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无锡/肛泰中医肛肠医院看肛瘘多少钱常州妇幼保健院肛肠专科无锡/市肛肠科专业医院 探索世界奥秘之The Ghost In Your Genes(基因外遗传现象) 01We are on the brink of uncovering a hidden world, a world that connects past and future generations in ways we never imagined possible. What this means is an environmental exposure that your grandmother had could cause a disease in you even though you've never been exposed to the toxin. And you are gonna pass it onto your great-grand kids. These extraordinary discoveries have the potential to affect every aspect of our lives. It's not just the genes, but also the environment in the early life of your ancestors. It's not so much you're what you eat as something you are what your mother ate, and maybe you are what your grandmother ate. And if you take our data, you're what's stress your grandmother or grandfather had. It would change the way we think about our relationship with every generation. (it) Makes me feel closer to my children. What I experienced, in terms of environment will have some type of legacy in my children and my grandchildren. The science of inheritance is being turned on its head. We're changing the view of what inheritance is. This small Swedish town may hold the evidence to launch a medical revolution. Ouml;verkalix lies huddled on the edge of the Arctic Circle. Inaccessible and remote, it was cut off from the rest of the world for most of its history. Marcus Pembrey has traveled here to meet his colleague, Olov Bygren. They believe that the story lying buried in these graveyards may hold the proof to their radical ideas. Here we have at least 2 generations.In the same grave.In the same ...This group of people could contribute to really a sea change in the way we think about inheritance. They have come to this churchyard to find grandmothers and granddaughters, grandfathers and grandsons, connecting people who lived almost a hundred years apart in entirely new ways, uncovering links that confound scientific thinking. Up to now, inheritance is just the genes, the DNA sequence. I suspect that we're gonna be able to demonstrate that the inheritance is more than that. This is a grandson, as it were, in our study. It is the culmination of more than twenty years' work and for the first time, Pembrey is confronting the magnitude of their discovery. It really has come alive for me, coming here more than I had expected. It's really quite so, I'm, sure about it, wonderful.words and expressionson the brink of:濒于toxin:毒素sea change :A marked transformation:巨变, 突变,突发性彻底转变culmination:巅峰;最高点magnitude:重要,重要性200807/44828无锡/肛门息肉变大了治疗医院要多少钱

无锡/市门诊肛肠专科OECD Downgrades US Economic Outlook经济发展与合作组织对美经济悲观The Paris-based Organization for Economic Development and Cooperation (OECD) published a grim assessment Thursday of the ed States economy, saying it was close to recession. However, the OECD suggested European economies will likely fare better this year. 设在巴黎的经济发展与合作组织星期四对美国经济发表了一份悲观的评估报告,认为美国经济濒临衰退的边缘。但是该组织估计今年欧洲国家的经济状况很可能有所改善。The OECD downgraded its estimates for U.S. growth to just 0.1 percent for the first quarter of this year. Overall, the organization predicted the American economy would grow just 1.4 percent in 2008, far below its previous estimate in December of a two percent growth. 经济发展与合作组织估计,美国经济今年第一季度的增长率仅为0.1%。该组织预计,2008年美国经济的全年增长率为1.4%,大大低于去年12月作出的2%的预测。The OECD is an international economic research organization based in Paris.  经济发展与合作组织是设在巴黎的国际经济研究机构。OECD chief economist Jorgen Elmeskov says it might be premature to declare a recession in the ed States. But at a press conference in Paris, Elmeskov said the U.S. economy would be extremely weak for at least the first half of this year, hampered by a credit crunch and the collapse of the U.S. housing market. 该组织首席经济学家埃尔姆斯克夫说,现在就认为美国进入经济衰退还为时过早,但是他在巴黎举行的一次记者会上说,美国经济在信贷紧缩和住房市场崩溃的影响下,至少在今年上半年将极其衰弱。"It's hard to say how far advanced we are in the U.S. housing construction adjustments," he explained. "The share of GDP housing construction is probably down now to around somewhere like 3.8 percent of GDP. Which correspondents to the average level in previous slumps. But it is clear that this slump has got further to go. There are no signs from any indicator of construction activity that things are about to change."  埃尔姆斯克夫说:“还很难说美国住房建设调整究竟取得了多少进展。住房建设在美国国内生产总值中所占比例现在可能下降到3.8%左右,这和以前几次房市暴跌的平均水平相符。但是显然这次暴跌还有进一步向下的趋势,任何有关住房建设的指数都没有显示有出现转机的迹象。”