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福州市第一人民医院治疗早泄多少钱福建省立医院泌尿科咨询With temperatures rising four times faster than anywhere else in Asia, the Tibetan Plateau might soon lose most of its glacier and permafrost, affecting water supplies throughout Asia, Chinese scientists say.青藏高原的气温上升速度比亚洲其它地区快了四倍,中国科学家说青藏高原上绝大部分的冰川和永动层或许不久就将消失殆尽,这将影响亚洲各地的淡水供应。Long known as the ;roof of the world,; the Tibetan Plateau is about the size of Western Europe and supplies water to nearly 2 billion people in Asia as the source of several major rivers, including the Yangze, Mekong, Salween (Gyalmo Ngulchu), Indus, Brahmaputra and Yellow rivers.作为早就闻名遐迩的“世界屋脊”,青藏高原的面积和西欧差不多。这一地区是包括长江、湄公河、萨尔温江、印度河、雅鲁藏布江和黄河在内的几条大河的源头,向亚洲近20亿人供应着淡水。But because of the impact of climate change, the glaciers are retreating rapidly, grasslands are shrinking as desertification expands, regional precipitation has become irregular, water levels are dropping in major rivers and the permafrost is thawing.但受气候变化影响,这里的冰川迅速消退,草原面积不断减小,荒漠化面积不断增加,区域降水反常,几条大河的水位不断下降,永冻层也在持续融化。The melting of Tibetan glaciers, the largest mass of frozen fresh water outside the polar regions, is linked to many environmental consequences both locally and globally, including heat waves in Europe, according to some studies.青藏高原储藏着除两极地区以外最多的冰冻淡水。一些研究显示,这一地区的冰川融化与多种区域性和全球性的环境影响有关,比如欧洲的热浪。Glacial retreat冰川消融Chinese officials estimate Tibet holds 14.5 percent of the worlds total glacier mass. While there are a few different theories on what is causing the glaciers to melt, researchers agree the pace is staggering.中国官方预计西藏地区拥有占全世界14.5%的冰川储量。尽管对引起冰川融化的原因还存在不同说法,但研究者们都认为青藏高原冰川消融的速度是惊人的。Chinas state-run Xinhua news agency reported in April that an average of 247 square kilometers of glacier is disappearing annually, and that some 7,600 square kilometers of glacier, or about 18 percent of the total, has disappeared since the 1950s.今年4月,中国官方的新华社报道,青藏高原平均每年有247平方公里的冰川消融。自上世0年代以来,已经有大约7600平方公里的冰川消失,这占到青藏高原冰川总量的大8%。Zhang Mingxing, a Chinese official who heads the Tibet Mountaineering Administration, said the glacier at the Everest base camp, 5,200 meters above sea level, has aly disappeared. ;There is nothing but stones (left),; he was ed as saying by Xinhua.西藏登山运动管理中心主任张明兴说,在海拔5200米的艾佛勒斯峰(珠穆朗玛峰)大本营区的冰川已经消失。新华社援引他的描述说,那里就剩下石头了。Prior Chinese research of substances within Tibetan glaciers indicated carbon from forest fires, crop burning and domestic cooking stoves from India have caused the melting. While these could be contributing factors, scientists say the global rise in temperatures is indisputably the primary cause.在对冰川内的物质进行研究之后,之前的一些中国研究人员表示,森林大火、焚烧秸秆以及印度家庭做饭用的厨灶等造成的碳排放都导致了青藏高原冰川的融化。科研人员说,尽管可能还有其它因素,但全球气温升高正在成为导致冰川融化的一个无可辩驳的原因。Tibetans say there has been a drastic change of temperature since 1980s. One U.S.-based Tibetan who recently returned to Lhasa expressed shock at seeing the climatological impact on peoples clothing style. ;When I lived in Lhasa, it was very rare that people could walk outside in T-shirts,; said the man, who asked that his name be withheld. ;Now people are walking in shorts!;西藏地区居民表示自上世纪80年代以来,这一地区的气温发生了剧烈的变化。一位居住在美国、不愿透露姓名的西藏人表示当他最近回到拉萨时,他被人们因气候变化导致的穿衣风格的改变震惊了。他说:“当我在拉萨生活的时候,很少能见到人们穿着T恤衫走出户外的。现在走在拉萨街头的人都是短衣短裤了。”National Geographic reported in 2010 that one glacier was retreating by about 300 meters a year, the length of a U.S. football field.