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亚马逊CEO Jeff Bezos在普林斯顿大学的演讲(中英双语视频)201305/242148My fathers father worked in the Chevy plant in Flint, Michigan. He was an assemblyline worker.He drove his two children here to Anna Arbor,and told them: That is where youre going to go to college.I know it sounds funny now.Both of his kids actually did graduate from Michigan.That was the American dream.我的爷爷在密歇根州弗林特的雪弗兰汽车厂工作。他是装配线上的一名工人。他曾开车带两个孩子来到安娜堡。告诉他们:你们以后要上这所大学!我知道现在听起来很好笑。他的两个孩子也确实从密歇根大学毕业了。这就是美国梦。His daughter, Beverly, is also with us today.My Grandpa used to carry an ;Alley Oop; hammer,a heavy iron pipe with a big hunk of lead melted on the end.The workers made them during the sit-down strikes to protect themselves.When I was growing up, we used that hammer whenever we needed to pound a stake or something into the yard.It is wonderful that most people dont need to carry a heavy blunt object for protection anymore.But just in case, I brought it with me.My Dad became a professor at uh…Michigan State,and I was an incredibly lucky boy.A professors life is pretty flexible,and he was able to spend oodles of time raising me.Could there be a better upbringing than university brat?我姑姑贝弗利今天也来了。爷爷以前经常扛着一个大铁锤,铁管上铸着大铅坨的那种。那是用来在静坐罢工时,保护自己的武器。小时候,我们常用它在后院打桩子。现在世道好了,大家不需要铁锤保护自己了。但以防万一,我还是把它带来了。后来我的父亲成为了一名教授,密歇根州立大学的教授,我很走运,因为教授的工作比较灵活,有大量的时间陪我。还有比大学校园更适合培养孩子的地方吗?What Im trying to tell you is that this is way more than just a homecoming for me.Its not easy for me to express how proud I am to be here,with my Mom, my brother and my wife Lucy, and with all of you,at this amazing institution that is responsible for my very existence.I am thrilled for all of you,and Im thrilled for your families and friends,as all of us join this great, big Michigan family I feel Ive been a part of all of all my life.What Im also trying to tell you is that I know exactly what it feels like to be sitting in your seat,listening to some old gasbag give a long-winded commencementspeech.Dont worry. Ill be brief.我想告诉大家的是,来这里不仅仅是重回母校。我非常自豪能跟我的妈妈,哥哥,妻子露西,还有你们大家聚在这里。这里见了我的成长。我的自豪难以言表。我为你们感到骄傲,也为你们的家人和朋友感到骄傲,因为我们都是密歇根大家庭的一员,它是我生命中不可或缺的一部分。同时,我也知道你们现在坐在台下的感受:听我们这些老家伙絮叨,老生常谈。别担心,我简单说几句。201307/248558How many have you got? We want to know. We want to hear from you.你收集到多少了?我们想要了解情况,我们想要听到你的声音。One of the biggest pieces of feedback Ive had since my speech is that men and women want to help but they arent sure how best to do it.自从我发表演讲以后,收到的最多反馈之一就是很多人都表示想要伸出援助之手,但是他们不知道怎样做才是最好。Men say theyve signed the petition. What now? The truth is, the what now is down to you.男性同胞们表示,他们在请愿书下签了名,然后呢?事实上,然后怎么样取决于你们。What your He for She commitment will be is personal and there is no best way. Everything is valid.每一个人对 HeForShe 运动的贡献都是带有各自的特点的,没有谁最好的说法。所有贡献都是有用的。Decide what your commitment is, make it public, and then please report back to us on your progress so that we can share your story.请决定你要做出怎样的贡献,将其公开,然后请向我们反馈你的进展,这样我们才能分享你的故事。We want to support, guide and reinforce your efforts.我们想要持引导您的工作,使之更加有效。IMPACT 10x10x10 is about concrete commitments to change, the visibility of these commitments and the measurability of them, too.IMPACT 10x10x10 是要做出实质性的改变,这些贡献是看得见摸得着的。How has the campaign impacted me so far?