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呼和浩特那儿医院做人流比较好通辽私密整形哪家医院最好的Todd: What about the idea that some people think that maybe there should be no grades? That there is just maybe you achieve or dont achieve. Its more binary. Either yes or no.托德:有人认为不应该有评分,你怎么看?他们认为只有做到和没做到之分。像二进制一样,只有是和否。Nydja: I dont really know how I feel about that. I went to a school when I was younger that actually didnt have ... everybody was just put together in a large room and different teachers worked with different students according to their abilities and there were no grades. As an adult now, Im not really sure how I feel about that system. I wasnt there long enough to see what I could do with that environment. If it benefited me, or if it was to my detriment, so I really dont have an opinion on that.妮迪亚:我不太清楚对这种观点是什么感觉。我小时候念过一所学校,所有人都在一间大教室里,依据学生的能力,会有不同的老师来授课,没有评分。现在我是成年人了,我不太确定我对这种制度的感觉。我在那所学校的时间不长,我不知道我能否适应那个环境。我也不知道那种制度是有益于我,还是对我不利,所以我只能说我对这种观点没有什么判断。Todd: How about when you were younger, were you often stressed about your grades?托德:你小时候经常因为成绩感到压力吗?Nydja: Yes. Yes, I was. I was very stressed. I used to stay up until three or four oclock in the morning trying to complete projects. Studying all the time. I also did track, so I was very worried. Youre in competition with your classmates because later on you have to go and get into college and then you have to get a job and it all starts in primary and secondary school, so its important to do well there.妮迪亚:对,是的,经常。我压力非常大。我以前为了完成学习任务经常要熬夜到凌晨三四点。我当时一直在学习。我要跟上进度,所以我当时非常担心。你要和同学竞争,才能上大学,找到工作,而这些都要从小学和初中打好基础,所以从小就要做好。Todd: So, youre very young but later in life with children, would you want your children to worry about grades, or would you want to be a parent that tell them ;huh, not so much!;托德:你现在很年轻,以后你有了孩子,你希望你的孩子担心成绩,还是你会告诉你的孩子:“哈,不用那么担心!”Nydja: No, they will definitely be ... if I have children, they will definitely be concerned about the grades that theyre earning, and I will not be easy on them in that regard at all. So, they have a lot coming to them.妮迪亚:不,他们肯定会……如果我有了孩子,他们肯定会担心成绩,在这方面,我不会对他们太宽容。他们要面对的还很多。 译文属 /201607/452977呼和浩特治疗性病 10.The room hasnt been cleaned up yet.住房尚未清理。Useful Expressions常用语句1.Can you clean up the room?请清理房间好吗?2.Id like my room cleaned.我喜欢清洁的房间。3.Could you fix up my bed now?请你现在把我的床整理一下好吗?4.Can you send up one of your housekeepers to make bed?请你派个女务员来整理床铺好吗?5.Will you do me a favor?请你帮我一个忙好吗?6.Id like you to buy me a bottle of hair tonic.Here is the money.我想请你替我买一瓶发油,钱在这里。7.Can you bring up some glasses with you?请你拿一些杯子来好吗?8.Could you bring me an extra blanket?请你多拿一条毛毯给我好吗?Practical Conversation实用会话A:Hello,is this housekeeper?喂,你是不是客房部呢?B:Yes maam,may I help you?是的,夫人,我能为你务吗?A:This is room eleven-seven and we have just checked in.我是117号房,我们是刚办理住宿的。B:Yes?是吗?A:Our room hasnt been cleaned up yet.So would you send one of your housekeepers to clean up our room?我们的房间还没有整理,请你派个务员来清理我们的房间好吗?B:Oh,yes,maam.Well come right away then.Your room number and your name,please.啊,是的,夫人,我们立刻派人来,请问你尊姓大名和房号。A:Our room number is eleven-seven and my name is Terry Chen.我们的房号是117号,我的名字叫陈泰利。B:Thank you.Would you hang up and wait?谢谢你。请你挂断电话并等候好吗? /201501/355322我记得以前在学校参加比赛,除了一二三等奖之外,总还有个参与奖,鼓励奖,用来安慰那些参加比赛但没有拿到名次的同学。当然,恐怕参赛的人都想得第一,谁也不会想变成我们今天要学的这个词:also-ran. Also表示“也,同样”,ran则是动词run的过去式,在这里是“参加竞选或比赛”的意思。把两个词连在一起,also-ran,字面的意思就是“也参加过竞选或比赛”,其实就是指名落孙山的人,失败者。您虽然参赛了,可惜是个陪衬! 落选的人是很难被人们记住的。我们来听听下面这段话:例句-1:If you ask many Americans who the last five U.S. Presidents have been, they could probably name them. But despite significant news coverage during those elections, few voters could identify the candidates who were defeated. Then again, the also-rans might prefer not to be remembered.这段话是说:如果你让美国人说出上五任总统的名字,他们可能都能说出来。但是,那些在总统竞选中被击败的候选人虽然在大选期间也都得到了相当多的媒体报导,但现在却没什么人还记得他们。话说回来,这些落选者可能正巴不得人们忘了自己的败绩。还真是这样,要是你问我世界杯足球赛的亚军,奥斯卡奖入围却没有被选上的最佳影片,我肯定会说,dont ask me who the also-rans were. I cant remember. 别问我那些输家的名字,我可记不住。******在上下班的地铁上,总有很多人在看书。不过,现在捧着本厚厚的纸书来读的人越来越少,更多的人用手机或者电子阅读器来看书。下面这个人对电子阅读器市场进行了一番观察。我们来听一听:例句-2:Im looking forward to buying an e-book er. At first, I was drawn to the company which produced the very first model. Then, I became interested in more popular competitors which have developed a wider range of ing applications. Theyre beginning to make their early rival look like an also-ran. Its share of the market continues to decrease.这段话的意思是:我想买个电子阅读器。开始时,我打算从那个生产首台电子阅读器的公司买。后来,我发现这个公司的竞争厂家们更受欢迎,它们开发了范围更广的阅读应用程序,所以我又觉得它们的产品不错。在这些后起之秀的对比下,早期的那种电子阅读器似乎已经过时,被淘汰下去了。它所占的市场份额越来越低。如果你打算买个电子阅读器,还真有一番功课要做。你的预算是多少,想要多大屏幕的,多重的,哪种阅读器能提供更多的电子书等等。毕竟,这东西也不便宜,我们总不想买个also-ran。 /201605/436405呼和浩特割包皮哪家医院最专业

