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卢氏县前列腺炎哪家医院最好三门峡郑大医院评价Well, let me tell you something. The next morning when I got up, my body was so sore that I couldnt even lift my arms to comb my hair. I had to have my mother comb my hair, and you know how embarrassing that is. But you know something? I learned a very important lesson, that pain means progress. Pain is progress. Each time my muscles were sore from a workout I knew that they were growing and they were getting stronger.第二天早上起床,我浑身酸痛,连举手梳头都无能为力,只好叫我母亲帮我梳头——这真令人难堪!可你们知道吗,我获得了一个非常重要的教训:疼痛意味着进步。要想进步就得吃苦。每次我因过度训练而感觉肌肉酸痛时,我知道,我的肌肉在增长、在强壮。I think there is a real life lesson in that. After two or three years of discipline and determination and working out hard, I actually changed my body, and I changed my strength. And that told me something; that if I could change my body that much, and if I could change the strength of my body that much, then I could also change anything else. I could change my habits, I could change my intelligence, I could change my attitude, my mind, my future, my life. And this is exactly what I have done. I think that that lesson applies to people, and it also applies to countries. You can change; China can change; everyone in the world can change.我认为,那其中蕴含着人生真谛。经过两三年意志上的磨练和体力上的锻炼,我最终改变了我的身体,我的力气也变大了。这件事告诉我,如果能在很大程度上改变我的身体,增强我的力气,我就能改变其他的一切:我能改变不好的习惯,能增强我的智慧,能改变我的态度、思想以及我的未来和我的人生。事实上我已经做到了。我想,这一教训也适用于任何人,也适用于任何国家。你们可以改变,中国可以改变,世界上每一个人都可以改变。My parents, of course, I have to tell you, didnt understand my dreams at all. They were always wondering. They said, ;What is he doing? When are you going to get a job, a real job? When are you going to make money?; And all of those questions I got. And they said, ;I hope we didnt raise a hum, someone that doesnt make money and just wants to live in a gymnasium and think about their bodies.; Well, I endured all of this negative thinking, and the more negative the thinking got, and the more negative the questions got, the stronger and the more positive I became, the stronger I became inside.当然,我得告诉你们,我父母根本无法理解我的梦想。他们总是疑惑地问:“他在做什么呢?你什么时候能得到一份工作、一份真正的工作?你什么时候能挣钱?”还有一些类似的疑惑。他们会说:“希望我们养的不是一个寻欢作乐的儿子,一个不挣钱却只想在健身馆里考虑他的身材的人。”我承受了所有这一切消极的想法,而且这些想法越消极,我就变得越积极;这些疑虑越多,我就变得越坚强,我的内心也变得更强大。So of course some of your families maybe think the same way, and this is why Im mentioning that. Some of your families maybe dont believe in your drems. But let me tell you something, my young friends. Keep your dreams. No matter what, keep your dreams. Dont give up on them, even when you temporarily defeated or denied. Keep your dreams.当然你们中有些人的家人可能也会这么想,这也是我提起这件事的原因。你们的家人也许不相信你们的梦想,介是,朋友们,让我告诉你们,执着于你的梦想!无论如何,坚持你们的梦想。即使你们遭遇暂时的失败或被否定,也不要放弃你们的梦想。执着于你的梦想。201403/282170三门峡市包皮哪家好 In fact, there was a fellow.实际上,有一个同僚。He was in Omaha, who used to say, he looked with three things in hiring people: integrity, intelligence and energy.奥哈马市有一位先生说,当他雇人时,他会看三个方面:诚信,智能,和精力。And he said if the person did not have the first two, the later two would kill him,雇一个只有高智力和精力,却没有诚信的人会毁了雇者。because if they don’t have integrity, you want them dumb and lazy, you don’t want them smart and energetic.因为一个没有诚信的人,你只能希望他愚蠢和懒惰,而不是聪明和精力充沛。And I got I really like to talk: about the first one,所以我想谈的是第一点,because we know you got the second two.因为我知道你们都具备后两点。And I’d just,play along with me a little game for just a second, and in terms of thinking about the question.在考虑这个问题时,请你们和我一起玩玩这个游戏。Youve all been here, I guess almost all of your second year MBA,你们现在都是在MBA的第二年,and you’ve gotten to know your classmates.所以你们对自己的同学也应该都了解了。Think for a moment that I granted you the right to buy 10% of one of your classmates for the rest of all his life time.现在我给你们一个来买进10%的你的一个同学的权利,一直到他的生命结束。You can’t pick one with a rich father.你不能选那些有着富有老爸的同学,That doesn’t count.那不算数。Youve got to pick somebody who is going to do this on our own merit.每个人的成果都要靠他自己的努力。And I’d give you an hour to think about it.我给你一个小时来想这个问题,Which one you are going to pick?你将会挑哪一个同学?One of your classmates, just one you want to own 10% for the rest of his lifetime.你愿意买进哪一个同学余生的10%?And are you going to give an IQ test and pick the one with the highest IQ?你会给他们做一个IQ测试吗,选那个IQ值最高的我也怀疑。I doubt it.我很怀疑。Are you going to pick the one with the best grade?你会挑那个学习成绩最好的吗?I doubt it.我很怀疑。You might not pick the most energetic one necessarily because you are the one who is most initiative.你也不一定会选那个最精力充沛的,因为你自己本身就已经动力十足了。You are going to start looking for qualitative factors, in addition,你可能会去寻找那些质化的因素,because everybody got a brain and energy.因为这里的每个人都是很有脑筋的。And I would say that before about for an hour, I’ll place that bet on.你想了一个小时之后,我敢打赌,You would probably pick the one who you responded the best to,你可能会选择那个你最有认同感的人,the one who has the leadership qualities,那个最有领导才能的人,the one who is able to get other people to carry out their interests.那个能实现他人利益的人。That would be the person who is generous, honest and who gave credit to other people even for their own ideas.那个慷慨,诚实,即使是他自己的主意,也会把功劳分予他人的人。All kinds of qualities like that.他会拥有所有这些类似的好品质。You can write down those qualities which you admire as another question: whomever you admire the most in the class.你可以把这些你所钦佩的素质都写下作为我第二个问题的。我的第二个问题是:你最钦佩班上的哪位同学?201308/253208三门峡郑大男子医院看男科怎么样

