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鹰潭哪家医院无痛人流做的好鹰潭治尿道炎哪里好No need for any more expensive gifts, romantic breaks or big bouquets of flowers. It seems the secret to a happy marriage is completely free – a good night#39;s sleep.无需任何贵重的礼物,浪漫的假期或者是一大束鲜花。看起来,婚姻幸福美满的秘诀完全是免费的--那就是晚上美美地睡上一觉。Psychologists have found that having seven or eight hours#39; sleep a night means partners are less likely to focus on the negative aspects of their relationship and more inclined to think about the bigger picture.心理学家们发现,晚上睡上七至八个小时,就意味着夫妻双方会更少地关注于彼此关系的消极方面,转而更多地憧憬幸福画面。Researchers at Florida State University say sleep also helps to restore function in the prefrontal cortex, the part of the brain that manages self control.佛罗里达州立大学的研究人员们表示,睡眠有助于恢复前额皮质--大脑中管理自控能力的部分--的功能。Although divorce rates in the UK are at their lowest levels of 40 years, the numbers separating every year are still significant. About 260,000 couples in the UK get married each year but at the same time nearly 120,000 part.虽然英国的离婚率正处于近40年内最低水平,但是每年离婚的人数依旧居高不下。英国每年约有26万人结婚,但与此同时有近12万人离婚。Experts regard honesty, warmth and respect as the bedrock of any relationship. But the latest study, in the Journal of Family Psychology, shows a good snooze is equally important.专家们把诚实,暖心和尊重视为一切关系的基础。但是发表在《家庭心理学杂志》的最新研究表明,良好的睡眠也同样重要。Scientists asked 68 newlywed couples to record their sleep patterns for a week. They also kept a diary on how they felt about their marriage and how rows affected their view of the relationship.科学家们要求68对新婚夫妇记录他们一周的睡眠状况。他们每天还记录了自己对婚姻的感受以及矛盾是如何影响了他们对于彼此关系的看法。Finally, researchers used something called the Kansas Marital Satisfaction Scale to assess volunteers#39; levels of satisfaction with their sex lives, levels of affection, time spent together, partners#39; mood and how they resolved rows.最后,研究人员们使用了一种叫Kansas婚姻满意感量表,来评估志愿者们对他们的性生活,感情状况,共度的时光,夫妻情绪以及如何化解矛盾的满意程度。Husbands benefited most from a proper night#39;s sleep, the study found. Even on days where they fell out with their wives, they felt upbeat about their marital status – providing they had a good rest the night before.研究发现,丈夫从良好睡眠当中获益最多。即使当他们与妻子发生争吵,他们也会对自己的婚姻状况感到信心满满——前提是他们在前一个晚上休息得不错。The researchers said: #39;Sleep is an important factor that affects marital satisfaction. Up to a third of married or cohabiting adults report that sleeps problems burden their relationship.#39;研究人员们对此表示:“睡眠是影响婚姻满意度的一个重要因素。高达三分之一的已婚或未婚同居成人声称,睡眠问题会给彼此关系带来负担。” /201607/457469月湖区人民中医院产科 1 Deal with Your Fear  1 应对恐惧  Fear is one of factor that contributes to procrastination. This can involve a fear of failure, a fear of making mistakes, or even a fear of success. Psychologist suggests that challenging your faulty beliefs is important. By addressing the fear that is keeping you from getting started, you can begin to overcome your procrastination habit.  恐惧是导致拖延的一个因素。其包含对失败、犯错,甚至是成功的恐惧。心理学家认为纠正错误的观念十分重要。通过应对使你不敢着手行动的恐惧,你就能逐渐克拖延症。  