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今天分享的这个词组是“cop a feel ”, 意思是“(偷偷或未经许可)抚摸别人身体(带性骚扰成分),相似的词组是feel up”.精台词:My parents have been married for 50 years. My dad would not cop a feel just because some girl is wearing a slutty dress.我父母结婚50多年了。我爸爸不会因为某个女人穿着暴露就去摸她!双语例句:I think someone just copped a feel of my tits on the subway!我想刚才在地铁上有人摸了我咪咪!She slapped the guy who tried to cop a feel.她给了那个想吃豆腐的男人一巴掌。 /201411/338142Todd: OK, Conrad!康拉德!Conrad: Yeah!是的!Todd: Youre quite the jock!你真是个运动健将!Conrad: Thanks Todd.谢谢。Todd: Yeah. So, were gonna talk about sports.我们将会讨论运动的话题。Conrad: Alright.好的。Todd: What sports do you like?你喜欢什么运动?Conrad: Well, I like a lot of sports, but basketball is my favorite. Definitely.我喜欢的运动很多,但篮球绝对是我的最爱。Todd: Oh, really!真的!Conrad: Yeah!是的!Todd: OK. How long have you been playing basketball?好的。你打篮球有多久了?Conrad: Lets see! Probably about thirty years. Im thirty seven now and I think I was in elementaryschool when I started to play at first.让我想想!也许有30年了。我今天37岁,我是从小学开始接触篮球的。Todd: At what age were you your best?你打得最好的时候是什么时候?Conrad: Lets see! Probably around 20 maybe. Sometime when I was in college. Yeah!我想想,也许是20岁左右的时候,在大学的时候。Todd: What position did you play when you played basketball?你打篮球时打的是哪个位置?Conrad: Guard. Guard. A little bit of forward, depending on what kind of team I was playing on.后卫,偶尔前锋,这要看我在哪个队打球。Todd: Yeah, were you mainly an offensive or defensive player?你是攻击型的选手还是防守型的?Conrad: Defensive. Yeah.防守型的。Todd: OK. Do you still watch a lot of basketball on TV?你现在还经常在电视上看篮球吗?Conrad: Well, now living in Japan I dont get, um, get many chances to watch the NBA but I do follow it on the internet.我现在住在日本不看了,电视上倒是能看到NBA,但我都在网上关注。Todd: OK. Do you still play basketball?好的,你现在还打篮球吗?Conrad: Yeah. Yeah. I play about once a week with my at the university I work at with the club teamthere.是的。每周一次,在大学里,我现在在Club队。Todd: OK. Great. Alright. Thanks a lot Conrad.好的。谢谢你,康拉德。Conrad: Sure. No problem Todd.没问题,托德。注:译文属原创,,。 /201209/19

Lesson 16 Chinese and American Hobbies中国人的爱好和美国人的爱好David:I noticed that your hobbies do not include book ing, painting, poetry, or collecting stamps. Do you think this generation of China is not so interested in traditional hobbies? I find many students in the Internet cafe playing games or chatting online.我注意到你在谈论个人爱好时没有说到读书,画画,诗歌或者集邮。你是不是觉得现在的年轻人对这些传统东西不再感兴趣了?我看到很多学生在网吧玩游戏,聊天。You:Yes, but people should not get addicted to the computer. For some people its too late, they are aly lost in cyberspace.人们不应该沉溺于电脑。可对一些人来说已经太晚了,他们已经迷失在虚拟世界里了。David:I think many students used to books as a hobby before. Do you think this generation is not ing as many books?我以前以为很多学生都把读书当作个人爱好。你有没有觉得现在的人不再读那么多书了?You:Do you think ing books or collecting stamps are sedentary hobbies?你是不是觉得喜爱读书和集邮的人不太爱运动?David:They are not active hobbies. They are passive. But playing computer game is also sedentary. 那样的爱好就要求人们静下来呀,电脑游戏也属于这种。You:Yes. Your body is passive, but your mind is very active.玩电脑游戏的时候,你的身体是静止的,但你的思维很活跃。David:Well, what do you know about American hobbies?你了解美国人有什么爱好吗?You:I know about baseball and basketball … Americans like to travel.我知道有棒球,篮球……美国人喜欢旅行。David:Yes. There are many hobbies in the ed States.是的,在美国人们有很多爱好。You:I have heard that American children like to ski.我听说美国孩子喜欢滑雪。David:Among the younger people in America, sports are still a very popular hobby. Other popular hobbies include ing books, watching TV, and some other traditional kinds of hobbies.美国的年轻人中还是有很多人把运动作为一项爱好的。其他的爱好还有读书,看电视和其他一些传统爱好。  /201208/197244

