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A:Did you set your clock forward for daylight savings time? B: What? Why do we have to do that? A: Well, at the start of the spring we usually have more daylight in the mornings and less in the afternoon. This is basically due to our position on the planet and the rotation of the earth. In any case, to take better advantage of the daylight available, we compensate by moving our clocks forward one hour. B: I see. That’s convenient! I never understood things like this, such as GMT. I never know what time zone we are in or when to change my clock! A: That just stands for Greenwich Mean Time. Here in California, we are in Pacific Standard Time, that is eight time zones west of Greenwich. Remember when we were in Beijing? Well, then we were in China Standard Time, and that’s eight time zones east of Greenwich! B: That’s why it was so weird traveling from Beijing to LA! Because of the huge time difference, even though we left Beijing at noon and flew for more than eight hours, we still arrived in LA the same day at noon! It’s like we went back in time! /201105/135698每日一句口语:As long as you are still alive, you will definitely encounter the good things inlife.只要活着,一定会遇上好事的。【知识点讲解】encounter vt.不期而遇;遭遇;对抗例句:A fortunate encounter brought the two friends together after a long separation.两位老朋友长期分离这次才有幸相遇. /201409/331757台湾籍旅美老师今天交给我们的句子是:Girls notice your manners way more than they#39;re gonna notice whether or not you have on the coolest shoes.比起你是否穿的是最潮的鞋子,女生更注重的是你的礼仪举止。 /201407/312490

去年的“最难”就业季在2014年变成了“更难”就业季,在强大的就业压力下,大学生对首份工作的薪酬预期不降反增。【新闻】请看《中国日报》的报道:A record high of 7.27 million new graduates will rush into China#39;s job market this year. 77 percent of them expected a monthly salary ranging from 4,000 to 6,000 yuan, 2,000 yuan higher than last year, the Beijing Youth Daily reports.据《北京青年报》报道,今年中国将有创记录的727万名毕业生进入就业市场。77%的毕业生月薪预期集中在4000-6000元之间,较去年上涨了2000元。【讲解】job market是就业市场;monthly salary是月薪。据中国大型求职网站(job hunting website)中华英才网分析,造成这一现象的主要经济因素是物价上涨(soaring prices)以及由此造成的生活成本(cost of living)增加,但与此同时,90后大学生群体对自我价值的认同和追逐更加强烈(growing sense of self-awareness),进而通过薪资有所体现,也是造成预期薪酬走高(higher salary expectation)的成因之一。报告指出,约36%的毕业生将国有企业(state-owned enterprises)列为就业首选(first choice)。不过在工作三年以上的就业人群中,依然选择国企的比例(rate)下降为24%。报告分析认为,国有企业在福利保障体系(social welfare system)和职位稳定性方面依然具有优势,但随着社会福利保障体系的完善和大量新兴市场机会的出现(newly emerged market),国企的吸引力已经开始下降。与之相呼应的是,在已毕业大学生(college graduates)中,有自主创业(start their own businesses)倾向的人占到了18.9%,接近两成,这一比例较去年的2.21%有了大幅度的增长。同时报告指出,电信企业(telecommunication enterprises)最受毕业生青睐。 /201407/315444

Lesson 34(07-4)everyone has an opinion一、情景对话:Welcome once again to Salad Time. 欢迎再次来到’色拉时间’.Today, we’re going to talk about opinions. 今天我们要谈谈’观点’Let’s take a look at some interviews….让我们来看看一些采访吧….Hello, could you please tell us what you think about our city?. 你能不能告诉我们你觉得这个城市怎么样?This city? 这个城市吗?It’s beautiful, and so modern! 很漂亮,很现代!It’s really a great place! 真是一个好地方!Excuse me, 对不起, could you tell us how you liked the film? 你能告诉我你觉得这部电影怎么样?I loved it! 我很喜欢!I’m going to see it again! 我要再看一遍!Pardon me, 对不起, but could you tell us what you think of the food here? 能不能告诉我们,你觉得这里的食物怎么样?It’s nothing special. 没什么特别的.Wait….that looks good! 等等….那个看起来不错!Hey, what do you think of my bike? 嗨, 你觉得我的山地车怎么样?Not bad, not bad! 不错,不错!二、单词:Modern 现代的/ opinion 观点/ interview 访谈 / special 特别的/三、要点:Welcome to… 欢迎来….Welcome once again to Salad Time. 欢迎再次来到’色拉时间’.Welcome to Shanghai! 欢迎来上海!Welcome to the oriental pearl Television Tower! 欢迎来东方明珠电视塔参观!Take a look at….看一看…Let’s take a look at some interviews….让我们来看看一些采访吧….Take a look at this letter. 看一看这封信.What do you think of /about….? 你觉得….怎么样?Hello, could you please tell us what you think about our city?. 你能不能告诉我们你觉得这个城市怎么样?What do you think of my suggestion? 你觉得我的建议怎么样?Excuse me, could you tell us how you liked the film? 对不起,你能告诉我你觉得这部电影怎么样?It’s really a great place. 真是个好地方.It’s nothing special. 没什么特别的.How did you like the performance? 你觉得演出怎么样?It was nothing special. 没什么特别之处.Modern 现代的/ opinion 观点/ interview 访谈/ it’s really a great place. 真是个好地方./I love it 我喜欢./ It’s nothing special. 没什么特别之处. /200906/21313

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