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Sarah Palin Gov. Sarah Palin says success on a local level exemplifies experienceWe caught up with Sarah Palin at her home on the western end of Wasilla, the two-storey home she and her husband built five years ago. It’s ringed by evergreens and saw-toothed mountain peaks, and even as a parking spot for their sea plane outback. I can’t image you’re going from governor of the small populated state, smallest populated too. All of a sudden, you are being talked about for vice president and you got this.That is, you know Alaska seems to be such micro-cause move to the rest of the US. And to me, it’s the same people, the same issues here much grander scale in some of the big cities that we were visiting. But, everybody has got issues, everybody has got burdens. That’s how what you said to yourself at some point in the past two weeks. Wholly cow!Haven’t had time to think that together to say that, um, I have certainly said, well, what an opportunity and it’s a humbling, humbling experience aly. It’s very humbling. Little frightening?Not so much frightening.Overwhelming?And not so much overwhelming. But just a great responsibility that I’m recognizing a great responsibility and certainly the drive to not let people down. Not let women down in this. (You spoke…) That adds to it. I saw you ed it somewhere speaking rather admiringly of Mrs. Clinton, Senator Clinton, during the primary campaign. Do you think Obama should’ve picked her?I think he’s regretting not picking her now. I do. But what determination, and grit, and even grace through some tough shots that were fired her way. She handled those well. We continued our interview in the comfort of Palin’s living room. Governor John McCain and you are now talking about the GOP as a party of change, we’ve got a very sick economy, tell me the three principal things you would do to change the Bush economic policies.And you are right, our economy is weak right now, and we have got to strengthen it and government can play an appropriate role in helping to strengthen the economy. We need to put government back on the side of the people, and make sure that it is not government’s solely \ looked at for all the solutions for one. Let me tell you what I did here in the city of Wasilla, and then as governor of Alaska, what I did as a city council member then and then as mayor was come in, and we cut personal property taxes in Wasilla. We cut small business inventory taxes ….You raised the sales tax.Now, well, we had a two percent sales tax, and when people came to local government and said we want a sports arena here, I said that’s fine, and I wanna a sports arena also. But we are gonna have to pay for it.Yet, I didn’t want to get off the facility, but you can aim the city with the debt-free city in left with. Consider of millions of dollars of debt. A 13 million dollars sports arena that you bounded for, but thing we put government on the side of the people by asking them if that’s they wanted. It was a question on the ballot, and they got to vote, yes, or no, so that’s what we did. We eliminated small business inventory taxes, I eliminated things like business license renewal fees on our small businesses. Those economic indicators of success on a local level should provide to America that were viewed that I have of what we can do on a local level, and then a state level where we just suspended our fuel tax on our state or so. Get taxes under control but at the same time we are cutting taxes you got to reduce the growth of government. And I wanna come back to the question I wanna know because you’ve advertised yourself now as the party of change, I want to know what you would change in the Bush economic principles. What you said to me at the beginning, I don’t think anybody in the Bush administration would disagree with. What do you change in the Bush economic plans? We have got to make sure that we reform the oversight also of the agencies, including the quasi-government agencies like Freddie and Fannie, those things that have created an atmosphere here in the America where people are fearful of losing their homes, people are looking at job loss, people are looking at unaffordable health care for their families, we have got to reform the oversight of these agencies that have such control over American’s pocket