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A 4-year-old Fort Collins girl expressed her frustration over the seemingly never-ending presidential campaign.2012美国总统大选的竞选活动铺天盖地似乎永无止境,来自科罗拉多州北部城市科林斯堡的这个四岁小姑娘真的要崩溃了。Elizabeth Evans posted this yesterday to her YouTube account after her little girl heard ;one too many mentions of the election,; Evans describes on her YouTube page.小姑娘的母亲伊丽莎白·埃文斯昨日上传了一个视频到YouTube上,埃文斯描述视频是“她的小女儿在多次听到总统大选新闻后的反应”。Evans told 9NEWS that she and her daughter were listening to NPR on a trip to the grocery store Tuesday when Abigael starting tearing up.埃文斯对9NEWS新闻网站表示,视频拍摄自周二她和女儿去杂货店的路上,当时他们正在听国家公共广播频道的报道,然后阿比吉尔就开始大哭。The mother asked Abigael why she was crying and she responded, ;I#39;m tired of Bronco Bamma and Mitt Romney.;当妈妈问她为什么哭的时候,阿比吉尔回答到:“我受够了奥巴马和罗姆尼啦!”(这里将奥巴马的名字念错了...);That#39;s why you#39;re crying?; Elizabeth asked, and Abigael nodded and started to cry and cough. ;It#39;ll be over soon, Abby,; Evans says. ;The election will be over soon, okay?;埃文斯问女儿:“你就是因为这个哭啊?” 小姑娘点着头边哭边咳嗽。埃文斯只好安慰女儿:“大选马上就结束了,马上就结束了,乖啊艾比!”Abigael then tried to get a hold of herself and responded to her mother with a tearful, ;Okay.; Elizabeth said on the way back from the store she switched the radio from NPR to Neil Young.小姑娘努力克制住了自己的情绪,带着哭腔的回答母亲:“好吧...” 埃文斯后来表示在从商店返家的途中,她从国家公共广播频道调到了Neil Young 音乐节目。【新闻后续】NPR正式向阿比吉尔道歉NPR apologized on Wednesday to 4-year-old Abigael Evans, after learning that one of their reports on the 2012 election drove little Abigael to tears.在得知关于2012总统大选的报道让小姑娘阿比吉尔大哭的事情后,美国国家公共广播频道周三正式向四岁的阿比吉尔·埃文斯致歉。On behalf of NPR and all other news outlets, NPR wrote in a blog post:国家公共广播频道在发表的文中写道:仅代表国家公共广播频道和其他所有的新闻报道机构:we apologize to Abigael and all the many others who probably feel like her. We must confess, the campaign#39;s gone on long enough for us, too. Let#39;s just keep telling ourselves: ;Only a few more days, only a few more days, only a few more days.;我们向艾比吉尔和其他所有和她同样感受的人们致歉。我们必须承认,这场竞选活动太漫长了,我们也快要受够了。让我们给自己打气鼓劲下:“再几天就好了,再过几天就结束了,再几天就行了。 /201211/207306。

  • After years of being badgered by her parents to get married, 26-year-old Zhang Yu finally had enough.在被父母逼婚了几年以后,26岁的张玉(音译)终于不想再忍受了。;I have decided never to marry or have a child,; said Zhang, a university graduate from Changsha, Hunan province, who moved to Shanghai earlier this year to escape her family and jumpstart her career.“我决定一辈子不结婚,不要孩子,” 张玉说。她毕业于湖南长沙的一所大学,今年年初为了躲避父母的逼婚搬到了上海,专注自己的职业生涯。Zhang#39;s vow to never marry is rare in a country where educated women are constantly told by their families, friends and the state media that they will be lonely and miserable if they do not find a husband quickly.在这个国家,受过教育的女性通常会从亲朋好友和社会舆论那里听到:如果她们不找一个丈夫,会很孤独,很悲惨,所以像张玉这样永不结婚的宣言并不常见。Yet some women are fighting back by rejecting marriage altogether.但是一些女性以集体拒绝婚姻来发起反抗。Zhang had been living with her parents in Hunan to save money after obtaining her college degree, and for a time, fell sway to her parents#39; worries that she would become a ;leftover woman; (or ;shengnv; in Chinese,) officially defined as an urban, educated woman over age 27 who is single. But upon ing feminist websites, she came to believe the term existed to make women return to the home.为了供张玉上大学,父母和她在湖南省吃俭用。现在父母一度担心她会成为“剩女”,即过了27岁还未结婚的受教育程度较高的都市女性。但是当她浏览了很多女权主张的网站后,她开始相信“剩女” 这个词是为了使女性回归家庭。She then took a risk by moving to Shanghai without a job and leaving the comforts of home for a dorm room shared with nine other roommates. But she loves her new friends and sense of freedom.她决定冒次险:还没找到工作她就搬去了上海,离开了舒适温暖的家,却住在了一个十人的宿舍里。但她十分喜欢这些新朋友和自由的感觉。;Men are still thinking in the old ways, but women#39;s values have evolved. I feel very relaxed now,; said Zhang, who just received a sales job offer.“男人们还在用旧的方式思考,但是女人的价值观已经改变了。我觉得现在很轻松,” 张玉说,她刚刚得到了一份销售工作。