《国家地理》杂志在2010年报告一处冰川正在以每年大约300米的速度消退,这与一个美式橄榄球场的长度大致相当。As early as , Chinas leading scientist on glaciers, Qin Dahe, said glaciers on the Tibetan Plateau were melting faster than in any other part of the world. In the short term, he warned, the melt would trigger more flooding and mudslides; in the long term: ;water supplies in the region will be in peril.;早在年,中国从事冰川研究的带头人秦大河就表示青藏高原的冰川消融速度比世界上其它任何地方都快。他曾警告说冰川消融在短期内就可能导致更多的洪水和泥石流,长远看来这一地区的淡水供应将受到威胁。Some researchers have predicted that most of the Himalayan glaciers will be gone in 20 years.一些研究人员已经预测,喜马拉雅山地区的大部分冰川在20年内将消失殆尀?Water needs淡水需求Those shrinking glaciers feed some of the largest rivers that run through China, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Burma, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia.那些正在消退的冰川是一些世界最大河流的源头,这些河流流经中囀?印度、巴基斯坦、孟加拉囀?缅甸、老挝、泰囀?越南以及柬埔寨;Water is the most important resource that this region has, the common region of Tibet part of China, India, Bhutan and all of that,; said R. Rangachari, honorary scholar at Indias Center for Policy Research and former secretary of the Ministry of Water Resources of India.印度政策研究中心荣誉学者兰加夏里(R. Rangachari)说:“这一区域、也就是由中国的藏区、印度和不丹等等的共同区域所拥有的最重要的资源就是水。”兰加夏里曾担任印度水利部部长,;Water is the key to removing poverty, generation of power, agriculture, et cetera,; he told VOAs Tibetan service.他还对美国之音藏语组说:“水资源是消除贫困、发电和发展农业的关键。”A former researcher of Tibetan Plateau climate change for the Chinese Academy of Science, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said diminished glacial runoff had aly reduced water levels on the Yangtze and Yellow rivers. ;The headwaters for any major rivers come from (the) Tibetan Plateau and there is (a) lesser water supply to those head rivers,; he said.一位前中国科学院青藏高原气候变化问题研究员表示,在西藏的部分地区,水资源的供应已经在减少,像长江、黄河这样的河流水位也在下降。这位匿名人士还透露:“另一个现象就是对主要河流的供水在减少。源头在青藏高原的主要河流的上游水量在减少,对那些源头河流的供水也在变少。”Chinas Ministry of Water Resources announced in 2013 that as many as 28,000 smaller rivers in China had abruptly disappeared by 2011. While Beijing did not cite specific causes, the anonymous researcher said warming on the Tibetan Plateau was at least partly to blame.中国水利部在2013年公布一项数据,截至2011年,中国有多8000条较小的河流迅速消失。虽然水利部没有提及原因,但那位前中科院研究员表示青藏高原气候变暖是部分原因;Another important reason is the meltdown of the permafrost soil,; which leads to subterranean water drainage, he said. ;Like when you have (a) thick sponge.; The latest research conducted by the Chinese Academy of Science predicted that more than 80 percent of Tibetan Plateau permafrost could be gone by the year 2100, and that almost 40 percent of it would be gone within the ;near future.;他说:“另一个重要原因就是永久冻土融化。”他说,这带来地下水的排水问题,“就像你手里的海绵变厚一样。”中科院的最新研究预测,100年,青藏高原上可能将有超0%的永久冻土消失,有近40%的永久冻土在“不久的将来”就可能消失。Increased risk of conflict冲突风险The apparent changes in the Tibetan Plateau have raised concern about the potential for water-security conflicts in the region, particularly between China and India.青藏高原上明显的气候变化增加了人们对各方,特别是中国和印度,在水资源保障问题上发生冲突的担忧。To mitigate the environmental impact, China has stepped up construction of dams along rivers cascading from the Tibetan Plateau, despite complaints from downstream nations that need the water.在西藏环境发生明显变化的同时,中国不顾下游国家的抱怨,一直在青藏高原的河流上游加紧建设大坝。In fact, the Salween remains the only Tibetan river that has not yet been interrupted by major dams; Tibets Yarlung Tsangpo River, which feeds Indias Brahmaputra River, recently saw construction of a single dam.