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Leaders Centrifugal Spain先驱 沙盘上的西班牙Umbrage in Catalonia阴云笼罩卡泰罗尼亚Even though the spectre of secession is an unwelcome distraction, Spain still needs to change分裂的阴影分散了西班牙的注意力,尽管不受欢迎,但这个国家依旧需要变革George Orwell, a British writer, fought in the trenches in the Spanish civil war to defend Catalonia from General Franco. He would surely be saddened by what is going on in that beautiful, cultured corner of Spain. On November 25th Catalans will vote in a regional election called as an unofficial referendum on independence. Since Catalonia represents a big chunk of the euro zone’s fourth-largest economy, and since Spain is in the front-line of efforts to save the euro, the vote and its aftermath will be felt farther afield.英国作家乔治·奥威尔曾经参加过西班牙内战,保卫过卡泰罗尼亚,抵御了佛朗哥将军的部队。如果他还在世,定会为在这个美丽文明的西班牙东北角上演的悲剧而痛心。11月25日卡泰罗尼亚人将进行地区性选举,也作非正式独立公投。由于卡泰罗尼亚是欧元区第四大经济体西班牙的重要一部分,且西班牙又处在拯救欧元行动的前线,无疑这次投票及其结果都将产生及其深远的影响。What could be wrong with 7.5m people with their own language and culture choosing to become a nation-state? At first blush, it is hard to object to what Catalan nationalists call the “right to decide”. In fact, there are many reasons why Catalans should not waste their energy trying to break away from Spain. Start by recalling Orwell’s definition of nationalism as “power-hunger tempered by self-deception”。卡泰罗尼亚拥有750万人口和属于自己的语言,选择独立何错之有?乍一看,似乎很难反驳卡泰罗尼亚民族主义者所谓的“自主决定权”。事实上,有很多理由解释了为什么卡泰罗尼亚不应该在争取独立这件事上耗费精力。首先回顾一下奥威尔对于名族主义的定义:“一种因自欺而产生的权利饥渴”。Under Spain’s constitution of 1978, Catalonia enjoys more self-government than almost any other corner of Europe. It runs its own schools, hospitals, police, prisons and cultural institutions. It lacks only tax-raising powers and the Ruritanian trappings of statehood, which nationalist politicians appear to be hungry for. As for the self-deception, this is sometimes farcical: Catalan public television offers a weather forecast that includes provinces that have been part of France since 1659, but no meteorological information for Zaragoza or Madrid. And most Catalans still seem happy to be both Catalans and Spaniards. Support for independence has risen mainly because Catalans think it would offer relief from recession.依照西班牙1978年的宪法,卡泰罗尼亚享有比欧洲其他地区更多的自治权,拥有自己的学校、医院、警察、监狱和文化机构,但唯独没有征税的权利和理想王国的标志,即被承认的国家地位。而后两者正是名族主义者所觊觎的。谈到自欺,有时很可笑:卡泰罗尼亚公共电视的天气预报会播放早在1695年就隶属法国的一些行省的天气预报,却不播报萨拉戈萨或马德里的气象信息。而且卡泰罗尼亚人似乎很满意自己既属于卡泰罗尼亚又属于西班牙。他们持独立主要是因为他们觉得这样能减轻经济衰退带来的痛苦。It would not. An independent Catalonia would have more fiscal revenues, but it would also have a higher debt burden than Spain. The argument that Catalans should not subsidise feckless Andalusians is a dangerous one: apply that more widely and the euro zone would fall apart. Indeed, far from welcoming Catalonia as an independent member, the euro zone’s leaders hardly yearn for an extra nation-state.然而事实并非真如他们所想。如果独立,泰罗尼亚人民将上缴更多的税,而且承受的债务压力要比没有独立时还大。有人认为安达鲁西亚人软弱无用,卡泰罗尼亚不应对其进行补助,但这一论调很危险:若广泛采纳,每个国家都这么想,欧元区将分崩离析。诚然,欧元区领导人一点也不持卡泰罗尼亚独立,不希望多出一个国家来。