到目前为止,此次活动对我产生了怎样的影响呢?Ive had my breath taken away when a fan told me that since watching my speech she has stopped herself being beaten up by her father.让我感到意外的是,一位粉丝告诉我,在看了我的演讲后她制止了父亲对自己的毒打。Ive been stunned by the amount of men in my life that have contacted me since my speech to tell me to keep going, and that they want to make sure that their daughters will still be alive to see a world where women have parity economically and politically.我惊呆了,在演讲之后,很多男性朋友和我取得联系,告诉我继续走下去。他们希望自己的女儿能够活着看到女性在经济和政治上都能够和男性平起平坐。While I would love to claim that uh…this campaign and the results of it are a result of my incredible speech-writing skills, I know that it is not.尽管我很想宣称……此次活动及其成果是得益于我高超的演讲写作技巧,但是我知道事实并非如此。It is because the ground is fertile.这一切都是因为天时地利人和。It is my belief that there is a greater understanding than ever that women need to be equal participants in our homes, in our societies, in our governments and in our workplaces, and they know that the world is being held back in every way because they are not.我相信,人们正前所未有地认识到,女性应当平等地参与到家庭、社会、政治和工作中来。她们知道,世界前进的脚步正全面遭到压制,因为两性平等尚未实现。Women share this planet 50/50 and they are under – underrepresented, their potential astonishingly untapped.女性占这个星球人数的50%,但是她们的能力却没有完全展现出来,她们的潜能亟待得到挖掘。We are very excited to be launching IMPACT 10X10X10 to bring He for She into its next phase.我们怀着激动的心情发起IMPACT 10X10X10活动,引领HeForShe进入下一个阶段。If youre a He for She, and Im assuming you are because otherwise youd be in somebody elses press conference right now, Im here to ask YOU: What is the impact you can have? How, what, where, when, and with whom?如果在座的各位是HeForShe的持者,假设你们是,因为如果不是的话,在座的各位此刻应该是在别的新闻发布会上,我想要问大家的是:你能有多大的影响力?以何种方式,何时,何地,与何人产生何种影响?We want to help. We want to know. And we want to hear from you.我们想要提供帮助,我们想要了解情况,我们想要听到你的声音。Thank you very much.非常感谢大家。201503/361313

After a month she says to me,总之,一个月后,她对我说,Did this really happen?那些事情真的发生了吗?And I said, Yes. And so she said, So, if I came out of the woods — this is her brother and sister—If I came out of the woods, Avalon and Donovan might be gone.Yes.我说,是的。之后她说,那么,如果我当时出生了—这是她的哥哥—如果我出生了,Avalon 和 Donovan 可能就不在了? 是的。But Id get to see them in America.No.但我到美国后会再见到他们吧?不会。But what if I saw them? You know, couldnt we stay together?No.但万一我们能见面呢?我们不能呆在一起吗? 不能。So Daddy could be gone.Yes.那么爸爸也可能不在了? 是的。And she was fascinated by this, and she started to cry,她被吓呆了,之后她开始哭泣,and I started to cry, and her father started to cry,我也开始哭,她的父亲也开始哭,and now were all crying. He didnt expect to come home from work to the Middle Passage,然后我们一起哭。他没想到下班回家会遇到中央航路这档子事,but there it goes.但它就是发生了。And so, we made this game, and she got it.总之,我们一起玩了这样一个游戏,最后她懂了其中的含义。She got it because she spent time with these people.她懂了,因为她与这些人共同经历了那个过程。It wasnt abstract stuff in a brochure or in a movie.这不像书本或电影里的教化那样是抽象的东西。And so it was just an incredibly powerful experience.这是一次令人惊叹、充满力量的体验。This is the game, which Ive ended up calling.这就是那个游戏,我后来给它起了个名字。The New World, because I like the phrase.叫做《新世界》,因为我喜欢这个叫法。I dont think the New World felt too new worldly exciting to the people who were brought over on slave ships.我不认为新世界会带来什么世俗的兴奋感,尤其对于那些曾经从奴隶船上下来的人们。But when this happened, I saw the whole planet.但当这一切发生时,我看到了整个世界。I was so excited. It was like, Id been making games for 20-some years, and then I decided to do it again.我感觉太激动了。这就像是,我设计游戏已经超过二十年,而我决定再做一些类似的游戏。