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闽侯县治疗阳痿哪家医院最好Nitrate containing compounds in the soil are generally soluble and ily migrate with ground water.含有硝酸盐的物质可以在土壤中分解并且污染地下水,Increased nitrate levels can present health risks to children.硝酸盐含量过高会影响儿童的身体健康Contaminated food stuffs, prepared baby foods,儿童饮食中一些食材受到污染and sausage preserved with nitrates and nitrites have caused exposure in children.以及含有亚硝酸盐和硝酸盐的香肠都对儿童的身体有害,Although vegetables are seldom a source of acute toxicity,尽管蔬菜通常并不会造成中毒,they account for more than 70% of the nitrates in a typical human diet.但人类饮食中70%的硝酸盐来自于蔬菜Cauliflower, spinach, collard greens, broccoli,花菜,菠菜,羽衣甘蓝嫩叶,花椰菜,and root vegetables have naturally greater以及根菜中的硝酸盐成分nitrate content than other plant foods do.都要高于其他食物The remainder of the nitrate in a typical diet comes from drinking water, about 21%,剩下的硝酸盐主要来自饮用水,大概占21%,and about 6% from meat and meat products in which还有6%来自于肉类和肉制品,因为为了保存sodium nitrate is used as a preservative and color enhancing agent.在它们的制作过程中用了硝酸钠For infants who are bottle fed,对于奶粉喂养的婴幼儿来说however, the major source of nitrate exposure in drinking water is used to mix powdered milk formula.硝酸盐的主要来源是饮用水和配方奶粉It appears that organic production of food results in有机食品中的硝酸盐含量lower nitrate levels most likely because nitrates are更低,这其中的原因或许是因为not allowed in organic food production.在有机食品生产过程中禁止使用硝酸盐A study conducted by Baker et al in 2002 summarized the2002年由贝克和其他人进行的研究results of 18 studies comparing nitrate levels of organic and conventional foods总结了18项对比有机食物和传统食物中硝酸盐含量的研究,and found 127 cases where nitrate levels were higher in conventional foods发现其中127例中传统食品的硝酸盐含量高43 cases where nitrate levels were higher in organic foods,43例中,有机食品的硝酸盐含量高and 6 cases where no difference was noted.另外6例中,两者的硝酸盐含量相当The Baker study demonstrates that organically贝克的研究表明,有机食物中的硝酸盐produced foods have lower detectable nitrate levels含量较低,由于有机食品生产过程中which is not surprising given that nitrates aren#39;t used in conventional farming.禁用硝酸盐,这一点不足为奇Now let#39;s look at the issue of nitrate in drinking water,下面我们来看看饮用水中的硝酸盐含量and what this means to you.这对你来说意味着什么The major sources of nitrates in drinking water are runoff from fertilizer use,饮用水中硝酸盐的主要来源是化肥的残留,leaching from septic tanks or sewage, and erosion of natural deposits.主要来自于化粪池和污水管道,还有自然沉积In 1974, Congress passed the Safe Drinking Water Act.1974年,国会通过了饮用水安全法案This law requires the EPA to determine the level of法律规定,环保局应当决定饮用水中contaminates in drinking water at which no adverse health affects are likely to occur.污染物的含量上限,以保不会对人体造成伤害,The EPA has set an enforceable regulation for nitrate called a环保局发布了强制性的监管条例,规定污染物的最高含量maximum contaminant level or MCL at这个最高含量标准也叫MCL10 milligrams per liter, or 10 parts per million.它的值为每升10毫克MCL#39;s are set by considering cost, benefits,MCL的制定过程考虑到了公共供水系统and the ability of public water systems to detect and利用合适的处理技术对污染物remove contaminants using suitable treatment technologies.进行检测和去除过程中的成本,能力和利润, Article/201511/410397福州市治疗膀胱炎多少钱政和县医院男科电话

福建男科最好的医院福州泌尿专科专科医院男性专科The winter is time for skiing and outdoor fun, not getting the flu. Here’s how to avoid it.冬季是滑雪和户外玩乐的好时光,而不是流感的季节。下面是预防流感的方法。You Will Need你需要Flu shot流感疫苗Multivitamin多种维他命Hand soap洗手液Plenty of water充足的水Garlic大蒜Common sense常识Steps步骤Consult your physician before taking any over-the-counter vitamins or medication and before getting a flu shot.用任何非处方维他命或药物以及接种流感疫苗之前一定要向医生咨询。STEP 1 Get flu shot1.接种流感疫苗Get a flu shot in October, November, or December. Local pharmacies, schools, and hospitals—and maybe even your school or workplace—will announce when they’re offering them each season.10月,11月和12月接种流感疫苗。当地药店,学校和医院——甚至你所在的学校或工作地点——都会宣布他们每个季节何时接种疫苗。Check online to determine when the flu is at its peak in your area.上网查看你所在地区是否已经达到流感高峰期。STEP 2 Take multivitamin2.用多种维生素Take a multivitamin daily, especially one high in vitamin C.每天用多种维生素,尤其是维生素C含量比较高的品种。STEP 3 Eat balanced diet3.饮食平衡Eat a balanced diet with lots of vegetables—getting too few or too many calories can place extra strain on your immune system.饮食平衡,大量食用蔬菜——摄入的热量过多或过少都会对你的免疫系统造成额外的压力。STEP 4 Exercise daily4.每天锻炼Exercise daily, especially throughout the winter. Raising your body temperature actually helps to clean your blood, killing off nasty stuff lurking there.每天锻炼,尤其是冬季。提高体温可以帮你清洁血液,消灭血液中潜伏的有害物质。STEP 5 Wash hands often5.经常洗手Wash your hands often. If there’s a sink nearby, scrubbing with plain old soap and water is just as good or better than antibacterial gels.经常洗手。如果附近有水槽,用普通的肥皂和水搓洗与用抗菌凝胶清洗效果一样好,甚至比后者效果更好。