books.So let me summarize the three things that you change in the Bush economic plans. One, two, three. Reduce taxes, control spending, reform the oversight and the oversea agencies and committees to make sure that America’s dollars and investments are protected. So let me break \ some of those down. You talked about spending. How much smaller would McCain budget be? Where would you cut? We are gonna find efficiencies in every department, we have got to. There’s something that I think should be off the table. Veteran’s programs off the table. You know, we owe it to our veterans, that’s the greatest manifestation that we can show in terms of support for our military those who are in public service fighting for America. Taking entitlements off the table? Or you may reform social security.We need to get into every department, every division and that’s what’s gonna be the task of cabinet members, and the next level of bureaucracy, and the next level of bureaucracy.Well, I’m trying to get specifically, you are saying take military off the table, Do you talk about entitlement reform? Is there money you can save in Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid? I am sure that there are efficiencies that we are gonna be found in all these agencies, I am, I am confident in that. But agencies are not involved in entitlements. Basically discretionary \ spending 18% of the budget.We have certainly seen access in agencies though, and in when bureaucrats, when bureaucracy just gets this kind of comfortable goal with the status quo and not being challenged to find efficiencies and spend other people’s money wisely, and maybe I’m wrong, but I believe that the American people their will at this time is to see efficiencies reigned in government for this private sector and our families can grow in prosper. The interview Sarah Palin with Charles Gibson. 200811/54873。

At Least 58 Killed After Dam Bursts Outside Indonesian Capital雅加达郊外水坝坍塌58人丧生 The death toll from a dam collapse near the Indonesian capital has reached at least 58 people, but is expected to rise further as dozens more are reported missing. 印度尼西亚首都附近一个大坝坍塌造成的死亡人数已经上升到至少58人,但由于还有几十人仍然失踪,估计最终死亡数字还会上升。Most residents were sleeping when the earthen dam collapsed, sending 70 million cubic feet of water crashed down on their homes. 印尼一座泥土水坝坍塌的时候,多数民众还在睡梦中,没有料到他们的家很快被事故引发的7千万立方英尺的大水淹没了。The muddy torrent destroyed hundreds of houses in the suburb southwest of Jakarta. 湍急的泥水摧毁了雅加达西南部郊区数以百计的房屋。Local television showed images of bodies and debris floating by what was left of the community. 当地电视台播出的图像显示了这个社区中的一些尸体和物件在大水中漂浮的情景。Emergency rescue services went in with rubber boats to get survivors - many had climbed to the rooftops to escape the flood. 紧急救援人员乘橡皮船到事发地点抢救幸存者,他们中很多人爬到了屋顶躲避洪水。Residents compared the wave of water that hit them to a tsunami. 居民们说,这次大水就好像是海啸来临一样。One man said at about five o'clock in the morning, he heard the dam collapse and all of sudden the water rushed towards the houses. He said the water was as high as four meters. 这名男子说,大约凌晨5点左右,他听到了大坝垮塌的声音,大水一下子就朝着房屋冲来,他说水深有四米左右。Indonesian authorities say torrential rains were too much for the Dutch colonial era dam. 印尼当局说,大雨造成水量猛增,导致荷兰殖民时代建造的这座水坝无法承受。Indonesia's Vice President Yusuf Kalla and welfare minister Aburizal Bakrie visited the disaster area. They promised government support for those who lost their homes. 印尼副总统尤素福.卡拉和人民福利统筹部长巴克利访问了受灾地区,他们承诺,政府会持那些失去家园的灾民。Indonesia often suffers from deadly floods and landslides during the rainy season. 印度尼西亚在雨季来临的时候,经常遭受导致人员伤亡的洪水和泥石流等自然灾害。In 2007 at least forty people were drowned in flooding in Jakarta. 2007年,至少有40人在雅加达的洪水中丧生。This latest disaster is likely to get worse.Authorities say there are still dozens missing and being rescued from what is left of their homes. 当局说,仍然有数十人失踪,救援人员正在洪水造成的残垣断壁间搜寻和营救灾民。03/65726。