实际上,在源头在西藏的主要河流中,只有萨尔温河没有重要大坝的阻隔。中国最近在雅鲁藏布江上建成了一座大坝,雅鲁藏布江是印度布拉马普特拉河的源头河流。According to Rangachari, India takes the water issues seriously.兰加夏里表示印度非常重视水资源问题;Nobody wants to hand over their right to do something (especially) what the other is doing,; he said. ;Political boundaries might be created by man, but geography is created by God.;他说:“没人想把做事的权利拱手让人,特别是这件事是别人正在做的。政治界线是人为的,但地理是神定的。来 /201512/414307南平妇幼保健院包皮手术多少钱 You thought the eurozone crisis was bad. Today, Europe faces no greater challenge than the mass exodus of refugees seeking a haven from the carnage in Syria and the turmoil in north Africa and the Sahel. It is equally clear that both the EU’s response and its institutions have proved woefully inadequate.你或许认为欧元区危机很严重。如今,欧洲面临的最严峻挑战莫过于大批难民的涌入,他们是为了逃离叙利亚的大屠杀,北非和萨赫勒地区的动乱。同样清楚的是,事实明,欧盟的反应及其收容机构都严重不足。The question of immigration, a visceral issue in the way the single currency is not, is driving a wedge between EU populations and their governments, between member states and indeed between the EU itself and the values on which it was founded.移民问题——不同于单一货币,这是一个触动人心的问题——正在欧盟各国民众与本国政府之间造成隔阂、破坏成员国之间的关系,实际上也使欧盟自身偏离其所植根的价值观。France a country at the same time Mediterranean, Atlantic and continental is at the heart of this new storm. It has a xenophobic and illiberal force all too keen to take advantage of popular fears about the impact of migration in the shape of the National Front, Europe’s largest extreme rightwing party, with a base representing some 25 per cent of the electorate. But, until now, Paris has not indicated that it has any clue how to cope.作为一个毗邻地中海、大西洋的欧洲大陆国家,法国正处于这场新风暴的中心。法国存在一股排外、狭隘的势力,他们极其热衷于利用民众对移民所造成影响的恐惧,那就是欧洲最大极右翼政党,法国国民阵National Front),该党获得了法国全体选民5%的选票。但法国政府迟迟未表明如何应对难民问题。The current scale of Europe’s refugee problem is daunting. More than 100,000 boat-people arrived in the EU just in the month of July alone. The bloc’s leaders have agreed no coherent response. A recent meeting in Berlin between President Hollande of France and Angela Merkel, German chancellor, proved particularly bereft of content. The divisions between member states are growing unsustainable, with Germany, taking on board some 40 per cent of the EU’s new asylum seekers, while Britain only takes 4 per cent and France a scarcely less dismal 8 per cent.当前欧洲难民问题的严重程度令人震惊。仅月,就有超过10万难民乘船抵达欧盟。欧盟领导人并未就此达成一致的应对措施。法国总统弗朗索瓦攠朗Hollande)与德国总理安格拉默克尔(Angela Merkel)最近在柏林的会谈尤其空洞。欧盟成员国之间的分歧愈发不可调和,德国要接纳约40%新到欧盟的寻求避难者,而英国仅接纳4%,法国也才接%。Meanwhile pleas by Brussels and Berlin for the EU to share out asylum seekers equitably between member states have fallen on barren ground. Each country is preoccupied with its own story as Britain is, for example, with the rise of net migration to all-time highs. Beggar-my-neighbour stances by established parties and outright xenophobia by their insurgent challengers are on the rise.与此同时,布鲁塞尔与柏林方面关于欧盟成员国合理摊派接收避难者的呼吁也如同泥牛入海。每个国家都在忙于应对自己的问题——例如,英国的净移民数量已升至历史最高位。老牌政党以邻为壑的立场以及反对派挑战者彻底的仇外情绪都在上升。The recent attack aboard a Thalys high-speed train between the Netherlands and France has further stoked fears of cross-border terrorism and mutterings about the Schengen area of passport-free travel. The deliberate conflation by demagogues of immigration, the refugee exodus, the sp of Islam and jihadi terrorism is as emotionally powerful as it is factually spurious.