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y!L6-+g8cy+6GLt8cjVfFoH%6PG![FG9gY*e-nuQ.%c^+hhiChinaacute;s southernmost province of Hainan announced Monday that it will roll out duty free shopping on the island on Wednesday.Sf10vpl6X(FIAtzv中国最南端省份海南省周一宣布,周三在岛上将推出免税购物活动n2MiWwAY%KE。9Wg#uw)2_~H1GE.ibBmq@QV.1;~~wWS3@!6.Pry.)R2Kfwj#165281Today in History: Monday, November 12, 2012历史上的今天:2012年11月12日,周一On Nov. 12, 1927, Josef Stalin became the undisputed ruler of the Soviet Union as Leon Trotsky was expelled from the Communist Party.1927年11月12日,利昂·托洛茨基被开除出共产党籍,斯大林成为前苏联无可争议的统治者。1920 Judge Kenesaw Mountain Landis was elected baseballs first commissioner.1920年,法官Kenesaw山兰迪斯当选棒球首位专员。1942 The World War II naval Battle of Guadalcanal began.1942年,第二次世界大战瓜达康纳尔岛海战拉开序幕。1948 Former Japanese premier Hideki Tojo and several other World War II Japanese leaders were sentenced to death by a war crimes tribunal.1948年,日本前总理Hideki Tojo和其他几个二战日本领导人在一战争罪行法庭判处死刑。1954 Ellis Island closed after processing more than 20 million immigrants since opening in New York Harbor in 1892.1954年,埃利斯岛自1892纽约港开放处理2000万移民后关闭。1982 Yuri V. Andropov was elected to succeed the late Leonid I. Brezhnev as general secretary of the Soviet Communist Partys Central Committee.1982年,尤里·安德罗波夫接替已故勃列日涅夫担任苏联共产党中央委员会总书记。1985 Xavier Suarez was elected Miamis first Cuban-American mayor.1985年,Xavier Suarez当选迈哈密第一位古巴裔美国市长。1990 Japanese Emperor Akihito formally assumed the Chrysanthemum Throne.1990年,日本明仁天皇正式执掌天皇王位。1997 Ramzi Yousef was found guilty of masterminding the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center.1997年,尤塞夫因1993年策划轰炸世界贸易中心背叛有罪。1999 President Bill Clinton signed a sweeping measure knocking down Depression-era barriers and allowing banks, investment firms and insurance companies to sell each others products.1999年,比尔·克林顿总统签署了一项全面措施,推翻大萧条时代的壁垒并允许、投资公司和保险公司相互出售产品。2001 An American Airlines flight crashed near New Yorks Kennedy airport, killing 265 people.2001年,美洲航空公司一架飞机在纽约肯尼迪机场附近坠机,造成265人死亡。2004 A jury convicted Scott Peterson of murdering his pregnant wife, Laci, and dumping her body in San Francisco Bay. (Peterson was later sentenced to death.)2004年,一陪审团判定斯科特·彼得森谋杀怀的妻子莱西,事后并将其抛尸于旧金山湾。(彼得森后来被判处死刑。) Army psychiatrist Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan was charged with 13 counts of premeditated murder in the Fort Hood, Texas, massacre.年,军队精神病学家利达尔·马里克·哈桑在德克萨斯州的胡德堡惨案中被指控犯有13项谋杀罪。2011 Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi resigned.2011年,意大利总理Silvio Berlusconi辞职。2011 The Arab League voted to suspend Syria over the countrys bloody crackdown on protesters.2011年,阿拉伯联盟因叙利亚血腥镇压抗议者投票调停叙利亚。 /201211/208781Proper storage and care for your purse will keep it looking new.恰当的储存和护理可以让你的包包持久保持最佳状态。You Will Need你需要Vacuum attachment or lint roller小吸尘器或清洁滚轴Makeup bag化妆包Protective ;feet;皮包保护“脚”Alcohol-free baby wipes不含酒精婴儿湿巾Leather conditioner皮革护养素Acid-free tissue paper无酸薄棉纸Cotton bag or pillowcase棉袋或枕套Step 1 Clean interior1.清洁内部Clean the interior of a purse by gently shaking out debris. Clean the liner with a vacuum cleaner attachment or a lint roller.轻轻抖一下包包,将里面的碎屑抖出来。用小吸尘器或清洁滚筒清洁包包内部。Step 2 Keep makeup2.收好化妆品Keep the lining clean by putting makeup in a separate bag and keeping the caps on your pens.用单独的袋子收好化妆品,保笔帽要盖好。Step 3 Take to professional3.专业保养Have a professional repair person put protective ;feet; on the bottom of the purse to protect it from dirt and scratches.让专业的维修人员给你的包包安上“脚”,以防弄脏或刮花。Tip: Take your purse to a professional for large stains and scuffs. Do not try to clean it yourself.小贴士:把包包拿到专业清洗店去清洁大的污迹或擦痕。不要试图自己清洁。Step 4 Clean exterior4.清理外部Clean the exterior of a leather purse with alcohol-free baby wipes. Apply leather conditioner once a year.用不含酒精婴儿湿巾清理皮包外部。一年用一次皮革护养素。Step 5 Fill5.填充Fill the purse with acid-free tissue paper to maintain the purses shape when youre not using it.不用包包的时候,用无酸薄棉纸填充,保持包包的形状。Step 6 Use6.装好Use a cotton bag or pillowcase to store your purse. Keep your bag away from heat.用棉袋或枕套装好包包。让包包远离热源。Fact: The Smithsonian National Museum uses acid-free paper, tissue, folders, labels, and boxes to prevent artifacts from decomposing and discoloring.事实:美国史密森国家物馆使用无酸薄棉纸,薄纱,文件夹,标签,盒子来保存史前古器物,防止它们分解和褪色。视频听力栏目译文属。201303/230964