Bush Holds Final Cabinet Meeting布什召开最后一次内阁会议  U.S. President George Bush says he is leaving office with a record of accomplishment, and says he is going back to Texas with his head held high. Mr. Bush spoke during a farewell meeting with his Cabinet. 美国总统布什在和他的内阁成员举行告别会议时说,他是在很有成就的情况下离任的,并说他将以高昂的姿态返回德州。Applause was heard from the Cabinet meeting room at the White House as the session came to an end. 当会议即将结束时,内阁会议厅传来了掌声。When reporters walked in a minute or so later, the president was offering his thanks to all those who have served during his eight years in office.  当记者过了大约一分钟之后走入会议室时,布什总统正在向在他八年任期内务过的阁员们一一致谢。"This administration has had a good and solid record and I am very proud of it. I tell people that I leave town with a great sense of accomplishment and my head held high," Mr. Bush said. 他说:“这个政府有很好且很坚实的记录,我对此感到非常骄傲。我告诉人们,我带着成就感和骄傲的感情离开这个城市。”He spoke of progress in areas from education to the environment. But he said the biggest achievement of his administration has been keeping America safe. 他从教育谈到环保等议题。不过他说,他任内最大的成就,就是保卫美国的安全。"Most of all, we protected this country from harm. And we did so by providing tools for our professionals as well as asking our military to do hard work which they have done time and time again," Mr. Bush said. “最主要的是我们保护这个国家不受伤害。我们提供政府专业人员必要的工具,并要求军方艰苦努力,而他们也一再这么做了。”As he spoke, members of the incoming Obama administration were at the White House for an unprecedented national security drill. 在布什总统讲话的同时,即将就职的奥巴马政府官员在白宫进行前所未有的国家安全演习。Working with officials from the Bush team, they rehearsed how the ed States would handle a hypothetical terrorist attack. 他们同布什团队合作,演习了美国如何应付假想的恐怖袭击。The exercise is part of an ongoing effort to make the transition from one president to the next as seamless as possible. 交接权力的双方目前正在设法使这个过程做到天衣无缝。这次演习就是这些活动的一部分。President Bush's chief of staff, Josh Bolten, says much is at stake. 布什的白宫办公厅主任乔希.尔顿说,许多问题关系重大。"As Republicans and Democrats, we disagree on a lot of policy issues but we agree completely that we want this new team to be as successful as they possibly can be especially in the areas of national and homeland security," Bolten said. “共和党人与民主党人在许多政策问题上意见分歧,不过我们都希望看到这个新团队尽可能地获得成功,尤其是在国家及国土安全的目标上。这是双方完全同意的。”Incoming Obama chief of staff Rahm Emmanuel agrees."There is no higher task to any administration than protecting the American people," Emmanuel said.This is the first change of administration since the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the ed States. And while similar exercises are held throughout the year for government officials, this is the first time teams from the incoming and outgoing administrations have held a joint drill. 这是自美国2001年9月11号遭到恐怖攻击以来首度政权移交。即便政府官员整年都在举行这样的演习,但是卸任和接任的政府举行联合演习还是第一次。01/61046。

Gates: New Afghanistan Strategy a High Priority盖茨称评估阿富汗战略为当务之急  U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates says a new strategy for fighting Islamic extremists in Afghanistan will be a high priority for the administration of President-elect Barack Obama. Gates, who has served as Defense secretary under President George Bush, has been chosen by Mr. Obama to remain in the post. 美国国防部长盖茨说,制定一个打击阿富汗伊斯兰极端分子的新战略将是当选总统奥巴马的优先任务。盖茨是布什政府的国防部长,奥巴马选择让他留任。Secretary Gates told reporters at the Pentagon on Tuesday that one of his first priorities in the new administration, which begins on January 20, will be to re-evaluate U.S. strategy in Afghanistan. 盖茨部长星期二在国防部对记者说,他在明年1月20号开始执政的新政府中的首要工作之一是重新评估美国在阿富汗的战略。"It is very important for us to do everything we can to make sure that the Afghans understand this is their fight, and they have to be out front in this fight," he said. "That is why I am such a strong supporter of accelerating the expansion of the Afghan army." 盖茨说:“我们要尽最大的努力,确保阿富汗人明白,这是他们的战争,他们必须站在第一线。这一点非常重要。这也是我为什么坚决持加快阿富汗扩军的速度。”The Bush administration is reviewing the U.S. strategy in Afghanistan, and the Obama administration is expected to do the same. 布什政府正在审议美国在阿富汗的战略,预计奥巴马政府也将这样做。Gates said U.S. officials are greatly concerned about terrorist safe havens on both sides of the Afghanistan-Pakistan border, which Mr. Obama has called the number one threat to the security of Americans. Gates said the ed States and Afghanistan will increase their efforts to close safe havens on the Afghan side of the border, and he said Washington will emphasize a similar partnership with Pakistan's government to shut down the enclaves on its side.  盖茨说,美国官员非常关注在阿富汗和巴基斯坦边界两侧恐怖主义分子的藏身之处。奥巴马称这是对美国人安全的头号威胁。盖茨表示,美国和阿富汗将加大行动力度,清除恐怖分子在边境地带阿富汗一侧的藏身地,同时华盛顿将强调同巴基斯坦政府间一种类似的伙伴关系,敦促巴基斯坦在边界本方一侧采取同样的行动。"We are prepared to move as quickly as the Pakistanis are," he said. "I know they are uneasy about the American footprint in Pakistan, and I think we have to be sensitive to their political concerns. At the same time, we cannot do this on our own." 盖茨说:“我们会和巴基斯坦人一样迅速行动。我知道,他们对美国人在巴基斯坦感到不安,我想我们必须十分注意他们的政治关切。与此同时,我们不能独自做这件事。”