My history is Irish.我的故乡是爱尔兰。So this is a game called Síochán Leat. Its peace be with you.这个游戏叫做Síochán Leat。意思是《和平与你同在》。Its the entire history of my family in a single game.仅仅这一个游戏就包含了我的整个家族史。I made another game called Train.我设计了另一款游戏叫做《列车》。I was making a series of six games that covered difficult topics, and if youre going to cover a difficult topic, this is one you need to cover,我制作了一个系列的六款游戏都是关于沉重的主题,如果你要讨论一个沉重的主题,就需要这样的游戏来开展,and Ill let you figure out what thats about on your own.我会让你自己通过游戏来发现关于这个主题的一切。And I also made a game about the Trail of Tears.我还创作了一款游戏叫做《泪痕》。This is a game with 50,000 individual pieces.这个游戏有着5万个独立的零件。I was crazy when I decided to start it,我当时肯定是疯了才决定要设计它,but Im in the middle of it now.不过我现在已经进行了近一半。Its the same thing.这和之前的游戏是类似的。Im hoping that Ill teach culture through these games.我希望通过这些游戏来传授文化。And the one Im working on right now, which is because Im right in the middle of it, and these for some reason choke me up like crazy,is a game called Mexican Kitchen Workers.而我现在正在着手设计的游戏是因为我正在全心投入,所以想到它很容易使我情绪波动,这个游戏叫做《墨西哥厨房工人》。201602/428443

We need to shrink them to the point,within the next five years,that they no longer pose a systemic risk.在接下来的五年里,我们要给它们大幅瘦身,让它们不再具有系统性风险。Right now, they are ticking time bombs that will cause a global crisis as soon as the next one fails not if, when.现在,它们就是定时炸弹,其中一个破产倒闭,就会引发全球性危机。而且问题还不是会不会倒,而是什么时候倒的问题。Second thing we need to do is completely reform modern executive and professional compensation,which is what they use to suborn the appraisers.第二,我们要彻底改革当前的高管人员薪酬制度,这也是他们用来胁迫估价师的工具和手段。Remember, they were pressuring the appraisers through the compensation system, trying to produce what we call a Greshams dynamic,in which bad ethics drives good ethics out of the marketplace.想想看,他们在通过薪酬体系向估价师施压,造成劣币驱逐良币的格雷欣效应,市场上道德节操无人问津。And they largely succeeded, which is how the fraud became endemic.很大程度上,他们得逞了。这就是为什么欺诈行为如此猖獗。And the third thing that we need to do is deal with what we call the three Ds:第三,我们要解决三无问题:无规章制度、无有效监管deregulation, desupervision, and the de facto decriminalization.出事后,无人担责被绳之以法的问题。Because we can make all three of these changes, and if we do so,we can dramatically reduce how often we have a crisis and how severe those crises are.因为我们可以从这三方面进行改革,只要我们这样做,就能大幅降低危机发生的频率和危机发生后的危害程度。That is not simply critical to our economy.这不仅事关我们的经济。You can see what these crises do to inequality and what they do to our democracy.看看这些危机对贫富差距的影响,对我们的民主制度的破坏。They have produced crony capitalism, American-style,in which the largest financial institutions are the leading financial donors of both parties,and thats the reason why even after this crisis,70 times larger than the savings and loan crisis, we have no meaningful reforms in any of the three areas that Ive talked about,other than banning liars loans,which is good,but thats just one form of ammunition for this fraud weapon.危机产生了裙带资本主义,有美国特色的裙带资本主义,最大的金融机构是两党的最大金主。这就是为什么这场比储贷危机严重70倍的危机发生之后,在我提到的三个方面依然没有任何实质性的改革。除了欺骗性贷款被取缔,这当然是好事但欺骗性贷款只是他们手中的一种武器。There are many forms of ammunition they can use.他们可用的武器还很多。Thats why we need to learn what the bankers have learned:这就是为什么我们需要求教家的地方:the recipe for the best way to rob a bank,so that we can stop that recipe,because our legislators,who are dependent on political contributions, will not do it on their own.