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鹰潭那家医院妇产科好鹰潭市哪些妇科医院好Tumbling oil prices have long been seen as kryptonite for clean energy companies — and share prices of some of the world’s best known renewable power groups have slumped in the wake of the latest slide in crude.油价暴跌一向被视为清洁能源企业的克星。近期原油价格大幅下滑,一些世界最知名的可再生能源集团的股价也随之猛跌。Shares in Denmark’s Vestas, the world’s largest wind turbine supplier, dived after the oil producers’ cartel Opec decided not to cut production in late November and prices are still down 11 per cent, noticeably below the broader market.11月末石油输出国组织(Opec,简称欧佩克)决定不减产后,丹麦维斯塔斯公司(Vestas)的股价应声暴跌——目前跌幅仍达11%,明显逊于整体股市表现。维斯塔斯是全球最大的风力涡轮发电机供应商。The Chinese solar panel giant, Yingli Green Energy, and Tesla Motors, the US electric carmaker, have suffered even sharper share price falls. Crude’s surprise rise of a barrel to .40 on Wednesday did little to halt the decline.还有两只股票跌幅更大,中国太阳能电池板巨头英利绿色能源(Yingli Green Energy)和美国电动汽车制造商特斯拉汽车(Tesla Motors)。即使周三原油价格意外回涨3美元,至63.4美元每桶,也未能遏制这两家公司股票的跌势。Even before Opec’s move, lower oil prices appeared to be hitting hybrid cars in the US, where sales were down 11 per cent in November compared with the same month last year. Sales of some models of fuel-hungry sports utility vehicles, meanwhile, were as much as 91 per cent higher last month than a year ago.在欧佩克做出不减产决定之前,油价下跌似乎就已经开始冲击美国混合动力车市场。11月美国混合动力车销量同比下降11%。同时,一些耗油量大的运动型多功能车(SUV)销量同比上升了91%。That trend may not be so pronounced in other industrialised countries where taxes make up a bigger component of pump prices than they do in the US. And some analysts say the market has overreacted when it comes to wind and solar companies.这种趋势在其他发达国家或许不那么明显,因为与美国相比,这些国家的成品油零售价中税项所占的比例较大。一些分析人士称,对于风能、太阳能相关企业,市场反应过度了。However, there is still a large question about how a prolonged period of low crude prices might affect global investment in clean energy, which has climbed from bn in 2004 to about 1bn last year.然而,一个更大的问题是,假如原油价格长期处于低位,全球范围内的清洁能源投资会受到什么影响?此类投资已经从2004年的600亿美元攀升至2013年的2510亿美元。A large chunk of that investment has been powered by the growth of renewable energy subsidies and analysts say a sustained bout of cheap oil dents the arguments many governments make that consumers are better off funding renewables because fossil fuel prices are likely to rise while wind and solar prices fall.可再生能源补贴的增长带动了很大一部分清洁能源投资。分析人士表示,原油价格持续低企会削弱许多政府的以下论点,即投资发展可再生能源会让消费者享受更多实惠,因为化石能源价格可能会升高,而风能和太阳能价格会降低。“Much policy in recent years has been justified on the basis of scarce hydrocarbons and continually rising prices of said hydrocarbons,” said Ian Temperton of Climate Change Capital, a green investment specialist owned by Bunge, the global agribusiness.“近年来许多政策的依据都是烃类能源的稀缺性,以及这类能源持续走高的价格趋势,”跨国农业集团邦吉(Bunge)旗下绿色投资企业——气候变化资本(Climate Change Capital)的伊恩#8226;坦珀顿(Ian Temperton)说。This argument may have to be adjusted even if the latest oil-price rout eases, he says, because if governments end up taking tougher action on global warming, such as the international climate deal to be sealed in Paris next year, it may dampen fossil fuel use.坦珀顿表示,即使最近的油价崩盘有所好转,这种论点或许也需要调整,因为如果政府最终对全球变暖采取更大力度的行动,比如计划明年在巴黎签署的国际气候协议,这些行动或许会抑制化石能源的使用。“Policy makers will have to come to terms with the fact that if the plan is to stop using hydrocarbons before we run out of them, then they will go into oversupply and their price will fall in the long term,” said Mr Temperton.“政策制定者必须接受以下事实,如果相关计划是在我们逐渐用完烃类能源前停止使用此类能源,那么烃类能源将供过于求,其价格在长期来看将下降,”坦珀顿说。