Spilling the Spanish beans道破天机All that said, the Catalan problem cannot be wished away. Roughly three-quarters of the next Catalan parliament is likely to vote for the right to decide. The constitution says only the Spanish parliament can approve a referendum—and it will not do so. The constitution has in general served both Spain and Catalonia well—but there is a case for updating it.说归说,但卡泰罗尼亚问题不是想结束就能结束的。下届卡泰罗尼亚议会成员中大约四分之三将投票持“自主决定权”。虽说宪法规定只有西班牙议会才能批准公投,但宪法可以修改——宪法不会否决卡泰罗尼亚进行公投的权利,总体来说宪法对于西班牙和卡泰罗尼亚同样适用。The Catalans’ complaints come down to two things. First they feel that Mariano Rajoy’s conservative government in Madrid refuses to recognise that Spain is a plurinational and pluri-linguistic country. Second, they think that, set beside the other 16 regions, they pay too much.卡泰罗尼亚的不满主要归结于两件事上。第一,他们觉得马里亚诺·拉霍伊政府不承认西班牙是多民族国家,拥有多种语言。第二,他们认为与其他16个地区相比,自己上缴的税太多了。The neatest answer to these grievances would be for Spain formally to embrace federalism, with a federal senate and clear rules about who collects which taxes. Federalism would mean each region was equal, with the same rights and obligations. But it has been a dirty word in Spain since a failed federal government in 1873-74. A messier, but more feasible, alternative would be to accept that some regions—Catalonia, the Basque country and perhaps Galicia—should have more autonomy than the rest and be recognised as cultural nations within Spain. Doing this would require a national pact to revise the constitution. After the Catalan vote, Mr Rajoy would be wise to set that process in motion.针对这些不满,西班牙最直接的解决方案就是正式建立联邦制,设立参议院,并明确征税体制。而联邦的建立将意味着地区平等,享有同等权利,履行同等义务。事实上早在1873-74就已尝试过建立联邦,却以失败而告终,从那以后西班牙一直把联邦制当做污浊腐败的代名词。因此选择一个相对较次但更可行的办法将更容易为人接受——允许卡泰罗尼亚、巴斯克和加利西亚等一些地区享有更多自治权,并承认其各自的文化。若采取这一措施,西班牙需要制定一个宪法修改协定,而且拉霍伊最好在卡泰罗尼亚非正式公投后就行动起来。翻译:郁炳睿译文属译生译世201608/463190



  World economy世界经济Past and future tense过去和未来时The world economy in 2015 will carry troubling echoes of the late 1990s世界经济在2015年将出现20世纪90年代晚期令人烦恼的相似困境A FINANCIAL crash in Russia; falling oil prices and a strong dollar; a new gold rush in Silicon Valley and a resurgent American economy; weakness in Germany and Japan; tumbling currencies in emerging markets from Brazil to Indonesia; an embattled Democrat in the White House. Is that a forecast of the world in 2015 or a portrait of the late 1990s?俄罗斯发生了金融危机;油价和强势美元下跌;硅谷出现了新的淘金热,并且美国实现经济复苏;德国和日本则经济疲软;从巴西到印度尼西亚的新兴市场货币呈动荡;民主党在白宫四面楚歌。那是对2015年世界的预测或上世纪90年代末的景象描绘?Recent economic history has been so dominated by the credit crunch of 2008-09 that it is easy to forget what happened in the decades before. But looking back 15 years or so is instructive—in terms of both what to do and what to avoid.近期的经济已经由2008-09年的信贷紧缩所主导,很容易忘记在十年前所发生的事情。但回过头来看15年前的经济会发现有所启发—反观两者可以知道该做之事以及应避免什么问题。Then, as now, the ed States was in the vanguard of a disruptive digital revolution. The advent of the internet spawned a burst of innovation and euphoria about Americas prospects. By 1999 GDP was rising by more than 4% a year, almost twice the rich-country average. Unemployment fell to 4%, a 30-year low. Foreign investors piled in, boosting both the dollar and share prices. The Samp;P 500 index rose to almost 30 times earnings; tech stocks went wild.当时和现在一样,美国当年是颠覆性的数字革命的先锋。互联网的出现催生了一阵对美国的前景创新和兴高采烈的乐观情绪。到1999年为止,美国国内生产总值每年增长率超过4%,几乎两倍于富裕国家的平均水平。美国失业率下降至4%,为30年最低点。外国投资者主要集中于提升美元和股票价格。标准普尔500指数升至市盈率的近30倍;科技股疯狂飙升。