三门峡看男科什么医院好And therefore, we have zero prosecutions, and of course, zero convictions,of any of the elite bank frauds,the Wall Street types,that drove this crisis. 因而,造成这场危机的华尔街顶尖诈骗犯们没有一个被起诉没有一个被定罪。With no expertise coming from the regulators,the FBI formed what it calls a partnership with the Mortgage Bankers Association in 2007. 监管机构不愿伸出援手,联邦调查局2007年与抵押贷款家协会携起手来。The Mortgage Bankers Association is the trade association of the perps. 抵押贷款家协会是这些祸首的行业组织。And the Mortgage Bankers Association set out, it had the audacity and the success to con the FBI. 抵押贷款家协会出手了,他们不仅有能力也有动机去欺骗联邦调查局。It had created a supposed definition of mortgage fraud, in which, guess what its members are always the victim and never the perpetrators. 抵押贷款家协会为抵押欺诈行为下了个定义,不出所料,按照这个定义,这个协会的成员都是欺诈行为的受害者没一个是欺诈行为的加害者。And the FBI has bought this hook, line, sinker, rod, reel and the boat they rode out in.联邦调查局不疑有他照单全收。And so the FBI, under the leadership of an attorney general who is African-American and a president of the ed States who is African-American,have adopted the Tea Party definition of the crisis,in which it is the first virgin crisis in history,conceived without sin in the executive ranks. 就这样,在一个非裔司法部长和一个非裔美国总统的领导之下,联邦调查局完全相信了茶党对这场危机的说辞,成了破天荒的圣女生子案,高管层人人清白。And its those oh-so-clever hairdressers who were able to defraud the poor, pitiful banks,who lack any financial sophistication.问题出在狡猾的临时工身上,他们在欺骗穷人,他们在欺骗对金融行业一无所知的业者。It is the silliest story you can conceive of,and so they go and they prosecute the hairdressers,and they leave the banksters alone entirely. 这简直是最奇葩的谎话,然后他们把临时工抓起来了,家们毫发未损。And so, while lions are roaming the campsite, 就这样,满地西瓜the FBI is chasing mice. 联邦调查局却在那里捡芝麻。What do we need to do? 我们该怎么办?What can we do in all of this? 面对这一切,我们能做什么?We need to change the perverse incentive structures that produce these recurrent epidemics of accounting control fraud that are driving our crises. 我们需要改革不正常的激励机制,正是这种机制在催生一再出现的大面积会计管理欺诈行为,进而导致危机的发生。So we have to first get rid of the systemically dangerous institutions. 第一,我们要排除这种具有系统性危险的金融机构。These are the so-called too-big-to-fail institutions. 所谓尾大不掉的金融机构。201502/358334三门峡郑大门诊前列腺 Mr. President校长先生I should now like to introduce Thomas A. Pugel我下面要介绍 托马斯?A?普格尔professor of economics and global business经济和全球商务教授vice dean for MBA programs, Leonard N. Stern School of Business斯特恩商学院MBA项目副主任who will present the candidate for doctor of commercial science他将为大家介绍我们的商学士候选人Chair of the Board, Martin Lipton and please escort this candidate to the lectern请校董马丁.利普顿将这位候选人引上前台Janet Louise Yellen珍妮特?露意丝?耶伦chair of the board of governors of the Federal Reserve system美国联邦储备委员会主席and first woman to control American central bank in its 100-year history美国央行百年历史上的第一位女性领导者you employ the powerful tools of your office在职期间 你很好地利用了手中权力with sound judgment, deep expertise判断准确 技术专精and a strong sense of social responsibility体现出无比强烈的社会责任感A Brooklyn native作为布鲁克林本地人an alumnus of Brown and Yale Universities作为布朗和耶鲁大学校友you were drawn to economics by the rigor of its methods你熟练地驾驭了经济学研究的严谨方法and its potential to benefit humankind充分发挥了它的潜能 用以造福人类you served on the faculties of Harvard University and UC Berkeley你在哈佛大学和加大伯克利担任过教职工作where you are now a professor emeritus现任学校荣誉教授and ably served the Presidents Council of Economic Advisers在总统经济顾问委员会优秀地履行过职责Let me pause here for a personal note让我在这里加一点个人注解that I think is very appropriate to our event我认为在这样的场合讲这个很合适201504/368599三门峡滴虫性尿道炎的治疗

三门峡郑大中医医院包皮手术怎么样It is a great pleasure to be with you here in Dubai today. Let me offer my sincere thanks and appreciation to the ed Arab Emirates for all its efforts in the excellent organization and facilities for this conference. I would like to express my thanks to the local authorities of Dubai for their very kind hospitality.Ladies and gentlemen,I think we are all well aware of the importance of this sixth WTDC, and I am encouraged to see such a high level of participation.What we decide and define here over the next two weeks will shape not just the future of ICT development over the next four years, but the future shape of the very world we live in.In today’s fast-moving ICT sector, four years is a very long time. To see how long that really is, let’s look back to 2010, when we last held the WTDC, in Hyderabad, India.Since then the ICT landscape has changed in extraordinary and unexpected ways.We have seen the number of fixed-line subscriptions continue to fall, and there are now around 82 