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月湖区剖腹产多少钱鹰潭龙虎山风景区做人流哪家医院最好的A public toilet in Munich which has been transformed into an art museum has attracted hundreds of people in the first days after opening, a spokesman for the city's tourism agency said on Thursday.Built in 1894, the toilet house was originally constructed to serve nearby households which lacked necessary facilities.After being in use for over a hundred years, the toilets were locked up in 1992 because they were very rarely used."On the night we opened, around 800 people came to see our work," initiator of the museum project, Mathias Koehler told reporters.He said that a toilet was a great place for artistic expression because art is a form of relief in the same way that going to the toilet is.The art exhibited is mainly graffiti often with a political theme. Examples include images of Barack Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel flanking a urinal in the corner of the room.Four artists contributed their work to the exhibition.Although the 70-square meter museum is only temporary, Koehler said he could not rule out making it permanent if public interest remains high. (德国)慕尼黑市旅游局的一位发言人于上周四称,慕尼黑的一家公厕被改造成艺术物馆后,在刚开放几天内就吸引了数百人前来参观。这个公厕建造于1894年,最初是为解决附近居民上厕所难的问题而建。在被使用100多年后,这个厕所于1992年被停用,因为现在已经很少有人使用它。物馆改造工程发起人玛西亚斯#8226;科赫勒在接受记者采访时说:“物馆开放当晚,约有800人前来参观。”他说,厕所是艺术表达的绝佳场所,因为艺术和上厕所一样,都是一种放松形式。此次厕所艺术展的多数展品是一些政治主题的“涂鸦”作品,比如,(美国总统民主党候选人)巴拉克#8226;奥巴马和德国总理安吉拉#8226;默克尔的画像就出现在屋内角落处的一个便池旁。共有四位艺术家为此次展览贡献作品。尽管这家面积只有70平米的厕所物馆目前只是临时性的,但科赫勒表示,如果公众热情一直很高,他不排除这个物馆会长期存在的可能。 /200811/55021江西鹰潭产检哪家好 DAILY SIN: SHOWERING EVERY DAY   第一宗罪:每日洗澡   Using piping-hot water combined with harsh soaps can strip the skin of its oils, resulting in dryness, cracking and even infection The modern preoccupation with personal hygiene could be to the detriment of our skin, according to Dr Nick Lowe, consultant dermatologist at the Cranley Clinic in London. ‘For the majority of us, there is no need to have a thorough wash every day.’ If the prospect of skipping a daily shower horrifies you, at least make sure you wash with cooler water, he says.   来自伦敦 Cranley Clinic 诊所的皮肤科医生Dr Nick Lowe称每日洗澡会对皮肤不好。他说:”用过烫的水以及碱性强的香皂洗澡会对自己的皮肤有害,有可能使得皮肤过分干燥、皮肤油脂大大减少、脱皮甚至皮肤感染。 /201104/133620New York Times reports end to Iraq warThe ed States has ended the war in Iraq and indicted President George W. Bush on treason charges, The New York Times reported Tuesday. OK, well not really.An elaborate spoof hit the streets of New York on Tuesday: a convincing fake of The New York Times announcing not just the withdrawal of troops from Iraq but a raft of other US liberal fantasies.Bush is indicted, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice apologizes that the fuss about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction was invented, and Americans are finally getting national health insurance.And that's just on the front page.The only problem? The free, 14-page "special edition" newspaper is phoney.Website www.gawker.com has identified the pranksters behind the stunt as The Yes men, a liberal group famous for practical jokes.The newspaper was a vision of what Americans would love to see under Barack Obama after he takes power in January.Dated July 4, 2009, its front-page motto s: "All the news we hope to print" -- a play on the Times' famous "All the news that's fit to