The optimism in America stood in stark contrast to gloom elsewhere, as it does today. Japans economy had slipped into deflation in 1997. Germany was “the sick man of Europe”, its firms held back by rigid labour markets and other high costs. Emerging markets, having soared ahead, were in crisis: between 1997 and 1999 countries from Thailand to Brazil saw their currencies crash as foreign capital fled and dollar-denominated debts proved unpayable.正如现今一样,在美国的乐观情绪和其他地方的悲观状态形成鲜明对比。日本经济已经在1997年陷入通货紧缩。德国是那时的“欧洲病夫”,德国公司由劳动力市场僵化以及其他高成本阻碍了经济。已经提前高速发展的新兴市场也陷入危机:1997年至1999年之间,从泰国到巴西等国家货币出现崩溃,并伴随着外资外泄,而且以美元计价的债务被明是无法偿还的。Eventually, America ran into trouble too. The tech-stock bubble burst in early 2000, prompting a broader share price slump. Business investment, particularly in technology, sank; and as share prices fell, consumers cut back. By early 2001 America, along with most of the rich world, had slipped into recession, albeit a mild one.最终,美国也遇到了麻烦。早在2000年科技股泡沫破灭,促使更广泛的股价暴跌。商业投资,尤其是在技术方面的投资也在下降;而且随着股票价格下跌,消费者也在减少。到2001年初,美国与大多数发达国家一样,已经陷入经济衰退,尽管是温和的下降。America the powerful壮哉美国Inevitably the parallels are not perfect. The biggest difference is China, a bit-part player in 1999 and now the worlds second-biggest economy, contributing disproportionately to global growth. But there are three trends at work that destabilised the world economy then and could do the same now.不可避免的相似之处并不全然完美。最大的区别就是中国,一个在1999年经济中扮演跑龙套的配角的中国,目前已经是世界上第二大经济体,对全球经济增长作出巨大贡献。但也有使得当时世界经济不稳定三个趋势,也会对现在经济产生影响。The first is the gap between America, where growth is accelerating, and almost everywhere else, where it is slowing. In the late 1990s Larry Summers, then the US deputy treasury secretary, warned that the world economy was “flying on one engine”. For 2015 The Economists panel of forecasters expects 3% growth in America, compared with 1.1% in Japan and the euro area. Chinas growth rate may fall to around 7%.第一个趋势是美国,经济增长加快,而几乎其他任何地方经济正出现放缓。在20世纪90年代后期美国财政部副部长拉里·萨默斯警告说,世界经济是“依靠单台引擎在飞驰”。《经济学家》预测专家对于2015年进行预测:美国经济增长3%,在日本和欧元区为1.1%。中国的经济增长速度可能回落至7%左右。Americans can comfort themselves that, as in the late 1990s, the optimism gap is partially warranted. Jobs are being created in their country faster than at any time since 1999, cheap petrol has buoyed consumer spending and business investment has picked up. But the news is not all good: cheaper oil could tip plenty of Americas shale producers into bankruptcy in 2015, while a stronger dollar and weakness abroad will hurt exporters—just as they did 15 years ago. Britain, the other Anglosphere champion, may also be clobbered by the euro zones woes.美国人可以安慰自己的是,在上世纪90年代后期,乐观缺口部分得到了填补和保障。1999年以来美国创造了比以往任何时候都要快的就业率,价格便宜的汽油提升了消费者出,并且商业投资回升。但并非全是喜讯:便宜的油可能会使得许多美国的页岩生产商在2015年破产,当美元走强和外币出现疲软时会伤害出口商—和他们15年前如出一辙。英国,其他盎格鲁势力范围的捍卫者,也可能被欧元区的危机重挫。The second worrying parallel with the late 1990s is the dismal outlook for the rich worlds two other big economies. Germanys growth rate has tumbled to around 1% and there is a deeper malaise caused by years of underinvestment, a disastrous energy policy and a government that is too obsessed by its fiscal targets to spend money and too frightened of its voters to push through the sort of structural reforms that Gerhard Schr?der implemented in 2003. Meanwhile Japan has repeated the error it made in 1997—thwarting its escape from stagnation with a premature rise in consumption tax.