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桐乡市皮肤病防治院胎记多少钱嘉兴的整形医院Lessons That Fit The TimesAs MBA students return to campus on the eve of the financial meltdown's anniversary in the U.S., business schools are incorporating lessons from the crisis into their programs.Schools are adding and revamping classes on the meltdown, its roots and consequences. Professors say they want students to avoid repeating mistakes blamed for the blow-up.Among the class lessons: Question assumptions behind financial models. Probe for better information about complex products. Don't let greed motivate decisions. Better understand the role of regulatory agencies and governments.Schools began introducing these themes last school year, but now are incorporating them more systematically. 'It would be a mistake to go into the classroom in today's world and not offer very serious reflection of these issues,' says Stuart Gabriel, a finance professor at UCLA's Anderson School of Management. Students need 'an understanding of the profound earthquake that has rumbled through these areas.'A leading topic at many campuses: financial modeling. As a result of the crisis, professional investors and analysts were criticized for not adequately considering potential flaws in the assumptions behind their models.'What's missing is the thought process of, 'What if I'm wrong,'' says Greg Hallman, a senior lecturer at the University of Texas at Austin's McCombs School of Business. In his valuation course, a finance-track requirement, he says he'll spend more time urging students to question models' assumptions.At Cornell University's Johnson School, finance professor Andrew Karolyi strikes a similar note. He'll remind students that real-world events don't always play out the way a model indicates. 'Our models and our perceptions of financial systems are more fragile than we realize,' he says.In a managerial finance class that Prof. Karolyi is teaching this fall to executive MBA students, he'll put more emphasis on hot-button crisis issues, such as liquidity in pricing securities, which came under scrutiny this past fall when it became almost impossible to determine values for certain complex financial instruments. He'll also have students look more closely at conflicts of interest among a firm's stakeholders, like between executives and shareholders -- a hot topic in regulating executive pay.At UCLA, Prof. Gabriel is using real-world examples to help students test and understand theories. He plans to use a new case study on the subprime meltdown. For the midterm and final, students will have to show they've learned to question accepted models, which he says will help them notice signs that might point to future market collapses.Other professors will push students to better understand complicated financial products. Reena Aggarwal will encourage students in her class on alternative investments at Georgetown University's McDonough School of Business to discuss ways to make those markets more transparent. Ahead of the crisis, she notes, markets for complex instruments such as credit-default swaps had ballooned. When the market plunged, investors realized the difficulty in putting a value on those products.'It becomes extremely important to discuss these issues -- more than in the past -- because of events like the failure of AIG,' whose problems stemmed in large part from its sale of credit-default swaps, she says.For Mark Zupan, dean of University of Rochester's Simon Graduate School of Business, the crisis provides a vivid lesson on 'agency theory,' the notion that people make weaker choices when they have little or no 'skin in the game,' he says.Home 'flippers' who counted on rising real-estate prices and easy credit to make their investments pay off, for instance, often chose to take out risky mortgages with little or no down payment that they later found they couldn't afford. Mr. Zupan expects faculty to mine the crisis for examples that illustrate those dangers in order to teach students.Some programs are boosting ethics and leadership courses.Thunderbird School of Global Management in Glendale, Ariz., will double the length to six weeks of a required course on corporate governance, ethics and entrepreneurship. Provost Robert Widing says the crisis exposed leaders' shortcomings. 