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现在医生们有一个可以大范围地监察小肠的器具最近批准的可与传统的内窥镜共同使用的M2A是一种可吞咽的无线影像胶囊Picture Snapping1) PillPhysicians perm more than two million endoscopies) a year on the small intestine3),looking cancers and other ailments) by inserting fiber-optic5) tubes via the throat or rectum6).This often requires sedation7),can be uncomtable,and some areas remain inaccessible.But now doctors have a tool that can see more of the small intestine.The M2A ――recently approved use along with traditional endoscopes ――is a wireless capsule that’s swallowed.It maps the intestine as you go about your business.The M2Asanps two pictures a second eight hours as it passes through a patient’s system,beaming images to a small recorder worn at the waist.These images are then downloaded to a computer doctors to analyze.The capsules won’t banish the endoscope,however doctors believe that the M2A is an important diagnostic8) advance. 67Love handles 游泳圈 -01-7 00::6 来源: 今天我们来给大家讲一下"游泳圈"怎么说注意了,我要说的游泳圈可不是你游泳时带的救生圈哦,还是人们变胖后腰上的那个"游泳圈"我们来看一段对话:A: You'd better lose those love handles fast. I'm tired of having so much to hold on to.你最好快把你的肥肚子减掉我对老是有这么多(肥肉)在那里让我抓着觉得很烦B: I think I look fine, my dear.亲爱的,我觉得我看起来很好啊!上面的对话可能是一些太太会对发福的先生所讲的Love handles 是俚语,是个有点"色"的表达,because the name suggests that these 'handles' are conducive to "love making". 那么真正的游泳圈该怎么说?就是 swimming circle啦说过腰,我们再来说说"屁屁",在英文中有一个俚语表达buns,例如:A: Hey! What are you doing staring at that girl's buns?嘿,你眼睛瞪着那个女孩子的屁股看干什么?B: I'm not. I just like the skirt she's wearing.我没有呀我只是喜欢她穿的那条裙子"Bun" 本来是"圆形面包"的意思,不过二个"圆形面包"(buns) 一起是否跟屁屁看起来有点像呢?还有一个很有意思的表达,也是由"bun"的形状衍生而来的俚语是"have a bun in the oven"这个俚语字面上看来好像是"有个面包在烤箱里",不过它真正的意思是指"怀"所以当要表示"Sally 正在怀中",我们就可以说"Sally is having a bun in the oven."这个应该在形状上和意义上都蛮贴切的喔 游泳 俚语 我们 面包世界杯热点:半决赛在即,章鱼哥选了西班牙? -- :9: 来源: 章鱼哥保罗的预测在世界杯上一次又一次的成功,创造了奇迹,把自己的名字深深的刻在了广大球迷的心中  本次世界杯,举世瞩目的西班牙对德国这场半决赛将于北京时间7月8日周四:30分举行章鱼哥的预测成为大家关注的焦点,各地群众纷纷询问:  “Does anyone know when the pick the game against Spain will take place?”  谁知道对西班牙的预测啥时候进行啊?  “Has the octopus Paul picked a winner the Germany v Spain match as yet?”  章鱼哥保罗对德国和西班牙的比赛预测了没?  What did Paul the Octopus say about the Spain vs. Germany match?  西班牙对德国,章鱼哥保罗说啥了?  于是,最近网上流传了这么一张照片章鱼哥保罗选择了西班牙作为胜利的一方  Paul, the German octopus that predicted every German World Cup match so far has picked Spain to win the upcoming semi-final章鱼哥保罗选择了西班牙作为胜利的一方  德国球迷们看到这张照片应该会心碎一地吧  经过小编最新求,这张照片——是假的!twitter上有人发了对比图,从章鱼哥的姿势和周围的环境来看,是之前德国对塞尔维亚的那场的翻版从章鱼哥的姿势和周围的环境来看,上一张照片是之前德国对塞尔维亚的那场的翻版  目前,还没有章鱼哥预测的最新消息 在即 热点 世界杯 章鱼哥深圳市民基本英语0句-71 -01-6 3:8:5 来源: Single or double?单人房还是双人房?Mini-talk 会话Receptionist: Good evening. Do you have reservations?晚上好,您有预订吗?John: No.没有Receptionist: Single or double?要单人房还是双人房?John: Single.单人房Receptionist: How do you spell your name, please?您的名字怎么拼John: John Lee. J-O-H-N L-E-E.李约翰J-O-H-NL-E-E Receptionist: How long will you stay?您要呆多长时间?John: Three nights.三天 英语 基本 市民 深圳