上世纪90年代末的第二个令人担忧的是世界上其他两大经济体惨淡前景。德国的增长率已经下降到1%左右,多年投资不足导致更深的萎靡现象,灾难性的能源政策和政府过于迷恋其财政目标来花费金钱,太害怕选民对推动政府进行如格哈德·施罗德于2003年实施的结构性改革,同时日本已经出现了1997年所犯的错误—挫败了其逃离经济停滞与过早增加消费税。The third echo of the 1990s is the danger in emerging markets. Back then the problem was fixed exchange rates and hefty foreign debt. Now the debts are lower, the exchange rates float and most governments have built up reserves. Still, there are growing signs of trouble, especially in Russia (see article). But other commodity exporters also look vulnerable, especially in Africa. Oil accounts for 95% of Nigerias exports and 75% of its government revenue. Ghana has aly gone to the IMF for support. In other countries the danger lies in the corporate sector. Many Brazilian firms are heavily indebted in dollars. A rash of corporate defaults may prove less spectacular than Asias sovereign-debt crises in the 1990s, but they will make investors nervous and push up the dollar.上世纪90年代的第三波回音是新兴市场的危险。当时的问题是固定汇率和巨额外债。现在,债务较低,汇率浮动,大多数国家的政府都建立了储备。不过,也有麻烦越来越多的迹象,尤其是在俄罗斯(见文章)。但其他大宗商品出口国也很脆弱,尤其是在非洲。石油占95%,尼日利亚的出口和政府财政收入的75%。加纳已经申请国际货币经济组织的持。在其他国家的危险存在于企业部门。许多巴西公司都对美元负债累累。一连串企业违约可能比亚洲的主权债务危机在20世纪90年代不那么引人注目,但他们会让投资者紧张,推升美元。Fear the hangover心有余悸Add all this up and 2015 seems likely to be bumpy. Bears will bet that a surging dollar coupled with euro-zone torpor and a few emerging-market crises will eventually prompt a downturn in America. On the plus side, stockmarkets do not look as frothy as they did in the 1990s: the price/earnings ratio of the Samp;P 500 is 18, not far above its historical average. Although many big tech firms are investing recklessly, most have decent balance-sheets. And the global financial system is less leveraged and hence less vulnerable to contagion. In 1998 Russias default felled LTCM, a big American hedge fund. Such knock-on effects are less likely today.把所有这一切添加起来思考可以想见2015年很可能是崎岖不平的。大咖们会打赌,一个美元升值加上欧元区迟钝和一些新兴市场的危机最终会促使美国进入经济低迷时期。从有利的一面看,股市不会像他们在上世纪90年代那样看起来像泡沫:在标准普尔500指数的价格收益比是18,而不是远高于历史平均水平。尽管许多大型科技公司正在投资硬拼,最有体面的资产负债表。与全球金融体系的杠杆率较低,因此不容易受到传染。 1998年,俄罗斯对美国长期资本管理公司(LTCM)发生了债务违约,这是一家大型美国对冲基金,结果致使该公司垮台。这样连锁反应是不太可能出现在今天。But if the world economy does stumble, restoring stability will be harder this time round because policymakers have so little room for manoeuvre. Back in 1999 the Federal Reserves policy rate was around 5%, leaving plenty of scope for cutting when the economy slowed. Nowadays interest rates all over the rich world are close to zero.但是,如果世界经济不摔跟头,恢复稳定将在这一次变得更为困难,因为政策制定者有那么一点回旋的余地。早在1999年,美联储的政策利率是5%左右,经济放缓时留出足够的余地去削减利率。现在的利率都在富裕国家接近于零。The political scene is also different, and not in a good way. At the end of the 1990s most people in the rich world had enjoyed the fruits of the boom: median American wages rose by 7.7% in real terms in 1995-2000. Since 2007, by contrast, they have been flat in America, and have fallen in Britain and much of the euro zone. All over the rich world voters are aly grumpy with their governments, as polling numbers and their willingness to vote for protest parties show. If they are squeezed next year discontent will turn to anger. The economics of 2015 may look similar to the late 1990s, but the politics will probably be rather worse.政坛出现了不利的变化。在20世纪90年代,大多数人在富裕世界的尽头尽享繁荣的成果:美国中产阶级工资在1995-2000年实际上涨了7.7%。自2007年以来,相比之下,美国工资增长持平,英国和大部分欧元区工资甚至出现下降。各地富国选民已经对他们的政府持不满态度,正如民意测验记录以及他们愿意把票投给抗议党即可看出。如果他们被打压,明年的不满会变成愤怒。 2015年的经济可能类似于20世纪90年代末,但政治形势可能会相当糟糕。译者:肖登怡 译文属译生译世 /201501/351794