For the moment, it is still too early to be able to discern a meaningful impact on renewable investment trends from falling oil prices. But at first glance, history suggests the impact could be serious.就目前来说,要辨明油价下跌对可再生能源投资是否有实质性影响,还为时过早。但若是根据历史情况初步判断,这种影响可能会十分严重。A jump in crude prices during the 1970s Arab oil embargo prompted what looked like a new age of green energy, not least in the US.20世纪70年代阿拉伯国家石油禁运导致原油价格飙涨,使美国等国家迎来了绿色能源的新纪元。Solar panels went up on the roof of the White House then occupied by President Jimmy Carter, while a raft of energy conservation measures were launched and insulation rates rose.时任美国总统吉米#8226;卡特(Jimmy Carter)在白宫屋顶安装了太阳能电池板,同时政府推出了许多节能措施,绝热率也上升了。As oil prices came down, however, so did the White House solar panels, under President Ronald Reagan, along with investment in a nascent wind and solar industry. Sales of gas-guzzling vehicles, on the other hand, climbed.然而,当油价降了下来,白宫屋顶的太阳能电池板也在总统罗纳德#8226;里根(Ronald Reagan)任内被拆除,对新兴的风能和太阳能产业的投资也随之下降。同时,高油耗汽车的销量则提高了。Today, however, a new driver of clean energy investment has emerged in the shape of global warming concerns. This was not the case last century, when worries centred on too heavy a reliance on foreign oil imports.现在,全球对气候变暖的担忧成为了带动清洁能源投资的新动力。而在上世纪,情况并非如此,当时的忧虑主要集中在对外国原油进口的过分依赖上。“Back then the prospect of climate change barely registered as a policy concern,” said Maria van der Hoeven, executive director of the International Energy Agency. “Today we know otherwise,” she said, adding that governments should take advantage of the latest oil price slump to encourage more low-carbon investment, by eliminating fossil fuel subsidies and putting a meaningful price on carbon.“那时,气候变化的前景几乎未被纳入政策制定的关注范畴,”国际能源署(International Energy Agency)总干事玛丽亚#8226;范德胡芬(Maria van der Hoeven)称,“如今我们知道情况不同了。”她补充道,各国政府应该利用这次油价下跌的机会,通过取消化石能源补贴以及制定合理碳税,鼓励增加对低碳产业的投资。There are now more than 480 climate change laws in countries around the world, up from fewer than 40 in 1997, according to Globe International, a legislator body that annually assesses laws to combat global warming.根据Globe International的数据,目前世界各国共有超过480部有关气候变化的法律,而1997年不足40部。该机构是每年对抵御全球变暖的法律进行评估的立法者团体。That includes those subsidies for wind farms and solar plants that have pushed up green-energy use worldwide, especially in countries such as Germany, Europe’s largest economy, where renewables now account for as much as a quarter of the electricity used.其中包含一些向风力发电厂和太阳能发电厂提供补贴的措施。正是这两类发电厂推动了绿色能源在全球范围的应用,特别是在欧洲最大经济体德国,可再生能源如今为德国供给1/4的电力。That support — plus the fact that the use of oil-fired power plants has declined sharply in many countries — is one reason analysts say share market slides in some renewables companies may be overblown.这种持措施,再加上很多国家的燃油发电站急剧减少的情况,是分析师认为一些可再生能源股已经跌得过多的一个原因。“The conventional wisdom is that if oil prices go down, then it drags down power prices and makes wind and solar look more expensive,” said Credit Suisse analyst Mark Freshney. The correlation is a lot more complicated now, he says. “But I think there is still a perception in the market that the link exists.”瑞信(Credit Suisse)分析师马克#8226;弗雷谢尼(Mark Freshney)称:“传统观点认为,如果油价下滑,便会拉低电价,使风能和太阳能显得更贵。”他称,这种关联如今变得复杂得多。“不过,我觉得市场中仍然有人认为存在这种关联。”Some parts of the clean energy industry, such as biofuels, may face a greater risk from cheap oil. But analysts say the broader investment outlook is uncertain.清洁能源产业中的个别领域,比如生物能源,遭受低油价冲击的风险可能更大。不过分析师称,整体产业投资前景目前尚不明朗。“We do not expect a lot of impact unless the oil price falls significantly further and stays at those lower levels,” says Angus McCrone of Bloomberg New Energy Finance, a research group.