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French and Belgian police have issued an international arrest warrant for a possible eighth assailant involved in Friday’s terrorist attacks in Paris in which 132 people were killed.法国与比利时警方对第八名可能参与上周五巴黎恐怖袭击的嫌疑犯发出了国际通缉令,这次恐怖袭击已经导32人死亡。French police issued an alert for Abdeslam Salah, one of three French brothers who were living in Belgium.法国警方发布了对阿卜杜勒萨拉Abdeslam Salah)的通缉,他是居住在比利时的法国三兄弟之一。One of the brothers, identified by French prosecutors as Ibrahim Salah, blew himself up in a restaurant on the capital’s Boulevard Voltaire on Friday night. A second was arrested on Saturday by Belgian police.三兄弟之一、已被法国检方确认身份的易卜拉欣萨拉Ibrahim Salah),上周五晚在巴黎伏尔泰大Boulevard Voltaire)的一家餐厅引爆了身上的炸弹。另一名兄弟上周六被比利时警方逮捕。The other brother, 26-year-old Abdeslam Salah, had his passport checked crossing the border from France into Belgium on Saturday, though the authorities were not aware of his possible involvement at that time.6岁的阿卜杜勒萨拉赫上周六利用自己的护照从法国进入比利时,当时警方并未意识到他可能参与了恐怖袭击。Two of the brothersnames were on the rental contract of cars hired in Belgium and used in the assaults, France’s deadliest terror attack. The death toll rose to 132 on Sunday. Another 352 were wounded.三兄弟中有两个人的名字填写在一份租车合同上,他们在比利时租用汽车,并用于制造这起法国历史上最致命的恐怖袭击。截至周日,死亡人数已上升至132人。另52人受伤。Earlier, the authorities identified Omar Ismael Mostefai, a 29-year-old Frenchman of Algerian origin, as one of three men who blew themselves up after killing 89 people at the Bataclan concert hall. He had been flagged by the authorities for links to Islamist radicalism.早些时候,法国当局确认9岁的阿尔及利亚裔法国人伊斯梅尔攠汙尔莫斯特费(Ismael Omar Mostefai)是在巴塔克兰音乐厅杀9人之后引爆身上炸弹的三名袭击者之一。他在袭击发生前就被当局标为与伊斯兰激进主义有关联。As heads of the Group of 20 leading economies, meeting in Turkey, discussed the fight against the Isis Islamist militants, French authorities were questioning seven people, including Mostefai’s father and a brother.0国集团领导人(G20)齐聚土耳其讨论打击ISIS伊斯兰主义武装分子的同时,法国当局正在讯问七名人士,包括莫斯特费的父亲和一名兄弟。来 /201511/410722。

A overcrowded, wooden migrant boat has capsized in stormy seas off the coast of Malaysia, killing at least 13 people, according to Malaysian officials.马来西亚官员说,一艘满载非法移民的超载渡轮星期四在马来西亚沿海城镇萨巴克附近海面倾覆,至3人死亡。Maritime officials say the boat was likely taking Indonesian workers back home to Sumatra island.船上运载的很可能是返回印尼苏门答腊岛的印尼打工者。As many as 100 people are believed to have been on board the boat, say Malaysia officials, who have dispatched several vessels and a plane to look for survivors.据信船上约有100人。马来西亚已派出几艘船和飞机前往出事地点寻找幸存者。Around two million Indonesians are believed to be working illegally in Malaysia. They often make the journey in rickety, overcrowded boats, often at night, to avoid being spotted by authorities.据信,目前有两百万印尼人在马来西亚非法打工。他们经常夜间乘坐简陋超载的渡船,以免被当局发现。来 /201509/397493。

