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You were beaten by the chimps.你们被黑猩猩打败了。But it was close.但很接近了。You were three times better than the Swedes,but thats not enough.你们的正确率比瑞典人高了三倍但这还不够。You shouldnt compare yourself to Swedes.你们不应该拿自己跟瑞典人比。You must have higher ambitions in the world.你们对于世界的野心肯定不止于此。Lets look at the next answer here: women in school.来看下一个 女性所受的学校教育。Here, you can see men went eight years.这里 你可以看到男性是八年。How long did women go to school?女性所受的学校教育年限是?。Well, we asked the Swedes like this,and that gives you a hint, doesnt it?瑞典人是这么回答的。你从这里能总结出规律了是吧。The right answer is probably the one the fewest Swedes picked, isnt it?正确的很可能是最少瑞典人选择的那个 对吧。Lets see, lets see. Here we come.咱们来看看开始。Yes, yes, yes, women have almost caught up.没错,没错,女性几乎赶上了。This is the U.S. public.这是美国公众的选择。And this is you. Here you come.然后这里是你们的选择 请看。Well, congratulations, youre twice as good as the Swedes, but you dont need me a” So how come?祝贺大家 你们的正确率比瑞典人高一倍。但是你们不需要我来怎么会这样?I think its like this, that everyone is aware that there are countries and there are areas where girls have great difficulties.我想这是因为大家都知道在有些国家。有些地区女孩子们依然处于巨大的困境之中。They are stopped when they go to school,and its disgusting.她们不被允许去学校这是令人无法接受的。But in the majority of the world,where most people in the world live,most countries, girls today go to school as long as boys, more or less.但是在世界上的大部分地方。在大部分人生活的地区绝大多数国家女孩子们上学的时间和男孩子们一样长或多或少。That doesnt mean that gender equity is achieved, not at all.这并不意味着男女平等已经实现了。完全不是。They still are confined to terrible, terrible limitations, but schooling is there in the world today.她们依然受到许多严重的束缚,但学校教育已经成为了主流。Now, we miss the majority.现在我们忽略了大多数情形。When you answer, you answer according to the worst places,and there you are right, but you miss the majority.当你回答问题时 你以最差的情形为依据,这并不意味着你错了 但是你把大多数情形给忽略了。What about poverty?关于贫困呢?。Well, its very clear that poverty here was almost halved,and in U.S., when we asked the public,only five percent got it right.非常明显。贫困率几乎减半。然而在美国 但我们向公众提问时只有5%的人回答正确。And you?那你们呢?Ah, you almost made it to the chimps.差一点就跟黑猩猩一样了。That little, just a few of you!一点点,就差你们中的一小部分人!There must be preconceived ideas, you know.先入为主的观念是一定存在的。And many in the rich countries,they think that oh, we can never end extreme poverty.很多富裕国家都认为我们永远无法消除极端贫困。Of course they think so,because they dont even know what has happened.他们当然是这么认为的因为他们根本不知道发生了些什么。The first thing to think about the future is to know about the present.想要预知未来必须先了解现在。These questions were a few of the first ones in the pilot phase of the Ignorance Project in Gapminder Foundation that we run.以上这些问题是由我们负责的Gapminder基金会在无知项目的试运行阶段所提出的问题中的一部分。and it was started, this project, last year by my boss, and also my son, Ola Rosling.这个项目是在去年 由我的老板同时也是我的儿子 奥拉·罗斯林启动的。Hes cofounder and director, and he wanted,Ola told me we have to be more systematic when we fight devastating ignorance.他是联合创始人兼总监。并且他想要奥拉告诉我我们在对抗惊人的无知的战斗中需要更具有系统性。201501/354867

If you believe that every life has equal value, its revolting to learn that some lives are seen as worth saving and others are not. We said to ourselves: ;This cant be true. But if it is true, it deserves to be the priority of our giving.;如果你认为生命都是平等的,那么当你发现某些生命被挽救了,而另一些生命被放弃了,你会感到无法接受。我们对自己说:“事情不可能是如此。如果这是真的,那么它理应是我们努力的头等大事。”So we began our work in the same way anyone here would begin it. We asked: ;How could the world let these children die?;所以,我们俩用在座任何人都会想到的方式开始工作。我们心存疑问:“这个世界怎么可以眼睁睁看着这些孩子死去?”The answer is simple, and harsh. The market did not reward saving the lives of these children, and governments did not subsidize it. So the children died because their mothers and their fathers had no power in the market and no voice in the system.很简单,也很残酷。在市场,拯救儿童是一项没有利润的工作,政府也不会提供任何补助。这些儿童之所以会死亡,是因为他们的父母在经济上没有实力,在政治上没有发言权。But you and I have both.但是,你们和我在经济上有实力,在政治上有发言权。We can make market forces work better for the poor if we can develop a more creative capitalism-if we can stretch the reach of market forces so that more people can make a profit, or at least make a living, serving people who are suffering from the great inequities. We also can press governmetns around the world to spend taxpayer money in ways that better reflect the values of the people who pay the taxes.如果我们能够设计出一种更有创新性的资本主义制度——如果我们可以改变市场,让更多的人可以获得利润,或者至少可以维持生活 ——那么,这就可以帮到那些正在极端不平等的状况中受苦的人们;那么我们就可以让市场更好地为穷人务。我们还可以向全世界的政府施压,要求他们将纳税人的钱,花到更体现纳税人价值的地方。If we can find approaches that meet the needs of the poor in the ways that generate profits for business and votes for politicians, we will have found a sustainable way to reduce inequity in the world. This task is open-ended. It can never be finished. But a conscious effort to answer this challenge can change the world.如果我们能够找到这样一种方法,既可以帮到穷人,又可以为商人带来利润,为政治家带来选票,那么我们就找到了一种减少世界性不平等的可持续的发展道路。这个任务是永无止境的。它不可能全部完成,但是任何自觉地解决这个问题的尝试,都将会改变这个世界。201405/297667

But the next day I went to Soweto,第二天 我去了索韦托the poor town just southwest of Johannesburg,约翰内斯堡西南面一个很贫穷的城镇that had been the center of the antiapartheid movement.曾经反种族隔离运动的中心It was a short distance from the city into the township,这座城镇离约翰内斯堡主城区并不远but the entry was sudden, jarring and harsh.但进入索韦托后 我立刻感受到了强烈的视觉冲击I passed into a world completely unlike the one I came from.它和我之前看到的完全是两个世界My visit to Soweto became an early lesson in how naive I was.到索韦托后 我才刚开始意识到 原来自己有多天真Microsoft was donating computers and software to a community center there.微软当时将计算机和软件捐给当地的社区中心The kind of thing we did in the ed States.这同我们在美国所做的一样But it became clear to me, very quickly, that this was not the ed States.但我很快意识到 南非并不是美国I had seen statistics on poverty,我之前看过关于贫困的统计数字but I had never really seen poverty.但却从没真正看过什么叫贫困The people there lived in corrugated tin shacks当地人住在简陋的金属棚里with no electricity, no water, no toilets.没有电 没有水 没有厕所Most people didnt wear shoes.大多数人连鞋都没有穿的They walked barefoot along the streets,赤脚在街上走except there were no streets, just ruts in the mud.其实那里根本就没有街 不过只有一些泥巴路The community center had no consistent source of power.社区中心连持续的电力供应都没有201411/342429

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