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2018年03月18日 12:15:52

梁平城口丰都县顺产多少钱New York Fashion Week came to a close yesterday, and while we’re a little sad to have the fun end until next season, we’re excited to try all of spring’s dynamic beauty looks showcased on the runway. We rounded up our ten favorite trends seen on the catwalk—from bright blue eye shadow to detailed nail art—see them all in the gallery!纽约时装周昨天落下了帷幕,在下一季开始前我们有点伤感地享受着这最后的乐趣。T台上展示的所有春天充满活力的美丽装束都让人跃跃欲试。我们排出了秀场上看到的十大最爱趋势,从明亮的蓝色眼影到具体的指甲艺术,下面展览上都能见到!1. Blue Eye ShadowThe makeup artists at Michael Kors, Rebecca Minkoff, Jenny Packham, and Kate Spade channeled spring#39;s blue skies with a dramatic sweep of cerulean shadow.蓝色眼影化妆师在穿Michael Kors、Rebecca Minkoff、Jenny Packham 和Kate Spade礼的模特脸上戏剧化地扫了一层蔚蓝色的眼影来象征春天的蓝色天空。(英文名为国外知名品牌名称,后文皆是如此。)2. Nail ArtDeemed ;the new accessory; by manicurists, talons at Charlotte Ronson, Prabal Gurung, Rachel Antnoff, and 3.1 Phillip Lim were adorned with fun designs.美甲被美甲师视为的“新配件”出现在Charlotte Ronson、Prabal Gurung、Rachel Antnoff的时装上, 带着有趣设计的菲利林3.1受到了推崇。3. Bare-Faced BeautyThe look was pure minimalism at Diane Von Furstenberg, Vera Wang, Ruffian, and Alexander Wang. Models accented their clean skin with a bold brow and muted lip.裸妆之美Diane Von Furstenberg、Vera Wang、Ruffian和Alexander Wang时装秀是纯粹的极简主义。模特用光洁的额头和柔和的唇来突出她们干净的肤质。4. Pink Eye ShadowNow here#39;s what we call looking pretty in pink! Chris Benz, Donna Karan, Monika Chiang, and Creatures of the Wind re-purposed the rosy shade typically used on the lips to accent the models#39; lids.粉红色眼影现在就是我们所说的用粉红色看起来很美!Chris Benz, Donna Karan, Monika Chiang和Creatures of the Wind时装展时重新在唇上运用典型的玫瑰色来突出模特的眼睑。5. Dark Manicure with Light PedicureWhile many opt to pair a light-hued manicure with a darker color on the Pedicure, Jason Wu and Naeem Khan pulled a complete 180, placing the deeper hue on the fingers and the lighter on the toes.深色手指甲搭配浅色脚趾甲虽然很多人倾向于选择涂浅色手指甲来搭配深色脚趾甲,Jason Wu 和 Naeem Khan来了个180度的反向逆转,把较深的颜色涂在手指上和而较轻的涂在脚趾上。6. Graphic Cat EyeDramatic sweeps of liquid liner at Betsey Johnson, Alice + Olivia, Marc Jacobs, and Erickson Beamon elongated the models#39; eyes and made for a high-impact statement.生动的猫眼Betsey Johnson、Alice + Olivia、Marc Jacobs和 Erickson Beamon展时采用戏剧化的眼线拉长了模特的眼睛并带来了很强的冲击效果。7. Old Hollywood WavesRetro finger waves made an appearance on the Zac Posen and Thakoon runways.老式好莱坞波浪卷发复古手指形波浪出现在了Zac Posen和Thakoon的T台上。8. BraidsPretty plaits added extra dimension to the styles at Marchesa, Tory Burch, and Jeremy Scott.麻花辫漂亮麻花辫的采用使Marchesa、 Tory Burch以及Jeremy Scott的风格更加多维立体。9. Technicolor StrandsThe color may be temporary, but we don#39;t see these trendy hues fading from the beauty radar anytime soon! Hairstylists at Oscar de la Renta, Theyskens, Anna Sui, and Peter Som added day-glo extensions to the models#39; strands.挑染色可能是一时的,但我们没有看到这些流行色很快从美丽浪潮中消退!发型设计师给Oscar de la Renta、 Theyskens、 Anna Sui和Peter Som的模特挑染了几缕头发。10. Pin-Straight StrandsSuper-sleek blowouts reigned supreme on the Cushnie et Ochs, Lacoste and Carolina Herrera runways.直发在Cushnie et Ochs、Lacoste 和Carolina Herrera的T台上超顺滑直发风靡并占领时尚高地。 /201209/200167重庆节育环一般多少钱Millions of people around the world suffer from a self-mutilating and often painful addiction to biting their nails, which can be harder to quit than smoking cigarettes, but is often overlooked as a relatively benign habit.全球数百万人爱咬指甲,这嗜好颇为“自残”,有些小痛苦,而且比吸烟还难戒掉,但经常被人们忽视,认为不过是一种相对没什么坏处的习惯。Medical experts are now taking a closer look at the addiction and have decided to change its classification from a mere habit to a full-fledged obsessive-compulsive disorder.医学专家目前正对此进行进一步研究,而且已经决定将其从一种习惯划分到强迫症。The American Psychiatric Association is preparing to change the designation of nail biting from ‘not otherwise classified,’ to ‘obsessive compulsive disorder’ in its upcoming issue of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, N News reported.据美国国家广播公司报道,美国精神病学会正准备在下期《诊断和统计手册》中将“咬甲癖”的名称从“无其他分类”改为“强迫症”。Habits that are commonly associated with OCD include repetitive hand-washing and hair-pulling. The disease is characterized by unreasonable thoughts and fears that lead to such repetitive behaviors.与强迫症有关的习惯包括反复洗手和抓头发,通常以过度思考和恐惧而导致重复同一种行为为特点。The occasional chewed nail isn’t an indication of the disorder, medical experts assure.医学专家明确说,偶尔咬指甲不代表患上强迫症。‘As with hair pulling and skin picking, nail biting isn#39;t a disorder unless it is impairing, distressing, and meets a certain clinical level of severity,’ Carol Mathews, M.D., a psychiatrist at the University of California, San Francisco, told N News.美国旧金山加州大学精神病专家、医学士卡罗-马修斯告诉美国全国广播公司:“和抓头发与抓挠皮肤一样,咬指甲在造成一定的损害,给人带来烦恼,并在临床上达到一定的严重程度时才会划分为强迫症。”‘That is not the vast majority of nail bitters,’ she said.她说:“而大多数爱咬指甲的人都到不了这个程度。”Nail chewing is considered severe when the habit becomes destructive – when it impairs use of the hands or leads to repeated infections.当咬指甲的习惯具有破坏性时,我们才会考虑情况很严重了,也就是当它影响到了手的使用,或者导致反复感染。Sometimes a nail-biter’s hands and fingers can become infected, but more often, the habit leads to an increased risk of contracting colds and other illnesses because it encourages the sp of germs from the nails to the lips and mouth.在有些时候,有咬甲癖的人的手和手指会感染,但这种习惯在更多情况下会增加人们患上感冒和其他疾病的风险,因为这增大了细菌从指甲中传染到嘴唇和嘴里的几率。Nail biters looking to quit their addiction may find they are less inclined to stick their fingers in their mouths if they put lemon juice or hot sauce on their digits.想要戒掉咬甲癖的人们可能会发现,如果在手指上涂上柠檬汁或者辣椒酱,就不太会咬指甲了。Former nail biters who quit the habit said it also helps to wrap nails in tape or Band-Aids and to keep their hands well-manicured.戒掉咬甲癖的人说,在手上缠胶带或者创可贴也很有帮助,要保持精心修正的手型。 /201211/207787重庆人民医院激素检查

