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高考前夕 73所野鸡大学曝光 --5 ::50 来源: Half a month bee millions of high schoolers take Chinarsquo;s national college entrance exam, a new batch of fake colleges has been exposed.距高考还有半个月,新一批的虚假大学被曝光A list released last week on sdaxue.com, a site that helps students choose higher educational institutions, exposed 73 Chinese universities or colleges as unaccredited diploma mills. The website has published its annual list of fake schools since . This list pushes the total number of phony colleges exposed to over 00.上大学网致力于帮助学生们选择高等院校上周,网站公布的虚假大学名单又揭露了73所颁发未经授权书的院校自年以来,该网站每年都会公布虚假大学的名单,累计公布00多所虚假大学On the list are 3 schools in Beijing where many of the countryrsquo;s top universities are located. Shandong was second, with eight fake colleges, while Shanghai has seven.其中有3所虚假大学位于中国众多高等学院的所在地;;北京;山东共有8所虚假大学,位居第二;上海共有7所,位居第三Names of institutions are usually slightly altered versions of the names of real universities and colleges to confuse prospective students. Accreditation is usually fabricated or out of date. According to the website, 66 of the 73 bogus colleges were not on the college list published by the Ministry of Education (MOE), while 6 used old names of legal colleges. One used an alternative name of a Party school in Beijing.为了困惑准大学生,这些机构通常将正规院校的名字稍加改变,他们的认书往往是伪造的或者过期的据上大学网报道,73所野鸡大学中有66所均不在教育部公布的《年全国高等学校名单中,6所冒用正规高校更名前或合并前的名称,1所冒用中共北京市委党校的别称These colleges usually woo and swindle high school graduates through slick recruitment sites.虚假大学一般通过空壳网站招收和欺骗高中毕业生Xinhua reporters contacted a dozen of them, all supposedly located in Beijing, but none of their phone numbers were available. Most of their addresses are in the suburbs, making them hard to find. Some, such as the address of ;Beijing Normal University of Science and Technology,; simply do not exist.新华社记者拨打了十多所北京字头虚假大学的联系电话,一个都没有联系上大多数院校都位于郊区,很难找到,一些院校的地址根本就不存在,比如;北京科技师范大学;;Approved by the Beijing Municipal Education Commission, our college trains talent education and global labor services,; s the website of Beijing Institute of Civil Engineering and Architecture, reportedly located in Beijingrsquo;s Chaoyang District. The college claims more than ,500 graduates and excellent teaching facilities. Xinhua reporters could not locate the college at its address, although a vocational school was found. One of the school staff confirmed that no other college is located there, and that the vocational school was the only education institution in the vicinity.;我校是经北京市教委批准成立的一所融高等教育助学和国际劳务输出培训于一体的高等教育学校学院成立至今,已为社会培养500多位优秀毕业生校园教学设备一应俱全,; 虚假大学;北京建筑工程学院;官方网站上写道新华社记者来到其官网上标注的北京朝阳区地址,但并未找到该学校但是,附近的确有一所中专学校,学校工作人员说这里只有一所中专学校,附近没有其他的学校Facebook“向中国道歉大赛”讽刺中国 -- 18::8 来源: 几千名香港、台湾人士在Facebook上发起了一场名为“向中国道歉大赛”的讽刺活动 The "First Annual Apologise to China Contest" allows people to send in their regrets on how they might have wronged the People’s Republic, the Hong Kong Free Press news website reports. According to the website, one person has apologised having three children in the face of Beijing’s now abandoned one-child policy; while another on the Facebook page is sorry wearing New Balance shoes, the global brand which was ruled to be infringing upon the Chinese brand "New Barlun" in a Chinese court.