“我们不认为会产生很大影响,除非油价进一步急剧下跌并维持在较低水平,”彭新能源财经(Bloomberg New Energy Finance)的分析师安格斯#8226;麦克龙(Angus McCrone)称。Even in regions where oil prices are linked to some gas contracts, such as Europe, it is difficult to see a short term impact on renewables, he says.麦克龙称,即使在油价与天然气合约存在关联的地区,比如欧洲,也不太可能看到油价对可再生能源形成短期冲击。“Weaker gas prices in Europe could give utilities a reason to burn more gas and less coal,” says Mr McCrone. “But there is no reason at the moment to expect an impact on wind and solar investment,” he says, because investment decisions are driven largely by national incentive schemes.“欧洲天然气价下跌,可能给公共事业部门提供一个燃烧更多天然气、减少使用煤炭的理由,”麦卡龙称,“但是,目前没有理由认为这会对风能和太阳能投资造成冲击。”他称,这是因为相关投资决定很大程度上是受国家激励计划的驱动。“The chances of early policy changes are slim, since no country would base its strategy for the future power mix on short-term movements in the spot price of gas,” he said.他称:“初期发生政策变动的几率不大,因为没有国家会把未来能源构成战略建立在天然气现货价格的短期波动上。”A shift in the way electricity is generated since the days of the Arab oil embargo is also important, say some wind industry leaders.风电行业的重量级人物称,自阿拉伯石油禁运时代之后发电方式的转变,也是一个重要因素。“We don’t compete with oil,” said Steve Sawyer, secretary-general of the Global Wind Energy Council.全球风能理事会(Global Wind Energy Council)秘书长史蒂夫#8226;索耶(Steve Sawyer)表示:“我们不与石油竞争。”“Twenty-five years ago there was a substantial amount of electricity generated by oil, but not now,” he said, adding the cost of wind power had declined so much that even with crude at a barrel, wind farms could be competitive with the diesel generation still used in some developing countries and island states.“25年前,石油发电量相当大,但现在不一样,”索耶补充称,风力发电的成本已经大为降低,即便原油价格降到每桶30美元,风力发电厂仍然可以与柴油发电(一些发展中国家和岛国仍然使用这种发电方式)竞争。 /201412/350067月湖区怀孕检测哪家医院最好的 As China’s equity markets cool and its currency is devalued, attention will return to the question of whether its property market is heading for a fall. In my view the boom days are over, but with buyers required to put at least 30 per cent cash down, the risks of a crisis are low.随着中国股市降温和人民币贬值,人们的注意力将重新回到中国房地产市场是否步入下行通道的问题。在我看来,房地产繁荣期已经结束,但由于房地产买家被要求付至少30%的首付款,发生危机的风险很低。The housing market is one of the most important parts of the economy, and one of the most misunderstood. Important because residential real estate and construction account directly for more than 10 per cent of gross domestic product. Misunderstood because few observers appear to grasp the structure of the residential property market.住房市场是中国经济最重要的领域之一,也是被误解程度最深的领域之一。重要是因为住宅房地产直接占到10%以上的国内生产总值(GDP)。误解是因为似乎很少有观察人士真正理解中国住宅房地产市场的结构。Under the Communist party most workers have been allowed to buy their government housing at a steep discount to market value, with the result that the home ownership rate is among the highest in the world: 89 per cent, compared with about 64 per cent in the US and the UK. But this does not mean the appetite for new homes has been sated. A large share of homes are substandard, so demand for upgrading is significant. Only 55 per cent of the population is urban, a share that will continue to rise, driving demand for housing.在党管一切的时代,大部分工人被允许以大幅低于市场价的价格购买政府住房,结果是中国住房拥有率高达89%,跻身世界最高水平之列,而美国和英国的住房拥有率大约为64%。但这并不意味着中国人购置新房的愿望都得到了满足。相当大一部分住房不合标准,因此升级需求非常可观。只有55%的人口住在城镇,城镇人口比例还会继续上升,推动住房需求。Almost all new homes sold in China are apartments, not single family homes. Some 80 per cent of those apartments are bought one year or more before construction of the building will be finished, known as presale. That is one reason it takes time for new Chinese cities to fill up.在中国销售的几乎所有住房都是公寓,而非单户住宅。约80%的公寓是在建成一年或更早之前卖出的,这被称为预售。这是中国新城市需要一段时间才会人气上升的一个原因。