重庆市治疗妇科重庆市人民医院治疗子宫肌瘤好吗Distributing chewing gum to the passengers, the stewardess explained it was to keep their ears from popping. When the plane landed, one of the passengers rushed up to her and said, ;I#39;m meeting my wife right away. How do I get the gum out from my ears?;当空中给乘客们发口香糖的时候,她解释说口香糖有助于他们防止耳鸣。飞机着陆后,一位乘客跑到这位空中面前,说道:“ 我马上就要见到我妻子了。我怎么才能把口香糖从耳朵里面取出来呢?”How much does a polar bear weigh?-你知道北极熊有多重吗?How much?-多重呢?Enough to break the ice! Hi, my name is John.足够破冰(双关:打破沉默)!你好,我叫约翰~!I lost my number, can I have yours?我把我的电话号码弄丢了,你可以把你的告诉我吗?You’re like a dictionary, you add meaning to my life.你就像一本字典,为我的生活增添意义。You look like someone I know. Haven’t we met before?你跟我一个朋友长得好象。我们之前见过吧?That’s a great haircut.你的发型很不错。(To the bartender) I’ll have what the handsome gentlman (beautiful lady) is having.(对调酒师说)我和这位帅哥(美女)点一样的饮料。Can I buy you a drink?我可以请你喝一杯吗?You have a great smile.你笑起来好美。Are you here alone?一个人吗?What do you say we go somewhere quiet?我们找个安静的地方如何…… /201211/208256重庆爱德华综合医院电话重医大附一院不孕不育在线咨询

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