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1. Choose a song you have an emotional connection to, not necessarily one you think you ought to sing.1. 要选择一首情感上有共鸣的歌,未必要是你觉得应该唱的歌。If you like the song and it has meaning for you, this will come across and you will make a better connection with your audience.如果你喜欢一首歌,这首歌对你有特殊意义,你能感受的到,也能把情感更好地传递给听众。2. If possible, practice the song ahead of time to get an idea of whether the key of the original recording works for you.2. 如果可能的话,提前唱唱看这首歌,看看原版录音的音调是否合适。If not, many karaoke situations have machines that can raise or lower the key of your song.如果不合适的话,很多KTV都可以调整乐曲的音调。3. Your main focus in singing is telling a story.3. 唱歌的重点在于讲故事。Spend some time with the lyrics and get an idea of what the song is about. You will make a better connection with the audience if you know what emotions you want to portray in your performance.多揣一下歌词,了解这首歌唱得到底是什么内容。如果你知道唱歌时传达的是什么样的情感的话,你和听众之间的联系会更加紧密。4. Focus the energy on the audience.4. 把精力集中在听众上。If you need to look at the monitor for lyrics, don#39;t keep your attention there the entire time -- look up and at the audience as often as you comfortably can.就算你需要看歌词也不要一直盯着屏幕——在你觉得自在的前提下尽可能多抬头看看观众。5. If your anxiety level is high, consider singing with at least one other person.5. 如果你很紧张,那就考虑一下和别人一起唱。There is safety in numbers and this can be an interim step to singing solo.人多了就能安心了,这也是开始独唱前的过渡阶段。6. If you go to a karaoke bar it may be tempting to drink alcohol to bolster your courage.6. 如果你去的是提供酒水的KTV,那就点些酒水壮壮胆。Resist the temptation -- alcohol has a drying effect on the vocal mechanism and impairs your ability to tell the story of the song.不过要抵抗诱惑——酒精会让你的嗓子变干,这样就没有办法讲好歌曲的故事了。7. Don#39;t obsess on the mechanics of singing.7. 不要过度追求唱歌技巧。The audience would much rather hear a good story teller with a less than perfect delivery than a really good voice with no connection to the song or audience.比起嗓音完美但没有共鸣的演绎歌曲来说,听众更想听到的是歌曲中的故事。8. Let your body reflect what you are singing about.8. 用身体表现你在唱的内容。Movement helps to free the voice and make a better connection with the audience.肢体动作能够解除嗓音的禁锢,和听众更好地互动。9. Eye contact is important.9. 眼神交流很重要。If it#39;s uncomfortable to make contact for very long, scan the audience. Looking at different parts of the room every few seconds will make everyone feel included in your performance.如果长时间的眼神交流让你感到不自在,那就扫视一边观众。每隔几秒钟看看房间中的各个位置,让大家都感到自己也在你的表演之中。10. Last but not least, have fun.10. 最后一点:享受唱歌。The more comfortable you look (even if you don#39;t feel comfortable on the inside), the more the audience will root for you and the less likely they are to notice any less than perfect moments.你看起来越自在(即使实际上不是这样),你的听众就会越持你,也越不会注意那些不甚完美的时候。 /201302/226619。

On paper, Japan is a pacifist nation. It ranks 6th on the Global Peace Index, a list tabulated by peace activists at Vision of Humanity. Japan#39;s constitution makes illegal a traditional standing army. But a recently published defense white paper shows the extent to which the country has one of the most well-equipped ;invisible; armies in the world.从名义上说,日本是和个平主义国家。根据人道视野组织(Vision of Humanity)编制的全球和平指数(Global Peace Index),日本在世界最和平国家中排名第6。根据日本宪法规定,拥有传统意义上的常备军是不合法的。但最新发布的国防白皮书显示,日本已经到了拥有世界上装备最精良的“隐形”军队之一的程度。Japan#39;s armed forces are euphemistically dubbed the ;Self Defense Force; (SDF) -- officially it#39;s an extension of the police.