2 Make a List  2 制定计划  Start by creating a to-do list with things that you would like to accomplish. If necessary, put a date next to each item if there is a deadline that you need to meet. Estimate how long each task will take to complete, and then double that number so that you don#39;t fall into the cognitive trap of underestimating how long each project will take.  你可以从列一张计划表开始,写上你想要完成的事情。如果有必要,你还可以在每件事旁写上规定的完成日期。估计完成每件事的所需时间,把估计时间翻倍,这样你就不会陷入估低用时的麻烦中。  3 Break Projects Down into More Manageable Segments  3 把事情分成更容易达成的几部分  When you are faced with a big project, you might feel daunted, intimidated, or even hopeless when you look at the sheer amount of work involved. At this point, break them down into a series of steps. Once you have created a list detailing the process you need to go through in order to accomplish the task, you can start working on individual ;baby steps.;  面对一项大工程,看到庞大的工作量,你很可能会感到忧心忡忡,觉得被逼迫着,甚至会绝望无助。这时候,你应该把它分成几个步骤来完成,一旦你制定了计划,细化完成这个任务所需的几个步骤,你就可以以自己的方式慢慢做起来。  4 Recognize the Onset of Procrastination  4 认识拖延症的起因  As you start to tackle items on your list, pay attention to when thoughts of procrastination start to creep into your mind. If you find yourself thinking ;I don#39;t feel like doing this now; or ;I#39;ll have time to work on this later,; then you need to recognize that you are about to procrastinate.Instead of giving into the urge, force yourself to spend at least a few minutes working on the task. In many cases, you might find that it is easier to complete once you get started.  当你开始按计划处理任务时,要注意什么时候拖延的念头会慢慢爬进你的头脑中。如果你发现自己有“我现在不想做这个”或是“我还有别的时间做这件事”这样的念头,你就要认识到你要开始拖延了。不要顺从自己的心意,最后用几分钟时间草草完成任务。很多时候,你会发现一旦开始动手,其实完成任务比想象得要简单。  5 Eliminate Distractions  5 排除干扰因素  It#39;s hard to get any real work done when you keep turning your attention to what#39;s on television or you keep checking your friends Facebook status updates. Assign yourself a period of time during which you turn off all distractions – such as music, television, and social networking sites – and use that time to focus all of your attention on the task at hand.  如果你的注意力不断地放在电视内容或者脸书主页上你很难完成任何任务。排除一段时间,消除所有的干扰因素——音乐、电视、社交网站等等,在这段时间专注于手头的任务。  6 Reward Yourself  6 奖励自己  Once you have completed a task (or even a small portion of a larger task), it is important to reward yourself for your efforts. Give yourself the opportunity to indulge in something that you find fun and enjoyable, whether its attending a sporting event, playing a game, watching your favorite tv show, or looking at pictures on a social sharing site.  一旦你完成了一项任务(或者仅仅是一项大任务的一小部分),奖励一下自己的努力十分重要。给自己一个机会沉浸在有趣的事物中,看比赛、玩、追电视剧、在网站上看图片,想怎么玩就怎么玩。 /201605/440802鹰潭哪家医院看妇科好啊