  ;When the dew is on the grass, rain will never come to pass;When grass is dry at morning light, look for rain before thenight.”“如果早晨青草上有露珠,当天就不会下雨;如果青草上没有露珠,傍晚前就会下雨。”Whats the science behind this old aphorism?这句古老的格言背后有什么样的科学依据呢?Is the amount ofdew in the morning a good way of predicting the weather forthe rest of the day?朝露的数量是一种很好的方式来预测当天天气情况吗?As a matter of fact, this saying is roughly accurate, at least in the spring and fall, but the reason itworks is more complicated than we might initially think.事实上,这句话大致是准确的。至少在春季和秋季是准确的。但是这句话成立的原因要比我们想象的复杂得多。We might imagine that the saying works because on a dewy morning, much of the atmospheresmoisture has aly condensed out as dew, so there isnt a lot left over for a rain storm.我们也许会这样想,早晨的露珠已经把空气中大量的水分凝结成露水,所以没有足够的水分产生暴雨。This isnt the case.然而情况并非如此。The amount of water in dew is usually much less than what would fall in a storm, and besides, that dew is likely to evaporate back into the atmosphere as the morning progresses.露水中含的水分量远少于暴雨所降的雨量。另外,在早晨这段时间里,露水可能会蒸发回到大气中去。As it turns out, the formation of dew is linked to the amount of cloudiness in the sky at night.事实明,露水的形成是与晚上天空中云的数量有联系的。On a clear night the ground cools, radiating its heat away into space.在晴朗的夜晚地面冷却后,将热量散发到空气中。When the ground gets cool enough, dew forms, like beads of condensation on a can of cold soda.当地面冷却充分后露水就形成了,就像装着冰苏打水瓶罐表面形成的水珠一样。If the sky is cloudy at night, however, the Earths surface doesnt cool as much.如果夜晚天空多云,可是,地球表面冷却不充分。Some of the heatradiates into space, but much of it bounces off the cloud layer and goes back into the ground.一些热量就会散发到空气中,但大部分的热量会弹出云层,回到地面。If there are lots of clouds, the ground wont get cool enough to form dew.如果有大量云层,地面冷却不充分,就不会形成露水。The saying worksbecause, chances are, all those nighttime clouds might also cause a rainstorm during the comingday.这句格言成立是因为可能所有这些夜间的云也许会在即将到来的一天制造一场暴雨。201409/332029

  All right,the first lady was just huge talk trash好吧 第一夫人真是个大话唠So we did push-ups,and there spontaneously I did 20 and she did 25所以我们做了俯卧撑 完全自发的我做了20个 她做了25个but I watch the tape back and Im just saying但是回头我看了录像 我得说there is some stuff we need to talk about有些东西我们得聊聊So I would like to maybe review the tape with all of you here所以现在我要和大家一起回顾当时的情形Lets see first of all when we get down to the ground,lets roll the tape我们看看 首先在我们趴下身子时 播放带子all right,I want stop there if we can好的 我们就在这里停下because you can see she is edging me aly,you can see the amount space因为你们能看到她开始挤我了 你看整个这一片儿Its like mind track she is playing on me aly to make me feel like Im not quite safe and balance她上来就和我玩把戏了 让我感觉到不太安全不太平衡Look at how wide her arms stretch try to看看她的胳膊离的多宽Im tryin to be polite with my arms there,its easier when you have to wide arm,let roll it我却非常礼貌的胳膊这样放 胳膊离得宽自然就简单了 