最近发生在一趟往返荷兰与法国的大力士(Thalys)高铁列车上的袭击事件,进一步引发了对跨境恐怖主义的担忧以及对申根区(Schengen area)免签旅行安排的不满。煽动民心的政客故意将移民、难民外逃以及伊斯兰教和圣战恐怖主义的传播混淆到一起,虽然事实并非如此,但其在情感上的影响是巨大的。This is a backdrop against which a noxious force such as the National Front can prosper. It is France’s good fortune that the far-right group has largely sabotaged itself through the spat between Marine Le Pen, its leader, and Jean-Marie Le Pen, her father and the party’s founder. But Ms Le Pen and her forces have time to retrieve their position before 2017’s presidential elections, and are aly dragging French politics towards the anti-liberal, anti-European right.正是在这种背景下,法国国民阵线等邪恶势力得以崛起。法国很幸运,这个极右政党因其领导人马琳勒庞(Marine Le Pen)与自己的父亲、该党创始人马里勒庞(Jean-Marie Le Pen)之间的争执已经在很大程度上削弱了自身实力。但马琳勒庞及其势力017年的总统选举之前还有时间来恢复自己的地位,他们已经在将法国政治拖向反自由主义、反欧洲的右倾路线。France needs a principled and more coherent alternative to the National Front; the EU needs a response to the immigration crisis that lives up to rather than falls short of its values. At present, most EU member states, France included, are not providing the systematic right of asylum to which war-refugees are entitled under international humanitarian law or by common decency.法国需要一个有原则、更加团结的政党来代替国民阵线;欧盟应该拿出符合其价值观的应对移民危机的措施。目前,大多数欧盟成员国(包括法国)都未向难民们提供国际人道主义法或人类共有的道德行为准则赋予战争难民的系统性庇护权。This may not matter to the National Front’s core electorate, but it does mean that mainstream policy has largely conceded defeat when it comes to values. Europe is better than this; so is France. Europe’s leaders need to live up to our responsibilities as humans and as neighbours, assume part of the burden, and talk straight to the electorate. Continued European and French fecklessness will only improve the far-right’s prospects of success, and deepen what is aly an unprecedented crisis.这对于国民阵线的核心持者来说或许并不重要,但它的确意味着,主流政策在价值观方面已大体承认是失败的。欧洲的情况要好一些;法国也是如此。欧洲领导人需要履行我们作为人类和邻居的责任,承担部分重担,并向选民坦率直言。欧洲与法国持续的不作为只会提高极右翼势力未来成功的可能性,使这场本已空前的危机愈演愈烈。来 /201509/399113Russia has sharply increased the number of troops and vehicles positioned on the eastern border of Ukraine in the past few days, raising fears of an invasion to stop the Ukrainian army’s recent advances against pro-Russian separatists.过去几天俄罗斯大幅增加了在乌克兰东部边境的驻军及各种军用车辆的数量,这引发了人们对俄罗斯为压制乌克兰军队近期对亲俄分裂分子的进军势头而入侵乌克兰的担忧。Moscow has around 20,000 troops deployed in battle-y formations on the border, according to senior Nato military officers significantly more than the 15,000 US officials said were deployed there last week.根据北约(Nato)高级军事官员的说法,俄罗斯政府在俄乌边境部署万处于战备状态的驻军,大大高于上周部署的.5万人——这一数字是美国官员透露的。While the number is still well below the 40,000 Russian troops deployed near Ukraine in April, the sharp rise in just a few days has been a cause for significant concern among Western military powers.尽管这一数字仍大大低于今月在乌克兰附近部署的4万俄军,但驻军人数在短短几天内剧增还是在西方军事强国中引发了极大担忧。According to US officials, the Russian troop deployments are also now much closer to the Ukrainian border all within 50km than in previous instances.根据美国官员的说法,这些俄罗斯军队目前全部在距乌克兰边境50公里以内,比此前距边境的距离大大缩近。The battalions that have been deployed are predominantly those which have been at the forefront of a sweeping modernisation programme undertaken by Russia’s military in recent years and are among the best equipped and trained in the Russian army.这些驻军中的大多率先通过了俄罗斯军方最近几年实施的全面现代化计划,属于俄罗斯军队中装备最精良,训练最好的部队。