抢的最佳秘方,这样我们才能除掉它。因为我们的国会议员离不开政治献金,所以他们不会主动来做这一切。Thank you very much.谢谢,多谢。201502/358580Focus on the relevance. Apple needs to find where it is still incredibly relevant and focus on those areas. It means to figure out its core assets are, and invest more in them, Apple has neglected its core assets for a while. It has to forge some meaningful partnerships, not just partnerships in press releases. And it needs to define some new product paradigms. Weve got some great ideas. Im not going to be talking about products today, though. I just want you to know that we have some wonderful ideas that youll be hearing about between now and the end of the year. So, Lets talk about some of the Broad of Directors. Apple bad a very decent group of people as the Broad of Directors, they worked very, very hard for Apple, But I think with Apple in the situation, it found itself, it was time for a change. And the directors agreed with that. We have put together a new Board of Directors that I would like to announce to you today. There are two members of the prior board that we are extremely pleased are going to stay on the new Board. The first of those is Ed Woolard. Ed is the Chairman and former CEO of Du Pont. Ive gotten to know Ed over the last several weeks and I think hes terrific. He has provided a tremendous amount of leaderships during this very critical time for Apple. Next is Gareth Chang. Gareth is the President of Hughes International. Again, hes been on the Apple Board for a short while. Gareth bring a tremendous international experience to Apple, particularly in Asia, which is a very important market and high growth market for Apple.要把握苹果最可能涉足的优势领域,并倾注精力去开拓。这意味着要找出它的核心资产是什么,并且在其上加大投资,有一段时间苹果已经忽视了它的核心资产了。苹果必须锻造一些除新闻媒体之外的有意义的合作关系。这意味着开发新的产品模式,我们已经有了一些很不错的主意,不过我今天不打算谈论那些产品,我只是想让你们知道我们已经有了一些很棒的想法,我们将会在年底之前陆续揭晓。那么现在我们来说说董事会的一些事情。苹果有着一班非常非常优秀的董事会成员,他们为苹果尽心竭力。但是我想就苹果现在这个境况而言,董事会成员自己也会发觉是时候作一个变革了,他们对这一变革的必要性都表示赞同。我们组成了一个新董事会,今天我想对你们公布。新董事会里有两位以前的董事会成员,我们非常高兴他们能继续留在这个新的董事会中。第一位是埃德?伍拉徳,杜邦的董事长和前任首席执行官。几个星期前我认识了他,我觉得他非常了不起。在这重要关头,他为苹果的决策和管理作了很大的贡献。另一位是张镇中。他是休斯电子国际集团的总裁,他到苹果董事会的时间不 长。他为苹果带来了大量的国际市场的开拓经验,尤其是在亚洲地区,这是苹果急需拓展的市场。201407/309607Consider that across Europe Internet sales of about one billion dollars last year are projected to reach 30 billion dollars by the year 2001. One study says that the worldwide Internet commerce activity will double, double in the next six month alone. And most of that is business to business transactions. We see the total market for Internet commerce hitting 200 billion dollars by the end of the century. And that is a conservative forecast. It is not just about buying and selling. About a year ago IBM coined the term E-business to describe all the ways that people will derive value from the Net. Transactions among employees within the business to prove how products are developed, how ideas are shared, how teams are formed, how work gets done. Transaction between a business and its suppliers, its distributors, its retailers, to increase cycle times, speed and efficiency. And the very important transactions and interactions between governments and citizens, educators and students, health-care providers and patients. It is a very exciting stuff. And the greatest changes and challenges are not in the technology. In fact, connecting to the Net is relatively easy. The big challenges are in the fundamental transformation of the way things get done in the world. 