Using retinol has an established track record of restoring and rejuvenating skin.目前已实,使用瑞叮醇可以有效重塑和修复皮肤。You Will Need你需要A mild face cleanser温和的洗面奶Retinol-based skin cream含有瑞叮醇的护肤霜Moisturizer保湿霜Sunscreen防晒霜Steps步骤If you are pregnant or nursing, consult your doctor before using retinol.如果你已经怀或正在哺乳,使用瑞叮醇之前先向医生咨询。Step 1 Wash face at night1.晚上洁面Wash your face at night with a mild cleansing cream.晚上使用温和的洗面奶洗脸。Step 2 Dry face2.擦干面部Dry your face thoroughly and wait 20 minutes.彻底擦干面部,等待20分钟。Waiting 20 to 30 minutes after drying your face will return your skin to a more ph-balanced condition and will help prevent side effects such as skin irritation.洁面后等待20至30分钟可以让皮肤恢复到pH更加平衡的状态,防止皮肤刺激等副作用。Step 3 Apply retinol3.涂抹瑞叮醇Apply retinol cream to your face.向面部涂抹含有瑞叮醇的护肤霜。Use retinol cream only at night for optimum results.为了获得最佳效果,只在晚上使用含有瑞叮醇的护肤霜。Step 4 Wash face in morning4.早上洁面Wash your face in the morning with a mild cleansing cream.早上起床后使用温和的洗面奶洗脸。Step 5 Apply moisturizer and sunscreen5.涂抹保湿霜和防晒霜Apply moisturizer and sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30.使用保湿霜和防晒系数至少30的防晒霜。Did you know? Humans have about 300 million skin cells, 40,000 of which are shed every minute.你知道吗?人类拥有大约3亿个皮肤细胞,每分钟大约有40,000个脱落。视频听力栏目译文属。201304/233482

In the cold part of the world, an ice and snow park called ;Moroz; City has opened in Moscow. It was built by more than one hundred people - mostly art students, architects and designers - as part of Moscows youth architecture winter festival.From Londons Big Ben and Romes Coliseum to the Eiffel Tower, some of the worlds greatest landmarks have been recreated in ice at a winter festival in Moscows Sokolniki Park.The project is called Moroz-City. Moroz translates as frost or ice in Russian, and the total area of the ice park is 2,500 square meters.The ice sculptures are expected to attract tens of thousands of visitors, before spring weather slowly melts the creations sometime in March or April.As part of the Youth Architecture Winter Festival, more than a hundred architecture and sculpture students from all over Russia have taken part in the event.Competition was fierce with each team wanting to make their work the most creative. A team called Vetrograd built a lighthouse that included a slide for children to enjoy. Vetrograd member Georgy Rashnikov says he wants to sp joy with his art.Georgy Rashnikov said, ;There are many of us on the team, 20 people, sometimes 30 people and we like making good and big things that make us happy and that make other people happy too. This is one of these things. Weve made a slope that will bring joy and enjoyment to children and their parents and generally to everyone who wants to take part in it.;Most of the ice used for the town is from lakes. The ice from rivers has a different structure: it is less transparent and consists of layers, which makes it less suitable for statues and construction.The official opening of the park was delayed as last-minute work continued on Tuesday, but those who did manage to visit later were not disappointed.在冰雪世界的一部分,一个名为;Moroz;城市的冰和雪为主题的公园在莫斯科开放。它的建设者超过100人-大多数都是艺术学院学生,建筑师和设计师们;;年轻建筑师们迎接着冬季节日。从伦敦的大本钟和罗马竞技场再到艾菲尔铁塔,一些世界上最伟大的地标建筑于冰雪节日在莫斯科Sokolniki公园被再创造。该项目被称为Moroz城市。Moroz在俄语中是霜或冰的意思,公园总面积是2500平方米。其中的冰雕预计将吸引数万名游客。201201/168348

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