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Did financial circumstances force your partner to take a job so far away that they can only come home on weekends? Make the best of a difficult situation with these coping tips.由于经济状况不佳,你的伴侣是否被迫在千里之外工作,只有周末才能回家?遵循以下简单的建议,以最好的方式处理这种困难的形势。Step 1 Talk to your children1.跟孩子沟通Explain why your partner took a job miles from home so that your children dont worry that mom and dad are getting divorced.Be matter-of-fact about the reason for the weekday separation without making the children fret about family finances.向孩子解释为何你的伴侣要在离家这么远的地方工作,这样孩子们就不会胡思乱想,担心父母闹离婚。对于出现这种状况的原因要实事求是,但是也不要让孩子们担心家庭财政状况。Step 2 Take advantage of technology2.利用科技优势Use technology to help your spouse feel connected to the family: e-mail or post photos of funny or interesting moments as they happen.利用高科技让你的配偶感觉是和家人在一起的:发送电子邮件或发送家人在一起的开心有趣时刻的照片。Invest in a webcam so the family can enjoy chats.购买一个摄像头,这样家人就可以视频聊天。Step 3 Dont cause unnecessary worry3.不要制造不必要的担忧Dont cause the absentee partner unnecessary worry. If a problem comes up midweek that they cant do anything about, keep it to yourself.不要为不在家的伴侣制造不必要的担忧。如果工作日发生了某件事情,而你的伴侣远在千里之外无能为力,那就不要告诉他了。Step 4 Keep weekends low-key4.周末保持低调Keep most weekends low-key. Though the inclination may be to make the most of those 2 days by cramming in a lot of activities, youll both benefit most from down time.大部分周末尽量低调。尽管你们或许希望这两天多安排一些活动,然而,好好休息对你们两人来说最有益处。Step 5 Switch things up5.适当改变Find someone to watch the children every couple of months so you can make the trek. It not only gives your spouse a much-needed break from their killer commute, but provides you both with some quality couple time.每过两个月找人帮你们照看一下孩子,这样你们就可以轻松一点。这不仅可以让你的配偶结束风尘仆仆的旅程后获得休息,也让你们有时间过一下二人世界。3.5 million Americans have ;extreme commutes; of 90 or more minutes every day, according to a 2008 Census Bureau study.根据2008年统计局的一份调查,350万美国人每天花费在上班路上的时间超过90分钟。201301/221548鹰潭哪里看妇科疾病比较好F%~_yXQYrdMN+JGXq*A;;.3EaNbYUdQ-)nZA@^gBelgian investigators have found the body of a woman at the home of the suspected gunman, who killed four people and injured 125, in the city of Liege.According to investigators, the suspect has been identified Nordine Amrani, and has a history of mental problems.The woman was an employee of Amranis neighbour and was killed before he went to Place Saint Lambert to launch the attack. Her death, including the gunman, brings the total to six.Security is still tight around the centre of Belgiums fifth largest city and police say they havent found a motive for attack.比利时调查人员在诺丁bull;阿姆拉尼家中发现了一具女尸,这名手已经杀死4人,致使125人受伤Le6-p]N!PU7CwwgA;J。调查人员认为,这名嫌犯已被确认为诺丁bull;阿姆拉尼,他曾犯有一段时间的精神问题ez_[WNy;r。这位妇女是阿姆拉尼邻居的一名雇员,而在阿姆拉尼去圣bull;兰伯特广场(Place Saint Lambert)前就将其杀害BdPtSn5z59g。她死后,包括阿姆拉尼自己在内,死亡人数已经达到6人cDteZLorKOvv%U]oX-。这个比利时的第五大城市安全问题仍然非常紧张,警方称还没有找到袭击的动机BM_|NqW[-3N。4]]]sV#WZM^词语解释:yy;5|aFXAoSq]B1. suspect n. 嫌疑犯2. motive n. 动机r~XiG~O+kJ2tb+1CyzND*f1ziK9cw!.Ra#EKG_-OTLV.w|I;164728鹰潭关爱康复医院预约电话Arguing about why your partner did not come home when they said they would? We look at why this happens, what lies beneath the surface of the argument, and how to resolve it together.你的另一半说好什么时候回家却没有准时,因为这一点而吵架?让我们来看一下这种情况发生的原因,吵架表面的背后隐藏着什么,以及怎样解决这个问题。Step 1: The Problem1.问题所在This argument is about one person prioritising working late over time to be together.争吵的原因是伴侣牺牲和你在一起的时间来加班。Step 2: What its really about2.本质This argument is actually all about commitment to the relationship. It hinges on the need for one party to get on professionally, or be in a stronger position to provide for a family, but it may leave the partner at home feeling hurt because they have not spent enough time with their partner.争吵的原因与对恋情的承诺有关。其中一方想要更加专业,或者有更好的能力来供养家庭,但是这样会导致另外一方独守空房,感到自己受到伤害,因为两个人没有在一起度过足够的时间。Step 3: The solution3.解决方法This is a very difficult issue to resolve, as working late is so often a necessary part of progressing with a career. The only thing to do is try and maximise time spent together, and talk together about how it makes you feel, and that proper attention is paid to the partner left at home. The key is communication and mutual support, understanding and acceptance.这是非常难解决的问题,因为加班是职业生涯想要取得进展所必需的。唯一的解决方法是两个人尽量多厮守一些时间,多沟通一下双方的感受,给留守家中的一方更多关注。关键的是沟通和持,理解和接受。Thanks for watching Relationship Issues: Working Late.感谢收看“怎样解决加班引发的争吵”视频节目。201211/207661鹰潭东方医院妇产科建卡要多少钱