鹰潭第三医院妇科检查怎么样The World’s Unhealthiest – and Healthiest – National Dishes世界上最不健康和最健康的国菜It’s increasingly easy to try other countries’ national dishes without leaving your own nation, or even your own home. But which dishes are good for us?现在越来越容易不用离开自己的国家或甚至在家就能吃到别国国菜了。但是,哪些菜是对我们有好处的呢?Here is a selection of some options, followed by calorie content. (As calorie content varies depending on the recipe, the nutritional content has been taken from MyFitnessPal.com unless indicated)本文精选了一些菜肴,菜肴后附注了卡路里含量(因为卡路里含量会随着食谱改变而改变,所以如非特别标注,本文的营养含量都来自于MyFitnessPal.com网站)High calorie: Poutine, Canada高卡路里:加拿大肉汁奶酪薯条Created in Quebec, a province in eastern Canada, poutine is the ultimate comfort food. French fries are topped with cheese curd, then drizzled in light gravy. Such is its popularity there are restaurants dedicated to it, and even McDonald’s sells it. Per serving: 984 cals, 54g fat (generic recipe)肉汁奶酪薯条发源于加拿大东部的魁北克省,是极佳的爽心食物。在法式薯条上淋上干酪凝块,然后浇上少量肉汁。这道菜十分受欢迎,有些餐馆的招牌菜就是肉汁奶酪薯条,甚至麦当劳也有售卖。每份含984卡路里和54克脂肪(一般食谱)。Low calorie: Biltong, South Africa低卡路里:南非干肉条South Africa’s version of beef jerky is called biltong after the Dutch ‘bil’ (rump) and ‘tong’ (strip). Fillets of meat, ranging from beef to ostrich, are cured and spiced. Biltong is an excellent protein-rich snack, which can now be bought all over the planet. Per 50g serving: 126 cals, 2g fat (generic beef recipe)在南非,牛肉干被称作Biltong,该名取自荷兰的‘bil’(牛臀肉)和‘tong’(条)。干肉条中肉的种类从牛肉到鸵鸟肉都有,都是辣辣的熏肉。Biltong是一种富含蛋白质的零食,现在世界各地都可买得到。每50克含126卡路里,2克脂肪(一般牛肉食谱)。High calorie: Pizza, Italy高卡路里:意大利披萨Delicious as it is, some Italian food isn’t known for being healthy: pizza, pasta and risotto are all calorie-laden, carb-heavy dishes. Pizza is the worst offender – one medium pizza can easily use up half a person’s daily calorie allowance.1 medium pizza: 1122 cals, 39g fat (generic recipe)尽管意大利食物十分美味,但有些食物却并非以健康而闻名:披萨、意大利面和意大利调味饭都是高热量、高碳水化合物的菜肴。披萨是危害健康的最大元凶——一份中号披萨可以很容易的占到个人每日卡路里限额的一半。一份中号披萨含1122卡路里,39克脂肪(一般食谱)。Low calorie: Gazpacho, Spain低卡路里:西班牙凉菜汤Like France, Spain’s dishes vary depending on the region. Paella is arguably Spain’s most famous dish but for a low-calorie option, eat this chilled vegetable soup from Andalusia. Usually made with fresh tomatoes, cucumber, bell peppers and garlic, it’s as refreshing as it is healthy. Per serving: 113 cals, 0g fat (generic recipe with no b or oil)和法国一样,西班牙菜肴也随着地区的变化而变化。可以说西班牙海鲜饭是西班牙最著名的菜肴了,但是想要吃低卡路里食物的话,还是选择安达卢西亚的凉菜汤吧。通常凉菜汤选用新鲜西红柿、黄瓜、小辣椒和大蒜制成,十分清口健康。每份含113卡路里,不含脂肪(一般食谱,不含面包或油)。High calorie: Fish and chips, England高卡路里:英国炸鱼薯条Also popular in Australia and New Zealand, fish and chips is a British classic, but there’s a price to be paid for tucking into deep-fried batter – the calorie content of this takeaway can comfortably exceed 1000 calories, though at least the fish is healthy. Per serving: 1103 cals, 52g fat (average takeaway)炸鱼薯条是英国的经典菜肴,在澳大利亚和新西兰也十分风靡,但开怀大吃这种面粉油炸食物是要付出代价的——这类打包食物的卡路里含量很容易就会超过1000卡路里,虽然鱼是健康食品。每份含1103卡路里,52克脂肪(平均的打包量)译文属 /201607/453553鹰潭希正妇科医院人流收费标准 We#39;re all guilty of wanting to look better. Many try makeup, others plastic surgery and some people opt for Photoshop. But while Photoshop may sound like a much safer alternative - think twice!  对于想要看起来更好,我们都心存内疚。许多人尝试化妆,其他人尝试整容,还有一些人选择PS。但是当觉得PS听着更靠谱的时候……三思啊啊啊啊!  