print."A Times spokeswoman said: "This is obviously a fake issue ... We are in the process of finding out more about it."One of the newspaper's own online commentators had a wittier retort:"Sorry, folks, the paper isn't free. And the Iraq war isn't over, at least not yet."It's not the first time the venerable newspaper has been parodied. One was published during the 1978 newspaper strike.Another came out on April Fool's Day 1999, printed by British business tycoon Sir Richard Branson and titled "I Can't Believe It's Not The New York Times." 据《纽约时报》本周二报道,美国日前结束伊拉克战争,并以叛国罪起诉总统乔治#8226;W#8226;布什。可惜,这不是真的。一个精心策划的恶作剧于本周二引爆纽约街头:当日的一份“高仿真版”《纽约时报》不仅宣布了美国从伊拉克撤军的消息,还刊载了其它很多大快人心的报道。其中包括布什总统被指控;国务卿赖斯承认布什政府在发动伊拉克战争前就知道伊拉克没有大规模杀伤性武器;美国的全民保险制度终于建立等等。这还只是头版的内容……只可惜,这份免费的、14版的《纽约时报》“特刊”是假的。Gawker.com网站通过调查发现,这份假《纽约时报》的幕后操手是一个名叫“应声虫(The Yes men)”的以恶搞而著称的自由组织。这份报纸反映了美国人希望在奥巴马明年1月接任总统后能看到的一些新变化。这份日期为2009年7月4日的《纽约时报》在其头版打出了宣传口号,“我们刊登所有我们希望看到的新闻”,而正版《纽约时报》的宣传语则是“我们刊登所有有价值的新闻”。《纽约时报》的一位女发言人说:“这显然是个恶作剧,目前我们正在对该事件进行调查。”《纽约时报》的一位网络员的反驳则更加诙谐幽默:“不好意思,各位,报纸并不免费,伊战也未结束,至少现在还没有。”《纽约时报》遭恶搞已不是第一次,其中一次是在1978年报业罢工之时。另一次是在1999年的愚人节,当时英国商界大亨理查德#8226;布兰森印刷了一批假报,当时报纸的头条是“我不相信这不是《纽约时报》。” Vocabulary: phoney:赝品;骗人的东西 /200811/56131鹰潭市人民医院中药科

江西中医学院第三附属医院妇科检查怎么样Prison-like management管理监狱化Despite college students` increasing awareness of freedom, all schools still apply old-style management. Therefore, freedom-seeking students escape from the strictly managed dorms to rent apartments in nearby communities. To avoid off-campus problems, universities should consider relaxing the rules.大学生的自由意识越来越强烈,而校园却依然延续着老套的管理模式。因此,大学生们纷纷逃离管理严格的集体宿舍,在附近小区租房建立自由家园。如要避免由此衍生的诸多校外问题,或许学校真的应该考虑放宽陈旧的条条框框了。Foul mouths粗口随意化Obscenities are oral pollution. The filthy words turn the campus environment from a peaceful well-educated one into squalid neighborhood of rude residents.张口就是污言秽语,这着实污染了校内的环境。这些难以入耳的脏话使得本来充满学术氛围的安静校园变成粗人聚集的低档社区。 /201011/118671鹰潭市人民医院预约四维彩超 The slower you build up energy in the morning, the more painful waking up will be. What’s better, spending thirty minutes wrestling with the snooze button followed by an hour ramp up to normal mental functioning or quickly starting the day with energy?In my recent article on morning rituals, I mentioned how I wake up at 5:30 each morning. A few ers asked how I deal with the initial grogginess that comes with waking up so early. As someone who isn’t a natural early-riser (I could easily sleep in until noon) getting over the early-morning sleepiness wasn’t easy. However, by using some of the tips I’ll describe, you can be more alert in your morning hours without having to inject yourself with a pot of coffee.Why Go Without Caffeine?I never drink coffee and I only occasionally drink caffeinated teas. While caffeine can be a temporary chemical solution to your drowsiness, I don’t believe it is the best strategy overall. I’ve found caffeine offers more energy, but it comes with side-effects. A few I’ve noticed:* Post-caffeine crashes.* Disrupting normal sleep.* Withdrawal symptoms and addiction.