阿拉善盟第一人民妇幼中医院治疗阳痿多少钱16. Using the Warranty16.使用保修A: Hi, I need assistance, please.A:你好,我需要帮助。B: How can I help you today?B:今天我能怎么帮助你?A: My phone refuses to turn on anymore.A:我的电话打不出电话。B: It looks like it short circuited.B:看来是短路了。A: Well, I did drop it many times.A:好吧,我把它掉到地上很多次。B: Im afraid I cant help you.B:恐怕我帮不了你。A: I guess Ill have to use the warranty.A:我想我将不得不使用保修。B: According to your contract, you may choose a new phone.B:根据你的合同,你或许要选择一个新的手机。A: Ill just get the same brand again.A:我还要买同样牌子的手机。B: Will you need the warranty?B:你需要保修吗?A: No. Just have the phone.A:不需要。只要手机。B: Make sure you dont go dropping it! B:确保你不会再把它掉到地上!译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201511/406741兴安盟妇幼保健人民中心医院治疗早孕多少钱 呼和浩特无痛人流哪家做的好

呼和浩特首大医院中医科怎么预约 Todd: So, Julia, now you are a parent.托德:朱莉娅,你现在已经当妈妈了。Julia: Thats right.朱莉娅:没错。Todd: And have you heard of all these terms that we have in the US for different types of parents? I wonder if you have them in the UK?托德:你听说过美国对家长的分类吗?我想知道英国是不是也有这种分类?Julia: You mean like soccer mum, stuff like that?朱莉娅:你是指“足球妈妈”这种吗?Todd: Exactly.托德:没错。Julia: Thats the only one Ive heard of actually.朱莉娅:其实我只听说过这个。Todd: OK. So what do you think a soccer mom is? What have you heard?托德:好。你认为什么是“足球妈妈”?你听说过什么?Julia: My image is a mother who dedicates her time to running her kids to and from soccer practice. Is that right?朱莉娅:我的理解是将时间都用在接送孩子参加足球训练上的那种母亲。对吗?Todd: Right.托德:对。Julia: And also drives a big vehicle? My image is of a big SUV or a big four wheel drive.朱莉娅:通常她们会开比较大的车?我想是SUV那种或是大的四驱车。Todd: Right. I think its also, its like a parent that has many scheduled events for their child.托德:对。我认为就是那种为孩子安排很多活动的家长。Julia: Oh, OK.朱莉娅:哦,好。Todd: So maybe they have swimming class or soccer practice, ballet and stuff like that.托德:可能孩子要上游泳课、足球课、芭蕾课之类的。Julia: Oh, maybe Im a little bit of a soccer mum.朱莉娅:哦,也许我算是“足球妈妈”。Todd: Yeah, I think now, yeah. I think its actually a good term. Its like, I think a soccer mom usually is considered a caring parent.托德:嗯,对。我认为这是一个褒义词。我认为“足球妈妈”是那种关怀备至的家长。Julia: OK.朱莉娅:好。Todd: And they try to have their child doing productive things.托德:他们尽力让孩子去做富有成效的事。Julia: It must be pretty, quite an affluent perhaps middle class kind of parent.朱莉娅:那一定是非常富有或是中产阶级家长。Todd: Yeah, exactly, exactly. Now we have the equivalent, its called a Nascar dad.托德:对,没错。现在还有一个相同意思的词,“纳斯卡爸爸”。Julia: Is Nascar some kind of car racing?朱莉娅:纳斯卡是赛车比赛的名字吗?Todd: Yeah, basically its just the, these cars they run around and ride around in a circle. Its kind of like horse racing for cars, you just go round and round. But, yeah, so I guess its the same thing. Its just a dad whos really, you know, really into his kids, spends a lot of time with his kids.托德:对,比赛时车辆要一圈一圈地绕赛道。就好像是赛马比赛一样,在赛道上一圈一圈地跑。不过我想意思是一样的。就是指非常关心孩子、花很多时间和孩子在一起的那种爸爸。Julia: Would this be a stay at home dad, like a...?朱莉娅:那是全职爸爸吗?Todd: No, no. Its just kind of like a good old boy father, like a dad whos kind of blue collar, not rich, you know, maybe lower middle class maybe but just kind of like your typical sitcom, TV sitcom dad I guess.托德:不是。有点儿像是优秀爸爸,他们可能是蓝领工人,不是很有钱,也可能是中低阶层,或是情景喜剧里那种爸爸。Julia: But thats nice. Takes his kids everywhere, thats nice.朱莉娅:这很好。他们会带孩子去各个地方,这很好。Todd: Yeah, yeah.托德:对,没错。Julia: Involved in the...朱莉娅:参与其中……Todd: Yeah, like a Nascar dad would probably take his sons hunting and maybe take his daughter shopping and stuff like that.托德:“纳斯达爸爸”可能会带儿子去打猎,或是带女儿去购物。 译文属 /201611/479938呼和浩特首大医院泌尿外科还要病房吗呼市第一人民医院做无痛人流多少钱



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