跨欧洲的 Internet 上的销售额去年是 10 亿美元,到 2001 年将达到 300 亿美元。一项研究表明,世界范围内的 Internet 商业活动仅在未来 6 个月里就将翻一番。其中绝大多数是商业团体之间的交易。我们认为本世纪末 Internet 商业的全部市场将会达到 2000 亿美元。这还只是保守的估计。我们说的不仅仅是买和卖的问题。大约一年以前,IBM 创造了一个术语 E-business (电子商务)描述所有人们得以从网上获取价值的方式。企业雇员之间的交流将验如何开发产品、如何共享观念、如何形成小组、如何完成工作。企业与其它供应商、分销商、零售商之间的交流将加快资金循环次数、速度和效率。另外政府与市民、教育者和学生、医务提供者和病人之间的交流和交互作用也非常重要。这种情况令人非常激动。最重要的变化和挑战并不是技术方面。实际上,连接到 Internet 上相对来说很简单。大的挑战来自于这个世界运行方式的基本变革。201312/269112

They also have great capacity.它们有很大的容量For example, this system in Guangzhou例如,这系统在广州is moving more passengers our direction比中国所有的地铁线路than all subway lines in China,能运送更多的乘客except for one line in Beijing,除了北京的一条地铁线at a fraction of the cost.且成本只是地铁的一小部分We fought not just for space for buses,我们不只是为巴士争取空间but we fought for space for people,我们也为人们争取空间and that was even more difficult.那是更加困难的事Cities are human habitats,城市是人类栖息地and we humans are pedestrians.我们人类是喜欢行走的Just as fish need to swim or birds need to fly就像鱼需要游泳或鸟需要飞or deer need to run, we need to walk.或鹿需要奔跑,我们需要行走There is a really enormous conflict,真的有非常巨大的矛盾when we are talking about developing country cities,当我们谈论发展中国家的城市between pedestrians and cars.行人与汽车的关系Here, what you see is a picture that shows在这里,你看到的是一张insufficient democracy.显示不够民主的图片What this shows is that people who walk这表明的是,行人are third-class citizens是三等公民while those who go in cars而那些开车的are first-class citizens.则是一等公民In terms of transport infrastructure,从交通基础设施方面看what really makes a difference什么是真正区别between advanced and backward cities先进和落后的城市之间的is not highways or subways不是高速公路或地铁but quality sidewalks.而是有无适宜的人行道Here they made a flyover, probably very useless,这里,他们建造了一座天桥,可能非常无用and they forgot to make a sidewalk.而且,他们忘了修建人行道This is prevailing all over the world.这样的现象在世界各地普遍存在Not even schoolchildren are more important than cars.甚至在校学童都没有汽车重要In my city of Bogot,在我的城市波哥大we fought a very difficult battle我们打了一场非常困难的战斗in order to take space from cars,来为人们争取更多的空间which had been parking on sidewalks for decades,为了夺回汽车所占有的空间in order to make space for people that should reflect有些车几十年来停放在人行道上dignity of human beings,这夺回的空间反映的是人类的尊严and to make space for protected bikeways.并且,使空间保护里的自行车道First of all, I had black hair before that.首先,在那之前我满头黑发And I was almost impeached in the process.过程中,我几乎遭到弹劾It is a very difficult battle.这是场非常艰难的战斗However, it was possible, finally,然而,我们成功了,最终after very difficult battles, to make a city艰苦的战斗结束后that would reflect some respect for human dignity,让一座城市对人类尊严有些许尊重that would show that those who walk are equally以明那些行人important to those who have cars.和那些有车的人同等重要Indeed, a very important ideological and political issue anywhere事实上,任何地方最重要的,意识形态和政治纷争is how to distribute that most valuable resource就是如何分配城市最宝贵的资源of a city, which is road space.就是道路空间A city could find oil or diamonds underground一个城市能在地下能找到石油或钻石and it would not be so valuable as road space.那也没有道路空间更为宝贵How to distribute it between pedestrians,如何将它分配给行人bicycles, public transport and cars?自行车、公共交通和汽车呢?This is not a technological issue,这不是一个技术问题and we should remember that in no constitution当我们分配道路资源的时候,我们应该记住,没有任何一部宪法parking is a constitutional right没有任何一部宪法表明when we make that distribution.