Few have given as much thought as Barack Obama to the pitfalls of waging open-ended war on an abstract noun. On top of its impracticalities how can you ever declare victory? fighting a nebulous enemy exacts an insidious toll. Mr Obama built much of his presidential appeal on such a critique the global war on terror was eroding America’s legal rights at home and its moral capital abroad. The term “GWOTwas purged the moment he took over from George W Bush. In his pledge last week to “degrade and ultimately destroythe Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant, known as Isis, he has travelled almost full circle. It is precisely because Mr Obama is a reluctant warrior that his legacy will be enduring.对基于一个抽象名词发动的无限制战争会遇到的困难,没有几个人考虑得像巴拉#8226;奥巴Barack Obama)那样多。除了实际操作上的问题(怎样才算打赢了战争),与不明确的敌人作战还会带来潜在的负面影响。奥巴马作为总统的吸引力在很大程度上建立在这样一种上:全球反恐战争正在侵蚀美国国内的合法权利及其在国外的道德资本。从小布什(George W Bush)手中接过总统大权后,奥巴马立刻抛弃了“全球反恐战争”一词。但不久前,他发誓要“削弱并最终摧毁”伊拉克和黎凡特伊斯兰国(ISIS)。就这样,在兜了一大圈后,他几乎又回到了原点。之所以这么说,完全是因为奥巴马是一位不情愿的斗士,而他留下的东西将是持久的。The reality is the US war on terror has succeeded where it was supposed to. Mr Bush’s biggest innovation was to set up the Department of Homeland Security. If you chart domestic terror attempts in the US since September 11 2001, they have become increasingly low-tech and ineffectual. From the foiled Detroit airliner attack in Mr Obama’s first year to the Boston marathon bombings in his fifth, each attempt has been more amateur than the last. The same is true of America’s allies. There has been no significant attack in Europe since London’s July 7 bombings nine years ago. Western publics have acclimatised to an era of tighter security.事实上,美国反恐战争在既定目标上取得了成功。小布什的最大创新是设立了国土安全部(Department of Homeland Security)。如果你0011日以来美国国内的恐怖企图列一张表,你会发现它们的技术含量越来越低、效果越来越差。从奥巴马上任头一年被挫败的底特律民航客机恐怖袭击案,到他在任第5年发生的波士顿马拉松爆炸案,每次恐袭企图都比上一次更加业余。同样的结论也适用于美国的盟国。自9年前日伦敦发生爆炸案以来,欧洲没有发生任何重大恐怖袭击案。西方民众已经适应了这个安保更为严密的时代。If this is the balance sheet of the US war on terror, why lose sleep? Chiefly because it understates the costs. The biggest of these is the damage an undeclared war is doing to the west’s grasp on reality. Myopic thinking leads to bad decisions. Mr Obama pointedly avoided using the word “warlast week. Although there are more than 1,000 US military personnel in Iraq, and more than 160 US air strikes in the past month, he insisted on calling his plan to destroy Isis a “campaign Likewise, the US uniforms are those of “advisersand “trainers These kinds of euphemism lead to mission creep. If you embark on something with your eyes half-open, you are likelier to lose your way.如果这就是美国反恐战争的“资产负债表”,为什么还要为此夜不能寐呢?原因主要是,这张“资产负债表”低估了代价。其中最大的代价是,一场不宣而战的战争正在损害西方对现实的把握。短视的思维导致糟糕的决策。在近日的讲话中,奥巴马刻意避免使用“战争”一词。尽管目前美国在伊拉克部署了000名军事人员,尽管美国一个月以来发动了60次空袭,但他仍坚持将其摧毁ISIS的计划称为一场“战役”。类似地,美方人员所穿制也都是“顾问”和“教员”的制。这种委婉的用词导致任务偏离了原来的方向。如果你走路时眼睛只睁开一半,你显然更容易迷路。In 2011 Mr Obama inadvertently helped to lay the ground for today’s vicious insurgency by withdrawing US forces from Iraq too soon. He left a vacuum and called it peace. Now he is tiptoeing back with his fingers crossed. The same reluctance to look down the road may well be repeating itself in Afghanistan. Mr Obama went out of his way last week to say that the Isis campaign would have no impact on his timetable to end the US combat mission in Afghanistan. The only difference between Iraq in 2011 and Afghanistan today is that you can see the Taliban coming. Nor does it take great insight to picture the destabilisation of Pakistan. In contrast to the Isis insurgency, which very few predicted, full-blown crises in Afghanistan and Pakistan are easy to imagine. So too is the gradual escalation of America’s re-engagement in Iraq.2011年,奥巴马过早地将美军从伊拉克撤出,无意间为今日肆虐的叛乱活动创造了条件。