据香港自由新闻网报道,“第一届向中国道歉大赛”允许人们因可能误解中国而表达自己的悔意据该网站的报道,有人为自己拥有三个孩子而道歉,以此来讽刺中国目前已经废除了的独生子女政策;还有人在Facebook上因为自己穿“新百伦(New Balance)”的鞋子而道歉,以此来讽刺这个国际大牌在中国法院被判侵犯了中国名牌“纽巴伦(New Barlun)”的权利It’s apparently a reaction to s released by celebrities recently, apologising actions and comments deemed to be insulting to China. One of these apologies features Taiwanese pop singer Chou Tzu-yu, whose apology waving a Taiwanese flag during an online broadcast - an act deemed offensive on the Chinese mainland - has been viewed on YouTube over seven million times. Hong Kong actor Wong He made a similar apology in January after suggesting mer Chinese leader Zhou Enlai "may be gay" and posting a picture of the Dalai Lama on his Facebook page.很显然,这是对近期名人们发布的道歉视频的反应,他们的一些行为和言论被认为侮辱了中国,他们要道歉在这些道歉事件中有一人是台湾流行歌手周子瑜,她因自己在一场网络节目中挥舞民国国旗而道歉--此举被认为冒犯了中国大陆,她的道歉视频在油土鳖上的观看量已经超过了700万次香港演员王喜在今年一月份也做了这样一份类似的道歉,他之前曾暗示说中国前总理周恩来“也许是同性恋”,还在他的Facebook主页上发了一张达赖喇嘛的照片Such apologies are an important business. Actors and artists who don’t send their regrets actions deemed "anti-China" are often boycotted or sacked. US singer Lady Gaga was reportedly added to the "banned list" after meeting with the Dalai Lama last month.这些道歉是非常重要的商业行为如果演员和艺术家们不对他们疑似“反华”的行为道歉的话,他们经常就会被抵制或被解雇据报道,上个月美国歌手Lady Gaga在和达赖喇嘛会面之后也被加到了这个“黑名单”里The apology idea has struck a nerve with Chinese-language ers, with the Facebook campaign page attracting over ,000 likes and thousands of comments. One Taiwanese user taunts mainland Chinese ers, saying: "The Taiwanese people are holding their first contest to apologise to the Chinese people, but you’ll have to bypass the internet censors bee you can see it. We are so sorry!"; while another says "In Taiwan we can freely and openly criticise Tsai Ing-wen, and the leader from mainland Xi Jinping. So sorry, China!"“第一届向中国道歉大赛”触动了中国用户们的神经,Facebook活动页面上收到了000多个赞,还有几千条一名台湾用户嘲弄大陆人说道:“台湾人民正在举行第一届向中国人道歉大赛,但是你们必须绕过网络审查才能看到正是抱歉!”;还有人说道“在台湾,我们可以自由公开地批评蔡英文,也能批评大陆的领导人真是抱歉,中国!”Web users in mainland China have taken to the Weibo messaging service to snipe back: "I’m sorry that you’re seeing all those actors and actresses apologising to China so that they can keep making Chinese yuan!" says one. Another sends his apologies not falling phone scams originating in Taiwan: "I have received many messages from my Taiwanese compatriots wanting to give me free iPhones and gifts, but I have never replied. I apologise not accepting your goodwill!"