The OECD said the so-called euro-zone economies - those European Union economies using the euro as their currency - have brighter prospects, and kept the prediction of 1.5 percent growth unchanged.  经济发展与合作组织表示,所谓欧元区经济体,也就是那些使用欧元的欧盟成员经济体的经济前景却比较光明,这些经济体的增长率仍然保持在原先做出的1.5%的水平。While a strong euro makes European exports more expensive, it also makes the price of oil cheaper. Still, the organization has raised alarm about possible inflation for the euro-area. 虽然欧元强劲使得欧洲出口商品的价格更加昂贵,但是同时也导致石油价格变得低廉,但是经济发展与合作组织依然对欧元区可能发生的通货膨胀做出警告。The OECD also issued a somewhat downbeat prognosis for Japan, predicting only a 1.5 percent growth rate for 2008, down from its earlier prediction of 1.6 percent growth. 该组织还对日本的经济前景发表了比较悲观的预测,认为日本2008年的经济增长率仅为1.5%,低于先前预测的1.6%。200803/31663无锡/梁溪区肛肠多少钱 Global Poll Shows Doubt About al-Qaida Role in 9/11 Attacks许多人不信911袭击是基地所为   Seven years after terrorist attacks killed several thousand people in the ed States, a new global public opinion poll shows that many people do not believe the attacks were the work of the al-Qaida terror network. 7年前发生的911恐怖袭击事件导致几千名美国人死亡,但是一项新的全球民意调查显示,许多人并不相信911袭击是基地恐怖组织所为。An independent U.S.-based group called World Public Opinion.org asked 16,000 people in 17 countries who they thought was responsible for the September 11, 2001 attacks on New York and Washington. 美国的独立机构“世界民意网”在17个国家向一万六千人提出了下面这个问题:是谁发动了2001年9月11号对纽约和华盛顿的袭击?Majorities in only nine of the 17 countries believed that al-Qaida was behind the attacks, a finding that surprised World Public Opinion.org's director, Steven Kull.  在这17个国家中,只有9个国家的大部分受访者相信是基地组织策划了这些袭击,这一结果令“世界民意网”的主任库尔感到吃惊。"I think it is very striking, given that even bin Laden has publicly made statements affirming that al-Qaida was behind the September 11th attacks," he said. 他说:“我认为这非常令人吃惊,因为本·拉登自己都公开发表声明,承认基地组织策划了911袭击。”An average of 46 percent of the people polled in each country blames al-Qaida for the attacks. If not al-Qaida, then who? Kull says an average of 15 percent say the U.S. government plotted the attacks.  每个国家中平均有百分之46的受访者说基地组织策划了袭击。可是,如果不是基地组织,那又是谁呢?库尔说,平均每个国家有百分之15的受访者说,是美国政府阴谋策划了那次袭击。"In Turkey, 36 percent have this view, Turkey, one of our allies. Palestinian territories, 27 percent have this view. In Mexico, 30 percent have this view, and perhaps most surprising of all, in Germany, 23 percent have the view that the ed States was behind the 9/11 attacks." 他说:“在土耳其,百分之36的人这样认为。土耳其可是美国的盟友之一。在巴勒斯坦,百分之27的人持这种观点;在墨西哥,百分之30的人是这么想的,而可能最令我们惊讶的是在德国,居然有百分之23的人认为美国自己发动了911恐怖袭击。”Of those who said the ed States was the perpetrator, Steven Kull says many believe it was an attempt to justify an impending U.S. invasion of Iraq.  他说,在那些认为美国发动了袭击的人中,有许多人认为美国这么做是为了给入侵伊拉克寻找理由。"Some people backed themselves into the belief, saying, 'Well, the U.S. had an interest in this, therefore it is clear that it must be the case.' And that interest that is suggested is that the U.S. was looking for an excuse to go to war with Iraq," he said. 他说:“一些人促使自己相信这种论点。他们认为‘这样做对美国是有利的,所以很显然一定是美国发动了袭击’。而他们所说的利益就是,美国在为发动伊拉克战争寻找借口。”Seven percent of the people polled blame Israel for the 9/11 attacks, and one in four questioned say they do not know who was responsible. 百分之7的受访者认为以色列发动了911袭击,还有百分之25的受访者说,他们不知道是谁发动了袭击。People in the Middle East, especially Muslims, were especially likely to tell the pollsters they believe the ed States plotted the attacks. Kull says his group's polling over time shows that Muslims believe the attacks were morally wrong and contrary to Islam.  中东地区的人,特别是穆斯林信徒,尤其可能对调查者说美国阴谋策划了袭击。库尔说,“世界民意网”经过一段时间的调查发现,穆斯林信徒认为,这些袭击在道义上是错误的,而且是违背伊斯兰教信条的。"So it is very hard for them to accept that a Muslim could do such a thing. At the same time, they do feel some resonance with many of the things that bin Laden says, so they feel some conflict about this," he said. "They are basically using a kind of defense mechanism to deny the strong evidence that al Qaida was behind 9/11, as a way of resolving the kind of internal conflict they feel."  他说:“因此,他们很难接受这些袭击是穆斯林信徒发动的。同时,他们也确实觉得本·拉登所说的一些话能引起他们的共鸣,所以他们对这件事的看法比较矛盾。从根本上说,他们在使用一种自我保护的思想来否认基地组织策划了911的有力据,以此来解决他们心里的矛盾。”Kull says he interprets the global ambivalence about the origins of the 9/11 attacks as a result of doubts about the ed States' role in the world.  库尔说,他认为世界各国对911发动者的矛盾看法是由于人们对美国在世界上所扮演角色持怀疑态度而造成的。"