Secretary Gates also said another high priority will be to close the Guantanamo Bay detention center in Cuba, where more than 250 detainees suspected of terrorism are being held. Gates said closing the controversial facility will require help from Capitol Hill. 盖茨还谈到,另外一项重要工作是关闭古巴关塔纳湾的拘留中心,现在那里还关押着250多名恐怖分子嫌疑人。盖茨指出,关闭这个有争议的设施需要国会的帮助。"I think it is possible to close it," he said. "I think it does require a joint effort with the Congress. I think some legislation probably is needed as a part of it. I think trying to move forward on that, at least from my standpoint, should be a high priority." 他说:“我认为有可能把它关闭,不过这确实需要国会的合作,可能需要通过一些立法。至少从我的立场来看,我认为努力推动这件事应当是首先要考虑的一个问题。”The defense secretary commended India for its restraint in responding to last week's deadly attacks in Mumbai. He said the killings were clearly the act of an extremist group trying to target Americans and Britons. But he acknowledged that most of those who died were Indians.Gates is the only Bush administration cabinet member who has been asked to stay on in the Obama administration. 盖茨是布什内阁中唯一一位被要求在奥巴马政府中留任的官员。200812/57899。

Internet security 网络安全An anonymous foe 幽灵般的敌人Hackers hit big companies, the IMF and the headlines 网络黑客席卷名企和国际货币基金组织,大出风头Jun 16th 2011 | SAN FRANCISCO | from the print editionDEFENCE companies such as Lockheed Martin have seen some of their cyber-defences penetrated. Sony, Google, Citigroup and other firms have had sensitive customer data swiped by high-tech intruders. The IMF has been the victim of a digital attack, as has the website of America’s Senate. And a hackers’ collective, called Anonymous, has threatened to launch an online assault on the computer systems of America’s Federal Reserve unless its chairman, Ben Bernanke, agrees to step down.洛克西德马丁公司虽作为国防军企,却也意识到其部分网络防御被黑客所渗透。入侵者以其较高的技术窃取了索尼,谷歌,花旗集团等公司的客户敏感数据。国际货币基金组织成为了这次数字化入侵的受害者,美国参议院的官网也不能幸免。一个叫做“佚名”的黑客组织扬言,如果美联储的主席Ben Bernanke不愿下台,那就要对美联储的计算机系统发起网上攻击。These and other events—such as the attack on the public website of the CIA, which was disrupted briefly on June 15th—have led to speculation that there has been a big increase in the threat posed by hackers in recent months. They have also reinforced a belief in some quarters that America is aly engaged in a cyber war of sorts, most notably with China. Yet such claims are controversial.美国中情局在6月15日也因黑客袭击暂时瘫痪,这样或那样的针对公共网站的袭击使得最近几月来公众对网络黑客动辄发起攻击行为的关注与日俱增。他们同样也更加坚定地认为,美国在某些方面的确陷入了一场网络大战,最沸沸扬扬的莫过于和中国的网络战。然而这些言论尚存争议。201106/141905。

THE WHITE HOUSEOffice of the Press SecretaryAs we continue to recover from an historic economic crisis, it is clear to everyone that one of its major causes was a breakdown in oversight that led to widesp abuses in the financial system. An epidemic of irresponsibility took hold from Wall Street to Washington to Main Street. And the consequences have been disastrous. Millions of Americans have seen their life savings erode; families have been devastated by job losses; businesses large and small have closed their doors. In response, this week, my administration proposed a set of major reforms to the rules that govern our financial system; to attack the causes of this crisis and to prevent future crises from taking place; to ensure that our markets can work fairly and freely for businesses and consumers alike. We are going to promote markets that work for those who play by the rules. We're going to stand up for a system in which fair dealing and honest competition are the only way to win. We're going to level the playing field for consumers. And we're going to have the kinds of rules that encourage innovations that make our economy stronger - not those that allow insiders to exploit its weaknesses for their own gain.And one of the most important proposals is a new oversight agency called the Consumer Financial Protection Agency. It's charged with just one job: looking out for the interests of ordinary Americans in the financial system. This is essential, for this crisis may have started on Wall Street. But its impacts have been felt by ordinary Americans who rely on credit cards, home loans, and other financial instruments.It is true that this crisis was caused in part by Americans who took on too much debt and took out loans they simply could not afford. But there are also millions of Americans who signed contracts they did not always understand offered by lenders who did not always tell the truth. Today, folks signing up for a mortgage, student loan, or credit card face a bewildering array of incomprehensible options. Companies compete not by offering better products, but more complicated ones - with more fine print and hidden terms. It's no coincidence that the lack of strong consumer protections led to abuses against consumers; the lack of rules to stop deceptive lending practices led to abuses against borrowers. 06/75163。