Those present include elite spetsnaz forces, armoured brigades and artillery and anti-aircraft units.这些部队中包括精锐的“阿尔法小组spetsnaz)特种部队、装甲旅、以及炮兵和防空部队。The troops are sp along the length of the border with Ukraine. As with previous Russian deployments along the border, the Kremlin has been careful to ensure that no single out-of-base concentration exceeds a limit of 9,000 stipulated under the Budapest Memorandum of 1994 and the Nato-Russia founding act on mutual relations of 1997.这些部队沿着漫长的俄乌边境排开。和此前俄罗斯沿俄乌边境的驻军一样,俄罗斯政府对兵力做了十分小心的部署,确保没有一个基地外的集结点人数会超000人。这一人数限制来自1994年签署的《布达佩斯安全保障备忘录Budapest Memorandum on Security Assurances),以997年俄罗斯与北约就双方关系签署的《北俄罗斯基本文件NATO-Russia Founding Act)。Ukraine on Tuesday called upon Russia to halt its build-up of forces along its border as fears mounted that Moscow could invade to prevent the advancing army of its southern neighbour from finishing off pro-Russian separatists increasingly encircled and bunkered down in eastern Ukraine’s largest cities ahead of a final showdown.周二,在对俄罗斯入侵的担忧日益增强之际,乌克兰呼吁俄罗斯停止在边境增兵的行为。目前,亲俄分裂分子日益陷入重围,困在乌克兰东部几个最大城市,等待着最后摊牌。乌克兰方面担心,为阻止乌克兰军队进军扫清亲俄分裂分子,俄罗斯可能会入侵乌克兰。“Ukraine considers the conducting of such unprecedented military exercises on the border with Ukraine as a provocation,said Col. Andriy Lysenko, a Ukrainian army spokesperson.乌克兰军方发言人安德里#8226;李森科上Col. Andriy Lysenko)表示:“乌克兰把在乌克兰边境这类史无前例的军事演习视为一种挑衅。”Russian officials have for weeks hinted at the need for peacekeepers in eastern Ukraine to halt bloodshed among the civilian population but which Kiev regards as a pretext for direct Russian intervention in the conflict.几周来,俄罗斯官方一直在暗示有必要向乌克兰东部派遣维和部队,以阻止平民间的杀戮。不过,乌克兰政府将这一提议视为俄罗斯直接干预乌克兰冲突的借口。Accused by Kiev and the West of funnelling rebels and heavy arms to the separatist militants, Russia has explained the border military build-up as training exercises.对于在俄乌边境的增兵行为,俄罗斯辩称这只是出于演练。目前,乌克兰政府和西方还曾指责俄罗斯向分裂分子的武装力量输送反叛人员和重型武器。Kiev claims there are some 15,000 separatist militants in the east of Ukraine which it says are being supplied with heavy arms by Moscow, including the Buk surface-to-air missile the US and EU allege was used to shoot down a Malaysia passenger airliner last month, killing all 298 on board.联合UN)难民署周二表示,乌克兰境内有11.7万人流离失所。Kiev has also repeatedly accused Moscow’s forces stationed at the border of firing artillery and surface-to-surface missiles at local troops from Russian territory to bolster the separatistshand in battles that have been raging since April.就在周二,俄罗斯也曾呼吁联合国安理会(UN Security Council)就乌克兰的人道主义局面召开紧急会议。Such attacks and fears that Russia could entertain a full-blown military incursion have increased in past weeks as Ukraine’s military has made gains in its military campaign against the rebels.在乌克兰东部城市,数百名平民在炮火中丧生。对此,乌克兰政府和分裂分子武装都指责对方发动了炮火袭击。来 /201408/319047福州市男科大夫

福州哪家医院有检查包皮的南平男科医生 Economic fugitive returned贪腐逃犯被押回国Another suspect from Chinas ;100 most wanted economic fugitives; list was repatriated on Monday, the Peoples Procuratorate of Beijing announced.记者从北京市人民检察院获悉,百人红色通缉令另一名嫌日被押解回国。Sun Xin, 46, and a former cashier of the Beijing municipal bureau of press, is suspected of embezzlement while at the bureau.46岁的孙新是原北京市新闻出版局出纳,经查,孙新在担任单位出纳期间,涉嫌挪用公款。He allegedly transferred money to his own company and used some of it to play the futures and stock market.据称,他将巨额公款转入自己的公司进行营利活动,其中部分款项被转入期货交易所和券交易所进行交易。He fled to Southeast Asia in Oct 2008.20080月,孙新潜逃至东南亚地区。The municipal police learned that Sun was hiding in Cambodia in May and worked with the Cambodia public security department to locate Sun.今年5月,北京警方得知孙新正藏身于柬埔寨,在柬埔寨公安部的配合下,成功将孙新缉拿归案。来 /201506/379578福州去那里割包皮比较好