继续we doing fine here,we were going down at same time我们现在还挺好 我们动作一致Stop the tape when we get to there在这儿停一下all right,I just wondering,how far down am I,,how far down am I看看 我就在想 我下的多低呀 我下的多低呀Thats how you do push-up you do all the way down,thats hard to push yourself back这才是在做俯卧撑 你压下去的那么低 才难把身子还原回来If you just go on like that back and forth,like one of those lizard you see on the side如果你只是这样来回 就像你在马路边上看到的蜥蜴一样 /201607/453521In terms of evolution, there has to be a reason for barking, or it probably wouldnt be there.从进化的角度而言,汪汪叫肯定是有理由的,要不这叫声肯定在漫长的进化过程中给淘汰掉了。Is it to warn of predators?那么这叫声是为了警告捕食者么?But dogs bark when there are no predators around.但是周围没有捕食者的时候也会汪汪叫。Is it play?那么它只是在玩耍吗?Some dogs play without barking.有些玩的时候也没有发出叫声。In fact, people who study canine behavior find there isnt much of a pattern to barking-it seems to be an all-purpose noise.事实上,研究类行为的专家告诉我们,的叫声并没有固定的形式。它只是是一种多用途的响声。Now heres another fascinating thing: adult wolves dont bark.另一件让人着迷的事情是:成年的狼并不会吠叫。They growl, and they whine, but no barking.它们只是嚎叫、哀鸣,但并不吠叫。And dogs evolved from wolves.但是是从狼进化而来的。So where did the bark come in?那么,的这种吠叫声是从何而来的呢?Mark Feinstein and Ray Coppinger of Hampshire College in Massachusetts have a theory.对此,来自马萨诸塞州罕布什尔学院的马克?范斯坦和雷?科平杰提出了一种理论。These biologists have noted that while adult wolves dont bark, adolescents do.这两位生物学家注意到,虽然成年的狼不会吠叫,但是狼崽会。Wolf pup barking seems to be an intermediate noise you grow out of.狼崽的吠声就好比是在它成长发声过程中的一个中间产物。 201503/363823


  Russia and the ed States are meeting for the third time in Geneva to discuss the possibility of peace in Syria. 俄罗斯和美国在日内瓦会议上第三次讨论叙利亚和平的可能性。The last two conferences, one in 2012 and the second in 2014, failed to resolve the war-torn countries conflicts. 上两次会议分别在2012和2014,都未能解决饱受战争摧残国家的冲突。But now, Russia and the U.S. both agree that the fighting in Syria must stop, and they are not willing to let the fate of Syrian President Bashir al-Assad throw a wrench in peace talks this time around. 但现在,俄罗斯和美国都同意叙利亚战争必须停止,而此刻他们不愿意让叙利亚总统阿萨德的命运阻碍和平谈判。Russia has staunchly supported the Syrian leader, while the ed States has supported those who were rebelling against him. 俄罗斯一直坚定地持叙利亚领导人,而美国持那些反抗他的人。But surging refugee numbers and the growing threat of ISIS taking over parts of Syria have strongly pushed Russia and the ed States to end their Syrian proxy war.但急剧上升的难民人数和ISIS接管部分叙利亚地区日益增长的威胁,有力地促进了俄罗斯和美国终止在叙利亚的代理战争。译文属。201603/431209。

  Thats not fair! Thats not fair! Im sorry. Im sorry.All right. All right.Congratulations! Its all right.这不公平 这不公平 对不起 对不起 好了 没关系 恭喜你们 没关系Thats enough celebrating and throwing it in my face.行了 你们够了 别再咄咄逼人地庆祝了Congratulations to this half of the audience.恭喜这一半的观众们You are going to go home with a two-year supply of Tide HE turbo.你们能得到 汰渍提供的涡轮清洁剂两年供应务But you need something nice to use it in,so you are all getting a whirlpool cabrio HE washer and dryers.但是 你们还需要东西来用清洁剂 所以你们还会获得惠而浦·迪卡普里奥HE洗衣烘干机一个Thank you. Thank you so much.I want to thank Ellen Pompeo for playing.谢谢 十分感谢 感谢艾伦·旁派参加这个游戏And you just got really lucky and its my show and so you are also getting washer and dryers.而且你们真的太幸运了 这是我的秀 所以你们也能拿走洗衣烘干机Ellen Pompeo, we will be back.艾伦·旁派 我们一会见 /201510/402634