Yael: Today, were talking penguin eggs.今天,我们来谈下企鹅的蛋。Don: Why?为什么?Y: Penguins lay their eggs on hard surfaces near coastlines, or they might dig burrows if the soil permits. And because theyre optimized for swimming rather than walking, its difficult for penguins to gather a lot of soft nesting material. See the problem?企鹅在海岸边坚硬的地表产蛋,如果土地合适,它们也会挖洞。因为它们更擅长游泳而不是走路,对企鹅来说要收集到很多柔软的筑巢的材料是很难的。明白问题了吧?D: Hmm! the penguin lifestyle isnt exactly eggshell-friendly.企鹅的生活方式对蛋壳来说并不很友好。Y: And thats not counting the nasty fights penguins can get into over things like space for their nests or burrows, and the stones that some species pile up around their nests if theyre in the open.那还不包括,企鹅为了争夺筑巢或洞穴领地而发生的激烈争斗,而且如果企鹅在开阔地,它们会在巢穴旁堆积石块。D: I bet all that hubbub isnt very good for eggs either. So do penguins lose more eggs than other species?我打赌所有的吵闹声对蛋也是不利的。那企鹅会比其它物种损失更多的蛋吗?Y: Actually, according to one study, only 2.6 percent of penguin eggs break from causes other than human interference or predators. That rate is similar to the rate in the rest of the bird world, even including those birds that have cushy nests and never fight near their eggs.事实上,根据一份研究显示,排除人类的破坏和掠夺者的影响,只有2.6%的企鹅蛋会破裂。这个机率和其它鸟类是一样的,甚至包括那些有舒适的巢穴且从不在蛋附近打架的鸟类。D: So how do they do it? By producing thicker shells?那企鹅是怎样做的?产出更厚的蛋壳?Y: Yep. Penguin eggshells are fifty percent thicker than expected for their size. But it isnt easy to produce thick egg shells. It requires a lot of calcium, more than female penguins normally get in their diets.是的,企鹅蛋壳比估计的尺寸要厚一般。但是不容易产出厚蛋壳,这需要很多钙,远多于雌性企鹅正常猎食中所获得的钙。D: And they cant just run to the store for a supplement.而且它们还不能去商店来补充。Y: Nope. So in the period right before they lay eggs, female penguins eat a lot of mollusks. The clam and mussel shells in their stomachs slowly leach calcium which is then used to form eggshells. Incidentally, thicker shells also help prevent breakage for birds that lay eggs on rocks, and for ostriches and rheas.不能。所以在企鹅产蛋前,雌企鹅会吃很多软体动物,胃中的蚌和贝壳类会缓慢 过滤用于形成蛋壳的钙。顺便说一句,厚蛋壳还能避免企鹅在岩石上产蛋时蛋壳的破损,就像鸵鸟和美洲驼一样。D: I always did wonder about those ostriches. 我总是对这些鸵鸟感到惊奇。201111/161594。

Is Bush an 'Idiot'Is the President of the ed States, George W. Bush, an idiot? Scarborough Country asks the forbidden question. They look at his inability to speak correctly, not at his inability to lead correctly, however. Of course the real question is, is the Republican Party full of idiots because they nominated the sucker, and continue to blindly follow his crap? Is the US full of idiots, because they elected the sucker and have not begun demanding better until recently?First, former pop star Linda Ronstadt, you remember,"You're no good, you know, you're, you are no good, baby, you're no good. Well, Linda has joined the long list of celebrities and other public figures who berated President Bush for his lack of intelligence. But it is not just singers and movie stars who are suggesting that George Bush's mental weakness is damaging America‘s credibility at home and abroad.Ronstadt said this earlier: “The Dixie Chicks said they were embarrassed he was from Texas...Well I‘m embarrassed George Bush is from the ed States [The president] is an idiot.He's enormously incompetent, on both sides, on both of the domestic and international scenes.”That is, no doubt, a sentiment that is shared in some of the capitals of our friends and foes alike. Maybe because the president has such a long history of public gaffes, but is that evidence that George W. Bush is stupid or just inarticulate.Take a look, and decide for yourself.GEORGE W. BUSH, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: I think tide turning, see, as I remember, I was raised in the desert, but tides cannot turn—it is easy to see a tide turned. Did I say those words?No question that the enemy has tried to sp sectarian violence.And they use violence as a tool to do that.We need an energy bill that encourages consumption. Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people. And neither do we; we must never stop thinking about how best to defend our country.I am the decider, and I decide what is best.The ed States of America is engaged in a war against an extremist group of folks.Families is where our nation finds hope; where wings take dream.If you don't stand up for anything, you don't stand up for – anything. If you don't stand for something, you don't stand for anything. Fool me once, shame on you—it fooled me—we can‘t get fooled again.In my State of the—my State of the Union—our state, my speech to the nation, whatever you want to call it.At the high school level and find out that the literacy level of our children are appalling.I hear there is rumors on the Internets that we are gonna have a draft.You are working hard to put food on your family.I know that human being and fish can coexist peacefully.Tribal sovereignty means that, it's sovereign. I mean, you're a—you're a -you have been given sovereignty, and you are viewed as—a sovereign entity. And, therefore, the relationship between the federal government and tribes is one between sovereign entities. They (misunderstand...)underestimate the compassion of our country. I think they (misunderstood) underestimated the will and determination of the commander in chief, too.02/63031。

伊朗大选引发政局动荡内贾德在13日被确定胜出伊朗大选后,德黑兰巨大示威浪潮就没有停止过。总统选举候选人穆萨维已向护法委员会提出正式投诉,指选举发生舞弊,要求该委员会取消星期五总统选举的结果。分析称,示威潮恐怕会进一步扩大,而穆萨维号召示威之举并不明智,是对国家最高领导人的反抗。 ...Post-election Iran is still a turbulent place. The legal appeal by the opposition standard bearer Mir Hussein Mousavi has yet to run its course. And in the meantime, he's drawn hundreds of thousands of people out onto the streets for a massive demonstration. There were some incidents of violence. One person was killed in gunfire coming from a pro-government militia building in Tehran. Our correspondent John Lion was out on the streets during the protests."I was down at the rally and the atmosphere there was just quite unbelievable. People had suddenly thrown off the mantle of fear that has ruled this country for I don't know how long, and we are going out in complete defiance of pretty unveiled threats from the authorities, who are enjoying themselves, who are encouraging us to film them, and were speaking out openly against the system about, against the Supreme Leader, against everything this country stands for, really, so that was a moment of kind of, a moment of freedom really. As soon as we got into the traffic jam going into the rally, you could, we kind of felt safe, just safe in numbers. Suddenly, all around us were people in cars, were waving V signs and green, the color of the opposition, honking their horns and you could see that nobody could come and nobody can attack you, once you are into the crowd, you realize you are amongst a million people. And I think the security forces realized that, we saw a small group of riot police sort of miles away from the demonstration. They just, just standing by the side of the road. And even in the demonstration itself, I'm sure there were secret police officers in the crowd as they always are here, but they didn't dare come up to us and try and stop us filming as they usually do. And since then, of course, we've had what's the gunfire in the rally, the circumstances surrounding are a little bit murky, but somebody has been killed. So I wasn't there when that happen, but I can see obviously the fear will creep back in and the fear here is always in the background. What is the government going to do? How is it going to respond to these protests? "John Lion in Tehran. Well, in the main, the authorities appear to have let Monday's mass demonstration pass off without challenge. There have been incidents in which opposition activists have been confronted by the forces of the state. We have been speaking to a student in Tehran who asked not to be identified. He'd been involved in a sit-in at Tehran University and told us what happened when the police turned up. They detained at least about 200 students because there were three buses out there, and all were filled after they arrived. And they injured me and some of my friends had witnessed some scenes that was like a bloodshed. They had some knives with them and swords. I've sustained some severe injuries, but I don't feel any pain anywhere, but my heart. The experiences of one student at Tehran University. 06/75066。