* Difficulty focusing. (Although some research suggests otherwise)Whether caffeine is a miracle drug or junk is hard to say. However, given the side-effects, if you can boost morning alertness without the artificial stimulants, why bother drinking the stuff?How to Build Energy Into Your MorningsHere are a few things I’ve found helpful to reduce the transition period from being asleep to becoming fully alert. Not only does speeding up this wake-up process save time, it makes waking up less of a struggle. A few tips:1. Light.Your body’s natural clock is tuned to the amount of light. Turn on all the lights in your room right after waking up. Getting bright lights can help trick your body into thinking it is time to get out of bed.2. Exercise.Put something physical right at the start of your morning. In the summer, I did a quick morning run and found it helpful in shaking off any sleepiness. Considering the outside temperature hovers around -30 C, I’ve stuck to doing a few pushups in my room. The exercise gets your heart pumping and snaps you out of a groggy state.3. The 10-Minute Rule.If you want to stick with a consistent wake-up time, practice the ten-minute rule. This means you commit to staying awake for at least the next ten minutes. Once you get over that initial period, the temptation to go back to bed is usually gone.4. Active Work.Start your day with work that actively uses your mind. Creative activities like writing, drawing, programming or designing work better than passive activities like ing. By focusing your mind early you can stay focused and brush off any unwanted drowsiness.5. Don’t Skip Breakfast.Wake up early enough to get something to eat. Skipping meals throw your metabolism out of balance, causing you to gain fat and lose energy. Skipping breakfast also means your blood sugar will be low in the morning and energy levels down.6. Commit to a Sleep Schedule.The obvious solution to combat sleepiness is to get more rest at night. Carrying a sleep debt throughout the week with the hopes of paying it off on the weekend is a bad strategy. Instead, compress your work into the morning hours so you can get the 6-8 hours you need each night.7. Turn Up the Volume.I’ve found listening to music or audio books helpful in keeping myself awake during the morning. Best of all, if you put on an audio book from your favorite speaker, you can get some encouragement to start your day. 早晨起床越慢,越会觉得这是一件痛苦的事。 躺着挣扎三十分钟,然后花上一个小时才能清醒过来,还是神清气爽的迅速开始新的一天,你会选哪个呢?在我最近的一篇文章“早晨的习惯”中,我提到我每天都是5:30起床。一些读者吃惊的问我起那么早,是怎么对付早上困的东倒西歪的状况的。作为一个没有早起习惯的人(我可是很容易就能一觉睡到大中午),大清早从床上爬起来并且迅速摆脱困倦可不是一件容易的事。下面是我的一些秘诀,它们能更好的帮你在清早保持清醒,而不是去依靠一大壶咖啡。为什么远离咖啡因?我从不喝咖啡并且只是偶尔喝一点茶。这些东西里面的咖啡因虽然能暂时解决你的困倦,但是我从来不认为这是健康的解决方法。我知道咖啡因让你更有精神,但是它的副作用也不可忽视,比如:* 效力过后更加困倦* 影响正常睡眠* 习惯以后上瘾* 无法集中注意力(尽管有些研究说没有这个效应)咖啡因到底是提神的特效药还是有很多副作用的垃圾还很难说。但是,考虑到这些副作用,如果你能不通过它的刺激就能保持清爽,为啥还要去喝它呢。清晨怎么做才能提神?这里是一些能有效地帮你从半睡半醒到神清气爽的小窍门,我相信它们会对你很有帮助。很快清醒不仅能帮你节省时间,也能让你少挣扎一会。下面窍门来了:1.明亮的灯光:你身体的生物钟是由光线影响的。所以最好以起床就打开你房间里所有的灯。充足的光线能唤醒你的身体,让它觉得是时候起床清醒了。2.运动热身:早上一起床就做一些运动。夏天的时候我通常会在清晨小跑一会,这可以很有效的帮你甩掉困倦。现在温度已经降到了零下30度,我转而在房间里做些俯卧撑。运动能让你心跳加速,帮助身体走出倦怠。3.10分钟原则:如果你想养成同一个时间起床的习惯,可以试试10分钟原则。这个原则是指你起床时向自己保在接下来的十分钟里保持清醒。一旦你度过这10分钟,想再躺回床上的欲望一般也就随之而去了。4.主动的工作:一天刚开始的时候,安排一些主动的使用你的大脑的工作。比如一些创作性的工作像写作,画画,编写程序,或者一些设计性的工作。比起被动性的活动如读书,这些主动工作可以更有效的帮你集中精神,摆脱困倦。5.吃好早餐:早点起床,然后弄点东西吃。不吃早餐会让你的新陈代谢失去平衡,造成你长胖或者无精打采。不吃早餐也会造成你在早晨血糖偏低,这会让你感到困倦。6.按时睡觉:要避免早晨无精打采,晚上保睡眠显然是必须的。工作日欠大量的睡眠债,而企图在周末一次补齐绝对是个坏主意,不管对精神还是身体。为了避免这样的情况,把工作压缩到你精力充足的早上,从而保每天晚上最少6-8小时的睡眠。7.把音乐打开:我发现早晨听些音乐或者有声图书能很有效的帮你保持清醒。特别是如果把你最喜欢的朗诵者的有声图书播放上,总能鼓励你更有精神。 /200810/54150鹰潭堕胎需多少钱

