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福州治包皮过长哪家医院比较好福建省立医院看男科怎么样闽侯县男科最好的医院 Welcome back. It was a futuristic vision of efficiency or in our value in nightmare depending on your point of view. The government had been planning two huge computer databases, one to store all of our personal identity information, / the other our health records. Well, yesterday a bank diagnostic compulsory inclusion in the medical records computer, and today we learn the ID card system is not quite going to be as it was first in physics. Let's keep being reports.It may look like just a photo opportunity for journalists, but this was the home office far in what it called the starting gun for the national identity scheme. But as the noise of that dies down, you notice there is a U-turn, too. The governments decided not to go ahead with one central database for the ID card scheme, the so-called clean system as it promised all along. Instead the information will be stored on 3 existing computer systems to save money. The home office will store your biometric data: fingerprints, iris scans and facial recognition information. The Department for work and pensions will store your biographic footprints, the basic facts about you: name, address and date of birth. And the identity and passport service will store details of card used the issue and use of the ID card itself.What the government is proposing is something far less secure, and actually very hard to see how they are going to manage or control. Then the clean, new database, the National Identity Register that they have been promising to Parliament from the very beginnings of introducing, are the identity card’s bill. What they are proposing is essentially to just designate pieces of data that are held in existing government databases that are mixed in with other bits of government data and saying: that's the register.The home secretary wasn't giving interviews today, but did issue a statement: doing something sensible is not necessarily a U-turn. We have decided it is lower risk, more efficient and faster to take the infrastructure that aly exists, although the data will be drawn from other sources.Conservatives have said the move shows costs are out of control, and criticized the home secretary for they say: sneaking out the news in a written statement.Well, I am joined now by Dr. Adycal Whilly from the London School of Economics. He has a precise project into the ID card scheme. So explain to me first what difference does it actually make to you or me, whether or not the government uses a whole new computer database for this built on top for the existing one?I think one of the most important differences is that the original plans for the brand-new database was going to have the security built-in from the very beginning because having all of your personal details, your biometric, etc, are very important thing that needs to be kept secure. The current plans seem/ to involve using existing database which is a little cheaper to do, but there is no guarantee that the security will be built-in from the very beginning and adding on security to an existing database is often a recipe for more problems that they tried, then they would actually solve.But even if you built that completely from scratch, is there really any such a thing as a safe and secure database?No, and that's one of the problems with the whole bases of the design that the government has in, whether it has 3 databases or one database, still putting all of the data in, in one particular location. It was interesting