中国大陆网民在微上给与了回击:“你们看,这么多明星对中国道歉,他们才可以继续在中国挣钱真是抱歉!”还有人为自己没有落入台湾电信诈骗圈套而表达歉意:“我收到了许多来自台湾同胞的信息,他们要送给我免费的iPhone和礼物,但是我从来都没有回复他们没有接受你们的好意,真是抱歉!”华为非洲首家创新体验中心开幕 -- 18:: 来源: 当地时间7月19日,华为在南非约翰内斯堡揭牌成立了非洲地区首家ICT创新体验中心中国驻南非大使田学军、驻约翰内斯堡总领事阮平、南非通信与邮电部部长奎莱以及当地企业、高校代表等百余人出席开幕仪式 Johannesburg July - Africa’s first Huawei Innovation Experience Center is launched on Tuesday in Sandton, Johannesburg. 5 million USD has been invested by Huawei into the Innovation Center, which is equipped with cutting-edge technologies like 5G.5G wireless communication, VR and K Video, Mobile Money solution, Smart Home solutions, Safe City solutions, Cloud Service, Data Center and wearable devices amongst others. It will also serve as an open lab to South African institutions of higher learning such as University of Johannesburg and Tshwane University of Technology.约翰内斯堡 7月日电——星期二,华为非洲地区首家创新体验中心在约翰内斯堡桑顿开幕该中心总投资约为500万美元,客户可以在此体验到包括5G.5G无线通信技术、虚拟现实K视频、智能手机、智慧家居、平安城市、云务、数据中心、可穿戴设备等前沿研发成果它还将成为南非约翰内斯堡大学和茨瓦内理工大学等高等学府的开放实验室“It is very exciting us as industry leaders to provide a commy environment big players to witness the potential of our offerings, and small, micro and medium enterprises to gain opporties to share their ideas in spaces like gaming, , and APP development etc., where they can test and advance their solutions and gain exposure to various partnership opporties.” says Li Peng, Huawei’s President of the East and Southern Africa Region.华为东南非地区部总裁李鹏说,“作为行业先锋,我们很高兴能为大型参与者提供这样一个平台,以见我们的潜力,并为小型、微型和中小型企业争取机会,在游戏,视频和应用程序开发等方面分享他们的理念,在那里他们可以测试和改善他们的解决方案,并获得各种合作伙伴机会”Showcasing futuristic products and solutions, the Innovation center will also serve as an incubation platm upcoming ICT enterprises. According to the Cooperation Contact signed with South Africa’s Department of Telecommunications and Postal Service (DTPS) on Tuesday, Huawei will work closely with the DTPS to fulfill the target of 00 ICT talents trained by Huawei by 1.创新中心展示了一些未来主义的产品和解决方案,还将为当地的ICT企业提供技术孵化平台根据星期二开幕仪式上华为和南非电信与邮政部签署的ICT战略合作协议,华为将与南非邮电部紧密合作,在未来5年内为南非培训00位ICT人才The Minister of the DTPS, Dr. SiyabongaCwele says “The Cooperation Contract signed between us is a start of bigger things to happen in the industry, and it is through such partnerships between the public and private sectors that we can achieve a better connected South Africa.”南非电信与邮政部长奎莱表示,“双方合作协议的签署,是加快实现南非数字化转型、消除南非数字鸿沟的新起点通过这种政府和私企的合作,我们期待一个连接更畅通的南非”The Chinese Ambassador to South Africa, TianXuejun appreciates Huawei by highlighting “The seed from last year’s FOCAC is being harvested. ICT is truly the driving tool of any economies development. The Chinese government always encourages excellent enterprises from China like Huawei to work closely with South Africa to a achieve a win-win result.”