他留下了一个真空,并将之称为和平。如今,他小心翼翼地重返伊拉克,祈祷能够一切顺利。在阿富汗,这种不愿以长远眼光看待问题的做法很可能正在重演。不久前,奥巴马特地表示,打击ISIS的战役不会对他制定的、结束美在阿富汗作战任务的时间表产生任何影响011年的伊拉克与今日的阿富汗之间的唯一区别是,你能够预见到塔利班会成为一个麻烦。预见到巴基斯坦的动荡也不需要多大的洞察力。几乎没什么人预见到了ISIS的叛乱,与之相反,阿富汗和巴基斯坦爆发全面危机是不难想象的。同样不难想象的是,美国重新介入伊拉克事务的力度会逐步加大。Mr Obama’s detractors on both right and left want him to come clean the US has declared war on Isis. Why else would his administration vow to follow it “to the gates of hell in the words of Joe Biden, the vice-president? Last year, Mr Obama called on Congress to repeal the law authorising military action against al-Qaeda that was passed just after 9/11. “Unless we discipline our thinking#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;we may be drawn into more wars we don’t need to fight,he said. Mr Obama is aly vulnerable to what he warned against. His administration is basing its authority to attack Isis on the same unrepealed 2001 law.奥巴马的批评者——无论是右翼的还是左翼的——希望他能承认:美国已向ISIS宣战。不然的话,奥巴马政府还有何理由发誓要将ISIS追到“地狱门口”(引号里引用的是美国副总统#8226;拜登(Joe Biden)说的话)?去年,奥巴马曾呼吁美国国会废除授权对基地组al-Qaeda)动武的法律——该法是“九一一”袭击后不久通过的。当时,他说:“如果不管束我们的思维……我们可能会被拖入更多我们不需要打的战争。”如今,人们很容易拿奥巴马当时的警告回过头来抨击他。奥巴马政府向ISIS发动攻击的权力,正是通过那部未被废除001年的法律获得的。Why does America need to destroy Isis? The case for containment as opposed to war has received little airing. But it is persuasive. The main objection is that destroying Isis will be impossible without a far larger US land force, which would be a cure worse than the disease. Fewer than 1,000 Isis insurgents were able to banish an Iraqi army force of 30,000 from Mosul in June and they were welcomed by its inhabitants. Last week Mr Obama hailed the formation of a more inclusive Iraqi government under Haider al-Abadi. But it has fewer Sunni members than the last one. Nouri al-Maliki, the former prime minister, has been kept on in government.美国为何需要摧毁ISIS?对ISIS采取遏制而非诉诸战争的主张没有得到多少公开讨论。这种主张其实是有说力的。对于摧毁ISIS,主要的反对意见是,美国若不大幅增加地面部队人数,就不可能摧毁ISIS,而那么做引起的麻烦比既有的麻烦还要大。今月,一不000人的ISIS叛军曾成功将3万人的伊拉克军队赶出苏尔,并受到了苏尔居民的欢迎。近日,奥巴马称赞伊拉克组成了以海德#8226;阿巴Haider al-Abadi)为首的、更具包容性的新政府。但这个新政府中的逊尼派成员比上届政府还要少。伊拉克前总理努里#8226;马利Nouri al-Maliki)也在新政府中保有一席之地。The task of conjuring a legitimate Iraqi government looks like child’s play against that of building up a friendly Syrian army. Mr Obama has asked Congress for money to train 3,000 Syrian rebels a goal that will take months to bear fruit. Isis now commands at least 20,000 fighters. Then there are America’s reluctant allies. Turkey does not want to help in any serious way. Saudi Arabia’s support is lukewarm. Israel is sceptical. Iran, whose partnership Mr Obama has not sought, is waiting for whatever windfalls drop in its lap. The same applies to Bashar al-Assad, Syria’s president.与打造出一友好的叙利亚军队相比,攒出一个合法的伊拉克政府简直是小事一桩。奥巴马已要求美国国会拨款培000名叙利亚叛军,这一目标要好几个月才能见效。而ISIS如今麾下至少万名战士。此外,美国还要面对不太情愿的盟友。土耳其并不想认真帮忙。沙特阿拉伯的持也不冷不热。以色列则持怀疑态度。至于奥巴马未寻求建立合作关系的伊朗,则正等着从中收获意外的好处。叙利亚总统巴沙#8226;阿萨Bashar al-Assad)也抱有同样的想法。Whose army if not America’s will chase Isis to the “gates of hell Which takes us back to where we started. Mr Obama wants to destroy an entity he says does not yet pose a direct threat to the US. Mr Bush called that pre-emptive war. Mr Obama’s administration calls it a counterinsurgency campaign. Is it a distinction without a difference?