福州治疗早泄有哪些方法Outwardly, they put on a show of unity but privately, the Obamas and Clintons, the two power couples of the Democrat Party, loathe each other.表面上,美国民主党最有权势的两对夫妻——奥巴马夫妇和克林顿夫妇——表现得团结友爱;私底下,他们却相互厌恶、势如水火。“I hate that man Obama more than any man I’ve ever met, more than any man who ever lived,Bill Clinton said to friends on one occasion, adding he would never forgive Obama for suggesting he was a racist during the 2008 campaign.“我厌恶奥巴马胜过我所见过的任何人、胜过活着的任何人。”曾经在某个场合,希拉里的丈夫克林顿直白地表达对奥巴马的反感,他说自己永远不能原谅奥巴马008年大选时暗示他是种族主义者的言论。The feeling is mutual. Obama made #173;excuses not to talk to Bill, while the first lady privately sniped about Hillary.On most evenings, Michelle Obama and her trusted adviser, Valerie Jarrett, met in a quiet corner of the White House residence. They’d usually open a bottle of Chardonnay, catch up on news about Sasha and Malia, and gossip about people who gave them heartburn.Their favorite bête noire was Hillary Clinton, whom they nicknamed “Hildebeest,after the menacing and shaggy-maned gnu that roams the Serengeti.而这种厌恶是相互的。奥巴马的妻子米歇尔经常会与其信赖的助手瓦莱#8226;贾勒特在白宫把酒闲聊,除了谈论米歇尔的两个女儿之外,抨击希拉里是两人的最爱。米歇尔和贾勒特甚至给希拉里起了个绰号“Hildebeest”,这个词由希拉里的名字(Hillary)与牛羚(wildebeest)合成。‘Michelle could be president’“米歇尔也能当总统”The animosity came to a head in the run-up to the 2012 election, when Obama’s inner circle insisted he needed the former president’s support to win. Obama finally telephoned Bill Clinton in September 2011 and invited him out for a round of golf.竞选连任时,顾问团坚称奥巴马需要请克林顿来为他站台。诚不得已,奥巴马于2011月给克林顿打电话,邀请他一起去打高尔夫。“I’m not going to enjoy this,Bill told Hillary when they gathered with a group of friends and political associates at Whitehaven, their neo-Georgian home on Embassy Row in Washington, DC.“I’ve had two successors since I left the White House Bush and Obama and I’ve heard more from Bush, asking for my advice, than I’ve heard from Obama. I have no relationship with the president none whatsoever,Clinton said.“我不会喜欢这次会面。”成行之前,克林顿在自家举行的一场聚会上向妻子说明了他的看法,“我离开白宫之后有两位继任者——布什和奥巴马,前者经常向我请教治国之道,后者很少。我跟这个总统没有关系,一点关系都没有。”“I really can’t stand the way Obama #173;always seems to be hectoring when he talks to me,Clinton added, according to someone who was present at the gathering and spoke on the condition of anonymity. “Sometimes we just stare at each other. It’s pretty damn awkward. Now we both have favors to ask each other, and it’s going to be very unpleasant. But I’ve got to get this guy to owe me and to be on our side.”据偶然听见克林顿夫妇对话的一位与会者透露,克林顿还愤愤然地补充道:“奥巴马跟我说话时,总是一副居高临下的口气,我真是受不了。有时我们面对面干瞪眼,简直太尴尬了。但现在我们都有求于对方,尽管见面会很不愉快,我还是会让这个家伙欠我一份人情、站到我这边。”During the golf game, Clinton didn’t waste any time reminding Obama that as president he had presided over eight years of prosperity, while Obama had been unable to dig the country out of the longest financial #173;doldrums since the Great Depression.待到打球之时,克林顿无时无刻不在提醒奥巴马,他在位八年期间美国繁荣昌盛,而奥巴马却治国无方始终没能领导美国走出经济困境。“Bill got into it right away,said a Clinton family friend. “He told Obama, ‘Hillary and I are gearing up for a run in 2016.He said Hillary would be ‘the most qualified, most experienced candidate, perhaps in history.His reference to Hillary’s experience made Obama wince, since it was clearly a shot at his lack of experience when he ran for president.