Adrienne: So, Mary, who are these guys here?埃德里安娜:玛丽,这些家伙都是谁?Mary: This ones Piper. Shes seven. She just had a birthday in October, and this ones Daisy, shes got kind of an older face on her. I think shes probably about nine years old.玛丽:这个是派珀,她七岁了。她刚刚在十月份过了生日,这个是黛西,她的脸看上去有点老。我想她可能有九岁了。Adrienne: Are these your children?埃德里安娜:这些都是你的孩子吗?Mary: You know, they could be my children, but they’re actually dogs. Golden Retrievers.玛丽:你知道,它们可以是我的孩子,不过实际上它们都是。品种是黄金猎犬。Adrienne: Theyre so pretty.埃德里安娜:它们真漂亮。Mary: Yeah, theyre a lot of my attention. They really have my heart captured right now, so I do spend a lot of time, you know, working on them and training them and taking them out for walks during the day and as you can tell by the big giant basket behind you they have a lot of toys so theyre kind of active. They like swinging stuff around and playing outside. (Pipe. Hi, there!).玛丽:是啊,我要花很大精力照顾它们。我现在完全被它们迷住了,所以你知道,我要花好多时间训练它们,白天的时候会带它们出去散步,你可以从你后面的那个大篮子看出来,它们有很多玩具,所以它们非常活跃。它们喜欢时髦的东西,也喜欢在外面玩。(派珀,那里!)Adrienne: So how did you get them?埃德里安娜:那你是从哪里得到的它们?Mary: I actually raised a Golden Retriever puppy for about 8 years. When I lost her, I remember thinking to myself, Id love to have another golden retriever but puppies are really hard work, and wouldnt it be great if I could just find a dog that was aly an adult, and I made mention to it to someone at work one day and she let me know of an organization, a rescue organization that worked primarily with Golden Retrievers, so I contacted the organization and they had several dogs available for adoption and I went and met a few, and kind of figured out their personalities and decided that there was one there for me, and that was Tucker, my big, big male who I had for a long time, so I ended up adopting him when he was a year and a half. He still had a lot of puppy in him, but he was aly housebroken, and you know, in pretty good shape for bringing home so he was a lot of fun. That was my first experience with the organization, and they are a great organization. I really believe in a lot of the work they do, because a couple of the dogs, Piper in particular, happen to have been an abused animal unfortunately in the first part of her life so this organization spent a lot of time kind of evaluating the right kind of environment for an animal, and the right kind of animal for a family so the adoption process, as they call it, its really involved, Its almost like adopting a child because they want to make sure that youre home is, you know properly set up for a dog this size and that your yard is fenced and that you can handle a dog like this and have what it takes to train him and get him to trust humans again so its been a really long process in some cases. When I adopted daisy, almost two years ago, that was not so hard. She was a very easy dog to adopt. She just came in, made herself at home, got along great with Piper right away and, you know, she has never given me any concern or any reason to worry about her temperament. Shes been just such an easy going dog.玛丽:实际上我曾经养过一只黄金猎犬,而且养了8年的时间。