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年龄差距 Age gap: 岁埃及3600年前木石棺出土 -- :38: 来源: Spanish archeologists have unearthed a 3,600-year-old mummy in the ancient city of Luxor, Egypt's Antiquities Minister said Thursday. Prosecutors accused nine people including three Germans of smuggling stone samples from pyramids.In a statement, Mohammed Ibrahim said the rare find in a preserved wooden sarcophagus dates back to 00 , when the Pharaonic th Dynasty reigned.He said the mummy appears to belong to a high official. The sarcophagus is engraved with hieroglyphs and decorated with inscriptions of birds' feathers.The exact identity of the well-preserved mummy will now be studied, Ibrahim said, adding that it was discovered by a Spanish mission in collaboration with the Egyptian antiquities ministry.Antiquities department head Ali Al-Asfar said the two-meter sarcophagus still bears its original coloring and writings.Meanwhile, Egypt's top prosecutor referred three Germans to criminal court on charges of smuggling and damaging antiquities and six Egyptians acting as their accessories.Hisham Barakat said authorities issued arrest warrants the alleged German thieves, who fled to their country after the incident. He said authorities would communicate with Germany to restore the pieces they say were taken last April under the pretext of use research.The Egyptian defendants are aly in detention.Barakat says the Germans, along with their Egyptian guides, entered the famed pyramids of Giza with permits to visit but not excavate, and left with samples of stone from the ramparts of two tombs and the burial room of King Khufu.Egyptian archaeologist Monica Hanna says the German researchers wanted to use the samples prove their hypothesis in a documentary they later filmed, which says that the pyramids were built by a people that pre-dates the ancient Egyptians.The online documentary, removed in the wake of the controversy, showed one researcher inside the inner chambers of the Khufu pyramid, taking samples from the king's cartouche.Egypt has experienced a security vacuum since its uprising. Thousands of artifacts have been stolen.综合外国媒体报道,埃及文物部长穆罕默德?易卜拉欣月日表示,西班牙考古学家在埃及古城卢克索发掘出一具3600年前的木乃伊同日,埃及检方指控9人走私金字塔石刻样本,其中包括3名德国人当天,埃及文物部发表声明称,在埃及当局的协助下,一西班牙考古队在尼罗河畔古城卢克索进行古墓挖掘工作时,发现了一具米长的人形木石棺这具棺椁上刻有象形文字,装饰有羽毛状排列的铭文并且,尽管制作于公元前00年,但时至今日棺椁上雕刻画作的着色和纹样仍保持原来的面貌易卜拉欣说,藏于棺椁里的木乃伊可能是当时的一位高官,不过其确切身份还有待考同日,埃及检方将三名德国人告上刑事法庭,指控其走私、损毁文物,另有6名埃及人面临从犯指控埃及首席检察官希沙姆?巴拉卡特日表示,去年月,三名德国研究人员在埃及向导的指引下,进入吉萨金字塔群,他们仅获准参观但被禁止挖掘然而,他们进入金字塔后,却以需要据明一项研究假设为由,从墓室中窃取了石刻样本巴拉卡特说,这三名“德国盗贼”已经潜逃回国,埃及当局对其发出了逮捕令,并寻求德国配合将其偷走的文物完璧归赵而6名埃及被告已被羁押自年发生政治动荡之后,埃及陷入“安全真空”状态,致使数千件文物遭到偷窃破坏由于担心失窃的文物会流落海外并在黑市交易,通常情况下,埃及会发出国际协寻通知