The AnglerHow comting it is to see a cheerful and contented old age;and to behold a poor fellow, like this,after being tempest-tost through life,safely moored in a snug and quiet harborin the evening of his days!His happiness, however, sprung from within himself,and was independent of external circumstances; he had that inexhaustible good-nature,which is the most precious gift of Heaven,sping itself like oil over the troubled sea of thought,and keeping the mind smooth and tranquil in the roughest weather.On inquiring further about him I learnedthat he was a universal favorite in the village,and the oracle of the tap-room;where he delighted the rustics with his songs,and, like Sindbad,astonished them with his stories of strange lands,and shipwrecks, and sea-fights.He was much noticed too by gentlemen sportsmen of the neighborhood;had taught several of them the art of angling;and was a privileged visitor to their kitchens.The whole tenor of his life was quiet and inoffensive,being principally passed about the neighboring streams,when the weather and season were favorable;and at other times he employed himself at home,preparing his fishing tackle the next campaign,or manufacturing rods, nets, and flies, his patrons and pupils among the gentry. 7368

现在有消息说克隆人可能比以前所认为的要容易Cloning1) Humans May Have It EasierMost scientists agreed that cloning an entire human being --besides being morally question-able --was fraught with technical obstacles).After all,research into animal cloning has aly shown that there are hundreds of failures,including many badly demed3) creatures that were usually miscarried).Now comes word that it might be easier to clone humans than was previously believed.People have a genetic quirk that might pr event some of the developmental demities associated with animal cloning.One gene,called IGFR,is normally imprinted5) in sheep,cows and mice but not in humans.Human clones would always inherit nonimprinted IGFR genes,so t here would be no chance of a mix-up and,their growth would be normal.But what of the other 9or so imprinted genes?No one knows what trouble they might cause.So the fact that humans have one less imprinted gene than mice,sheep or cows means that human cloning might be marginally easier,but not necessarily safer. 170

3Botany3 Botany Botany, the study of plants, occupies a peculiar position in the history of human knowledge. many thousands of years it was the one field of awareness about which humans had anything more than the vaguest of insights. It is impossible to know today just what our Stone Age ancestors knew about plants, but m what we can observe of pre-industrial societies that still exist a detailed learning of plants and their properties must be extremely ancient. This is logical. Plants are the basis of the food pyramid all living things even other plants. They have always been enormously important to the welfare of people not only food, but also clothing, weapons, tools, dyes, medicines, shelter, and a great many other purposes. Tribes living today in the jungles of the Amazon recognize literally hundreds of plants and know many properties of each. To them, botany, as such, has no name and is probably not even recognized as a special branch of “ knowledge” at all.Untunately, the more industrialized we become the farther away we move from direct contact with plants, and the less distinct our knowledge of botany grows. Yet everyone comes unconsciously on an amazing amount of botanical knowledge, and few people will fail to recognize a rose, an apple, or an orchid. When our Neolithic ancestors, living in the Middle East about ,000 years ago, discovered that certain grasses could be harvested and their seeds planted richer yields the next season the first great step in a new association of plants and humans was taken. Grains were discovered and from them flowed the marvel of agriculture cultivated crops. From then on, humans would increasingly take their living from the controlled production of a few plants, rather than getting a little here and a little there from many varieties that grew wild- and the accumulated knowledge of tens of thousands of years of experience and intimacy with plants in the wild would begin to fade away.植物学植物学,即对植物的研究,在人类知识的历史中占据了特殊的地位这是人类几千年来超越模糊的认知而真正有所了解的领域之一我们今天不可能知道新石器时代的祖先们对植物到底了解多少,但我们在至今仍存在的前工业化社会观察到:人类对植物及其特性的详细了解应该是非常古老的这是理所当然的植物是其他生物甚至其他植物食物金字塔的基础它们对人们的生活至关重要,不仅在食物上,而且在衣物、武器、工具、染料、药物、住所和许许多多其他的用途上至今仍生活在亚马逊河丛林中的部落确实能够辨识几百种植物并知道每一种的许多特性对他们来说,植物学没有专门的名称,甚至可能根本未被认为是一种专门知识不幸的是,工业化的程度越高,我们距直接与植物接触就越远,我们的植物学知识的增加也就越微不足道然而每个人在不知不觉中拥有大量的植物学知识,很少有人认不出玫瑰、苹果或兰花大约一万年前居住在中东的新时代的祖先们发现某些草能被收获,它们的种子下一季耕种会收获更多时,人类就迈出了人和植物之间的新关系第一大步谷子被发现后,农业的奇迹从此诞生:这就是可栽培的谷物从那时起,人类越来越依赖少数可控制的作物生存,而不再是从众多的野生种类中这里获取一点,那里获取一点这样在千万年中对于野生植物的经验和密切联系中积累起来的知识就开始消失了 6

