦上诉法庭对此判决表示持。During oral arguments, one of the judges hearing the challenges to the Illinois Eavesdropping Act worried that allowing recording might hinder the ability of the police to do their jobs. He gave the example of a policeman talking to a confidential informant. Police have also expressed concern about recording, and hence exposing, undercover officers. But of course police can still speak in private. Given the actions of some police officers when confronted with a camera, filming cops may not be prudent. But neither should it be illegal.在口头辩论时,其中一个对人们质疑伊利诺州窃听法案进行听的法官担心,允许民众记录警察的言行可能会妨碍警察工作。他举了一个警察与秘密线人交谈的例子。警方也对此表示关注,担心一些卧底警察的身份会因此曝光。不过,警察当然仍可以私下交谈。有些警察在遭人拍摄时行为恶劣,所以拍摄警察可能并非明智之举。话虽如此,此举也不应是违法的。164537

The internet: Mental-health specialists disagree over whether to classify compulsive online behaviour as addiction—and how to treat it 互联网:强迫性上网行为是否是网瘾,该如何治疗?心理健康专家对此说法不一CRAIG SMALLWOOD, a disabled American war veteran, spent more than 20,000 hours over five years playing an online role-playing game called “Lineage II”. When NCsoft, the South Korean firm behind the game, accused him of breaking the game’s rules and banned him, he was plunged into depression, severe paranoia and hallucinations. He spent three weeks in hospital. He sued NCsoft for fraud and negligence, demanding over m in damages and claiming that the company acted negligently by failing to warn him of the danger that he would become “addicted” to the game.克莱格.斯莫尔伍德是美国一位残疾退伍军人,五年中有20,000个小时都泡在网上,沉浸在一个叫做“天堂II”的线上角色扮演游戏中。当韩国游戏开发商NCSoft公司控诉克莱格违反游戏规则并将其注销后,克莱格极度抑郁,并陷入严重的偏执和幻想中。住院三周后,克莱格控告NCSoft公司欺诈和疏忽,声称该公司没有告诫其游戏“网瘾”的危害,要求获得9百万美元的赔偿金。But does it make sense to talk of addiction to online activity? Mental-health specialists say three online behaviours can become problematic for many people: games, pornography and messaging via e-mail and social networks. But there is far less agreement about whether any of this should be called “internet addiction”—or how to treat it.但是线上行为是否就一定会导致网瘾呢?精神健康专家认为三种线上行为有可能对人们有害:、色情以及电子邮件和社交网络。然而,对于其他行为是否能被称为所谓的“网瘾”以及如何治疗,专家们至今还不能达成统一。Some mental-health specialists wanted “internet addiction” to be included in the fifth version of psychiatry’s bible, the “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders”, known as DSM-V, which is currently being overhauled. The American Medical Association endorsed the idea in 2007, only to backtrack days later. The American Journal of Psychiatry called internet addiction a “common disorder” and supported its recognition. Last year the DSM-V drafting group made its decision: internet addiction would not be included as a “behavioural addiction”—only gambling made the cut—but it said further study was warranted.一些精神健康专家认为应将“网瘾”列入新近改版的第五版精神病学圣经——《精神疾病诊断与统计手册》(第五版DSM)中。美国医学协会(ASA)在2007年就曾表示持这一想法,但几天后却又改口。《美国精神病学杂志》将网瘾视作一种“普通疾病”,并持普及网瘾知识。去年,第五版DSM起草小组决定:网瘾将不会被列入“行为上瘾”——只有加入其列——但小组表示研究将会进一步开展。201103/129573

Another brick in the wall另辟蹊径The rapid rise of newspaper paywalls付费阅读的大幅增长ON OCTOBER 10th the Baltimore Sun will join a fast-growing club. The newspaper will start tracking the number of times people its stories online; when they reach a limit of 15 a month, they will be asked to pay. Local bloggers may squawk about content wanting to be free. But perhaps not as much as they would have done a few months ago. There is a sense of inevitability about paywalls.10月10日《巴尔的太阳报》将推出付费墙,这项业务时下正方兴未艾。该报将记录读者阅读的次数,超过每月15次的免费限额后读者将被要求付费。本地主们可能会因此满腹牢骚,但是可能没有几个月之前的反应强烈 。付费墙的推广具有必然性。In April 2010 PaidContent, an online publication, found 26 American local and metropolitan newspapers charging for online access. Several times that number now do so. More than 100 newspapers are using Press+, an online payment system developed in part by a former publisher of the Wall Street Journal. MediaNews, a newspaper group, put up two paywalls in 2010; it has erected 23 so far this year.2010年4月,网络发行商PaidContent提供26家美国本地、都市报付在线费阅读务。超过100种报纸使用名为Press+的在线付系统,某种程度上来说该系统是有华尔街日报的前出版商推出的。2010年媒体新闻集团推行了2款付费墙,今年迄今为止已建立了23款。Among national newspapers, paywalls are still rare, though the New York Times and the Times of London both have them. Most wall-building is being done by small local outfits. “Local newspapers are more vital to their communities, and they have less competition,” explains Ken Doctor, the author of “Newsonomics”.尽管纽约时报和伦敦时报都推行了付费墙,但是国家级刊物的付费墙却寥寥无几。设置付费墙的往往是一些本地小报,他们对当地社区是至关重要的,因而他们所面临的外部竞争相对较少。Newsonomics的作者Ken Doctor如是说。The most ambitious architects are in Europe. Since May Slovakia has had a virtual national paywall—a single payment system that encompasses nine of the country’s biggest publications. Slovaks who want to news online pay201110/158585

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