日本的武装部队被委婉地称为“自卫队”(简称SDF),从官方来说它是警察的延伸。But with the world#39;s 6th best-equipped troops and a nearly billion defense budget last year, the SDF is not composed of your average beat cops. ;Japan enjoyed an isolationist status until now,; says Narushige Michishita, a past adviser to Tokyo on defense and now director of the security and international program at Tokyo#39;s National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies. ;It was very convenient; we didn#39;t have to get involved in conflicts. But now the U.S. wants Japan to be more proactive,; he says.但日本自卫队的装备精良程度在世界排名第六,还在去年获得了近600亿美元国防预算,绝不是由一般的防卫警察组成。“至今,日本仍享受着孤立主义者的身份,”日本前防卫顾问、现任政策研究大学院大学(National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies)安全和国际项目主任的道下德成说。“这非常便利,我们不需要卷进任何冲突。但现在美国想让日本扮演更加主动的角色。”Japan#39;s ruling party, the LDP, acknowledge this. ;They know we have to be commensurate with our stature as an economic superpower,; he adds. ;The U.S. is asking us to be more proactive in, not rearming, but making use of those arms.;日本的执政党自民党(LDP)承认了这一点。“他们知道我们必须和日本经济强国的身份相匹配,”他补充说。“美国要求我们能更主动,不是去重建军队,而是把现有部队用起来。”Now that the LDP#39;s conservatives are returned to power, including their hawkish prime minister Shinzo Abe, they are demanding a change in the pacifist constitution which would chime in nicely with the U.S.#39;s desires in the region. Not that Japan is truly pacifist, or ever has been -- not with one of the best-trained forces in the word says Michishita. ;We are not passive in that sense. We supported all the U.S. wars, contributing billion to the Gulf war. Japan isn#39;t remilitarizing -- we are aly there.;由于自民党的保守派重掌政权,其中包括鹰派首相安倍晋三,他们要求修改和平宪法,刚好迎合了美国在这个区域的意图。日本拥有世界上训练最有素的军队之一,并不是、也从来不是真正的和平主义者。道下德成说:“我们在这方面并不被动。我们持了美国所有的战争,为海湾战争贡献了300亿美元。日本并不是在重新军事化,我们早就军事化了。”What the U.S. and the new rulers in Tokyo want is a Japan willing to fight as part of a pivot away from Europe toward Asia, by which they mean China.美国和日本的新统治者们想要的是一个愿意作战的日本,配合美国军事轴心从欧洲向亚洲的转移,而它们在亚洲的目标直指中国。Prime minister Abe will have little trouble with such a containment policy, promising a ;stronger; Japan in the face of ;harassment; from China over a territorial dispute near Chinese waters. He also wants Japan#39;s military to be able to fight alongside its allies. Something the current constitution, written by the US after WWII, prohibits.考虑到靠近中国海域的中日领土争端,首相安倍会欣然接受这样的围堵政策,因为这意味着在中国的“骚扰”面前承诺一个“更强大”的日本。他还希望日本军队能够和它的同盟国一起作战,而美国在二战后制定的现行日本宪法禁止这一点。The U.S.#39;s posture rebalancing, or ;pivot; toward the Asia-Pacific region, was flagged up by President Obama#39;s extraordinarily lengthy tete-a-tete with the Chinese premiere recently. Behind the smiles are deep anxieties over China#39;s rising economic and military strength that challenge U.S. power in the Pacific. Obama had also personally urged Xi Jinping to ;de-escalate, not escalate; tensions over territorial disputes with Japan.近期美国总统奥巴马和中国新一届领导人进行了时间格外长的首次促膝交谈,彰显了美国战略重心向亚太地区转移的背景。微笑的背后,是对中国的经济和军事力量的崛起威胁到美国在太平洋地位的深深焦虑。奥巴马也亲自敦促习近平“缩小、而不是扩大”和日本的领土争端。Aly Australia and Vietnam have voiced an interest in purchasing some of Japan#39;s more advanced military technology. The country#39;s submarines are especially admired, says Wallace, and will be particularly appropriate for the types of contingencies we are likely to see in the Western Pacific. Small skirmishes, not nuclear war. ;Japan#39;s most recent diesel-electric E submarine, the Soryu, is considered one of the best non-nuclear submarine systems around,; he says.