当我失去她的时候,我记得我对自己说,我想再养一只黄金猎犬,但是养小太辛苦了,如果我养一只成年不是很好吗,有一天我在上班的时候和别人说了这个想法,她告诉了我一个组织,那是一个主要帮助黄金猎犬的救助组织,于是我联系了那个组织,而他们有几只可供收养的,我去那里见了几只,简单了解了一下那些的性格然后决定收养一只,那就是塔克,它是我收养的第一只,这只我已经养了很长时间了,我收养它的时候它只有一岁半。其实它还是一只小,不过它已经经过训练养成了家居卫生习惯,很适合带回家收养,它真的很有趣。那是我在那个组织收养的第一只,那真是个伟大的组织。我真的非常相信他们做的工作,因为有一些,尤其是派珀,之前曾经很不幸地遭遇过虐待,而这个组织花费了大量的时间来评估适合动物生活的环境,适合动物生活的家庭,所以所涉及的收养过程其实很像领养儿童的过程,因为他们希望确保你的家庭适合这种大型犬生活,确保你的院子有栅栏,还要确保你可以照顾这种,而且可以训练它,让它再次相信人类,所以在某些情况下,收养过程耗时很长。我在大概两年前收养的黛西,那时收养过程并不复杂。我很容易地就收养她了。她只是进来我的家,像在自己家一样,而且马上就和派珀相处融洽了,你知道,她从来没让我担心过,完全不用担心她的性情。她是一只非常好相处的。Adrienne: Yeah, she seems like a sweetheart. Both of them are.埃德里安娜:对,她看起来像恋人。它们都是。Mary: Yeah, theyre fun. Theyre fun.玛丽:对,它们真有趣。它们很有趣。 /201406/303334

1、Old school:classical things2、Flick:film3、Are you up for it?:Would you like do it? (I am down)4、Awesome:gorgeous or wonderful5、Pumped:stoked or get excited6、Stoked:pumped or get excited强烈的、戏剧化的说法:You light up my life.你照亮我的生命。 /201210/205805Finn: Hello and welcome to The English We Speak. Im Finn.芬恩:大家好,欢迎收听地道英语节目,我是芬恩。Feifei: And Im Feifei. Were at a very nice party.菲菲:我是菲菲。我们正在参加一场非常棒的派对。Waiter: Champagne?务员:来点香槟吗?Feifei: Oh, yes please.菲菲:哦,好的,谢谢。Finn: Oh, this party is full of famous actors, actresses and film directors.芬恩:哦,来参加这个派对的都是著名的男女演员还有电影导演。Feifei: Very glamorous. (whispering) Oh look, theres... whats his name again? And what is he wearing?菲菲:非常精。(耳语)哦,快看,那是……他叫什么名字来着?他穿的是什么?Finn: Oh yes. What is he wearing? A bright purple suit...芬恩:哦。他穿的是什么?他穿了一套亮紫色的西装……Feifei: And pink leather boots...!菲菲:还有粉色的皮靴……Finn: Yes! And hes got a few awards under his belt, hasnt he? Very successful...芬恩:对!他已经获得了一些奖项,对吧?非常成功……Feifei: Under his belt? How do you know what hes got under his belt? I mean, we can see the purple suit and pink shoes, but...菲菲:在他的皮带下面?你怎么知道在他的皮带下面?我是说,我们能看到紫色西装和粉色皮靴,但是……Finn: No, no. If you say someone has something under their belt, it means they have a particular experience aly - something that might help them in the future. So, in this case, he has the experience of winning a few awards aly.芬恩:不,不是。如果你说某人has something under their belt,意思是他们已经有了特别的经历,可能是在未来能帮到他们的经历。所以,刚刚那句话的意思就是他已经有过获奖的经历了。Feifei: I think we need some examples to make that clearer.菲菲:我想我们要听些例句来加强理解。After the new football manager had a few wins under his belt, he felt more confident.这位新任足球经理在赢得了几次胜利以后感觉更自信了。I think Madeleine would be a great leader. She has so much experience under her belt.我认为玛德琳会成为伟大的领袖。她拥有丰富的经验。Finn: Now weve got some examples under our belt-is it easier to understand?芬恩:现在我们已经听了一些例句了,是不是更容易理解了?Feifei: Yes, thanks! Oh Finn, hes coming over-that famous actor.菲菲:对,谢谢!哦,芬恩,那个著名演员过来了。Famous actor: Hi. I saw you chatting over there and I thought Id introduce myself. Im Willy Wards.著名演员:嗨,我看到你们在那里聊天,我想我要自我介绍一下。我是威利·沃德斯。Feifei: Lovely to meet you. My friend Finn says youve won lots of awards?菲菲:很高兴见到你。我朋友芬恩说你得了很多奖,是吗?Famous actor: I have. Would you like to see them?著名演员:是的。你想看看吗?Feifei: Erm... OK?菲菲:额……可以吗?Famous actor: I always keep them with me. Theyre right here... under my belt.著名演员:我总是随身携带这些奖。它们就在这里,我的皮带下面。Finn: Oh Im sorry, I think we have the wrong guy. Time to go Feifei! Bye!芬恩:哦,抱歉,我想我们认错人了。菲菲,该走了!再见!Famous actor: But I really do keep them under my belt! Do join us again next time for The English We Speak.著名演员:不过我真的把它们保存在我皮带下面!记得下次继续收听地道英语节目。译文属 /201408/322270

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