办公室里的流言蜚语 -- :: 来源: Can You Believe How Mean Office Gossin Can Be? 办公室里的流言蜚语 Q: What will happen when someone makes a negative comment about other person? A: The studies found that once someone made a negative comment about a person who wasn’t there, the conversation would get meaner unless someone immediately defended the target. Otherwise, among both adults and teenagers, the insults would keep coming because there was so much social pressure to agree with the others. Q: Could you analyze the gossip in the workplace?A: OK. Gossip in the workplace tends to be overwhelmingly negative, but the insults are more subtle and the conversations less predictable. Office gossip can be a m of reputational warfare. They are more elaborate because people practice indirectness. People are more cautious because they know they can lose not just a friendship but a job.During my two-year study at an elementary school, which allowed me access on condition of anonymity, I found that the teachers became so comtable with me and my camera that they would freely insult their bosses during one-on-one interviews. But at the teachers’ mal group meetings, where they knew that another teacher might report their insults to the principal, they were more discreet.Q: What can we do to stop office gossip? A: If, say, an office rival seems poised to trash one of your absent allies, I suggest you make a “pre-emptive positive evaluation.” A quick “Isn’t she doing a great job?” might be enough to stop the attack. If your rival tries persisting with indirect sarcasm — “Oh, real great job” — you can ce the issue by calmly asking what thatmeans. That simple question often silenced the sarcastic gossips.And if that doesn’t work, you can try an even simpler tactic that is available in any workplace anytime. When the going gets tough, when the gossip gets mean, you always have one reliable escape line: “Don’t we have some work to do here?”问: 当某人对他人作出负面时,会是一种什么情形呢?答:研究发现,当某人对他人进行负面的,且被人不在场时,谈话会变得越来越刻薄,除非马上有人跳出来为“靶子”辩护否则,不论在成年人还是青少年之中,侮辱都会一直持续——我们更倾向于赞同他人意见,反驳他人所要担负的社会压力太大了 问: 你能分析一下发生在工作场所的流言蜚语吗?答: 好的工作场所的流言蜚语往往都是相当负面的,不过侮辱会更加微妙,谈话也基本无法预测办公室里的闲言碎语可以作为声誉战的一种形式这类闲言更加复杂,因为人们通常都比较间接人们会更谨慎,因为他们知道他们失去的可能不仅是友谊,甚至还有工作我在一所小学进行了两年的研究,我发现在一对一匿名采访时,老师们面对我和我的摄像机会很放松,并且无拘束地辱骂他们的老板但在正式的教师小组会议上,他们知道其他老师有可能向校长打小报告,于是出言就慎重多了问: 我们怎么做才能制止办公室里的流言蜚语呢?答: 假如,一个办公室里的竞争对手看上去要着力抨击你缺席的盟友,我建议你可以“先发制人”,积极评价你的盟友一句“她的工作难道不是很出色吗?”也许就足以制止这场攻击如果你的对手试图坚持间接地嘲讽——“噢,真是出色的工作”——你可以针对这个问题冷静地问这是什么意思这个简单的提问通常能够平息这场嘲讽的闲话如果这还不起作用,你可以尝试一种更简单的策略,这种策略在任何时间都适用于任何工作场所当情况变得不妙,闲话变得刻薄时,你总是有一个脱身妙计:“我们现在难道没有工作可做了吗?”

-- 19::33 来源:  为了这个手术,我已计划了一段时间虽然它没有乳腺切除术复杂,但影响却更严重,它会迫使女性绝经,进入更年期,我做了很多身心准备工作,与医生探讨其他办法,研究替代性药物,规划雌激素和激素代替物但我依然觉得自己还有好几个月的缓冲时间

-- ::6 来源:Beyoncé Knowles is being sued by two of her fans."Although our techniques have developed rapidly, we are still far behind America and other countries in innovation, story writing and selection and creativity. Aside from the story, we need to improve our art design and the value of our products."

Five-city China tour in September双语新闻:瑞士民众倾倒硬币要求每月发放基本工资 -- 00:3: 来源: A grassroots committee is calling all adults in Switzerland to receive an unconditional income of ,500 Swiss francs ($,800) per month from the state, with the aim of providing a financial safety net the population.  瑞士一个社会活动组织要求政府每月为瑞士所有成年人无条件发放500瑞士法郎(约00美元)工资,以帮助全民提供金融安全网  Organisers submitted more than the 0,000 signatures needed to call a referendum on Friday and tipped a truckload of 8 million five-rappen coins outside the parliament building in Berne, one each person living in Switzerland.  该组织者周五已获得超过十万民众的签名,足够进行一项公民投票,他们在首都伯尔尼议会大厦前倾倒了800万个五分硬币,每一枚硬币代表一位瑞士公民  Under Swiss law, citizens can organise popularinitiatives that allow the channelling of public anger into direct political action. The country usually holds several referenda a year.  根据瑞士法律,公民有权发起公民倡议,使得公民诉求直接变为政治行动该国每年都会有几场公民投票  In March, Swiss voters backed some of the world's strictest controls on executive pay, cing public companies to give shareholders a binding vote on compensation.  今年三月,瑞士公民通过投票遏制高管高薪,迫使上市公司给予持股人在高管报酬上拥有约束力的表决权  A separate proposal to limit monthly executive pay to no more than what the company's lowest-paid staff earn in a year, the so-called 1: initiative, faces a popular vote on Nov. .  一项关于限制高管每月薪资不超过该公司最低月薪员工一年收入的倡议,即1:倡议将在今年月日举行公民投票  The initiative's organising committee said the basic income could partly be financed through money from social insurance systems in Switzerland.  本次倡议组织者表示,部分基本工资可以从瑞士社会保险体系中拨款  The timing of the vote has yet to be announced.  该倡议的投票日期尚未确定

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