million fewer fixed-line subscriptions than there were at the beginning of 2010.This fall in fixed lines has been massively more than compensated for by mobile growth over the same period – with net additions of almost 2.2 billion mobile cellular subscriptions since the beginning of 2010.And the great news for this Conference is that almost all of this growth has been in the developing world, which accounted for 90% of the net additions – very close to two billion new mobile cellular subscriptions have been added in the past four years.The same pattern is true of the growth in internet users, where 817 million of the one billion new internet users over the past four years have come from the developing world.We have also seen social media continue to skyrocket. When we met in Hyderabad, four years ago, there were around 30 million users of Twitter, and 400 million users of Facebook. Today hundreds of millions of tweets are sent every day, and Facebook has over 1.2 billion users.Does that mean our job is finished?Of course not!And that’s why we’re all here.While over three quarters of people in the developed world now have access to the internet, more than two thirds of people in the developing world still do not.In the developed world, fixed and mobile broadband penetration rates at the beginning of 2014 stood at 27.2% and 74.8% respectively. In the developing world, they stood at 6.1% and 19.8%.Distinguished delegates,These are powerful numbers, but they also demonstrate the extraordinary opportunities that lie ahead.ICTs – and in particular broadband networks – offer perhaps the greatest opportunity we have ever had to make rapid and profound advances in global social and economic development.This is of tremendous and timely importance, as we approach the cusp between the MDGs next year, and the beginning of the post-2015 development process.And this of course is why ‘Broadband for Sustainable Development’ has been chosen as the theme for WTDC this year.Like you, I am convinced that by extending access to broadband, countries will quickly accelerate sustainable social and economic progress.By delivering efficiencies across so many areas – from education and healthcare to transportation, water and energy – broadband networks can quickly pay for themselves, creating a virtuous circle of investment, productivity and human development.To help world leaders see the ways that broadband can accelerate the achievement of the MDGs, ITU and UNESCO launched the Broadband Commission for Digital Development in 2010, just a few weeks before we last met, in Hyderabad.In this context, and in the context of this Conference, it is especially gratifying to see broadband access growing so rapidly in the developing world – with penetration in the developing world in terms of mobile broadband growing an incredible 50% between the beginning of 2013 and the beginning of 2014.Ladies and gentlemen,I am an optimist, and I have tremendous faith that the public and private sectors will work together to invest in, and to roll-out, the necessary infrastructure.They did this so well in the creation of mobile cellular networks in the developing world, and I expect to see the pattern continued for broadband.I am also convinced that in partnership, they will also help create the necessary services that people need, and that we will quickly see enriched content developed and created that will start off a virtuous circle in stimulating demand.As this happens, we will rapidly see broadband reach the remotest corners of our planet.We must make sure that we do not just bring broadband to the people, but that we do so responsibly. That we preserve cyberpeace and deliver cybersecurity in a world that is always connected, and always online.Distinguished delegates,The output from this Conference will be fed into the ITU Strategic Plan which will be endorsed by the ITU’s Plenipotentiary Conference in Korea in October.And I hope that many of you will be there to help shape our future as an organization – and to make sure we adopt a sound strategic and financial plan for the next four years.So over the next two weeks, let’s dream big!Let’s think about how technological advances might shape the future;Let’s think about what can be done with massive increases in computational power and ever-cheaper memory;Let’s think about what can we do with the cloud, to make the world a better place;And let’s think about how can we put ever-smarter, ever-more affordable smartphones to use across the developing world.Let’s be bold!Let’s work together to develop the programmes and projects that will ensure ICTs really do deliver a better quality of life – for all the world’s people!Thank you.201502/359174 河南省黄河三门峡医院泌尿外科河南三门峡治疗阳痿哪家医院最好



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