余江县子宫肌瘤哪家医院最好的When driving these days, do you look at the prices every time you pass a gas station? Do you notice yourself paying more attention to the prices of everything you buy? You are not alone. Consumers everywhere are more price aware. People who've been indifferent to price increases for years are suddenly amazed at what things now cost. How can marketers cope not just with inflation but with consumer sticker shock?1.Understand Your Customers. There are at least four ways in which customers can respond to higher gas prices: downgrade from premium to regular; take fewer trips by car, consolidate errands, switch to public transportation; take the same number of trips but reduce the miles driven per trip by, for example, vacationing closer to home; drive more economically and less aggressively to improve miles per gallon; and buy a specific dollar amount of gas rather than filling up every time, even though this may mean more visits to the pump. Some consumers may even trade in (at a loss) the SUV for a hybrid, an example of how price inflation on one product can cause demand shifts in a second, related, category.2.Invest in Market Research. You must discard your existing customer segmentation assumptions and segment consumers around product usage behavior and price sensitivity. You must get out into the marketplace yourself and talk to consumers directly to understand their pain points and how they are changing attitudes and behaviors in response to price inflation. You must then quantify these shifts and develop product and pricing strategies that balance the need to maintain both profitability and market share.3.Redefine Value. Customers buying soft drinks can think about price in three ways: the absolute cost per can or bottle, the cost per ounce, and, less common in this category, the monthly consumption cost. Customers short on cash will focus much more on the absolute price. They'll go for the 99 cent soft drink rather than the .29 container with 50 percent more volume. To motivate cash-poor consumers, marketers must reverse engineer products and packaging to hit key retail price points. This may mean downsizing package sizes, something the candy industry always does in response to inflation.4.Use Promotions. If you've always passed through raw material price increases to the end consumer, you don't necessarily need to change that policy. However, lagging competitors in passing on price increases can have the same effect as a temporary price promotion. More customers than usual will be looking out for price promotions, but don't give away the store to those who don't need the discount, and cut prices not across the board but only on items selected as your inflation-busters. For cash poor consumers, these promotions should hit the key price points on small pack sizes. For cash rich consumers, encourage multi-unit purchases ahead of the inevitable next price increase.5.Unbundle. Customers who previously welcomed the convenience of buying product, options, and services rolled into one may now ask for a detailed price breakdown. Make it easy for your more price-sensitive customers to better cherry-pick the options and services that they truly need by giving them an unbundled of options.6.Monitor Trade Terms. Beware of powerful distributors paying you more slowly than they turn the inventory they buy from you. In an inflationary environment, they're making money on the float by stretching their payables. Manage your