中国驻南非大使田学军高度赞扬华为,他表示,“去年在中非合作论坛上播下的种子如今已结出了丰硕的果实ICT是所有经济体的动力工具,中国政府一向鼓励和持以华为为代表的优秀中国高科技创新企业扩大对南非的投资合作,实现互利共赢”Huawei has planned to launch ten global Innovation Centers around the globe. So far there are six other operational Innovation Centers. Among them are centers in Shenzhen (China), London (UK), Dusseldorf (German), Moscow (Russia), Warsaw (Poland), and Sao. Paulo (Brazil).华为计划在全球建立个创新体验中心迄今为止已建立了7个,除南非外,其他6个分别位于中国深圳,英国伦敦,德国杜赛尔多夫,俄罗斯莫斯科,波兰华沙以及巴西圣保罗嘘!你听,这是幸福的声音 -- 18::31 来源:chinadaily 你觉得幸福是什么?你的人生目标又是什么? 根据一份针对年轻人所做的调查发现,有超过八成的年轻人表示他们的人生目标是想成为有钱人,而有五成的年轻人说他们的人生目标是变得有名 其实并不难想像调查中年轻人对于名利的渴望,那是因为我们时常被规劝要在工作上全力以赴、接受更多挑战、达成更高目标;这个想法也使我们对人生产生了一种想像:为了要有美好生活,必须开启“拼命三郎”的行为模式与生活状态 在美国哈佛大学教授Tal Ben-Shahar所撰写的畅销书《更快乐中有提到,“拼命三郎”型的人把达成目标当成衡量成就的标准,而不重视追求目标的过程,以致于他们无法享受所做的事情,老以为达到某个目标就能得到快乐 Tal Ben-Shahar教授还指出,实研究和名人事迹的确显示出了设定目标和个人成就有关联,但是和快乐之间却没有直接联系而这也就解释了为何有些人在达成目标后,却没有感受到原本预期会获得的快乐 所以撇开功成名就不谈, 其实快乐、健康、满足感才是我们应该追求的人生终极目标,可是那又该如何达成呢? 哈佛大学医学院临床精神病学教授罗伯威丁格Robert Waldinger从他所主持的史上最长的“幸福感研究”,给了我们一个值得参考的 这个哈佛大学针对成人生活所作的研究至今已进行75年,而威丁格教授是该研究的第四个主持人从1938年开始,研究总共追踪了7位成人,每一年研究团队都会询问研究对象的工作、生活、健康等状况 类似如此长期的大型研究都会面临一些挑战,例如:受测者中途退出、研究经费不足、研究员研究重心转移或死亡而无人接手但是基于坚持与运气,原先的七百多位受测者中,至今还存活的大约有60%,而他们也都已经九十多岁 研究是从两大群背景迥异的美国波士顿居民开始第一组是哈佛大学的大二学生,他们后来在二次世界大战期间全都完成大学文凭,并且大部份的人都从军参与战事第二组则是从波士顿地区最贫困的地区挑选出来的居民,他们住在破旧的房舍中,许多人家中都没有干净的冷热水 当他们同意参加研究后,所有的青少年都被逐一访谈并接受医疗检查,除此之外,研究人员还到所有研究对象的家中拜访,亲自与他们的父母亲面谈后来这些青少年长大成人了,进入了各行各业,有工人、律师、瓦工、医生等等当然,也有些人酗酒,有些人患有精神分裂,有些人从社会底层一路往上爬至上流阶级,也有些人则往全然不同的方向走 大概在75年前没有人可以想像这个研究至今仍持续进行,只是目前研究对象也开始转向原先七百多位老先生老太太的两千名子孙 那么,这七十几年的研究究竟带给了我们什么样的结果与启发呢? 有个很重要的结果:良好的关系能够让我们维持快乐与健康而关于「关系」有三个重点: 1、 孤单有害社交活跃有益健康 与家人、朋友、社群保持较多联系的人,心灵比较快乐、身体也较健康;研究显示,社交活跃的人比较长寿孤单的感觉对身心都是毒害, 如果人们非自愿地感到孤独,会容易感到不快乐,在中年时健康状况会提早衰退,大脑功能较早开始退化,容易早逝 、朋友不在数量多少 而在关系深浅我们在工作、聚会或婚姻中也会感到孤独,所以 真正重要的是:关系的“质”高冲突的关系对我们的健康有负面影响,例如:身处争执不断的婚姻,可能在健康上,还不如离婚的好而反之,在良好与温暖的关系中,对健康就有保护作用 根据研究,人们进入五十岁时,影响他们日后健康状况的不是胆固醇高低,而是他们对目前所在关系的满意度意思就是说,在五十岁对关系拥有最高满意度的人,在八十岁时是最健康的一群显然,亲密的关系能减缓老化带来的生理与心理冲击 3、 良好关系不只保护身体 也保护脑力研究显示,是否能在年老时感受到仰赖与信任另一方,对于脑部健康有重大影响八十几岁的老先生若能感觉到有可以依靠的对象,他的就能更长时间地保持清晰;反推之,若老先生没有这种感受,他就可能提早面临衰退 从这个75年研究所得结果来看, 最快乐健康的人是与家人朋友拥有亲密关系的那些人只不过,对于绝大多数人而言,维持关系并不是件简单的事,正如心理学家阿德勒所说:“人的烦恼都是从人际关系而来”所以不论你现在是二十、四十或是六十,都应该问问自己,除了追求工作上的成就,你是否也想开始打造你的美好人生了呢?车震被误认为是绑架,警方大力搜索‘求救’女子 --19 :8:36 来源: 仁川警方在接到报警后进行大规模搜索,却发现是报案者把欢悦的呼喊误作求救的尖叫声 Police launched a massive search in Incheon on Wednesday after receiving a report from a person who had mistaken a cry of joy as a scream help.仁川警方在周三接到报警后进行大规模搜索,却发现是报案者把欢悦的呼喊误作求救的尖叫声"I was passing by when I saw a man and a woman inside a car," said the person who made the report. "The woman suddenly shouted ‘save me,’ so I ran to the fire station nearby and asked help."“我路过看到一个男人和一个女人在车里,”报案者说“这位女子突然大喊‘救我,’所以我跑到附近的消防站并请求帮助”More than police soon arrived at the scene, but the car was gone. This made them believe there had been a kidnapping and a big search was organized to find the car.