Wash even more frequently before, during, and after you prepare food; before you eat; after you use the restroom; after handling animals; and when the people around you, like classmates, co-workers or family members, are sick.准备食物之前,期间和之后,吃东西之前,上厕所之后,和动物接触之后,你周围的人,比如同学,同事和家人生病时,比平时更经常洗手。STEP 6 Clean counters amp; surfaces6.清洁柜台和表面Clean counters and surfaces often—especially those that come in contact with hands or faces often, like phones or remote controls.经常清洁柜台和表面,尤其是经常与双手和面部接触的地方,比如电话和遥控器。STEP 7 Turn away from sneezes7.别人打喷嚏时走开If someone near you sneezes, turn away to avoid the blast in case they don’t do so into a tissue or the crook or their arm.如果你附近的人打喷嚏,感激走开,避免被传染,因为他们自己可能没有纸巾或手臂遮挡。STEP 8 Beware of little kids8.小心小孩子Beware of little kids! Schools are breeding grounds for sickness, and kids are unwitting petri dishes.小心孩子!学校是疾病的温床,而孩子则是不知情的培养皿。STEP 9 Avoid touching sick people9.不要触碰病人Avoid shaking hands and other kinds of close contact with those who are—or might be—sick.不要与病人和与病人有过亲密接触的其他人握手。Keep your hands away from your own face as much as possible, or you risk passing whatever you’ve picked up on your fingers into your eyes,nose, or mouth.双手尽可能离开自己的面部,否则你的手指接触到的病菌可能会传染给眼睛,鼻子和嘴巴。STEP 10 Drink water every day10.每天多喝水Drink lots of water every day.每天多喝水。STEP 11 Eat garlic11.吃大蒜Eat garlic. Studies show it can actually kill off the flu virus, and suggest it might also help bolster your immune sytem.吃大蒜。研究显示,大蒜可以杀死流感病毒,甚至可以增强免疫系统。STEP 12 Get plenty of rest12.充分地休息Get plenty of rest. Stress increases the amount of the hormone cortisol in your body, which can interfere with the white blood cells that fight off infections.获得充足的休息。压力会增加体内的荷尔蒙皮质醇的水平,干扰抵抗感染的白细胞。STEP 13 Stay in bed13.卧床If you manage to get sick, do yourself and everyone else a favor: stay in bed. There’s no need to cause other people misery.如果你不幸生病了,为自己和他人考虑,卧床休息。没必要为其他人带来痛苦。The flu is a virus, which means antibiotics won’t do a thing to help—time is the best medicine.流感是一种病毒,这意味着抗生素没有效果,时间是最好的药物。 /201411/341061福建省福州治疗阳痿哪家医院最好Welcome back.欢迎回来In the last session we were looking at just introducing the feeling of rolling our edges on through the last part of the turn上一节我们讲了如何感受在转弯的结尾来转动板刃Today we#39;re going to take that on a step今天我们要进一步and make it happen earlier , link those turns together much better尽早把这些弯更好的连起来picking up the speed,and really changing up the shape of the turn that we#39;re doing加快速度,真正改变弯的形状Let#39;s get started it那就开始吧Up until now we#39;ve been fairly patient through the start of the turn到现在为止我们在弯的开始很有耐心Today we#39;re going to start replace that patience with much more commitment at the start of the turn今天我们要用更大的主动性(动作)来代替The way I want you to think of that, is almost imagine that there#39;s a door below you想象下面有一扇门and as you start that turn you#39;re not you not only going to be patient and let the skis come round,当你开始转弯时不但要有耐心让雪板转you#39;re gonna to try and let your body go towards that next turn你要试着让你的身体倾向下一个弯much more commitment.更多的主动性There.So I#39;m going into that next turn with commitment ,我要主动来进下一个弯,I feel the edges build up through the last part of the turn,我感觉在弯的最后部分板刃立起来了,and then go into it with commitment.然后我身体主动前压进弯A great way to feel this happening is by focusing on the downhill legs,一个好方法就是注意力集中在山下腿so the ski with the weight on it.承重的雪板Rather than trying to straighten it and push away from that next turn to come around the next corner ,不是伸直山下腿去蹬腿we#39;re going to soften it .而是动作变轻柔What I mean by softening is bending it slightly ,and feeling the weight coming of it变轻柔的意思是略微的弯腿把重心移过来and allowing your body to then fall in towards that next turn.这样让你的身体倒向下一个弯If I push off in a straight kind of aggressive way,如果我直腿使劲下蹬my body#39;s actually going away from that next turn.我的身体就和下一个弯背道而驰了We want them to go together.我们要让他们一起走I can feel my leg softening as a lift the weight off the downhill ski我可以感觉腿变软使山下脚的重心提起and my body moves towards the next turn.我的身体移向下一个弯My turns are starting to feel a lot more dynamic ,我的弯增加了许多动感since I finished one turn, I#39;m starting the next.因为我结束了一个弯,我准备下一个弯My body#39;s moving towards the next turn with much more commitment我的身体非常主动的移向下一个弯You should be feeling the ski working much more for you now.你会感觉雪板在为你更多的工作.A nice smooth edge at the end of the turn and then a confident start to the next one.非常平滑的板刃结束了一个弯然后很自信的开始下一个弯.Let#39;s try some shorter turns.下面试试小弯。注:本文翻译由en88字幕组完成。 Article/201506/379768福州包皮环切手术费用多少

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