with the proposals for the children's database that the details of the prime minister's children, celebrity's children would not be stored there because, well, there might be a security risk. And yet all of our data is intended to be put onto these now, 3 databases are other than one database.The other thing that people get concerned about is whether or not the information is going to be held by them is incorrect, because we know there are mistakes aly existed in government records. Does do whether proposing today means it's more likely that the mistakes should be transferred into our ID cards?Well, that's the big, that's really not clear. They talk about using existing government databases, for example, from the Department of Work and Pensions, but Department of Work and Pensions, for example, has more national insurance numbers than there are people in the country, so using existing data was not necessarily a great way forward because the data is not clean, there're, errors was not put in as carefully, and that was why the previous plan said it will build it from scratch with a completely clean database.When do you think any of us might actually have an ID card, not wallet?Well, politically at least 2 people will have a card by , cause they talk about cards and . Beyond that, slowly possibly from 2010 if everything goes well, but once again the government is rushing for political timetables rather than thinking through what really needs to be done to build efficient identity measurement for the country.Ok, really thanks.200805/39571福州哪里能做阴茎矫正手术

福州治疗淋病梅毒多少钱15第十五单元Conversation 1会话 1A:Anne, would you please come in for a while? Please also bring along the minutes of yesterdays management meeting.A:安妮,你能进来一下吗?同时,请带上昨天的高层会议记录。B:Of course,sir. Heres the minutes of the meeting.B:当然可以,先生 这就是会议记录。A:How long did the meeting last?A:会议进行了多久?B:The meeting was delayed by thirty minutes and it lasted for two and a half hours.B:会议推迟了三十分钟,进行了两个半小时。A:Did the chairman ask for me?A:会议主席问起我吗?B:Yes,I told him that you were very ill and couldnt attend.B:是的,我告诉他你病重,所以无法出席。A:All right. Have you handed in my report to him?A:好的,你把我的报告交给他了吗?B:Yes,l did. Besides, here are all the reports and materials handed out in the meeting. I think youll have to do some replies.B:是的,此外,这是在会议中分发的报告和资料,你也许要做些回答。A:Thank you, Anne. Youve done an excellent job. Did they mention the date for the next meeting?A:谢谢你,安妮,你做得非常好。他们提及下次会议的日期了吗?B:No,they didnt. The chairman said he would send a memo to all managers by the end of this week informing them of the date of the next meeting.B:没有,主席说将在本星期内发一份备忘录给各位经理,Conversation 2会话 2A:Hi, Mary, you have been a secretary for several years in this company. Could you tell me what a secretary should do for a meeting or a conference?A:喂,玛丽,你在本公司干了几年秘书了,能告诉我在会议中秘书必须做些什么工作吗?B:Well, an important part of the duties of a secretary, I think, is to do well the preparation work for the meeting.B:唔,我认为一个秘书的重要职责之一就是做好会议的准备工作。A:What should a secretary do to prepare for a meeting? Can you tell me a bit more about it?A:那么秘书应该做些什么样的准备工作呢?你能讲得稍微详细些吗?B:First of all, the agenda should be prepared before the meeting. Then you should ensure that those entitled to be present are properly informed.B:首先,开会前要准备好议程,然后你要确定通知到应该出席会议的所有人员。A:I see, and how about the documents and the Information?A:我明白了。文件和资料怎么办呢?B:All the necessary documents and the information relevant to the meeting should be available, preferably printed and distributed before the meeting.B:所有有关会议的必备文件和资料都得准备妥当,最好在会议前印好并分发出去。A:And what should a secretary do during the meeting?A:那么在会议期间秘书要做些什么呢?B:Of course, she should take minutes.B:当然应该做记录。