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无锡/医博肛肠医院便血肛门异物肛瘘肛裂肛周脓肿治疗好吗无锡/女人痔疮治疗今天的每日一句是: Psychology claims that: when we sleep while hugging one pillow,we actually wish it to be the person we miss and love the most.心理学表明:当我们抱着枕头睡觉的时候,事实上,我们是希望抱着的不是枕头,而是我们最想念最爱的人。Notes:1.psychologyn. 心理学;心理特点;心理状态;心理影响eg.a fascination with the psychology of murderers.对杀人犯心理的着迷Professor of Psychology at Bedford College.贝德福德学院的心理学教授2.claimvt. 声称;断言;需要;索取vi. 提出要求n. (根据权利而提出的)要求;声称;断言;索赔常见搭配:have a claim on有对...要求权have many claims on对...有许多要求have no claim on没有对...要求的权利; 无资格得到hold down a claim在某一地区居住一段时间以便要求拥有土地所有权jump a claim[美]占有别人的所有物, 强占别人土地的采矿权lay claim to表示自己有权利去获得, 提出主权要求, 认领(某物)raise a claim提出(所有权的)要求push one#39;s claims一再强烈提出要求, 坚持自己的要求stake out/off a claim立界标表明土地所有权, 确定自己对...的权利, 坚持要求(得到) 本节目为可可原创节目,。 /201306/244136常州市第一人民医院看痔疮多少钱 今日短语got busted 被捉到例句I got busted cheating on the test.我考试作弊被捉到。 /201503/365949Lesson 14Text AThey Don't Talk Mr Jones was very angry with his wife, and she was very angry with her husband. For several days they did not speak to each other at a11. One evening Mr Jones was very tired when he came back from work, so he went to bed soon after dinner. Of course , he did not say anything to Mrs Jones before he went upstairs. Mrs Jones washed the dinner things and then did some sewing. When she went up to bed much later than her husband, she found a piece of aper on the small table near her bed. On it were the words,"Mother. - Wake me up at 7 a. m. -Father" When Mr Jones woke up the next morning, it was nearly 8 a. m. -and on the small table near his bed he saw another piece of paper. He took it and these words: "Father. - Wake up. It is 7 a.m.-Mother. "Text B A Dirty Car John, Peter and Mark are hrothers. Their father has a new car, and they clean it for him. It has just rained, and the car is very dirty. John is looking at it, and he is talking to Peter. JOHN: The car hasn't been cleaned for a few days. PETERL: No , it hasn't . It's very dirty. JoHN: Someone ought to clean it today. PETER: Mark should clean it . It's his turn. JOHN: No, he cleaned it last time. It's your turn. PETER: No, it isn't. You always clean it after Mark. JoHN: Oh dear, is it really my turn? In that case, I'll clean tomorrow. PETER: Clean it now. Only lazy people say they'll work tomorrow. JoHN: Then I'll clean it the day after tomorrow. PETER: You are lazy. You ought to be ashamed.?You should enjoy working Question on Text B7. Read the following passage once. Underline the key words while ing and retell the story to your partner. Ellen walked briskly out into the yard and took a deep breath of cool, fresh air. She was eager to begin work. This time of year, with the new growth everywhere. always made her feel that she had to help tbings grow. She gathered her tools and went to the patch of freshly turned earth and began.to dig rows of holes. Then she carefully picked up one fragile plant and ptaced it in a hole. Over and over she performed this same task and then gently patted the earth around each plant. Her growling stomach and the sun high,overhead told her when it was time to take a break. /200907/76641常州市治疗肛周脓肿多少钱

无锡/第一人民医院肛肠科怎么样have half a mind 做事半心半意【讲解】half a mind的意思是“一半思维,半个脑子;。该习语直译为“(做事)只用半个脑子”,引申为“半心半意,敷衍了事”。【对话】A:We received a complaint from a customer saying that you had half a mind in your work.A:我们收到一份顾客的投诉,说你在工作中敷衍塞责。B:It#39;s not my fanlt. She#39;s just making a big fuss about nothing.B:那不是我的错。她只不过是小题太做。A:We#39;ll have an investigation. But I would remind you that customers are always right. I want you to rememberthis.A:我们会调查此事的。但我要提醒你,顾客永远都是对的。希望你记住这一点。B:Yes, manager.B:是,经理。 /201503/363287无锡/哪家医院看肛肠科最好 无锡/市第九人民医院治疗直肠脱垂价格

无锡/8个月宝宝便秘治疗医院要多少钱 每日一句口语:Make sure the important people in your life know how important they are before it#39;s too late .在一切还来得及之前,让你生命中那些重要的人都知道他们有多重要。【知识点讲解】make sure 把事情弄清楚,核实或查明某事物;设法确保出现某事物;务使例句:Make sure that your meal won#39;t be smothered with white sauce.千万不要把自己的饭菜上都涂满白汁沙司。 /201411/340477宜兴/市/治疗尖锐湿疣医院常州市武进中医院割痔疮价格



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