中秋节用英语怎么说 --1 3:7:5 来源:   中秋节英语怎么说  中秋节:Mid-autumn Festival;Mid-autumn Day;The Moon Festival中秋节快乐!Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!  中秋节英语对话Cathy:Hello,Betty.你好,贝蒂Betty:Hello,Cathy.你好,凯西Cathy:Do you know the Mid-Autumn Festival ?你了解中秋节吗?Betty:No,I dont. Could you introduce the Mid-Autumn Festival me?你能给我介绍一下中秋节吗?Cathy:Of course. The Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the two most important holidays in the Chinese calendar,and is a legal holiday in several countries. Farmers celebrate the end of the summer harvesting season on this date.当然中秋节是两个最重要的农历节日之一,并且在几个国家定为法定假日农民在这个日子里庆祝夏季收获季节的结束Cathy:Traditionally, on this day, Chinese family members and friends will gather to admire the bright mid-autumn harvest moon, and eat moon cakes and pomeloes together.传统上,在这一天,中国的家人和朋友将聚在一起欣赏明亮的中秋月,在一起吃月饼和柚子Betty:Wow,that sounds great. Could you tell me when to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival ?哇,这听起来真好啊那你能告诉我什么时候庆祝中秋节吗?Cathy:The Mid-Autumn Festival is on the fifteenth day of the August, chinese calendar.中秋节是阴历的8月日Betty:Really?Almost.是吗?快到了Cathy:Yes.是的Betty:I wish you could come with me我希望你能和我在一起Cathy:No problem.没问题Betty:Thanks,Cathy.谢谢你,凯西Cathy:Not at all.不用谢 节用 英语

365天交际口语详解(7):抱怨Part3--360°文化洗礼 -- ::8 来源: 用来抱怨邻居的网站俗话说,远亲不如近邻,可有时候邻里之间难免也会有些小矛盾美国的“坏邻居网”(www.rottenneighbor.com)就是供人们抱怨邻居的,当然也可以在上面表扬好邻居? 网站由来布兰特?沃克(Brant Walker)是网站创始人之一当初沃克搬入一套新公寓,发现从邻居家飘来的腐臭味让他难以忍受,于是便萌生了创建这个网站的念头在该网站上,人们可以尽数邻居的坏毛病,发泄自己的不满网站也欢迎网民对这些抱怨献计献策,帮助人们解决问题人们也可以在网站上表扬自己的好邻居? 广受欢迎该网站自创建以来,得到了网民的大力追捧据悉,现在点击率高达每天几十万次网友戴维?亚当斯反映,邻居家的两只整夜在他的卧室窗户下狂吠,使他彻夜难以入眠多次跟邻居协调都没能得到圆满解决最终,亚当斯发现了“坏邻居网”“我想了许多方法都不起作用,于是我想,那就在网上说说我的坏邻居吧”人们对自己邻居的抱怨五花八门有人抱怨邻居对自家宠物随地大小便不管不顾,或是对化粪池疏于照管,甚至还有人抱怨邻居家煮的食物味道实在太难闻,连他们这些做邻居的都难以忍受? 理性面对玛丽?马登是一名网络高级研究员她认为,由于许多人都用匿名的方式评价邻居,这种相对的自由存在着诸多隐患她说,这一点可能会被一些房地产商利用,他们可能会杜撰对邻居的好评,以增加房产的隐性价值哈佛大学教授乔纳森?齐特兰认为,这个网站的名称本身就有不足之处网站不是在帮助邻居往好的方向转变,而只是供抱怨之用 文化 抱怨 口语 详解

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