Lan Fang, a 32-year-old client relations manager for a financial company in Shanghai, similarly embraces her single lifestyle. She enjoys a relatively high income of 20,000 RMB a month (around US,200) and often goes out with friends to dinners, movies and concerts.32岁的兰芳(音译)是上海某金融公司的一名客户关系经理,也享受着她的单身生活。她收入相对较高,每月月薪两万人民币,经常和朋友出去聚餐、看电影、听音乐会。;Where I grew up in Nanjing, I saw so many couples getting into big fights, and most of them seemed unhappy. Plus, so many men have affairs,; Lan said. ;My life in Shanghai now is very rich, why would I want to change it?;“我在南京长大,看过太多夫妻吵吵闹闹,大多数看起来并不幸福。还有,很多男人都有外遇,”兰芳说,“我现在在上海的生活很富裕,为什么要改变呢?” /201308/253677。
  • Some 900 tents are placed in the shape of a dragon during the Golden Beach Camping Festival in Qingdao, East China’s Shandong province, Oct 13, 2012. The Guinness World Record declared it the largest tent mosaic, covering an area of 3400 square meters.2012年10月13日,中国东部的山东省青岛市在金色海滩露营音乐节期间,用900个帐篷摆出了一个龙形。世界吉尼斯纪录宣布它是最大的帐篷马赛克,它占地面积达3400平方米。 /201210/204819。
  • Forgetting people#39;s names and unsightly sweat patches are among the most common faux pas that leave Britons blushing with embarrassment four times a day. 忘记人名、难看的汗渍,这些失态行为都是让英国人一天脸红四次的最常见的原因。Tripping in public and getting food stuck between teeth are also humiliating moments that most try hard to avoid and one in seven say a relationship has ended because something embarrassing happened.在众人眼前绊倒、食物残渣夹在牙缝中,也是许多英国人极力避免的尴尬时分。七分之一英国人称,自己曾有一段恋情因为发生了尴尬的事而告终。A study of 2,000 adults found that burping accidentally, stalling the car at traffic lights and having food on your face are among the top 50 most common moments that leave us red faced.一项涵盖了2000名成人的研究指出让英国人脸红的50个最常见的原因。研究发现,突然打嗝、交通灯亮时急刹车,还有食物粘在脸上,都是最常见的脸红原因。Commissioned by Ladbrokes, the research found that the biggest embarrassments were most likely to have been in the workplace while stories involving things going wrong in front of the in-laws were also very common.立公司委托开展的这一调查发现,最让英国人脸红的事情最经常发生在工作场所中,在姻亲面前犯错的事情也是最让英国人脸红的。A Ladbrokes spokesman said: ‘Everyone does their best to be composed and cool wherever they are, but it isn’t always going to work and clearly there are many pitfalls.立公司的一名发言人说:“每个人都努力在任何情况下保持沉着冷静,但有时候还是冷静不下来,显然陷阱比比皆是。”‘The good thing is once the awkwardness clears the little things that throw us can eventually be looked back on and laughed about.’“好的一面是一旦尴尬过去,那些让我们绊倒的小事情,以后在我们回首时,可以作为趣事来谈笑。”A fifth of people have had a public speaking nightmare that they would rather forget and the most embarrassing speaking blunder is having your voice break or squeaking high pitched unexpectedly.五分之一的英国人在公共场合发言这方面都有一段不堪回首的回忆,最让人尴尬的错误就是说话破音,或是突然发出尖声。And one in seven Britons have been so embarrassed that they have fled a room to avoid the awkward stares.七分之一的英国人曾经陷入迫使自己逃离现场来躲避众人目光的尴尬境地。The spokesman said: ‘The good thing about this list is no one is immune and we’re all guilty of having done at least some of these things.立公司的发言人说:“这份清单的好处是让人们知道谁都无法避免尴尬,我们都曾因做过其中一些事而愧疚。”‘We don’t always bring them on ourselves of course, so it’s worth being aware of particular mates or people who might look to embarrass you when you’re off guard.“当然,这些尴尬并不都是我们自己造成的,所以要提防某些人在你没有戒备的时候出你的糗,这也是值得我们注意的。”‘Certain situations have more potential for embarrassment than others of course but the thing to take remember from all of it is there’s no point taking yourself too seriously.“当然,某些情形比其他时候更容易出糗,但需要从中吸取的是,没必要太把自己当回事儿。‘Look down the list and the results show there are many things that we can all relate to and some might have more embarrassing memories than others.“看一下这份清单,我们发现,许多尴尬事情都和我们有关,但有些人也许拥有的尴尬回忆比其他人更多。#39;With hindsight they can even be quite funny, even if at the time you just wanted the ground to swallow you up.’“回头看时,这些事甚至让人觉得挺好笑,即使当时你恨不得钻进地缝里。” /201209/199129。
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