Broadly, I think what this tells us is that there is a lack of confidence in the ed States around the world. It is striking that even among our allies, the numbers that say al-Qaida was behind 9/11 do not get above two-thirds, and barely become a majority. So this is a real indication that the ed States is not in a strong position to, in a sense, tell its story. The American narrative is not as powerful in the world today." 他说:“从总体上看,我认为这表示全世界人民对美国缺乏信心。令人吃惊的是,即使在美国的一些盟国中也只有不到三分之二的人认为基地组织策划了911袭击,这勉强达到大多数。因此,这确实是一个迹象,说明美国说的话并没有太大说力,在当今的世界中,美国的话没有以前那么有力了。”Respondents with a positive view of the U.S. influence in the world are more likely to blame al-Qaida for 9/11, and less likely to blame the ed States, than those with a negative view. 和那些对美国持负面态度的人相比,那些对美国在世界上的作用持正面观点的人更可能会认为是基地组织策划了911袭击,不大可能指责这是美国所为。200809/48209无锡/梁溪区便血肛门异物肛瘘肛裂肛周脓肿治疗多少钱

无锡/如何治疗肛裂最好US Secretary of State Visits India to Discuss Nuclear Accord赖斯访问印度磋商核协议 U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is arriving in India to discuss the U.S.-India civilian nuclear agreement, which has received approval in the U.S Congress. India's communist parties, who oppose the deal, plan to hold protest demonstrations during the visit.美国国务卿赖斯前往印度,就美国与印度的民用核能合作协议与印方会谈。该协议已经获得美国国会批准。Secretary Rice will hold talks Saturday with Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Foreign Minister Pranab Mukherjee on the civilian nuclear pact, which the U.S. Congress approved this week. 美国国务卿赖斯定于星期六同印度总理辛格和外长慕克吉就印美民用核协议举行会谈,美国国会本周批准了这项协议。The agreement ends a ban on sale of civilian nuclear technology and equipment to New Delhi, which was imposed in 1974 when India first conducted nuclear tests. India has not signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.该协议解除了不准向印度出售民用核技术和设备的禁令,这一禁令是1974年印度首次进行核试验之后开始实施的。印度一直没有签署《核不扩散条约》。Former Indian foreign secretary and former Indian ambassador to the ed States Lalit Mansingh says the pact represents a "big step forward" for India.印度前外交秘书和印度前驻美国大使曼辛格表示,该协议对印度来说是前进了“一大步”。"Its real significance lies in the fact that the entire key to unlocking the three-and-a-half decades of technological isolation, these keys were in the hands of the ed States," he said. "So, finally, the U.S. has come around to giving us the opening. Historically, it is very significant. Americans who took the leadership in imposing sanctions on India have finally helped India get out of it."曼辛格说:“它的真正意义在于,提供了打开35年技术封锁的全部钥匙,这些钥匙掌握在美国手中。所以,最终是美国转变了态度,给我们开禁。从历史上看,这非常重要。在制裁印度方面居主导地位的美国最终帮助印度解除禁令。”Mansingh says the pact will also enhance India's stature by allowing it to trade in civilian nuclear commerce, while retaining its nuclear weapons. "On the one hand, it enhances India's stature," he said. "On the other hand, it recognizes India's enhanced stature. India is getting into the higher league. India is going to be globally more active."U.S. Secretary Rice hailed the agreement Thursday, before departing for India. "It is an agreement that cements an effort that we've been making for some time to bring together the world's largest democracy with the world's oldest continuous democracy," she said. "And we believe that the relationship between the ed States and India is on a very firm footing, and that can only be good for democracy and it can only be good for the world."美国国务卿赖斯星期四在离开华盛顿前往印度之前赞扬了这一协议。赖斯说:“这项协议标志着我们的努力终获成效。我们在一段时间里一直在促进世界最大的民主国家与世界上持续时间最久的民主国家之间的合作。我们认为美国和印度之间的关系有非常坚实的基础。这对民主和整个世界来说都只能是有利的。”Both India and Washington have been building closer ties in recent years.印度和华盛顿最近几年来都在发展更密切的关系。However, Indian Communist parties continue to staunchly oppose the deal. They say the government has surrendered the country's sovereignty to U.S. imperialism, and plan to hold demonstrations on Saturday to protest the agreement. The largest opposition party, the Bharatiya Janata Party, also says the agreement is not in India's interests.The pact will effectively open a huge market worth billions of dollars to companies from Western countries to build civilian nuclear reactors in India.这项协议将有效地为西方公司打开一个价值数十亿美元的巨大的市场,在印度修建民用核反应堆。Earlier this week, India signed an atomic energy pact with France during a visit by the Indian prime minister to Paris. Companies from France, Russia and the ed States are expected to be on top of the list for engaging in nuclear commerce with India.本星期早些时候,在印度总理访问巴黎期间,印度与法国签署了一项核能协议。法国、俄罗斯和美国公司预计将是与印度从事核贸易的主要公司。200810/51631 无锡/市锡山区便血肛门异物肛瘘肛裂肛周脓肿治疗多少钱无锡/大便屁眼出血治疗医院要多少钱




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