鹰潭市铁路医院体检多少钱贵溪市中医院网上预约Be kind to your tummy so it will leave you alone when you want to rest.善待你的胃,这样你就可以安然入睡。You Will Need你需要High-protein foods高蛋白质食品Foods high in calcium and magnesium钙和镁含量较高的食品Salad with fruit水果沙拉Comfort food安慰食品Chamomile tea甘菊茶Ginger姜Warm milk温牛奶Steps步骤Step 1 Give yourself time to digest1.留有消化时间Eat no less than four hours before turning in. Avoid any before-bed snacks, especially grains and sugars.进餐时间距离睡觉时间至少四小时。睡前不要吃任何零食,尤其是谷物和糖类。Step 2 Digest high protein2.消化高蛋白质食品Digest high-protein food, such as meat, fish, greens, and eggs, late in the day. The amino acid L-tryptophan, which these provide, will release melatonin and serotonin for good sleep.一天当中较晚的时候消化高蛋白质食品,例如肉类,鱼类,绿色作物和蛋类。这些食品中含有的左旋色氨酸可以释放抗黑变激素和血清素,有助于睡眠。Step 3 Calm the mind3.平静思想Include dairy products, broccoli, chickpeas, nuts, and seeds in your meal a few hours before bed to elevate calcium and magnesium levels. Research shows that calcium and magnesium calm the mind.睡前几小时进餐时吃一点奶制品,西兰花,雏豆,坚果和瓜子,提高钙镁水平。研究表明,钙和镁有助于平静思想。Always avoid alcohol and caffeine before bed, or entirely, as these can disrupt sleep.睡前一定要避免酒精和咖菲因,因为这两种物质会干扰睡眠。Step 4 Eat salad with fruit4.吃水果沙拉Eat salads with fruits, such as apples or pears, which are known to calm the digestive system.吃一点水果沙拉,例如苹果或梨,这些水果可以平静消化系统。Step 5 Consume comfort foods5.吃一点安慰食品Consume comfort foods like chicken soup that encourage fond memories and make you happy and restful.吃一点安慰食品,例如鸡汤,可以刺激欢快的记忆,让你快乐无忧。Eating a light and healthy diet will keep your weight down and guard against sleep apnea.轻松健康的饮食可以保持较低的体重,还可以防止睡眠时呼吸暂停。Step 6 Drink tea6.喝茶Drink chamomile tea with ginger before going to bed to aid and settle your digestive system. Warm milk can be a sleep aid as well.睡前喝点甘菊茶,加一点生姜,可以帮助平复消化系统。温牛奶也可以帮助睡眠。视频听力栏目译文属。 /201304/233696鹰潭治疗宫颈糜烂到哪家医院Treat an Insect Sting in the Skin. Relief for sore and itchy stings and bites. Follow our advice to reduce the pain and swelling of an injured limb.处理昆虫叮咬的皮肤,缓解叮咬造成的奇痒或疼痛。跟随我们的建议,缓解被叮咬肢体的痛痒和肿胀。Step 1: You will need1.你需要cold pad/ice pack冰冷的垫子或冰袋Step 2: Make yourself comfortable2.让自己舒适Sit down with your stung limb in a rested position.坐下来,被叮咬的肢体以舒适的姿势放好。Step 3: Brush sting off3.拔刺Now if the sting is still in the skin and visible scrape or brush it off sideways. Use your fingernail or a hard object with a blunt edge, like the corner of a credit card.如果蜇刺仍然停留在皮肤中而且能够看的到,刮掉或者刷掉。使用手指甲或有钝边的坚硬物体,比如信用卡的边角。Step 4: Apply cold pad or an ice pack4.冷敷To make a cold pad, use a towel or cloth that has been dipped in very cold water, wrung out and folded into a pad.将毛巾或布浸入非常冰冷的水中,拧干,折叠成垫子。Alternatively you can use an ice pack or a sealed packet of frozen peas wrapped in a thin towel.或者使用冰袋或密封的冰冻豌豆,用薄毛巾包住。Dont use the ice pack for more than 10 minutes at a time and replace when necessary.每次用冰袋冷敷的时间不要超过十分钟,如果有必要的话,可以更换。Step 5: Elevate the stung limb5.抬高被叮咬肢体Now if possible place the injured limb in a slightly raised position as this may help reduce the build up of swelling in the tissues around the sting.如果可能的话,将受伤的肢体稍微抬高一点,这样会防止被叮咬部位周围的组织肿胀。Step 6: Use a sting cream6.使用叮咬乳霜You can use an antihistamine cream that has been recommended by your pharmacist. This will help to reduce inflammation and pain.可以使用药剂师建议的抗组胺乳霜来消肿止痛。If swelling worsens and pain persists, seek urgent medical advice. Red, blotchy skin rash anywhere on the body, difficulty in breathing, swelling of the tongue and throat are signs of an allergic reaction such as anaphylactic shock, so call an ambulance immediately.如果肿胀部位不断扩散,疼痛持续,立即寻求医疗建议。身体任何部位出现红色的疱疹,呼吸困难,舌头和喉咙肿胀都是过敏性休克的征兆,立即召救护车。Thanks for watching How To Treat An Insect Sting In The Skin.感谢收看“怎样处理昆虫叮咬”视频节目。 /201211/210470鹰潭市哪家医院治疗妇科好

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