如果将ISIS追到“地狱之门”的不是美国的军队,还有哪国军队会这么做?这个问题把我们带回到了起点。奥巴马想摧毁一个按他所说尚未直接威胁到美国的实体。小布什曾将之称为先发制人的战争。奥巴马政府则称之为平叛战役。这难道不是一种没有差别的“区别”吗?The US president’s aim is to stop Isis before it becomes a threat to the homeland. History suggests the bigger risk is the severe downside of another Middle Eastern adventure.这位美国总统的目标,是在ISIS对美国本土构成威胁前阻止它。历史经验表明,更大的风险在于,又一次中东冒险所蕴含的严重不利因素。It is hard to doubt Mr Obama’s sincerity. It is his capacity to wade through the fog of war that is in question.奥巴马的诚意不容置疑。有疑问的是他是否具备努力走出战争迷雾的能力。来 /201410/333557。

President Hassan Rouhani has threatened to hold an unprecedented referendum in Iran as he warned hardline opponents of a nuclear deal with the west that the country must end its international isolation.伊朗总统哈桑#8226;鲁哈Hassan Rouhani)威胁要在伊朗举行一场史无前例的全民公投。他警告那些反对与西方达成核协议的强硬派人士,伊朗必须结束其在国际上的孤立状态。The Iranian leader said he was looking at the possibility of using his constitutional rights to give power to the people in comments that some analysts took as a warning that he may try to put a nuclear agreement to a public vote.这位伊朗领导人表示,他正在考虑有无可能动用宪法赋予的权力,将选择的权力交给人民。部分分析人士认为,此言是一个警告,表示他可能试图将核协议提交公投。“Our political experience shows that the country cannot have sustainable growth when it is isolated,he told a conference on Iran’s economy in Tehran yesterday. He added that this did not mean Iran’s negotiations with six world powers the US, UK, France, China, Russia and Germany were compromising the Islamic regime’s ideals of the 1979 revolution. “Our ideals are not bound to centrifuges. Our ideals are bound to our hearts, brains and determination,he said.昨天,在德黑兰一次有关伊朗经济的会议上,鲁哈尼表示:“我们的政治经验表明,伊朗在孤立状态下是无法获得可持续增长的。”他补充说,这并不意味着伊朗与六大强国(美国、英囀?法囀?中囀?俄罗斯及德国)的谈判有损于这个伊斯兰政979年革命的理想。他说:“我们的理想并未绑定在离心机上。我们的理想绑定在我们的内心、头脑及决心上。”Mr Rouhani is under pressure from hardliners in parliament and the Revolutionary Guards, who insist that nuclear negotiations, which have been extended until July 1, should only be secured if all sanctions are lifted. Many Iranian analysts say the condition is almost impossible to achieve, fuelling concerns that a deal is out of reach.目前,鲁哈尼正遭遇议会及革命卫队(Revolutionary Guards)中强硬分子的巨大压力。这些人坚持要求,只有西方解除所有制裁,伊朗才应保将延迟到今年7日的核谈判进行下去。伊朗许多分析人士表示,这一条件几乎不可能达到,从而令人愈发担心核协议无法达成。Mr Rouhani called for unity at home but said he could resort to holding a鲁哈尼呼吁伊朗国内团结一致,不过他还表示,如果他的政策遇到阻碍,他可能会把“对所有人民至关重要、会影响他们生活的重要事务”提交公投。referendum over “important matters which are important for all people and have impacts on their livesif his policies were blocked.一位具有改革意识的政治分析人士表示:“即使鲁哈尼没有动用这一权力的计划,他基本上是在威胁他会就核协议征求公众的意见。这样就有可能吓阻他的对手,让他们不再坚持让西方即刻解除制裁之类做不到的事情。”“Even if Rouhani has no plan to use this right, he basically threatened that he may ask public opinion about a nuclear deal,said a reform-minded political analyst. “This can scare his rivals not to insist on impossible things like immediate lifting of sanctions.”由于核计划导致的国际制裁的影响,以及不断下跌的油价,伊朗经济正面临十分困难的局面。伊朗政府最初指责其主要对手沙特阿拉伯发动石油战。如今,它表示它认识到油价还受到其他市场力量的影响——比如页岩油产量的增长。Iran’s economy is suffering from the impact of international sanctions over the nuclear programme as well as the falling oil price. Tehran, which had initially blamed its main rival Saudi Arabia for embarking on an oil war, said it昨天,伊朗石油部长比#8226;纳姆达尔#8226;赞加Bijan Namdar Zanganeh)在会场外表示:“在任何情况下我都不会损失市场份额……一旦(石油)制裁解除,不论油价是多少,我们都会提高产量。”来 /201501/352416。