停车是一项宪法权利We also built, and this was 15 years ago,我们还建造了,这是 15年前before there were bikeways in New York在纽约,巴黎,或者伦敦or in Paris or in London,有自行车道之前it was a very difficult battle as well,那也是场非常困难的斗争more than 350 kilometers of protected bicycle ways.保护 350公里以上的自行车道I dont think protected bicycle ways我不认为自行车道are a cute architectural feature.是一个可爱的建筑特征They are a right, just as sidewalks are,它是一种权利,正如人行道一样unless we believe that only those除非我们认为,只有那些with access to a motor vehicle能使用机动车辆的人have a right to safe mobility,才有权安全地流动without the risk of getting killed.不用受到致命的危险And just as busways are,正如巴士专用道protected bikeways also are自行车道也是a powerful symbol of democracy,民主的一个强有力的象征because they show that a citizen on a bicycle因为它们表明,骑价值 30美金自行车的公民is equally important和一个驾驶3万美元汽车的公民to one in a ,000 car.同等重要And we are living in a unique moment in history.我们生活在一个特殊历史时刻In the next 50 years, more than half of those cities在未来的 50年,我们所建造的城市which will exist in the year 2060 will be built.一半以上,在 2060年的时候,仍会存在In many developing country cities,许多发展中国家more than 80 and 90 percent其中超过百分之八九十of the city which will exist in 2060到2060年仍会存在的城市will be built over the next four or five decades.将在未来的四五十年间建立起来But this is not just a matter for developing country cities.但这不只是发展中国家的城市In the ed States, for example,在美国,例如more than 70 million new homes超过 7000万的新房must be built over the next 40 or 50 years.必须在接下来的四五十年间建造完成Thats more than all the homes that today exist其数量相当于今天in Britain, France and Canada put together.英国、法国和加拿大,所有的房子加在一起And I believe that our cities today我相信今天我们的城市have severe flaws,有严重缺陷and that different, better ones could be built.不同的更好的那种房屋会被建造起来What is wrong with our cities today?今天我们的城市哪里有问题呢?Well, for example, if we tell any three-year-old child好吧,例如,如果我们告诉任何三岁孩童who is barely learning to speak这些儿童还不怎么会讲话in any city in the world today,在今天世界上的任何城市;Watch out, a car,;;小心,有车;the child will jump in fright,孩子会受惊吓跳起来and with a very good reason, because there are很好解释,因为全世界more than 10,000 children who are killed每年有超过一万名儿童死于by cars every year in the world.汽车造成的交通事故We have had cities for 8,000 years,城市的历史长达 8000年and children could walk out of home and play.儿童可以走出家,去玩儿In fact, only very recently,事实上,只是在最近towards 1900, there were no cars.直到 1900年,是没有汽车的Cars have been here for really less than 100 years.汽车的存在不到 100年They completely changed cities.但它们完全改变了城市In 1900, for example,在 1900年,例如nobody was killed by cars in the ed States.美国死于车祸的人数为零201504/368745Hi,everybody.Thirty years ago,there were 500,000 people behind bars in America.Today,there are 2.2 million.The ed States is home to 5 percent of the worlds population,but 25 percent of the worlds prisoners.Every year,we spend billion to keep people locked up. 大家好!30年前,美国只有50万人入狱,而今天这一数字是220万。合众国的人口占全球人口的5%,但入狱人数却占了全球的25%。每年我们要花销800亿美元来维持监狱的正常运转。Now,many of the folks in prison absolutely belong there-our streets are safer thanks to the brave police officers and dedicated prosecutors who put violent criminals behind bars.But over the last few decades,weve also locked up more non-violent offenders than ever before,for longer than ever before.Thats the real reason our prison population is so high. 现在,有很多犯人将一直在狱中监禁,我们的街道变得更安全了,感谢所有英勇的警察和尽职尽责的检察官们,是他们将暴力犯罪分子绳之以法。