'The roots were in greed and incompetence,' he says.University of North Carolina's Kenan-Flagler Business School is recasting its core ethics course in fall 2010 so that students can examine how, as managers, they would handle ethical dilemmas.Schools also want to give students a better grasp of the role of governments and regulatory bodies, and the close ties between world economies. New at Yale University's School of Management is 'Washington and Wall Street: Markets, Policy and Politics.' New York University's Stern School of Business has added 'Financial Crisis and the Policy Response.'.Villanova University's School of Business is offering 'Understanding the Global Marketplace in a Post-Bailout Economy,' a team-taught class where professors bring in corporate and government leaders to offer perspectives on the crisis.Yale School of Management is making 'The Global Macroeconomy' a required course. Dean Sharon Oster says the crisis exposed the interconnectedness of global economies; she wants to ensure students understand international ripple effects.'One positive byproduct of the crisis may be that we start paying attention more to the importance of considering different models and different alternatives, not thinking about the American way or any one way of doing things as absolutely the best way,' says Mauro Guillen, professor of international management at the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School in Philadelphia, who organized a class taught by multiple professors on the crisis last year and is repeating it this year.It's not the first time business schools have reworked their playbook after a crisis. After Enron's collapse, for instance, schools added a slew of ethics classes. Many of those standalone courses have since fallen by the wayside, as schools now often say it's better to integrate ethics lessons into other coursework.After each crisis, students 'always ask, 'how do we avoid this the next time around?' But crises are always different,' says Georgetown's Prof. Aggarwal. 'A couple years ago we spent a lot of time talking about Sarbanes-Oxley issues, we barely got away from it and now we have this whole new world.'For now, students say the crisis lessons help. Burleise Bailey, a second-year MBA student at Stern who worked as an engineer before returning to school, has added a specialization in finance to understand the meltdown better. 'I'm just trying to soak it all in,' says Ms. Bailey. /200909/83153海宁市去粉刺多少钱 海盐县人民医院韩式三点双眼皮多少钱

桐乡下颌角整形多少钱In few tight markets, where there are more renters than apartments, it#39;s very unlikely that you will get a decent deal. A bit smarter way while negotiating a deal is to find a way to gain upper hand by using some out of box strategies. However, you must do your homework before negotiating a deal with your landlord。在供不应求的市场中,租客永远比合适的公寓多,想用合适的价位租到称心的房子没那么容易。稍微聪明点的办法无疑是不按常理出牌,找到个方法获得主控权,这样才能把价格谈下来。无论如何,在和房东讲价之前都别忘了做点功课。1. Sign up for a long term lease:签署长期合同When a landlord has to rent out a vacant apartment, he loses a lot in broker fees, cleaning costs, and transaction costs. All that can be recovered if you can convince him that you will be staying for more than couple of years. Highlight these points while making a deal with the landlord。房东要租房时,他会损失一大笔钱,比如代理费,清洁费以及交易费。但是如果你说他,告知他你会连着租好几年,这笔费用就可以赚回来了。强调这一点就能跟房东讲价了。2. Get y to pay several months in advance:准备好预付几个月的租金Some landlords prefer to receive large sums of money and may be willing to provide discount, if you can pay a couple of months of rent in advance. He can use that money on several things that he may have delayed due to insufficient funds. From a landlord#39;s perspective, it is better to rent an apartment as he may be losing out money by keeping it vacant。一些房东比较喜欢一次性收一大笔钱,这样也会给你打点折。如果你能提前预付几个月的租金,他就能拿这笔钱做几件事,这样就会解决财政危机。从房东的角度来说,与其把房子空关,倒不如租出去。3. Let your landlord know about your available options:让房东知道你有好几个选择Just like an offer in hand that can help you to ask for a better pay packet from your current employer, it may be much easier to negotiate with landlords when you have some options in hand. Use this strategy as leverage to build a strong case in front of your landlord. If the apartment has been vacant for a long time, then make your landlord realize that it would be fruitful to negotiate a deal, else it will be an additional cost on his part。