作为美国的同盟国,日本的现役军队规模比英国还大。一旦习近平拒绝顺从奥巴马,日本也会比英国更有准备地投入作战,这一点让美国很满意。“日本真的极其关键,既充当着美国的战略前哨,又是它的客户,而且还是美国利益的战略行动国,”奥克兰大学(University of Auckland)亚太国际关系讲师和日本军事技术专家科里#8226;华莱士说。Japan has a taste for pricey defense hardware which shows in its high-spec armaments. Typical are the Japanese first-class destroyers, with the latest advanced technology developed combat system (ATECS) that spent 20 years in domestic development. Add to this the knowledge that Japan could be nuclear capable given six months (something a few believe it has secretly achieved aly) should its rulers wish it. Japan could quickly become one of the top military powers in the world. All it would take for the planet#39;s third-richest nation is to stick its collective head above the parapet and cease being, well, invisible.一个适当再武装的日本可能也会帮助它跳出目前的经济大坑。去年日本松动了自行规定的武器出口禁令。这项和平外交政策的终止为它的国防承包商开辟了新的市场,给三菱重工(Mitsubishi Heavy Industries)和石川岛播磨重工(Ishikawajima-Harima)这些苦苦挣扎中的军用技术巨头公司带来了大好消息。据说,几十年来它们都不得不依赖在费用上做手脚或收过高的费用来维持。出口会成为这些公司新的生命线。The U.S. is content to have Japan, with an active military larger than the U.K.#39;s, prepared more ily to fight in its corner should Xi not heed the President. ;Japan is truly essential, as both a strategic outpost for the U.S. military and customer for the U.S., as well as a strategic actor in its own right,; says Corey Wallace, lecturer at the University of Auckland on Asia-Pacific international relations and a Japanese military technology expert.澳大利亚和越南已经表示有兴趣从日本购买一些更先进的军事技术。华莱士说,日本的潜水艇尤其受到青睐,而且将特别适合在西太平洋可能发生的那类意外事件中使用——应对一些小规模战斗,而不是核战争。他说:“外界认为日本最新的柴电潜艇苍龙号(Soryu)是目前最好的非核潜艇之一。”A properly remilitarized Japan might also help the nation out of its current economic hole. Japan last year eased its self-imposed ban on arms exports. This end of pacifist foreign policy opens up new markets for its defense contractors -- good news for struggling military tech sector giants such as Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Ishikawajima-Harima. For decades they had allegedly relied on billpadding and overcharging. Exports could be a new lifeline.日本喜欢昂贵的国防硬件,这一点在它的高科技军备中也有体现。最典型的是日本顶尖的驱逐舰,搭载国内研发了20年的最先进技术作战系统(ATECS)。此外,一旦日本领导人需要,它能在6个月内能拥有核武器(有些人相信日本已经秘密地做到了这一点)。日本能够迅速成为世界顶级军事力量,只要这个世界第三大经济体把头从土垛里探出来,不再隐身。 /201308/252848。

A private British college is starting compulsory etiquette classes for 13- to 14-year-olds to sharpen up their comportment in a world of ill-mannered informality, it was reported on Wednesday.Brighton College on the southern English coast will drill pupils on how to iron a shirt properly, dance the waltz, when to take off a jacket or go to the toilet, when to avoid talking at the dinner table and other finer points of etiquette.Headmaster Richard Cairns decided it was time his pupils were taught a few lessons in good manners after learning that employers were dismayed by the numbers of undergraduates who were not equipped for the business world."In the past, they would have learned all of this at home," a spokesman for the fee-paying independent school said.Each Thursday, pupils will be invited to dine at Cairns' house, where they will be taught how to deal with food they do not like, how to use the right cutlery and how to talk to fellow guests, among other tips."Each student will receive a formal invitation to which he will have to respond in a written formal manner and not by email, text message or phone," the spokesman said. 