但过去的几十年,我们也关押了比以往要多得多的非暴力犯罪分子,而且关押时间也比以往要长得多。这才是我们的监狱人满为患的真正原因。Ever since I was a Senator,Ive talked about how,in too many cases,our criminal justice system is a pipeline from underfunded schools to overcrowded jails.And weve taken steps to address it.We invested in our schools to give at-risk young people a better shot to succeed.I signed a bill reducing the 100 to 1 sentencing disparity between crack and powder cocaine.Ive commuted the sentences of dozens of people sentenced under old drug laws we now recognize were unfair.The Department of Justice has gotten “Smart on Crime,” refocusing efforts on the worst offenders,and pursuing mandatory minimum sentences less frequently. 当我还是个参议员的时候,我就说过,大部分情况下,我们的司法系统就是一个从资金不足的学校到人满为患的监狱之间的管道。我们已经采取措施来解决这一问题。我们加大对学校的投入,让有危险的年轻人有更好的机会走向成功。我签署了一项法案,降低了对强效可卡因和粉末可卡因犯罪100比1的量刑差异。我们意识到旧的毒品法不公平,我就为很多依据旧法判刑的人员减刑。司法部也进行了“智能打击犯罪”行动,集中精力打击那些最恶劣的犯罪分子,尽可能减少最低强制判决的使用。Still,much of our criminal justice system remains unfair.In recent years,more of our eyes have been opened to this truth.We cant close them anymore.And good people,of all political persuasions,are eager to do something about it. 然而我们的司法系统还有很多不公平的地方。在最近这些年,我们看到了更多的实情。我们不能再无动于衷了。有良心、有政治抱负的人们都希望为此做点贡献。Over the next few weeks,Ill travel the country to highlight some of the Americans who are doing their part to fix our criminal justice system.Ill visit a community battling prescription drug and heroin abuse.Ill speak with leaders from law enforcement who are determined to lower the crime rate and the incarceration rate,and with police chiefs who have dedicated their careers to keeping our streets and officers safe.Ill meet with former prisoners who are earning their second chance. 接下来的几个星期,我将在国内走访,重点介绍几位尽自己的能力来修补我们的司法体系的美国人。我将到访一个与滥用处方药和海洛因进行斗争的社区。与负责执法的领导进行谈话,他决心要降低犯罪率和关押率,与警察局长一起尽忠职守,保护我们的街区和警察们的安全。我还会与一些出狱的人员交谈,他们在依靠自己的努力重新做人。And Ill keep working with lawmakers from both parties who are determined to get criminal justice reform bills to my desk.Earlier this month,Democrats and Republicans came together in the Senate to introduce such a bill-one that would reduce mandatory minimums for non-violent drug offenders,and reward prisoners with shorter sentences if they complete programs that make them less likely to commit a repeat offense.Theres a similar bill working its way through the House,and Im encouraged by these kinds of bipartisan efforts.This is progress-not liberal ideas or conservative ideas,but common-sense solutions to the challenges we face. 我还会与两党内致力于司法改革的立法者共同努力。本月初,民主党和共和党在参议院共同引入了这样一个法案,该法案要降低对非暴力的毒贩的最低强制关押时间,而且,如果犯人完成改造,不会重新犯罪的话将得到缩短刑期的奖励。在众议院也有一个类似的法案正在讨论中,我本人也深受这种两党合作的鼓舞。这是一种进步,不是什么自由主义或保守主义的想法,而是解决我们所面临的挑战的办法。From the halls of Congress to the classrooms in our schools,we pledge allegiance to one nation under God with liberty,and justice,for all.Justice means that every child deserves a chance to grow up safe and secure,without the threat of violence.Justice means that the punishment should fit the crime.And justice means allowing our fellow Americans who have made mistakes to pay their debt to society,and re-join their community as active,rehabilitated citizens. 从国会大厅到学校的教室,我们都庄严宣誓,我们是上帝保佑的对所有人自由、公正的国家。公正意味着每个孩子都应该安全地成长,而不能受到暴力的威胁。公正意味着处罚与罪行匹配。公正意味着允许犯错的美国同胞们偿还对社会的欠账,以积极、完成改造的公民身份重新融入社会。