inventory on a last-in, first-out basis to insure that increases in your realized selling prices do not trail the increases in your input costs.7.Increase Relevance. You need to persuade customers to cut back their expenditures on other products, not on yours. In tough times, consumers more than ever need and deserve the occasional treat. So, if you are Haagen Dazs, tell the consumer to substitute private label peas for the name brand but to not forego the comfort of curling up on the sofa with a tub of her favorite ice cream. Strong brands can hold consumer loyalty while increasing retail price points. Weaker brands risk private label and generic substitution. 最近这些天开车经过加油站的时候,你有没有注意油价?你有没有留意自己买任何东西,都比以前更在意价格?不是你一个人这样的.每个消费 者现在都比以前更关注商品的价格.就连之前几年对价格上涨没有感觉的人们也突然对买东西的出数额感到吃惊了.那么,市场上的企业用什么办法才能不仅应对 通货膨胀问题而且也能照顾到消费者的感受呢?1、要理解顾客.汽油价格上涨,消费者至少 有以下四种反应:不再使用优质油转而购买普通油;减少开车出行,把事情统一起来做,选择公共交通工具;或者仍旧开车出行但是缩短每次出行的里程,比如说, 在离家近一些的地方渡假,同时更注重车子的燃油经济性,这样每加仑汽油就能跑更多的里程;消费者还可以一次性购买一定数量的汽油,而不是一次又一次地去油 站加油,尽管这样做要使用油泵.甚至会有消费者宁愿赔钱去把SUV型车换成混合动力型车,这同时也是一个可以说明一种商品价格的上涨如何引起对其他相关商 品需求变化的例子.2、做市场调查.企业这个时候必须抛开已有的消费者细分的假定并根据 消费者的产品使用行为和对价格的敏感程度对其重新细分,企业必须亲自深入市场,直接和消费者对话,了解消费者的切身利益,以及他们在通货膨胀的时候,购买 商品的行为和态度有什么变化.接下来,企业必须对消费者的这些变化进行量化分析并且制定产品和价格策略来平衡商品需求,以维持盈利和市场份额.3、重新定义"价值".购 买软饮料的消费者会从三个方面来考虑价格:首先,一罐或者一瓶饮料的绝对价格,其次是每盎司饮料的价格,还有就是比较少见的,每个月购买饮料的总价格.现 金短缺的消费者会更在意绝对价格,他们会购买定价0.99美元的软饮料却不会购买定价1.29美元同时量也增加了一半的饮料.因此,为了刺激现金短缺的消 费者,企业就必须逆向设计开发产品和包装来配合商品的零售价格,这样的措施一般都是缩小包装规格,糖果行业常常会这么做去应对价格上涨.4、利用促销.如 果企业总是将原材料成本的增加转嫁给最终消费者,那么就没有必要去改变政策.然而,把成本的增加转嫁给消费者的速度放慢就会起到和临时价格促销一样的效 果.消费者大部分都想要打折商品,都在密切地关注着价格促销活动.企业不需要通过董事局决议降价,而只需要降低消费者购买的具体商品的价格就可.对于现金 短缺的消费者来说,这些促销活动会使小规格包装的商品价格正好在他们可以接受的水平上,而对于不存在现金短缺的消费者来说,则可以在下一次不可避免的价格 上涨来临之前,鼓励他们购买多种包装规格的产品.5、分别计价.涨价之前,消费者为了方便希望有多种选择,会把产品和相关的务一起购买,涨价之后,消费者则可能会需要了解它们各自的价格.所以,为了让那些对价格特别敏感的消费者更好地在他们真正需要的多种选择和务之中做出最佳决策,企业就要提供各种购买选择的单独定价单.6、修正交易条款.如果实力强大的分销商偿付货款的周期比他们购买产品的周期长的情况出现,企业要警惕!在通货膨胀的环境下,分销商通过延迟应付账款的时间而获利.企业可以采取后进先出法来管理存货,以保销售额的增加不低于存货成本的增加.7、强调商品的实用性. 企业要劝说消费者减少在其他商品而不是本企业商品的开.在经济环境严峻时期,消费者比以前更需要同时也应该得到特殊的待遇.所以,像哈根达斯,就可以告 诉消费者用名牌豌豆代替私人品牌的豌豆,但同时也告诉消费者不要放弃吃着自己最喜欢的冰淇淋蜷在沙发上的惬意舒适.影响力强的品牌提高零售价格会保住消费 者的忠诚度,而知名度不高的品牌则会有被代替的风险. /200807/44204 Ever since Keira Knightley made a swimming cap look fabulous in Atonement, the accessory has never come off the fashion radar - and this year it's set to be all the rage for the winter season.Prada, Marc Jacobs and Victoria Beckham have taken inspiration from the Fifties and used this retro item on their catwalks. But it would seem the caps are not strictly for swimming, given they are made from leather, wool and even snakeskin. The good news for fashionistas is that you don't have to wait until winter to try out this trend, as caps are the perfect accompaniment for one of summer's hottest trends - retro swimwear. Bring on poolside posing..Making a splash: Keira Knightley, left, and a Prada model show swimming caps are in fashion 在英国传统礼仪中,出席重大活动女士一定要戴帽子,刚举行不久威廉和凯特在威斯敏斯特大教堂的婚礼几乎变成帽子盛会,众多女士们“稀奇古怪”“高贵典雅”的帽子秀让守护在电视机前的皇室粉丝们大饱眼福。.据悉,这次参加威廉婚礼的女宾客,各个戴上了充满艺术性的,羽毛装饰的小帽子,吸引眼球,这其中大多数都是出自英国著名的帽子设计师Philip Treacy之手,在诸多的帽子中,英国公主Beatrice戴的“马桶帽”最得噱头,这顶帽子已经在网上被拍卖,拍卖所的款项将用于慈善事业。今夏,帽子的趋势“势不可挡”,英国知名女演员凯拉奈·特利近日头戴一顶“泳帽”出现在公众视野中,被时尚人士高度赞扬有可能是今年冬季的流行趋势。据悉,国际品牌普拉达、Marc Jacobs 甚至刚当上设计师的维多利亚都从“泳帽”中获得灵感,将这个元素用在自己这一季的装。 /201105/137367鹰潭市中医院做彩超B超价格江西省鹰潭希正医院无痛人流好吗



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