不拘礼节是现代社会的一大弊病。据本周三消息,英国一家私立学校将对十三四岁的学生开设“礼仪”必修课,以改善他们的行为举止。位于英格兰南部沿海的布莱顿学院将对学生们进行各种礼仪培训,其中包括怎样熨衬衫、跳华尔兹、何时脱外套、何时去洗手间、在餐桌上何时不能说话等一些礼仪细节。目前,一些公司老板认为很多大学毕业生缺乏应有的礼节知识。布莱顿学院的校长理查德#8226;凯恩斯得知这一情况后,决定在低年级学生中开设礼仪课程。该私立学校的一名发言人说:“过去,都是家长教给孩子们这些东西。”每周四,学生们将应邀去凯恩斯校长家进餐,在那里,学生们将学到一系列餐桌礼仪,比如,遇到不喜欢吃的东西怎样应付、如何正确使用餐具以及怎样与其他客人交谈等。这位发言人说:“每名学生都会收到一封正式邀请函,而他们必须以正式的书面形式答复,不得发电子邮件、发短信或打电话。” /200803/29466。

You don#39;t have to be a millionaire to steal these ideas about work, retirement and even getting up in the morning。即使你并不是百万富翁,你也可以偷学这些工作理念、退休概念甚至起床时间观念。1. They Don#39;t Retire When Everyone Else Does。他们不会像普通人一样早早退休。The average age for Americans to stop working is now 61, according to a recent Gallup poll, up from 59 ten years ago and 57 in the early 1990s. But America#39;s highest earners -- i.e., those with the biggest savings -- don#39;t plan on retiring until they#39;re at least 70, another new survey shows. Almost half of those people, who make ,000 or more a year, say they plan to keep working because they want to.根据最近的盖洛普民意测验显示,美国人现在的平均退休年龄是61岁,从20世纪90年代的57岁到十年前的59岁,退休年龄一直持推后的趋势。但是根据另一项最新研究显示,美国的最高收入群体——比如那些存款数目最大的人——至少到70岁之后才会计划退休。那些年收入7.5万美元甚至更高的人群中有将近半数称他们希望工作,所以会一直干下去。Granted, this group holds white-collar jobs that aren#39;t physically taxing -- but the ;never quit; concept is one that almost anyone can embrace. Stepping down to a less stressful position, or shifting to part-time work can put you farther ahead, savings-wise, when you do decide to retire。当然,这一富人群体都是不从事体力劳动的白领——但是他们“奋斗不止”的信念是每个人都应该积极借鉴的。退居到压力较小的岗位,或者换成一份兼职工作可以推迟你的退休年龄,这对你真正选择退休之后的生活有利。2. They Don#39;t Wake Up At 6 a.m. And Answer Emails。他们不会6点钟才起床回复邮件。You#39;re no doubt aware that the highest achievers are up earlier than most people: The National Sleep Foundation says most 30- to 45-year-olds get out of bed at 6 a.m. on a typical weekday morning, while this Guardian article shows that many CEOs of major companies wake closer to 5. You may not know, though, what those leaders are doing with the extra hour。你一定清楚收入最高的那些人比大多数人早起:根据全国睡眠研究基地研究显示,大多数30至45岁之间的人在工作日早晨6点钟起床,而一篇《卫报》上的消息则显示许多大型企业的CEO都在5点之前起床。你也许并不知道那些企业领导者们利用早起的时间干什么。Laura Vanderkam#39;s new book What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast gives plenty of concrete examples (and none of them involves catching up on Facebook). For instance: A businesswoman knows she could spend her early-morning hour cleaning out her in-box, but since that#39;s a job she can do in 5-minute breaks during the day, she devotes the alone time to making real, uninterrupted headway on a project that she#39;s decided is a top priority for her -- and that will have clear career benefits, teeing her up for a promotion or other advancement。劳拉·凡德卡姆的新书《大多数成功人士在早餐前干什么》中给出了很多实际的例子(这些例子中无一例包括查看脸谱网)。例如,一个职场女性知道自己可以用早上早起的时间清理她的收件箱,但是这件事她可以利用白天里5分钟的休息时间做完,所以她就用利用这段时间专心来跟进一天中最重要的项目工作——这种工作态度无疑会创造真正的工作效益,也为她升职、加薪做好了准备。3. They Don#39;t Ignore Job Offers For Lateral Moves。他们不会忽略平级跳槽的机会。