Photoshop wizard James Fridman accepts people#39;s requests and does exactly what they ask for. The only thing is, James takes his business very seriously. So seriously in fact that he will LITERALLY do whatever you ask.  PS达人詹姆斯·弗里德曼接受了人们的请求,并且确实按他们要求的那样处理了。我想说的是詹姆斯非常认真地对待他的工作。而实际上他会特别认真地按你的要求的“字面意思”去做。  He posts the results on his Twitter account (@fjamie013) which has more than 125,000 followers. So if you want to improve your photo, just send him a picture. Just a little warning however: ;Do not submit any personal photos that you do not want to be made public.;  他会在他的推特账户(@fjamie013)上发布结果,而他的推特账户上拥有12万5000多位粉丝。所以如果你想P照,就把图片发给他。然而,只是一个小小的警告:“不要发送任何你不想公开的私人照片。”  Hi. Can you take the girl in violet skirt out please?  你好。可以请你把那个穿着紫色裙子的女孩移出照片吗?  I took her out. We had fun.  我把她移出来了。我们很开心。 /201604/435513鹰潭医院人流手术最便宜的

鹰潭哪妇产医院好Smart Mother Goose Asks Police Officer To Help Free Her Entangled Gosling机智的母天鹅求救警官On Monday, May 9, James Givens, a police officer in Cincinnati, Ohio, was sitting in his cruiser when he heard what sounded like a knock. He turned around only to find a goose pecking at the car door. This was highly unusual given that the birds typically preferred to observe humans from a distance.5月9日周一那天,俄亥俄州辛辛那提的警官James Givens正坐在自己的巡警车中。突然,他听到类似敲门的声音。转过头来,却发现是只天鹅在用嘴啄门。鸟类看到人通常都躲得远远的,这只天鹅的举动着实奇怪。But on this day, the goose appeared to be determined to get his attention and kept pecking until Givens opened the car door and stepped out. The police officer says that though the bird then began to walk away, it kept turning around to make sure he was following. When they finally stopped, Givens realized why the mother goose had been so persistent — She needed help to free her gosling that had managed to get entangled in some balloon string.今天这只天鹅却很坚定,一直不停啄门,直到Givens打开车门走了下来。Givens说,虽然他出来后这只天鹅也走开了,但它边走边回头看,确认他是否跟在后面。直到他们在一处停下来,Givens才明白为什么母天鹅会如此坚定——它的孩子被气球绳困住了,需要人类救助。Worried that the mother goose would attack him if he got close to the baby, Givens called the local SPCA chapter. Unfortunately, they were unable to dispatch anyone to help right away. Concerned that the gosling would not survive the delay, fellow police officer Cecilia Charron, who had just joined Givens, decided to take on the task herself.Givens害怕如果走近小天鹅,母天鹅会啄他。于是,他先给当地动物保护协会打了电话。不幸的是,他们目前暂时派不出人手。他的同事Cecilia Charron担心不赶紧救出这些小天鹅,它就会死掉,于是打算亲自上手。As it turned out, there was nothing to worry about. The mother goose appeared to realize that Charron was trying to help and watched patiently from a safe distance as the officer untangled the trapped bird. As soon as the little gosling was free, it trotted to its mom, and the duo took off shortly after. Charron, a 24-year veteran of the police force, said this would probably go down as the most memorable incident of her career!事实明,并没什么可担心的。母天鹅似乎知道Charron是在帮助她的孩子,它站在安全的距离,耐心看着警官解开困住小天鹅的绳子。小天鹅刚获救,就冲向它妈妈,随后它们很快飞走了。24岁的Charron是位经验丰富的警官,她说救助小天鹅将会成为她职业生涯中最难忘的事。译文属原创,仅供学习和交流使用,未经许可,。 /201606/450397 鹰潭希正妇科医院看乳腺检查多少钱鹰潭市打孩子多少钱



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