“And so Bill continued to talk about Hillary’s qualifications .#8201;.#8201;. and the coming campaign in 2016. But Barack didn’t bite. He changed the subject several times. Then suddenly, Barack said something that took Bill by complete surprise. He said, ‘You know, Michelle would make a great presidential candidate, too.’“Bill was speechless. Was Barack comparing Michelle’s qualifications to Hillary’s? Bill said that if he hadn’t been on a mission to strike a deal with Barack, he might have stormed off the golf course then and there.”“克林顿告诉奥巴马,‘希拉里和我正在016年总统大选做准备,她可能是史上最有资质、最有经验的竞选人’,暗示要奥巴马持他的妻子。”克林顿夫妇一位共同的朋友透露,克林顿的滔滔不绝令奥巴马有些厌烦,“奥巴马撂出一句狠话,‘你知道的,米歇尔也将是一位很棒的总统竞选人’,这令克林顿哑口无言。奥巴马拿毫无从政经验的米歇尔跟希拉里比?克林顿愤怒了,他说如果不是自己还有求于奥巴马,当时愤而离场了。”Blackberry snub共进晚餐火药味十足Bill Clinton would go on to campaign for Obama in 2012, but he felt betrayed when the president seemed to waver when it came to a 2016 endorsement of Hillary. Obama attempted to smooth things over with a joint 0 Minutesinterview with Hillary, and later a private dinner for the two couples at the White House.‘I HATE THAT MAN OBAMA MORE THAN ANY MAN I’VE EVER MET, MORE THAN ANY MAN WHO EVER LIVED.- Bill Clinton In Blood FeudAnd so, on March#8201;1, 2013 the very day that the #8201;billion in budget cuts known as the “sequesterwent into effect the Clintons slipped unnoticed into the White House and sat down for dinner with the Obamas in the Residence.奥巴马成功连任后,克林顿感觉自己遭到背叛了,因为奥巴马在公开场合谈及2016年大选持希拉里事宜时显得犹豫不决。于是,2013日,美国自动削减赤字机制生效的当天,克林顿夫妇悄悄进入白宫,与奥巴马夫妇共进晚餐。Typically, once Obama decided to do something (for example, the surge in Afghanistan), he immediately had second thoughts, and his behavior during dinner degenerated from moody to grumpy to bad-tempered.After the obligatory greetings and small talk about family, Obama asked Bill what he thought about the sequester: Would it turn out to be a political plus for him? Bill went into a long and boring lecture about the issue.程式化寒暄结束后,奥巴马询问克林顿对于自动减赤的看法:“你觉得这会为我加分吗?”之后,克林顿打开了话匣子,开始了一段冗长、无趣的“演讲”。To change the subject, Hillary asked Michelle if it was true, as she had heard, that the first lady was thinking about running for the Senate from Illinois.Michelle said that she was warming to the idea, though she had yet to make up her mind.为了改变话题、活跃气氛,希拉里问米歇尔她是不是真的考虑竞选伊利诺伊州参议员。米歇尔回答道,她有兴趣但还没决定。Bill shot Hillary a look of incredulity.Bill then moved the conversation to Obama’s vaunted 2012 campaign #173;organization. He told Obama that it would be a good idea to fold the organization, along with all its digital and social-media bells and whistles, into the Democratic National Committee.Obama’s only response was a disparaging smile.此时,克林顿看了希拉里一眼,眼神中满是怀疑。接着,他又把话题转向奥巴马的2012年竞选团队,建议将该团队的所有资源转移到民主党全国委员会,但换来的只是奥巴马轻蔑的一笑。President Barack Obama acts cordial with former President Clinton but it’s all for show, according to the new book “Blood Feud,by journalist Edward Klein.Photo: White House“You have to use your organization to aid the candidate in 2016,Bill pressed Obama.“Really?Obama replied in a tone of undisguised sarcasm.The two men went back and forth over the subject of where the money for Obama’s campaign organization had come from and how to allocate funds for the 2016 presidential election. Bill raised his voice. So did Obama.