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【视频欣赏】How To Choose the Best Clothes For Your Workout on Howcast(视频受网速和浏览器影响,如果暂时没看到,请亲们耐心等待或换个浏览器(最好换成IE)试试哦!)【听力文本】Choose workout clothes that are comfortable and will give you the confidence and motivation to succeed.You Will NeedPolyester or spandex material Wicking fabric Outer layer to protect from weather Reflective clothing Step 1: Choose clothes that fit(选择合适的尺寸)Make sure your workout clothes fit your body and the type of exercise you plan to do.Don’t wear clothes that will get in the way of your workout.Step 2: Choose fabrics(选择有张度的纤维制品)Choose fabrics that are stretchy and durable such as polyester and spandex.Step 3: Look for moisture wick fabric(选择透气性较好的)Look for moisture wick fabric for high-impact exercises such as aerobics, jogging, or kick boxing.Wicking fabric keeps your body cool by lifting moisture away from your skin.Step 4: Keep weather in mind(注意天气的冷暖变化)Keep the weather in mind if you exercise outside. Wear an outer layer that protects your skin from rain or strong winds.Step 5: Dress warmly in winter(冬季运动注意保暖)Dress in layers that can be removed in the winter months. Cover your ears, head, and hands from the cold.Step 6: Invest in reflective material(选择比较亮的运动衣,路上的驾驶员可以远远的看见)Invest in clothes with reflective material so you are visible to drivers.Step 7: Keep exercising(坚持运动)Keep exercising. Small changes in your lifestyle can lead to a longer and healthier life.Forbes reported that the most expensive pair of tennis shoes produced was a specialty design of Nike Air Force One shoes that, if retailed, would sell for at least ,000 a pair. Article/201006/105837

BAN KI-MOON, U.N. SECRETARY GENERAL: Education is a fundamental human right.教育是一项基本人权。It is a pathway to development, tolerance and global citizenship.它是通向发展,宽容和全球公民资格的道路。Join us in our campaign to put education first, for Malala and girls and boys throughout the world.加入我们把教育放在首位的运动,为了马拉拉和全世界的男孩儿女孩儿们。(END VIDEO CLIP)AZUZ: All right. You heard U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon mention the name Malala.好了。你听到了联合国秘书长提到了这个名字,马拉拉。He was talking about Malala Yousufzai.他正在讲的是马拉拉#8226;尤萨法扎伊。She is the Pakistani teenager who was shot by the Taliban because she stood up for education rights for girls.她是一个巴基斯坦青年,她因为持女生教育权利而被塔利班射伤。Her efforts and the attack on her gained international attention, and the ed Nations declared November 10 as Malala Day.她的付出和她被攻击得到了国际关注,联合国宣布11月10日为马拉拉日。 /201211/209639

原汁原味情景喜剧,配有中文字幕,让你在欢笑中学英语。 Article/201201/167272

【视频欣赏】Flirting: How Can I Tell If She Is Attracted To Me? Article/200912/93043

Another Frozen Planet team headed south.另一《冰冻星球》摄制组向南部进发The plan is to use the same camera system计划利用相同的摄影器材to film the hunting strategy拍摄南极最为壮观的海洋杀手of the most spectacular marine predators in Antarctica.之猎食战术Killer whales.这便是逆戟鲸The team enlisted the help of scientists Bob Pitman摄制组获得了鲍勃·皮特曼及约翰·德班and John Durban.两位科学家的持They had put satellite tags on the whales,他们在鲸鱼体内植入了卫星定位芯片and so could locate them for the camera team.因此可以为摄制组锁定其位置Doug Allan operates the camera rig from the wheelhouse,道格·艾兰在轮机室操控摄影器材while Doug Anderson films from the deck.#39;道格·安德森负责甲板摄制Yeah, there. See it?对 就在那儿 看到了吗It just surfaced right with them.刚浮出来 直奔海豹OK, there#39;s a killer whale at 11:00,十一点 一头逆戟鲸about 200 metres heading towards those two seals on the floe.游向约200米外浮冰上的两头海豹Good. This could be really good.很好 这组镜头可能非常棒At last, having tracked the group for several days,最终 历经数日的追踪the whales look as if they are about to hunt.鲸群貌似要展开猎杀了Yeah, they#39;re going to go in for it.是的 它们就要进攻了There it goes.开始了Four whales there. Um, two adult females,共四头鲸 两头成年雌性a juvenile and a big adult male.一头幼鲸 一头体格巨大的雄性Swimming in formation, the killers create a wave正展开队形 鲸群要掀起水浪to wash the seal off the floe.把海豹冲下浮冰It#39;s all pretty intense.水浪非常凶猛Oh. There#39;s another wave.又掀起一波Yes. - Wave! Wow!是啊 -哇 好大的浪Yeah, he#39;s in the water.海豹被冲下水了Having successfully filmed several hunts船上的摄影机成功拍摄下with the boat-based cameras from above,几组猎杀镜头之后the team are keen to see what#39;s happening underwater.摄制组期望拍到水下的画面Only one way to find out.只有一条途径Time to launch the dinghy.该放小艇下去了 /201211/209630

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