A:And after the meeting?A:在会议之后呢?B:After the meeting she should type the minutes up, and then keep proper records of the business transacted and the resolutions passed and also implement many of the decision reached at the meeting.B:会后应当把会议记录打出来,还要把讨论的问题和通过的解决方案记人档案,并把会上所作出的决定加以执行。A:Its seriously good.A:非常好。 /201605/441948福州市中医院男科医生 Kurdish Rebels Kill 15 Turkish Soldiers土耳其部队与库尔德武装激烈冲突At least 15 Turkish soldiers have been killed in a clash with Kurdish rebels of the Kurdistan Workers Party. or PKK. The clash occurred on the Turkish Iraqi border late Friday night. The Turkish state has been fighting the PKK for more than 20 years. This latest clash is most serious in recent months.星期五夜间,在土耳其部队与库尔德工人党反政府力量的战斗中,至少有15名土耳其军人被打死。这场战斗发生在土耳其跟伊拉克的边界地区。二十多年来,土耳其一直在跟库尔德工人党进行战斗。这场战斗是近几个月里最激烈的战斗。A statement by the Turkish armed forces says 15 of its soldiers were killed in an attack on a military outpost near the Iraqi border. The attack is being blamed on Kurdish rebels of the Kurdistan workers Party. 土耳其军方发表声明说,一个靠近伊拉克边界的土耳其军事哨所受到袭击,15名军人丧生。土耳其军方认为是库尔德族反政府力量库尔德工人党发动了这次袭击。Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan who is visiting Turkmenistan gave more details of the attack. Erdogan said he was saddened to learn that 15 soldiers were killed and 20 others were wounded in an assault by the PKK terrorists. He said two soldiers were missing and 23 members of the PKK were killed during the attack.正在土库曼斯坦访问的土耳其总理埃尔多安介绍了这次袭击事件的更多细节。埃尔多安说,获悉在库尔德工人党恐怖分子的袭击中,有15名军人丧生,另有20人受伤,他非常悲痛。埃尔多安说,袭击中有两名土耳其军人失踪,库尔德工人党有23人被打死。The attack, according to Turkish media reports, lasted several hours and involved scores of PKK rebels using heavy weapons. It is the most serious attack by the PKK since last year. More than 20 members of the PKK were also killed in the fighting.据土耳其媒体报导,这场袭击持续了几个小时,库尔德工人党几十名成员参加了袭击,他们使用了重武器。这是去年以来库尔德工人党发动的最激烈的袭击。战斗中还有20多名库尔德工人党成员丧生。The same outpost was the target of another attack in May. Clashes between the PKK and the Turkish state have intensified in the last few weeks, as PKK members attempt to cross back to their bases in neighboring northern Iraq ahead of winter. Ankara accuses the PKK of using Iraq as a base to launch attacks against its forces. Prime Minister Erdogan promises a firm response. 这个哨所在5月曾经受到袭击。过去几个星期以来,库尔德工人党和土耳其政府军之间的战斗有所加强,库尔德工人党成员企图在冬季到来之前越境回到他们在邻近的伊拉克北部的基地。安卡拉指责库尔德工人党把伊拉克做为基地向土耳其军队发动袭击。土耳其总理埃尔多安保要对这次袭击做出坚决的回应。Erdogan said as the political authority, they shared the same determinism displayed by the security forces. He said they would reassess counter-terrorist measures and continue the fight against terrorist organization PKK with determinism.埃尔多安说,做为政治当局,他们跟安全部队显示的决心一样的。埃尔多安说,他们会重新评估各项反恐措施,继续坚定地打击库尔德工人党恐怖组织。Last month the prime minister asked the Turkish parliament to extend a year long authorization for the Turkish military to launch attacks into Iraq against PKK bases, a vote is expected in the coming weeks. The Turkish air force regularly carry out air strikes against the rebels in Iraq, the most recent being last week. Last February Turkish soldiers entered Iraq in a eight-day long incursion. 埃尔多安上个月请求土耳其大国民议会延长一项授权的期限,这项为期一年的授权允许土耳其军队进入伊拉克袭击库尔德工人党的基地,预计议会将在几个星期内进行表决。土耳其空军定期对伊拉克的反政府分子进行空袭,最近一次空袭发生在上星期。土耳其军队今年2月进入伊拉克,实施了一次为期8天的进攻行动。Despite such operations, retired Turkish general Haldun Solmazturk says the PKK still remains a serious threat. "They have the ability , the day factor ability, to practically ambush Turkish units inside Turkey," he said. "And they have the ability to attack military outposts, presumably well-prepared, well-armed, well-equipped."土耳其退役将军索尔马兹土尔克说,尽管如此,库尔德工人党仍然构成严重威胁。索尔马兹土尔克说:“他们有能力在土耳其境内伏击土耳其部队。他们还有能力袭击军事哨所。他们应该有充分的准备,武器装备精良。”The PKK have been fighting the Turkish state, for Kurdish autonomy since 1984. The Turkish government is due to meet with the heads of the armed forces to discuss their reaction to this latest attack. Analysts say they will be under intense public pressure for a firm response.1984年以来,库尔德工人党为了争取库尔德人自治一直在跟土耳其当局作战。土耳其政府计划跟武装部队负责人开会,商讨如何对最近这次袭击进行反击。分析人士认为,他们将受到公众的巨大压力,要求对这次袭击做出坚决回应。200810/51754连江县不孕不育医院预约挂号