In Zhengzhou, for example, featured on many lists of “ghost cities”, people bought apartments in a new area with the intention of not moving in for several years, based on the view that house prices would be higher after the subway lines were completed. The first line has since opened, and the new area is thriving. This pattern is repeated across the country.例如,在众多“鬼城”榜单上被列入的郑州,人们在新区买房的意图就是要在几年后才住进去,他们的决策依据是房价将会随着地铁线路的开通而上涨。自那之后第一条地铁开通,新城开始繁荣起来。这种格局在全国各地重复出现。One of the biggest misconceptions about China’s property market is that most buyers are speculators. In fact the residential market is driven by owner-occupiers. Data collected from sales managers across the country reveal that during the past three years less than 10 per cent of buyers were investors.关于中国房地产市场最大的一个误解是,大多数买家是投机者。实际上,住宅市场由自有住房者驱动。从全国各地的销售经理们收集来的数据显示,在过去3年期间,投资买家不足10%。The 9 per cent average annual growth in residential property prices over the past 10 years may appear the hallmark of a bubble, but it was accompanied by 12 per cent average annual nominal urban income growth.过去10年间住房价格年均上涨9%貌似符合泡沫的特征,但与此相伴随的是城镇居民名义收入年均12%的增长。Unprecedented income growth not only supports China’s remarkable consumption story; it also underpins a healthy property market. During the past decade inflation-adjusted urban income rose 7 per cent or more every year, while real rural income increased 7 per cent or more for each of the past nine years. In contrast over the past decade real income rose at an average annual pace of 1 per cent in the US and 0.3 per cent in the UK.史无前例的收入增长不仅持了中国引人瞩目的消费故事,还持了健康的房地产市场。过去10年期间,经通胀调整后的城镇居民收入每年增长7%以上,同时在过去9年间农村居民实际收入每年增长7%。相比之下,过去10年期间美国和英国的实际收入年均增长率分别为1%和0.3%。An important precondition for a bubble in any asset class is a high level of leverage, because in the absence of high leverage the consequences of a sharp price decline are limited. In China there is low leverage among homebuyers because about 15 per cent of buyers in the past three years have paid cash, while for those using mortgages a minimum deposit of 30 per cent is required.任何资产类别出现泡沫的一个重要前提是很高的杠杆水平,这是因为如果没有高的杠杆水平,价格大幅下跌的后果就是有限的。在中国,购房者的杠杆水平较低,因为在过去3年大约15%的买家是全款购房,而贷款购房者被要求最低付30%的首付款。 /201508/393780鹰潭市产前检查医院

鹰潭市治疗盆腔炎哪家医院好Oil companies are securing licences to export US crude at a frantic pace as the shale boom leads to swelling supplies along the Gulf of Mexico.随着页岩繁荣促使美国墨西哥湾地区供应大增,石油企业正纷纷申请美国原油的出口牌照。The US government granted 103 licences to ship crude oil abroad in its latest fiscal year, up by more than half from the 66 approved in 2012 and the highest since at least 2006, according to data obtained by the Financial Times.英国《金融时报》得到的数据显示,美国政府在上一财年发放了103张原油出口牌照,比2012年的66张增加了一半多,也创下至少自2006年以来的最高纪录。All but a dozen of last year’s licences were to Canada, where companies may buy US crude as long as they refine it there.去年除了12张牌照外,其余都是向加拿大出口的牌照,加拿大企业可能购买美国原油——只要它们在加拿大炼油。The clamour for licences is unexpected as Canada is the top foreign oil supplier to the US.油企踊跃申请向加拿大出口原油牌照令人意外,因为加拿大是美国的第一大石油供应国。But huge production gains in states such as Texas, coupled with restrictions on coastal tanker movements to US refineries, encourage traders to buy cheap Gulf coast crude and sell it in eastern Canada at higher global prices.但德克萨斯等州原油产量的大量增长,加上前往美国炼油厂的沿海运油活动受到限制,促使贸易商买入便宜的墨西哥湾原油,然后以较高的国际价格在加拿大东部销售。Exports to Canada totalled 99,000 barrels per day in September, the latest official data show. Traders estimate flows have since risen to about 200,000 b/d, the highest in more than a decade. Valero, the biggest North American refiner, has received a licence to export Eagle Ford crude from Texas to its refinery in Quebec, eastern Canada.