Australia is the biggest donor of foreign aid in the South Pacific but China is challenging its influence in a region it regards as its back yard, according to research by the Lowy Institute think-tank.根据智库洛伊研究所(Lowy Institute)的研究,澳大利亚仍是南太平洋地区的最大外援提供国,但中国正在澳大利亚视为后院的地区挑战澳大利亚的影响力。Between 2006 and 2013 Australia provided .8bn in bilateral aid to the region, the US gave .7bn and China spent .4bn. But Beijing is now the biggest overseas backer of Fiji, providing 9.2m to the island nation in the same period while Australia gave 2.2m.2006年至2013年间,澳大利亚向南太平洋地区提供8亿美元双边援助,美国提供7亿美元,中国提供4亿美元。但北京方面现在是斐济最大的海外持者,在上述期间向这个岛国提供.392亿美元,多于澳大利亚提供.522亿美元。Chinese grants and loans are helping to build roads, schools and other infrastructure in the eight countries with which it enjoys diplomatic relations in the region. Chinese companies are active and are backing the .6bn Ramu Nickel mine in Papua New Guinea.在与中国建立了外交关系的8个南太平洋国家,中国的赠款和贷款正在帮助建造公路、学校和其他基础设施。中国企业正在积极持巴布亚新几内亚耗资16亿美元的Ramu镍矿。“In some specific countries in the Pacific, the amount of aid provided by China is rivalling that of Australia and other traditional partners,says Philippa Brant, Lowy Institute researcher and author of the report.“在某些特定的太平洋国家,中国提供的援助金额正在比肩澳大利亚和其他传统合作伙伴,”洛伊研究所研究员、报告作者菲莉帕#8226;布兰Philippa Brant)表示。“Perhaps one of the reasons the Pacific was quarantined from the cuts was to help maintain Australia’s dominance as a donor in the face of increasing engagement from China and other emerging donors.”“对太平洋国家的援助之所以没有减少,原因之一可能是,面对中国和其他新兴援助国触角越伸越长的情况,(澳大利亚希望这么做能)帮忙保住澳大利亚作为头号援助国的地位。”China does not publish a definitive list of aid projects, considering them a state secret. The Lowy Institute drew on 500 sources, including budgets, tender documents, and government statements, as well as interviews.中国并不公布确切的援助项目清单,将其视为国家机密。洛伊研究所参考了500个信息来源,包括预算、招标文件、政府声明以及采访。来 /201506/380300。

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is suggesting his regime has developed a hydrogen bomb.朝鲜领导人金正恩暗示,朝鲜已经研制出一枚氢弹。Kim was ed Thursday by the official KCNA news agency saying North Korea is now ;a powerful nuclear weapons state y to detonate a self-reliant A (atomic)-bomb and H-bomb to reliably defend its sovereignty.; KCNA says Kim made the comments while touring the Phyongchon Revolutionary Site.朝鲜官方媒体朝中社星期四援引金正恩的话说,朝鲜现在“是一个拥有核武器的强大国家,随时准备使用自行研制的原子弹和氢弹来切实捍卫国家主权”。朝中社说,金正恩是视察平川革命历史遗迹时做出这一表示的。A hydrogen bomb, also known as a thermonuclear bomb, is far more powerful than a atomic bomb because of the advanced technology involved.氢弹又称热核弹,制造氢弹需要更尖端的技术,而氢弹的威力也远远超过原子弹。South Koreas Yonhap news agency says it was told by an official with the countrys intelligence agency that there is no evidence to support Kims claims.韩联社说,韩国情报机构的一名官员表示,目前还没有据持金正恩的这一说法。North Korea is under strict economic sanctions imposed by the ed Nations Security Council for conducting three underground nuclear tests in 2006, and 2013.朝鲜曾于2006年009年和2013年进行三次地下核试验,联合国安理会因此对平壤实施了严厉的经济制裁。来 /201512/415497。