克林顿仍不放弃,他继续强调:“你应该用你的团队去帮助2016年的党内候选人。”“真的吗?”奥巴马的话语里讽刺意味明显。然而,二人在此话题上展开唇舌战、嗓门越来越高。As Bill Clinton went on about his managerial experience, Obama began playing with his Blackberry under the table, making it plain that he wasn’t paying attention to anything Clinton had to say. He was intentionally snubbing Clinton. Others around the table noticed Obama thumbing his Blackberry, and the atmosphere turned even colder than before. Hillary changed the subject again.言语交锋终告一段落,克林顿继续讲述自己的治国经验,奥巴马的耐心耗尽、连敷衍都不愿意,开始在桌子底下玩起手机。奥巴马有意冷落克林顿的举动,被所有人看在眼里,饭桌上的气氛变得更为尴尬。“Are you glad you won’t have to campaign again?she asked Obama. “You don’t seem to #173;enjoy it.”“For a guy who doesn’t like it,Obama replied tartly, “I’ve done pretty well.”“Well,Bill said, adding his two cents, “I was glad to pitch in and help get you re-elected.”There was another long pause. Finally, Obama turned to Bill and said, sotto voce, “Thanks.”于是,希拉里决定为丈夫解围。“不用再参加竞选了,你很高兴吧?”希拉里问奥巴马,“看上去你并不喜欢竞选。”“对于一个不喜欢竞选的人来说,”奥巴马毫不客气地回应说,“我做得很棒了。”“不错,”克林顿也不相让,“我很乐意帮助你再次当选。”这时出现了一段长时间的沉默,最后,奥巴马转向克林顿,低声说了句“谢谢啊。”After the dinner, and once the Clintons had been ushered out of the family quarters, Obama shook his head and said, “That’s why I never invite that guy over.”用餐完毕,终于把克林顿夫妇“扫地出门”了,奥巴马摇了摇头,说了一句:“这就是为什么我从不邀请这家伙的原因。”Obama’s mini-me“他在寻找迷你版的奥巴马”Lately, Bill Clinton has become convinced that Obama won’t endorse Hillary in 2016. During a gathering at Whitehaven, guests overheard Bill talking to his daughter Chelsea about whether the president would back Joe Biden.不久前,克林顿终于开始相信奥巴马不会016年总统大选中持希拉里。在一次聚会上,有人听见克林顿和他的女儿切尔西聊起此事。“Recently, I’ve been hearing a different scenario from state committeemen,Clinton said. “They say he’s looking for a candidate who’s just like him. Someone relatively unknown. Someone with a fresh face.“最近,不少国会议员告诉我,奥巴马正在寻找一位跟他相似的候选人,某个知名度不那么高的新鲜面孔。”克林顿认为,这个人有可能是现任副总统拜登。“He’s convinced himself he’s been a brilliant president, and wants to clone himself to find his Mini-Me.“奥巴马自认为是位杰出的总统,所以想克隆自己。”克林顿说,“他相信美国人民不愿投票给政坛老手,他说我和你的妈妈都‘活0世纪(已经过时了)’,他在寻找一个迷你版的贝拉克#8226;奥巴马。”来 /201406/307751 Voters in Burkina Faso have voted Sunday for a new president and parliament in what is being called the countrys most open election in its history.非洲国家布基纳法索的选民星期天投票选举了新一任总统和议会。这次选举被称为是布基纳法索历史上最为开放的一次大选。Five million registered voters were eligible to select from among a slate of 14 presidential candidates.该国五百万注册选民有资格从14名总统候选人当中选出一位新总统。Twelve hours of voting ended about 6 p.m. local time. Officials have begun counting the ballots and the first results are expected late Monday. If no one earns more than 50 percent of the vote, a second round will be held.历时12个小时的投票在当地时间下午大点结束。官员们开始计票工作,最初计票统计结果预计星期一晚间公布。如果没有候选人在星期天的选举中赢得超过半数选票的话,将举行第二轮投票,以定乾坤。Former President Blaise Compaore led Burkina Faso for 27 years before trying last year to get rid of a constitutional term limit and make himself eligible for another round in office. That move brought protests that forced him to resign.布基纳法索前总统孔波雷在领导布基纳法7年之后,去年试图改写宪法,取消对总统的任期限制,以便自己再度执政。此举引发抗议,并迫使他辞职。An interim government replaced Compaore, and the election was supposed to take place in October, but a brief, failed military coup forced the process to be postponed.孔波雷辞职后,布基纳法索是由一个临时政府领导。大选原本定0月份举行,但是军方发起的短暂的失败政变,迫使选举被推迟到本周日举行。来 /201512/412953福州在线医生免费咨询福州市中医院泌尿科咨询



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