超过位警察立即跑到现场,但是车已经开走了这令他们相信这是一场绑架案并组织大规模搜查寻找这辆车After analyzing CCTV footage from the surrounding area, police managed to track down the car’s owner.经过分析附近的监控视频,警察设法找到了车主The "kidnapping" turned out to be a couple having a passionate session of car sex. Police said the woman in question had actually shouted "Save me, please go slower."所谓的“绑架”原来是一对夫妻在车震警方说这位女子其实说的是“救我,请慢一点”Police said they will charge the couple with obstruction of justice when their investigation ends.警方说他们将在调查结束后将控告这对夫妻妨碍公务

招聘新方式,打麻将决胜负,你造吗? --30 18:55: 来源: 一些日本公司在招人时让求职者玩麻将,说是能从中看出他们的性格、能力和联络技巧麻将这种消遣方式可能决定着一些大学毕业生的前途 Fifty Japanese graduates opted to gamble with their job prospects at a mahjong tournament set up by recruiters looking a different way to find the next high flyer.五十名日本毕业生选择参加麻将比赛,以争取工作机会招聘者们组织了这次打麻将活动,借此新方式发掘人才Held in a crammed mahjong outlet in downtown Tokyo, prospects competed against each other on Friday to gain the chance to face recruiters from six companies in the fitness, education, technology and real estate sectors.周五,应聘者们在东京市中心一间拥挤的麻将室里对垒,胜者将有机会直面六家公司的雇主这六家公司来自健身、教育、技术和房地产领域"Mahjong is a very strategic game, so I think people who are good at it would be good at marketing. This is a new approach and I find it really interesting," candidate Tomoko Hasegawa, who is aspiring to become a designer, told Reuters.“麻将是很讲究策略的,所以我认为擅长麻将的人在营销方面也会做得好这是招聘的新方式,我觉得很有意思” 希望成为设计师的候选人长谷川友子告诉路透社Mahjong, which originated in China, is similar to the western card game, rummy, and players in Japan said the tile game required skill, strategy, calculation and a degree of chance.起源于中国的麻将类似西方的拉米纸牌游戏日本玩家表示,打麻将需要技巧、策略、计算和一定程度的运气Organizers said the recruiting tournaments began in and had gained popularity, mostly among male students, and also with hirers, who say the game revealed more about the candidates than just long pages of resumes.活动的组织者表示,麻将竞聘发起于年,至今已有很高的人气,主要在男性学生中受欢迎雇主们也很喜欢,他们认为打麻将比冗长的简历更能反映应聘者的情况On Friday, eight students advanced to the next round of the selection process.周五,有八名学生晋级了下一轮考核Between five and ten students are recruited by participating companies every year, organizers said.组织者说,每年有五到十名学生被参与活动的公司录用

爱你爱到骨头里:卡通人物好大头 -- ::7 来源:sohu 当你看动画时,你通常不会关注那些动画人物的的身体比例有多么地不协调有些卡通人物的头过大,有些卡通人物的腿过短他们都很有趣,或者很奇怪,你怎么想都可以多亏了俄勒冈州的艺术家Michael Paulus,我们可以更清楚地看到动画人物的骨骼结构快来看看吧! Usually when you're just binge-watching cartoons you don't really pay attention to the weirdly disproportional bodies of the animated characters. Some have over sized heads, some - squat legs. They really are interesting. Or weird - whatever you prefer. Thanks to an artist from Oregon, Michael Paulus, we can now have a better look at what lies beneath our favorite characters. 1. 皮卡丘 Pikachu . 崔弟 Tweety Bird 3. 贝蒂娃娃 Betty Boop . 花花 Blossom 5. 泡泡 Bubbles 6. 史努比 Snoopy 7. 查理 Charlie 8. 露西 Lucy 9. 莱纳斯 Linus . 乒乓 Pigpen . 薄荷;派蒂 Peppermint Patty English Source: Boredpanda

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