While many top earners keep an eye out for their next career move, they#39;re not always looking to move up. They#39;re often looking to make lateral moves, says Amanda Augustine, job-search expert at TheLadders.com, which originally began as a job-search site for people earning 0,000 and more (they#39;ve since expanded to all salaries). This group is willing to move horizontally, or even to take a step down,很多有钱人会时刻关注职场机会,但他们并不总是向上看的,求职网站the ladder的求职专家阿曼达·奥古斯丁称,这些富人们常常会寻找平级跳槽的机会,求职网站the ladder一开始只为年收入10万美元以上的人提供就业信息(但后来他们已经扩展到为各薪酬阶层的人提供信息)。Augustine says, if there is a future opportunity to move up and take on an even better role. Employees at every level can learn from this behavior, she says. Making a sideways career change (either within your company or to a new one with a similar title, pay and responsibility) can also be worth it if your industry is contracting and the new job is in a field that#39;s growing, or if you#39;ll be saving money with a shorter commute or cheaper parking, or getting better benefits, whether insurance- or retirement-related。奥古斯丁表示,只要有升迁或获得更好的职位的机会,富人们愿意平级跳槽,甚至接受比当下等级低的工作。奥古斯丁表示,各个层级的员工都可以学习这种态度。 如果你当下从事的行业正在紧缩,而你新从事的工作行业则正在扩张,或者节省交通费用,或者获得更好的保险、退休金等福利待遇时,平级跳槽就是值得的。4. They Don#39;t Buy When They Can Rent。他们能租房就不买房。It#39;s the American dream to own a home, but don#39;t assume that everyone who can purchase a home does. The five-year rule (if you#39;re not going to live in a home for five years, don#39;t buy it) is back. Renting is more popular than ever, even among the wealthy. While it once made sense for people who could afford it to buy a home and flip it after two years, and the market has improved moderately this year, we#39;re hardly in a boom。拥有一套房子是美国梦的一部分,但并不是所有的人都有能力买房。五年规则(即如果你不会在这套房子里住五年以上,就不要把它买下来)卷土重来。即使是在富人圈子里,租房之风也空前盛行。虽然过去买得起房子的富人倾向于买下一幢房子,然后两年后转手,而且今年的房市稍有缓和,但当下绝不是经济繁荣时期。This article by economist Robert J. Shiller explains that attitudes toward renting are starting to change; 61 percent of Americans in a recent MacArthur Foundation survey agreed that, ;for the most part, renters can be just as successful as owners at achieving the American dream。;经济学家罗伯特·席勒解释说,人们对于租房的观念已经改变了;在麦克阿瑟基金最近作出的研究调查表明,61%的美国人同意,“在很大程度上,租房的人和买房的人实现美国梦的机会是同等的。”5. They Don#39;t Buy Without First Comparison Shopping。他们不会在货比三家之前付款。Chances are, if you#39;re ing this here, you#39;re likely also shopping online (80 percent of people who use the Internet have bought something by clicking). But wealthy shoppers are getting more shipping confirmation emails than others: According to a recent report by Martini Media and comScore, in the first quarter of this year, affluent shoppers were 47 percent more likely than buyers earning less than 0,000 annually to purchase something online。如果你正在读这篇文章,很有可能你会网购商品(80%的网上用户都曾经试过网购)但是那些富裕的买家可能网购的次数更加频繁:根据广告商Martini Media 和 comScore在今年上半年做的相关调查显示,年薪10万的人网购东西的可能性比其他人多出47%。Just as interestingly, wealthy online shoppers aren#39;t visiting luxury destinations as much as they#39;re visiting sites with mid-level pricing (think Macy#39;s). We know shopping online greatly lowers the likelihood of an impulse buy, but another major money-saving reason to buy from home is that you can easily do price comparisons. Plus, new apps such as Slice will even send you alerts when the price on an item you#39;ve purchased online drops so you can get a refund。有意思的是,他们去Net-a-Porter等奢饰品网站的次数少于去中等消费的网站的次数。我们都知道网购可以有效的抑制消费冲动,但是网购省钱还有另 一个重要理由,即你可以货比三家同时,“降价应用”这样的新网络应用可以在你已经购买的商品降价时向你发出通知,由此你可以获得一定退款。 /201310/260638。