最新官方数据显示,今年9月,美国向加拿大原油日出口量达到9.9万桶。贸易商估计,该数字自那以后已增至约20万桶,创下10多年来最高纪录。北美最大炼油商瓦莱罗(Valero)获得了一张牌照,可以将产于德克萨斯州伊格福特(Eagle Ford)的原油出口至该公司位于加拿大东部魁北克的炼油厂。Irving Oil, which owns Canada’s biggest refinery, has been buying US crude delivered by vessel and railway. Trafigura, the trading house, said a subsidiary had held an export licence to Canada for years.拥有加拿大最大炼油厂的欧文石油(Irving Oil)一直在购买海运和铁路运输的美国原油。贸易行托克(Trafigura)表示,它的一家子公司多年前就持有向加拿大出口原油的牌照。More than 3.3m barrels of US crude have been exported to Canada from the Port of Corpus Christi in Texas in the 11 months to November, said Dennis DeVries, director of finance. Volume has jumped 10-fold from 2012. The shipments compete with production from Canada’s offshore Atlantic fields. Chile’s state oil company ENAP bought some of the displaced Canadian crude, traders said.德克萨斯州科尔普斯克里斯蒂港(Port of Corpus Christi)财务总监丹尼斯#8226;德弗里斯(Dennis DeVries)表示,今年头11个月,经由该港出口至加拿大的美国原油已超过330万桶。自2012年以来,这个数字已累计增长9倍。来自美国的原油与加拿大位于大西洋的海上油田形成竞争。贸易商表示,被美国原油取代的加拿大原油部分被智利国家石油公司ENAP买走。US crude oil exports to markets outside Canada have been tightly controlled since 1975, when the country was reeling from the Arab oil embargo.1975年,阿拉伯国家的石油禁运让美国受到严重冲击。自那时起,美国一直严格控制对加拿大以外市场的原油出口。Jake Dweck, partner at the Sutherland Asbill amp; Brennan law firm, said: “Companies, particularly traders, often obtain licences to make sure they have the option to act if the market opportunity arises. So some end up actually using their licences while others just sit on them.”Sutherland Asbill amp; Brennan律师事务所合伙人杰克#8226;德韦克(Jake Dweck)说:“以贸易商为首的企业获取牌照,往往是为了确保它们在市场出现机会的时候有采取行动的选择。有些企业的牌照最终真正派上了用场,有些则没有。” /201312/268640江西鹰潭市解放军184医院在线咨询 鹰潭市长城医院妇科人流

鹰潭妇科检查去哪里好 Ten planes resumed the hunt in the Indian Ocean for clues to the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 on Monday, including--for the first time--Chinese military aircraft.10架飞机周一继续在印度洋搜寻马来西亚航空(Malaysia Airlines)失联航班的踪迹,其中包括两架中国军机,这是中国军机首次参与这次搜寻工作。Australia#39;s Deputy Prime Minister Warren Truss said two Chinese military Ilyushin IL-76 planes would search an area where a large object was identified by a Chinese satellite Saturday.澳大利亚副总理特拉斯(Warren Truss)说,中国两架军用伊尔-76运输机将在一个搜寻区域参与搜索活动。上周六,一颗中国卫星发现该搜寻区域出现一个体积较大的物体。#39;It is a very difficult task. Today we expect the weather to deteriorate. Unfortunately forecasts ahead are not all that good,#39; Mr. Truss said on Monday. #39;The search area is very large today, around 68,000 square kilometers (26,000 square miles). That#39;s a lot of water to look for a tiny object.#39;特拉斯周一说,这是一项非常困难的任务,预计天气会恶化;遗憾的是,从天气预报来看,未来几天的天气都不怎么好。他还说,当天的搜寻区域非常大,大约有6.8万平方公里,在如此大的海面上寻找一个小物体很不容易。Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott said on Sunday that authorities have a number of credible leads. They include satellite images of objects in the southern Indian Ocean captured by DigitalGlobe Inc.--a provider of imagery to the Pentagon#39;s geospatial agency--and Chinese images that, at first blush, appeared to be consistent with the earlier satellite photos. The commercial images showed two pieces of debris, the largest of which was around 79 feet (24 meters) long, while Chinese military discovered a large object measuring 72 feet long and 42 feet wide.澳大利亚总理阿特(Tony Abbott)周日说,有关部门有了一些可靠的线索。这些线索包括显示南印度洋有漂浮物的卫星图像(图像由DigitalGlobe Inc.-公司拍摄,该公司是五角大楼地理空间机构的图像提供商),以及中国提供的乍看来与早先的卫星照片表面看来相一致的图像。商业图像显示有两件类似残片的物体,其中较大的大约24米长,中国军方发现的一个大件物体长约22米,宽约13米。