  Russian spies俄国 熊间谍们Unearthing Moscows moles挖出莫斯科内应How the FBI claims to have caught Putins spooks in New YorkFBI是怎么宣布抓住普京在纽约的探子呢HOW American sanctions might bite on Russian banks is a matter of great interest to the Kremlin. So Russias Foreign Intelligence Service, the SVR, asked one of its undercover agents in New York to find out, prosecutors claim. Evgeny Buryakov was outwardly an executive at Vnesheconombank, a Russian state-owned financial agency. But in real life he was allegedly “Zhenya”—working with two Russian intelligence officers who doubled as diplomats, also in New York.检察官说,美国制裁如何打击俄罗斯攸关克里姆林宫的切身利益。因此俄罗斯海外情报部门,SVR询问了它在纽约的一处地下情报部门找出结果。叶夫根尼·布里亚科夫对外是俄罗斯的经理,这是一家俄罗斯国有金融机构。但是实际上。他被控为“振亚”——和另两位外交官员共事且都为情报机构人员,他们现也在纽约。Mr Buryakovs mission involved collecting economic intelligence and spotting potential sources. It has ended in disaster. On January 26th news broke of his arrest by the FBI. He faces trial and, if found guilty, up to 15 years in prison. His alleged colleagues have left America.叶夫根尼·布里亚科夫的任务是收集经济情报和找出潜在资源。在灾难中结束了。一月26日,新闻报道他被FBI逮捕。他面临审判,而且如果有罪的话,最高旻霖15年监禁。其余面临指控的同事已经离开美国。What gave the FBI its first clue? Was it good surveillance, a cryptographic breakthrough, success in penetrating the Russian spy service or sloppy tradecraft by Vladimir Putins spooks? The FBIs evidence suggests a lengthy period of observation. The three men communicated with brief phone messages, consisting of unremarkable exchanges about “tickets” and other everyday items, and handed over secret material with “brush contacts”—spy jargon for exchanging bags, folded newspapers and the like during fleeting encounters.什么给了FBI一手线索?是优质监控,暗号突破,成功渗透到俄罗斯间谍机构或是普京间谍们粗心的业务技术?FBI的据显示是长期的观察起了作用。三个人用简短的信息交流,其中有日常交谈,关于“罚单”和日常琐事,用“接头包”(间谍黑话,指交换包包)传递秘密资料,卷起的报纸和类似于短暂碰头的手段。It is not clear whether Mr Buryakovs alleged colleagues were told to go by the authorities, or fled when they realised that they were under surveillance. The FBI appears to have bugged the secret part of a Russian diplomatic mission in New York—part of the evidence includes the two colleagues grousing about their un-James-Bondlike working conditions. But the strongest evidence seems to have come when Mr Buryakov fell foul of an FBI sting operation, based on someone posing as a potential investor in a Russian casino. Mr Buryakov has made no public statement, and his employer(s) could not be reached for comment.还不清楚布里亚科夫受指控的同事们是否被当局勒令离开,或者当他们意识到他们被监视的时候逃走了。FBI看起来已经监听了俄罗斯在纽约的一项外交任务的隐秘部分——部分据包括两个同事抱怨他们一点也没有詹姆斯邦德的工作环境。但是最有力的据好像来自当布里亚科夫被FBI突击行动抓捕是根据谋人指出俄罗斯的里有一个潜在的投资者。布里亚科夫没有任何公开声明,并且他的雇员们也没有发表。A previous round-up of undercover Russian “illegals” in America in 2010 ended in a spy swap in Vienna reminiscent of the cold war. Mr Buryakov may be hoping for that—though that was in a different era, when the American authorities sought to play down the threat from Russia in the hope of preserving sort-of-amicable relations. But these days America has little reason to pretend to be friends with Mr Putin.最近一起俄罗斯在美国的卧底非法活动新闻是在2010年结束的间谍互换,地点在维也纳这个勾起冷战回忆的地方。布里亚科夫可能希望那种事情发生——尽管那时候时代不同,当时美国当局还在寻求降低苏联威胁的办法,希望保存一些还算友好的关系。但是这些天美国没有理由再对普京假装友好。译者:彭威 译文属译生译世 /201502/358096

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