手上有粮,心中不慌。就好比你手中有个offer,就能问老板要更好的薪资,如果你让房东知道自己现在有几个选择,砍价起来就更方便啦。在房东面前把这个方法当成杠杆来用吧。如果房子空关很久了,就让房东意识到从他角度来说多出了哪些费用,好好的砍砍价吧。4. Do more research:多做研究You can go online and check if there is any better deal available on any rental website. Check out what other landlords are charging for the same space. This information is available free of cost on a number of websites. A quick Google search will let you know about various sites depending upon your current location. Talk to others in the apartment building to find out what they pay per month. You can then use this comparison chart to avail some reasonable discount from your landlord。你可以在任何租赁网站上查看是否有更好的选择。查查相同区域其他的房东给的是什么价位。这些信息在很多网站都是免费的。简单的谷歌一下就能让你知道当前区域不同情况。还可以跟这栋楼其他租客聊聊,问问他们的房租是多少。你可以拿着这个对比表去跟房东要点折扣。5. Be y to carry on small repairs:准备好一些小装修Tell your landlord that you can pay for minor repairs from your own pocket and won#39;t bother him for such issues. This tip may come in handy as most of the landlords find it pretty frustrating when their tenants come on their doors every month with the request to carry on some small repairs。告诉房东你愿意自掏腰包装修一下屋子,不会在这类事情上麻烦到他。这个真的非常有效,因为房东真的很烦每个月租客都要上门找他们维修各种东西。A better idea is to make a list of minor repairs that you can carry on your own in order to avoid any last minute hassles. While negotiating for an extension of lease, you can point out the repairs that you carried out even though the contract states that it is their responsibility。最好的办法就是列一个单子告诉他哪些你可以自掏腰包解决的,不需要劳烦到他。当谈到租价的时候,你可以指出哪些部分你可以自己解决,即使合同里写到这是他们的职责。6. Show your positive characteristics:展现你积极的人格魅力Every landlord would like to have a tenant who is courteous, polite, reliable and trustworthy. No one wants to sign a deal with a tenant who cannot afford to make payment on time, proves to be a nuisance to neighbors, keep the noise levels up and starts fighting over minor issues. If you can portray some positive characteristics by providing some referrals of your previous landlords, this might help you to save few dollars in your pocket every month。每个房东都希望自己的租客客气有礼貌值得信赖。没有人想把房子租给一个不按时交房租、邻居们都讨厌、天天制造一堆噪音以及小事上吵吵闹闹的人。如果你能提供前面租客对你积极人格的评价,就能帮你每个月省点钱下来。7. Provide some referrals:提供些参考You can offer your landlord some referrals in case if he has some vacant units that could be rented out. After all, an empty unit might put extra burden on the pocket of the landlord. You could also use social media to sp a word among your peers about the vacant apartment. This can help you to strike a better deal with your landlord。如果房东有一些空出来的单元,你不妨给房东一些参考。毕竟空关只会给房东带来额外的出。你可以用一些社交手段在同龄人中宣传这些房子。这能让你跟房东谈下更低的价钱。 /201308/251710浙江嘉兴去除鱼尾纹多少钱 俄罗斯海军面临困境来源:Jane's(简氏周刊) 编辑:Vicki俄罗斯《独立军事》周刊称俄罗斯海军目前正处在崩溃的边缘,报告称由于受俄罗斯低迷的造船业影响,俄罗斯海军前景灰暗。Russian Navy facing 'irreversible collapse'The Russian Navy is currently on the verge of 'irreversible collapse(无法挽救的崩溃)', according to a recent analysis published by the authoritative Moscow-based weekly - the Independent Military Review(独立军事) .The report, entitled 'BMF RF [Naval Military Fleet of the Russian Federation(俄罗斯联邦海军军事舰队)] on Foreign Warships(国外船只)', says the main cause for the 'collapse' is the state of the Russian shipbuilding industry, which is "incapable of producing warships in either the quantity or at the level of quality that their navy customer requires" for the future.According to the analysis, the navy's leadership "understands that this is a hopeless situation and are looking for a way out by considering the purchase of naval vessels from abroad".The issue was raised during the International Military Naval Exposition (MVMS国际海军军事展览) that took place in the last week of June in St Petersburg(圣彼得斯堡).The Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy, Admiral Vladimir Vysotsky, outlined the problem when he said: "Our [challenge] is how to significantly improve the condition of our fleet without destroying the economic activity in the country."Keke View:俄罗斯海军是俄罗斯联邦武装力量中的海军部分。俄罗斯海军的船只的国际编号为RFS(Russian Federation Ship,俄罗斯联邦船只的缩写)。今天的俄罗斯海军源于苏联海军。1991年冷战结束后苏联解体,原来的苏联海军的舰船,武器装备和兵员大部分被俄罗斯海军接收,小部分被乌克兰和波罗的海三国接收。俄罗斯海军由北方舰队、太平洋舰队、黑海舰队、波罗的海舰队、里海分舰队(“里海分舰队”是俄文翻译,实际上里海分舰队和其他四大舰队并无隶属关系,只是规模小得多)、海军航空兵、海军步兵(俄文原文为“海军步兵”,但基本上等同于其他国家的海军陆战队,是多兵种合成的两栖登陆作战部队)和海岸炮兵组成。 /200907/77681嘉善县耳部整形多少钱

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