福州治疗睾丸炎多少钱Pope Meets Abuse Victims as World Youth Day Ends教皇晤受过神父性侵害澳大利亚人  Pope Benedict XVI has met privately with Australians who were sexually abused as children by priests. The pontiff held prayers and spoke with them Monday at the conclusion of a nine-day visit for World Youth Day, an international Catholic festival. 罗马天主教皇本笃十六世私下会见了一批儿时受到神父猥亵的澳大利亚人。为期九天的天主教世界青年节星期一在澳大利亚结束。教皇为受害者祈祷,并和他们对话。The issue of abusive clergy in large part overshadowed the pope's visit to Australia for World Youth Day. 神职人员猥亵儿童的问题在很大的程度上给教皇在世界青年日期间到澳大利亚的访问蒙上了阴影。After earlier apologizing for the "evil" perpetrated by pedophile priests, the pope met a small group of victims - two men and two women chosen by church officials - at a mass in Sydney. 教皇稍早就一些神父恋童癖的“邪恶”行为道歉以后,在悉尼的一次弥撒中又会见了教会选择的两名男子和两名女性受害人。The Vatican said in a statement that Pope Benedict had "listened to their stories and offered them consolation." 梵蒂冈在一份声明中表示,教皇本笃聆听了他们受害的经过并对他们表示安慰。Support groups for other victims dismissed the meeting as a publicity stunt. 对其他受害人表示持的团体表示,教皇的这次会见只不过是一种公关手段。Anthony Foster, whose daughters were raped by a priest, has expressed his disappointment… 安东尼.弗斯特的女儿曾经受到神父的强奸,他表达了自己失望的情绪。"It's been done in a very secretive, underhanded way that shows no care or compassion for us or a great body of victims," he said. 他说:“这次会见以保密的、不光明正大的方式进行,显示对我们以及众多的受害人没有同情之心 。”Despite the abuse controversy, the pope says Sydney's World Youth Day has been a success. 尽管对处理性虐待问题有争议,教皇仍表示,悉尼的世界青年日是成功的。"World Youth Day has shown us that the Church can rejoice in the young people of today and be filled with hope for the world of tomorrow," he said. "Dear friends, as I depart from Sydney I ask God to look down lovingly on this city, this country and all its inhabitants." 他说:“世界青年日向我们展示,天主教可以让今天的年轻人重新获得喜悦,让他们对明天的世界充满希望。亲爱的朋友们,在我离开悉尼之际,我请求上帝眷顾这个城市、这个国家以及这个国家里所有的居民。”During his visit, the pontiff not only addressed the issue of sexual abuse by the clergy, but spoke of his concerns for the environment and called on young people to save the world from greed and 'insatiable' consumerism. 在教皇的访问过程中,他不仅谈到了神职人员对儿童的猥亵问题,还谈到了对环境和气候的担忧。他号召青年拒绝贪婪和无度的消费行为,挽救世界。Catholic leaders in Australia hope that World Youth Day in Sydney will herald the start of a religious revival in a country considered in a recent German study to be one of the most godless in the western world. 澳大利亚的天主教领袖希望在悉尼举行的世界青年日能带动澳大利亚的一次宗教意识的大觉醒。在最近德国所作的一项研究当中,澳大利亚被认为是最没有敬神意识的西方国家。Over 170 nations were represented at the festival, attracting more visitors to Sydney than the 2000 Olympic Games. 这次宗教庆典吸引了来自170多个国家的大批游客,人数超过了2000年悉尼奥运会的到访人数。The next World Youth Day will be held in the Spanish capital, Madrid, in 2011. 下一次世界青年日将于2011年在西班牙首都马德里举行。200807/44571 praiseworthy ———— 值得赞扬的(形容词)英文释义 (adjective) Describing actions, accomplishments, or people who deserve great approval and acclaim.例句 After years of struggle, the author published a praiseworthy novel that made her famous.经过数年的艰苦努力,这位作家出版了一部大获好评的小说,令她一举成名。 /201606/448940福州妇幼保健院治疗龟头炎多少钱福州市治疗尿道炎多少钱



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