#39;It is still too early to be definite, but obviously we have now had a number of very credible leads and there is increasing hope--no more than hope--that we might be on the road to discovering what happened to this ill-fated aircraft,#39; the Australian prime minister told reporters in some of the most upbeat remarks since his country assumed the lead of the international search almost a week ago.阿特对记者说:现在还给不出确定的消息,但很显然我们已经有了一些非常可靠的线索,而且希望越来越大,我们可能会发现这架飞机发生了什么,当然也只是希望而已。这是大约一周前澳大利亚牵头进行国际搜寻以来阿特发表的最乐观的言论。The chief of Malaysia#39;s civil-aviation authority said Sunday they received new satellite images from French authorities of possible debris roughly 370 miles west of the area where the search is now focused. Mr. Truss said the latest images were outside the zone identified as the most likely area to search for the missing Boeing 777-200 jet--which disappeared carrying 239 people en route from Malaysia to Beijing on March 8.马来西亚民航局负责人周日称,他们从法国有关部门获得了新的疑似残骸卫星图像,图像显示疑似残骸位于目前搜索区域以西约370英里(约600公里)的海域。特拉斯说,最新图像显示的疑似残骸位于目前被认为是最有可能找到失联客机的搜索海域之外。3月8日,一架波音777-200客机在从马来西亚飞往北京的途中消失,机场载有239人。#39;Having said that, we#39;ve got to check out all the options. We still don#39;t know for certain that the aircraft is even in this area,#39; he said. #39;We are I guess clutching at whatever little piece of information comes along, to try and find a place where we might be able to try and concentrate the efforts.#39;他说,即便如此,我们也必须考察所有的可能,我们仍不能肯定飞机是否就在这一海域。他还说,我想我们正在收集任何哪怕是一丁点的信息,试图找到一个我们或许可以集中力量搜索的海域。One significant discovery by searchers on Saturday was a number of small items, including a wooden pallet surrounded by strapping belts. Australia#39;s maritime authority said wooden pallets were commonly used on commercial aircraft. However, efforts to confirm the initial sighting--made by a civilian plane--were fruitless.搜索人员上周六获得的一个重大发现是几个体积较小的物体,其中包括一个被打包带环绕的木质托盘。澳大利亚海事部门表示,木质托盘通常被用于商用飞机上。不过,对最初所见物体的确认工作没有发现任何线索。可疑物体最初是由一架民用飞机发现的。Ocean conditions in the search area are some of the world#39;s roughest, making it a challenge to find floating debris. Sailors have dubbed the area #39;the roaring 40s#39;--a stretch around 40 degrees latitude in the southern hemisphere where strong winds can roar like a lion. Ships involved in the search are faced with the problem of looking for debris that may be partly submerged amid continuous rolling waves up to 30 meters (98 feet) high, according to some ocean experts.搜寻区域的海况属全球最恶劣之列,这使得搜寻漂浮残片成了一项巨大的挑战。海员们将目前搜寻的海域称为“咆哮的40度”。这片海域位于南纬40度附近,强风呼啸的声音听起来就像狮子在咆哮。一些海洋专家说,参与搜索的船只必须在不断翻滚的海浪中寻找飞机碎片,海浪高度最高可达30米。Sunday#39;s search found #39;nothing of note,#39; according to Mr. Truss. Asked whether there was a timeline on when the multinational search could be abandoned, he said the 30-day operating life of the aircraft#39;s black box flight data recorder would be a natural point for reassessment.特拉斯说,周日的搜寻没有发现任何踪迹。在被问及多国搜寻工作何时会放弃的时间表时,他说,黑匣子――也就是飞行记录仪――的电池寿命只有30天,在这个时点进行重新评估是比较顺理成章的。#39;The black box recorder will emit signals for about a month, so that#39;s obviously the first critical point,#39; he said.他说,黑匣子记录仪会在大约一个月的时间内发出信号,因此显而易见这是第一个关键点。Civil and military aircraft from Australia, New Zealand, the U.S., China and Japan are assisting in Monday#39;s search. The broader search operation in the southern Indian Ocean has covered nearly 200,000 square miles (518,000 square kilometers) since it began March 17, nine days after the plane vanished.来自澳大利亚、新西兰、美国、中国和日本的民用飞机和军用飞机都将在周一协助进行搜寻。在南印度洋进行的范围更大的搜寻已经涵盖了面积大约20万平方英里(合51.8平方公里)的区域。搜寻范围于3月17日扩大,当时是飞机消失的第九天。 /201403/281789鹰潭不孕不育好的医院贵溪市人民医院怎么样



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