Justice has never been easy to achieve,but its always been worth fighting for.And its something Ill keep fighting for as long as I serve as your president. 公正从来都不是轻松可以实现的目标,但从来都是值得为之奋斗的目标。只要我继续担任总统,我就将为之持续奋斗不已。Thanks,and have a great weekend. 谢谢大家,祝周末愉快! 201510/404777People always talk about diving into things youre afraid of. That never worked for me.人们总是说要放手去做你害怕的事。这对我而言行不通。If Im afraid I run away, and I would probably urge my child to do the same.如果我害怕了我会逃跑,我可能会敦促我的孩子也这样做。Fear protect us in many ways.害怕在各方面保护着我们。What has served me is diving into my own obliviousness.对我有用的是投入到自己的无知当中。Being more confident than I should be, which everyone tends to decry an American kids.过度自信,人们常用这事来谴责美国孩子。And those of us who have been grade inflated and ego inflated.还有那些分数膨胀和自我膨胀的人。ligt;Well, it can be a good thing if it makes you try things you never might have tried.其实如果能让你尝试从不敢尝试之事,这也未尝不是好事。Your inexperience is an asset and will allow you to think in original and unconventional ways.你的无经验是种财富,能让你有原创和跳出常规的点子。Accept your lack of knowledge and use it as your asset.接受你经验上的缺乏,把它当成财富来用。I know a famous violinist who told me that he cant compose.我认识一位小提琴家,他告诉我他无法作曲。Because he knows too many pieces, so when he starts thinking of the note, an existing peace immediately comes to mind.因为他懂得太多曲目,所以当他想到音符的时候,现有的曲目会立刻出现在他脑海里。Just starting out one of your biggest strengths is not knowing how things are supposed to be.刚开始时,你最大的长处之一就是不知道事情该是怎么做的。You can compose freely because your mind isnt cluttered with too many pieces.你的头脑中没有塞满曲目,所以可以自由地创作。And you dont take for granted the way things are.而你不会对事情的状况习以为常。The only way you know how to do things is your own way.你所知道的唯一做事方式就是你自己的方式。You here will all go on to achieve great things.你们大家都会成就伟大事业。Theres no doubt about that.这是毋庸置疑的。Each time you set out to do something new, your inexperience can either lead you down a path where you will conform to someone elses values, or you can forge on path even if you dont realize thats what youre doing.每次你动手做新事时,你的无经验要么引领你走上一条遵循他人价值的路,要么会让你创造属于自己的路,即便在你不知道的情况下。If your reasons are your own.如果你的理由是属于你自己的。Your path, even if its a strange and clumsy path, will be wholly yours.你的路,即使是奇怪而坎坷的路,也将会完全属于你自己。And you will control the rewards of what you do by making your internal life fulfilling.而你能控制你所做之事带来的奖励让你的内心世界更加充实。At the risk of sounding like a miss america contestant, the most fulfilling things Ive experienced have truly been the human interactions.下面的话可能听起来像美国选手的发言,我所经历的最令我满足的事真的是与人之间的互动。Spending time with women in village banks in Mexico, with FINCA microfinace organization, meeting young women who were the first and only in their communities to attend secondary school in rural Kenya, with Free The Children group that build sustainable schools in developing countries.在墨西哥与乡村的女性接触,跟FINCA微型金融组织共事,跟当地最早,也是唯一接受过中等教育的肯尼亚年轻女性见面,跟解放儿童组织在发展中国家建造可持续的校舍。Checking with gorilla conservationists in Rwanda.在卢旺达跟自然保护主义者追踪猩猩。Its a cliche, because its true that helping others ends up that helping you more than anyone.这虽然是老生常谈,但这是真事,帮助他人最终会给你带来更多。Getting out of your on concerns, and caring about someone elses life for a while, reminds you that you are not the center of the universe.跳出你自己的事情,偶尔关心一下他人的生活,这会提醒你,你不是宇宙的中心。201506/381983

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